A Promise About Panic

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I recently got to the bottom of my favorite liquid foundation. I wanted to make sure it was completely used up before I bought a new one because it’s pretty pricey. I’m willing to pay a higher price for it because it matches my coloring better than any other foundation I’ve ever used. It’s the perfect base for my face because it evens out my skin tone and makes my skin appear flawless. {Which it’s totally not!}

In Psalm 12, David talks about a different kind of foundation: the Word of the Lord. He was frustrated with the people around him and felt alone in his faith. He was tired of lies. Tired of negativity and deceit. In his frustration he called out to God and noted the difference that he found in the Word of the Lord as compared to the words of man.

He began his conversation with God this way:

Help, Lord, for no one is faithful anymore;
those who are loyal have vanished from the human race.
Everyone lies to their neighbor;
they flatter with their lips but harbor deception in their hearts.

May the Lord silence all flattering lips
and every boastful tongue—
those who say, “By our tongues we will prevail;
our own lips will defend us—who is lord over us?”
(Psalm 12:1-4)

It can be very hard when we feel like we are the only ones who care about honesty or matters of believing. As if we are the only ones concerned with honoring God and seeking to know Him more. All throughout Scripture we see believers who loved God but got weary and, like David, probably felt alone in faith.

Noah was a righteous man who walked faithfully with God and was blameless, while the world around him did not and was not. (Genesis 6:9) He did the things the Lord asked him to do and did not win any popularity contests. He was ostracized and ridiculed … and I imagine he had a few conversations with God that started a lot like David’s in Psalm 12.

Jeremiah was a prophet who was faithful to God, but felt ignored and rejected by God’s chosen people. He was so sorrowful about the people of Judah turning away from God that he became known as the “weeping prophet.”

Elijah got so discouraged at one point in his ministry that he told God he wanted to die! {That’s pretty discouraged!} God responded to his lament compassionately and told him that he was not the only faithful servant. In fact, there were 7000 others. (1 Kings 19)

As frustrated as he was when he began his lament in Psalm 12 about the lack of faithfulness and honesty around him, David’s heart turned toward the positive as he contrasted the shifting faithlessness of man with the sturdy Word of God.

And the words of the Lord are flawless,
like silver purified in a crucible,
like gold refined seven times.
(Psalm 12:6)

I love that David spoke to God courageously about the brokenness of humanity, and I respect the way he discerned that it was important to transition his rant to righteousness.

I want to be that honest and that positive.

Though the people I interact with might not live with the same values as me, I should celebrate the gift of God’s Word that provides me with a firm and flawless foundation. A foundation that is complete and made perfect in Jesus.

Jesus paid a high price to give you and me a firm and flawless foundation in the sight of God. He paid the highest price. So that all who turn to Him would be purified and refined in the crucible of His sacrifice on the cross.

What an incredible foundation we have! The One and Only Word made flesh, full of grace and truth. (John 1:14) Our Cornerstone… “So this is what the Sovereign Lord says: ‘See, I lay a stone in Zion, a tested stone, a precious cornerstone for a sure foundation; the one who relies on it will never be stricken with panic.’” (Isaiah 28:16)

Look at that last line: the one who relies on it – the cornerstone, Jesus – will never be stricken with panic. Incredible. A reminder that when I find myself in a tizzy with anxiety, it means I’m standing on my own foundation of fear instead of the solid foundation of Christ. That’ll preach.

I’m so grateful for this promise.

Jesus is the perfect base for my faith.

Would you join me in giving thanks to Him today for being our firm and flawless foundation?


Lord Jesus,
Thank You for the giving Your life so that I could stand firm in forgiveness, redemption and love. Please continue to refine and purify my heart today. Help me to be honest and courageous in my conversations with You and with others.
In Jesus’ Name, Amen.



Read Psalm 12.

Note that David did a few things: took his frustrations to God, asked God to respond, and celebrated the flawless foundation of the words of the Lord. Spend a few moments doing the same thing in prayer. Grab your journal and write a prayer of response, hash it out with Him on your knees, or post a prayer on the wall of my blog. Then pray through some of the other prayers posted!

Oh!! And another thing…

Thanks for doing life with me! I love you!



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  1. Prepare me Lord to be patient in forgiveness, to understand the pain of another, and to be strong in my waiting as you determine the timelines of life, not I.

  2. Lord, please shout when you speak to me right now. This depression is so loud inside me that I can’t hear anything else. I need to know you’re with me. I am trying to stand on the cornerstone, but my legs are so weak that I keep slipping. I know that you are there and that you will work this out for good. I want to hold on to your promises, but my hands are slippery, too. I will keep climbing back up on the stone and grabbing back on to the promises. The roar is so loud. I know you can make yourself heard over the roar. I will wait on you. In your name Amen.

  3. So much stress in my life. I just want to sleep so that all these things stop running through my head. What if this, what if that. Legal issues in my family have me worrying constantly and I just don’t know what will be the outcome. Please Lord I ask that you work these things out in Your time and in Your will but favorably to our family. Don’t think I can go through another year like 2017. I feel like I am wishing time away wanting finish to these things that are happening but frightened as to what may be. I pray for my family to come to you Lord and follow your Will.

