Gwen Smith

Episode 71 – Kasey Van Norman

Kasey Van Norman joins me for episode #71 to talk about how God wants to redeem the pain and mistakes of your past.

What if the pain and mistakes of your past are exactly what God wants to use to redeem your future? Like many of us, Kasey has walked a rocky road of regret and loss. In this honest, vulnerable conversation, she shares that these days she’s no longer running from her past, but is instead, is actually allowing herself to be defined by it – because Kasey’s discovered that God is more intentional, personal and loving than she ever believed Him to be.

In this GRACOEOLOGIE episode, Kasey and I talk about the powerful message of her new book, NOTHING WASTED, which highlights God’s offer to weave together every confusing, disjointed scrap of your past into His beautiful story of redemption.

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