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Fear of the Lord

Proverbs 1:7 tells us, “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.” I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to be afraid.

Case in point. I was a tween with pimples; long, lanky limbs; and an attitude the summer our family went to Ohio to visit friends of my parents who lived on a farm. I didn’t much care if these people were nice. I didn’t much care what we would eat for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner. It wasn’t the beach, and I wasn’t overly thrilled to be in Ohio for a vacation. (No offense, Ohio people.) But I had heard they had horses, and that calmed my grump a good bit because, truth be told, I was giddy to ride one.

I just knew I was born to ride! My cousin Beth had horses, but up to that point, she hadn’t had the chance to teach me the ropes. Finally I would have my chance.

The sun danced with a summer breeze the morning we journeyed past the barn out into the pasture for our horse adventure. It was beautiful. A perfect day for an eager girl to do something new and exciting.

I got a quick bit of instructions, and then I mounted the saddled creature, grabbed the reins, and ventured out into the grassy fields. All by my big-tween-girl self.

Freedom met me in the tall grass as Butterscotch and I became fast friends.

We walked. We cantered. We even galloped! I was so good at this!

And then I turned him around, back toward his owner and the barn, and Butterscotch got his run on in a fierce way.

Scared. Me. To. Death.

I didn’t know what to do. I screamed, dropped the reins, and held on to the horn of the saddle for dear life. The owner was waving her hands trying to tell me what to do, but she sounded like Charlie Brown’s teacher, and the moment was blurry mayhem.

Then when I was sure we would crash into the barn, causing me to meet Jesus way too young, Butterscotch came to a halt.

And I went inside to change my pants. (Joking.)

I was so scared that I collapsed into an ugly cry. Couldn’t even control my emotions. And on that day, one thing became crystal clear to me: I do not like to be afraid.


If I see a snake, a mouse, or a spider (generally anything with more or fewer legs than I have), chances are I’m going to run the other way screaming louder than a middle-school girl at a Taylor Swift concert. Why? Because those creatures freak me out. It’s an unsettling kind of fear. And remember? I don’t like to be afraid.

Yet the Bible says we are to fear the Lord. Come again? How does this make sense?

I’ve come to understand that the fear of the Lord is a good kind of fear; it’s a righteous fear. The best kind. When God says we are to fear Him, He’s saying we are to be in awe of Him, to revere Him as the One who dwells in unapproachable light. To recognize Him as the eternal eminence who sits on the throne of grace and lovingly welcomes us to encounter Him intimately as we worship.

I fear God when I reflect on His greatness, when I whisper, “Good job on that flower, God!” when I trace the jawline of my sleeping, whiskered man-child and give thanks to the loving Creator who created him.

I fear God by giving Him the honor, esteem, and adoration due Him. In good times and bad.

I fear God by recognizing that He is God and I am not.

I fear God by understanding that all of the power in heaven and on earth is His. And in doing so, I’m ushered into a fresh beginning. To the greatest resource of power. To a starting gate that opens wide to knowledge, wisdom, and instruction—all of which are worth far more than any understanding this world offers.

STRAIGHT UP: The world is a faction of fools who laugh at godly wisdom. It whispers venom to our souls …

“You don’t have to pay attention to God.”

“Do things your way.”

“More! You need more!”

“It’s okay to watch that raunchy movie or read that trashy novel.”

Blah. Blah. Blah…

No thank you, world. I’ve got a mad crush on my God, and I don’t need your misguided direction. The fear of the Lord leads me to wisdom in a beautifully sacred way. And that’s a fear worth running toward full force.

Dear Lord,
You are holy, and powerful, and full of grace.
Please forgive me of my independence, indifference and stubbornness that keeps me from Your best. Please lead me in wisdom, knowledge and depth today.
In Jesus’ name, amen.



How intense is your fear of the Lord? How often do you prioritize Him, honor Him, reflect on His attributes, worship in spirit and in truth, fall before Him in awe of His God-ness?

Read Psalm 112:1-4. Write out a prayer of response in your journal or write a prayer response on the wall of my blog.


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  1. I have this book. These women are yearning for the word of God. It would be an honor for you to pick 2 winners and I will gladly buy the book.

  2. I would love to read this book Gwen ❤️ I just finished Sharon’s, Take Hold of the Faith you Long For and I can’t wait to start another GiG book. Full of hope & promise! Love to my girlfriends ~ Carrie

  3. Gwen your music and your words from the throne of grace himself give me meaning, encouragement, to help me take that next step to obedience and freedom to live like God wants me too. I was part of your psalm study and your last one. I get so filled with God’s way of doing things and making right choices when I hear your music or read your books or devotionals. You see I have a special need child and days can be challenging and hard. But I know with God there not. Your words of speaking how to live right even when you don’t want to take that next step is getting easier as I trust in him. Thank you Gwen for all your service to the Lord. For uplifting me when I am down, for saying get up your not gonna fall. For walking through this journey with me knowing I have a sister in Christ who cares, understands, and wants to see me grow. I know now with God I can do all things. Thank you. Love your sister in Christ Barbara.

  4. I enjoy and am inspired by your devotionals and they often give me good “food for thought.” Blessings to you!

  5. I was led to your women’s devotional this morning. GIG showed up under the google entries. I enjoyed reading your devotion today! As you explained your experience on riding a horse, I could remember my own!! I smiled as it brought back memories of feeling fear but by also how I could have no control over certain things in my life. That God is in control(or the horse for that matter). 🙂
    I will be looking forward to more of you devotions!!


  6. I look forward each day to your insights. It’s amazing how on a particular day the reading pertains to what. I am experiencing. Looking forward to going to your conference in October in MI.

  7. It is very refreshing to read this message when it comes from the open heart of one sharing from their own raw truth of fear………….it is easy to receive knowing that you have experienced what you are sharing. Thanks for being real.

  8. I love reading GIG, it makes my mornings. My passion is reading about how I can become closer to God and His works not mine. Thank you for all you do. Good Bless!!!

  9. I just love GIG and the beautiful commentaries you have written. Our God is an Awesome God ,He reigns from Heaven above.He is a Wonder Counselor and Mighty God, Prince of Peace.He loves us deeply.I have this friend who is a fanatic Catholic and we stared talking about the volunteer work she does and she began to tell me that I should go to confession and tell the priest my sins-mortal & venial! I was in the Catholic church at one time & I recall these terms from 50 years ago.I do not tell her what to believe in and she should not tell me what to believe in.She needs to learn tolerance. I pray for her.I ask you prayers for our friendship.

  10. Thank you for sharing your heart with us through your blog. Your writing is fresh and personal inviting each person to experience your journey of faith and love with you. I look forward to reading more of your work!

  11. I love how you share your heart on the page and invite ours to come along with you in its journey. Your writing style is fresh and so personal. Thank you sharing with us your love for life and your love and respect for our Creator, God through your blog. I look forward to reading more!

  12. I DO want it all….. ALL that He has in store for me, the blessings, the valleys, the highs-the lows—- only to give HIM praise for it all. Counting it all JOY!

  13. I would so love a copy of your book, #I Want It All. Your devotional about Fear was right on. thank you for your beautiful music.

