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The Power of Quiet

There are times when laundry takes over my house. Piles build up, though I try to stay on top of them. Many of the clothes are clean and even folded, but not put away....

Finding Strength in Life’s Fire Swamps

There is a scene in the whimsical and quirky film The Princess Bride in which some bad guys were chasing the two main characters, Princess Buttercup and Wesley. In order to escape, Buttercup and...

Worship: My Strength, My Song

Several months ago I went to Dallas to be interviewed on LIFE Today (with James and Betty Robison) and to write a few songs for my next CD. The genre of songs for this...

Encouragement From the Heart of a Child

My daughter Kennedy was ten at the time. On this particular day, she was home from school because she wasn’t feeling well. Tummy yuckies. I asked her to spend some time with this Lord...


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