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Gwen Smith

September 16, 2016


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Friend! I’ve been keeping a secret that I FINALLY get to share! FRIDAYS are getting a makeover around here! {Go ahead and shake your pom poms, sista! Exciting stuff is going down!}

Here’s the deal: I’m going to be sharing FRIDAY FAVORITES & FRIEND FEATURES that will be chock full of fun giveaways and goodies that I’m confident you will love!

Today, it is my distinct joy to introduce you to my friend Mo Isom. Y’all, she’s the coolest and you are going to love her and her new book, WRECK MY LIFE, Journeying from Broken to Bold. Here’s why: she tells on-the-edge-of-your-seat stories, speaks TRUTH from the WORD of God, has been known to ROCK both the camera and the soccer field at LSU, and, most importantly, this woman LOVES JESUS.

MEET Mo Isom Aiken…


BE INSPIRED from what she has to share in today’s excerpt from WRECK MY LIFE:

wreckmylife_3d“I have told you these things so that in me you may have peace. In this world, you WILL have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world” (John 16:33, emphasis added).

Scripture makes many promises.

This particular verse is one that was always hard for me. It was hard to really believe. Who wants to wholeheartedly embrace a guarantee of life-altering pain and unexpected trials? A promise that if you haven’t already been in a storm, or if you aren’t standing in one right now, then there is certainly one on the horizon. A promise of wreckage, in some shape or form. Wreckage that could stand to disrupt everything. It’s scary, right? To think that no matter how hard we hope we can move through this life unscathed, we’re bound for trouble somewhere along the way.

I didn’t want to hear it.

Somewhere along the way I bought into the lie that a blessed life was a life lived with as little hardship as possible. That I was entitled to comfort and ease and happiness. That God was most present and pleased in the lives of those with abundance and minimal adversity. Rather than wrapping my head around the truth that hardship was inevitable, I convinced myself that if I did the right things and said the right things then maybe I could play it safe enough. I flipped through the pages of life-breathed scripture looking for the nearest inspirational verse, instead. A quick pick-me-up. As if I could pick and choose what I wanted to be applicable to my own story. I moved through my days under the impression that I was the author of my story and that the trajectory of my life solely depended on my control, my success, and my own personal strength.

Because of my skewed perception of reality, when the promised hardship did come my way, it came close to ending me. When trouble came, I desperately clung to my ability to cope with and mask and hold together all of the broken pieces. I lost myself trying to save myself, and compromised so many things. I strove to be whole again—as if my own broken hands could ever fix my mangled heart. As if my ability to save my own story would somehow warrant me more personal glory when the world took its best look at me. And, in turn, I ended up wasting many of my younger years. Not listening. Not learning.

I don’t want that for you.

Suffering, adversity, and discomfort often derail us and drag us into a downward spiral of depression, blame, and pity. We wander through our days drowned in social media, social pressure, and spiritual timidity. In a culture of “fake-it-till-you-make-it,” we keep our struggles to ourselves and only put our best foot forward for the world to reward. As a result, we’re becoming broken, lonely people who feel isolated in our sin struggles and ashamed of our shattered pieces. In a culture of craved comfort, we blame God for our wreckage, we doubt His goodness and sovereignty, and oftentimes we turn our back to a God we don’t believe could be truly loving and good if He allows such pain and suffering.

I didn’t want to hear it either, but what if in our haste to feel good and avoid discomfort we’re ignoring promises that aren’t meant to scare us, but are meant to prepare us? What if we’re missing out on the resounding glory of a sovereign King who is stating the obvious? Who knows His opponent. Who knows life is challenging, and invites us to armor up on His team. A King who gently promises us that we will all walk through valleys but that in Him we are offered a Divine hope in the depths of defeat.

What if hearing and accepting the hardest things is exactly what sets us free? What if we began to recognize trouble and adversity as sacred, rather than scarring? As promised rather than unforeseen? As guaranteed rather than game-changing? And as purposeful rather than punishing? What if we truly believed there was purpose in our pain and a plan in our persecution? What would our world look like if we shifted our mentality and began to rejoice in our adversity, knowing adversity produces perseverance, perseverance produces character, and character produces hope? (See Romans 5:3-5.)

What if we began to lean in to the second portion of that passage that clearly promises there is something more—someone more—who has already triumphed over our defeat? A promise that introduces Jesus and wrecks religion and begins to mean something. A promise of victory that looks like an innocent Judge taking on a death sentence so we, the criminals, can be set free. A promise that looks like a King who wrote the story of the cross, and all that it means, into the fingerprints of our genealogy. A promise that suddenly invites the Holy words of scripture to crawl off of the page and to breath into our life to wreck and redefine everything…


CONGRATULATIONS to our GIVEAWAY WINNERS: Julie Stahl and Tracy Doggett!

I’m giving away a copy of  Mo’s new book, Wreck My Life, and it could be yours! To qualify for the drawing, you need to do TWO things:


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That’s it! Once you do both, your name will be entered into the random drawing. Be sure to tell your friends so they can sign up too. The drawing will take place on Sunday, September 18th, so don’t delay! 


mo1 Mo Isom is a New York Times Best Selling author of Wreck My Life, a nationally-recognized speaker and a faith-based blogger. She was an All-American goalkeeper for the Louisiana State University soccer team and the first female to try out for an SEC men’s football team. She was also the 2011 LSU Homecoming Queen.

While her life has been marked by incredible athletic successes, it has also been riddled with crushing personal adversity—from battling an eating disorder, to the unexpected suicide of her father, to surviving a horrific car accident. Isom uses her unique experiences to challenge, encourage, and equip her generation to live boldly by the Word in the midst of a broken world. She, her husband Jeremiah, and their daughter Auden live in Atlanta, Georgia.


