Broken Into Beautiful, Book


by Gwen Smith

God delights to transform lives… including your own.

If you’re like most women, you have things in your past you’d like to forget. The result? Guilt. Pain. Shame. You feel unworthy to move on, to serve God, to be free, and to know peace. While the enemy loves to shackle you with accusations, the Lord loves to extend grace and forgiveness.

In Broken into Beautiful, singer and songwriter Gwen Smith invites you to hear the stories of women with shattered dreams, shameful secrets, and damaged souls…and of the loving heavenly Father who makes them beautiful again.

He can restore your brokenness too. Experience how the unconditional love of Jesus can change your life and then stand back and watch the wonder of grace at work. He is willing to eternally forgive and forget and to transform your life into something beautiful.

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