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10.6.15 Soul Quote

The Old Testament book of Samuel introduces us to Hannah: a godly woman who had some serious problems.  Her problems weren’t brief and they weren’t simple.  They were year after year problems.  Challenges that made her feel empty and frustrated. Have you got a few of those in your life?  Sure you do.  We all do.  Each of us go through trials and face pain.

Hannah experienced infertility and she also had a disturbing rival-wife problem that was miserably complicated. Yes, cringe with me, I said rival-wife.  She was one of TWO wives to her husband… a cultural norm at the time… but terribly difficult, no matter how you slice it. (Read 1 Samuel 1-2 for the full story of Hannah.)

Refreshingly enough, in her pain Hannah didn’t pretend to be okay.  She openly admitted, “I am a woman who is deeply troubled” (1 Samuel 1:15).

There are many lessons we can learn from Hannah, but today I’d like us to look at her response to the problems that burdened her heart.  Hanna took her problems to God.  She cried out to the Lord.  “In bitterness of soul Hannah wept much and prayed to the LORD.” (1 Samuel 1:10).

She took her burdens directly to God. 

Now, I don’t know about you, but all too many times I go to the phone before I go to the throne!

Who do you cry to when you are deeply troubled? Do you pour out your soul to the LORD, or just pepper Him with vague prayer requests?  Hannah didn’t just briefly bend a knee here, she poured out her soul!  She poured out her sorrow, her disappointments, her frustrations, her depression, her confusion, her anger, her embarrassments, her anguish and her grief.

She poured out her emptiness!

And guess what happened?

God filled her with the fullness of His peace! 

Before she spent time with the Lord, Hannah had lost her appetite and was filled with despair. After she poured out her soul to God, the Bible shows us that her appetite returned and her countenance had changed.  “Then she went her way and ate something, and her face was no longer downcast” (1 Samuel 1:18, emphasis mine).

Hannah was “no longer downcast” because she experienced the One and Only life-changing God in the chamber of His presence.

God is faithful.  He longs to fill our souls with peace regardless of the circumstances we face.  Hannah was changed in the presence of the almighty LORD, but realize this:  Hannah didn’t just do a “drive thru” prayer time with God.  She parked there for a while and did some serious business with Him.

Have you done any serious business with God lately? 

Got any problems? 

Are you dealing with any difficult people?

Are you faced with any seemingly impossible situations?

10.6.15 Soul Scripture ps 68

“Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens” (Psalm 68:19). When you get serious with God… when you get real honest and pour out your soul to Him, He will faithfully replace your empty with the fullness of His peace, whether he removes your burdens or allows them to remain.

Don’t doubt it for a minute, friend.

Jesus himself said, “All things are possible with God” (Mark 10:27).  Let’s each take courage and approach God with confidence today, knowing that He loves us and is able to do exceedingly and abundantly beyond what we can ask for or imagine.

Spend some time pouring out your soul to Him right now.

Heavenly Father, I come to You today and humbly ask Your forgiveness for all of the times that I’ve taken my burdens to others instead of bringing them to You.  Help me to turn to You first when problems come my way. Please blanket my heart with your peace and give me strength for today. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Pause to consider the challenges you are currently facing.  Make a list of the top concerns on your heart, and then spend time pouring your soul out to the Lord.

Read Psalm 34, then write out your favorite verses and commit them to memory.

RESPONSE TIME: Post a comment below to share a prayer need, a verse that leapt to your heart or to simply state, “I poured my soul out to Him!”

I know that many of you are in the trenches of seemingly impossible situations, bearing the weight of very heavy burdens. God cares about your struggles. Jesus said, “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world” (John 16:33). Spend some time quieting your soul beside the Living waters of Jesus today.  Listen to “Quiet Me”…

Let’s chat below. Pray for one another. Encourage one another.

Thanks for doing life with me,



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  1. I am a wife and a mother of three currently helping take care of my sister and her five children. I have a lot of heath issues that are coming in my path to stop be from being able to do my daily routines. However my prayer request that is on top of my heart at this moment is that my husband and my 3 children can find a new place to live. My landlord is raising our rent come December and it will make it harder to take care of the 11 of us. I just need to be pointed in the right direction and with faith.

  2. I am Christine from Mauritius. I got your coordinates from a friend named Jacqueline. She is Christian. I love my friend very much. She is great support to me. I am lost Have lost faith please pray for me I need to come close to Jesus. Have an empty heart please please pray for me friends. Many thanks.

  3. Gwen,

    I first want to start off by saying you are such an encouragement to me and I thank God for your life.

    I’m standing in the need of prayer concerning employment and an improvement in my living situation. I’ve been unemployed for quite some time and I’m having difficulty securing employment. I have great work history and experience but I just can’t seem to get my breakthrough. I’ve since then had to give up my independence and move back home, I thank God that I was able to move myself and my kid in with my Dad but there’s nothing like having your own especially when you’ve been in your own since 18 (I’m now 30). So this was definitely a major adjustment for me and my kid. I’m asking that you intercede on my behalf that God will begin to work some things out for me, bless me with the RIGHT job and the PERFECT home for me and my daughter. I ask that you touch and agree with me that God will open doors for me and do it exceedingly and abundantly in the name of Jesus. Thank you so much, be blessed!

  4. I am in a rock and a hard place! I am with a husband who is an multiple consistent cheater,liar ,porn addict,etc…and won’t admit it.we have five kids and the truth/reality/burden is eating at my soul!!! Only God knows all. Please pray for my family! True Salvation for Husband Kelly. That God does whatevrr it takes For victory/freedom from his past wounds and vices! (Mom left when 11/2 yrs old,Dad an Alcoholic-recovering past 3 yrs,yay!.) His willingness for Godly leadershipMy heart ,ears,mind open to God’s will and voice/leading. Need wisdom,discernment,knowledge. Ability to act or reprove in situation. I hurt!!!!! Turning into bitterness,anger,strife please pray,please pray PLEASE PRAY!

  5. Hi I am in desperate need of prayer for my son David. He seems to be spinning mentally out of control. I know not what else to do, but pray because I can’t even talk to him right now. He is full of anger and I seem to be in his cross hairs right now. Father please cover him with the blood of Jesus. Please give me direction how to help him.

  6. I am 18 and I recently moved out of my parents house because of abuse. I could not take it anymore. If it wasn’t for the Good Lord I would have never have left. I have fallen astray. I would really appreciate prayers. It has been so hard because I keep wondering why me Lord? What did I do to deserve this? I know God can do anything but, my parents have my view of God so twisted up that I don’t know how to follow God. I don’t think that I am good enough for Him. I have started reading the Bible for myself and it is helping. I could really use some prayers to help me through this tough time.

  7. I need prayer for past mistakes with my kids& family!! I’m not perfect!! I’m not perfect !! I’m broken right now!! Tears I have not cried in years – I cry now!! Ty lord, help me, family & son!! I’m very tired !!

  8. Thank you for this encouraging post. Love and prayers for all who are going through dark times. Keep your eyes on His light and let Him guide you through. Please pray for my family as we go through a particularly challenging time. Bless You Gwen!