  14. Than you!! I’ve not long started to read these devotionals everyday and I love the way I’m encouraged to apply the word to my life. God bless

  15. Thank you. Tonight was the first devotion by you I’ve read and it was like talking (or rather listening) to an old friend. So thank you. Thank you for listening and following His breathtaking lead and loving each one of us through Him. I will definitely be posting on Facebook (Jennifer’s Warroom). ?

  16. Fear robs me via “what if” thoughts. My mind wants to race & pre-rehearse what to say & do if the “what if’s” happen. It helps to focus on God’s Word.
    Bringing captive every thought to the obedience of Christ Jesus.
    What time I am afraid I will trust in Thee
    God has not given us a spirit of fear & timidity but of power & love & a sound mind.

  17. Fear tries to rob me of peace with the thoughts of “what if’s” & rehearsing what to say or do it the “what if’s” happen. It helps me to repeat over & over the Word of God, such as “What time I am afraid, I will trust in Thee”, ” God has not given us a spirit of fear & timidity but of power, love & a sound mind”, “Bringing captive every thought to the obedience of Christ Jesus”

  18. Today’s scripture is one that I’ve always pondered on and couldn’t fully understand the meaning. This devotional has really cleared up my thoughts on it and I really needed that! I also would like to agree with Donna Bell that “fear is a gd thing”. And I would say so because without it there would be no boundaries. =)

  19. Dear Heavenly Father, I understand that fear of you is the beginning of knowledge. I know you love me, know me, and that I am your beloved daughter. My fear is not of what you are capable of because you are all-knowing, ever present and forever loving and nothing is impossible with you. My fear is that I let you down daily. I have committed my life to you and strive to image Christ daily. I know I was created in your image, but you also gave me free will which keeps me from staying in your perfect will. I study your Word daily, over and over. I’ve read it through beginning to end so many times but yet I still find new messages and lessons each time and some things will still be a mystery – some things I won’t understand until I meet you face to face. I disappoint you; I sin against you – yet you forgive me and forget my sins each and every time I repent. Thank you so much for sending your son to die for me; I know there is nothing I can do to repay you. But, I do know I long to hear you say ” Job Well Done.” I pray I always have the strength to never deny you and to stand up for you at each opportunity. I love you Lord and thank you for never leaving my side. The are first in my life and I will praise you all my days.

  20. I have just recently started receiving your emails, and I have to say I look forward to reading them daily. I have been a single mom for over 18 years, not that i expected to be single this long i can only believe it is God’s will. I guess my biggest fear is knowing if I am making the decisions God wants me too, and feeling as if I constantly fail and fall short. I have had many low points but then God brings me out. I thank God for you, the hope the inspiration the energy I get from you!!! THANK YOU for all that you do!!!!!!!!

  21. Thank you for sharing this. I really love all of your devotionals, but as someone who has spent most of her life living in fear, this one really inspires me. I need to learn to replace the fear I have with the right kind of fear. I pray that God will help me do just that.

  22. i fear God when i look at all the beautiful animals he made in this world. especially when I think of my pet dog. God made him for me and i for him.
    I fear God when i go to work at the preschool and i look at all the children he has made. Our God is an awesome God!

  23. Thank you Gwen for all you do for the Lord. Going with what He tells you and then it blesses so many. I have been part of the Girlfriends in God for many years now. You don’t know how many times I have prayed for answers and then the topic you chose to speak about was exactly what I had prayed about. God uses many things in my life to help me see things clearer and to know Him more intimately. God is good to all of us. Have a wonderful week.

  24. I love to read your devotions,and I find myself needing guidance.I love the Lord with all I am and want to give him my all but I just can’t seem to get it right.I have cried a ocean of tears and cry now as I type this crying to be free and to fear him.
    I need help in understanding how to die to self,how to let him have all of me.My mind gets like jello as I try to cry out to him to meet me where I am.I know I am a child of God and he loves me I just can’t understand how to fell his love.l have very little family and really no one to talk to about this I know that your very busy but if you could just pray for me and ask God to help me to find my way to him.As my heart belongs to him,thank you so much…..GOD BLESS YOU…..

  25. I do want it all although I’m a little scared about it. I would love to read your book. I’m on Social Security Disability so it would be such a blessing to win!

  26. Fear, yes, that has been a friend of mine since I experienced the earth shake and my soul felt devoured by panic and grief of what no parent ever wants nor taught their child to experiment with which turned into a full addiction of the worst kind, heroin…. It is evil, it is satan, ( I purposefully DO NOT capitalize his name) on earth, here to steal our families, our hopes, our dreams, and ultimately the souls of our children as well as ourselves. Bc when full blown addiction kicks in of this sort, your child is among the ” Walking Dead”, and you, yourself are not far behind IF you allow. Strange that I am writing this because publicly just to have a free copy of this book, lol, my faith is strong and has been renewed over and over through HIS faithfulness and many evenings of myself in the floor, begging, pleading and yet knowing HE gives us free will, which through the quiet moments with God, he always spoke these words, ” I am with YOU, through it all!! It isn’t going to be pretty, not gonna be fun for a long while, , ” Just know, I am here to carry you through this and your child and your family as long as you allow me through your believing”!!! That has been about 4 yrs ago, my child is doing great and I now have a grand daughter, they both live with me! So many miracles through free will and mistakes, only because we surrendered our will to Him. I will not sugar coat it, no, was a bumpy road, ups and downs and summersaults, many of my child’s friends have passed away as this was happening, many Mothers I have had to comfort as I struggled with my own fear that this would one day be ME that they were comforting!!! As a single mother of three for the last 18 yrs, I had finally come to the fork in the road that I had seen before many times through out my life, this one stopped me dead, in my tracks, and has for the last few years! I’m ashamed after all the blessings and wonderful things God has done through all of this, that I STILL struggle with FEAR!!
    I will explain briefly, at the time I was faced with the reality of my child’s addiction
    I was also trying to make a huge career move that I felt would bring more security for me and my now all three children facing college, I took on the challenge to finally, with a leap of faith, ( so I thought), to get my Series 7 ( license to be a financial broker and my drive was to help other women) okay… So about a month before my exam, my father was very sick, renal failure, which I requested time to be with him,then no sooner that I had just left that morning from SC to NC then NC back to SC, with my children on their way as well, God poured his Spirit over me and as I drove to be with him, the feeling of calm before the storm came over me as I had felt Gods calming spirit many times in my life when things were about to get tough, as I’m driving down to be by my fathers bedside on his death bed, he gave me the gift, ” The Peace”, to face what for so many years as a child of divorce I had feared!! I was a Daddy’s Girl, no matter what had happened between my Mother and my Father , I always FEARED he would die without me by his side, ( probably Bc he was a some what functioning alcoholic which I now know what that is)
    Daddy passed as me and my half- sister were up with him all night as my other half-sister and my step mom got some sleep. It was a Blessing in so many ways to be there, by his side, able to say good byes and the week before, able to tell him how much I cherished my 1 month out of the year that I had time with him on the river crabbing!!! In a little fishing house with no AC( frizzy hair to the hilt!!) no dishwasher ( was me and my brother) no washing machine, ( a task we did once a week at either dads girlfriends house or the laundromat) no vacuum, just a broom and mosquitos that are my sweet little NC self to the core no matter what repellant I used from Skin So Soft from Avon to the major Bug- Off sprays!!!
    So thankful I had that time and took that time !
    Had Daddy’s furneral, all my children were there then came home to NC.
    Thought that it was now time to grieve privately …
    and then the big BOOM of my child who was at college, so mind you, this child was my smart A-B student, got scholarships to college and , ” What”???
    Addicted!!?? And to “What”??? Seriously!!?? Is this a horrible joke the universe is playing on me!!?? No Way!!
    Yes Way!!!
    So I turned in my resignation after consultation with my trusted Christian Co-worker and Ex-boss, still thinking I needed someone to pinch me… This can’t be true!!
    What a ride!!! And I’m not just writing for a free copy, although it may help me get past my fears tgat still haunt me, that rob me of moving forward in any way that may enhance what God wants for me, or maybe he just wants me to ” Be Still where I am”?? Still?? Come on, I’m a single 48 yr old parent of three college students, and some of them have college loans, I will never retire on my salary!! And I do have a good job, my own home, car paid for, housing my child and grand child.. When does the break in the ceiling come, or should it, should I just be complacent and content after all we have been through?? Am I being selfish?? Is there a Higher purpose for this??
    .. The fear is to think of myself In order to improve my future as well as my families, idk, not sure…I truly have something to share to anyone that happens to read this, and I truly hope it gives someone some strength and encouragement , I am happy with all God has don’t for us and Thru us, I just have a feeling a wants me to do more and in order to do so, I have to take that fear to him in prayer.
    It is tough after Life has hit you in the belly and where it hurts the most, they you child. I do know , God can relate to my pain, but he IS GOD, so he can over come a lot easier than me, being that I am only human .( and then the question , why should I accept that mentality, he, I feel is pushing me to get over my fears , my fears of the evil in this world and to buck up and stand firm as I KNOW he will enable me, I just needs nudge as we all do as GIG, we each need the encouragement from one another and to share our experiences in order to lift one another up and over that fence of Fear!!
    God Bless you all!!
    Karen in NC!!

