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How Hiding Keeps You From Seeking


Gwen Smith

June 30, 2016

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In John 4, we see a tired Jesus who stopped to rest at Jacob’s well where He begins a conversation with a Samaritan woman, ignoring the cultural, racial, and social norms of that day. (Jews did not associate with Samaritans and often tried to avoid Samaria all together on their journeys. In addition to that, respectable Jewish men did not talk women whom they didn’t know.) But Jesus was not concerned with public opinion. He was on a mission of mercy.

The woman’s name is never mentioned, but He knew it.

He knew not only her name, but also her insecurities, her reputation, her fears, her failures, and her needs.

Jesus asked this unnamed woman for a drink, then engaged her in a meaningful and purposed conversation. They talked of practical thirst, and then Jesus spoke of living water that satisfies eternally.

Not realizing who in the world she was talking to or what He was really chatting about, this woman asked for a full-to-the-tippy-top jar of living water so she would never be thirsty again. “Show me the money, Jewish man. I want some of that water because I am SO over making these constant trips to the well.” (Bless her! I mean, who wouldn’t want that? I get this woman. If I never had to buy groceries again I would be one happy girl!)

Then, in order to lovingly introduce this thirsty girl to the Living Water she longed for, Jesus redirected the conversation and asked her to go call her husband and come back (v. 16). Why? Because she didn’t have a husband and He knew it. She’d had lover after lover.

“I have no husband,” she replied.

Jesus said to her, “You are right when you say you have no husband. The fact is, you have five husbands, and the man you now have is not your husband. What you have said is quite true.” (John 4:17-18)

He called her out. As light invades darkness, this conversation instantly went from veiled and casual to exposed and personal. I imagine that she squirmed like crazy under her covering as she acknowledged that this man must be a prophet. Uncomfortable, she tried to change the subject by talking about religion instead of her rebellion. She told him,

“Our ancestors worshiped on this mountain, but you Jews claim that the place where we must worship is in Jerusalem.”

Jesus replied, “believe me, woman, a time is coming when you will worship the Father neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem. You Samaritans worship what you do not know; we worship what we do know, for salvation is from the Jews. Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks. God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in Spirit and in truth” (John 4:19-24).

What did Jesus mean by saying we must worship God in TRUTH?

The root word for truth in this verse is alēthia, which means, “hiding nothing”. So, to worship God in truth means that we are to come before Him, hiding nothing. {TWEET this!} It means that we must bare all to the One who sees and knows all. It means that we should come as we are, allowing our stained hearts to be made white as snow in the presence of our holy God who dwells in unapproachable light.

Friend, God is not looking for us to be religious and He certainly knows all about the rebellion that we try to hide. He knows when you flirt with that married man at work or with an old boyfriend on Facebook. He knows when you secretly put away shopping bags and throw away receipts before your husband gets home. He knows when you are sexually intimate with that boyfriend. He knows when you surrender to eating that entire bag of potato chips, when you cut yourself to anesthetize the pain, when you make yourself throw up after meals. He knows about that affair. He knows when gossip dances on your lips, and when your heart hangs on to unforgiveness, jealousy, anger, deceit, hatred, and ugliness.

He knows it ALL, and in His knowing He invites you to bring what is hidden into the Light so that you can to experience His restoring grace.

And then he calls us to more.

He calls us to a vulnerable, honest faith. To worship Him in humble awareness of our depravity, but with a sacred awareness of His grace and unfailing love that binds us to forgiveness, restoration, healing, peace, hope, and joy.

Today, let’s worship Him in spirit and in truth – hiding nothing.


Holy Father,
Oh, how I try to hide! Forgive me. Please fill me with Your living water and help me to know and live out Your truth. Lead me with Your Spirit, today.
In Jesus’ name, amen.


Where does this post find you today? If you’re ready to stop hiding in worship, make it known. CLICK HERE to leave a comment about what’s on your heart or just to say, “I’m done hiding!”

Thanks for going to deep heart places with me, friend. This is where God’s beauty is discovered and refined. Let’s keep seeking together.

Love and blessings,

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Gwen Smith

I am an unashamed, imperfect worshiper of Jesus Christ. I cling to His goodness to cover my mess and purpose my days to live out the hope of the Gospel. It is my joy and passion to inspire women to live fully in grace and truth. I write books, devotions and songs. I speak. I sing. I worship. I post, pin and tweet. I am intensely in love with the Word of God and believe, wholeheartedly, that the Bible is divinely inspired truth.


180 responses to “How Hiding Keeps You From Seeking”

  1. Diana Rena Richardson says:

    To God be the glory this really blessed me I thank God I’m no longer bound to my past that I am able to walk in the promises of God I hide for so many years behind fears , resentment, feeling not good enough, feeling not worthy didn’t love myself didn’t feel like I deserve God grace but I’m grateful for my every struggle I have because it reveal the true me and God use it for his glory I’m grateful I know who I am and who I belongs to I’m free no more bondage no more shackles I been set free but the grace of God Hallejuah.

