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Do The Things You Did

I watched a movie about the end times that left me longing for a few answers. So I grabbed my Bible and sat to read from the book of Revelation. In this apocalyptic, end-of-the-Bible...

I’m Exhausted!

  I had just arrived at my favorite coffee shop. As I opened the door, the smell of freshly brewed java greeted me and filled my creative mind with possibilities. I was eager to...

The More You Were Meant For

It was a photo of a waffle iron… Her status update on the social media site said seven simple words about the picture: “I want these two buttons for life.” The buttons of reference...

Who Defines Your Worth?

  Years ago, I bought my daughter a really cute jacket at the mall. It was a hoodie made of a cuddly fabric with cream, lavender, and mint green horizontal stripes. The jacket zipped...


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