A Choice That Changes Everything

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Prov 3.5 V2

My husband and I were in a waiting period. His company had gone through a merger and was collapsing positions and territories, which left his employment in jeopardy. For months we didn’t know if Brad would keep his job or if he would need to look for another one. During that time, we had to choose to trust God.

Choosing to trust God is so daily, isn’t it?

When I only looked at the “what-ifs” of Brad’s job situation – the possible unemployment, the grueling process of job-hunting, the financial strain unemployment would bring, and the uncertainty of the economy – my faith and God-confidence shook and waned. Fear and doubt knocked on my heart, suitcases in hand, wanting to move in and take up residence.

On the other hand, when I fixed my eyes on God, looked at His character and at the ways He had brought us through hard times in the past, my faith was strengthened. Courage, confidence and joy knocked on my heart!

They are much better residents!

The Old Testament book of Ruth features the heart-warming story of Ruth and Naomi: two women who faced difficult circumstances and an uncertain future. Following the death of her husband and sons, Naomi decided to move back to her homeland of Israel. Though she freed her daughters-in-law to stay in their home country of Moab and re-marry, Ruth refused to leave Naomi’s side.

Determined and loyal, Ruth held tightly to the mother-in-law she loved deeply and to the God of Israel whom she now called her own. Though our natural tendency in hard times is often to try to go it alone, I’ve learned from Ruth, and from my own experience, that in turbulent times it’s vital that we hold fast to our faithful God and to the ones we love.

“Look,” said Naomi, “your sister-in-law is going back to her people and her gods. Go back with her.”

But Ruth replied, “Don’t urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God. Where you die I will die, and there I will be buried. May the Lord deal with me, be it ever so severely, if anything but death separates you and me.” When Naomi realized that Ruth was determined to go with her, she stopped urging her” (vv. 15-18).

Eventually, God breathed hope into the souls of Naomi and Ruth through their kinsman-redeemer, Boaz. The book of Ruth goes on to tell a fascinating account of how God lovingly cared for and blessed Naomi as He used the faithful friendship and kindness of Ruth to “renew her life and sustain her” (4:15). She traveled back to Bethlehem as a broken, depressed and hopeless widow but was comforted and restored by the loving hand of God.

Like Naomi, when I experience difficult times – like the one Brad and I were facing a few years ago – I have to choose to trust God. Some days I choose well. Some days I don’t. Choosing to TRUST is essential. 

When we make the choice to trust God it changes everything.

How can we choose to trust God?

We decide in our hearts.

I’ve found that my courage to trust is bolstered by playing praise music, meditating on God’s goodness, reading Scripture, and praying. Those things collectively renew my mind and strengthen my faith.

No matter what challenges you face today, take comfort that God knows every issue on your heart and is able to shoulder your burdens. Hold fast to the faithful One. Your challenges do not fall outside the scope of God’s ability to intervene. (TWEET THIS if you believe it!)

God is mysterious, He’s powerful, and He’s able!

When you lift your eyes from your situation and fix them on your Savior – when you choose to trust Him – you will find peace in the pain and strength in the struggle.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways acknowledge him,
and he will make your paths straight.”
(Proverbs 3:5-6)

Dear Lord, You know exactly where I am right now and You know the circumstance of my life. Please give me the courage to be gracious in my relationships, and help me to trust You today. In Jesus’s name, amen.

Mountain Maker


Go back and read the book of Ruth. (It’s only 4 chapters!)

If you struggle with trusting God, know that you are not alone. CLICK HERE to leave a comment answering this question: WHAT OR WHO IS IT THAT YOU NEED TO TRUST GOD WITH TODAY?

Need prayer? CLICK HERE to leave a prayer request as a comment, then pause to PRAY for and encourage a few other people who posted before you.

Today’s post is an excerpt from Trusting God by Sharon Jaynes, Gwen Smith and Mary Southerland. Ready to choose to trust on a whole new level? Click here to order a copy of our GiG book, Trusting God, A Girlfriends in God Faith Adventure.



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  1. hello everyone i will like for you too please pray and fast as I shall also pray and fast God will be done that my ex boyfriend who is suffering from alcoholism will turn his life around in Jesus name and we will have a desire mind to want to settle down and get married and live the way God said man and woman she live and his name thank you.

  2. Me and my husband have been separated since dec 2012 I know that GOD can restore our marriage my husband has traveled down a wrong road and has got involved with a lady and they are doing a ministry of singing in church he is still my husband and he needs to find GOD in his life because the word of GOD never changes I have gave us to GOD and I know he will make a way and he is in control.

  3. Please pray for my brother-in-law who is a drug addict. He overdosed a week ago but God spared him. He tries to live a Christian life but can’t break the addiction. He is now in a treatment facility.please pray this helps him break the cycle. My sister needs prayer also, she has so many health problems and now is so depressed because of him and their situation. We, her family, are at our wits end as to try to help them. We are all Christians and hold them up in prayer daily, but it seems to just get worse. It’s so sad. Please, please pray for their family.

  4. Please pray for my family – my husband’s company just dissolved his division. So he is not out of a job. This came out of left field and we were not prepared. I am struggling with worry and anxiety. I want to be strong for my husband and want to trust in the the Lord. But I am very afraid.

  5. Please pray for me and my husband. We haven’t had a great marriage but now he just said that he wants a separation and said he has so much resentment that he is not able to forgive me. Please pray that God can change his heart and that God can restore our marriage.

  6. Thank you all for your encouraging comments. Kindly pray for the revelation of God’s purpose and achievement of the same in my life. Been feeling rather like Moses in Midian… praying for a burning bush and the heart to answer “Yes Lord” when called!