  2. Rosa Asencio says:

    I’m done hiding! Im so tired of hiding from truth from happiness and from love. It’s like I carry guilt/shame around. And I was born again I have the holy spirit living on the inside of me I have been forgiven but I need help accessing it. No more trips around the mountain for me I want to face that thing head on!!! This was a great article

  3. Jen says:

    I am ready to step out of hiding! Lord save me from myself when the lies seem like too much. When I lie to myself and can’t recognize the truth or feel fear or condemnation, let me step out into the light. Let me go to You Lord and share with others in a healthy way as I declare the truth in victory!

  4. Roslyn Wright says:

    LORD I am So tired of hiding, So tired of being confused, So tired of trying to hold it together by myself with spit, string, and glue! I need YOUR HELP with it I’m not going to make it! Everyone has an opinion of what I should be doing and how and none of it is helping it is just making me more confused! I don’t know what to pray and how to pray it! I don’t when to fast, how to fast, and how much to fast! I just need YOUR Help! I’M TIRED OF HIDING AND TRYING TO BE WHOLE AND STRONG BY MYSELF!

    • Gwen Smith says:

      Roslyn, praying for you that you can relax in the Lord’s love for you. That you can remember that He doesn’t put all these expectations on you. He just wants your love and obedience. Just keep seeking Him. He will lead you. Drown out the voices that confuse you because they are not from the Lord.

  5. Bradie says:

    This article spoke to me in many ways thank you. Father lord you know my heart thoroughly, I have many things weighing heavily on me that I can’t quite figure out. The hurt I feel the misunderstanding, and confusion the hatred that tries to win me over and the peace and joy that I lack bringing me many insecurities bringing my lack of self confidence father I know youre the only one who can help me, I pray that you help me to let go of the ugliness and find your peace. Guide me to know I don’t have control of every situation and you see what’s happening before it does. I have my faith and trust in you father please help me. In Jesus’ name I pray amen.

  6. Sherry Kivin says:

    I “stumbled” across this and it spoke volumes to me! I know this is the Lords way of bringing me to my knees. I am so exhausted in hiding my feelings and I have come to the end where I just want to run away! From not being heard to having my feeling be dismissed and turned around on me. I’m fully in love with the idea of running…bolting…just leaving and hiding. I feel so alone! This is my very first ever post of my feelings on any media site and I have never shared any of this with anyone…

    I ask for prayer I keeping me from fleeing these emotions and my home

    Lord hear my heart please!

  7. Erica says:

    Lord you know every single chapter of my life from that little girl praying in her room seeking you at a very young age to that woman crying her heart out for you hoping you would listen to my prayers ASAP! I cannot hide my struggles from you, please make me a strong Christian woman so that my life can be an example for other to follow, specially my children. In this life thats full nagative darkness let me be a beam of light for people to know your great and wonderful power of Love!

  8. Betty Beck says:

    Thank you for all your great devotionals. Many encouraging truths are being presented. When I read about the woman at the well I see a woman who has been abandoned by five husbands. I don’t think women could divorce in those days. I see Jesus as showing compassion on her rejection, not so much condemnation. I’m not absolute on this but something to think about. Thanks again for your writings. Betty

  9. Babalwa Tlali says:

    I’m done with hiding I kept wearing that mask for a very long and God knows everything about me.Pray for and my family at times it seems as if I’m doing something wrong my family is scattered no peace.

  10. Constance says:

    I am asking for prayer. I desire to be a wife, and I struggle with being lonely.

    • Gwen Smith says:

      Constance, I am praying for you that the Lord will bring a wonderful man into your life, and also that you will seek Him and His ways first and foremost. He loves you more than any man could and wants to pour out His love onto you.

  11. Jill says:

    This devotional was great 1 Peter 5:7 is,my life verse..I struggle with anxiety not as bad as a use to but tonight it is hitting hard for some reason my body is responding to as well..But I say this verse over and over it helps☺

    • Gwen Smith says:

      Jill, I pray that your anxiety will fade away and that in the coming days and weeks it will disappear as you continue to lean on the Father.

  12. Megan Cornett says:

    I’m done hiding. I pray for forgiveness of my embarrassing shameful past, for the mistakes that I continue to fail God with, and for picking my burdens back up when I give them to God. I struggle with believing that I’m forgiven when my sins are so horrible. I know my God is mighty and merciful and full of forgiveness but I don’t feel worthy of that forgiveness.

    • Gwen Smith says:

      Megan, lean on the Father. Continue to throw those cares right back as his feet when they sneak back in. He loves you, dear sister.

  13. Sheila Williams says:


  14. Ana says:

    This devotional really touched me. I need His help stepping out in faith. Thank you for this timely devotional. God bless!

  15. Sheila Williams says:

    Such a inspiring word we need it everyday GOD BLESS KEEPCTHE WORK OF GOD GOING STRONG.GOD BLESS.

  16. Tabitha Sartor says:

    God I know I can not hide from you. I know you know about that married/ separated man that I have at my house God. I know you see all the confusion he brings into my life God, while I try to keep a clear mind God and stay focus on you God. I want you to put a hedge of protection around me God as I strive daily to line up with your Holy word. Thank you for being patient with me God and always reminding me that time is whining down and in order for me to live up to your expectations I have to wise up and step out on my faith in order for my situation to get in better. Thank you Jesus for everything you have done for me, my children. I thank you for restoring my family God It has being 7 months too long that my children have not being under my roof. Thanks you.