  27. Thank you Gwen for everything you post and share with us ladies that ministers to this girls heart! I’d be truly blessed winning a copy of your book.
    Blessings to you!!
    Denise G.

  28. I have lived in fear of not measuring up to what I saw in other women in my church and believed I could never be like them but boy did I want to!!! The power when they prayed , the wisdom when they taught a ladies class, the passion for Jesus when they spoke!! I wanted it ALL!! But I was afraid!!!! What if I failed ,what if I didn’t measure up, what if…… Then God answered my prayers and I found your book!!!!! IKNOW NOW I CAN HAVE IT ALL!!!!!

  29. What I have feared the most (losing family members & loved ones), God has used to overwhelm me this year, teaching me to depend on & trust in Him alone. Nothing or no body has the power that only God does. What I didn’t understand He made clear & your devotional clarified it. Thank you Jesus!

  30. Love the GIG team! Would love to win one of your books, and thank you for being such a wonderful inspiration to so many! More than once your posts have lifted my spirits by reminding me Who I belong to. God bless!

  31. I am excited about your book and would love to win it! I enjoy your music and the Girlfriends In God devotions. Thank you! Heather

  32. Hi Gwen!! I’m from Chile, I follow GIG devotionals everyday, you all have been a blessing for my life!!
    God has been teaching me to acknowledge Him in every moment, good and bad, and not only bad, and it has been wonderful. I love that He cares so much of every one of us that wants us to be perfect for Him and takes the time to teach us every day. He love us so much. We must never forget that. HE REALLY CARES! 🙂


  33. I love your Girlfriends in God daily devotions. I truly feel the Lord speaking to me through your words & the daily bible readings.
    Thank you for this blessing.
    God bless ❤️

  34. I enjoyed your story and would love to win a copy of your book. I’m learning more and more each day to trust the Lord and not to be afraid, to fully trust in Him and to know He has everything under control. You see I’m a worrier and with His help I’ve come a long way. I had never lived by myself until my ex husband walked out on my son and I, Isaac was 2 at the time and I was a stay at home Mom. God led me to a job and has always provided for us.My son will soon be 21 now and he knows God has always been there for us. My favorite Psalm is Psalm 37. I’m trusting Jesus and fearing, respecting and honoring Him more and more .

  35. We have all feared something in life but to know that God is with us and we don’t have to be afraid, and to know that prefect love cast out fear. But to fear God and know that this will not put me in distress but it wonderful because I reverse him because of who he is; all knowing, all seeing, all powerful, forgiving, loving, and merciful is who he is to me and so much more.

    1. Amen!
      Psalm 100:3
      “3 Know that the LORD is God.
      It is He Who made us, and we are His; we are
      His people, the sheep of His pasture.”
      Rev. 3:20 “20 “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with Me.””

  36. I have followed your GIG devotions for a couple of years. Thank you for sharing the wisdom that God has given you throughout your day by day walk and dependence on the Lord Jesus Christ. This new book I’m sure is amazing and exciting. This is the first comment I’ve ever posted here. Blessings!

  37. Enjoyed reading this today. Whenever I see your name I think Irwin! How I loved riding my bike all over. I stand in awe of our great God. Thanks.

  38. Ive been reading your devotionals since my girlfriend danielle gore encouraged me to do so- about a month before she tragically died at a young 31 years old- danielle was faithful in her relationship with god and the amount of time she spent in scripture and prayer and journaling with daily devotion and desire to be closer to her Savior. She was a role model and a true inspiration to all who came into her path!
    I am not near as disciplined and devoted as my girlfriend wAs, but i do read everyday and if i dont i go back- i always wrote down whT it is i am supposed to do as siggested by the daily devotional but i seldom carry the actions out- may e reading. This book would help me let go of what it is standing iny way of my mond and my hurdles would no longer stop me from leaping out if faith into my own relationship with God that i so think i have yet never dive deep and apply to myself and my actions.
    Again , thank you for spelling it out i. Your devotionals each morning so women like me can be touched- thanks all of you!

  39. Gwen, I continue to be a huge fan (like so many others) of your books, music, and blogs/devotionals! You are an inspiration to many of us! Thanks for the chance to win your book! 🙂

  40. Thank you so much for clarify that verse. I love that to fear god is to be humbled and thankful for all that he does for us. I was recently baptized and my profession of faith is that I now believe that Jesus is my lord and savior and his father is a loving God that I can now approach through Jesus. Jesus made it possible by dying and rising to forgive me of my sin and open communication with God the father. Thank you for your ministry.

  41. Thank you for your humor and genuine honesty. I enjoy reading your devotionals. I can usually tell when the devotional is written by you because of your writing style. It’s very conversational and I can relate to your expressions. Every time I read the title of your book, ‘I Want it All’ I hear the Warren G song of the same title. Yes, it’s a secular rap song. I’m not saying it’s a whole some song by any means however the chorus is what comes to my mind. He says, ‘remember what you told yourself, I want it all.’ God has been telling me to encourage myself. Like David did when no one else would. God promises abundant living (not in possessions) but in all aspects of life. God does not wish for lack in our lives. He desires for heaven to come to earth! He is a good father who does not withhold good from those who love him. Thank you for your words if encouragement.

  42. Thank you so much for GIG devotionals !!! I’ve passed them on to so many other women – fear is such an enemy of mine & am learning to speak scripture against the enemy of our lives in Jesus’s name !!! It is so refreshing when I read your blog to know I’m not the only one dealing with fear & anxiety!!! God has been giving me such insight in these struggles & stop trying to complicate the answer for help – IT’S HIS LOVE & WORD!!!!! I would love to read your book!!!

