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Gwen Smith

Episode 60 – Mike Donehey

My guest on episode #60 is lead singer of the Christian contemporary band Tenth Avenue North, Mike Donehey. Mike joins me today to talk about that age-old question that we’ve all been known to ask: How do I find God’s will for my life? And his take on it actually flips the concept of God’s will on it’s head.

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Gwen Smith

Episode 59 – Lisa Whittle

My guest on episode #59 is Lisa Whittle. Lisa is a podcast host, a speaker, author and ministry leader who’s also a longtime personal friend. We had a hearty conversation about legacy, ministry, life and the heart of what God’s been teaching her.

Lisa and I talk about ways to live in the power of Jesus and courageously live out what we know the Bible says is true. So if you need some fresh strength and encouragement, you’re gonna really love this discussion.

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Gwen Smith

Episode 58 – Ruth Chou Simons

My guest on episode #58 is the uber-talented, inspirational Ruth Chou Simons! We have a powerful conversation about the ways GRACE intersects our everyday lives. Because, as Ruth says, the grace of God has to matter in our everyday, ordinary, slightly boring, sometimes disappointing lives – or it’s not real at all!

This episode will help transform your WEARY with WONDER … as we gaze at grace together, assured that no circumstance is too ordinary or too forgotten for the LORD to meet us there in worship.

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Gwen Smith

Episode 57 – Alex Kendrick

My guest on episode #57 is actor, writer and producer Alex Kendrick. He joins me to talk about his new movie, Overcomer, which hits movie theaters nationwide on August 23rd. Most of us know Alex Kendrick from his roll as head football coach Grant Taylor in the movie Facing The Giants.

Our discussion about Overcomer is rich with the movie theme, which is all about the importance of understanding our identity in Christ. Alex reminds us that we are all called to seek the One who knows who we really are.

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Dan Simeone

Episode 56 – Bianca Olthoff

My guest on episode #56 is the energizing BIANCA OLTHOFF! Bianca is a Bible-teaching, word-slanging MexiRican who is passionate about raising up a generation of people passionate about Jesus Christ. She considers herself a Next Generation MENTOR in her new book where she talks all things dating, fashion and faith. She shares her mistakes and experiences, and pulls from Ruth and Naomi’s story to guide women on the path to their best self.

We cover some powerful ground in this episode like mentoring, friendships and the challenges of trusting the goodness of God even in loss, betrayal and unanswered questions.

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Dan Simeone

Episode 55 – Maria Furlough

Today my guest is author & Bible teacher Maria Furlough and we talk about the message of her brand new book: CONFIDENT MOMS, CONFIDENT DAUGHTERS.

Now more than ever, we’re bombarded with perfect-looking people on the internet and all over social media. Maria and I have a great conversation about true beauty and about teaching our daughters how to be confident, how to love their bodies, and how to break free from insecurities that plague each of us heart and mind. Which, as we all know, is no easy task. In fact, it’s a task that has to begin with you and me.

Now, if you don’t have a daughter, stay with me! The fundamentals of what we talk about and the practical help applies to you too. This episode will help all of us put aside our obsessions with bodily perfection and refocus our hearts on becoming and raising a confident, godly woman.

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Dan Simeone

EPISODE 54 – Jordan Lee Dooley

Does it ever feel like you still have to find your purpose or that you’re stuck with “un-figured out dreams”?? Do you feel the pressure to prove yourself or worry about what others will think? If so, you’re not alone!

My guest has wrestled with these very issues, and she opens up about some of the ways God has been teaching her to chase HIS purposes while also finding contentment right where she is. Joining me today is a millenial phenom, instagram powerhouse and a National Best Selling author, JORDAN LEE DOOLEY.

We have a fascinating conversation about the message of her book OWN YOUR EVERYDAY… and Jordan shares some powerful ways you can “overcome the pressure to prove and show up for what you were made to do.”

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Dan Simeone

EPISODE 53 – Jamie C Martin

No matter where you land on the personality spectrum, what Jamie C. Martin shares is true, “Your personality is not an accident or mistake, it’s something to honor and celebrate. You already have every trait you need to be the best unique woman for your unique life.” It’s all a part of God’s design!

This episode is filled with encouragement, practical tips and action steps that will help INTROVERTED LISTENERS see your natural personality as a strength, not a weakness… and the REST OF US will gain a better understanding of how to love and connect with our INTROVERTED LOVED ONES.

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Dan Simeone

EPISODE 52 – Sharon Jaynes

My Girlfriend in God co-founder Sharon Jaynes is joining me again on the GRACEOLOGIE show and this time we’re talking about her new book, LOVESTRUCK.

Everywhere we turn in our sex-saturated culture we are bombarded by destructive and unrealistic depictions of romance and sex. But is the problem that we focus on sex too much—or that we value sex too little? True sexual intimacy as God intended it, is so much more than a physical act, it is the intertwining of two souls through sharing and time.

The message of LOVESTRUCK and today’s episode is this: when we see the sacred blessings of sexual intimacy in marriage and understand God’s original intent, we find the freedom to enjoy and explore one of the Father’s most magnificent gifts.

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