  4. My heart goes out to you, Laura. Where are you located? We have 2 refrigerators at our youth center. They are both used and a bit battered but they work. If you are near, we could sure give you one!

  5. Emily, I’m praying for you. I’ve been there and can relate to the anguish you feel. I’m so glad you have the Lord to lean on! Press in hard and use this as a time to get even closer to Him. Much as I would never want to relive those times, I would not want to undo them either because of the amazing things that happened to me spiritually through them. Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power!

  6. Father, You know that we recently made the decision to take a huge step of faith with YES Youth Empowerment Services of Anaconda and become a faith-based non-profit program. This has the potential to close many financial doors and cause much adversity in this town that is so dark spiritually. Help me to stand on Your promises that this is Your ‘gig’ and You will provide our needs. Thank you for a board that was willing to take this step with me. You have already blessed this program in so many ways. Help these confused and abused youth come to a life changing knowledge of You, not just a surface knowledge. Give us the tools and workers to help change lives! Help us change their focus to You! Thank You for all the many blessings we have received and those we will receive.

  7. Father, you know my heart is heavy with many different issues. You know I want to do what is right and that I am trusting you for the outcomes on all of them! They are burdens that keep me awake at night that I often cry myself to sleep over. There is emotional and verbal abuse from my husband; a son who has gone astray! I just don’t know what to do anymore! Lord, please, intervene quickly! My heart is torn in so many different ways. I want to honor you with my marriage but sometimes, I think You might want it to end in order to bring me someone else who will love me for who I am and who will serve You beside me. Convict my husband on his emotional and verbal abuse and to draw him to Your side! I just don’t know what else to say! My son says he asked you to save him years ago as a child but he has gone away from You and is choosing to do wrong! Lord, please, convict his heart and draw him back to Your side! Bring Christian friends and a girlfriend to surround him and to draw him to You! Lord, you have blessed me in so many ways through the years and I am thankful for all of it! I am so thankful for my salvation for which Your Son had to die and suffer for! Your Word says to not lean on my own understanding but to trust You and that’s what I want to do! Please, Lord, I beg of you to hear my prayers and to answer them quickly and to show me what to do! Thank you Father. Amen.

  8. Father God, I praise you in the midst of the storm. I know you want the best for us as you have already given us your best.
    Everywhere I look I see SIN. It hides itself in so many ways. I see heartaches and tragedy. I see a fallen world with so much unrest and discontent. I think to myself where are the believers? Why do we seem so few, or why are we unable to make a difference?
    Maybe because we are waiting on “us” to fix our world.
    God put into action, from the beginning, our way through this mess of a world. That plan was a personal relationship with our Father, through the blood of Jesus and by His powerful Holy Spirit.
    Why do we consult our friends 1st in times of need? Why not God 1st?
    That is where we fail, we do not do as His Word says. We are to pray continually in all circumstances.
    I put my faith in you Father as I trust you with the lives of my children. I put Andrew in your arms precious Lord, as he continues in his poor lifestyle choices that almost cost his life. I ask for forgiveness Lord where I fail you and where I have failed my own children. I place my trust in you alone as I continue to struggle as a widow, always second guessing my own choices and decisions.
    Help me Father to think and pray 1st, everytime.
    I also ask for comfort for my sweet sister who lost her only brother last night, and this time last year lost her Daddy and her father in law. Bless this family with the love and comfort that can only come from you.
    Last Lord I ask for the boldness of Paul, to proclaim you, your love and your plans for us through Christ Jesus to everyone you choose.
    I thank you Father in the midst of my heartache, because I know the plans you have for me…you LOVE ME! Help me to be an encouragement to others.
    In Christ Jesus I live.

  9. Thank you for your devotional which touched my heart. Pray for my children who are lost at this time, for them to turn to God first, leave their old ways behind, and start the new year trusting God for everything.

  10. Jesus,
    Please help me in my financial distress to stand on your firm foundation. Help remind me of your Word that says you will care for and provide for me. Give me wisdom and opportunities to have my financial needs met as well as my emotional ones. Bring me a partner Lord, who will be your perfect man for me. Help me to pursue you wholeheartedly every day. Help this to be my break through year. Give me glimpses of your glory. Thank you for what you have already done and for what plans you are putting into motion even now. Help my life to be a light to those around me and make my home a place of your peace.

  11. Heavenly Father,
    Thank you for my blessings, I know I have many. Help me to replace my fear and anxiety about financial struggles after divorce and fear of what the future holds and how I am going to do it all , replace this with your peace. Help me to keep moving forward as you intend me to and to let go of the past as you have closed that door. Help me to remember you know my heart and my needs even when I don’t and you are working together for my good. I love you and praise you!

  12. I’ve had a bad month Lord. My husband of 16 years left me and our 7 year old son on the 3rd. On the 22nd i found out I have 2 herniated disks and was put on bed rest. My 23 year old daughter got so mad at me for canceling Christmas that she hasn’t spoken to me since. Then on the 26th my refrigerator went out. I am overwhelmed and feel so helpless. But you my Lord have given me strength and heard my cries. I believe this is all under your control and like myself, You will make all things whole again. Thank you for the promises you have given us. My weight is on your worthy shoulders my Lord.