  7. Please pray for my family. My sister’s twelve year old son died suddenly and it has been difficult on our whole family. She has been separated from his Dad and there is much anger, blame, and bitterness from his family as they are seeking revenge. Please pray that my nephew’s death doesn’t push my sister over the edge but that she can see God’s love for her and that He is there to carry her through. Help me continue to be a light and witness to her.

  8. i need to trust God in everything but its hard for me to believe He would do for me when i sin daily my debt to income is crashing my faith i just started serving GOD i got saved in 2008 but no one told me what to do after that but now i know and i need help in trusting Him im lost in how ti pray and believe in what im praying for thanks for letting me share God bless

  9. This message speaks to the needs of my heart tho trust God. I know I need Him, He has done great things thru me already however I need to consciously choose Him daily, His Word, His Grace & Mercy over my situations in a mighty way e v e r y day! Oooh Glory to Your name. Please pray for my conviction to trust God so that I don’t lean on my own understanding. Also please pray for my daughter a beautiful young lady who is has been blessed to be able to live on her own. She has a big heart & there are some who take deliberate advantage of her heart. My prayer for her is that she clings tho her foundation of trusting God, for a blessing of discernment to grow in her walk with God thru Jesus Christ & to realize everybody don’t have the same heart as she does & even though they look like they are living & they should be living under His Will, there are some of them who are not & she might need tho separate herself from them so she don’t get separated from His Will in her life. She may be able to go back & really help them later to grow their walk with Jesus (if & only if that be God’s will) In the mighty name of Jesus Amen.

  10. Please pray for my family. My husband has been out of work for two years. Is struggling with God and with depression and neck & back pain. Our marriage is hanging by a thread. It is taking a toll on our 3 children in different ways. My 17 year old tries to be perfect and is hard on herself when not. My 12 year old son is trying to make sense of it all and my 15 year old daughter has had a battle with cutting and now I see her not eating and saying she is not beautiful. I am trying to hang on to God and find my strength in Him but feel I am failing miserably at being the wife and mother HE has called me to be. Grateful if you would lift us all in prayer. God bless!

    1. Lifting you up in prayer. Praying for a job for your husband and that he will overcome the depression and health issues. Also praying for your marriage and your three children who are struggling.

  11. Proverbs 3:5-6 is my favorite scripture verse. It is the one that always makes me stop in my tracks! Today I need to trust God with my and my husbands relationships with our teenage daughters. Sometimes I feel helpless and hopeless, but then God uses someone to get me back on track. Thank you, Gwen. I know that God is going to get our family through this difficult phase and that our family will once again be a team. I pray for each and every one of you to “trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6

  12. Dear Gracious Father You see all the needs for prayer that have been posted here. So many are desperately seeking answers to their prayers. I pray oh God, that You would strengthen their faith as they wait for Your answer. I pray that they would know that You are a God who is greater than any problem they may face. That nothing surprises You. You are a God who is merciful and loving. A God who desires an intimate relationship with His children. I pray that You would bring peace in the midst of their storm. And help them to know that You are sovereign over all. I pray in Jesus name, Amen.

  13. Please pray for these prayer request …thank you so very much

    1. Please continue to pray for my cousin Seng’s health. Please pray for my dad; he is having sore pain along both legs due to loading, unloading, lifting, and pulling. My dad is a CDL driver so works hard and travel alot. For my mom, grandma, as well as Seng and my dad for healing, strength, protection, and travel mercy.

    2. Please continue to pray for Mek my 8 yr. Old whomhas ADD and has learning disability. Pray that whatever is hindering him from learning will depart from him

    3. Pray for Mit, my dad, stepmom, uncle albert, and uncle Alexander for them to know God. Give them their eternal salvation.

    Lastly, pray for my school that will begin on the 25th, mit’s job search, financial stability, the kids that they will have self-control to being self-obedient and self guides as well as our whole family spiritual growth.

    (Most Important) Pray that Mit will have a personal relationship with God and that he could become a a Godly father to a Godly husband to a Godly Man that God wants him to be.

    Thank you
    Sending Love&Peace to All

    Evelyn N.

    Thank you Very Much and Have A Bless Day

    1. Dear Father I come to you on behalf of Evelyn and her family. I pray that they would put their trust in You. As they face trials, may their faith be strengthened. Father, I pray that they would not grow tired or loose heart, but rather may they find strength and peace in Your presence. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  14. I have been unsuccessful at finding answers to a debilitating health issue for more than 2 years. I am struggling with remaining hopeful to ever find normal again. I remind myself to keep my trust in the Lord and I know He can change anything. My search for answers has led to nothing- I am struggling to know if I keep looking for help elsewhere and does this mean that i am not trusting God or am i to trust God but still actively try to help things myself?

    1. Father, I pray that you would bring wisdom and clarity to Lesley. As she seeks to know Your will for her life and for her health. I pray that You would give her clear direction. I pray that You would lead her to the truth that she seeks. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  15. We have been dealing with alot of small stuff that have piled up to a huge thing and it’s becoming very difficult to stay positive and keep our faith. Job loss, financial hardships, daycare issues, weight struggle, self esteem, 5 children that need so much, no real friends, work problems, housing market, home issues, etc…we feel like we just can’t catch up to the life that is rolling faster and faster. I’m so discouraged and reading this late last night made me feel better until I woke up this morning. I am thankful for all that GOD has/is doing for us. We really need him to pour some blessings down for our family. Thank you for this opportunity to have someone pray for us. I am praying for the others on here as well

  16. Please pray. I have a TBI. I am struggling to get all straight in my brain. My husband was gone four days and I realized again how much my hubby does to care for me. Tomorrow morn the 30th he has a five and a half hour surgery or longer on his neck. Voice box moved, nerves moved and vertebrae taken out, burs ground smooth and cartiledge scraped away, donor vertebrae are put in with the center part of my husbands
    Pray lengthy surgery goes well and I getbcare as I need it too.

