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Every morning I walk straight to the coffee pot and push the ON button. I’m a total coffee girl. I like a piping-hot, extra dark roast with half and half, and I struggle to function without my first cup of coffee. I crave that first sip and relish the warmth of the mug in my hands. I jokingly call it my “warm, happy friend.” My mornings just wouldn’t be the same without coffee! 

We should have the same attitude about our faith.  We should wake up each morning bursting at the seams to be with God, to be in His presence, to listen for His still small voice, to savor Him. A faith that is brewed fresh daily strengthens us, renews us, and enables us to mount up with wings like eagles, to experience the power of God in our lives, to run and not grow weary, to walk and not faint. 

“He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint” (Isaiah 40:29-31, NIV).

got faith

This energizing, percolated faith is readily available to all who ask, seek and knock (Matthew 7:7-8). How can you experience this power in your life? By getting alone with God, reading the Bible, and listening for His voice each day. “So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ” (Romans 10:17, ESV).

Like a morning with no coffee, there are times when we are sluggish in our faith. Times when trusting Him doesn’t come easily. Times when we need a shot of God-caffeine in our day, a spiritual espresso. What can we do at these times? Are there things in the Scriptures that tell us how can we strengthen our trust-muscles and jump-start our faith? Absolutely!

One practical way to build your faith is by remembrance. When David was just a shepherd boy, he had courage to face a giant partly because he remembered the previous victories the Lord allowed him to experience. He approached King Saul with great confidence, saying: The LORD who delivered me from the paw of the lion and the paw of the bear will deliver me from the hand of this Philistine (1Sam 17:36, NIV). His past victories fueled his faith and helped him to trust God for his present deliverances. Ours do the same. We can face our giants with equal confidence when we pause to remember how God has worked in our past. 

Corrie Ten Boom said, “Faith sees the invisible, believes the unbelievable, and receives the impossible.”

What has God brought you through in the past? Think on these things, and choose to trust Him to bring you through all you face today and tomorrow. When you trust God with a fresh brewed faith, He will be your Strength, your Sustainer, and your Hiding Place so you can run and not grow weary, walk and not be faint. Fill up your faith cup right now.

Dear God, You have brought me through so many challenging times. Please remind me of Your faithfulness in the past so that I may have a fresh shot of faith that equips me to live today in Your strength. Help me to trust You, and keep me from leaning on my own understanding. In Jesus’s name, amen.

FOR YOUR REFLECTION and RESPONSE: Consider a specific time that God has moved in your life. CLICK HERE to leave a comment below and tell me about it!

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  1. I’m believing God for a job in my degree field, chemical engineering, in the town I live in, which doesn’t have industry!
    He did it once. I had been working for the education field for 4 years and longed to go back to work for the industry. The odds were little and I prayed ‘God, restore my career’. And He did it.
    He is going to do it again, in Jesus Name, amen!

  2. I read all the comments and did not know what to say. I think about my life so far and I can truly say that I am blessed whether my life is in a mess or when things go well. Everyday I wake up I know that I am blessed. I get to start with a clean slate and have the choice to be a positive or a negative force in the life of myself or others. I am 57 years old and just celebrated my birthday September 16th. Do others out there think about death and wonder when they are going to die? I do. My mom is still alive however my dad just passed away a few months ago. I always wondered who would die first and I didn’t want either of them to die. Life is so short. My dad was 75 and to me that is still young. I am so thankful for the GIGs because they put life in perspective. This is the first time that I am writing although I have read with avid interest your articles over the years. I need an attitude and hold your tongue adjustment. I can’t change anyone however I can change me and if I change me then others will respond in kind. The tongue can lash out and cripple a person emotionally and spiritually. God give me the strength to change my attitude and curb my tongue especially with my immediate family. I love them and there are times that I get so frustrated with them. They may have issues that they are dealing with and don’t need me to be the Grimm reaper. Since you do not know when God is going to take someone it’s essential that you let them know how much you love them in spite of their faults and your faults. We are to love one another and treat one another as we want to be treated. Sometimes though it is very hard to do. To my family, friends and even my enemies may I season your life with kindness, gentleness, sweet words, a hug, a listening ear without judgment and just do something special for you just because I am capable of doing so. May we all be blessed beyond our wildest dreams in God’s perfect timing and know that He loves us faults and all. Ask Him, seek Him, praise Him, focus on Him, read His Word, don’t ever give up on being God’s child, He has made you in His image, YOU are special in His eyes, YOU were created and thought about before you were even born. God has a purpose for all of us and we each have a part in His Grand Design. You have no idea how good it feels to be able to write you guys and just get things off my chest. If anyone is reading this who has never written before try it. I thank God that I had the opportunity to do so. Love you GiGs. April Brady