  13. Thank you God for giving me the strength as I had many challenges Help me that I go to you and ask in faith for all that is waiting for me in another year King of kings give me the strength and get involved with the right people and not go back to these habits that has brought me to this Seal my lips on saying things that are not true to my benefit In your son name Jesus Christ Amen

  14. Thank you Jesus for all my blessing in life. I ask you to help me to know what path you choose For me. We have suffered a loss in our family that has stirred up greed and hate. Please put your loving touch on our family. You are my fondation. Love you and honor you.

  15. To paraphrase the poem If Lord I might say, If I can keep the Faith when others all around me are losing theirs, hallowed be THY Name! In this new year Lord fresh with possibilitymay I share you daily with others even if it’s only by the way I live-in accordance with Your Word! And may I be faithful to give You all honor and glory, in Jesus name……

  16. Dear Gwen,
    I look forward everyday to read my devotional from Girlfriends In God. To day I really needed your topic on panic and how David took it to God. I feel the same way. My childern are on a road to destruction even though the have been raised under the teachings of God. My heart breaks because I don’t know what to do. Please keep my family in prayer.

  17. Dear God, thank you for Psalm 12. I’ve been separated for 3 yrs, raising 3 grandkids, living out of the comfort of my home, anxiety about my future & I feel like David, alot of criticism, instead of more prayer. Lead me to always remember that You are my foundation & there is no uncertainty in Christ.

  18. My abba daddy, my Jesus, my Holy Spirit fill me with your Peace when panic arises with in me.
    As I walk through this excruciating process of divorce, the incredible amount of loss I have experienced this year. Calm my fears, replace the panic of facing the future that is now my reality with your Peace, Joy, comfort, strength, and to stand firm on your promises and know you are faithful and I can trust you

  19. Dear Lord ….you know how heavy my heart is…death, illness, and bitterness surrounds me. I feel at times there is no hope. Please help me to remember daily that you are my hope. Please help me to extend grace to those around me who are bitter and full of hate. Please let others only see Jesus in me – Jenny

  20. Heavenly Father please forgive me for not relying on you, my foundation, when I should have. We are hurting today. I pray that my daughter opens her heart and mind to you. Help us to see the path you want us to take and we can begin to mend our relationship. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

  21. Dear Lord .I thank you so much for everything you give and do for us and thank you Jesus too,we are forgiven of our sins because of you dying on the cross shedding your blood for us so we could be forgiven. Christmas means so much more to me now.

  22. Lord Father continue to purify my heart. I feel blessed to be full of faith and glory. Thank you Father for the unconditional love and endless forgiveness. Lord continue to seek you everyday of my life. I pray the blood of Jesus over my family, my home and friends.


  23. God I am so refreshed learning more and more about You every day. You knew I needed to draw closer to you even before I did! I am grateful for your guidance, protection, love and provision. I am anxious about my current life changes and future but I know you will take down the best path, one I cannot even dream up and I will then understand what I was meant to do and celebrate! God is good, all the glory is His!

  24. Thank you father for loving me unconditionally for always being there for me even when sometimes I feel like your not there but you are. Help me to seek you more and more everyday to stay focus on you!!
    I have been stressing out of my future of finding the perfect place and its hard and from now one i will leave that in your hands because I know you will find the perfect home for me and the rest will fall into place.
    In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen!!!

  25. Thank you GWEN !
    This was much needed as I suffer from anxiety and lately I too , get discouraged with others who do not think like me and do not cherish and try their best to abide by God.

    Dear God,
    Thank you for giving me all I need ! You gave your life for me !! That is incredible! Please continue to lead me and make me honest and humble as well as full of courage with others and throughout my day !
    Thank you for letting us celebrate you this season and help remind all that YOU are the reason we celebrate Christmas, your birthday !

  26. Lord, I’ve suffered with a panic disorder for years but recently everything I’ve ever read studied or learned to be true finally sunk in and was not just head knowledge but became a part of my heart. You Jesus alone are my Conerstone my foundation, my hope!!! You have delivered me from this burden of panic that robbed me of my life! Every moment of every day I must stand firm on You and You alone to remain delivered. Lord the gratitude in my heart is beyond words THANK YOU JESUS FOR BEING MY HOPE! FOUNDATION! CONERSTONE! AND DELIVERING ME! I LOVE YOU!!!!

  27. I give God praise for using you this morning to minister life into the discouragement that had came up me. Our God is our awesome! He know exactly what we need because last night that exactly how I was thinking that you cannot not find nobody that Is honest. Faithfulness have vanished from the Son of men. And here we are God used you through your blog to revive me out the pit of discouragement. Thank you so much! Holy Spirit know exactly what we need and when we need it.

  28. Lord purify my heart. Help me to be honest and courageous in my conversations with you and others. Place positivity in my life. Holy Spirit Overflow my mind and thoughts with Peace, Love, Hope ,and Faith. I Claim and State This and Mark It with Your Blood in Jesus Name, AMEN!!

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