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About Gwen Smith

Gwen Smith

I am an unashamed, imperfect worshiper of Jesus Christ. I cling to His goodness to cover my mess and purpose my days to live out the hope of the Gospel. It is my joy and passion to inspire women to live fully in grace and truth. I write books, devotions and songs. I speak. I sing. I worship. I post, pin and tweet. I am intensely in love with the Word of God and believe, wholeheartedly, that the Bible is divinely inspired truth.


180 responses to “Giveaway: Wreck My Life”

  1. Mary Moore says:

    This sounds like a book that I would really be interested in reading and passing on. I have learned the very lesson she is describing and it has really changed me for the better. Many people will benefit from this!

  2. Junell says:

    I’m really excited to read this book! I feel like God has been trying to get my attention lately. I have drifted away from him and have been feeling a strong need to start talking to him again. My marriage is struggling but I have hope. My trials have been nothing compared to Mo’s Yet I still have a hard time seeing the positive and tend to get hung up on the negative. I want to ask God to help me change that and I believe this book might be just what I need. Thank you!

  3. It is true, we never know were our journey leads, only God know’s that. We have to trust and believe he know’s best no matter our circumstances. We lost our only grandson. It has been a year and almost 7 months. He was a year old and almost 9 months at the time of his death. The only thing that gets me through is faith in God and that he doesn’t give us more than we can handle.

  4. Sandra Arcaro says:

    “Suffering, adversity, and discomfort often derail us and drag us into a downward spiral of depression, blame, and pity. We wander through our days drowned in social media, social pressure, and spiritual timidity.”

    This sounds so much like me right now…looking for a purpose when my only purpose should be to be happy and have a healthy spiritual routine. A couple of years ago I started getting involved with the church, attending bible study groups, meeting Christians that were filled with joy…pure joy! I read GIG every morning and was inspired. I’ve fallen off that wagon and honestly I feel the difference more than ever before. It’s time I prioritize, be grateful, read more of God’s word and do his work. Thank you for reminding me of how for filling my life could be if I just spend a little more time praying, meditating and reading His word.

  5. What an amazing woman Mo must be! Truly hard to believe she tried out for the LSU FOOTBALL TEAM!!! CRAZY!!!! Whether I win or not I plan on purchasing this book! I think I will relate to her very well as a former Division 1 Basketball player…I also run my own business which is summer hoops camps and training year round!! Without God I would not be able to do any of this and I sure am excited to read about Mo’s journey! Ironically my name is Moe with an e lol and my business is Moes All Star Camps and Training!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU Gwen and all the GIGS for inspiring me and sharing with us all the amazing people who have touched your lives!!! I want to be a woman whom people can see CHRISTS LOVE directly through me!!
    love ya’ll

  6. Sheree Shipley says:

    Thank you for sharing…love it.

  7. Debbie says:

    My Connect Group was just discussing this type situation. Great testimony. Can’t wait to read “the rest of the story!”

  8. Crystal Inman says:

    I’m so grateful that God reminds me to be thankful in my circumstances. I am living in a remote (accesible only by plane) Alaskan village where my husband teaches at a K-12 school. I’m grateful for a God who reminds that even at my lowest when I feel overwhelmed that as Hawk Nelson’s song says…God is for me! He has been reminding me that He holds the future of my family in his hands. My biggest heartfelt desire more than anything else is to live boldly for God no matter the circumstances in my life and especially my family’s! We have 3 grown sons and 2 grown daughters. I want to live boldly for God so that He is the one people see in me to glorify Him in everyday life.

  9. Crystal Inman says:

    I’m so grateful that God reminds me to be thankful in my circumstances. I am living in a remote (accesible only by plane) Alaskan village where my husband teaches at a K-12 school. I’m grateful for a God who reminds that even at my lowest when I feel overwhelmed that as Hawk Nelson’s song says…God is for me! He has been reminding me that He holds the future of my family in his hands. My biggest heartfelt desire more than anything else is to live boldly for God no matter the circumstances in my life and especially my family’s! We have 3 grown sons and 2 grown daughters. I want to live boldly for God so that He is the one people see in me to glorify Him in everyday life.

  10. Cassandra says:

    Life was pretty good until 2 years ago, when our daughter entered college. She has walked away from our family, church and God. We watch her daily struggles made by poor choices and can do little to help because she does not want our help. Our hearts break daily and miss the close relationship we once had. I would love to read this book. It does sound encouraging.

  11. Julie Stahl says:

    Can’t wait to read this. Inspirational young woman.

    • Brooke Martinez says:

      Hello Julie,
      I’m Brooke Martinez and I’m a member of Gwen’s Ministry Team. We’re excited to tell you that you are one of our winners of a free copy of Wreck My Life! Please email your physical address to creative@gwensmith.net so we can get that book out to you.

  12. suzy sweatt says:

    This is so for me. It sounds like the best book showing that adveristy is the best for our souls…freeing us from our own mindsets.

  13. Bonida Evans says:

    It seems a book I would love to read…one that may help me overcome some of my problems.

  14. Aimee Horak says:

    Wow!!! I heard that on the inside of me and someone wrote it. Thank you!!!

  15. Rosie Shen says:

    Hi Gwen, what a beautiful and much needed reminder for all of us who become so weary with the burdens we carry. I am a single mother and sometimes I fall into such deep depression carrying the weight of guilt, failure and fatigue. But during the dark times is when I depend on my Living God the most and He does carry me through the all the valleys with so much love. I plan to share your post with my single mothers ministry next Saturday.

  16. Debbie says:

    After reading just a glimpse of the book, I want it! Life can be so hard at times and its nice to see how others face similar things and have just as a hard time facing them. Means we are not alone and together we can face them together focused on God.

