How Resistance Can Lead to Strength

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My daughter plays competitive volleyball and recently began a specialized resistance plyometric workout called Vertimax training. The actual Vertimax equipment looks rather unimpressive. It’s a sturdy platform that hosts a complicated series of industrial-sized rubber bands. The results of training with this system, however, are anything but unimpressive. This advanced resistance-training helps to increase vertical jump, strengthen and protect muscles, and accelerate an athlete’s reaction time. Everything a volleyball player wants!

But let me tell you, it is hard work.

Kennedy trains under the careful watch of a guide who knows just how much tension to add and to allow on the platform. And she works through a rapid series of reps to the point of fatigue, and sometimes to failure.

The resistance of the bands increases her strength, but not until her muscles are worn down. After fatigue sets in and the muscles break down, healing begins, and she grows stronger as a result.

Just like in life.

Trials and tension can lead to stress or to strength. Often both! Challenges can tear us down, but they also hold the power to build us up. It’s important for us to realize that we get to choose our responses when resistance wears us thin.

I want to honor God in both good and bad times. Don’t you? I honestly do, but it’s not easy. I tend to get upset about the breakdowns and strains I have to deal with. The Bible shows me, however, that if I didn’t have any resistance I wouldn’t grow.

The beauty of resistance is that it can lead to strength. (If we allow it to.)

Remember what James said?

Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. (James 1:2-3)

I read these verses and a part of me want to run the other way. But I want to grow. I want to mature in my faith, to trust God more, to persevere and showcase His power in and through the pressure.

So how does this play out practically?

Well, I want my marriage to grow stronger. Always. Because even though we’ve been married a long time, Brad and I are two flawed individuals with strong opinions and crazy-different emotions. Those two variables alone set the table for tension, but there are countless sources of strain beyond our shortcomings. (And all the people said: AMEN!)

We know that marriages, and all relationships, are hard work. So for my marriage to be strong – as far as it’s up to me – I need to press through times of fatigue in order to move toward the strength I long for when Brad and I hit the tension point. I need to look to God, my Guide, who carefully watches me, knows all about the hurt, and helps me through the resistance.

If I want my marriage to be strong, I can’t just be stubborn and do things my way because my ways are flawed and weak. (This applies to all relationships!) The ways of the Lord, however, are perfect and strong. So I look to the Bible to instruct my heart and inform my attitude. She brings him (her husband) good and not evil all the days of her life. (Proverbs 31:12) She opens her mouth with wisdom, and loving instruction is on her tongue. (Proverbs 31:26)

When I’m stressed out by my man, or angry with him (people…it happens), I have to pray for God to give me the grace that my heart lacks and the willingness to forgive. Even in the times when I’m convinced that he’s wrong. Even when my feelings are hurt or my ego is bruised. Even when, even when, even when… (And believe me, Brad has plenty of opportunities to do the same with me!)

The Bible assures us, Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him. (James 1:12)

That sounds good to me. I like to know that there is a reward that follows the fatigue.

On the Vertimax platform when the tension bands are removed, an athlete experiences the benefits of the training. Testing brings perseverance. It’s a promise.

What resistance are you facing today? Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. (James 1:4)


Dear Lord,
Forgive me for wanting to find the easy way around the resistance that can be used to strengthen me. Help me to appreciate the value in the strains and struggles I endure. Build my strength today in the fatigue I face and help me to look to You and walk in Your grace.
In Jesus’ name, amen.



Read James 1.

JAMES CHALLENGE: Ready to go deeper in the strength of God? Read the entire book/letter of James. Do it today or do it this week. Are you in? Let me know! Leave a comment on my blog wall or on my Facebook page.

As always, my posts are not a monologue. We’re a community. Let’s talk about where you are when it comes to this topic of trials. I love hearing from you and watching the page light up as you encourage one another.