    • Gwen Smith says:

      Praying you will make the changes you need to make and that God will walk with you every step of the way!

  17. Marissa J says:

    No more hiding!! I try to hide my feelings from God even though He knows all. God wants a relationship not full of superficial and robotic worship. Thank you Gwen for this devotion! God bless

  18. Janice says:

    Pray for me please…I don’t want to hide anymore.

  19. Laura says:

    Slowly parts of my life have been revealed. I am a introverted extrovert which just means I have gotten good at hiding. There is a comfort in knowing He knows me. A hope that I can daily be free, but it comes daily. Praying for myself and my sisters in Christ that we will daily seek Him and tap in on that Power that gives us victory. BLESSINGS!

  20. Carol Mundy says:

    I am so done hiding! I am just praising God for these devotions he places in and on your hearts to share with us!! Always something comes across that speaks just to where I have been in my walk (and sometimes where I haven’t been where I should have been!) In all honesty, I am more than ready to let Him lead me in all aspects of my life, even the ones I have kept to myself thinking He’s just too busy to handle that for me, when He longs for us to have an intimacy with Him where nothing is hidden or “kept” from Him. He already knows the end from the beginning, so our trying to think we are being true followers of His while trying to actually keep things from Him is just well- a lot of crazy!

  21. Nicole says:

    This devotional was was just what I needed today. I am tired of hiding. I ask for prayer for restoration and a relationship with God. I also ask for prayer for my marriage, whatever the will of God is in it.

  22. Kimberly says:

    The story of the woman at the well was my story. This woman is my kindred spirit. I spent so much of my life hiding my sin, mocking God’s grace and mercy. Then 11 years ago, in the wee hours of the morning of July 15th, I had the woman at the well experience. Growing up in a family of faith, my grandfather was a pastor for almost 50 years until he passed away in 1997, I knew the Truth. But that experience, in the floor, on my face, a heap of nakedness before God that July morning changed my life forever. It was the day I TRULY became born again. We can hide nothing from God. Nothing. Yet, He loves us and wants us to be free, just like the woman at the well. Praise God!!!

  23. Brenda says:

    I am done hiding. God had already been dealing with me on some of my issues. You see I eat entirely to much food and it is harming my body, God’s Temple.
    Then I have this problem with sexual sin. I am single. I know it is wrong to have sex outside of marriage. but the very thing I should not be doing..is what I do.

    I get to agrivated at myself. Please pray for me. God knows my weaknesses. I should be stronger than this. But I am not.

    • Gwen Smith says:

      Praying that you will step out in faith and let God lead you on the path he has for you. His way may be tough at times, but a life without overindulgence in areas of food and sex will be a much better life for you.

  24. Linda says:

    Hid for yours. There is healing in the Light of the world.

  25. Linda Wolfe says:

    Your message was convicting. Things have not been going my way for quite some time but God called me out through you message because I was just thinking about cutting myself to release some of the pain I feel. I am clinging to this scripture. I am hurting but I need to give it all to God which is harder than is seems. We want to have control of it all. And yet really have control of nothing.

    • Gwen Smith says:

      Linda, I am so glad you found this devotional today! Please bathe yourself in the scriptures of Truth and in the knowledge that God loves you and will never harm you.

  26. Donna C. says:

    I am struggling with my late husband’s sister who has been hurtful and hateful towards me ans 1 of my sons since his death 3 yrs. ago. Basically she told me that I am no longer part of the family & to stay away from her mother & everyone else. She, however, calls my other son constantly making up all sorts of tales. I know I shouldn’t be mean-spirited or harsh in return. It hurts so much. I was married to my husband for 42 years. I try to pray. I suppose my own hurt feelings are in the way. Would you please pray for me? Just an FYI, she claims to be a born again believer. I know Jesus has saved me and redeemed me. What is wrong?

    • Gwen Smith says:

      Donna, cast your cares at Jesus’ feet. He will comfort and love us even when those we are related to don’t accept us. I know it’s hard for you to accept your former sister-in-law’s behavior because it’s so hurtful to you and to your son, but please pray for her. The Bible tells us to love our enemies. This can be such a tough thing to do, but when we love them and forgive them, then we have removed their hold on us. God wants you to be free from this burden. Release it to him today.

  27. Sonia Lafontaine says:

    I’m tired of hiding… and every time I tried to come out, I just land up stepping back. My self esteem has been crushed so bad from my first marriage of 27 years that I ask God to please allow me to see where I fell short.. why do I envy others, have jealous feelings with me new husband now and have insecurities, and feel like I can’t never change. I also struggle with a 30 year old son and my whole life has been about praying for him. I really want to get to that next level with Christ.
    Thank you for your devotions…

  28. Diane Carr says:

    I enjoy your bible study and readings and sharing in God’s Word. They have lifted me and inspired me. I have problems with depression and my daughter right now is dealing with a illness since January and the doctors can’t seemed to find the problem. It is hard because she is an adult and she has bills and can’t work because of this and she knows we can only help her in a place to live and food. She paid us rent but feels guilty because can’t do that but we are mananging. Please pray for us.

