(Part Time Position)


We’re looking for a part-time Podcast Coordinator for the GRACEOLOGIE with Gwen Smith Podcast who shows up with a get-it-done attitude and is always forward-thinking.

The primary focus of this position will be to expand the reach of our podcast by managing and creating content for our show. The number one goal of this position is to manage the podcast in a way that attracts and engages our ideal audience to enable it to go viral.

You will be responsible for suggesting and researching for the show as well as tracking and analyzing the data to grow our reach. Alongside this responsibility, you will use the research to go hand in hand with creating a list of suggested questions and key theme areas.

You will work with Gwen to ensure that episodes are released on time and will work on social media to distribute new episodes across social platforms as well as the podcast production agency to ensure the process on the back end is running smoothly and shows are being released on time, every time.

Please note, no technical podcast editing experience is required but is useful to have.


Our Podcast Coordinator will primarily be responsible for:

  • Content Management: Creating ideas for our regular posting schedule, researching for solo shows and guest interviews along with developing and executing our social media strategy to repurpose podcast episodes across our social media channels.
  • Download Growth: Developing strategies to grow our downloads
  • Analytics: Constantly tracking and reporting on our metrics, making suggestions for improvement based on your findings in these reports. Developing strategies to grow our subscriber base, ratings and reviews.
  • Working with our social media accounts to measure sentiment about our podcast and responding accordingly.
  • PR: Securing interviews for Gwen on other leading podcasts in our niche to spread the word about GRACEOLOGIE.
  • Research: Researching and staying up to speed on guests we should be interviewing or topics we should cover along with new podcast marketing strategies and how we can use them to add value to our audience.
  • Creative: Create captions, titles and any other text/graphics for podcast on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.


You are a strong fit for this position if the statements below are true for you:

  • Podcasts are your passion. You can easily spot a great show and identify the qualities that make it successful.
  • You are constantly paying attention to what is working for leading podcasts and brands and can visualize how it can apply to our ways of working.
  • You are both a thinker and a doer. This position is a mix of both. You can come up with strong, smart strategies and you also don’t hesitate to jump in, suggest and implement.
  • You understand the power of a good story.
  • You have a talent for identifying trends before they become trends and pride yourself in implementing quickly to be first to market with your fresh ideas.
  •     Be able to continuously improve processes and find ways to increase video views month on month.


  • It would be ideal for the person in this position to possess some past experience in audio production, but this is not essential.
  • This position does not require specific training if the individual possesses the ability to produce quality and creative content in a timely fashion.


  • No line management responsibilities
  • The person in this position will report directly to Gwen Smith


  • Remote
  • A flexible schedule is needed
  • Willingness to travel nationally on occasion

Working hours/days:

  • Generally Monday-Friday 
  • 8-12 hours p/w
  • Position will pay $15 an hour the first 90 days, then $16.50
  • Daily rate where podcast needs/travel is required. Flexibility in this role is crucial.