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Graceologie Episode 8: Micca Campbell

Micca Campbell on GRACEOLOGIE with Gwen Smith





BOOK: An Untroubled Heart, Finding a Faith That is Stronger Than All My Fears


3 Promises To Cling To:

#1. God's presence is always with us. You are never alone.

#2. God will work everything out for good that is surrendered to Him. (NOT that everything IS good.)

#3. God has given you a bright future.

Practical Help for Healing:

  • Take a walk
  • Cry out to God
  • Play worship music
  • Sing
  • Read your Bible ... and allow it to inform and transform you from the inside out.
  • Be still before the Lord (in the Bible this actually means to "lay down your weapons" and let the Lord fight for you.)

CLICK HERE to listen to the song POWER IN HIS PRESENCE (from the I Want It All Soundtrack)