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Graceologie Episodes 31 & 32: Dr. Veirdre Jackson

Dr. Veirdre Jackson






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Dr. Veirdre Jackson, CEO of LIVING STRONG Consulting, is my guest on the new episode of Graceologie. She’s an award-winning author, educator, entrepreneur and advocate. Veirdre and I have a powerful discussion about how our beliefs CONTROL our BEHAVIOR.

We also talk about trauma and TOXIC STRESS, and the neurological impact these have on our lives. Veirdre shares some clinically proven, Biblically aligned and practical ways to rewire your brain to experience RENEWAL, so your heart can know PEACE.


We are always in one of five states. We are either in a calm state, we either in alert state, an alarm state, a fear state, or a terror state. And when we are in one of those five states, it actually impacts our ability to think. So we can only actually think in our creative place if we’re in a calm state of mind.

The further down in brain states we go as we move into alert, we become more concrete thinkers where we move down into alarmed, we become emotionally an emotional thinker. When we move down into fear, we become a reflexive thinker. And when we go all the way into a terror

If we remain in our worry or we recycle emotional responses, our body is releasing that same flight – fight, flight, or freeze response chemicals through our body over and over and over again which is impacting the wiring of our brain as well as our body, our physical body.

So we should shift out of worry and connect with what is it that I believe to be true about me, about my God, and about the surrounding environment I’m placing myself in.

God gave us a gift and it’s called metacognition. He has given us the ability to when a thought enters our head, for us to pause and say, “Why am I thinking that? Where did that come from?” He had given us that gift and that’s a part of the process of renewing our mind.

When a toxic thought comes in your head, if you say out of your mouth the opposite, your brain cannot continue the thought.

Our brain has neuroplasticity, because it’s plastic, you can continue to heal and rewire. That’s why our God says, “Renew your mind.” He would not tell us something that we can’t do. That he doesn’t provide us with the opportunity to do. So we can rewire our brain by doing new practices that you create neuropathways that again we can use over and over again.

If we do the work and really begin to understand where those thoughts, where that toxic narrative is coming from, we then are able to begin to utilize action steps that are practical, that God has provided for us to physically begin to shift neurological brain pathways.

And when you talk about the power of worship and how science has identified that the worship, the act of worship actually has anatomical impact. It shifts the structure of our brain. It actually heightens the frontal lobe which is where our critical thinking and problem-solving occur. It caused the amygdala which is where our emotions and the threat response system is activated, so the very act of worship, being in worship.

PRAYER for the GRACEOLOGIE Community

Heavenly Father, I ask that you would intimately and only the way you know how to meet your daughter where she is in a tangible way. Show up for her in this day. But whatever the hurt maybe, whatever the broken relationship, the physical ailment, the doubt, the fear, whatever it is, have her stand on your word and know that it is not from you. You have called her to a life of abundance, of freedom.

Lord, I ask that you would whisper in her ear, touch her heart, and in a tangible way make your presence known that she will boldly step out of the basement, out of the darkness into the light to be more aware of who you are but seek the understanding of the depth of what you have to offer her, the character of your faithfulness. She is not forgotten. She is treasured. She has been wonderfully made and you love her unconditionally. That she will know it beyond the shadow of a doubt. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.