  43. Gwen, thank you for this devotional. I so look forward to my daily reading from all of my Girlfriends in God! ??? Is it wrong that I send these to my husband quite often when I feel he needs some encouragement?! He really appreciates the devo’s too. We won’t tell him it’s coming from the GIG’s! ?
    Thank you for listening for God’s voice and then sharing with us!

  44. I have enjoyed being a part of Gwen’s Street Team and have convinced several friends to purchase this book! I ordered a copy and gave to a woman at church, and I can’t wait to see how the Holy Spirit works in her life through Gwen’s stories and Bible teaching!

  45. I really liked reading this post from today. I never really knew what it meant to fear the Lord until today. I thought it just meant to be watchful that he might come anyday. Your writing took it to another level for me and I am very thankful for that. I want to fear God. I want to be waiting for him. I want to change my ways. I can do all of this by prayer and continuing to read his word (and of course staying on top of my GIG readings). Thank you!

  46. I pray that God will fill me with the reverence and fear of a Godly person. That I will fear consequence enough to question an action before doing it.

  47. What grace we have received through Jesus’ death and Resurrection! The Holy Spirit is with us to look toward worshipping God instead of focusing on all in this world that paralyzes us with fear. Praise God! I too, continue to desire to learn to trust more so that I feel His presence.

  48. I do fear the Lord, but I am not always walking in God’s Will. I love the Lord and I just want to walk in God’s Will. I want to be used by God to be ALL that He called me to be. It might not be where I want to go or do, but God’s Plans are always best for my life.

  49. I love spending my mornings with God and GIG devotionals every morning! I have grown in my faith and in my knowledge of the Scripture. I want more! I WANT IT ALL!

  50. I want it all, even though I am scared of what that means.
    But the freedom of riding not driving the car excites me.

  51. Dear God,
    I really don’t give you enough credit. You do so much for me and so often I’m thinking the exact opposite. If I we’re to count my blessings they would number the stars. Thank you for caring for, loving, & creating me. You are not my Father because you have to be but because you want to be. Thanks for everything!

    Your daughter,

  52. I am very scared of God! I have lived a very spiritually confusing life. My parents bounced from one religion to another and I never understood any of it. I did walk away knowing that God loves me no matter what the church looks like, smells like or feels like. God = love. As I get older and become aware of myself and my life choices I become more aware that God has carried me through all the good, bad and horrific situations that I faced. I am still learning to be a spiritual, loving woman and I am not perfect. I know that I love God and will always love him. He is amazing!

  53. The fear of tgw Lord is my strength.For I know I don’t know what is best for me. I don’t know where to go what to do but Jesus knows.In this I trust that with wvery decison every direction he orders my step s and fill me with this Holy Spirit that instructs guides and convicts the self that is at war with his holiness I revere praise and trust that his onpoisence to guide me.I am nothing but clay on the potter’s wheel of live.I thank him daily because he thought I was worth saving so he sacrificed his life so I could be free to trust and believe in his sacrifice that I am his and he is mine.I have no battles to fight because on the cross when he stated IT Is Finished He meant THE Victory is Mine over every dominion that involves my life. Husband children loved ones and area where Satan assumes to roar.I have victory so I walk in my blessed hope knowing that because he lives I can face tomorow with joy peace and blessed assurance that he wants the very best for me.Thank you Lord .I praise you because you are worthy of praise.

  54. Love reading your devotionals!!! I’m always so sad when it’s the weekend and there are no devotionals to help me start my day with that ever important cup of coffee. (Moms with two kids under 3 understand that important first cup of coffee ?)
    Would love to win your book!!

  55. Thanks so much for reaching out to others like me. I want you to know it helps in tremendous ways. You speak to my soul so many times. I so desperately want less of me and more of Him! I’m pretty much sad most of the time. My marriage is falling apart and I’m trying to keep it together. I long to feel God’s love . I know it’s not an accident that I’m here reading your posts , thanks from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate all you post, you are loved!!

  56. Ohhhh Gwen you’ve done it again! What a beautiful devotional, it surely keeps me grounded, once again!
    I almost passed this one up, thinking I don’t have fears! Haaaaa!!!
    Then I saw it, the horse part!
    I too had an experience so similar to your adventure in Ohio, that I needed to read the rest of your story.
    Then the story turns to God and His need for our reverential fear and you drew me right into the story!
    Thank you for this timely and beautiful reminder Gwen, my knees are shaking and I’m falling down in awe of His Power!
    I tooooo have a God crush!!!

    Be blessed Gwen and know you are making a difference for God, in the world, one person at a time!

    TaTa for now, your book friend,

  57. Horses… check, I love riding them on vacations. Just bought a horse picture for our fireplace(check it out on my FB Easter post)! Fear…check, even though I’m very outgoing and most people would never know, been fighting anxiety, fear, and depression off and on all my life(it’s in our family genetic make-up) but God’s got this and we’re nipping in the bud before the next generation of our family has to deal with it! Healthy fear of the Lord…check, been chasing after God’s heart for 5 years, journaling for 2, and I know He wants me to share my story, His story, and I have given my testimony to our HS Ministry at church…that was amazing! Goals for His glory…check, I know He wants me to start a Mentoring Ministry(even met with 3 minsters), start a Christian Motivational Blog(set it up already but nothing entered), become a speaker and a writer for Him….all these things I hear Him speaking to me bc He has gifted me with so much to carry out His will for His glory….but then FEAR sets in or life happens. Where do I start? What if I fail again? I need to be here for my husband, kids and Mom right now who had a bad fall! I’m scared of such a HUGE commitment! But God’s been tugging on my heart for years…taking baby steps to obey but I need to take bold, giant leaps because He’s worth it. Please Lord hear my cry as I surrender my All to you over and over again…I am here waiting on your instruction. I Want it All….complete joy and rest in doing your will

    1. We know that God is the Author and Finisher of our Faith, and that God can do all things but “Fail”..,. I learned a long time ago that we shouldn’t fear man, God is the only one we should fear….

      It’s so ironic how we found ourselves fearing things of the world and not the one the created us, the one that can count every strain on hair on our head… Who do you know that is able to do that? Yes that’s right no one but God and God alone…..

      When we remember who God really is and what he’s done for us so that we could have eternal life. How he gives us chance after chance to get it right, and some of use still fear men and not God…..

      Just remember when it’s all said and done who will speak the final words that will allow you to enter into “Heaven”?… “God” or Man your choice, So if u don’t fear God it’s high time that you start now………..

      1. Thank you sweet Karen…I need strong encouragement like that to get some holy fire under me to just go and let go of all the fear from the enemy! I appreciate your genuine and real reply in ushering me(or anyone on) to fulfill His will for me; something that the world could never offer:)

  58. Thank you for your daily devos. As someone who spent years in full time ministry and now is suffering from panic attacks, I know all about fear! How paralizing it is and how it prevents you from doing God’s will. However, fear of The Lord is so much different! The main problem is getting this head knowledge to our hearts and truly living it! Thank you for addressing this topic in your book!

  59. thank you for this devotional today. So thankful to have these good reminders of how fear with the Lord is a good thing and it’s all for His glory and our good. I don’t want to miss out on any blessing He has for me.
    Have a great day.?