    1. Father, I lift up Gwen to You along with her husband. I pray that you would provide healing and a swift recovery. I praise You because You are the Great Physician. May Your will be done. All praise and honor belong to You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  17. Please pray for my husband’s salvation, our marriage and family relationships. My husband is pursuing a divorce after 32 yrs of marriage and it has fractured our family.

  18. Follow up mammogram on Wednesday at 11:30am for more testing. First one was done Friday to a call back today Monday surprised me. Praying for complete healing if needed and for God to show mercy and grace and give peace to me right now. I’m not gonna lie… Little freaked out today…. Then read this devotional tonight and it totally speaks to where Iam at… And proverbs 3:5-6 is my favorite verse.

    Already went through brain cancer with my husband 7 years ago and praise God he is doing wonderfully… But this dark Cloud of medical heaviness just doesn’t seem to leave. Isuremy dads health is bad my brother is having blackout with is eye and brother in law is fighting a brain tumor right now.

    Move God move! Heal God heal! Peace God peace!

  19. I have been having a really difficult time trusting in God’s
    provision over my life for the past year. I know that I am greatly blessed in
    so many aspects of my life and I feel terrible when I think and read about
    others’ hardships. I feel spiritually weakened by my constant anxiety over certain
    areas in my life. Please pray that I draw closer to God during this time of
    testing and that I find rest in Him.

    Thanks for the Devotion, it was very applicable to my prayer
    time/ reflection tonight.

  20. Dear God, I pray for those on this page and others struggling as I am today. I need you, God. You know my struggles, my selfish ways, my sins, and my needs. Please forgive me and lift me up so that others may see you in me. Amen

  21. Please pray for me and my son Keegan .He is struggling to find a job. He is getting very despondent and sometimes depressed. Pray that the Lord will provide him with a job and please don’t also pray for guidance and wisdom for me to deal with this situation. Thank you Magda

  22. Please pray for God to guide me through a difficult divorce mediation process, wisdom to know how to handle my husband’s high conflict personality, and courage to stand strong and protect my daughter’s best interests. thank you!

  23. I am not perfect, i struggle with doubt, disbelief, unforgiveness, addiction amongst so many other issues… The past 1 1/2 i just gave up and my family fell apart… Everyday i try my best and little by little God has shown me mercy and im sure He is doing so much more but i feel cold and its very frusterating because it wasnt like this before i would pray and fast and experienced Gods hand to move in my favor especially with my family…my family and i need prayer desperately. For my kids and their father… Our family.

  24. Asking for prayer for my 16 year old daughter, who recently announced that she no longer believes in God, due to the recent turmoil in our lives, and all that happening to the innocent people around the world.

  25. Hello I am asking for prayer for my daughter and I. I am a single mother of an 8 month old daughter. I had been going back to school before her birth, and had continued after her birth. Now I can no longer do that because of childcare. With that being said we are patching together jobs barely making it. We are in desperate need of a new car but have no money to purchase one. (unless we can sell ours.) I am just tired and worn down by our situation. Asking for prayer to continue in God’s strength. Thanks

    1. Dear Alyssa,
      You are His beloved and you are also destined for greatness.
      I would like to take the same approach to your prayer request as I did for Godsgirl.
      It is written that we are to submit to God, resist the devil, and he must flee. (James 4:7)
      So I say Devil, get your hands off Alyssa’s money. Get your hands off the sources of her money. I bind you in your works and I loose God’s blessings of money. In Jesus name! Amen! Thank you Lord 🙂
      Hugs with love,

  26. I ask for prayer for my marriage. My husband has had an affair for a year. I found out about a month ago. We are leaders in a church. This last month has been very hard for me to overcome. My husband and I have decided to seek counseling and try to restore our marriage. It has not been easy but I have found courage and strength in our Lord and Savior every day just to get me thru today. I choose to TRUST God! Thank you Gwen for your words they encourage me to keep my eyes on God and not on my circumstances.

  27. Thank you Gwen for the message. I am trusting God to provide my husband with a job. I know He is faithful and His words are yea and amen. I want to full trust God

  28. So, after receiving another bill I’m not sure how I’m going to pay, or have the hard money talk with my husband, I started lamenting to God. Mostly, about my inability to trust in Him. I came downstairs to message my a friend back and read my email and there this was in my inbox. Now, I’m typing this bawling like a baby. Trying to loosen the knots around my heart and trust the Lord. Isn’t it funny how he works.

  29. Hi Gwen,

    I broke up with my boyfriend couple of weeks ago because I felt I should move away from his life so that he can find God himself.

    I am sure our Lord will save him from perishing.I know deep within it’s God’s will for me and I am happy I could gather courage to get out of a non ideal relationship.

    I have found peace yet I experience great sorrow at times.

    Please pray for my friend Jonathan too that he becomes a believer and seek for his baptism soon.


    – Love

  30. Dear lord Jesus I am placeing my trust in you I believe you only want what is best for me and my children. Lord I do not know what their dad has planed in his heart and I do not know what the future holds. He is filled with evil and selfish motives and I trust that you have tooken hold of my hand and that you will lead me safely out of this evil. I thank you Jesus in advance for making my paths straight. I choose you Jesus and want to spend the rest of forever with you. Use my life for your glory. Heal all of my open wounds and lead me to the right path in Jesus name I pray and say amen there is power in prayer and I thank god for hearing me. I claim victory through Jesus Christ my lord and savior.

  31. 1st I want to say thank you Gwen for your blogs, they’re truly a blessing. Oh Your songs are just as great. OK my 2 prayer requests are I need a major spiritual over haul and healing from migraines. I thank you in advance and May God bless.

  32. Pray for good news from the specialist I will be going to about the low red blood cell count and the fact that the ones that are there do not look right. Thanks..