  29. theresa says:

    Thanks so much for your Devonal I needed it trying to trust God to provide my prayers and having faith in him

  30. Becky Meneses says:

    Thank you for this message. I have been praying for God to shine His light into the secret recesses of my heart. He has been faithful and the message brought to light an area of my life where I had been hiding. No BIG thing (?) but in God’s eyes it’s not big or little; it’s ALL black. The hiding receipts and purchases from my husband. Thank you for your word.

  31. Sheryl Mayo says:

    Thank you for this devotional, I needed to be reminded that we have an all knowing all seeing father. That EVERYTHING I for better or worse he sees, I need direction and the will of God to be crystal clear.

  32. Sandra says:

    I don’t hide from God. I know He knows everything I think, say,or do. I try to hide from myself, so I don’t have to feel the hurt and regret of past mistakes.

    • Gwen Smith says:

      Sandra, bask in God’s forgiveness and love. He doesn’t want you to hide from yourself. He wants you to cherish yourself as he cherishes you.

  33. Jamie says:

    Being a newlywed I am constantly in a learning curve. I have the Godly man I have always wanted after living so many years in abuse. But like most new wives I worry about everything. I am trying as hard a I can to be the biblical wife and do what God has written. But after not having that life for so many years it is hard so I worry about everything. With the scripture I understand that God is there for me and he will help me overcome and achieve what I so highly want.

    • Gwen Smith says:

      Jamie, throw those worries at Jesus. He can handle it. He knows your heart desires to be free from these things that worry you. Remember, with God, you’re already good enough for him. He loves you and he accepts you.

  34. Char Narcisse says:

    This devotion was eye opening. I have been hiding from church hurt. I have been hurt on numerous occasions at the ministry that I am a part of but I am called to be there so I am still there. Although the issues have been brought out in the open, the wounds are still there, so I find my self avoiding those that have hurt me, I don’t participate in events as much as I use to, in order to avoid being in close proximity to those that have hurt me. I pray a lot and can suppress it for a time but ever so often the pain of what I have experienced comes back. I know that it is the enemy that is trying to attack my mind with these thoughts, which is why I stay in constant prayer and study of the word of God. The reason that I avoid participating is because every time I forgive and try to move forward, I find myself being hurt all over again and I just refuse to continue to allow myself to continue to be hurt.

    • Gwen Smith says:

      Oh Char, I hurt for you. Ministry can be so tough. It’s tough enough when things are going well but when there are hurts, it’s just so tough. Allow yourself time to heal from these hurts. It’s okay to be a little guarded around the ones who have hurt you. Remember though to forgive them and to pray for them. When we let these grievances fester in our hearts, Satan is the only one who gets the victory. You want to be victorious over this. Keep trusting in God and let him hold your hand and lead you through this tough time.

  35. Mary Augustyn says:

    After reading I Peter 5:6-7 in the Amplified, my thought was that without Him I am nothing. With Him, I have everything. Humbling myself AND casting my cares on Him go hand in hand. As I let go of me and seek Him instead, Holy Spirit will reveal His way, His truth, so I can truly live for Him. Cares of this world won’t matter as I surrender to Him. Oh the goodness of His presence! Freedom is released! Joy returns! Hope is ignited!

  36. Anxiety seems to rule my life right now!!! My husband is ill and I am so worried about him. I picture in my mind lifting him up to Jesus and praying for healing and that I will have just a mustard seed of faith to have him healed. I know that good will come of this in time, but I am having a hard time not worrying.The bible says where there are 2 joined in prayer, so I am hoping for a few extra prayers.

  37. Kim Traynor says:

    I am NOT hiding nor running anymore. I’m standing before the Almighty GOD just as I am;and humbly admitting my sin and disobedience. And trusting completely that He’s heard my cry and has forgiven me. And is welcoming me back into His loving arms & holding me close. Amen

  38. Annette Hunter says:

    This just spoke straight to my heart.
    I have been praying for direction, this devotion is the 3rd common thread that showed me I am being set on a new and wonderful path….I am not hiding, but seeking.
    This is so amazing.
    The Samaritan woman, Rahab and Mary Magdalene are all women I can relate to and understand.
    Thank you for this….I don’t know if you will ever understand how this one devotion has touched and redirected my life.
    Love how God works.

  39. Laura Dunn says:

    The Samaritan Woman and Rahab are my favorite gal’s in the bible. I have alil bit of both. Never been a prostitute, but lead that life if you have the man in your life then the bedroom is part of it. The lies of the world that we think is just the normal thing to do. Until the Lord literally snatched me out of that mind set. I shutter to think of EVER believing that lie again. I ended a 7 year relationship that was meaningless when I realized HIS TRUTH and not mine. The Lord knows my weaknesses and the desires of my heart and so does Satan. Never forget that. I am so and I mean so grateful that the Lord never gives up and he will fight for us. I love knowing that I do not have to hide from him ever again! Amen

  40. Valerie says:

    How amazing God is to bring the same message my way, three times, through three messengers so I’ll know that I know that He sees me!
    I’m done hiding! I desire truth from my inside out! No more partial truths, no more seeing the bad in others before believing the best and no more flirting with sexual impurity! I confess it and ask God for forgiveness. Thank You for seeing me!

