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The prophet Isaiah said, “Surely the arm of the Lord is not too short to save, nor is his ear to dull to hear.” (Isaiah 59:1) Though I know in my heart this is true, I still sometimes go back and forth between doubt and worry as if God’s arms are short and his ears are dull. My friend Erica does too.

She came to my door with a package to deliver and a story to share. I signed for the package and we began to catch up… Her kids are grown. Mine are teens. Her daughter just got married. My oldest just went to college. Mama to mama we shared and cared.

“My daughter and her new husband might be moving to Chicago. I have to be honest, Gwen,” she said seriously, “I’m not doing well trusting God with this. I’m struggling with anxiousness and worry.” I listened and nodded with understanding, knowing full well the strain of worry and anxiety.

Then she perked up and shared a story that went something like this…

God impressed a message on my heart this morning that challenged and convicted me! I just have to tell you about it. I ride motorcycles. Have for years. I love the feeling of being out in the open air. It’s exciting and invigorating. When I ride, I feel vulnerable and alert. It’s risky and requires balance, it’s much more difficult than driving my car, but I ride because it energizes me and makes me feel alive.

This morning I rode my bike to work while it was still dark. I don’t usually do that because the headlight is small, so the light is dim. As I was riding, I began to thank God for allowing me to ride my bike to work. I thanked him for allowing me to feel alive and energized along the way. And as I did, He spoke to my heart. I sensed He was saying, “Erica! This is what I want my relationship with you to be like: exciting, risky, and energizing, like riding your motorcycle! But instead you take your car with me. You want to feel safe. You want to see with brighter headlights. You grasp for more control, by worrying and fretting about things you can do nothing about. In doing so, you miss out on a faith that is alive and energizing… a faith that trusts me and takes risks.

She shared that story with tears and conviction in her eyes. We were both moved and challenged. It left me with a fresh longing for deeper faith.

I want to ride.

I want to take risks with the star-breathing, mountain moving, speak-through-a-burning-bush, unpredictable, and unsearchable All-mighty One!

God does not call us to a safe faith.

He does not promise that we will have a clear view of all that lies ahead. He does not promise us simplicity. Instead, He invites us to embrace a vibrant faith that trusts Him. A faith that is alive and energized, in spite of the unsteady unknowns. His arms are not too short to save and His ears are not dull to hear. He is powerful, capable, compassionate, merciful, holy, just, and faithful.


These truths should hush our noisy doubts and calm the anxieties that seek to unnerve us.

God is sovereign and His ways are mysterious.

And in the center of all of my questions this one resounds: who better to trust than God? Myself? Hardly. My paycheck? My medical chart? My emotions? I might as well chase the wind.

In contemplating this, I journey back to what the Bible has to say on such things.

“Live by faith, not by sight.” (2 Corinthians 5:7)

“When I am afraid, I will put my trust in you. I praise God for what he has promised. I trust in God, so why should I be afraid?” (Psalm 56:3-4)

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.” (Proverbs 3:5-6)

Is the Lord calling you to trust Him with something or someone today?

Decide to ride.


Dear Lord,
Please quiet my anxious heart. Give me courage to step out in faith, beyond what I can see or attempt to control. I bring these heart burdens to You now ______________.
In Jesus’ name, amen.



READ Isaiah 41:10, “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Consider what your day would look like if you believe this to be true. Spend a few moments in responsive prayer.

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  1. I have been really worried about not making money outta my business.Its struggling and i just wish its otherwise.I hope to trust God on this and that he will make me soar like an eagle and bless my business with loads of returns.I wouldnt mind a word of prayers on it and I will also do my best to put Isa 41:10 in heart and bike with God through my worries.

  2. I pray for God to see me through the dependency on pain medication. I want to get off and tried several times only for it to get overwhelming on the 3rd day. It is prescribed nd the pain is real. But I do not want to be dependent on anything like this. I have not told anyone because I am ashamed. Please pray with me.

