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HUGE Announcement: IT’S. FRIDAY!!! #happydances And today is a GIVEAWAY DAY and FRIEND FEATURE that I’m super excited to share with you. This beautiful, hope-filled post is by MICHELE CUSHATT… a woman who is close...

posted on: Jan 20

Why Your Redemption Story Isn’t Yours

  There is a feature on my cell phone that allows me to decline an incoming call. There are a thousand reasons why I might choose to hit the “decline” button when my phone...

posted on: Jan 19

GIVEAWAY: Overwhelmed

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! {Doesn’t that have a glorious ring to it?!} I’m super excited because it’s GIVEAWAY DAY!! As you know, we mix it up a few Fridays each month by featuring a guest post from...

posted on: Jan 13

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