  60. Every time I read one of your devotions I am brought to tears because of my fear (up-most respect) of the Lord. He is a kind, gracious, loving, and faithful God!!

  61. It’s amazing because I was literally sharing about the “fear of the Lord” with a new friend who came to my college fellowship yesterday! It’s just incredible how God caused the GiG devotional to be about the “fear of the Lord” today! Also, I want to stop living a life in this disillusionment and apathy to God, I used to be in utter awe of Him and used to love His presence in my life, I am asking for God to reveal Himself afresh to me again!

  62. This is the prayer I’ve written for myself for this year.

    Dearest Lord,

    Thank You for the many gifts, the countless blessings You’ve given me. Thank you for inspiring me to rise above my base nature by giving me the opportunity to serve.

    I beg You to heal my brokeness so I can be useful to others and a good steward of the lessons You’re teaching me.

    Show me, Father God, the wisdom in Your Word and the skill to share it.

    Help me, Gentle Jesus, to have the will to be less self-centered, to study more, and to develop a kinder heart .

    Teach me, Holy Spirit, the way to recognize those in need of a gentle word or helpful deed.

    Give me, Lord, a true compassion for others.

    I ask especially for persistence, and Your help not to mess up.

    As with all things, Your will, in Your time be done.


  63. I enjoy reading your devotionals especially this one today. Your devotional today reminded me of growing up with the confusion of being told to fear the Lord. I am anxious to read your book.

  64. Loved this devotional… Laughed out loud at the image of your ride back to the barn, but only because I’ve been there. Loved the message that fearing God is a different kind of fear, a good thing.

  65. Thank you God for your guidance, blessings, and companionship. You are my compass and I know that with you by my side the darkness is only a prayer away from extinction in your will, way, and timing. I love you God!

  66. I’ve spent the majority of my life in fear. Fear of my secret sins being hurtful to those I love…. Finally, because of people
    He has put in my path….I am being set free because of knowledge and understanding and wisdom and guidance….

  67. I would love to win your book of ( I want it all ) if it I God’s will. I don’t care about riches and gold. I just want more of Jesus.

  68. I love to win free stuff. Especially into a reading books about my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Thanks for your dedication to the Lord and your daily devotional.

  69. I awake each morning and read my Girlfriends in God. Your inspiration helps me to lean more on God and let Him chose my way….. Not me. He is my life and I always want to grow closer to Him. God bless you in your ministry as we go through this journey together.

  70. In Your Word Lord I am taught Your fear, in obedience to Your commandments find Your blessings here. Blessing for the future to come and blessing for now, for in Your graciousness, compassion and righteousness by obedience unto thee,all to me doth abound.
    I worship and praise You for You alone Yahweh are God and worthy of all praise, honor, glory and power both now and forevermore.

  71. I look forward to reading the GiG devotion every day! I love how each one of you uses personal stories to demonstrate how God works in our lives today. Thank you for being open and transparent. God Bless you!

  72. Pick Me:):)
    Studying and Praying for God’s Direction in Life.
    Learning More about how to overcome fear with God!!!

  73. It is the fear of the Lord that motivates me to do more for Him; to be bold as a witness to His love. However boldness must always be tempered with love and mercy.

    Thank you Lord Jesus, I love you. Amen

  74. Dear woman of God: how he is using you for His Glory! We are so blessed by your and the other GIG in our lives! My heart broke when I read Erica McKinney Hoyle’s story.
    Our God is a Great Big God and continually being encouraged in our daily walks by obedient folks like yourselves and others bring us to our knees for Him. Thank you Lord for what you are doing, what you will do and where you will take us no matter what. yes, we have hard days and maybe more than just days but you WILL bring us through. May His Grace continually abound and may His face shine upon you and all these woman who as we all do, need you! We have just come through Easter the most important moment in history for us all as we can be free in Him! Hallelujah! God Bless each of you abundantly and Give Him the Glory through the storms of life til we see His face. Continue to give us forgiving hearts Lord!

  75. Your website gets me into God’s Word, dissecting and making it personally applicable to me. Thank you so much for your inspiration!

    Dear God, true blessings come from fear of you. An “in awe” reverence that finds pure joy, peace and full-fill-me- up Lord contentment. This comes only from your commands and personal instructions for me. As your child you will make me mighty in the fields where you placed me. As you bring me into your righteousness, my children will be blessed. Your priceless wealth and riches that cannot be bought will be in my house and your righteousness endures for eternity. Even when the going gets tough, the beauty of your dawning light guide my path. Fill me up with your grace, compassion and righteousness so it may spill over onto my family, friends and loved ones. Thank you Jesus.

  76. Fear can be a very scary feeling. God does not give us that feeling. The enemy uses fear as a weapon to keep us from doing God’s will in our lives. We have to remember that God is more powerful and we can choose not to feel afraid.

    I went through a period in my life where I felt extreme fear and anxiety that something was going to happen to me after I was in the hospital for a few days with my heart racing. It was so bad that when I got home, I was scared to stay by myself, scared to drive, and just scared of everything. I was so afraid that something bad was going to happen to me and I thought what would happen to my children. I wanted to continue being their mom and continue being a wife to my husband.
    I can tell you though, that during that time, I drew closer to God and He showed me His love for me. He taught me a lot about fear and anxiety during that time. He helped me overcome those feelings of fear and anxiety.
    I want to solely live for the Lord and His will for my life. I am seeking that in my life now. I want it all!!!!

  77. Loved this devotion. Fear as awe and reverence for my great and perfect God is so much better than the nasty, evil fear produced by the enemy and the world.

  78. I am the secretary of a small country church and we gets lots of devotionals mailed or emailed to us but I must admit GiG is my favorite. An older lady in our congregation often spoke about the devotional of the day she had just read and the more I heard the more I wanted to see it for myself. Yours is the first email I open when I get to work in the morning. Keep up the good work ladies!!!

  79. I’m not fond of fear either and share your fear of the creepy crawly things our good Lord made. On more than one occasion I have asked Him why!

    You are always encouraging and make me think, yet in a not too heavy way. Hoping to win the book!

    Blessings to you and yours,


  80. Fear can be such an ugly thing. And can make us do horrible things. I have made some really poor decisions in my life based on fear of the unknown. But when I fear God, revere Him and put Him first, some of the very best thoughts, decisions and outcomes occur!

    Thank you for sharing your heart, Gwen!

  81. I wonder why I was so blessed to find your site? God is wonderful. Your posts help me draw closer to God in every way. Thank you

  82. I read GIG devotional daily and am encouraged and have had the opportunity to encourage others going through the same situations you share! Truly I have been blessed and thank the Lord for GIG!
    God bless you!

    I truthfully Want it All!!

  83. This year I turned 40. And I realized I’ve been living my life in fear. Afraid of everything!!! I’m learning to trust GOD more and more everyday. It’s only in having the right kind of fear of HIM am I understanding HE has my back!!! Thanks for all the sound wisdom you and the other GIGs share!!!! Love you all!!!!

  84. I lost my husband 3 years ago. I have so many struggles. I have read all your books. I know cause I keep coming back to this one that God wants me to read this but I am fighting against everything right now. If God wants me to read this…he will send it to me.

  85. To be in fear(or awe) OF Him, but not to be in fear FROM Him. He wil take care of my needs. I must trust in this. Thank you for this perspective.