Warmest Blessings,


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  1. Greetings Gwen,
    Someone is our church once told me…marriage is like a triangle…with GOD at the top and husband and wife on either side…the closer each one gets to GOD, the closer they get to each other.

    I Corinthians 13:1-13…the love chapter, KJV…the number thirteen?…7 being the number of GOD and 6 being the number of man equals…13.

  2. At the worst times in our lives the battles can create an empty, emotionless existence. Perhaps God’s attempt to start all over from scratch to fill us up with the fruits of his wonderful spirit. If there just wasn’t so much history to overcome that progressively build those walls that lead to isolation and separation. Resistance, building something new, is a means of defense.

  3. I love the stories and devotation I get with Girlfriends In God. They are so helpful and up lifting. I will read the book of James this week

  4. I’m in. May the Almighty hand of our LORD be upon you all in a mighty way as you read these Scriptures through the lense of the Holy Spirit’s eyes! Amen

    “Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin.”
    ‭‭James‬ ‭4:17‬ ‭(NKJV‬‬)

  5. The book of James is such a wonderful reminder for strength and encouragement for all who are looking to follow God’s will and to remind you that if you are faithful in what God wants you to do, then he in turn will be faithful to you! Thank you for this devotion today as well!

  6. I’m in and thank you so much for this devotional, if you only knew what I’ve done through in marriage, you’d know that this was much needed for me. I’m pressing and I won’t give up!

  7. I’m so in!! We have been going through immense trials this week, quite possibly the most difficult time in our 21 years of marriage. This is spot on for what I need! Thank you…I covet anyone’s prayers reading this!!

  8. Thanks for the great devotional.
    I did a study on James lots to learn and very charter building.I want to be more like Jesus

  9. Yes, I am ready to go through this stressful time by keeping my mind focused on God’s word! Through this my marriage will be stronger all according to God’s plan, may His will be done, Amen

  10. I’m in. James 1 is one of my favorite go to chapters in the Bible. It is so rich with wisdom, encouragement and truths that are as vital for Christian living today as they were when James penned (quilled or however they wrote back then) 2000 years ago. God’s Word is always relevant… for any and all of life’s circumstances.

  11. I am ALL in for Jesus will give me the strength to endure!!!🙇🏽‍♂️🙇🏽‍♂️🙇🏽‍♂️

  12. I’m going through some resistance in my right now. I really needed this reading this morning. Thank you and may God continue to bless your ministry.

  13. Definitely in! Reading James now. I just had a challenge from another friend to memorize the book of James. I think I need to focus on James😉

  14. Thank you so much for this article. I really needed to hear it today. Im facing health issues and I need to be strong and trust in god. Thanks again and have a bless Day.

  15. Am definitely in!!!
    This was a right now word for me today! I just asked God to help me in this yesterday! Thanks 4 this powerful word of encouragement

  16. I will read the book of James today. Thank you for your word Lord. Thank you for another day to get it right.

  17. This, I needed today. Today of all days, and it was the perfect message that 100% resonated with what I’m going through. In my insanely stressful career, I’ve been experiencing a lot of stress, tension, and resistance, and on my drive home tonight I prayed for the strength to understand.

    But this message shows us there is a reward in the perserverance, and it gave me a sense of hope, relief and newfound determination to keep going. So thank you so much for today!

  18. Trials. are. hard!. I don’t like them, don’t want to journey “through” them BUT my God can take me there, in and through! Sometimes I go kicking and screaming and sometimes, yes Lord! I will read the book of James again and again! Much Blessings, Kathryn