  9. I am asking for prayers for my friend who is a widow with twin teens. She has just been diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma and will be having a surgery and quite possibly other treatments as well. Please pray for peace and healing.

  10. Hi. This is my first time posting in here. I am 28. I’m a new minister, a full time employee for the county, and a full time study. While I’m thankful for all God has given me…..I’m desperately lonely at times. I know God has greatness for me, but I’m growing impatient and have been envious of those who have the things I desire most: love, romance, family, children….I’m praying God will give me peace and forgive me for my ungratefulness in this season of preparation.

  11. I am pouring out my soul to him. My 26 yr old niece passed away and its hard to look at my sister and not see pain. I know the holy spirit reigns supreme even in this but my heart is aching. Crystal SH

  12. I am being Hannah today. I am in my 50’s with 2 adult children both have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. I have prayed basically the same verses and prayer over them for years. For them to be financially independent, they both have jobs but no matter how many hours they put in they still can barely afford to take care of themselves. I pray for their future spouses but they seem to be playing hide-n-seek which has made them skeptical of the concept of marriage and raising a family. I have already buried both my parents and I feel like time is running out. I feel like Moses not getting to enter the promise land but I really don’t know why. I keep to myself because my friends fall into 2 groups; single again or grandmothers. I don’t have anything to say.

  13. I am a nurse who has been accused of something horrible. This accusation could ruin my family, life and career. I am leaning on God in this situation. This accusation was made by a misguided man that I have been praying for to find peace and not fear retribution if and when he will recant his statement and tell the truth. I have sin in my life, but am truly innocent of these accusations. Please pray for me and this situation. A friend of mine guided me to Jeremiah 29:11. Again, your prayers are appreciated and welcomed. In Christ, J

    1. Jen, you are not alone in this situation. It is easy to have your faith replaced by fear as that is what happens to me—it finds me saying to God “Lord I believe, help my unbelief”. The Lord is near and He will see you through this. Read the first chapter of James… Will keep you in my prayers.

  14. “I poured my soul out to Him!” “I sought the Lord, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears. ‘ Psalm 34:4 Thank you for your wonderful words & insight. You are truly a gift from God. God bless you always!

  15. Thank you for the devotion today and the song. I sat in my bed and cried and prayed bravely, wholeheartedly and unapologetically. I didn’t stop when the phone rang or when my 17 year old burst in my room as usual looking for MY lotion as if I don’t buy her own. I feel a little better just knowing that I owned my truth and gave it to God instead of running from it. 2015 has been a year of heartache for me. I don’t know if it is a purging or just my turn at a very bad season. Life hasn’t been great but this year has been tougher on the heart than others. Maybe its a build up of all of the pain of the past. I don’t know but today instead of denying it, I just gave it all to God. I am praying for others who like m, just need a little compassion today. Amen

  16. Thank you so much for this post. I am also in my 50’s and desperate for a job. I had a really good interview last week, and was extremely gutted to not get it 🙁 Because I have disabilities it seems its more difficult to get a job (ie dodgy leg and also hearing loss)…. Really praying God will give me the right job soon as otherwise I won’t survive the winter….

  17. Please pray for my adult daughter. She is 36 and says that she does not know Jesus, though she was brought up in the church. Also pray for her health as she is severely overweight and I am concerned for her developing diabetes, hypertension or heart disease.

  18. Yesterday my heart was so heavy for my son, who has a long track record of bad decisions, poor choices in friends, rebellion and just driving his mother to the point of despair. On my knees I cried out to God for him, and I told the Lord, “Please don’t tell me that my son is a lost cause.” Then God took me back to several verses that had been my strength through 7 years of infertility and a diagnosis of ADHD and other issues. Then I got a call out of the blue from the family minister at our new church (we’ve recently moved to a new state), who told me how much he enjoyed having my son in his Sunday School class. He said he was making good friends with solid, godly young men and fitting in well. Then he got a call for a job interview the next day and the supervisor is a strong Christian from our church. God has such a tender way of ministering to a mother’s aching heart.

  19. I am asking for urgent prayer for my son, Joseph. He is a homeless veteran with PTSD and other issues living on the streets of CA. I have not heard from him from him in awhile.
    I have been fasting and praying for the past month for him to get the help he needs. He loves the Lord and I need wisdom in what to do. Please, please lift him up in prayer and me too. Thank you.

    1. Holy Father,
      We join our hearts together on behalf of Marsha’s son, Joseph. You know where he is and You know every last need he has. Would You help him, Lord? Would You send love, provision, clarity and deliverance to Joseph? We ask that You would keep him safe and heal him heart, mind, and soul of every last ounce of terror and strife that chains him to unproductive living. We ask that You would be seen and that Your glory would be made known in and through his restoration, God. We ask this in Jesus’ name, amen.

  20. Hello …I am truly excited to have found you through GOG on Facebook…I was widowed at a very young age and now 13 years later I have been asking God to help me (as he knows me better) by getting me a companion. In the past two years I have slowly grown closer to Him and I am at a point where I do realise that NOT DATING as I wait on Him is better !! The pain and heartache of dating and parting with different people is too much to bear ….

    Now your story of Hannah reminds me of my struggles as a widow from way back which I have carried and He has been with me through it all….yet truth be told: I do miss having someone who can ask me each morning or before going to bed “How are you doing”?…

    Please keep up the good work of encouraging …..and God bless you.


  21. Wow! Thank you for this reminder of Hannah! The past 3 years have gone like this, 1. Found out my “christian” husband of 20 years was addicted to porn- world crashed around me…he also had affairs….I’m director of women’s ministry this wasn’t supposed to happen (silly girl). 2. Next year diagnosed with uterine cancer….Praise Jesus 1 year free of cancer. 3. Had to have a hip replacement- still mom of teens..4. Aging parents take turn for worse and need assitance…college kid bombs out first year…..Ok Father…I’m finished…my soul is troubled…. Guess what?! HE held my hand through all of this, I am still able to sing His Eye is on the Sparrow with confidence and strength. He does carry us. If you wonder where He is…be still. Oh, He love us so.

    1. WOW is right, Lynn! You are rocking a killer story of resilient faith, sister! Proud of you! Keep pressing on in HIS strength. He is shining through your cracks. 😉


  22. I am financial straits and behind on my mortgage by 3 months.mmu husband had an industrial accident and was out of work for a while. Although his health has improved, the mortgage fell behind. I am so scared and I work so hard. Please pray for me.

  23. Wonderful song Gwen,”Quiet Me”, Thank you for letting God use you in such a powerful way. Please pray for me and my husband that we would learn to communicate in a healthy way and that he would especially begin to open up to me. I know that he is struggling with some deep issues and it is affecting him and our marriage, but he won’t talk about it. We both need healing and deliverance in our marriage from issues that have plagued us from the beginning.

  24. Please pray for my sister’s Lynn and Amy’s finances. Both love The Lord and our struggling financially. Pray for my finances so I can continue to help them as well, and get myself out of debt. Thank you.