  86. Thank you for this reminder! I’m a 56 year old women who has led bible study for over 26 years and am sitting here wondering if I’ve ever really disciplined myself to recognize a heathy fear of the Lord. I will take time this morning reflecting on my level of fear for my awesome, wonderful, almighty God. Can’t wait!!
    Blessings to you and your team. And thank you for allowing God to speak through you in this devotional web reading.

  87. Thank you for your devotions they touch my heart and have helped me on my path to grow to be closer to God! You make them so down to earth that I can relate to them ! Loved today’s theme, have horses so I can put this in perspective of fear in other parts of my life. Already downloaded the free chapter of I want it all ,loved it would be great to win the rest! God bless you and all who come hear to study and grow closer to God!!!

  88. God bless you, Gwen, and thank you for all of the wonderful devotions that you and all of the Girlfriends in God provide!

  89. I want all that God has for me and my family but at times I fail to rest in him no matter the circumstances. I believe that wanting it all requires action on our part, we can’t just want and not do the work to receive. I believe that having faith that God is real and all powerful is the first step and the second step is fearing the Lord. The fear of the Lord will allow us to humble ourselves and position ourselves to receive all God has for us. I would love to have a copy of Gwen’s new book to learn more about this message and to share with others.

  90. I often forget to fear Him the way i should daily, moment by moment. So I thank you so much for this great reminder of fearing God and turn from worldly ways. I pray that God will continue to provide His wisdom and knowledge as I fear Him!

    Thank you for this opportunity to win your new book! How fun! Hope I get a copy! 🙂 God bless!!

  91. Thank you so much for the daily devotions. I look forward to seeing a new perspective on old, familiar truth each day. What a bless in!

  92. This devotion really hit me today! Just what I needed to hear. Thank you for bringing Jesus closer to me today.
    I would love to read your book and get fed some more.

    Thank you

  93. It took me a lot of years to recognize just what the “fear” was. But once I did, my respect grew, and my knowledge has so greatly increased in the area of learning the facets of God. And you know what? I am still learning and discovering new things about Him! I would love a chance to win a copy of your new book, because I so enjoy reading the devotions that get posted everyday. In light of the title of your book, I could say, “yes! I want it all! All the knowledge and discoveries yet to be learned about our creator!” Thank you for sharing ~ it is well appreciated here!

  94. ☺️WOW! Gwen, what a powerful word this morning that satuated my spirit with joy & confirmation that God is ALWAYS present. Where do I begin… I lost my job at year-end, and started working for Self. I reside in the most expensive place in the world…NYC in Manhattan. Now living off of unemployment, God has allowed me to not be fearful because He has my back. Just yesterday, I started feeling the walls closing in…the launch of my LovinSelf website was delayed again. ALL creditors want to get paid & my mortgage is due. But God had an answer, solved two of my concerns (I detest the word “problem”), and about to solve more. I was dumbfounded, flabbergasted, and in complete AWW of His Grace, Love and commitment to me. I praise Him and am HUMBLY Grateful for His enduring Love & devotion to His children!!! <3 <3 <3

  95. Thank you – I have experienced the fear of God over the past 9 years and I’m still learning more each day. If it was not for God I really do not know where I would be today. He is awesome and I know that He is in control of my future and my families future.
    How I thank God for the richness of my mothers prayers, wisdom, love and guidance as I was growing up. I miss my mum so very much but knowing that she is with her Heavenly father dancing, singing and rejoicing is comforting.
    God Bless

  96. Thank you for sharing your devotions, your stories are inspiring. I would love to win a copy of “I Want it All”. Thanks in advance!

  97. I have been using the Girl Friends In God devotionals for over a year now and would like to also read your new book.

  98. To Meg in the comment above, you inspire me as well with your reflections on your situation and your words, “relax in Him.” I am praying for you in your health and challenging situation. If wanting it all means understanding the power of Him in my life in fear, in searching, in sorrow, in all things, I long for understanding and ask for us all to learn his protection and love and fall into that.

  99. I have struggled with fear since I was old enough to know what it was. It’s a daily choice to honor And trust Him or stay in my prison of fear. I’m learning to run to God for comfort, love, security and acceptance instead of running to wells that never satisfy. Thank you so much for your honesty and being transparent!

    Before I got married you and I had the same name but spelled differently. My name was Gwynne Smith.

    Amazing! Thank you for your heart and desire to teach us about fearing the Lord. Only then can we see fear for what it is. And we can take our Lord by the hand and ask Him to walk us thru it.

    Gwynne Nation

  100. My surrending to God has been a long path, and a continuing path…as soon as I think I have completed the journey to be comfortable where I am with God,,,, he wants me to give Him more. and that’s okay because I know he loves me and wants me to have the best He can give me. I also “fear” God, because I know God’s way is the right way. Each day when I awake, I attempt to put on the full armor of God about me. Sometimes it may slip off and I have to fix it a little, but I know I am still protected. Thanks for sharing your love with all. Peace & Blessings, Sandy 🙂

  101. Thank you so much for this insight on fear. I deal with fear on a daily basis in several areas of my life. It is encouraging to think of the fear of God from such a positive perspective!

    1. Your devotionals have been a real God sent for me since they were introduced to me just a few months ago. God has been using me to mentor a woman through childhood sexual abuse. Your devotionals are very timely -God sightings. I would appreciate your book to walk through with my friend/”sister “. Thank you for your honesty and vulnerability, your ministry!

  102. You are such an inspiration and encouragement with your words and songs…thank you for sharing your time, talent and treasures so that I may be more equiped to seek and know our Savior and Friend. I Eant It All and even more importantly I need it all❣All if Him❤️?

  103. To be in awe of God, to resist the devil and His ‘sneaky’ ways, to stand in reverence and follow. To humbly surrender, to trust in ALL ways ~ to accept His love, grace, mercy, forgiveness ~ I want it all! thank you ~ God bless you ~

  104. Thank yor for sharing your lovely devotions. I had the same experience riding a horse. I was a kid and still remember it vividly, even remembering that the horses name was Red.
    I have another treasure in the line “I fear God by recognizing that He is God and I am not.” Such simple words filled with wisdom.
    God Bless! Jesus is risen! He is risen indeed!

  105. Gwen, I love being challenged by your devotions and it’s nice God’s kingdom reaches around the globe. I am in New Zealand and would love the opportunity to win your book. God bless your service to Him.

  106. Thank you for the GiG! I found you a few months ago when I was having a really tough time in life; these daily inspirations, prayer, an amazing pastor and TheJoyFM have helped me more than anyone will ever know! Thank you and God bless!

  107. Gwen, Thank you so much for this. I just finished writing a letter to a dear friend and I want to share w/ you what I said, what I’ve been dealing with and learning:
    “I admire your passion and bravery at being at the bedside of those who are dying. But it is your gift to comfort others. Just another thing I love about you. Sometimes I find myself thinking (and even telling God), oh, if only I were well, I’d do such and such. As if telling Him if He’d just heal me, I’d change the world!!! lol But I am called, at this time at least, to push through with His help, to rely on Him fully, and to be thankful and joyful even in pain – that too is a ministry and one that I do not take on lightly, but knowing full well I cannot do it without Him. I have not yet learned to thank Him for the illnesses, though, which is why I’m studying trust/faith. I want to be thankful for my life no matter my circumstances. He’s shown me where I fall short (comparing myself with people my age who are healthy, for instance; being jealous of others; feeling the need to blame someone, even myself or God; complaining – to name a few). There are so many others out there who have it way worse because of illness, war, injustice, starving… you know the list goes on and on. I do not need to wallow or throw myself a pity party in my suffering, but give it to Him and trust that He is taking care of me. I need to learn to relax in Him.”
    I share this because I see now that I’m not fearing God as I should and when I truly reflect on that, it kind of blows my mind! He really is all powerful, all knowing, and all good. Spending time thinking on that and remembering all He has done for me… idk how to put it into words, really. He’s just so awesome! So thanks again for this eye opening tale. Love, peace and joy to you!