  19. I’ve been going thru a lot of resistance in 2018, relationship resistance. This is my first time TRUSTING GOD in my life with this issue and it’s hard. The trials and circumstances HE’S brought me have brought me to my knees in tears, pain, hurt, anger, bitterness, etc. I don’t know what HE has in store for me for the rest of 2018 or my life for that matter but I will ABSOLUTELY tell you I’m not the person I was in the beginning of this year. My conversations/prayer time with HIM have been REAL, I’ve never experienced such prayer life with HIM before and HE’S moved me in ways I wouldn’t believe if I wasn’t me. But I still struggle each and every day, when I talk to HIM tears still stream down my face, some for the pain and some for the LOVE HE has for me. I’m so new to this even though I’ve been a Christian for so long. My relationship with HIM this year is so different in that I’m actually talking to him, not simply saying prayers that were taught to me to repeat over and over. I don’t know where GOD is taking me this year but I know HE must have a plan to bring this trial to me, HE has to. I will continue the race put before me and perservere even when I fail or fall. I know HE loves me and is always waiting for me with open arms because HE knows my heart. And I will tell you this with confidence, HE doesn’t give me more than I can handle and HE has broken me into BEAUTIFUL. HE’S trading in my ashes for beauty. I can’t wait for that day when I’m so complete in HIM that I need nothing.

  20. Thank you for these very timely thots on how resistance increases strength. How I needed this today! I will find time today to read the book of James again – it is great “resistance training” material!

  21. What a wonderful message. At this time in my life, I am facing some resistance from my 81 year old father, as his memory is fading somewhat. My sister and I are having to “help” him with his meds, driving arrangements, etc. He doesn’t understand why sometimes, and it is the hardest thing for me to try to explain to him, without him feeling old and having his independence taken from him. I know this trial is helping me become more loving, patient, and compassionate with him. It also helps me see others in a different light as we grow older. Your messages are always spot on for what I am needing in my daily life. I appreciate Girlfriends in God soooo much!!

  22. I had a friend who was a spirit filled nun. When I complained about the trials I was going through she said, “the angels in heaven are rejoicing because you are getting stronger. This is spiritual weightlifting.”

  23. the Book of James is my all time favorite book and I am going to go home tonight after work and begin reading it all over again! Thank you always for your daily inspirations….they truly are a blessing to me!

  24. Gwen, God is so good. I’m sitting here early this morning and read your words and those from James, at this moment feeling totally exhausted and deflated from dealing with my husband. These words have both humbled me and at the same time strengthened me to my core. Thank you! And thank you for your ministry, sweet girl!

  25. I am going through a really difficult time in my marriage and it seems to happen every week. I feel like jst taking my kids and walking out. I feel like im all out of love and tired, so tired… and this tension and hurting has affected my relationship with God. But i am going to read James, God and my kids r all i have!

  26. I am separating from husband and attempting to buy a home for myself and 3 of my 5 children. They are adults but have disabilities…profound in 2 and one just needs guidance. I keep hitting bumps..but only when its about time to close. I know God is in many signs that he is. Some mornings I wake up and am frozen in anxiety and fear. I am fasting and praying that this goes through on Wednesday. So many good things for myself and these children to move forward. This helped me remember about perserverence. Its been so hard but God is there with me.

  27. Yesterday was 6 weeks since my husband left our special needs son and me and went across the country to stay with cousins. He refuses to talk to me after he left when we had a big fight, and from what I hear from his family, he doesn’t even want me to know where he is. He has completely abandoned us, and this is not like his character at all. We had many fights during the 6.5 years we were together, but we recognized that Satan was attacking us. I forgive him for what he did and have sent messages to him the best I could to ask forgiveness for my part of the problems, but they’ve been ignored. I’m believing for a miracle and for healing and trying to have great faith and patience for God to renew our marriage and bring my husband home, but I’m struggling. I’m devastated and hurt and most days don’t think I can take the pain any longer. I see how God has already done a work in me, but I have no peace and no joy. I know that God is for marriage and that His Word says that what He joins together let no man separate. I know that several Scriptures say that you can ask anything and if you have faith you will receive it, but it also says not to doubt. I’m struggling with doubt because it appears that my husband is never going to even talk to me again much less come home.