  25. Psalm 34 exhorts us to tell of Gods greatness and faithfulness…. My son, who is now 22 yrs old, was diagnosed in the third grade with ADHD and thereafter came other diagnoses as well – including Intermittent-Explosive Disorder, anxiety and depression & others – we dealt with such anger, sadness, fear, & rejection from both family and “friends”. There were years of sleepless nights and torrents of tears. When he was a teenager he started smoking pot and stealing. There was a short time he spent in jail. My hsband and i divorced and my oldest daughter missed months of school due to anxiety and embarassment (they are 16 months apart and were in th same schools). My son and I were both hospitalized and 3 of us in medications for anxiety & depression etc… He recently told me that during that time he was not only a uservof drugs but a dealer as well. These 2 children I ended up homeschooling. Both got their GED’s. Today they are 24 & 23. I am remarried and have a total of 6 children. My daughter is in a committed, healthy relationship with a young mannwho will be graduating soon as a doctor if physical therapy and she will be graduating from college in January headingbfor her masters in occupational therapy. My son holds a full-time job and is training in the martial arts. He is drug-free and healthy. Recently he told me he has been reading the bibgularoy and finds strength and peace in the Psalms.

    1. sorry.. I typed too much and my ipad got confused….. The last sentence should read he has been reading the bible regularly and finds strength and peace in the psalms. Never in those years could I have imagined how long I would have to wait for my hope to be realized. Never. I prayed it would but the belief I don’t think was there. Ladies, God does hear your prayers. He loves us all with a love we will only comprehend when we stand before Him in heaven. Hold on, believe He is beside you, know you are loved. I pray that the peace of God which is beyond all understanding will guard your hearts and mind through Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen

  26. lord i am a little worry about my doughter she running a little on the wild side of life, Lord know I been there myself I am asking for pray’s that she find’s our lord

  27. Please pray for me and my family as we look to relocate from New England to the Charlotte area to be near family. I ask for peace and patience in this transition period as my husband looks for a job. We seek God’s strength and guidance.

  28. My sister and her husband are teetering on divorce. He wants a divorce, she doesn’t. I honestly believe her husband may have a chemical imbalance that simply needs to be treated and once he gets help medically I believe he will realize the mistake he is making. Please pray for patience for my sister and help for her husband before it is too late. Also, please pray for my family members that don’t understand the love she has for this man and help them to forgive him as well.

  29. The first 4 verses of Ps 34 jumped right off the page, but as I continued there were 2 verses that stirred my heart. Verse 8b talks about finding safety in him & I struggle finding ANYTHING safe, but as I read this verse I heard that I’ve gotta try. Verses 13 & 14 caused me to pause and confess. And lastly verse 18 gave me hope to keep on keeping on. This renewed hope is what I have to hold onto to get through the next moment and then to keep going moment by moment. Thanks for asking us to join you in the Word today. It was just the encouragement I needed to keep holding on.

  30. Hello there. I was just doing an Hannah style pour out your soul to the Lord kind of prayer on Thursday morning. I felt so desperate. I’m so glad God never wants us to pretend with Him. I always used to worry that it wouldn’t be quite right to tell Him that I was really scared or worried about things because I know I’m supposed to be trusting Him. Glad I’ve learnt more of His truth since those days. Anyway, just to encourage anyone else out there who has been feeling desperate too. Shortly after pouring out my soul, I got a call about a job. Did an interview over the telephone and I’m starting work on Monday. Isn’t God amazing! I still have a few more major hurdles to get over, but our Incredible God will make a way for me. Be encouraged and let’s all keep right on trusting Him together.
    Taste and see that the Lord is good, blessed is the man who trusts in Him.
    Blessings in Jesus
    Take care
    And thanks again Gwen for all your encouragement. I’m so glad that although we’ve never met we can share all of this amazing stuff.

  31. I am struggling to believe God wants good for my life. I spent some serious time pouring out my bitterness of soul to the father today. Thank you Gwen, for this beautiful post, which I know God led me to tonight. Bless you.

  32. Gwen: Please pray for my dear friend, Gail. She lost her mom yesterday, and she’s taking it very hard. I hope Gail can come with me to your September 9th concert at Yates Baptist Church. I’m looking forward to it, and I hope you’ll sing your beautiful “Comfort Sonata.” Your Sister in Christ, Pat

  33. Prayer request: over the last 5 years my husband and I have had a difficult marriage. He has had 4 deployments which have taken it’s toll on our marriage. I just learned my husband had an affair, he is now confused, his heart is hard and he has not chosen to come back to God, and not restore our marriage, he still deciding what to do, does not know what is right he says. I have been depressed, but have turned back to God and getting help, found new joy, strength in Him. I have started healing, I am forgiving my husband and am willing to fight with Gods help to restore our marriage. We need prayer for our marriage, for his heart to be softened by God, renew his relation ship with Him. God bless and thank you!

    1. Jen it will get better. From one sister to another my husband and i have been marriwd for almost 7 years. we both had affairs and filed for divorce twice. we were mean towards each other. I was evil for years towards him, but deep down i did want to work it out. I didnt know how to love him. I thought i wanted the other man, i wasnt ready to live for God. And we had three small children in the midst. but God! He was always there and He forgave us and He kept us. And now we have a testimony. Keep the faith, keep loving God! Keep praying for your husband and following God’s word. It will get better. Matthew 19:5-6, Proverbs 3:5-6.

  34. Hi, oh how I love to read what Gwen writes. You are just so real Gwen and help me see God in new ways. Thank you so much. How I wish I lived near you so we could have coffee and I could learn more from you. God has blessed my life by reading your posts.
    I do have a specific prayer request. My 82 year old dad had a stroke on August 14. He is currently in rehab and we are blessed that his mind is sharp but his right side has been affected. My mom and I are so concerned about a lot of things because they don’t have much money to go to another facility should need be and how we would be able to lift dad should we bring him home. We get too far ahead of God and then fear sets in. My life is simple, I am a school teacher and take care of my parents. At times I feel so alone and like Hannah I have cried out to God many times and am waiting on Him to answer many prayers in my life. This one just takes president right now. I know He hears me but sometimes I feel like he passes me over. I try to be strong but am not. It doesn’t help to have the classroom full of issues that I have right now. I am seriously being tested with everything going on. I need prayer please. I love Gwen’s song, Quiet me. That is what I am praying. Thank you all.

  35. Hello!! For the past four weeks, I’ve been confined to my bed, because of one (or two?) fracture(s) in my lower left leg. I usually zoom around in my manual wheel-chair– I have been waiting for the repair guy to “swap-out” the back-rests. Today that happened!! So, at 10:37 this morning [Phoenix AZ time], I got into my wheel-chair, with some physical assistance. I’ve praising our Lord all day, since then!!!