  3. Please pray for me. My youngest daughter who was 18 took her life by suicide almost 5 years ago. Since then my now 26 year old daughter has been struggling with addictions depression bi polar. No motivation in and out of jail. She lives with my husband and I. I keep enabling her. I’m struggling to step back set boundaries and not fall prey to her manipulations. I love her dearly. But it breaks my heart to see her constantly struggle. She does know the Lord but her faith is small. Thank you! Gale

  4. Thanks for the wonderful message! This is exactly what I really needed today. My heart struggles a lot with worry leading me to anxiety and doubt. But it is true, the Lord’s hands are not too short to reach us and His ears are always listening. Our future remains a mystery and it is a daily gift and surprise to us as it unfolds. We know that He intends to bless us and give us the best, we just have to fully trust Him. And whatever it may be, the Lord will see us through.

  5. Thank you Gwen, for sharing this word. I too struggle with worry…but I remember the Lord saying to me some time ago, when you choose not to believe me, then you choose to believe the enemy of your soul…I know His word is truth, so every day He reminds me to trust Him, lean on Him..hold fast to HIM. Every day is a day to trust God….it’s a choice

  6. Great message. I struggle with trying to have control over situations especially when it effects others. This year has been been- thus far- a walk in faith. And as I continue to seek his kingdom FIRST and increase my time spent in his word and prayer… I am being obedient to his word on walking in faith.

  7. This was/is a word in season Gwen. Today I was a little ill and worried sick about leaving my parents (in their 60’s) and my siblings (4yrs & 6yrs). I’m moving to Canada soon but I’ve been worried silly:

    1. I like being in control of things and leaving my ageing parents behind deprives me first hand of how they’re doing.

    2, My siblings are still babies and I’m worried about them and missing them terribly. I feel like I’m a mum leaving her children behind.

    3. The move seems daunting. New environment, cooooold (it’s Calgary and I’m coming from the tropics. Went to school in England but I hear the cold does not compare!), the job search, the church search, the house search, the trying to keep tight tabs on money…

    Today, I really was deflated. And then I read today’s email: I cried.

    It’s been so long God spoke so directly to a/my situation like this. I usually move most of my GiG emails to a specific folder and read latter but there was a pull to read this. I almost deleted it.

    Thank you Gwen, for allowing God to use you. Thank you.

    PS: Anyone who’s got recommendations for bible teaching churches in Calgary (I’ll be in the NW), please let me know.

  8. Thank you dear Gwen for this encouragement this morning……I have much on my heart and mind at the moment…..causing it to be so heavily burdened…..I want to “ride on the bike”… and not in the car….to feel the freedom, peace, and calm that only my savior can give…I release it..but….I seem to take it back….the burden of worry and anxiety over loved ones is heavy……

  9. I so needed this right here and now!!! I am so anxious about EVERYTHING that I can not control, thank you, Mary and Sharon for this awesome ministry. Blessings to you all!

  10. Thank you so much for this beautiful Devotional today. I have had issues this week trusting God with my mother, who is hospitalized. This really spoke to me and restored me to a sense of surrender and peace. ❤️✝️☮️✡️❤️

  11. Good morning… I so needed this message today. I’m facing some heavy things. This message was a confirmation to what the Lord has been telling me. The scriptures are my most favorite! Thank for giving me hope and trust that Lord is in control! God bless you and thank you for sharing!

  12. I have just started your devotional every morning. I have recently gone through some very turbulent times and I have made a commitment to give my life back to God. I had strayed away from him, which is why my life took a turn for the bad. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement and leading us in this devotional each morning. I would also covet your prayers for me as I wade through this mess that I have made. God bless you!

  13. I broke my left hip in two places eight months ago. After extensive therapy I still spend 98% of my time with a walker. I have a great fear of falling again. I want to step out in faith and use my cane more, but fear holds me back. I want to risk – and ride.

  14. April 15th I spoke quite a few of these scriptures while praying for folk after church…his word stands firm & so encouraging.

  15. Amen I heard a preacher say GOD does not want us to be surprised but amazed and amazing he is if we just trust in him I’ve dealt with some trails in my life and after looking back and over my life I can definitely see how he made a way for me which makes me amazed and trusting him more with my life I know he loves me and wants the the best for me and most important all is working out for my good hallelujah

  16. What an encouragement this message is for me this morning. I thank God for confirmation for believing a message received from someone I had just met yesterday! Proverbs 3;6-7 is a “signature Scripture” for me but sometimes I forget to apply it to my own concerns. Thank you!