    1. MZ, I am praying with you.
      I read about a woman to whom God promised to bring back her husband. He hadn’t even left. He did come back, in spite of having remarried and having another child.
      You can use your time to better see your faults regarding marriage, maybe rearranging some furniture or going into a diet or giving up a pet. Yes, believe without a doubt is a hard one.

  28. Thanks for the encouraging words. I am strugging with my emotions/feelings and sometimes they overwhelm me. I started a study about emotions yesterday and some how I ended up on your site. It was totally God. He knows what he is doing. thus far, I am being blessed by your message of “the beauty of resistance”. When it seems to hard, I back down because it starts to hurt and I don’t go thru the process. I start to journal, and when I get to a place that hurts, I scribble all over the paper and ball it up. the pain is too great! I know I need to push past the pain and be persistent. I know I need to perserve and finish the process. I get mad at my self and I think I get stand-offish (if that is a word – LOL) at God because I feel like he is not helping me when I try to hard to press in. I get so disappointed at myself because I know I should be further a long in my walk. However, even when I feel the way I feel, I never stop searching and studying the word. I love the Word!!! I admit that I am not always a doer of the word, especially when it its home. My emotions kick in and not realizing it, my emotions are leading me and I can’t get a breakthrough and I struggle to stay lined up with the spirit, especially when things don’t go the way I think. I am praying and asking God to help me with my emotions. He gave them to me and is familiar with all my ways. He knows me better than I know myself, so Hopefully I will soon follow Holy Spirit instead of my emotions with his help.

  29. I am looking forward to reading the book of James!! My marriage is struggling right now and I have been suffering from anxiety and fear because of it. I feel like I am giving 110% and my husband is barely giving any effort to fix what is broken. I come to you, humbly asking for prayer. Thank you so much for your inspiration to keep taking one step in front of the other.

    In Christ’s Love,

    Jenni Roberts

  30. Read James in its entirety. It was so enlightening to read it again. I learned about patience, endurance, asking god for wisdom, how to grow in god, how to prove your faith, controlling your tongue. It is so good.

  31. Gwen, thank you for allowing yourself to be used for the Lord, being a vessel to bring a word to us. Thank you for encouraging us to put what we learn into practice in our lives. Although the words we get from the Lord are awesome, they are often hard to apply them in our lives as we are all going through so many difficult things… We have to continually remind ourselves to push through for the prize!!!! Easier said than done when feeling pushed from all sides thats when we have to push in more to the Lord and He alone will give us the strength and endurance to push on!

  32. Thank you Gwen! This is wonderful to hear! I do need the endurance to reject the wiles of Satan everyday! I was so happy to read this devotional about the Book of James, since that is what one of the Small Groups at my church is studying, this is the group I joined. So looking forward to it! I always enjoy the GIG devotional!

  33. Hi Gwen! Lori here, the one you prayed with several weeks ago whose husband was in cardiac arrest in the ER. He’s been in and out of the hospital the last 3 weeks and we discovered it wasn’t his heart causing all the mischief-WAIT–WHAT?!?! It seems a new medication is behind the mischief, NOT his heart, PTL! So, perseverance! It’s not been first on my prayer list (is it EVER?), but perseverance through Christ is what has certainly gotten me through these difficult weeks. It has grown me in strengths that only the Lord knew could be developed. Thank you for the prayers also! They were answered!

    1. Post
    2. I don’t know you miss, but I wanted to say a prayer for you. Heavenly father, the god of all comfort, please keep your everlasting arms around this family, grant them comfort, peace and strength for the days, weeks, and months ahead. Lord please be with them and allow them to feel your presence. In Jesus name amen. And so it is and so shall it be! God bless you and your family

  34. I’m in!! Actually just finished reading the book and all I can say is WOW. I’m new to GIG. Opening my email and reading the daily devotions has become a highlight of each day. Over the years, I have allowed so many things come before God (marriage, children, illness, and work are just a few). God has been there the entire time, speaking to me and giving me direction. God never gave up on me and I’m currently in the process of re-prioritizing and putting God first. The book of James is the blue print that speaks to each facet that has to change. FAITH, TRIALS, LOVE, WISDOM, and WEALTH‼️
    God is so good and I’m thankful and humbled that he never gave up on me.