  36. My name is Gabriela and I am 42 years old, a single mother of 2 young adults Julia and Justin, I am also a grandmother to Mia, the most beautiful little girl I know. I am very grateful to the Lord for everything I have, health, job, a home, we all live with my parents, since my divorce 7 years ago. Yikes, time to move, and this it where it begins. I have many struggles, one of them being my awful character at times, I tend to light up instantly, especially with my parents, mainly my mother. I love her very much and I wish I had a good relationship with her and I do not. One of the commandments is to honor your mother and father, and I at times do not. I feel horrible and want to change because I do not want any regrets. I know it is time for my kids and myself to move but due to my stupidity and over spending i have finance issues now and cannot move out. I pray for peace at home and peace of mind. I have lots of stress due to my finances being a mess, with my parents, because they want to be alone. Now comes the worst part, I am in the most toxic relationship you can imagine, he cheats on me with his baby mama, other girls, he verbally abuses me and yet I dont leave, i dont know anyone in his family and its been 6 years off and on, i need help, i cannot do it alone, there is not one thing that i want in my future with this man. he is no good for me. Lord help me, you have put such wonderful dreams in my life and i want to succeed in them all, school work parenting my kids, church bible study, friends, good people. i come to you Lord, please give me strength, wisdom, everything i need to be like you Lord, I cannot do it alone. I need you. My heart is a mess and I need healing Lord, I know once I get this person out of my heart and soul I will great. I love going to church, to bible study, I’m in school and because of all the drama with this relationship I loose it. I start to fall a part. Lord please fill me with your love, with the Holy Spirit. Don’t leave me please.

    1. hi Gabriela, just want to tell you it’s never too late to begin again. and you can begin again. God loves you. it doesnt matter what youve done or been through our God is a loving and forgiving. I love ypu so much Ms. Gabriela and you have a sister in ohio rooting for you. the best thing you csn do for your children is live for God. love tjem. apologize to your psrents and ask The Holy Spirit to help you be kind to your parents. you have a purpose. you are needed in the kingdom of God. im praying for that relationshop with that man to be broken sincr yhats whst you want and that you would be yhe woman of God yjat He created to be, and you dedire to be. sorry about the errors my phone is not typing my words right. God loves you and Thr Holy Spirit is with you. Hebrews 13:5, Luke 11:13, Psalm 51, Psalm 145:8,Jonah 4:2,Jeremiah 1:5, 29:11.

  37. Right now was reading prayer requests for the Christians in Iraq…. they have captured many more totally Christian towns and are slaughtering the people. They are running for their lives up into the mountains, no water, no food, no clothing…the young and the old are dying of starvation and lack of water and the terrible conditions. They are taking the women they capture and selling them a slaves on the slave market… Oh my God please help them… We should be there helping them too…. How long before they will be here in our country doing the same, if we don’t stop them now…:?? we cant wait another year and a half to have a new president to do something. Please God put it in our presidents heart, compassion for them, a need to help them…. please join in the praying Diane…. sweetie… We know that God can do above and beyond what we ask of Him. We need more to see His intervention and love for those who love Him… We need a world wide revival…. Come Lord come….cover your children with your protective wings…. Send your angels to turn the enemy away… touch their hearts too Lord. Help them to see what they are doing is wrong… In Jesus name I Pray Lord….


    I thank you for listening to my prayer yesterday and for your comments and prayers in return. Today I opened my devotional and God sent me an answer. He reminded me that I need not fear, that it doesn’t come from God, but to trust in Him to take care of all of our needs.

    He reminded me how to keep peace in my heart and mind and who is there for all of us….even His children in Iraq. I was looking at their physical worldly troubles and was reminded that our battles aren’t worldly physical battles, but are spiritual and that He has already fought them and won. Today I can let go and let God work out His perfect plan in the world as well as in my life.

    2 Timothy 1:7 (NKJV) “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

    Isaiah 43:2 (NLT) “When you go through deep waters and great trouble, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown! When you walk through the fire of oppression, you will not be burned up; the flames will not consume you.”

    Psalm 32:8 (NLT) “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.”

    Isaiah 65:24 (NLT) “I will provide their needs before they ask. I will help them while they are still asking for help.”

    Exodus 14:13 (NIV) “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

  38. hey everyone i just want to tell you i love all of you and i hope God gives you the desires of your hearts. i care about you all. ive went through a lot this year. i have no friends to talk to and it gets hard. i love God with all my heart, mind, soul and strength. please pray for my mind. i need to keep it focused on Christ. i want to be holy and pure. i want to erase my past and walk in fullness of God. o want to love God, and love others. please pray God would send women into my life and for a financial miracle inour lives. and for peaceful dreams. thank you all God bless. deeper relationship with The Holy Spirit. a way to church on sunday.

  39. Today’s devotional was for me! Last night I cried & cried & cried out to the Lord my emptiness. It felt so good! I thank & praise God for his faithfulness & burden bearing! Praying for Marcia & everyone else here who is stressed and worried. We serve an awesome God who has overcome the world! I loved your song Quiet Me too! Soo beautiful & on point!

  40. I am a single mom with 2 kids. I have to ask everyone to pray for me and for all single moms. I am sick when I have poured out my problems, it is an epidemic in this country that single moms are poor in money, spirit, and they are left to their own devices to figure it out. I make to much money to get any help, and I don’t make enough to cover my bills. Our legal system needs to step it up, we need to be screaming at the top of our lungs that our children are being burdened with this horrible impact of the lack of men leading thier families in the proper Christian direction, and then abandoning their children. I am so frustrated because they are going to start to garnish my wages because he will not pay for the credit cards we had in our name together. I am working so hard, and have to continually tell my kids we cannot afford it. I am so frustrated because of the lack of fair treatment in this situation. We need to have another level of help not welfare maybe hopecare – not poor just cant make enough to survive….where does that leave me – fighting every day to find hope, and being too tired to look. I listen to christian music, read a bible verse every night with my daughter and son, and I cry in my sleep to ask God to show me a way. I am at my witts end and I feel like quiting my job and going into the system where the government will have to take care of me since the legal system won’t.
    Ice bucket challenge we need to create a single mom’s challenge. We need to start a movement in this country that when you leave an abusive husband you don’t have to be poor!!! Is that what God wants?

    1. I was once a battered women , been a christian for 25 years my children died with in 24 months of each other no fault of there own, they were 16 and 20. I tell you this so you will know I have been through the valley and tested and its not fun and its not easy. I dont know your study habits of the word or how close you are to God , but know this God says if you tithe he will open up the windows of heaven. GOD is our Jehovah Jireh our provider…….Girl stand on that , test God !!! He will provide have faith and stAND on the word and is if the Lord is good. And if your already tithing then Stand I say Stand.

  41. Thanks for this topic today. Yes, we can and should pour out our souls to God. I deal (attempt to) with chronic pain. I’ve had 3 spinal surgeries since I was 19. I am now 54 and after 6 vertebrae fused, and hardware/cages inserted front and back I am again facing horrific pain. Relentless even while taking major meds. My husband lost his job in January and we had our income cut in 1/2 along with losing all life/disability/medical insurance. I have one child, a son, married and a grandbaby. Although they live within 25 minutes I don’t see or hear from them much. They live busy lives. My 2 sister’s don’t bother with me for whatever reason. It’s just my husband and I and we have managed to get through these bumps. I say this just for background. Although my trials are many I have grown closer to God than ever. For those reading this I share some insight I learned just yesterday from a book by Timothy Keller, “Walking with God through Pain and Suffering”. If you get past the earlier chapters it speaks about how to walk through the fiery furnaces. On page 246 it discusses “Weeping in the Dark”. Psalm 88, composed by Heman, the Ezrahite. The psalm ends with, “Darkness is my closest friend”. He is writing about God and how he felt abandoned by Him. Mr. Keller points out that we can learn that in times of darkness God reveals His grace in new depths. Heman is virtually saying God was not there for him. He does not keep control of his temper, nor does he speak reverently to Him. And yet Derek Kidner, a bible commentator, says, “The very presence of such prayers in scripture is a witness to His understanding. He knows how men speak when they are desperate”. Keller explains. “If we believe that God, through His Holy Spirit inspired and assembled the Scriptures for us, then we see that God has not censored out prayers like this”. He adds, ” God understands. It shows that God remains this man’s God not because the man puts on a happy face and controls his emotions, but because of Grace. Heman is not praising God– he is weak and falling apart. Yet here is his Psalter”. This is an encouragement to us to be open and honest and to pour out our souls to the God who understands, who loves us, who suffered more for us so that we would not be alone during our troubles and sufferings.
    Sorry so long.. I have left out a lot of good, uplifting information from this book. I find reading about how others handle pain and suffering helpful, especially when it leads me to His word. Many of the Psalms are uplifting. Again, thanks Gwen.