  33. I am a single mom who’s hve been illegally evicted frm my home. I also take care of my elderly father, I’m hving a hard time trusting God and hving let doubt and depression come in idk wht to do anymore it’s a hard place when u dnt hve anyone to turn to. Or a place for u and ur kids. Please keep me lifted up in really hving issues even praying reading I’m just lost right now. I need a way out.

    1. HM the way out of a mess is give to God at his feet and leave it there trust God and know everything is going to be okay. In his time everything will happen to the good if we fully trust in him God is our provider just pour everything out to God and then praise him for whats coming to your good Praise Him Praise Him!!!! I am praying with you don’t give up trust in God in Jesus Name Amen

  34. My heart hurts. My husband is struggling with unemployment and feelings of failure. I haven’t worked outside the home since making the decision years ago to stay home with our boys when they were young. I am willing to do whatever is necessary to help my husband, but I am overcome with my own feelings of inadequacy, with no recent job experience and at my age, it seems hopeless that I could get a job that would pay enough to survive. We are debt free, but our savings has dwindled to nothing. With no jobs, we feel trapped because we will not be approved for a new rental, and our current place is way too expensive and hard to maintain. I trust in the Lord’s provision completely, but I am feeling overwhelmed, tired and weary. This has been an ongoing situation for about 5 years, but my husband has always managed to obtain day/contract work in his chosen career field as a corporate pilot, but that is not the case now. He hasn’t flown at all since the first of the year. Please pray that I will be able to fulfill my role as helpmate in whatever manner God leads. Also please pray that my husband will find employment soon. Thank you, and God bless every woman who has found her way here today and Lord, please meet the needs of each of them where they are right now. In Jesus’ name, AMEN!

  35. Please pray for my son Ryan. He is facing financial struggles and is dealing with health issues as well. I am sad and discouraged as a mom and apprecaited your prayers.

  36. Lord, help me trust and let go if I need to. I don’t want to hold on to things out of fear. If it’s Your will for me to stay, then allow me to have peace and see the changes I need to see. Jesus cover us with your blood and heal us.

  37. Please pray for me! I know God is there I just need to feel close to him again. There is do much going on in my life and I am truly scared. I’m one who worries 99% of the time and I really need to learn to trust more! Please pray for me and everything our family is going through!

    1. Jesus told us that in this life we would have troubles. He also told us to trust the Lord with all our might. Peace be with you as you seek Him.

  38. Overwhelmed in PA
    I am having troubles on many levels- physical,financial, emotional. I am only getting 3 hours of sleep some nights, then I drag through my days like a zombie. I am disabled at a young age and suffer from anxiety and depression. I hate to ask others for help, and I know that God has his reasons for all this suffering, but if someone feels like praying for me I would surely appreciate it. I spend time on my knees every night and get mad at myself for questioning God about my struggles. Others have it worse than me, but there is no request too small to ask out Heavenly Father to listen to. Thank you.

  39. Please, pray for me for a financial breakthrough. I was recently interviewed for a position, which is the right fit for me. I’ve been deeply concerned. I’m trusting God to make a way.

    Thanks, tina

  40. Prayer for open doors concerning employment. I was offered a position with a company but an opening was not available. Its been difficult at times to trust God waiting for the opening….the call with start date. Trying not to look at all the bills which are due and not allowing feat to set in. I know that God is providing and showing he’s taking care of all things these past 3 months. I know this is the direction God is taking me. Trusting waiting and total dependency has been my journey. My prayer is I will keep my eyes on Christ and not doubt God is my provider.

  41. I am in the midst of so many life issues and have been for so long that I’m really struggling to trust God while I’m waiting on Him to intervene however He chooses to. I understand that trust is a choice, but my heart is struggling to stay hopeful. I would greatly appreciate your prayers.

  42. Lord, thank you for this opportunity to pray knowing that you hear us and will answer accordi.g to your grace. Lord at times, I have a proble with trusting you. I know that you are capable but my humanness gets in the way. Take that spirit away from me. I touch and agree with the prayers that are going up and ask for your mercy and grace upon my sisters in Christ. Lord, you know I was molested when I was younger and it has affected me in ways I didnt know. I was exposed pornography at a young age and at times it grabs hold my. I want to be free in you Lord. Only you can help me. Have mercy and forgive me is my prayer. amen

  43. I could really use prayers right now. I’m in a situation that feels hopeless. It sometimes seems easier to make my own plan and go it alone, than to trust that god can change things. I know god can, but people have free will & have to want to change.

    1. God,

      I pray for my sister as she walked through this difficult time. I pray your peace and comfort for her. Help her to hold on to your word and find peace knowing that your strength iss made perfect in her weakness. In Jesus name.

  44. Please pray that God will heal my body (I have been diagnosed with a chronic illness), my mind (I have struggled with depression all my life) and my spirit. Also, that He would provide the right job for me. The job I have was a major contributing factor to me getting sick. I need healing, provision, restoration and peace. Thank you!

  45. Today’s devotion is what I needed to hear. About trusting God. My husband and I don’t see eye to eye when it comes to disciplining our sons. I agree with him on things but don’t agree with how he handles it. So I always but in. Well I spoke to one of our Pastors who said you need to let your husband do the disciplining and if you don’t agree talk in private. This is a HUGE step for me and it’s going to be a struggle. So please pray for me to have the trust I need and to support my husband and stand with him in the decisions. Thank you.

  46. So recently, I was thinking about Jeremiah 17:9, which says, ‘The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked, who can know it?’ and I realized that the opposite of that is Proverbs 3:5-6. Quoting one of my favorite movies, Fireproof, “You have to lead your heart, you can’t follow it.” Just my two cents.

