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Something Beautiful

I am completely crazy about cool jewelry, so when the Lord prompted me to take off my favorite necklace and give it to the woman who had just admired it, I tried to pretend...

What Women Need to Know About Love

I am the middle child of five born to my parents in eight short years. Our house buzzed with activity, sibling rivalry, and noise. Stadiums full of noise. I was one girl among a...

A Woman Overwhelmed
GIVEAWAY: A Woman Overwhelmed

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! It’s one of my favorites: GIVEAWAY DAY! Today I’m excited to introduce you to my girl HAYLEY DiMARCO. Y’all, this chick is spunky {do people still say spunky?} and adorable. Totally adorable....

The Secret to Having a Deeply Rooted Faith

A nasty storm had blown through. Lots of thunder and lightening. Buckets of wetness. The Twitter feed from our local fire department alerted us to the dangers of high winds and encouraged the community...

Of Thrones and Kings and Royal Things

It was shockingly early when the alarm clock invaded my dreams, screaming at me to wake up that morning. Even the sun was still sleeping as I rose. With heavy eyelids and a groggy...

GIVEAWAY: Put Your Warrior Boots On

HAPPY FRIDAY, FRIEND! It’s an awesome day because we have a GUEST POST and GIVEAWAY! {High fives all around!} I’m stoked to introduce you to my old friend LISA WHITTLE and her new book PUT YOUR WARRIOR BOOTS...


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