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Gwen Smith

Episode 74 – Keewani Cook

My guest on episode #74 is Kiwi Cook. Kiwi lives in Dallas, TX where she works as a healthcare professional, but she was born and raised in extreme poverty in the Philippines. God used the local church and an individual relationship to radically change the path of her life. Listen in as Kiwi shares her story, and consider what new and meaningful relationships God might be calling you to today that could powerfully change both the life of another and your own.

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Gwen Smith

Episode 73 – Wendy Speake

Wendy Speake joins me for episode #73 to talk about the trap of running to food and sugar instead of Jesus. What would you be willing to give up to experience the powerful presence of God in your life again? Many of us sign up for a physical detox program, thinking that if our bodies are healthier, then we’re healthier. But a healthy body doesn’t do us a lot of good if we’re spiritually malnourished.

Wendy shares the heart behind her 40-Day sugar fast movement and assures us that although this fast begins with us giving Jesus our sugar, it ends with Jesus giving us more of himself, the only thing that can ever truly satisfy our soul’s deep hunger. It’s time to break free from addictions , distractions or simply from the chains of complacency, friends! God is calling us out to call us up, and I’m confident He has a fresh Word of hope, healing, love and grace for you in today’s conversation with Wendy Speake.

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Dan Simeone

Episode 72 – Monica Swanson

Monica Swanson joins me for episode #72 to talk about how you can raise honorable, kind and confident kids. Being a mom is a loud, beautiful, complicated adventure. Some days it feels as if you’re raising creatures from another planet. Other times you’re left breathless at the wonder of who your child is becoming. The truth is, we all desperately want to raise our children well… and there are lots of questions we face along the way.

This discussion addresses lots of the questions parents ask. It’s filled with road-tested, real-world advice and insights blended with biblical wisdom and compelling research that will give you some practical tools you need to love your children well and to parent today with their future in mind.

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Gwen Smith

Episode 71 – Kasey Van Norman

Kasey Van Norman joins me for episode #71 to talk about how God wants to redeem the pain and mistakes of your past.

What if the pain and mistakes of your past are exactly what God wants to use to redeem your future? Like many of us, Kasey has walked a rocky road of regret and loss. In this honest, vulnerable conversation, she shares that these days she’s no longer running from her past, but is instead, is actually allowing herself to be defined by it – because Kasey’s discovered that God is more intentional, personal and loving than she ever believed Him to be.

In this GRACOEOLOGIE episode, Kasey and I talk about the powerful message of her new book, NOTHING WASTED, which highlights God’s offer to weave together every confusing, disjointed scrap of your past into His beautiful story of redemption.

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Gwen Smith

Episode 70 – Melissa D’Arabian

Melissa D’Arabian joins me for episode #70 to talk about how God uses food to invite us into His love.

Food plays a big roll in all of our lives. Sure, it’s a universal necessity, but also the source of so much joy. Especially around the holidays. As she prayed, studied Scripture, and reflected on the stories from her own life, Melissa saw how God used food to draw her into community, redeem moments of tragedy, and ultimately connect her more deeply with Him.

I’m confident you’re gonna love this discussion with Melissa because it jump starts a deeper conversation about food and the power it has to bring us together, draw out the best in us, and help us hear God’s voice in the midst of all.

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Gwen Smith

Episode 69 – Mark Batterson

Mark Batterson joins me for episode #69 to talk about importance of making GRATITUDE and GENEROSITY a lifestyle. We all have challenges and brokenness… and sometimes the trials in our lives can keep us from seeing the ways God is at work IN us and the opportunities for Him to be at work THROUGH us. We often ask God to change the circumstances that are actually meant to change us and miss seeing His blessings in the blisterings. Mark believes the key to radically increasing your faith, joy and abundance can be found in these three words: FLIP THE BLESSING.

I’m confident you’ll be both challenged and changed as you listen by what the Bible has to say about the HISTORY and MYSTERY of God’s blessings.

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Gwen Smith

Episode 68 – Pam Farrel

Pam Farrel joins me for episode #68 to talk about how reading and studying the Bible can help calm feelings of overwhelm and carry you through times of doubt and seasons of strain. ‘Cause, without question there are times in life when we face one challenge after another… times of stress and strain that leave us wondering how we can know the HOPE and JOY of Jesus.

Listen in to hear some personal struggles and practical strategies that will help you hear the voice of GOD over all the other voices that are vying for your attention. And learn how the power of praise can lead you to the steadfast LOVE and STRENGTH of God you need so you can face whatever comes your way.

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Gwen Smith

Episode 67 – Michele Cushatt

Michele Cushatt joins me for episode #67 to talk about how to hold onto faith when it seems God is gone. But what if we could find evidence that God hasn’t left us? Listen in as Michele and I discuss the message of her new book RELENTLESS, which exposes the unshakable presence of a God who never leaves and offers the reassurance that God, indeed, is with us.

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Gwen Smith

Episode 66 – Sharon Hodde Miller

Sharon Hodde Miller joins me for episode #66 to talk about why we love to be liked and why God Calls us to more. The church has deemed NICENESS a virtue and, ultimately allowed it to become an idol. In place of real, Christ-like courage, kindness, conviction and discipline, many people fall into the traps of people-pleasing, popularity contests and manufactured joy in exchange for likeability. This episode will challenge your understanding of the false virtue, and help you start practicing true kindness, honesty, courage and joy.

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