  17. -my 45 yo son is an alcoholic. about a year and a half ago God told me to invite him home. He was very depressed, suicidal and had no job. Things went well for a year. He is the kind of alcholic that will binge. In between he is helpful and pleasant to be around. He quit his job, is now sitting around my home working on a masters degree but has binged each week for the past two weeks. I have told him i cannot live with the alcoholism in my home. He applies online for jobs and gets no calls or interviews. He truely is trying to find a job at which time I will ask him to leave. I have not been given the release inmy spirit to ask him to leave with no job, no money, he is trying to find a job and working hard on his masters. I find myself anxious and afraid and will this ever end or am I just enableing him. I am a counselor and I know what enablement is. I just worry I do not have the wisdom and strength to keep going through his sporatic binges and drunkenness.

  18. Thank you so much for this Truth!! I so needed it this morning! I lost my job after 10 years and I was so afraid of what is going to happen! My car payment or repossessed and then how will I get to work when I find a job! I was full of fear and anxiety but THIS was a “Bucket of cold water” in my face I NEEDED!! Please keep me in your prayers! I have been here before and I KNOW MY GOD IS SUFFICIENT!! AMEN

  19. My heart hurts , once thought a women was a friend, she knew my 19 yrs of no RX was every IMPORTANT to me.She turned on me & I find she uses Mary Jane for 50 yrs & she would be hard to be with some days.I have left out of my life 6 months now.I have changed church’s & is hard to start with new church.Please pray for me.I still feel hurt !

    1. I’m sorry you are having a hard time, I feel like God led me here this morning, because I am wrestling with worry and anxiety as well. I will pray for you this morning that God will heal your hurt. Please pray for me as well, I want to completely trust Him for I know that God is good and I know He cares.

  20. This message is so timely for me right now. I’m struggling with an issue at work, leaving me anxious, fearful and angry. But our God is SO good, He has answered me well with so many encouraging verses (Psa. 118:5-6, Psa. 159:4-6, Psa. 56:3, Isa. 41:10, Phil. 4:7, I Tim 1:7, 1 Peter 5:7, Joshua 1:9). Thank you for confirming His message to me through this blog.

  21. Thank you Gwen! You have been such an inspiration to me! I want to trust God more! It is so easy to be anxious about things going on in my life and try to fix everything! God wants me to trust him! He has my back! The song if you don’t move those mountains) I will trust I will trust in you! Hugs to you sweet girl!🤗

  22. You have greatly challenged me to stop playing it safe in my faith; to trust when I cannot see and know that whatever steps I take, God is faithful to take them with me. I direct a program in our church for kids. Great opportunities are on the horizon to grow and expand. Needed this inspiration to do what God has asked, to take the risk for more kids being given a chance to know Him. Thank you for sharing.

  23. Thank you for this reading today. It is a great reminder. I pray for my boys( Josh & Caleb) they both have a solid foundation in the Lord however they struggle with anxiety. I pray that God will stretch out His arms and guide them with confidence and peace. I pray that God will encourage them with blind faith and courage.

  24. Dear Gwen
    Thank God for speaking to me through today’s devotion written by you. I had just completed my prayers to him with all the things that I am anxious about . Please add me to your pray list for my break through.
    Continue the good work you and the GIG team is doing.
    God bless

  25. Lord, if I were to trust You the way that I should I wouldn’t worry about my children being influenced in a negative way because You have them there. It is Your will and in Your will their is protection as David who had learned that Gods protection was in his obedience…and even when he didn’t obey You…Your protection was still there by Your mercy and grace.

    I wouldn’t worry or be anxious; if I trusted in You. So Lord I lift up this problem to You and ask for Your peace and for You to help me to trust in You. Your hand is upon this, Amen.

    1. Post
  26. Thank you Gwen,
    I love God with all my heart, and I am learning to trust him
    more & more. I still have worry moments, but not like I did
    in the past.
    I am so grateful to God for women like you who are
    obedient to His call. You, like others, have given me encouragement
    through your blogs when I needed it most.
    Thank you and many blessings to you and your family!

  27. I have been a kin follower of your messages on bible tools ,i must confess it has inspired me a great deal.May the lord enlarge your coast in Jesus name.

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