    1. Post
    1. Post
  35. Thank you for pointing us to the book of James today, really enjoy reading Girl Friends in God devotions and have told a lot of women about them. Have been in a “black hole” lately and your message helped. Even Christian women can get down if we spend to much time by ourselves. I believe that’s when the enemy can do his best to feel our heads with lies. Humble yourselves before the Lord and he will lift you up. 4:10. Thanks for helping me up today!!!

    1. Post
  36. I’m in…completed reading James and continue to marvel at how awesome our God is by providing us with a game plan for living. Thank you for all that you do in directing us. Much love!

    1. Post
    1. Post
  37. I was truly blessed by reading James today. I am so encouraged by God’s Word.
    According to James 1:5, I am wholeheartedly seeking the Lord for His wisdom – pure, peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of good mercy and good fruit, impartial, and sincere (James 3:17), believing and not doubting that He will generously give it to me. James 5:16 tells me that my prayers are “powerful and effective”. Therefore, I know my prayers offered in faith are answered.
    My Heavenly Father is faithful and He loves me.

    1. Post
  38. Hi Gwen,
    I’m in! I’m on the wildest ride with God right now. He has radically COLLIDED into my heart with His love and grace in spite of myself. I grew up in a Christian home, went to Christian school, Christian college, church Sunday AM, PM, Wednesday night, Awana, Youth Group etc etc but realized a few weeks ago that this huge gaping hole in my heart that I’ve been trying to fill with everything and everyone was meant for Jesus and I never experienced that true love connection with Him. He radically changed my heart and life a few weeks ago and I’m forever changed. That being said, my marriage is in crisis (and by crisis I mean my husband asked for a divorce on our 19 year anniversary and we have 3 boys, 15, 14 and 7). For the first time ever in my life I surrendered my life and marriage to God and with the encouragement of Godly women God strategically placed in my life for this very season worked to daily surrender and take the next step in obedience. When my home situation didn’t change after my “love collision” I was tempted to quit because I wanted it all at once. I was quickly reminded who and whose I am as well as what I am asked to do and that is to take the next step of obedience regardless of whether my marriage changes or not. He wants my heart and my obedience and promises to do the rest. It’s beginning to happen ever so slowly, the light has begun to peek through the crack and my husband may be softening towards fighting for this one last time (we’ve tried many times but I’ve never been willing to submit to God’s model of a wife in marriage which is the hardest of things). I was quickly tempted to try and move the process forward faster and try to get quicker results and He gently put His hand on me and said “Stop. Listen. Follow what I say. Obey. Take the Next Step. I’ve got the rest”. He promises that if I keep trudging on I will reap the results He so desires to give me. He is writing the most amazing story. My life has been a replica of the verse in Hosea that says “Then I will lead her into the desert and there speak tenderly to her”. He’s been so faithful in doing that despite my running the other direction hard my whole life. Thanks for this today! Much needed reminder. God meets me right where I am and is giving me the tools to do the next thing!

    1. Post
    2. Tracey, I am so blessed by your testimony! I wish I had this endurance when I was going through my marriage difficulties! I, too, know that God was there for me, if I had only recognized it when I was going through it at that time. I know HE doesn’t want you to divorce – God will help you through it, He is giving you the strength to keep going and it will be beautiful – beyond what you can even imagine right now! Have you seen War Room?

      God will shower you with many blessings, throughout all the resistance you might receive through this trial in your life.

      In Jesus loving arms,

  39. I’m in! I often feel like giving up but I am challenged now to live out the word of God even when the going gets tough. Thank you for your timely devotions!