    1. So very true! Only recently have I been able to see it that way, and it has been through many trials and tribulation, but that is where we have to learn to be thankful in every situation, because through that we see God’s mighty hand at work. Not saying it’s easy, but we are the clay, and God will mold us despite ourselves, for the Glory of His name!

  47. Thanks for today’s message on trusting God.
    I am asking for prayer for A miracle from God. I’m undergoing chemotherapy treatment in Paris, France for breast cancer. I am halfway through my treatment, and I am clinging on God’s Word and Promises that ‘He is the Lord that healeth me’. Sisters, please pray with me as I wait on the Lord for His deliverance.

  48. Please pray for a financial breakthrough for me. I have been working part time for the past 4 years and this has taken a toll on my finances. Crave your prayers. Thanks in Jesus Name

  49. I pray for Godsgirl and her 9 year daughter that the Lord’s favour would surround them as a shield. He is the Rock, his works are perfect, and all his ways are just. A faithful God who does no wrong, upright and just is he. Deut. 32:4 I pray that the Lord’s wisdom would be with you and that he would give you the desires of your heart as you continue to trust in Him and lean on His everlasting arms. In Jesus Name

  50. Please pray for my oldest son and his family. He is caught up in drug addiction and the resulting behaviors that accompany it. His life is in jeopardy because of his misguided choices. My heart aches . . .

    1. Done. Being the mother to adult children is so hard and painful at times but try to remember the joy he brought you and pray, pray, pray.

    2. Praying for your peace and for your son’s deliverance from this difficult situation. Also for protection for him and his family and that he would be drawn to seeking a closer relationship with God! I’ve been through this with my son too, so I can understand your pain!

    3. I too understand Kathy as I’m a mother of a daughter with drug addiction. It hurts me every day, but I keep praying never giving up that she will find her way home to the Lord. My prayers are with you, as well as all the other ladies on this page today. In Jesus name we pray…Amen!

    4. Kathy, my heart goes out to you. I have been where you are. I reached the place where I knew I had to relinquish the situation to the LORD, regardless of the outcome. I had already lost a child a few years before, and knew this was part of his brother’s pain as well. My son ended up going to prison for a while due to his poor choices, but by the grace of our Lord, he is doing well now and leading a productive life. Keep praying, surrender it to God, and know that other mothers are praying with you!

    5. father, you created us to use our bodies which is your temple pure. Lord flash all the drugs this gentle has taking into his body and don’t let him find delight in it again. Surround him with your angels and Godly friends. Not him alone but everyone caught up in this situation. Thank you for an answered prayer. In Jesus know name do we pray. Amen.

  51. Sisters, please pray with me as God prepares me for the next level in my life. It is my prayer he send an angel to strengthen me for the task. I don’t want to give up or give in. I know God is able because I’ve seen him do it before. I truly want to trust his process and timing as I reflect on Jeremiah 29:11

  52. Please pray for me, my daughter & grandaughter. Please pray that my daughter and I continue to trust God with her daughter’s current situation.

    1. Father God, Thank you that we can come to You with our concerns and our fears. I pray that You will draw Joyce and her family to you and that You would strengthen their faith as they learn to trust Your hand. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  53. Please pray for me and my hubby, to be faithful to God, to have a blessed relationship, more relaxed after all our storms..and for a job for me that we may live with dignity and in everything bringing glory to the Lord…

  54. As I read through the prayers below, perspective and pain rushed through my heart. Focus on Jesus…..your words…

    When you lift your eyes from your situation and fix them on your Savior – when you choose to trust Him – you will find peace in the pain and strength in the struggle.

    I am printing this out and memorizing this truth. Thank you Gwen for ministering to us this morning.

  55. I ask for prayer for my precious 9 year old daughter and I. I am a single mom who is currently unemployed. I was laid off in October 2010, and have struggled since then to find full-time work that pays enough to survive. My daughter and I have moved around a few times, and I desperately want stability for her. I feel like a complete failure as a mom, I know that is the enemy speaking those things to me. My daughter and I have been praying for a God fearing husband/father every day for a few years now. I trust God’s timing is perfect and He is faithful. It is just so hard to see the light on some days. Thank you ahead of time for your prayers, I am grateful.

    1. Lord may you surround this dear lady & her daughter & help her experience your daily presence. I pray that you will meet her need of a stable job & a location to live that meets their needs. May your will be done concerning a Godly husband/father for them. Keep looking to Jesus, dear sister.

    2. Hold your head up I am praying for you both Gods is good and good things happen to those that wait and trust in God. Things will happen on Gods time. I am will be in agreement Gods many blessing is coming your way. Just keep that devil under your feet and claim Victory In The Name Of Jesus!!!!! Amen

    3. Lord Jesus I pray that you will make a way for this single mom and her young daughter to find a full time job. Lord Jesus only you can heal her wounds. Place strength and happiness in her heart and remove all fear and doubts. Help her to see and know just how much you love and care for her in Jesus name I pray and just ask that you fill her with hope because it is in your hands now and you work victory into her life. Amen

    4. Godsgirl I call on the Lord on your behalf because he is good all the time. Lord I come before you now asking that you open doors that previously have been shut for Godsgirl and that you bless her not only with a job but a job that she loves and will be able to support her and her daughter on…you equip the called and Lord I know you have a blessing with her name on it and we call it done in your precious son Jesus name. Lord we thank you in advance for the husband and father that you have just for Godsgirl and we know without a shadow of doubt that you have created him just for her and her daughter and we say thank you right now that when they meet that they know in their hearts that they were made for each other. In your holy name we say it is so and bless your holy name.,

    5. Godsgirl I am a single mom of a 8 month old girl in a very similar situation. I pray God gives you courage and strength to persevere, and that He does exceedingly more than you could ask think or imagine. “We will reap if we faint not.” I pray He grants you the strength to faint not, and He shows you how you can bring calm, and stability to your daughter even in the midst of ever changing circumstances. God bless you and your daughter!

