Psalm Adventure Bible Study Journal, Part 3 (DOWNLOADABLE)


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This is a downloadable/printable study journal is designed to guide you on a 4-week personal Bible Study of book Three of the Psalms, chapters 73-89. This Psalm Adventure Journal is broken down into 20 individual days of study, during which you will READ, RECORD, REFLECT and RESPOND to each psalm. At the end of each week, you have additional questions to consider and a “Thoughts for Transformation” section by Gwen to encourage deeper life change. Perfect for individual or group study.

God gave a sacred gift, breathed by His Spirit, to help us know and trust Him more: the Bible. When we open up His Word, we gain access to a powerful roadmap for living and growing in faith. We see what God has to say about topics like fear, forgiveness, healing, depression, finances, relationship, peace and hope. His promises inform our problems and His strength sufficiently meets us in our struggles. This 4-week Bible Study Journal is a downloadable/printable product that will help you learn more about God’s unending love and lead you to trust Him with the strains and stresses of everyday life.