  108. Fear of God was the topic in my inbox this morning. (an Ohio blogger/author) posted April’s scripture reading plan and the topic is fear- Then your devotional topic and another verse that cam in an email- hmmmm?! Thanks for sparking further and deeper reading/thinking on this topic- My fears tend to stem from uncertainty- the unknown. Trusting and fearing God- more thinking and praying needed on this- thanks! Love reading your thoughts!

  109. This devotion touched me, I suffer from fear and anxiety. I cling daily to these words “For God hath not given ME a spirit of fear, but of POWER, love and a sound mind”. Would love to read the entire book. Thank you for the opportunity.

  110. This was an inspiring and encouraging devotional. Would like to read more. Thanks for using what you have to be such a blessing.

  111. Would love a copy of this book because this is where I am in my life I want it all, all that he has to offer me and nothing less!!

  112. Thank you for clarifying ‘fear of the Lord.’ You have such a great way of explaining things! I would love to win a giveaway of your book! 🙂

  113. Thank you for the encouraging devotions. I would love to have a book. I think it would be great to share with the ladies of the Bible study I teach.

  114. I would love to win this book! Fear is mentioned many times in the bible and doesn’t always apply to that “girl screaming” fear of snakes…. but to awe, which I’m slow and took me a while to realize that. 🙂 Psalm 139:14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made: your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

  115. What a beautiful devotional Gwen. Many times, I let fear of material things hold me back rather than fear God who gives knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

    Thanks for the opportunity of winning your new book too!

    God bless,

    Fiona Kalu

  116. Thank you so much for this devotion. I struggled with fearing God. Your explanation was excellent and has given me a clearer understanding of what it means to fear our loving God. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy of your new book. 🙂

  117. Thank you for your gift of your daily devotionals that start the day in His direction, they are truly a blessing for my busy life!

  118. Our Lord is an almighty God. Who holds my hand as a child and guides me through out my day. I thank him for
    Providing wisdom thru your devotionals.

  119. I love reading your devotions every morning. It seems everyday, they are just what I need and going through in my daily life. Thank you for the chance to win this book!

  120. Thank you for your honesty and transparency. Your devotion was a blessing to me, and caused me to really reflect on the goodness of God!!

  121. I absolutely love waking up in the morning and finding my email box has a new message about my God and his love for us. Thank you for what you do….

  122. Thank you for your honesty. I appreciate the fact that you didn’t want to be there at the farm. Nevertheless if we look for wisdom it is definitely found there. God’s beauty and glory are all over the place.
    Wisdom is something I seek. Proverbs 8 tells that Lady Wisdom was created before Earth was formed. She is the witness to His power. She makes me understand that God is reachable but not to be made light of. He said I can have it all. I want it all! All of His promises are yes and amen. I want to live there forever.

  123. Truly our God is an awesome God. Your devotions always speak to my heart. Thanks so much. I would love to have your book.

  124. Dear Jesus:
    Thank you for putting me on the right road now. Now I have the confidence that I needed to face fear that I was going on before.Thank you for your guiding hand to show me that I was on the wrong road. Now I have you guidance to pick me up whenI get to the spot that I feel is fear and not knowing where to turn. AMen

  125. I do want it All! I am trying to do all the right things but the devil comes at me so hard & tells me I am not worth it or puts evil thoughts in my mind!

  126. I just wanted to let you know that your enthusiasm and love for the Lord is contagious. I have been struggling through life for so many years and long for peace. I want to have a more intimate relationship with my Lord because I know that is where true peace and rest come from. Would love to have a copy of your new book in that endeavor.

  127. I wish I could write a prayer of response to psalm 112:1-4 but I can’t, don’t know how to write it or what to say. I don’t know how to pray.

  128. Reverence to the Lord is education in itself. As children of the Most High God, we need to revere Him in our daily living. Fear no man but God.

  129. I am tired of my average life and would love to exchange it for a deeper faith, greater power and more impact.

  130. I NEED always to remember God is God and I am not!!!! I am in awe of our God, and I trust and obey (for that is the only way) (sounds familiar, but true). Thank you God for all you do-and I praise and honor You.

  131. I walk in awe of Gods’ way of loving us, making time for us and in his sacrifice of giving his son’s life for us. I pray every day in how to understand God’s will for my life. I’m 54 years old. Living with my 94 year old step dad. I pray, but not always read his word . I’ve suffered with depression since I was 17. I have made pour choices of men in my life. Now I am without and have a son, that is 31 and chose to be out of my life. I know God is not one to punish us for our sins , but I sometimes wonder, that I’ve been put in position without a man , and job and an estranged son for a reason. God wants my full attention for sure.

    The gift of your messages and blog are new to me and am enjoying the readings . Please pray for me and advise me in anyway possible .

    In him,

  132. This message reminded me when I was younger I had a deathly fear of snakes and large dogs. I can not tell you why because just the sight of them on a picture would make me freeze. However, as I got older I tried to understand where did this fear begin. I think so many people are like this they fear things that are unforseen. However, I wanted to get beyond this fear. I begin to work to get over that fear by pushing myself to understand why did I fear these animals so much. I can say today my source of Fear is God but in a good way because I know through every experience I have went through he loves me unconditionally and wants me to grow and learn through listening ultimately to his will.

  133. I am intrigued by this title. In this world of consumerism, I too get sucked in and could use some good Godly advice. I lead a small group and think this book would help us all!

  134. I have been going through the motions, afraid to lift my head up in a difficult time in my life. I have forgotten how to dream, have long-term goals -THAT’S NOT the kind of existence my God wants for me! I would love to win a copy of this book, to nudge me toward God’s best. Thanks for the opportunity!

  135. Thank you for your kind words, encouragement and sharing personal stories of faith. Bless you and your family Gwen. Your sister in Christ-Casie Kolenda 🙂

  136. What a great article about fearing the Lord! I love your writing style! Easy to read, yet piercing to the soul!

  137. I want it all, because anything remotely associated with God is a help to my life. My 22 yr old daughter was killed in 2010, and was pregnant, I’m raising her now 11 yr old daughter, whose becoming quite a nice young lady, my mother was diagnosed with breastfeeding cancer 6 months after my daughter died and is now cancer free, she’s 87 now, the guy that killed my daughter was killed in a similar way just last month, after only serving 4 yrs for her murder, all this after losing my job after 13 yrs with a financial institution in the city I used to love so much. Flint, Mi, and now the water (free commodity ) is poisoned here in Flint! And to top it off I’m a Crowns disease survivor. I need it all, anything that can, will help ease my mind!