  3. The time I totally trusted our Lord was when I was living with a verbal abusive man. I asked the Lord to deliver me from this relationship. I had a visiting nurse come by, weekly, to see me, regarding my general health, at the time. She picked up something was wrong–I spilled my ‘beans’ to her right then! She took my temperature; it was 101°. It was enough to warrant me going to the e.r. I left that and all my belongings behind. I only saw him once, to get my Bible and some medical supplies. I haven’t seen him since; it’s been over 3 years now.

  4. I can go back and point out so many times God has brought me out of a situation and made my faith stronger I am going to mention one that has haunted me most of my childhood and adult life. When I was 14 years old I was raped and forces to terminate that baby that came from that. I have undoutbly lived with this and constantly wondered the what ifs. BUT I know GOD has put his grace and mercy over me and my life I am a mother of ten beautiful children that bless me everyday with their smiles. I to this day have learned to forgive my perpetrator and to forgive my parents for forcing me to terminate the baby which I know is in the heavens with God. I am a prayer warrior for woman that have been battered and abused I daily walk in faith but I am human and do get weary this devoetion is a very touching and inspiring devotion Like coffee is a wake up call this is a wake up faith builder for me. Thanks for letting me share.

  5. Thank you for sharing your precious gift of encouragement. With God everything is possible and when I am having my moments of impatience and struggling with wounded pride I can indeed reflect on all that God has done for me. Five years ago I was in a dark place: abused, homeless, unemployed, and facing breast cancer. Despite how overwhelming this all was, God shined His faithful love upon me and led me to a safe place and provided. He transformed my shattered confidence into peace and joy, and weaved healing and growth through my brokenness. Now my identity is simple for me: I am a child of God, His daughter… Lisa. The precious time that I spend with God and His Word in the morning before I start my day is truly the cause of all the progress in my life.

  6. Five years ago it seemed everywhere I turned U saw Jerimiah 29:11. It always been a favorite verse of mine. As I sat in worship practice I told one of the other singers that life was just going so smoothly it was almost unbelievable. Two day later I came home to find my husband sitting on the sofa and he shared he had been fired. I work with him do I knew the reasons were unwarranted. As the numbness set in so did Jer. 29:11. It seemed to be in every devotional, every sermon, and every radio program. Gwen I’m pretty sure it showed up in your email too. I saw it on social media and printed on receipts for items we order on the Internet. We clung to this scripture through the next two years as God moved my husband into his first pastorate at 48 years old. Those two years that he spent home alone were vital in making him into pastoral material. God placed a humbleness and love for people in him as never before. We are grateful for this time of faith in our lives. If we had not clung to the cross I really believe we would not be where we are today.

  7. Every day I feel and see God’s miraculous works in my life! When I read your devotion this morning, Gwen, the one that came to mind and I would like to share is this: It was a snow laden day in February, the year, 2010 and the sun was beginning to rise. I took my camera and stood on my front steps to capture God’s magnificent glory as the sun’s rays began glistening over the newly fallen snow. I felt a sense of peace come over me. A sense of renewal. God and I have been defeating cancer since 2002, the year I was first diagnosed. Back then I did not handle the news well at all. I was to be altered, in my mind, I was losing my womanhood, my self image was all but gone. I fell into despair and withdrew. The only thread to my saving grace was God’s promise that He would always be there. I relished the thought of His loving arms holding me, He comforted me. Through doubt, depression and self loathing, He never left. I always felt His gentleness in my heart and soul. He and my family were unwavering in their support. Many surgeries, tests and chemos, later, by the grace of God, the cancer was in remission. Fast forward to February, 2010. I uploaded the photo I had taken and what I saw was glorious! As the sun was rising, it cast a light over the snow in the form of a cross. Not just any cross but the scrolled looking one that is used on many cards at Easter time. I heard a small voice in my inner being, telling me “HE IS” and “HE HEARS!” He hears our every prayer, our every plea. I felt a sense of well being. Move forward to March 10, 2010. I was due for my mammogram. As I stood in the dressing room after the test, I heard God’s voice, almost audibly, telling me “your cancer has come back but you’re going to be fine”. I felt a peace and calm come over me as never before. After I finished dressing, I was ushered into a room where a doctor immediately went over my test results. I was told that the cancer had come back and had spread across my chest plate and into my lung. I stood in God’s peace and remained calm. The doctor and nurse were amazed at my calm demeanor and asked as to how I remained so calm. I told them that “this may sound a bit crazy to you but God had already told me while I was dressing and He said everything was going to be fine”. They said they got goosebumps as I relayed what had taken place. Through this diagnosis of recurrent cancer, I stood firm in my faith, unwavering. I know I can count on every word God speaks, through His word and to our hearts. My faith has been strengthened as never before. Here I am, over 5 years later, and once again I am in remission. I AM FINE 🙂 I now have injections every 28 days (more of God’s miraculous interventions!) for the rest of my life that keep me in remission by His grace! I do know every one of us has a thorn in their side of some kind or a battle to fight but isn’t it absolutely wonderful that we do not battle alone! GOD IS and GOD HEARS! HOPE in the Lord!
    Isaiah 40: 29-31. One of my very favorite!