    1. Hey Mrs. Jo, i understand how you feel. i dont have anyone in my life to talk to eitger…but we do have Jesus, my husband and my three small children. i just want to tell you i love ypu and i care about you.i hope your health gets better, perfect ayou have a young sister in ohio praying for you. God bless you Mrs. Jo.send beautiful blessed friends in your life.

      1. Thank you Brittany. You are so sweet. It’s amazing how our loving Father uses this “worldly” invention as a testimony to His goodness. I am blessed by you today. I am more of a “reader” than a “poster” on the internet, but am feeling pulled towards sharing more. This is my first contribution and I am grateful that the Lord used you to offer me comfort. Thank you for encouraging me. You are an angel and I pray that the Lord will shower you with His love.

        1. Thank you also Mrs. Jo. i am humbled. Im delighted God used me and i truly thank Him! your words are encouraging also. Thank you for your prayers! 🙂

  42. Im in my 60s and single now I have a empty nest , I want a Godly husband Lord full my life with your love and peace . Let my home be filled with love and laughter.
    Destiny Simon

  43. I have poured out to The Lord. I ask that you would pray my strength in The Lord as I deal with my husband who is man of God beat his drug addiction. I will continue to trust God He is my peace. I pray Gods blessing on you all

  44. I read Psalm 34 from the Amplified version, and verse 2 jumped out at me, especially the first two words: “My life makes its boast in the Lord, let the humble and afflicted hear and be glad.” My life, not me, but my life – my being for the glory of God. I read this just after finishing Chapter 10 of ONE THOUSANDS GIFTS, by Ann Voskamp. The chapter title is “empty to fill.” Praise God! Ann says, We are blessed and we can be the blessing to others. In dealing with difficult relationships, about which I have been praying for some time, I believe this chapter to be at least part of the answer, along with Gwen’s blog today. 🙂 It’s a cycle of receiving blessing, being a blessing (giving out of what you receive) and receiving a blessing again. Rather than trying in my own strength to be a better person in these relationships, I need to see myself serving Jesus in the time spent with these folks. I hope this is making sense. Also allow Jesus to serve through me, rather than striving in my own strength. Along with all this, I must pour my heart out to Father God, Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit, then They can fill it with Themselves.

    I, too, am in my 50’s and am (slowly) looking for a job – just part time. Praying with and for those who wrote of their quest for a job.

    Thank you, Gwen, for sharing these truths. God continue to bless you richly!

  45. I need a pary time job been filling out Apps. and get some kind respond but not much happend. and finailly needs also. Thabks god bless Gwen smith

  46. I loved this submission today! It was a reminder to talk to Jesus first before anyone else, bc He’s the only one who can truly fix the problem (permanently fix it)!

  47. My name is Susie, I live here in Fla, just move here coming
    up a year, I know that God has ordered my steps here for
    a reason, I need prayer for direction and wisdom of
    what He wants me to do here?
    I am also temporary in debt, because my job cant
    give me enough hours, I need a second job!
    My husband also needs to be saved and return
    his heart back to God!

  48. What a blessing! I shared this morning’s email devotion from Girlfriends in God with 2 single moms atthe end of their respective ropes. I needed that word this morning. Often too quick to run to the phone instead of running to fall on my knees. Prayer request for single moms with sons, specifically African American sons facing challenges and for Godly intervention and leadership for their lives. Individual prayer request for new employment opportunity as I head into final round of interviews…if it is for me, let it come to pass and help me not to be discouraged with the process and to serve with grace and leadership.

  49. I need prayer. My husband is an alcoholic and just yesterday I found porn on his computer. I talked to my pastor and he said I must address this with my husband. So this afternoon I plan to talk to him. I am hurt, ashamed and afraid. Please, please pray that he will agree to go for help.

    1. Dear Lord, I pray that you cover Sue with your comfort, courage, wisdom and peace as she talks with her husband. We pray that the behaviors and habits of her husband would be broken and that you would grip his heart with your kindness that leads to repentance. Bring healing, Lord. Remind Sue of your love for her… and of her value and significance in your eyes. We ask for your will to be done, in Jesus’ name, amen.

  50. I know the post below are a year old, but I am hoping that all is well with everyone that posted a request. I just wanted to say that I poured out my soul to God. I admit that I don’t always do that but I am working on it every day. My prayer is for a stronger marriage, more loving with my husband and for his career. I am also praying for inner peace and a closer relationship with God. I want to also get into a doctoral nursing program.

  51. I’m having difficulty with my 13 year old who left my home to stay with her Dad. She doesn’t like to be disciplined so she wanted to go where there is leniency. I’ve been divorced for 4 years and he is still very nasty, bitter and a basher of everything I do or say. My daughter will lie to him and in turn he sends messages to me that are very harsh to any human being without facts. I have raised my daughter solely even in my marraige. It’s hurtful and disheartening to go through this, but Faith in the word of God has kept me. It’s hard some days more than others.

  52. I poured out my soul this morning. I pray that I can be like Hannah and truly worship the Lord with all my heart and soul. I struggle with my temper and with my words, I pray the Lord can help fill my soul with peace so that the anger can melt away.

  53. Proverbs 3:5-6New International Version (NIV)
    5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;
    6 in all your ways submit to him,
    and he will make your paths straight

  54. I failed my law degree, despite putting in 3 years of constant hard work. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know where to go. I had my life planned out but it didn’t go according to plan. I don’t know what the future holds. At the same time this happened the love of my life walked out on me, said I wasn’t good enough for him anymore. I’ve been depressed, suicidal, heartbroken, empty.. You name if and I’ve felt it. I’ve been pouring out my soul out to him for 2 months, I’ll admit there are times I took things into my own hands because I thought he was taking too long, because I couldn’t bare the pain anymore. And this only made things worse. But you know what I have learnt my lesson.. I am still because I know he is God.

    1. Thanks for sharing this, Chelsea. Hard stuff. My heart is stirred to simply encourage you that this is not the end for you. Proverbs 16:3 says, “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and HE will establish your plans.” Failure is never final and it certainly doesn’t define you. Law school is not for the faint of heart, so I know you have grit and goals. Push through this adversity and move forward in the strength and Spirit of God, friend. Blessings, Gwen.