  41. Kristie says:

    If we are speaking to God during our times of rebellion, and greatly confessing for our sins, are we practicing living in spirit and truth?
    I have been trying to hold on to my faith, am I going about it the right way?

    • Gwen Smith says:

      Kristie, we are all going to sin, yes. It is hard in this world not to. But just keep seeking the face of God and asking him to reveal to you the sin in your life so that you can turn away from it. Let him know that it is your heart’s desire to walk in his truth and light.

  42. Susan says:

    I read your devotionals every morning and they always speak to me. This one really hit home. I try so hard to be a better Christian woman, mother, wife, friend, daughter… every day, but I fail miserably and then feel like I can hide it from our Lord. I know He knows, I also know He knows my heart, but sometimes, I’m so overwhelmed by life and all the hustle and my failures, I forget how to just bring it all to light, to Him, and accept His love and acceptance. Please pray that I can truly surrender all to Him. I long to. So badly, but my control and shame of my daily failures prevent my true surrender. Thank you for your encouragement and daily “light bulb” moments. I truly believe I have grown so much in my faith from this sisterhood.

    • Gwen Smith says:

      Susan, I pray that you will be able to accept God’s grace for your failures. We cannot be perfect, and we can’t let Satan have the victory when we fall short. Just remember that you may be falling short of your own expectations for yourself and not God’s. God is a loving God and he accepts you. He knows your heart. He longs for you to walk with him and to rejoice in his presence. When you’re bogged down with guilt and shame (especially when you’ve placed it upon yourself) you can’t live abundantly. I pray that you will be able to relax and fall back into the Father’s loving arms.

  43. Erin V says:

    I am done hiding!

  44. Yolonda says:

    Heavenly Father I want to be done hiding. Where do I start. So confused brown relationship. restore me oh Lird

  45. marianah says:

    I am done hidding it is so difficult everytime i try to clean up and stay focused on the cross its like all the men in my life get a memo and they keep coming back. I am guilty of flirting with marrried men and being the easy one to get.I am tired of trying to have a prayer life but its crippled by the guilt and shame. Thanks Gwen and the ladies here

    • Gwen Smith says:

      Marianah, I’m praying that God will give you the strength to resist the temptations of your old way of living. When you cry out to him and commit your way to him, there will be struggles, but just keep your eyes on him. Know that HE alone is your ultimate love. No earthly man can love you like HE does.

  46. Makeyta Scott says:

    I’m done hiding. Have often questioned the deeper meaning of worshipping in truth & Spirit…your explanation clarified, answered my uncertainty. Maybe that was the issue; making something so close to my grasp appear so far away. Thank you!

  47. Trinka says:

    I try to read your blogs every once in awhile to get perspective of what other ladies have going on in their lives. I was in ministry my whole life until a couple of years ago. Two divorces, struggling with drinking too much and bouts of Bulimia have kept me from getting back to it. I’m 50 and everyone would say I’ve got it ALL TOGETHER. Blah blah…I’m struggling every day to keep from longing to be with Jesus. Yes…I’m on anti-depressants….for 27 years….I wonder if their efficacy has worn off a bit. I’m lonely. No man. I have a great 13 year old son. And three adult daughters who are too busy to want to get together, even though we’re in the same town. Why can’t God take captive these thoughts of late? I know that is His Will. Why does the hurt in my neck and chest pervade? I need a lobotomy…to take out the negative and leave me with thankfulness. Oh Gwen. Thank you for your kind and compassionate heart. As much as I appreciate Mary and Sharon, I look forward especially to Friday’s GIG from you. Bless you for what you do.

    • Gwen Smith says:

      Lord, please comfort Trinka. Please show her your purpose for her life. Please help her to feel the love that you have for her.

  48. Kristi says:

    The 1 Peter versus were perfect today! We are soon transitioning to civilian life after almost 28 years in military service. Retirement from our current life will be quite a change. We are still uncertain where or what to do but know God has a plan for us. We are praying for patience and obedience to the path he has or soon will reveal to us…and to not be anxious in the meantime;).

  49. disqus_N58QJXoSNe says:

    Doing things, living life ‘my way’ hasn’t brought the satisfaction expected, until I confessed and took a good look on the inside that didn’t match up to His ways… and then the light and changed will to obey Him. It’s a sacrifice, and there’s a cost to yield…. but the peace, the rewards are incomparable joy of having done it! Let’s just DO IT1

  50. melissa says:

    I ask for prayer for forgiving others and not to hate them for what they are doing to my family. Please pray for guidance for me and my family. I trust God with all my heart but some days are really tough to handle, please pray for comfort.