    6. Greetings to you and your daughter. First and formost let me say that you are His beloved. You are the daughter of a King and highly favored.
      I can relate to your situation. I was a single mother of a daughter as well in 1989. I felt the same feelings you are feeling, but God……. He placed a wonderful man in my life who took me and my daughter as his own and we married in 1995. We were also blessed with a son to complete our family. I believe He will do the same for you. He knows the desires of your heart and He is always on time.
      Now I would like to take a different approach to your prayer request.
      It is written that we are to submit to God, resist the devil, and he must flee. (James 4:7)
      So I say Devil, get your hands off Godsgirl’s money. Get your hands off the sources of her money. I bind you in your works and I loose God’s blessings of money. In Jesus name! Amen! Thank you Lord 🙂
      Hugs with love,

    7. My dear sister in Christ. Trust and believe that the Lord hears your cries and knows your pain. Take comfort in Him despite of the situation. Keep pressing towards the mark of the high calling which is Christ Jesus. Seek Him first in all that you do. Keep pressing…keep trusting. Let Faith be your guide not your situation…not your feelings…You have the peace within doesn’t feel like it at times but its there…you know why? because God is there. He is our Prince of Peace. Tap into…set goals…make sure they are applicable to God’s word and you will be just fine…keep praying…keep reading…Love your sister in Christ in Lansdowne, PA

  56. Please pray for me my husband is an alcoholic ive asked for a separation for the sake of my teenage daughters but I’m heartbroken. I love him so much and just want him to get help. I’m open to reconciliation but he has to get help for that to happen.

  57. Good, Gwen! I’m asking for prayer today for my son, Noah, who is 10 and in the 4th grade. He has been acting out in school, and even got a referral from the principal last week. I’ve been in contact with his teacher via email every day and every day it’s something else. Please, Lord, help me to help my son. I don’t know how to help him on my own. AMEN.

    1. My heart goes out to you Samantha. I pray that you will find out how to best help your precious son. My son had been diagnosed with depression, but no one knew how best to deal with it, not the doctor, not the counselors, and not us. I prayed and prayed, but in 1991 my son took his own life shortly before his 11th birthday. The child psychiatrist had convinced me I had nothing to worry about…well, he knows better now. All I can say is that I have accepted that God allowed this for HIS purpose and it doesn’t matter that I may never know what that is. I said all of that to say this…be your son’s advocate! Even in the face of so-called “professional” because regardless of their age, children may or may not understand the finality of death, but it won’t stop them from trying to end their lives if they feel life is nothing but pain.

  58. Hard to trust … We moved to CO 5 yrs ago & have yet to build & maintain godly friendships… It’s hard to be here alone & want to move back to IA.

  59. Please pray for us as we are in the midst of trying to become a small business owner so we can prepare ourselves for our future. There are so many questions that need to be answered. We are working on that in the “mortal realm”, but we know that God is ultimately in control. He already knows what the outcome is-so please pray that we are granted the patience and understanding to go through the process.
    It is hard for humans to let go and give all of our trust to God-wr have been taught to be independent-make decisions and choices. We can give our trust to our Lord-and letting our burdens and worries go to Him can only give us the strength to carry on in any vircumstance. Thank you-and may you all be blessed!

  60. I have much to be thankful for, but asking for prayers in a very difficult divorce and settlement. My ex husband had an affair with my friend and they have married, while we are divorced, we still have court for settlement. This has been going on for three years through much tribulation, I have faced many giants and many times been beyond the breaking point and angry with God. Through it all, Our Lord hasn’t failed, but I have over and over. So thankful for His mercy and Grace! We have four children and right now they are being used as pawns and they are hurting and I’m helpless to do anything except wait on The Lord and the courts to answer. My heart is in anguish for them and the deceit they are in. I’m asking for prayers for them and resolution to come with this so that we can move forward with productive and healthy lives, and for broken hearts to be mended and truth to be seen. I trust The Lord and his plan, but the fear and hurt are sometimes to much to bear. Thank you~

    1. Dear Steadfast, your answer is in the first part of your first and last sentences…you are thankful and you have chosen to trust our almighty, all knowing God. You and your circumstances are not new news to Him. He wove you and your children together. He is not idly standing by watching and wringing His hands with a furrowed brow wondering what to do. He has given you (past tense) victory through Jesus and His anointing. He is also a God of justice. Give your children (Isa 54:13), your enemies (Ps 35:1), your court case (Isa 3:13-14), and all of your cares to Jesus because He really does the carrying for you. Not trying go all cliched super saint on you. Just want you to know that you can rest. He’s got this.

      1. Thank you! Your words are very encouraging, and it sometimes can be very easy to throw in the towel. But, our Lord is there every step of the way! I know it in my heart, just sometimes hard to really believe it and live it.

  61. Please pray for my family. In 2005 we were a family with 3 girls ages 13,15,and 17. We lost my loving christian husband and that sent us into a little chaos. My oldest left the church, she is a lesbian and wants to join Army or Airforce, my youngest one cannot find a job as a nurse, my middle one has spinal muscular atrophy and because of my pending divorce to my second husband, we had to move to PR from FL and she lost her hypotherapy, my second husband wants to divorce me because when asked by the therapist to love his wife like Christ loves the church, he says he cannot do it and 2 weeks ago a sonogram reveals a cyst in my breast but because my insurance does not start til October, I cannot get it checked until then. I need prayer so I can trust Him completely and not fear all this that is happening around me. Thanks for your prayers.

  62. Dear God, please grant me a full time promotion at work. Help me to always draw closer to you in the midst of my situations instead trying to find ways to ease it myself. In Jesus’ name. I pray. Amen.