  8. in your devtion that what i strugled in with faith is when i had a beast reduction done i went through trails then but before then of the insurance accepting the insurance to pay for it!1

  9. God is always working in my life. I don’t always see it right away but then something will happen and I will say thank you Lord. Thank you for your devotions. They really help.

  10. As a child, we were taught to always trust and believe in the Lord, and pray every night. After I lost my Great-grandmother as a teenager, my whole world fell apart. She was all we knew because her and Pop-Pop raised us. We had to relocate to live with my mother thousands of miles away and I became very destructive. I became pregnant and didn’t know what I was going to do. I couldn’t tell my mother, as she was not an understanding person at all! She despised that fact that, she had to finally handle her own responsibilities and hated us for it. So I prayed hard everyday and every night. So one afternoon, I had horrible cramps, which lasted for two days. I hated to move! I was miscarriaging and afterwards, I just remembering thanking the Lord! I was both relieved and sad at the time. But, since that day, I changed, gotten saved a week later. So, I know, the Lord moves in our lives. He may not come when you want Him to, but He’s always on time!

  11. God is always moving in my life. Sometimes I don’t feel it, but I know He is always there with me & guiding me. Sometimes I get sidetracked by the things of this world. And sometimes I bump right into a closed door which wakes me up to see that I was going in the wrong direction. God opens doors I need to go through but He closes the ones that will be harmful for me. I trust Him with all my heart & soul. Thank you for this wonderful reminder. We can all use a little wake up jolt sometimes. I would love to buy your book but unfortunately my finances will not allow it at this time. But thank you for all your wonderful words of encouragement & enlightenment. God bless you always!

  12. In response to your devotion that I just read, oh the wonders that God has done in my life. As a single mother I struggle on a daily basis to remember that I am worthy of God’s love and my son’s. Growing up my worthiness wasn’t encouraged so my self-esteem wasn’t that great. When my son was born I promised him that the generational curses that I bared would not be passed on to him. It’s been a struggle but God has trimmed and pruned the tree of my past so that my future can be about him an my son. The last branch of my tree was cut off a two years ago and since I let go and let God I have been amazingly blessed beyond measure. I am still a single mother but one day God will bless me with a husband and if not I am ok with that. God and my son fill my life with love, joy and peace. Thank you for reminding me of my worth. God Bless!!!!

  13. Thank you for these inspiring and encouraging devotions, I forward them to six ladies and they are always grateful for them as well.
    I keep a journal of all answered prayer and I can tell you that this truly truly strengthens my faith to know that the God of the entire universe has given me everything I will ever need to know and love Him. How can I ever give thanks for the things He has done for me. One of my very favourite hymn s is “The Tribute”
    It says it all.
    Praise the Lord for all you are doing for us through these devotions.
    Muriel McConnell

  14. I am a 68 yr. old grandmother and my third husband passed away over 5 yrs. ago. I came from a divorced family and my grandmother and step grandfather were my guardians for my father. My grandmother was very mentally abusive and tried to commit suicide on one occasion and I found her hanging from the pipes in the ceiling. She recovered and we were told never to talk about it. There were many other occasions that were worse but I was just a child and could do nothing about it. When I was 15 a boy told me he loved me, which I never heard, so I ran away and got married. He was an alcoholic and very Bi Polar. No one knew about this mental condition back then. I stayed with him for 20 yrs. My doctor told me I had to leave him for my sanity. I did and jumped into another relationship for another 20 yrs. This man was so different and very passive. He built my confidence up and I got a good job and paid off his house and bought him anything he wanted. He was a self centered person and after all this time I was wearing myself out and spending all my money on him. I l left him for another man and we got married within a year. After he passed away God really spoke to me. I never thought I could live by myself. God showed me I could. I never thought about my retirement but it’s funny how my working for the United States Postal Service built up quite a savings. I started drawing Social Security when I was 62 and I was cleaning 6 houses, which I loved. My health was getting a little worse so I had to give 4 of them up. Then my first husband died and I started drawing his Social Security to compensate for