  17. SUSAN BAKER says:

    Mo came to my church, Cornerstone Ministries, and I and my two teenage daughters were privileged to hear her speak. Both of my girls have their lives to Christ that night and I’d like to get the book for them to read. Thank you.

  18. Sondra Holmes says:

    Would love to read this book.

  19. Lucretia Kious says:

    I am super excited to get my hands on a copy of this book. Just reading an excerpt of it has made me stop and think exactly where my life is now and where I long for it to be in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  20. This really hits home! I don’t want to hear that “storms in life” are inevitable either. I know they are but I still don’t want to hear it. Thanks for the article and all the comments. It is comforting to know that I am not the only one that has “Storms” and that I just have to have faith and patience and trust because God will pull me through everyone of my “Valleys”.

  21. Janie Edwards says:

    Just this excerpt from the book has me wanting to read more!! How inspiring! I have been through quite a few shipwrecks!

  22. You are such an inspiration Gwen. Your book broken into Beautiful helped me so much. Thank you.

  23. Shayla says:

    I would love to read about how God works in even the darkest parts of our lives!!:)

  24. Julia says:

    I thank God for you Gwen Smith and GIG…I have so much spiritually since I started receing your daily devotions. May God continue to inspire you to bring us more of His good news. Thank you

  25. Rosa Hardy says:

    I’ve had every storm that could possibly come, but at this time in my life, it seems I’m in the midst of a tsunami, which is hitting every fiber of my being! I’m a 64 y/o grandmom who can’t seem to move forward with living life on purpose or as I would think and see it. Went from raising 1 granddaughter ( still doing it) to most recently having 2 more (10&11) who were with their stepmom until most recenly felt she could not hold a family together until after the 1st of the year when their father would be home. These 2 have some hurdles to cross, but are doing more than any other children I know. They are & have maintained their honor grades in school. ( talented & gifted program). As a Mother/Grandmother I have to keep my Focus & Faith on & in God as His instructions were for me to Trust Him while at my Moms bedside in 2011. At this time, I’m Spiritually, Financially, Emotionally & Physically drained. God has & still send Blessings which I know are from Him working thru other Christians & True Believers monthnderstand what it means to bear one another’s burdens in all ways! While I understand, I hurt also since my understanding of “why”? At this time, recuperating from a recent on the job injury, which threw a curve ball my way, had to reschedule ” cataract & glaucoma eye surgery to the 1st part of 2017-God said to delay, it seems as if I might have to have minor surgery on my right hand from the otji within the next month, yet I’m Holding on to His Promise from 2011. I’ve lost stuff in the past, but God kept me moving forward even as I wanted to scream! I’ve cried in the midst of every storm with ” Why Me, Why Now, What Did I Do or Not Do? I pay it forward from my inner most being in meeting the needs of others thru various means I have. This also means conversations with individuals or groups where Prayer is Essential for Gods intervention. I’m asked “who takes of You while You take care of others. My response is God & His Chosen People who understand His instructions. Am I upset about my latest storm, yes I am! Why? Because I’m in stuck mode & seems like I can’t breathe even though I often tell others to ” Breathe & Exhale”! This is in part, my testimony! This song by Danny Gokey is my favorite for this season, “Tell Your Heart To Beat Again”!

  26. Diana Gallegos. says:

    Praise God for His Love for us. It is His Love that holds me up. The small amount I read in your book, spoke volumes to me. I can’t wait to read the rest. Hope to win the book. Thank you for your words of faith for all of us. God Bless you…..

  27. Judy Lindsay says:

    Thank you for your weekly devotions. I find the language easy to read and understand. Thank you also for this excerpt from Mo’s book. I am going to forward it on to my brother who has very recently accepted God’s amazing g grace! And immediately was plunged into anxiety. He is slowly realizing that God is a God of all things and through this knowledge is beginning to understand the the Lord has a purpose for him; he just needs to be available and willing! Thank you Gwen.

  28. Chelsea fisher says:

    I don’t know what to say so hi and I like Mo’s book

  29. Edna Fitler says:

    Love you Gwen! Always looking for books to improve my walk. I so appreciate your devotions!

  30. Nancy Dal Pian says:

    Rejoice in the Lord always — even in the hard times!!

  31. I have recently received what could be a devastating diagnosis of “dementia” from a neurologist. While I am going through the required blood work and neuropsychological testing required to narrow down the possible causes of my processing deficits, I am planning to lean of Jesus and count on His mercy and guidance. Lord, please make me a blessing. Please combine all of the bad things that go with a diagnosis such as mine, and combine them with my life as an offering to YOU, Lord. I would love to receive a copy of this book, to read while I wait for more news.

  32. Michon Hemenway says:

    Thank you for your insight. I look forward to learning more from you.

  33. Carmen says:

    I never heard of the author but just reading the excerpt made me pause. The last 3 years have been hard and just got more sad news. I ask myself what’s the purpose so many times and would love to just hide under a rock, but where can I hide that my Lord can not see me. I know he is with me and my loved ones. Reading this was encouraging, thank you. I would love to read this book and ponder on what the Lord would teach me.

  34. Bernita says:

    Thanks for all u do

  35. Thank you for the reminders in life that God is completely in control. He just wants us to trust him & in surrendering we can do just that.

  36. Sonya Bennett says:

    What a wonderful testimony! I am 61 and her intro still spoke to me!!! Can’t wait to read her book!!!

  37. Janice says:

    Enlightening and Awesome!

  38. Pat Rickman says:

    Wow! What wisdom and insight from a godly young lady. Thank you for sharing this devotional today.