  138. Oh Lord we come to you in the precious and almighty name of Jesus, we come before you with all reference to give you glory and thanks. We come before you to say thank you for the most precious gift you have given, to thank you for your precious son who you sent to save us, we thank oh God for pouring yourself out to us and being everything we need.

    We thank you ok God for being our provider, we thank you that no matter what our bank account looks like, no matter our job status, you oh God always make a way for us to have everything we need and more from the clothes we wear, the bed we sleep in and the food we eat.

    We thank you Lord that in our weakness you are our strength in all things, on our own we cannot walk away from the temptations of the world but with your strength Lord we can turn our back on all that is not of your will, with your strength oh Lord we can take the next step no matter how painful or hard it may seem we know oh God that you will hold us up.

    We thank you Jesus for your comfort and peace that you give us even when the storm is raging all around us, even when our hearts ache we can find comfort in you, even in the depths of the valley you are with us.

    We thank you oh Lord for being our Saviour, for taking us from our miserable existence in the darkest pits and placing us in heavenly realms, for shining light into places of our souls that had never seen light, we thank you for breathing your breath of life into us so we could not merely exist but live the way you intended us to.

    We thank you King of Kings for being our Victory, we thank you that no matter what battle is raging around us and against us you oh God are commanding the army fighting for us, we know that although the enemy line may seem stronger they are always disadvantaged for you oh God know the plans and strategy of every battle even before it starts and you have hand picked and prepared every soldier with everything they need to bring down the enemy in every battle.

    We thank you oh Lord for being our healer, we thank you that you are the cure for every disease, the restorer of every broken bone, shattered heart and chaotic mind.

    We thank you oh Lord for being our Father, for placing us where we need to be, for guiding us, teaching us, we thank you Oh Lord for loving us, for never rejecting us even when we have rejected you, your Love oh Lord surpasses all Love.

    We thank you oh Lord for being everything we need, in every situation, for giving us the beautiful gift of your most precious son, for giving us your all.

    we thank you oh Jesus for coming down from heaven above to be born among man, walk among man and die at the hands of man so that man could have everlasting life.

  139. I loved this devotional . All my life I felt as the fear of the Lord was actually that to fear him. I was like how can fear and live mix . The older I get I am reminded about the reverent fear of the Lord . I am so thankful for his love and grace. The more u learn about how much he loves me , makes me love him more . He is a Good good Father . Full of love , mercy and grace. Lord help me be like you the rest of my days . Help me love unconditionally . Help me live my last days showing others how much you love them. Jesus thank you the cross was enough for my sin. Help me show you how much I love you by living for you . Help me want ALL of what you have for me and not this worlds all . Thank you Lord for your continuall pursuit on me . In Jeus name I pray . Amen

  140. I start each new work day with a shower, a coffee, a computer and the GIGs. I am so thankful for your honest and challenging posts that help me live out my Christian walk. I would love to have a copy of your new book “All I Want” to read and to share with a certain person who is struggling with letting go and letting God change her struggles into victories.
    I will continue to pray for your ministry.
    Gratefully yours, Diane

  141. I am working on some personal issues that have been affecting me for years. I think this book would really help me to understand who God is, in strength, that He may usher me through this and lead me to the other side.

  142. The joy of the Lord is my strength. His perfect love casts out all ungodly fear. To revere Him and worship Him in respect is to fear Him with Godly fear which is a healthy fear.

  143. As I sat on the crowded airport floor waiting to board a plane to South Africa I shared with my husband Psalm 91….. I was in awe that many of my fears God was addressing with me in a very personal way. Really God, snakes and scorpions, and evil, and protection of my dwelling… Wow the shadow of the most high, I’m hidden. The arrow by day and the pestilence that lays waste at noon. My inner being was being nurtured as He comforted my mind and addressed my fears. Selah! Soon I would understand that He would save me from the spitting Eyptian cobra coiled feet from my face, that got close enough to spit on my shades…that protected my eyes as He delivered me. He saved me from the deep fear that gripped me as I heard tribal drums in the night, I called upon Him and fell in a deep slumber as No evil came nigh my dwelling. The sweet promises of His protection and adoration comforts me as I understand the difference of the crippling fear that He makes to disappear, and even rocks us into a tranquil slumber, as we take our eyes off of our circumstances and place our eyes on our SAVIOR, our Awesome God that Delivers us from tragedy and evil. The fear of the Lord is clinging to Him, instead of the physical circumstance we encounter. Pressing in to our Daddy with confidence that He has a way out, and He never leaves us not forsakes us! Thankyou Father We fear you in a Way that is safe and adoring and lovingly obedient. You are a majestic Father! So so available!

  144. I’m an example of a human! I only need grace, love and hope through him! Trusting His ways, fearing His desires. Longing for His patience! Thank you God for teaching me! Thank you God for holding me!

  145. His Word is truth. As I continue to seek Him I become increasingly blessed simply by knowing Him more. His perfect love casts out the fears I have clung to for so long. Letting Him into my heart has filled my with the joy of His presence

  146. I love reading your devotionals. I’m seeking God like my life depends on it, and to me it does. I have hit a point in my life where I’m just lost. My marriage has fallen apart, I ‘m not sure what church to attend, I feel as though all my friends have left me. I have a sick child that can’t seem to get well and one questioning her sexuality. I keep asking God what did I do or where did I go wrong. I went from having it all together to feel very bound, lost, inadequate. Your devotionals keep my above the water (also God). At this point anything to help me keep my eyes on Jesus is a blessing to me. So thank you for helping me feel I’m not totally alone. Your stories give me hope, that this is a test/phase and it to shall pass. I love you for being my GiG.
    -Erica H.

  147. Thank you for this devotion today. I am a newly appointed, first term itinerating missionary and I am walking through all the emotions of answering the call of God.

  148. You are an inspiration! I love the way you write! I am an MK – I grew up in Congo and have wonderful memories. .. I met a wonderful guy, we had 3 children and now have 8 grands. What a rich Christian heritage I have! We have been through many ups and downs, but God has been there every step! So very thankful for His promises, His love!!!

  149. I love this verse…it has always captured my heart and made me think of how we ought to be towards God; beautifully written.

  150. I read today about fear. Thank you for defining what a positive side to the word fear. When God is involved,there can only be positive for good in our lives. As we desire His Love, He will erase all the negative effects that Satan had once filled.

  151. My GiG and I just finished Trusting God. We get together each Friday for our coffee and GiG study time. Out of all of the studies we have done, Trusting God has had the greatest impact on me. I was rebaptized on March 12th. I am excited for the release of I Want it All! I can’t wait to continue my journey with the insightful and inspiring stories and reflections I will encounter in this book. God gave you a talent for writing, and He is doing great things through you. Glory to God!!

  152. Lord, when i trust in you and revere and worship you your light will shine through me and dispel the darkness. May i always remember you are in control no matter how crazy my life looks.

  153. I do want it all from my heavenly Father, despite the fact that it scares me. What will it require, how will my life change? Seems so petty, trivial after all He’s done for me. I know He sees all, knows all, holds my life, breath, past, present, and future, yet why am I afraid to completely trust Him and let Him have my all?

  154. I think fear of the Lord is a wonderful and humbling experience, but I am not sure exactly what constitutes not fearing Him. I am also not sure that I agree with the examples provided here, but I do think there are times and circumstances that our fear should be made clear and with conviction.

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