    the income I had lost. A friend of mine passed away and left me as his executor. He had a very large estate and I got a large sum for this. God has shown me how to live on my own. How to budget my money so I can help my children and grandchildren and others. He brought me to the church that I dearly love. Gave me friends who took me in when my husband died. I have a sister who went through a lot living with my grandparents. She has always been so jealous of me and we could never have a close relationship. Then last year something happened in her family and we started talking about our past. She never knew what I went through and she started understanding me and now we are close friends. I thank God every day, every hour and pray constantly for all He has done for me. I could fill in the blanks in this short note and anyone who knows me would not believe it. I have started writing a book about my life but too ashamed to let anyone read it. But lately God has brought people into my life who need me to share my life with them. Now I am starting to write a column for our church’s newsletter and sharing some wisdom for others. God is so wonderful if only we would pray about everything and seek Him out before jumping into things. Thank you so much for this devotion. I can’t wait to get my coffee, sit down and read your daily thoughts. I thank God once again!

  15. God moved in my life when I found out about my husbands affair. I was so devastated and heartbroken. I was spiraling down into deep depression and a breakdown. I considered leaving him, but God reminded me of the forgiveness He extends to me everyday. His Word was up in my face, in my mind and permeated my spirit. I told Him I couldn’t do it and He told me let Me do it. Stop trying to be the wife I felt he needed and be the wife God intended for me to be. My husband repented, I forgave and we both are working out our soul’s salvation. We will be celebrating 30 years of marriage Nov 23 of this year.
    God is faithful!

  16. I am disabled, but of course SS denies you are for the first time, and I had never been to court, and I was scared, my court day was on Tuesday, and I had been praying my heart out, we got home Sunday morning from church, and this peace settled over me, that peace I have been looking for every sense I let someone take it from me, but the peace that only comes from GOD, I looked at my husband and said GOD just let me know I won the case, he kind of looked at me funny and said what, I said GOD just let me know I won, that is the most beautiful I have ever felt that day with that incredible peace, and the judge asked me 2 questions it took about 2 minutes and I walked out winning my SS because GOD new the pain I live in, but unfortunitly my oldest sister could not handle my happiness and I let her take it, and have been struggling so hard to get it back. Please don’t ever let anyone take your happiness away from you, it is a very hard thing to get back. GOD bless.

  17. in 2012 there were inestigations at work into fraudulent employees and unfortunately myself and a collegue in the same job were also suspended pending investigations. it was a stressful traumatic scary time for me I lost tons of weight, worrying about no longer having an income, how would I pay for my car, my other bills, if I got fired over this where would I ever work again,I couldn’t sleep. but then I decided to throw myself into God and He came through for me in a big way… he was my lawyer, my comforter, he fought that battle for me

  18. This is what I remember when I want to think about what God’s brought me through…I was in the parking lot at the courthouse getting ready to go in for a custody hearing. I was scared to death because my ex husband told terrible lies about me in an effort to get full custody of our children. I had the Christian radio station on and I was praying all the way to the courthouse. Right before I turned off the ignition, the DJ announced the scripture of the day:
    Deuteronomy 31:8
    The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”
    That gave me the peace I needed. God spoke to me that morning in a way I’ll never forget.
    Thanks for posting this devo. I read it on girlfriends in god.

  19. God brought me to forgiveness when my husband and I were on the brink of divorce. He allowed me to forgive myself and my husband. We are together today still.

  20. One day my son and I set in the dark, in our apartment, for nearly a week or so, it felt like months with no electricity using candles for light, I didn’t want to borrow money or ask for help. The one person can count to bring me through the storm was, God I got a check in the mail that was not expecting to received so soon. I prayed and believe that God answer prayers, I will never forget that day and many more he has brought me through.

  21. A storm my husband and I went through in our marriage. God’s strength was more than enough for me! And the good… my husbands faith and passion to be a Christian man has been ignited!

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