  39. P Diane Buie says:

    Gwen, I love the excerpt from “Wreck my Life” and thanks for the chance to win this book in your giveaway! 🙂 I continue to be blessed by you and your writings as well as the coloring journal in “I want it all”! 🙂 I pray you keep following Gods’ call in your life so the world will be blessed! 🙂

  40. Victoria says:

    Every church youth group, every middle and high school, and every Christian home should keep a copy of Mo’s book on-hand. I was blessed to purchase a digital copy with a gift card and would love to have a hard copy to have on hand to give to someone when Christ shows me them. This book has begun a transformation in me that is faith and Jesus inspired and I can’t thank you enough Mo.

  41. Danielle K Uina says:

    What great Hope in times of these.
    Spiritual Friends helping each other rise.
    Thank you for reminding us to turn negative in to positive.

  42. Connie Nowlim says:

    I love reading your words Gwen, such a spiritual inspiration and blessing to be able to read and enjoy. May God continue to bless you and yours forever?

  43. Martha Merritt says:

    Love reading your devotions everday.

  44. Pamelle Easterling says:

    So excited to read this book!

  45. Suzanne Adams says:

    Absolutely love this excerpt from Mo’s book!
    The truth of it jumped off my screen and into my heart. It parallels a lot of the heart healing and spiritual growth God has been doing in my life.
    I would love to read more!

  46. Ellen Nolan says:

    Shared! Can’t wait to read more! Definitely passing it on to my daughter and niece.

  47. Maureen G. says:

    What an inspirational story! As someone who works with youth I wold love to win this book. Even if I don’t I may get it for all of he girls in my youth group.

  48. Crystal Hawkins says:

    Thank you for sharing Mo. That was some hard truth to take in. So bold…. Bless u sis

  49. Debbie Hall says:

    Sounds interesting…change our mentality about our troubles. I like what I’ve read so far.

  50. Janet Creighton says:

    Thanks for the reminder that we sometimes forget. God is good and we can always rely on him. Times aren’t always good but His grace and mercy is always abundant.

  51. Rita Carter says:

    Kinda like the caterpillar that wraps himself in a cocoon. Before that butterfly emerges, he must struggle. That struggle makes him strong and we are made stronger through our struggles. Following God’s unique plan is awesome!

  52. Jayne Stanley says:

    Looks like a great book. Hope to win it and praying for its success, but will buy it if I don’t win it. God Bless!!

    • Mo Isom says:

      Thank you so much for the support, Jayne. If you don’t win it, I will be selling signed copies on my website soon (moisom.com) and retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Family Christian and LifeWay have some great deals!

  53. Kim D says:

    Loved this devo!!! Just what I needed today!!!

  54. Stephanie W says:

    Looking forward to reading this book!

  55. Mary Ennis says:

    I think it is wonderful that a beautiful woman is concerned about the generation she is in and willing to share her faith and the gospel. It is the most important thing to have a relationship with Christ. God bless you all richly as you walk with Him!

  56. Pamela Gonzalez says:

    Awesome insight. Can’t wait to read more. I’ll share for sure.

  57. Lexie says:

    I love Mo SOOOOO MUCH! ?

  58. Sue Neal says:

    Wow! Was this book written to me? Lol!! Boy how it speaks to my heart! Thank you for thus. I would live to read this and then share it with others. As tge wife of a dusabled Vetrran I always appreciate a giveaway that keeps our budget in check!!

  59. Kary says:

    I am a new Christian and I am broken..this would be a great book to read and help me understand God’s purpose and plan for me and to help me strengthen my walk with him.

    • Mo Isom says:

      It absolutely would, Kary. I’m so blessed to hear you are new to the faith and hungry to grow in Christ–that is absolutely beautiful. I pray a copy of this book finds its way into your hands!

  60. Diana Birkey says:

    Inspirational devotional. I like your devotionals.

  61. Diana Birkey says:

    Very inspirational! Thanks for your devotionals.

  62. Tammy says:

    I am all in after battling pain medication addiction for many years, I truly can not explain how much He has done for me in the past year and I love to hear people tell their stories of their personal journey, it keeps me focused and helps me to look forward to all that The Lord has for me!

    • Mo Isom says:

      Wow–what vulnerability. Thank you so much for sharing that about yourself, Tammy. Praise God that He truly is a Healer and Redeemer. That He takes our messiness and addiction and depression and sins and DEFEATS it all. That He calls us beloved. It’s incredible. I hope you grab a copy of Wreck My Life. I think we share A LOT in common.

  63. Sherry Gann says:

    My life has been a wreck since I was 14 years old and I am now 58. I’ve been broken many times and I now understand that there is no way to go through this life without pain and suffering. It’s just a part of it. I would love to read your book and share it with others. Many people need to learn the truth so they will not be completely taken by surprise when their world comes crashing down.

    • Mo Isom says:

      You are absolutely right. We live in a world that sells a very different message than the truth scripture invites us into. I think this book will really bless you. Thank you for your willingness to share it!

  64. Sharon Luna says:

    What if we began to lean in to the second portion of that passage that clearly promises there is something more—someone more—who has already triumphed over our defeat? A promise that introduces Jesus and wrecks religion and begins to mean something. A promise of victory that looks like an innocent Judge taking on a death sentence so we, the criminals, can be set free. A promise that looks like a King who wrote the story of the cross, and all that it means, into the fingerprints of our genealogy. A promise that suddenly invites the Holy words of scripture to crawl off of the page and to breath into our life to wreck and redefine everything…

    I love this paragraph…..especially this part…

    A promise that looks like a King who wrote the story of the cross, and all that it means, into the fingerprints of our genealogy.

  65. Diane says:

    I am moving beyond broken!