    • againali says:

      Melissa, always remember that no matter what people do to you, say to you–or worse, say ABOUT you to other people, God knows the truth. God knows the truth! We needn’t worry what the world thinks. The Almighty Creator of the universe knows every tiny detail of our lives, and most of all, He knows our hearts. As Gwen says in the devotional above, nothing is hidden from Him. If you dwell in this place of knowledge, if you truly believe God’s promises to those who love Him, if your faith in Him contains not a shred of doubt,the truth of what those people are doing to your family will be revealed and God will vindicate you! I have been where you are, where my integrity was torn to shreds by a lie from a family member, so much so that at my lowest point, I wanted to end my life. Jesus (my hero!) raced in that very day to save me, and though the journey did not take place overnight, eventually on Christmas Day several years later, we forgave each other…and the power of God shone through like the brightest lighthouse beacon on the stormiest, darkest night! I will pray for you right now in my morning prayers. Hang in there, Melissa…He hears YOUR prayers, too! ❤️Lisa

    • againali says:

      Melissa. I don’t mean to sound weird, but while I was praying, I felt that God put it on my heart to tell you to give this situation to Him, to hand it over to Him every morning and to trust that He is powerful enough to do a great work and fix it. ❤️Lisa

    • Gwen Smith says:

      Lifting you up to the Lord!

  51. Rhonda Coleman says:

    I was trying to hide from God but he showed me he knows everything that I was doing and brought it out into the light and today I truly thank God for the things he has done in my life and for what e is about to do. I was angry and hurt at first but today I saw exactly why God did the things he did and why he did it. I asked him to do this, he just didn’t do it the way I wanted him to do it. God is good.

  52. Kam Reagan says:

    Thank you for the words this morning. I am guilty of several things on the list of what we try to hide. Thanks for reminding me that my Savior knows all.

  53. sarah jane walters says:

    I’m done hiding

  54. Gwen W. says:

    That was powerful. You brought a new facet to one of my favorite scriptures. There are times in my life, especially when I’m convicted to let something go. He has convicted my heart about smoking. My first answer is yes but how. So I tried and failed again and again all the time avoiding my intimate time with him due to shame. One day He said to me,”I took your shame on the cross. I didn’t leave you helpless, nor expect you to do it on your own. You’ve already seen that isn’t possible. Come into my presence as you are and I will take the desire. My love will fill that void.” As i spend time with Him the desire for anything else has grown dim. The only reason it has taken time is because i had a DIY mindset, allowed the enemy to shame me and was in the process of learning how to receive His love. As moms we are the givers….its time to receive. Religion tells us we have to earn His love. The Spirit of God becomes us as we are and the Father actually gets so excited to see His children come home. He prepares a feast, gets out the finest robe and puts a signet ring on our finger to make us His. He embraces us with open arms and kisses us gently on the cheek. He sings praises over us! Think about that for a moment. 🙂

  55. Rebecca says:

    I never thought about that aspect of worship, but it makes sense. Since He already knows everything about me, why do I think I can hide stuff?

  56. Phyllis says:

    Thank you for the great devotion. You hit me hard, but Jesus gently picked me up. He knows it all. And that is sometimes scary. I am not perfect, but need to be holy. I love your devotions. May God continue to speak mightly to you. In His love, Phyllis

  57. Linda A says:

    I am done hiding!

  58. shacklesandchains says:

    whats on my heart-is lots of raw pain-this pain is from wrongdoers who think that what goes around won’t come around back to them.They think the innocent will always pay their price,but I know GOD and I know when he speaks does come-with all that he promises.what needs to come to pass.God wouldn’t be God if SIN has no PUNISHMENT added to it.I have let GO GOD AND LET YOU do for me,bring me the peace and happiness I need to continue towards you,AMEN.

  59. Lady D says:

    I thank God for this timely devotion today – In my prayer time this morning I asked the Holy Spirit to help stay focus during my worship time in church. I find myself looking around instead of focusing on him and sharing all with him, I call that hiding. Please pray that i be more open in my worship and prayer so that I can be baptize with the Holy Ghost.

    • Gwen Smith says:

      Praying for you that this week at church you will experience a worship like you’ve never had before!

  60. Diane says:

    I am done hiding! from so much! always feeling like if people knew who I really was I would be ashamed and so embarrassed as I am!

  61. Lori says:

    I have always hidden, felt invisible, ashamed, unworthy of love and forgiveness. But God is teaching me not to hide, to accept my imperfections and failures while at the same time calling out to Him for healing and deliverance. I am learning to reach out in spite of the messes in my life. It is a long, painful, broken road, but I am thankful for it all. I am thankful for Gods love and faithfulness, and I am so thankful for the GIG messages every day. Please pray for me, that I can learn to shine Gods light to the hurting people I meet every day.

  62. Garrett says:

    Indeed Jesus came not to condemn us with every wrong word, deed or thought we have. Jesus came for us, to save us. We need not escape nor hide. He loves us immensely and for us to experience love like that we need to seek Him through our busy bustling messy worldly lives. That’s the only time salvation meant something to me. That’s the only time the name Jesus became personal.

