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Graceologie Episode 138: Jamie Grace

Jamie Grace on the Graceologie with Gwen Smith podcast

What does it mean to find peace in the middle of all the noise of a very loud world?


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We live in a loud, loud world. Whether it's the criticism of others, the clamor of injustice, or the voice of anxiety from within, we are constantly being bombarded with noise. So what does it mean to find peace in the midst of all the noise? Grammy-nominated Singer/Songwriter Jamie Grace joins me on the latest episode of the Graceologie Podcast to talk about this and more!


Finding quiet is the perfect thing to say when there is chaos all around. Have a moment to remember to find your “quiet”. 

Dig deeper- what does the word of God say about quiet? What does he say about peace and being still? 

Finding quiet on a daily basis has looked like a literal thing of turning off the tv, turning off the radio and finding the quiet. 

But on a much deeper level it’s how to focus on the word of God and how to pursue peace even when you can’t shut everything else out around you. When things are loud and out of control and you can't fix things, how will you still find peace and quiet?

It can be some tough love by asking yourself, what noise am I adding to the conversation that doesn’t need to be there? What noise am I adding that is replacing what I could be receiving from the Lord?

How can I make a conscious choice to tune in to the word of God when it might be the last thing my flesh wants to hear in that moment? Make a choice to be quiet and be still and let the Lord deal with yourself instead of asking him to deal with everyone and everything around you. That will change everything! 

“Lord deal with me. Deal with the peace in my own spirit so that I can serve and give the way you've called me to.”

You can want what you want and you can feel what you need to feel but we still have to make those choices on how do we act based on those feelings. 

We have to do the work first in our hearts. Start where you are. There is nothing wrong with desiring to be on the move or go somewhere else but if you aren’t serving locally, within your local church or community, God isn’t looking for you to go out and fix “all the things”. When was the last time you served locally? By praying for our mayor or city council and meeting with the first responders in our community? 

Let’s serve where we are! 

Find quiet. Find peace. And then use that to find your purpose. This starts in our own hearts. Then our families. Then our block. 

Doubt is normal and human. Get that out of the way and don’t pretend to be confident. Then talk to someone about that insecurity.

Lastly, go do the thing! It doesn't have to be perfect! 

Proverbs 3:6 “In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.”

Are you acknowledging him? Then you will always be successful.