  66. Sandra Boone says:

    I was truly inspired by today’s devotional: Wreck My life. It was nice to be introduced to Mo and get a glimpse of her life experiences. Her story is very relatable…it’s a story of our life Before Christ (BC), but thanking God that as Mo has reminded us…we are not promised a flower bed of ease, but we are promised that God will never leave us nor forsake us-no matter what hardship in life we go through. Sometimes my life still feels like a wreck, but I quickly realize it’s because I have lost focus (taken my eyes off of Abba Father). Look forward to reading the book.

  67. Ashley Karge says:

    I am just getting back to who I am besides a,Mom and wife after losing myself to the young “mom years”. I love to read, & would really appreciate a copy of this book.

    • Mo Isom says:

      As a young mom myself (I wrote this book while I was pregnant!), I hope this book’s words reach you right where you are and breath truth and challenge and encouragement into your story. Whatever season of life you’re in, you are in a mission field! I pray you delight in every phase of life.

  68. Sharon Scott says:

    We all have our “crosses” to bear, or our very own “thorn in the flesh”. Thank you for the reminder that we are not in this alone. And that Christ overcomes all things with His mercy and grace.

  69. Cynthia says:

    Wow! What a powerful excerpt! I will be sharing with others and making sure to get hold of a copy of my own to read and share.

    thank you!

  70. Julie says:

    Just this little snippet of the book spoke volumes to me this morning. I need to look at my pain, adversity, trials and troubles in a whole new light. Thank you for sharing. I can’ t wait to read the book.

  71. Tina Baesman-Strotz says:

    I need this book!

  72. Toni says:

    Such God-given wisdom at such a tender age! I’m inspired, encouraged and enlightened!

    • Mo Isom says:

      Thank you so much, Toni. I love that all it takes form Him is a whisper–when HE speaks truth into our lives it doesn’t matter age, race, season of life, job, title, gender. He uses us ALL for His glory!

  73. Gale says:

    I needed to be reminded of God’s Amazing Love this morning. I definitely want to read this book

  74. Jessica Prine says:

    Would love to read this book

  75. Cindy says:

    Thank you so much for what you have shared here. My friend and I were talking and praying this moring (long distance) and we spoke of some these very things. One of the prayers was that we really grasp God’s promises and live by them, not just have them in our heads.

    May God continue to bless you richly!

    • Mo Isom says:

      I love that you all were having the same conversation, Cindy! I love seeing Him put the pixel pieces together in our hearts and our lives. Thank you for your encouragement!

  76. Jennifer Parker says:

    I would love to have this book!

  77. Lisa Bean says:

    Sounds like an awesome book to read!

  78. Sharon says:

    As someone who conquered the childhood scars of rape, molestation and abuse of all types, I find that now, after 40 years, I still need to reaffirm my value and my purpose in God’s amazing plan for my life. Mo’s book sounds like the perfect inspiration that I or anyone else who is struggling to conquer the pain of life’s storms should read and be blessed by. Thank you for introducing us to her story.

    • Mo Isom says:

      Wow–thank you so much for that raw and honest transparency about your hardships, Sharon. I love that scripture calls us to boast in our weaknesses so we can point to the glory of the cross. That satan is defeated by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimonies. Thank you for speaking power and truth in sharing a bit of yours. I hope Wreck My Life blesses you from cover to cover.

  79. Becky says:

    I am in the midst of a trial as I write this. Started a new job to only work 4 days and on my way to my 5th day was biking there to be hit by a car. This job was to be my family’s new start as we just got our bankruptcy discharged. I was taking care of my hubby and his health issues so he wasn’t working however was planning on attending school. With no income now we also got the notice that our house which was foreclosed on was finalized in the sale of it and we need to be out in a month. So trying to heal from being hit by a car to now needing to pack up and move with no jobs. Also my sons wedding is a week before we need to move and is in a different state 3 hrs away. My daughter whom I havnt seen or talked to for almost two years God brought back into my life as her father has kicked her out now that she is 18 and talking to me again since my accident. Through this all I have learned to trust and depend on God alone to take care of all my needs and He has been awesome to get to know during this time that had I not gone through all this I wouldn’t have discovered Him in this way! Count all trials a blessing! Amen

  80. Lisa Ward says:

    Thank you for wonderful reminder, that suffering is part of life! Have been battling with this concept for a while, but reminded yet this morn to re-read 2 Cor 4:16-18.

    .16 Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. 17 For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. 18 So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.

    All of the things we go through, are making us more like Jesus!

  81. Lauryn says:

    Powerful. Being painfully honest, I found myself in these words. I’m going to buy this book if I don’t win the draw.

  82. Yolanda Deese says:

    Sounds like a very inspiring book, would love to have a copy.

  83. Mercy says:

    I have read most of your post online and each time I do, I learn something new about God this is not an exception. Thanks and may God continue to enrich you in his word

  84. Judy Wade says:

    This is a message we all need to be reminded of…yes it rains on the just and the unjust. I look forward to reading this book and using it as a resource as we do women’s retreats at our ministry home! I would love to receive this book as I am working with several young women who struggle with this issue! (as do many seasoned Christians) Thank you for sharing this book…even the title causes me to stop and reflect. Pruning is not our favorite part of the process of becoming more like Jesus, but a necessary part. To become more fruitful, we must realize we are branches in the hands of the Master Vinedresser, and He desires to write His story in our lives. This books seems to remind us of the importance of seeing His goodness in the midst of our pain, knowing He has a beautiful plan for our lives as we trust Him in all circumstances.

  85. Linda Cavallero says:

    What a powerful & timely message for me & my family – Thank you Gwen for introducing us to this child of God & her book! Praise God & all His Glorious gifts to us, for us! Amen!

  86. Lina says:

    I would love to have this book.