  40. Im in.Thank you for sharing i needed to hear this.Im facing eviction and must be in court October 7 at 9am.Please keep me in your prayers.Thank you again

  41. Thank you for the devotional this morning I really appreciate it. God chastens those be love and I just got a good chastening. Thank God for his word that is true always.

  42. Our Bible Study this winter is on the book of James. I’m very excited to get started. Your devotion today is a good beginning. Love GIG. Thank you

  43. I will be reading book of James. I have been having some very bad dteams about the death of my mom. I wake up in tears and with a bad headache. I hope this reading of James helps atleast a start for my dream depression. Thanks for the information you bless us with.

  44. I’m in!!! I really appreciate the encouraging words from you and the other two women of God each day. Reading your devotionals each morning gives me enough to get my day started, and when directed to read and meditate on scripture, it makes it that much stronger. Thank you so much for your time, dedication, and commitment to all the women that read Girlfriends in God. Each of you are a blessing.

  45. Amen. I will be on board reading the book of James. Praise will continually be in my mouth, through the good, bad and ugly.

  46. Thank you for this devotion. I am in. I have been going to James 3:1-12 a lot lately. There has been some trials in my home and these verses truly have helped me plus a lot of prayer. And I always start my day with Girlfriends Devotion. Thank YOU!

  47. I enjoyed reading this devotional and it is a reminder that all He does is for our good! At the moment I feel I can just take the strain one day at a time as my dear Mum went to be with the Lord a month ago after being in intensive care unit for 55 days. All our timetable and priorities have changed. And being a missionary we have to uphold others who are going through diverse problems ( marriage, addictions, etc) May the Lord keep supplying you with these helpful words for us women.

  48. I Just want to say thank you for this Morning Word And yes I will Read the Book Today Father I ask thank you will continue to Bless this Great Women of God to continue to share your word and her Experience with other Women it is help me . Thank you Be Bless .

  49. Thank you Gwen! I needed exactly these words this morning. Life is throwing so many things at me right now. The book of James is JUST what I need.

  50. Much needed reminder and another awesome message. It is amazing how God speaks to (me) others, through your words.. I will read it today. Thank you!

  51. thank you God for the trials you place in my life that humble me, draw me close to you and show me without you I am nothing. You ARE my joy, YOU are my hope, with you I have my identity and that is a loved precious child of a King.

  52. God is so amazing. He speaks to us in the right time, if we are prepared to listen.
    Lately I have been seeing the glass as half full. Last night as I was inspired by the Donnie McClurkin’s song “Stand.”Your post this morning provides further encouragement. Blessings.

  53. This is JUST what I needed to be reminded of today ! We (my family & I ) have been going thru a very frustrating time with a insurance company after my grandson totalled his truck in an accident. I love it how God always puts in front of me just what I need to hear, when I need to hear it !

  54. Thank you, as a 83 yr widower of 4 yrs with 4children 3 great GC. Oldest of 9. 59 married to a wonderful wife, chosen by God. This all rings so true, but in the end, developes Characrer and Spiritual Strength. On our married night, my wife got into bed last, switched of the light, and said, love can I share something with you before we go to sleep! The cleaner Lady, in the home she worked as a Nanny, share with her, that before going to sleep each night she and her husband,would
    Go over the day,was there anything that they needed to ask ‘forgiveness ‘ for.they would then just to that.between them say sorry,ask forgiveness, then hav a kiss and cuddle before going off to sleep. They were still together after some 27 yrs.
    Often a rather tempestuous daily routine. They were not always at one, He was
    A gardener, she was a cleaner in various homes lived in counsel housing. But had remained together because of that simple act. It too became our stay as in Christ, it never failed us.The power of the Blood has always been our bond!

  55. This just Blessed my life, I was actually thinking about divorce before reading this, but now I must I’ve discovered I’m Under a trial, and It’s to early to determine the outcome, because God is about strengthen us through resistance.

