A 4-Week Online Bible Study with Girlfriends in God cofounder, GWEN SMITH

We're excited to invite you to a PSALM ADVENTURE Online Bible Study with Girlfriends in God cofounder Gwen Smith
We’ve had tons of conversations, and have gotten so many emails, and messages asking me how you can know what God says about forgiveness, and healing, and fear, and depression, and finances, relationships and hope. You want to know how to connect your personal struggles to the promises of God… and you want to know what HIS heart for you is!
That’s exactly what we are going to explore in our PSALM ADVENTURE because we are going right to the source of all grace and truth: THE BIBLE. 
So we want to invite you to join Gwen for a Psalm Adventure! Each week for FOUR WEEKS, you will receive a Bible Study video, Verse of the Week Coloring page and note of encouragement to seek God’s heart through the Psalms. 
Even if you’ve never done a Bible Study before in your life, we promise you, this PSALM ADVENTURE is DOABLE and will really help connect your needs to GOD’s provision and your questions to GOD’s answers. 
JOIN GWEN -  and allow the LORD to restore your strength and peace... heart, mind & soul. 
  • How It Works
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  • During your daily study you will: READ, RECORD, REFLECT & RESPOND
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