  55. My daughter is 22. She had two brain surgeries and 23 other surgeries. She is short 4″8″, hearing-impaired, and quit school at 19 because she was constantly playing catch-up and being made fun of. The only people who will accept her are the “like minded” people who quit school and have no ambition I am a professional business person and her father, retired military. She goes from boy to boy. she once lived with a boy in Alabama and worked at a chicken factory. she loved being self sufficient. I wish so badly someone would hire her. She doesn’t drive. Each time I inspire her to get a GED, she balks. I pray constantly for her. She used to be bubbly, happy, and loved the Lord. Now….. 🙁 I KNOW our Lord has great plans for her life. I don’t know how to pray for her and any advice I give her or encouragement, is taken in resentment. She literally will do the opposite. Please pray for her.

    1. will pray for her. i love her very much even though weve never met and God loves her more. Everything will workout jusy fine Romans 8:28, Psalms 20:6

  56. Today is my birthday! I am pouring out my heart and soul to God! I am in deep gratitude for my life, remembering who I am in Him. In prayer I will hold nothing back from Him. I know that He already knows what is in my heart. With love, faith, and confidence, and full trust in Him, I make my Birthday Prayer!

      1. Much love and blessings to you, my sister! I thank The Lord for you and the beauty you have brought into my life with your music, your faith and your writing! XOXO

    1. Happy birthday! today is my husband’s birthday too! i pray for many more birthdays for you! and that today will be one of your best birthdays yet! your best is yet to come miss Regina! God has great things in store for you! Jer 29:11. i pray that He will use you to help breathe confidence into us women and to spread the love of Christ everywhere you go. God bless you sister and i love you.

      1. Thank you, Brittany, my sister. I promise you, Gwen, Our Lord, and all our sisters here, gathered together, I will. I love you, too. Love reigns over us, all! And wherever two or more are gathered in His name, there is love. Happy Birthday blessings and love to your darling man! Blessings!

  57. Psalm 34:4 I sought the Lord, and He heard me,
    And delivered me from all my fears.
    I read this and all my emotions of my daughters first few months of life came back. She was born with some medical complications and still lives with them, but God brought me peace and I knew and felt that everything was going to be okay.

  58. Thanks for this wonderful post Gwen I was so blessed each time I read Girlfriends in God. Please join me in prayer to get get clear direction from the Lord about what I’m made to do with Him!

  59. I am 57 years old and trying to help my son who lost his job raise his two girls. We struggle everyday. I am in bankruptcy and in danger of losing my home, the only place my granddaughters have to live. Their mother has already abandoned them, they don’t need anymore pain and disruption in their lives. I have had many, many very serious struggles in my life and I know He is the only reason I survived, I am depressed, overwhelmed and exhausted. I pour my soul out to Him, I cannot do it alone. Thank you for the reminder to put my troubles into the Lord’s hands.

    1. Matthew 11:28, I Peter 5:7, Philippians 4:6, 19. Love you Ms. Joann hope things are working out better for you, your son, and granddaughters.

  60. I’m a 42 year old woman in deep despair and depression for a long time now. Every day is a struggle just to get through the day. .

  61. My family needs to be free from these chains of addiction and poverty. My hope is in Christ and His Word. I have cried out to the Father today. Please pray for me and my family.

    1. Molly – My family has been in the depths of addiction and never having enough financially. I know the chaos, dysfunction and heartbreak. The only reason I’m still standing is because the Lord has been carrying me or I would have been a puddle on the floor many years ago. Don’t give up, He will hear you. You have my prayers.

  62. I am 22 and have recently started reading the Word of God and praying.No matter how much I try I feel so condemned by my past and every mistake I make.I need a job,I want to feel like God is hearing me..like I matter but its just not happening.I feel depressed and alone.I know I will not make it by my own might though,something in me keeps me fighting and praying and looking to God for all I need.

  63. I sit here, in fear over a mild medical report and I know I need to be still, to be quiet. I dont know how to and I pray I do. O I love the song cos its my prayer. I need healing, I need to hear him whisper. I need faith not fear, I need joy not sadness. I need to hear Him whisper. I need my spirit to be lifted out of this heaviness. Only God can, I know He will

  64. I poured out my heart to Him. I am so in need to hear from the Lord, i feel so beat up by life and trying to live my life for Christ, and it seems as if nothing I do matters. I am still in a rut in my spirit, i feel as if God is not hearing me. I poured out my heart to Him, He knows all that I have spoken of. I wait with expectation that God will respond. your daughter needs You Lord, like never before.

  65. I have had a burden in my heart and my life but I have been driving through prayer, or not even praying at all. I have carried on like life is great with no challenges but all has not been well, I hurt and cry for my baby girl….one day it is this challenge and another day there is a new one. I want her to grow up normal, enjoying the life that God has blessed her with….I want her to enjoy her childhood days and remember them pain-free….

    I know the power of a praying mother….but I have not been honest with myself and God, I have chosen to sleep through the night and wish the challenges away….but how reality screams in my face….I can no longer run nor hide…I can no longer carry on like all is rosy, pretending to people who aren’t even caring to notice…. I need to get into parking with the Lord, present my prayers and pour out my soul… I need to be the mother my child needs, one who prays for her and one who plays with her….her role model, a lover of Christ, a believer in prayer, a friend she can trust with her little secrets and stories…. I need a looong session with the Lord and his forgiveness for thinking that I would do it all by myself

    Pray for me also, that I may get back to my prayerful life…..and for my baby girl to be well and happy….Thank you.

  66. Oh, how I love Hannah. What a beautifully imperfect woman whom God made holy, not because of her beauty or accomplishments, but because of her imperfections. Her weaknesses made her wholly reliant on God’s strength. Her infertility, typically a source of worldly shame, made her a powerful witness to Christians for thousands of years, and the children she eventually bore became key players in Biblical history.

    This weekend my husband and I visited Philadelphia. While we waited in the long line to see the Liberty Bell, I began reflecting with sadness upon my own infertility and the pain and uncertainty we are about to endure with treatments. I wallowed in self-pity as I wondered if I would ever be a mother, if I deserved to be a mother, if I would always be less valuable than the many women in my life who have been blessed with children. I cried inside, as I have many times before.

    After what seemed like an eternity, we made it to the bell. At first glance, it didn’t present much beauty to speak of. It was smaller than I had expected, a bit tarnished, and famously cracked on one side. Yet we had stood in line with scores of other tourists for half an hour to see it, and it was worth every minute. The sight of it made me well up with pride. The bell was beautiful despite its cosmetic flaws. Just like the bunch of ragtags back in the 1700s who came together to form this great nation, the bell was a symbol of beauty, liberty, and freedom. It didn’t need to be perfect to convey that powerful message; in fact, its imperfections gave the message an even more poignant touch.

    It occurred to me that that must be how God sees each of us. I may be struggling to bear children, while others may be struggling to find work or make amends with a family member or deal with a health issue, but God would gladly wait patiently for hours — or as long as it takes — just to spend a few minutes admiring our beauty. To Him, we are beautiful despite and even because of our flaws. Our flaws allow Him to minister to others and to work His miracles in our own lives. Our flaws make us beautiful. Our brokenness makes us perfect. Our total reliance on Him makes us His.