    1. Post

      Oh, Twanishia! God is so good! And so ABLE to do above and beyond what we ask for or imagine! I just prayed for you and encourage you to continue pressing through the resistance, friend. Please join me in reading the book of JAMES this week. I expect the Word will speak loudly to your heart as you move forward through your marriage trials.

      Hugs and Blessings in Christ,

  56. Thank you for comming my way Gwen. Thank you Lord for calling on me to be your child.
    Show me the way And have mercy and patience when I fail

    1. Post
  57. Gwen thank you so much for this. I feel I’ve hit a wall but gods messages through my devotions are all spot on. My dad passed away June 28 and my mom is widowed and I don’t know how to help her without feeling more pain so I detach myself by finding other things to do. I read James 1 and the last James 1:27 is a perfect example of what God is telling me to do and then I’m like really? I am constantly resisting even with my children and time spent with them and then I feel guilty for not spending the time it’s a crazy cycle and I’m stuck! I’m in such a fogg

    1. Post

      Thanks for sharing that, Trish. I’m very sorry to hear about your dad. I lost mine last December and know that fog well. I’d recommend that you give yourself some grace, but continue to press in to the presence and Word of God. He will continue to lead you, as He did this morning, through His Spirit and His Word in this time of grieving.

      Hugs and prayers,

  58. Thank you Gwen, for I also needed this word on today, God knows just what we need ladies and He always gives us just what we need. I pray God’s blessings on each of you.

  59. Thank you Gwen. I just skimmed through James. Yes there are trials. I relate so well to Tammy my physical body is not strong any more and I think I have been through some depression. God is good. Every good and perfect gift is from above. From our father of light who does not change like shifting shadows. He knows what I need. He does grow me through the pain and trials. Next step is to trust God for healing as it was confirmed yesterday that most of my health struggles are likely due to anxiety. I do agree and pray for wisdom in overcoming the sources of hurt and stress in my life. And wisdom and counsel for what to do to make myself strong again. Bless you Gwen for God’s perfect timing with his word through you.

    1. I also suffer from depression and anxiety. I had a nervous breakdown back last November and was off work for two months. I am better now but it has been a long, hard battle. I still struggle with the depression and anxiety at times. I am telling you that to say this, I may not have the same issues you’re dealing with but I do know exactly how you feel. Praying for you sister.

  60. My. Nil drew are still not believers. I’m 67. Will they never turn to God. This is a Hugh strain on me. Then there is the daughter in a very unhealthy marriage causing emotional damage to my grandchildren, my husband health issue, renters moving out, finding my place in retirement. There is so much. To say yes Jesus help me to learn through this all. I want to scream. Have you forgotten God.i know my family has choices and they have chosen at this time not to turn to God.

    1. Post

      Thanks for sharing, Fern. I’m praying for you and for your family now. I do encourage you to join me in reading through James this week! God leads our hearts so beautifully through His Word.


  61. I’m in. James seems like a really good book to read and glean the wisdom of God from. I am going to sit down and read it. And make notes. Life is so full of ups and downs. Sometimes I cry for no apparent reason. I cry out to God for the answers I seek. And sometimes I don’t get the reply I think I want. So I continue to ask for the Lord’s wisdom and guidance.

    Thank you Gwen for this wonderful article. God bless you!

  62. As always God’s timing is perfect! Thank you Gwen for being His vessel to bring me this much needed message. You couldn’t have been more spot-on with this being my trail right now. My body is physically wearing out, I feel exhausted and depression setting in….and in my heart I know there’s a reason for the pain, both physically and emotionally, but feeling too weak to keep strong. And my relationships are struggling due to this too….its a change in seasons in sure, but change is hard! I WILL come out of it, but I needed this reminder to keep trying to get out of the pit. Thank you

  63. This message was exactly what I needed today! I’ve got a challenging class this year & I often feel defeated by the end of the day. I start every day anew & try to be positive so I will take this message with me this morning as I head back to my classroom. Thank you!

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