  87. Sue Darger says:

    God is so good!! This seems to be just what my 15 year old daughter needs to read right now. Love it!

  88. brenda strine says:

    This sounds like an amazing book and I would love to win a copy! Have a blessed weekend!

  89. Lynn Borzio says:

    I too bought into the lie that a blessed life was one lived with little hardships and am unprepared for the hardships. I would love to read this book and share what I learn with others in my small group who could benefit as well.

  90. Regina Moore-Cspell says:

    Would do love to have this book. Would share it with others.

  91. Melinda says:

    This sounds like a great book, intriguing, inspiring!

  92. Teri Wall says:

    “I have told you these things so that in me you may have peace. In this world, you WILL have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world”
    I just read this about 20 mins before I saw your post Gwen. I opened my Bible to the book of Matthew where I had put my bookmarks (writings from services at church) and there it was on the first page, the inspiration I needed. I would love to read this book. I like what she wrote “We wander through our days drowned in social media, social pressure, and spiritual timidity. In a culture of “fake-it-till-you-make-it,” we keep our struggles to ourselves and only put our best foot forward for the world to reward. As a result, we’re becoming broken, lonely people who feel isolated in our sin struggles and ashamed of our shattered pieces.” It’s so true and our pastor has talked about this often. It goes along with the truth being that there are so many people whose only “friends” are on social media.
    Thank you for sharing and if I don’t win the giveaway, this book is surely on my list to get.

  93. Fern says:

    I’m 67 and would you believe this is only the second time in my life I did to have answers for my pain. This year I have told God I cannot do this on my own. The trials and disappointments I am facing are to much. I am dwelling in my disappointments even praying and reading gods word daily. I believe God directs me here because I prayed God help me and I took the first step.my friend sometimes all we need to do is to take he first step and want to get rid of trying to control.

  94. Corena H says:

    Some time ago one of the Pastors at church reminded us in the Sunday message that it’s in the journey of life, the waiting, the pain and struggles He comes forth if we but let Him. Jesus is Sovereign and He gave it all on the cross. He walked this earth a humble carpenter and preacher, a deliverer and healer by His life showing us the way. His was not a bed of roses. But He went through troubles dealing with them in His human body but as the Son of the Most High God. And then He took all our troubles and nailed it to Himself on the Cross. Jesus the only So of our Father declared “…it is finished…” In triumph He rose from the dead to give us new life. It’s not the valleys we like to dwell on as human beings in our natural state but as one of my Pastors further pointed out if we struggle against troubles we lose the inner glory that shines forth at the next mountain peak in our life. She said He is taking us from glory to glory. To that day when we are what He has ordained us to be. I’m ready Lord, I’m willing. I want this world to see my Jesus only not me. Thank you for calling and choosing me.
    This book will undoubtedly be a blessing to me and many others. The call on my life in this season is to intercede and mentor. He uses books such as this and His Word, my time at His beloved feet to speak to the hearts of His beloved children. I am humbly honored to know prolific writers of books and music and song that help me communicate His message to others. Thank you for considering my entry.

  95. Doreen Bennett says:

    Inspirational! God is using Mo in a might way. Truth is freedom.
    Living in truth by faith towards victory. Thank you for your story.

  96. Eileen Lorenzen says:

    I need this so keep chbright now!!! I hope I win!!!!

  97. Nona Clifton says:

    What an inspirational uplifting message. Just exactly what I needed to read and reflect on today. You have a gift for putting your faith into words that inspire and transform.

  98. Janae Pearce says:

    Yaaay!! Giveaways!! ? I would really like to get this book! But it is worth buying from the sound of it. Just the introduction alone was enough to make me very curious. We are all so broken anymore and to change our mindset and hearts and understanding of “why” Christ did these things is key! Thank you so much for your emails. I look forward to them, even if I don’t win lol

  99. Diane says:

    Wow. That excerpt really spoke to me. I am going thru some adversity and it has really gotten me down. I would appreciate this book.

  100. Cathy says:

    You printed just enough of a teaser to hook me. I want to read the entire book!

  101. Kathy Smith says:

    Wow! Perfect! This would be perfect for my daughter. She is in her 2nd year of college, bi-racial and struggling with why everything bad happens to us. I try to set an example and teach from the Bible about trials and outcomes, but she still struggles. Mo is closer to her age and this might help her to find the peace and hope that is there for her.

  102. Debbie says:

    Would love to win a copy and pass it forward!

  103. Denise says:

    WOW! That is a reminder that I believe we all need. I want, no need to read this book.

  104. Tammy says:

    I can relate – thank you for writing this book!

  105. Wow!! God has been teaching me this truth in some deeper ways and the other night when I was helping in youth group, we talked about some of this. I want this book regardless. This is such a powerful truth that needs to be out there so the enemy’s lies are exposed. Thank you so much for writing this book and for Gwen introducing it to us. I had not heard of it! I look forward to reading it!!

  106. Cynthia Rucker says:

    I need to read this with my daughters. My oldest is the most smartest and God fearing person. But she is going through a rough time where she feels God has abandoned her. She wantsaid to be a doctor but people look at scores before the person. She took a job to give her more experience, six months later they disbanded their R&D department. My youngest suffers from anxiety and self esteem. She wants to be accepted but is being bullied. So she is in her own world of non reality. I struggle with never being good enough. Never being worthy. Never feeling right.