    This experience made me think about you and the other Girlfriends in God and the messages you all deliver every day. I could not be more thankful for the uplifting words of encouragement that God offers us through you. Your words have helped me connect experiences like my Liberty Bell visit with His messages. Every bit of encouragement reminds me to take comfort — indeed, to rejoice! — in my weaknesses. Thank you, and bless you, for that.

  67. I have made many mistakes in my life and am spending more time stressing than praising. I have caused my own problems and take responsibility. I feel as if I don’t deserve God’s forgiveness and comfort. I am a prisoner to my own heart and mind. Please pray that my commitment to daily time with God will be fulfilled.

  68. In the middle of a messy divorce and just received an court motion that I am unfit mother (been a SAHM for 5 years, daughter is a thriving 5yo) and need to receive “parenting therapy” because my daughter lashed out at her father when he refused to allow her to call me during the days she is with him (he’ll let her answer my calls). Our daughter is the one who is suffering through all this because she does not want to be with her dad and she is the only person he can force to “love and be with him.”

  69. I’m just so frustrated with my circumstances. It seems as if the closer I get to God the more things seem to be going downhill. I pray constantly, I’m in the word every chance i get. At work, i stop a lot of times just to listen closely to an inspirational song or write down a Bible verse or a prayer. I have scratch paper everywhere with prayers and Bible verses. My Bible is marked all through and torn because I’m in it constantly, seeking and hoping that God turns my situation around. I have very little money. My bank acct is always in the negative. I’m almost 2 months behind on my rent. 3 months behind on my bankruptcy payments, my son is being charged with a crime he didn’t commit. I long to have a husband again. I feel like my hands are tied and God doesn’t hear me. I have a lot that i am thankful for and i do pray and thank God daily, all day for those things but these other issues are weighing heavy on me. Down to nothing….

  70. I’ve been having this ongoing battle within myself that I wasn’t good enough. I’ve ran to people that didn’t always have my best interest at heart. I’ve been in relationships and friendships that have left me unfulfilled and feeling worse about myself than I did when I started. I’m being laid off from my job in a week with nothing else in place to go to. I’ve been feeling so low that I cannot put it into words. I felt lonely and alone. It seemed like i just couldn’t hear the voice of God. It seemed like one thing went wrong and it has just snowballed on me. It felt like I didn’t deserve to hear His voice because I had messed up and fallen short so many times. I was angry and disappointed in myself. I felt like I let Him down. so I cried out to God. I poured my soul out to Him. In the midst of crying out to Him and praying, I heard Him say “I’m here. I got it. I still love you.” I felt His presence around me. That’s the reassurance I needed. We serve an awesome God. I am believing that He will guide me to the right job and people. I am confident that He will continue to provide for me as He has done so many times before.

  71. Thank you for this. Went through a period where I was very angry with the Lord. I lost my faith in Him. Still working through this even as I speak. Religion does say that we are to do this and be this and that. I love the Lord. Been in relationship w/Him for 20yrs. He is very real to me because although I have family and friends, He’s the only One that has been here for me even when I get angry with Him. Still pouring my heart out to Him concerning these trust issues.

  72. THis is so, so timely. my Husband of 19 years has begun to give me much challenge and problms/ please please pray for me. i do not know what to do. i have been calling others and crying/ while i have been praying i have not been praying like Hannah pleae pray for me that GOd would bring healing ot this situation.

  73. The Righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them; he delivers them fro all their troubles. Psalm 34:17 Thank you for encouraging us to read Psalm 34 today. Very helpful right now. 🙂

  74. I am about to have a “Closet Session” to pour out my soul today as soon as I can get my toddler satisfied on a task. I am Thankful that I found “Girlfriends In God” today for the 1st time, and I was fully fed plus encouraging instructions for necessary prayer time with my Father. EVERYDAY has challenges that can be utterly exhausting. For Women who’s “work is never done” there is Renewal in God. Thanks for the truth. Look forward to many more ‘Girlfriends’ bible studies.

  75. PSALMS 34:8- Taste and see that the LORD is good;blessed is the man who takes refuge in him. “I POURED OUT MY SOUL TO HIM”

  76. God’s timing is always perfect! My heart leapt for joy as I read this message this morning. It speaks to me so clearly! How affirming!! You see, I can testify that pouring your heart out to God DOES fill you with miraculous peace that no degree of trouble could ever overwhelm! It’s true! And I praise God for it! Like Hannah, I too am troubled with similar relational issues. I also have 3 kids under the age of 13. It is a sad season of life for us. We know not how things will end up. Yet, I have this peace that surpasses all understanding. Though we are powerless over my spouse’s (their father’s) sin-sick mind (that precedes his soul-sick behaviors), we know the All-Powerful. Our hope is not lost. We hope for our own lives to be free of such strongholds. We hope for healing. We have hope because we have surrendered our lives to the Greatest Love of All. We have accepted Jesus. Because I love God, I obey God. Because I obey God, I trust God. I seek His WISDOM, which He freely pours out. He taught me that HUMILITY is the pre-requisite – the foundation – for healing, deliverance, and freedom in Christ. Humility is necessary during difficult times, long suffering trials, and troubling tribulations. PERSEVERANCE produces the fruit of our labor -from love and joy to gentleness and self-control. Perseverance matured me from milk to meat. I experience maturity as a supernatural strength that comes from facing my weaknesses and presenting my vulnerabilities to God. None of this is possible without LOVE. It is God’s way of loving – not the world’s way – that perseveres, fulfills, satisfies, and lasts. Like Hannah, when I look to the Lord and His Strength, when I seek His face always, when I am clothed with humility, when I confess my infirmities, forgive myself and others for theirs, and persevere in His Wisdom, then faith, hope, and love conquers. The greatest of these being love. Since faith, hope, and love remains (is steadfast), no trouble in this world can defeat God’s children. We are victorious today and can live victorious lives even when our life – as we see it – is overwhelmed by destruction and defeat. I pray you and I continue to grow in faith, finishing the marathon of life, free and healed – one day at a time. May Grace and Mercy never leave you.

  77. I just want to say that God has really answered all my prayers, from keeping negative people away from myself, my fam and friends, and to successfully deal with any that wiggle through, to more difficult things like keeping my husband, myself and my mom/dad/sis sane throughout this insane immigration case of mine. But one prayer that has not been answered, and that i (unfortunately) didn’t bother God with before, was WINNING the case. Now, due to who knows what bad luck (or lack of faith), i’m thousands of miles away from my husband and family, stuck in a foreign country where i have few relatives (but they are wonderful, bless them) and feel so alone. It’s been 9 months now, we are about to file our sponsorship case to return me to Canada (was raised in the U.S. but am ‘stuck in Europe… odd i know) and I’ve broken down so many times in front of God, and so has my husband. We cry more than anyone ever should, weekly. We are extremely strong thanks to the Lord, but the damage it’s done to my subconscious is not good. I pray this nightmare is over soon and that the Lord will return me into the arms of my amazing, loving and patient husband (and we both know it was God who put us two together!!!). I have no doubt in the Lord, but I also know that the evil one will try to attack this like he has before, and maybe that’s where i falter… Maybe it’s the bit of fear i have in my heart that lets the bad in. But we are only human. It’s not easy to stay 100% positive in hard times.
    Please pray for all those who are in the same ‘boat’ as me. Thank you all! God bless!!!