  63. I am asking for prayer to have peace in my workplace. I have had so much stress here with people but I know The Lord can move. I want to trust The Lord with all my heart and believe that He will move. Please pray that I will do his will daily and walk in peace. I praise the Lord for all he has done for me!! I’m thankful to have found this website.

  64. I need prayer that I will find employment soon. I have been unemployed/underemployed for about the past year and am currently only working a part time minimum wage job.My parents live with me and I have been desperately trying to find work so we can stay in our home. I am trusting God that He will make a way and lead me to the right job.

  65. Lord, I thank you for each and every woman on this page who has posted this morning, casting their cares/burdens on you. I thank you for the gift of prayer and that we can come to you no matter how big or small the matter might be. I thank for the gift of your only son Jesus Christ. We confess our sins to you asking you to create pure hearts in all of us. Just like you heard, remembered, looked and were concerned about the Israelites in their time of trouble (Exodus 2:24-25) so you are with us. As we face major financial hardships, relationship issues, illnesses, death of loved ones, depression, loneliness, etc, help us to draw closer to you knowing that you love us and have a plan for our lives (Jeremiah 29:11). In Jesus’ precious name, amen.

  66. I ask for prayers for my mom who is experiencing severe vertigo. Despite diagnosis and treatment plan, the vertigo continues to increase. I ask for prayers for me to accept my singleness and help me to move past the isolation I feel.

  67. My husband quit his job to start his own audio editing business in March and in June I got layer off after 32years at one company. Prayers needed for discernment, wisdom, trusting the Lord for our finances. We want to do everything for His glory.

  68. My husband’s job is moving and we are uncertain what we should do. Everyone says we should stay where we are (with family and friends) but my husband feels it’s God’s will for us to go. We need wisdom and peace through this decision. Thanks for the prayers.

    1. Jayne, as a sister in Christ and a sister in chronic pain, I will pray for you. My Pain Management Specialist is reluctant to give me more medication because he wants me to have more surgery.

  69. please pray for me to fix my eyes onJesus and not on my problems,i need to wait on him,with no finances ,i am not well either.prayer rely needed

  70. Trusting God with a new job after not having worked outside the home for more than two months (other than volunteer tutoring at my daughter’s Christian school) in the past 27, almost 28, years. Whew! Thanks for this devo, Gwen. It speaks!

  71. Please pray for me that I will know when God is leading me to do his will today. I also need prayer for my finances. I will also be praying for other ladies. Thank you Gwen for inspiring us.

  72. Please pray that I do not continue to try to figure out what is happening and why God does not intervene because I know that He can; but to patiently WAIT for His appointed time.

  73. Please pray for me and my daughter. We just found out that she owes the college my daughter attends $1602.00. She was expecting to get money back from the school but now we owe the school money. I’m a single parent with low income and I don’t know how we are going to be able to pay this bill if she can not get more assistance from financial aid. Please pray she can get more financial aid assistance today.

  74. Please pray my life is at this time in some situations like yours I know that the Lord will provide. Prayers are truly needed

  75. Please I’m asking for lots of prayers, my life right now is at a cross roads and I can’t decide, yet I’m having a hard time putting my trust in God. Prayers much needed please.

    1. Know that God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all you could ever ask or imagine. I’m praying for you Lexie and know everything will work out in your favor for the glory of God!

    2. Father God, I join Lexie in prayer. I ask that You would grant to her Your wisdom and discernment. As she seeks Your face, I pray that she would find peace and contentment. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  76. I’d like to ask for prayer please. I am a single mother of 5 (dependents) I lost my 100k / year job Friday. I post the amount because I need you to pray specifically that God provide me an equivalent job. Please know I’m not trying to be selfish. This is what it actually takes to provide for my family being a single mother. I have three teen agers a 10 year old, , and an infant grandson. I’m devastated. We just went through a very trying year being homeless, obtaining this new job, and struggling to put food on the table. Just as I was getting back on my feet, I lose my job. Please pray for us. I’m not sure how much more devastation I can bare. I lean on Him because I have nothing left of myself to pull strength from.

  77. I need to leave my relationship with God! I want Him to show me His will in this matter, I don’t want to intervene but I want to be in the centre of His will.

  78. I need to trust God with my future. I retired, and am regretting every minute of my retiring from teaching. I have no social life, I am divorced, and the loneliness is literally killing me inside. Add to that my finances are now not what they used to be, and I am grateful that I have an ex-husband who still pays half of the house mortgage, but in the event something happens to him, I will lose my home as I won’t be able to make it financially. My whole life I have spent doing things to numb me from the pain of not feeling love (but I do know my Lord loves me….) and I have broken through so many of the chains of addiction, but this last one…wine…I struggle daily….I hate myself that it has such a grip on me. Please pray for me to break this last chain, to see a glimmer of hope for my future.

  79. This is my life verse. Thank you for this message – needed it today. I’m falling in love with a male friend. We’re very good friends but I don’t think he sees me as his potential wife. I pray for peace and that he would fall in love with me too, seeing me as his future wife.

  80. I too am facing an uncertain future and have been struggling with trust and leaving my worries with God. Please pray that I can find a sense of peace as I won’t know my future until next spring.

  81. I am a 2 1/2 year cancer survivor, but I recently I have been having pain. Please pray for no more cancer – I am married with two young children. Thank you for your prayers!

  82. I’m trusting God to show His face to me. I’m struggling with the direction of my life and need Him to tell me which way to go. I’m praying and fasting and waiting

  83. I really needed today’s post. My situation is complex. I just had more surgery for complications from thyroid cancer, my Dad died last week and now I have to move out of his house, and I am on disability. I also have three teenage boys still at home. My two oldest daughters have fallen away from God, and I pray for them constantly. Most days feel crazy, but this month has been insane. Please pray for my family and me as I try to trust God to take care of my many problems. Praying for all of you that God will bless you and give you your heart’s desire.

