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Graceologie Episode 41: Lauren Gaskill

Lauren Gaskill on the Graceologie with Gwen Smith podcast






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My guest on episode #41 is LAUREN GASKILL. Lauren is a speaker and the author of a new book, INTO THE DEEP. She has a passion to ENCOURAGE women to pursue a deep relationship with God by FIGHTING to keep FAITH alive in their hearts. And let me tell you, this girl has a story of struggle to back it up. At a young age she was diagnosed with a connective tissue disorder that sent her life into a downward spiral of anxiety and pain - like so many of us.

Lauren and I go deep in this episode by talking about how the tensions of trial can leave us wrestling with doubt. Lauren shares how GOD met her in her questioning and shows us that we can use the dark night of the soul times in our lives to learn how to develop a deeper LOVE and TRUST of God’s GRACE.

We’ve all had those seasons of darkness, anxiety, depression, physical illness, parenting disappointments, but how do you HARNESS those moments to be ones of TRUE COURAGEOUS FAITH? Listen in and we’ll find out together!

HIGHLIGHTS and QUOTES to remember:

"The waters that you think might drown you are the same waters Jesus wants to use to deepen your faith."

"Joy is not the absence of problems but rather the presence of a Savior."

"The answer to our brokenness and distress isn't an earthly solution; it's a heavenly one."

"From the dawn of creation to this very moment, one truth remains: God is faithful and can be trusted."

"Even the fiercest storms have expiration dates and in the end, new life can grow."

"Never underestimate what the power of reaching for JESUS can do!"

There are times we need to FIGHT for faith.

Jesus put self on a shelf. We should too.

Truths to remember: God cares and is a good Father. He lifts the humble and is with us every step of the way,

6 Things You Need to Know about how to FIGHT FOR FAITH

1. God is not punishing you.

2. You're not alone.

3. You're going to be okay.

4. Darkness does not define you.

5. You were made for the deep.

6. God's love will carry you.


  • Butterfly Technique: lock your thumbs together and place your hands over your chest. Then tap one hand at a time. Tap your 4 fingers, one hand at a time back and forth like the wings of a butterfly. (Similar to being rocked as a baby.)
  • Thought Stopping: Write any negative or consuming thoughts you're having, then write next to them the truth or what's true in this moment.