  63. Brenda says:

    Thank you for this message. I am right now in a relationship to where I feel I am not worthy of being loved by him nor deserve it. I need help. I have found myself in a deep depression these days. It hurts to love some one and he doesn’t trust. Where you are constantly having to prove yourself to him that you are worthy. Please pray for me. I am broken

    • Phyllis says:

      Pick up your cross, sis. God has a special plan — just for you! And you are the apple of HIS eye. Ask God to continue to watch over you and what does HE want for you. love ya sis!

    • Gwen Smith says:

      Brenda, you are so beautiful and loved by God. You deserve to be loved and respected. I pray you will be able to cast that spirit of depression out of your heart and mind and that you will take hold of the goodness the Lord has for you.

  64. Melisa says:

    Thank you so much for this … I AM DONE HIDING!! Please pray for me.. My husband and our three sons Isaiah 17 Callum 14 and Jacob 9… No more hiding .. Lord help me

  65. Hattie Irving says:

    I have finally made up my mind to leave my marriage, i have hid to long for over 25 years of drug abuse and my husband continues to abuse drugs, so i am leaving and i believe that God will see me through Will no longer Hide. pray for me

    • Diane says:

      I admire you for your strength. I am not there yet. But I am trying to love myself enough and know that this will come if I keep praying and loving God. I am suffering with depression as well. My husband has abused prescription drugs on and off since we’ve been married. 17 years.
      I know you will find the continued strength through God and prayer. I will pray that you find peace and happiness and continued strength.

    • Gwen Smith says:

      Praying for God to lead you!

  66. Momma_Jo says:

    I wish I didn’t try to pick up what I think I’m done with again and again but I do. I feel hopeless at times and my tears don’t make it any easier but I want to be done. I want to be done for the last time but somehow I feel that the only “last time” will be when I am gone from this existence and can worship him without all these earthly distractions. It’s funny how everything you mentioned fit me to a T. I think I’m hiding stuff but my husband knows when I get new shoes even though I have 100 pair. My sickness runs deep and long and loud. Thank you Jesus that you forgive.

    • Gwen Smith says:

      Lifting you up today that you will be fully healed and that you’ll step into God’s path for you.

  67. Theresa gilbert says:

    I’m done hiding gossip at work. Behind the bosses and employees !!

  68. Janet Laluk says:

    I’m done hiding.

  69. peggy says:

    I am 55 yrs old and have always referred to myself as the “woman at the well” y life has truly been a torment of my own doing., so much hurt that I’ve caused and that has been done to me that so much bitterness has tried to harden my heart… I don’t want to hide anymore please pray for me ..I know God can I’ve seen many miracles… But forgiving myself is something I struggle with daily…I read Girlfriends in God everyday and pray someday I can be a light to those in the darkness I am in!!!

    • Gwen Smith says:

      Peggy, praying for you that God will lift you out of your pit and set your feet on higher ground.

  70. Elaine Kovacik Tomasello says:

    I AM DONE HIDING!! All my life I have always been the person that no one notices – a ghost. Nobody ever sees me so nobody ever knows me. But not anymore. The LORD has filled me with the light of His love and grace. People notice that so they notice me. Hallelujah!!! A new day has dawned!!

  71. Janet says:

    Wow…thanks Gwen. This was so timely with a CD is was listening to on the way to work today. I am so imperfect and mess up all the time. Praying for renewal and making God my Hiding Place, where I take all my imperfections and mess ups to Him and lay it at His feet! Thank you, thank you.

  72. Anissa says:

    I’m done hiding! I have trouble with anxiety. I pray often concerning my troubles and act like I leave it in the Lord’s hands, but then I get nervous about whatever again. Please pray for me.

    • Elaine Kovacik Tomasello says:

      I know how you feel. I also have trouble with anxiety & panic attacks. It is a constant struggle for me. But I always pray that God will give me His strength to trust Him & let it go! I am praying for you Anissa!! I know the Lord is with you and He will be your strength!! God bless you always!!

    • Gwen Smith says:

      Anissa, please allow the Lord to comfort you and to fill you with Truth. Throw those cares and anxieties at him. Let him take you into his loving arms.

  73. Maria Willingham says:

    Thank you for this topic! I love how God Almighty allows us to come to Him with all our imperfections in tow, willing to love us anyway…Thank you Lord

  74. Margarita Moore says:

    I am done hiding and accepting his Amazing Grace. He is an Awesome King who loves us so much.! Thank you Gwen for being God’s tool to bring us this. I love you.

  75. Judy Lindsay says:

    I am done hiding! It is amazing how God cements a conviction of sin! I prayed for some of these this morning and am now reading the conviction again! He is an Awesome God.

  76. Linda says:

    I am not hiding why hide He knows all and that makes me stop and think and not do something I must hide from!

  77. CL says:

    I have hidden in my addiction to food with binge eating and purging. I am done hiding I want to be healed and walk free in Him.

    • Gwen Smith says:

      Yes! Freedom is HIS plan for you, CL. I encourage you to tell a trusted friend today who can pray with you and help hold you accountable to continue in the direction of healing and freedom.

      Only by Grace,

  78. Deborah Jackson says:

    I’ve always been different & never fell into the religious mode. Now that I am older & been through more that God has brought me through, I rejoice in serving Him with openness & honesty. God is so faithful even when we are faithless.

