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Buddy Straps

Every family has one… that certain individual who gets injured and banged up more than their fair share. That person who spends the majority of your family’s health care budget on their co-pay needs...

See It. Touch It. Feel It.

  I chase beauty. I am a total see it, touch it, feel it girl. I don’t just want to know something or be somewhere – I want to experience it with my senses. I...

Lip Service vs. Heart Service

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. Today the post is a video blog about a person who dealt with complicated relationships and heavy heart burdens. A person a lot like you and me. A person...

Add Life to Your Years

One difficult morning six years ago, I wanted to hurl my screaming alarm clock into an abyss. The warmth of my covers and the safety of sleep beckoned my heart to stay, linger and...


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