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Graceologie Episode 144: Erin Weidemann

Erin Weidemann on the Graceologie with Gwen Smith podcast

We  need to stop letting the world tell our girls what truth and beauty are!




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The world is loud when it comes to telling girls who and what they should be - and who and what they are. It’s high time we stop letting what the world tells our girls is truth, to become their truth. Erin Weidemann joins me to talk about this struggle and explains the history behind why she writes to inspire the next generation of girls to discover real beauty through the female heroes of the Bible. 


Erin shares an amazing testimony of living for her self and material gain in her younger age with hardly any time to slow down for a doctor’s visit, to revisit a lump in her neck. On the day of her visit, she was told she had an aggressive form of cancer. Later on in isolation from radiation, she cried out to God begging for forgiveness for not living for Christ, begging God to rescue and help her.

“You have air in your lungs. You’re taking breaths today. God woke you up today for some reason. You’ve got work to do. There is work in the world that only you can do today.”

Maybe that’s to encourage someone or share the gospel. Whatever it may be the reason you woke up today is that God has something for you. 

Commit your ways to excellence. 

Erin created her Bible Belles book set when she realized that her niece knew all the Disney princesses but none of the women from the Bible. She wanted girls to go from no relationship with the Lord all the way to leadership and how they could understand God’s character, what it means for them, and being equipped with these abilities like prayer and patience, bravery and leadership. 

What we want is our kids to understand that the answer to all life’s issues is in God’s word. It comes from his mouth and his stories. 

Ringleaders is the next series of New Testament book characters with more of a focus on Kingdom building. 

It’s so important not to just live for great character, not to just aim for success in life but to truly aim for significance. Going into the world and strategizing together as believers: how can we share Jesus with a dark and broken, desperate world that needs him? What an exciting time right now to be a believer! 


Having a heart for the next generation? But feel handcuffed and not sure which direction to go?

Just start with prayer. Pray and say Lord, please bring me someone that I’m supposed to mentor. Is there someone out there that my unique gifts and talents, resources and time could be well spent and well stewarded for you, to bring someone into a deeper relationship with you Jesus? 

There is no pressure on us to convert anybody.

You might think of rejection or that this isn’t a popular thing and it’s hard to be a Christian out in today’s world but at the end of the day, the Holy Spirit and God Almighty is the one that changes hearts. All we have to do is be available, make the time, prioritize people. 

What are doing to win souls? Be willing to share your testimony! 

“It’s not my job to convert anybody. It’s my job to be that testament, to share that testimony of what God’s done in your life. And to wait for the Holy Spirit to minister to whoever’s heart is open and willing to hear from him.”

Be bold in your faith ladies! He will be with you every step of the way!

Mary Magdalene walked with Jesus and was with him at every point of his ministry up until Jesus’ death. For girls and women, she is such a powerful example of women being really used for God’s Kingdom; to initiate the Gospel movement, to be the first to see Christ and to be a champion for Christ for his cause and to share that he has risen!

This is what we are all called to do, men and women. And not to be silent about that. 

If we can help girls understand (through the Bible Belles series)  that you have a voice that is powerful and God calls you to be heard, this next book series is even more:

“Now that you know that God wants you to be heard it’s time to find out what He wants you to say. And what He wants you to say is the Good News of Jesus Christ and share the Gospel.”

We are all on our own personalized, individualized journey of what God wants us to show us. 

Being open in your life, that you don’t have it all together and that you do make mistakes but are actively seeking Christ and transformation is a powerful witness to others. 

Erin wants to encourage anyone out there that has the ultimate goal of success to surrender and think about how God wants to partner with you through not success, but significance. 

Matthew 6:33-” But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” Stay focused on this!