    • Cindy says:

      Dearest Cynthia: I stopped to pray over you and your daughters after I read your post, and this one of the prayers I believe the Holy Spirit gave me. It might make you laugh. 🙂 Please help all three of them “revel in the love of God like a pig does in mud.” – a pig rolls in the mud, and it covers him. He just enjoys it. 🙂 God’s opinion is really the only one that matters -not an easy truth to grasp, I know. I still struggle with what people think of me, (at the age of 59, almost 60 🙂 but it is indeed lessening. The comparison game is a thief. God is so very good. He loves you all soooo much! None of us is worthy enough or good enough, but Jesus took care of that when He died in our place on that cross. Life in Jesus is about finding your identity in Him Who knows you intimately and loves you deeply. May the enemy and the world’s filthy lies be broken in each of your lives, in Jesus’ Mighty Name, Amen. Love, hugs and prayers, Because of Jesus, Cindy

  107. Martha Curto says:

    It is hard to go through the trials. I have been through some very tough ones. I know as I was going through them, Jesus gave me peace. I know this because a sister in Christ told me as I was going through them, “Wow, I haven’t been through one in a while, I feel jealous!” Those were her words….”I feel jealous!” I was showing a peace in how I spoke to her about my trial. She told me how I sounded happy about my relationship with Jesus! I didn’t even realize it! That is because HE gave me that PEACE!! So I know that we will have trials…but he is right there with us!! Helping me grow closer to HIM!!

  108. Sonya Williamson says:

    Awesome love it thanks

  109. JoAnn Pica says:

    The excerpt from her book is very good. I think it’s a book that will be well worth reading.

  110. Oh wow! I can relate to this on so many levels. This will definitely be on my to read list!

  111. I would so love to read her story. Maybe I could see my life differently and find so peace and understanding

    • Brooke Martinez says:

      Hi Tracy,
      I’m Brooke Martinez and I’m a member of Gwen’s Ministry Team. We’re excited to tell you that you are one of our winners of a free copy of Wreck My Life! Please email your physical address to creative@gwensmith.net so we can get that book out to you.

  112. Kathy says:

    It sounds great! Would love to share it!

  113. Peggy says:

    Very powerful and insightful…I too have that first hand knowledge of trying to do it my way and the years I lost in the process was so sad…I pray this book goes to just the right set of hands and takes them from the muck and mire of despair to understanding they are the daughter of the most high and God truly has a plan for their life.. Blessings!!

  114. Connie Kirschbaum says:

    I would love to read this book, my husband passed away 6 months ago,
    and my life is so different now.

  115. Cindy Pack says:

    So brave to put her pain on paper. God bless this young woman!

  116. Mitzi Morin says:

    This sounds like a must read! I want it.

  117. Laura says:

    My life seems to go from valley to mountain tops definitely a journey. My daughter and grandaughter battle with addictions and my husband is disabled not exactly what my plans were but God had a different plan for me and has been with me through it all. Thanks for the introduction to this lovely young woman.

  118. Betsy says:

    Praying earnestly for my daughter, and hoping she’ll read this book!! Thanks for your bold witness!!

  119. Janell Kulla says:

    Our small group is studying the Armor of God and we just went through what Satan uses as bait to work on us. Mo is very real and inspiring and lays it out there for me to ponder. God is always showing us that He is there for us, we need to look to Him always!

  120. Susan says:

    I would love to have this book! I have had brokenness in my life but through God’s love & mercy, he didn’t give up on me & chased me down, restoring my brokenness one step at a time. I’m sure I could relate to her story.

  121. Elaine Tomasello says:

    I am shaking my pompoms!! Woohoo! This book sound absolutely wonderful for me. I go through many trials & it is never an easy road to walk.

    God bless you!

  122. Denise says:

    I love would this book, I feel like my life has been wrecked and even shipwrecked a few times. Keeping the faith can be difficult when your in the middle of a storm.

  123. Debra Batchelor says:

    Awesome! Loved what I was able to read so far. God Bless you all!

  124. So happy for a giveaway day, it makes Friday exciting. It is hard sometimes to know when God is speaking to us and not just Satan getting in your head, but I know staying in God’s word helps us to be able to distinguish what is of God and what is not.

  125. Valerie Robinson says:

    Just the message I needed to hear today.

  126. Katy Lemery says:

    I’m going through a time of brokenness right now but I know God will get me through. Broken into Beautiful helped bring me back to the Lord in my 20’s and I know that now the Lord is carrying me through this time. Mo’s story sou,ds so inspirational I can’t wait to read it.

  127. Robin Deitch says:

    It would be a blessing to have book! Our Pastor just spoke of these things last Sunday! Be joyful always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances for this is Gods will through Jesus! If we can do these things we can have the peace in our hearts in knowing Gods got us!

  128. This book sounds like something I really need to read. I have several chronic illnesses and at age 47 just had my first total joint replacement on my right knee. The left gets done next year. My shoulders need work, and my hips are probably only good for a few more years. I struggle with seeing this as something God wants me to go through. I struggle with remembering he has a plan.

  129. Tammy says:

    I am shaking my pompoms Gwen…..awesome idea for your blog. I often see deals and wonder if they are a credible. Through you I can feel confident of the content, the message contained. In this day we need to make sure the messages we receive are of God and not Antichrists. Thank you!

  130. Jennifer Radtke says:

    This book sounds like it would be a great tool for strengthening my middle schooler. Her friends don’t have the same strength of faith she has. I keep trying to encourage her and provide her with tools she can use to strengthen her foundation. Thanks for the opportunity.

  131. Lisa says:

    I would Love this book! I have had so many wrecks in my life & it is hard to overcome All of them!

  132. Lisa says:

    I would Love this book! I have had so many wrecks in my life!

  133. Linda D'AGOSTINO says:

    Hope, encouragement, it’s not just me knowledge! That’s what this book may give others. If I win it – I know just who to give it to.

  134. Jean Storey says:

    I can’t wait to read the book and share it with friends!

