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Can I Get a Witness?

Growing up we played silly games. Fun games that connected strands of strangers and tethered them to a specific time and place with a memory. One of those was the cookie jar game. It’s...

Do You Struggle With Sleepy Faith Syndrome?

The first time I went to a drive-in theatre I was about six years old. The motion pictures on the reel that night were not just exciting – they were epic. A double feature...

Born To Be Wild, Part 2

Yesterday we visited the story of an unlikely champion: a racehorse named Seabiscuit. He was too small, the jockey was too big and blind in one eye – and yet, against all odds, this...

Born to be Wild, Part 1

Both his stature and demeanor were unimpressive to elite breeders. He was exercised with harsh tactics, under cruel restrictions and publicly dismissed by a professionally acclaimed trainer. Eventually the horse, Seabiscuit, became a wild,...


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