  84. I am awaiting pathology results. I will know today or tomorrow. I am young, I have 2 young children. I am being bold and praying for the word “benign”. Please pray for me.

  85. Sisters, please pray for my husband, Kevin. We have been married for almost 3 decades and he is not a believer. I have been praying fervently for all these years that God will touch him, reveal Himself to Kevin, convict him. I also have prayed for any sin in my heart/life that might be blocking God’s blessing. Whatever His timing is, I will continue to have faith that His will be done. In the meantime, PLEASE PRAY!!!!

  86. Thank you for your blog today, Gwen. I have been praying for trust daily. My family is relocating and there are many unknowns. I’m asking specifically for prayers that God sends us the buyer of our home very soon. We have been on the market for 6 weeks with no showings. Very soon, we will have two mortgages. The fear can be overwhelming, as you described today. I know God’s perfect plan will prevail. Thank you for your prayers!

    1. Jackie,

      I’m in a similar situation with a house on the market for several months and praying for a buyer. It’s a struggle for me to keep trusting and keeping fear and doubt out. Today’s devotion is right on time and the enccuragement I need. I join with you in prayer that God will send a buyer for your home. Keep trusting.

  87. Please pray that my husband will find a job that will fulfill him and provide for our family. Also that peace will envelop our home and all negative feelings and stress be removed I too feel so encouraged when i look back at all the difficulties The Lord has brought me ( and my family) through. I trust God!

  88. Thanks for this encouraging message, two days ago I heard the from the Lord Daniels fasting as right now I have no work no apartment so am starting my fasting and trusting God for my breakthrough. So am asking you all to pray for me as i do this fasting.

  89. Prayers needed for daughter and future son in law to make Jesus their Savior and head of their marriage..Prayers for living situation

  90. Life altering decisions are before me, should I have bariatric surgery? Should I move? I’ve been a special ed teacher for 15 years and I desire a new career but what and where? I desire to be used by God beyond being an usher, where should I go to worship and to be used? My relationship has seem to have stalled, we live over an hour away and his work schedule makes it hard to see each other, Lord help. I just need direction. Your devotional comes at the right time.

  91. Please pray for my faith. I have been going through alot this year. I got married in February of this year and May became separated. I lost my job in August. I’m about to lose my home. I have 3 kids through all of this Satan is working on my son. Please keep me and my kids in your prayers

  92. My husband and I have recently bought a house. I work 30 minutes from home at a job where I am working 6 days a week. I would like to find a job closer to our house. Pray that God will lead me to my new job when His time is right

  93. Thank you for such an inspiring message and it is one that I needed to hear. I have decided to go back to work after battling depression for the past three years over the loss of my mother. I also suffer from chronic migraines but I feel this is something that will be beneficial to me. I have been praying for God to place me in a career that I can do physically and that does not interfere with my newly renewed relationship with him. I need to trust in Him that if this His truly His will, He will put me where he wants me to be. Please lift me up in prayer for this as i am unsure if I am following God’s will or my own.

  94. I have some potentially life altering decisions to make and want to make sure I follow God’s leading and not get ahead of Him and do what my flesh wants. Thank you.

  95. Pray for my peace in trying financial times. I truly believe I heard the voice of God in a recent decision to lease my house and move back to IN, but job situation did. not go through, now I am here w/o a job!!

  96. I’m having a very difficult time in my marriage, my husband of 26 years is not sure if he wants to continue our marriage-please pray for us & that God will work a miracle in our marriage.

    God Bless

    1. Gina,
      I lift you and your marriage up in prayer and i hope that God works a miracle in your life. With that said, remember that God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven and His will maybe that your marriage as run its course and he has something more planned for you. I hope that is not the case but take heart knowing that God knows what is best for you and He is ALWAYS with you.

      1. I beg to disagree. Marriages do not run their course, not christian marriages. God HATES divorce. Please read Malachi 2:16, Matthew 5: 31-32

  97. i am about to make decision that would change everything in me after ill made it..please help me pray if am i going to stay in this foreign land where i am in right now or be back to my homeland..lots of options yet i want Gods leading and His only direction prevails in me..i dont want to go astray.i also desire to go for mission in sharing gospel to the lost..so confused…thank you..:)Godbless us more:)

  98. I’m a recently divorced single mom my ex married a month after our divorce was final and he has nothing to do with our children its difficult sometimes but I trust God…I need u to pray for me to let go of ill feelings

    1. Angel, put all negative feelings at the foot of the cross. Ask God to help you forgive, even if you don’t “feel” like it. He will bless you in so many ways when you surrender all your hurt to Him. He knows how difficult this time is for you and your children. Let your kids see JOY in your heart, not the hurt. You will not only lift them up but yourself in the process. Read Scripture, listen to Christian music and talk to Jesus!!! It is said that when God wants to build a certain quality in us, He will put us in the exact opposite circumstance. I have lived your life, and can reassure you that surrender all to Him. HE is your bridegroom now. He is all you need.

  99. Thank you for the encouraging message. I am going to read the book of Ruth today. Will you please pray for me and my family? I am a single mom of three boys and life is a daily financial and emotional struggle. I am lonely and long for a Christian life partner. I have few Christian friends and feel very alone in this world. I am seeking Christ first but it is so hard to wait on His answer! Thank you for your prayers!

  100. Thank you! What an encouragement. Why should we fear when we have the most powerful person on our side. Pray for our family. My husband 2wks ago today walked out after 16 yrs. really backslidden. Just praying for a miracle that God will get ahold of him. It’s hard but God gives me peace because I know HE will take care of us.

    1. Praying with you I just got married in February of this year and me and my husband has been separated since May.I understanding what you are going through. May God heal your broken heart. Amen

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