  135. Tara says:

    This book seems so good. Id love to read it. I have had such trials in my life and trials continue. I am learning to give it to God, and pray with Faith the God has good things planned. It’s hard, but makes me feel good knowing that I can’t fix it. Only God can.

  136. mitzi says:

    This sounds like the books our young women’s group at church needs. Very encouraging and true especially at a time when all that people like to share is the victory and blessings but never the hardships that are ahead.

  137. Beth Hughes says:

    She could be telling my story. Spoke right to my heart

  138. Denise Laska says:

    I look forward to your messages each day as they fill me with inspiration and hope. My sister was recently diagnosed with ALS and this horrible disease is starting to shake up my faith although her faith is getting stronger, I watch her withering away. I need the strength to stay strong in faith and know that God will see us through. Please pray for her husband who it seems has already lost faith. He is such a kind, loving, and wonderful husband and person. I would like to read Mo’s story, as it sounds inspirational and could maybe help to get me back on track.
    Thank you,

  139. Gloria says:

    Thanks for the reminder, that God puts us here to used for his glory.
    In whatever way He deems best.

  140. Barbara Davis says:

    Our life experiences either make us stronger, or lead us to the pit of despair. I have been in both places, continuing to struggle on most days. More times now, I am on the stronger side thanks to my faith. God Bless.

  141. Melanie Hardy says:

    This book sounds like I NEED to read it, to learn from it, and to learn to trust God through it.

  142. Dawn Mackintosh says:

    What an inspiration this morning. Mo’s words really touched my heart. I know many women, myself included that tend to look for “positive” quotes, thinking that our storm will never come. I praise God today and thank Him for the strength He has provided in the mini storms in my life. He is so good! I have faith that He will continue to provide strength, peace and comfort as we continue he on the path He has set before us.

  143. Anne says:

    Thank you for sharing her story!

  144. Holly Poe says:

    I can’t wait to read this, and especially to share it with my daughter who really needs this message!

  145. Patricia Woodson says:

    This sounds intriguing!

  146. Doris Jones says:

    God will never leave us no matter what we think. God is alway there for us. God is love and we are his children. Praise God no matter what we are going through and he will see us through.

  147. Erna Symmers says:

    I want to know Jesus more even joy in the midst of trials!

  148. Mary Louise Smith says:

    O WOW!!!! It sound like the kind of book I need. Even though Mo is younger I had/ have made mistakes. I love Jesus but I still make the same mistakes I also have my triumphs.

  149. Mindy Berryman says:

    My life is such a mess. I spend all day every day fixing things for people until there’s absolutely nothing left of me for myself. I am constantly hearing myself mull over the issues in my head until I want to scream! I’m learning how to let go and let God be in control of my life and the lives of those around me. I’m not strong enough nor smart enough to keep fixing everyone. This book sounds like it would be a great read and could help me gain perspective on how to let God be God in my life.

    • Mo Isom says:

      Mindy, I completely agree that this book will speak truth and clarity into all of that. Not only giving perspective and reminding you how to let God be God in your life, but also speaking rest into your soul and allowing you the freedom to allow God to be God in other’s lives too. Change, transformation, healing and LIFE ultimately come through Jesus. God creates us, sustains us, and crafts our stories. He is doing work in the lives of all those you are simultaneously exhausting yourself trying to pour into. While we ARE definitely called to love others wholeheartedly, we are also called to rest in God’s sovereignty and understand that we can’t save anyone, but we can love them well and point them to the One who can. Ultimately resting in the hope and the trust that HE will transform lives.

  150. Dana Coates says:

    I feel ashamed. I really believed, to this moment, happy successful Christians were living right, doing well in God’s site. Adversity? We show, God’s love his work his plan. We are to welcome our troubles and live peaceful thankful lives.

  151. Casie Kolenda says:

    Thank you for sharing Mo’s short story with us. What at great read! If in what we do we ask ourselves if it is bringing people closer to the most high God or glorifying Jesus,our King of Kings then we know it is right for us to do so. Each morning GIG is part of my devotional as well as anything I receive from your subscription. So, thank you.
    Casie Kolenda-your sister in Christ

    • Casie Kolenda says:

      I often forward emails to my husband or a friend for encouragement, however I apologize I do not have any of the social media to participate in your efforts to share Mo’s story to others who were not fortunate enough to read it. Call me a dinosaur or traditional that’s alright, my reasoning behind not having social media is to lead by example with my 3 children. I prefer them not to participate during their middle and highschool years in hopes they will be less susceptible to some of the negativity that correlates within it. Im a highschool Cosmetology teacher and I see it too often. My personal journey lead me to go down that direction, I hope you understand. Thank you.

  152. Janetta Dobler says:

    I often wonder why I can never seem to get my head above conflict. Even when it is over, I literally have nightmares over it. I avoid it like the plague, and often let people treat me like a doormat. I have been criticized for being too honest and oversensitive. This book is very inspiring and I would love to read it. Thank you and a God Bless!!!

    • Mo Isom says:

      I think this book could really help bring you to a place of boldness, Janetta. You are an heir. A daughter of a King. I KNOW Wreck My Life has the power to remind you that you are seen, known, loved, secure, and a MASTERPIECE with incredible purpose. God is GOOD. And Holy. And seated above all of the trials and harsh words from others. He welcomes you into that boldness and freedom, too, through Jesus. You are fearfully and wonderfully made, my friend.

  153. Jolinda says:

    It sounds like a great book. I love to hear how people have over come issues in their life. Give me hope that things can work out no matter what life gives you

  154. Beth says:

    Very inspiring devotion today. Thanks for introducing me to Mo’s writing.

  155. My life was wrecked at age 13 and continued in that vein for several decades. I’d love to read this book

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