  79. Shapea says:

    I pray to serve God with a true heart and willingness. To be free of my ugliness and guilt and live the life he has for me. Father God give me for the wrong I do and because I think it’s so small you might not notice. Amen

    • Gwen Smith says:

      Lord, Please help Shapea to step forward in your plans for her. Allow her to fuel her heart and desires from the deep well of your Word. Bind her to truth and grace that is rooted in Christ. Strengthen her for the journey and shine brightly through her life as she seeks you. In Jesus’ name, amen.

      Blessings, Shapea!

  80. leann says:

    I am tired of hiding, I am tired of my half truths, validation seeking, loneliness, depression, rejection and self pity. I came to Him broken many years ago and I felt the flood of humility rush through my veins. I feel as if I have stepped off the wave of living water. I know better I know where the path of darkness leads me but at least today I have faith, hope and an awareness that also leads me back to His light. Thank you for your blogs. ……they save my soul which directly has saved my life.

    • Gwen Smith says:

      Leann, just keep on chasing after Jesus. Every time you feel like going toward the darkness, turn around and follow him. He’s got so much more out there for you.

  81. MollyGirl says:

    I need help with fear & trust

  82. yvonne says:

    I can certainly relate to this. I know God sees what I’m doing and really what I am going to do before I do it. I’ve had times where I felt I needed to “hide” and refrain from telling the whole truth. I do think it is a matter of trust . There are times when we are told not to tell everything to “Fools”. I know God balances me and I love worshipping Him . I don’t want there to be any barrier between God and me. The Bible says if we confess our sins He will forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. After doing this my worship of Him will go straight to His heart.

  83. elaine says:

    warm feelings when i read your stories. Indeed i need a prayer as i am going to start a in home business. I put a lot of money into this and pray it was the right thing to do. Please pray for me,

  84. Luanne Nace Shirling says:

    I enjoy these morning devotions I read them at my desk before the work day begins and when God wants to get my attention they align with my morning study – like today. I understand God sees and knows all we do but just as we tell our kids to tell us what they did wrong God wants us to confess our wrongs to him yep very hard to do but then forgiveness is so sweet and I find I am less likely to make the same mistake again.

  85. Freda says:

    I have been following these devotions for about 7 years now and it has helped me so much. This is how I start my morning. This one really hit home. I know that God knows, sees, and hears everything. It is always a good to get a reminder to let me know hey, you need to be truthful to God and yourself and live the way he wants you to. Thank you so much Gwen this really has blessed me this morning 🙂

  86. Hulda says:

    thank you ineed help with fear issues

  87. Susan says:

    Can i ask a ? What does it mean to pray in the spirit and truth .? Somebody told me it was praying in tongues. But that doesn’t make sense to me

  88. Jennifer Barnett Chapman says:

    I am overwhelmed and frustrated with my job and our struggles to be financially stable at home. I don’t understand why I feel that I’m bound to my job on a ball and chain. Must I sacrifice my health and happiness for job security and retirement? No matter how much my husband and I talk I don’t feel that he understands my frustrations. I have no desire to stray from my marriage no matter what. God gave me my husband for a reason, we just need to work together. I just feel like I’m hopeless when it comes to work and not sure if I’m. Doing God’s calling. I know I need help but not sure where to turn. Yes I pray but I’m still bitter inside.

  89. Caroline Lim says:

    Hi Gwen
    I have been following you and your girl friends in God for the past year now. I haven’t commented before but felt it was time I dd. You have all really helped and inspired me to reconnect with God. A year ago I crashed emotionally exhausted by the pressures and expectations of living life in this world. I have been seeing a psychotherapist who has helped me to make time for myself which means making good quality time to spend with God. I am done with living half heartedly and longing like you to live wholeheartedly for God. Todays bible message highlighted to me how much I tend to submit to life’s circumstances instead of to God who is the controller of them.

    • Gwen Smith says:

      LOVE this, @disqus_nzSCdjqUKS:disqus! Keep moving in His direction. This is exactly where He wants you – and I am confident that if you continue to seek and submit to His leading, you will find yourself with a heart that is set on His glory.



  90. Cherrita says:

    My God,
    This has truly been a blessing this morning! Through the night I was asking God to help me completely surrender to Him. I asked Him what was I missing. What did I need to do. My answer came in your blog. Truth – nothing hidden. I discovered some hidden anger, resentment, and unforgiveness towards my nephew. I pray God to help me surrender these emotions and allow my heart to heal.

  91. Beth Hake Innerst says:

    Wow, I didn’t realize how much I hide from my husband. I just went to the grocery store last night and hid the receipt from him! I’m going to search to see where this fear comes from – that I feel I need to hide things. Thanks for bringing that into the light!

  92. Sharon Kondas says:

    I’m done hiding. Today’s devotional was a very eye opener for me. I know God knows my evryt thought and all that I do but I still have a thought if I don’t talk it over with Himm or dont confess its hidden. It is about just letting go and being truthful with God and letting Him have His proper seat in my heart.

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