  78. I just listened to you song Quiet Me , and it made me cry. It really touched my heart. I needed that today as I face some problems with my health. Please pray for me that God will help me stop smoking before its to late for me. I’m having a hard time stopping even with the things going on with my health. again Please pray for Gods healing for me.
    In Christ Love
    Angela Taylor

  79. I have suffered with depression for 35+ years. I am in counseling and One of the ways I will know when I am healed is when I can turn to The Lord in all my times of trouble instead of picking up the phone. Not there yet, but getting much closer. I. Pour out my soul to Him almost daily and it is a wonderful experience. We sit together on my porch swing in the early mornings and talk. It is amazing. But I still struggle with turning to Him immediately.

  80. Thank you for this site. I have been doctoring for a serious condition for eight years rarely getting consistent help. 2011 I fell and injured one knee and later the other knee and leg became injured due to favoring one side. My prayer is for restoration of health that i may fulfill God’s plan for my life. RIght now I am in a precarious financial situation. Would you please pray for me to be caught up on all my bills especially for my health and home. God is Great and faithful all of the time, Amen. Thank you , Lord for loving us.

  81. Thank you for this timely message. Indeed God is not deaf to hear our prayers. I am Joy. I would like to ask a prayer for Jeffery Crooney (a student from New York City) who is confined in Greater Accra Hospital, Africa. His head is bruised and the doctor said he is getting worse. He need blood transplant and operation. His father has no means and cannot even visit him. He went to West Africa for one week tour but he met this accident. Hope you can help him. Here’s his father’s email address: henry.crooney@yahoo.com

    You can contact him for more information about the incident. His father just like Hannah is in distress and couldn’t do something. Please help this family especially Jeffery in prayer or even in financial needs if possible. Thank you very much. In Christ. Joy

  82. My 3-year-old daughter started going to preschool in March. They have a rule that all kids wear underwear, whether toilet-trained or not. She happily started wearing underwear, and didn’t want to revert back to diapers at home, but didn’t seem at all bothered to pee/poop in her underwear. She is finally using the toilet for pee, but still adamently refuses to poop in it. If I notice she seems ready to poop I suggest she use the toilet, and she gets really angry. Her poop is the consistency of peanut butter (really soft!), however, and gets smeared all over her pants and down her legs, etc. A really headache to clean up – daily! But nothing seems to click with the toilet. She is a very strong-willed child, and I’m guessing that has something to do with it (especially since she won’t wear diapers to poop in at home when she needs to like some of her other friends will), but I don’t know if that’s the whole reason or if there’s also a physical reason. It’s really frustrating for me, though. I know of two other mom friends who live far away from me who are dealing with the same problem, and we have decided to band together and pray for each others’ kids. Hoping to see some results soon!

  83. I pray for an opportunity to be employ.

    Psalm34:10 The young lions lack and suffer hunger; But those who seek the Lord shall not lack any good thing.

  84. Psalm 62:7-8 “In God is my salvation and my glory; The rock of my strength, And my refuge, is in God. Trust in Him at all times, you people; Pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us…Selah”

  85. Psalm 34:4 I sought THE LORD, and HE answered me, and delivered me from all my fears. I read that verse this morning before opening my email and seeing your wise words. THE LORD is teaching me not to give up and persevere in prayer like never before. God bless all of my wonderful Girlfriends in God 🙂

  86. I need all the prayer I can get. I am in an unfortunate situation. Many years ago I experimented with my sexuality and ended up in a very long term relationship that now includes children. I have learned that this is not where I should be in my life and this is not my happy ever after. It is a tough dilemma and I have been praying for the strength to get out of this with understanding on both sides. I am trying to prevent ugly court battles. I do not have anything against same sex couples, I have only come to realize this is not MY life style!!! Please keep me in prayer.

  87. I’ve been married for just under three years and my marriage is broken. Today, I am praying for restoration. My husband and I can be set in our ways and we seem to come from two different worlds, but the one thing that gives me hope is that we both know and love the Lord. I’m choosing to walk in faith. I’m placing it in God’s hands and pouring my soul out to Him!!!

  88. I am in a battle, so torn. I thank God
    for the message today. I have been crying and need him to helpy grandson who are little children in unsaved homes who sneak and call me to come get them. I have move due to my job the parents belittle them saying negative things
    Pray with me for them.

  89. I am in my 50’s and I need a job . . . I have put in 100’s of applications and still nothing. I pray that God will open a door for me to get a good job . . . wherever He wants me to be. I have an Associates Degree in Applied Business (Administrative Office Systems), I feel like everywhere I look it’s a dead end . . . I’m not sure what to do anymore. I’ve even tried Pizza Hut and they sent me an e-mail saying that they don’t have anything for me but if they find something I qualify for they will let me know. I love to work and I really do need a job, right now I am living in a camper (w/no plumbing hooked up) in a relatives backyard. I have cried out to Jesus . . . I look to the hills from whence cometh my help, my help comes from the Lord the maker of heaven and earth.

    1. Marcia, I too am looking for a job. I do not have your qualifications. But I do have the hope and faith in Jesus. The bible says to see things as though they were already there.(Mark 11:23-24). To say things as though they were. You say to this mountain be thou removed, and it shall be so. Have faith, and say out loud declarations daily, like, “Thank you, God for giving me the job you want me to have. Thank you God for providing for my needs. ” Another lesson I learned is to let God meet your needs and don’t drag your little red wagon behind you, letting everyone know what your problems are. That was a bit harsh for me when i first was told that, however, It really helped me. I hope it helps you too. I pray God helps you understand what I am trying to say to you. May God richly bless you in everything you do. God bless you, Jennifer

      1. Hello Marcia. We believe that God can do the impossible. Like Hannah she prayed for long time. She didn’t lose hope and the right time came to her. I do believe that in the right time too God will provide the right job for you. Consider this verse Phil 4:6 Do not worry about anything, but in all your prayers ask God for what you need, always asking him with a thankful heart.

    2. Hi Marcia. I am also in my 50’s and have been looking for work on and off since last year.I also have a university degree. It was discouraging and demoralising for me to keep receiving rejection emails. Like you (and Hannah) I have cried out to the Lord and like you, still nothing. It became a faith crisis for me at one very dark and dangerous point when I became so angry with God. I almost turned my back on him because I felt he had failed me. BUT at my lowest moment, I chose to trust him and to still believe that he is good, real and sovereign. Still no job today but there is more peace and joy in the journey. I have learnt that at a point of crisis, the resolution comes about when we surrender to the Lordship of Christ. In my case it was giving up my own agenda and submitting to His. I know each case is different and has its own unique set of circumstances but I hope this helps in some way.

    3. Marcia I have a suggestion for you. I hit yard sales, thrift stores, etc. and find items that I clean up and sell on Ebay. I make about $2,000 per month doing this and further can be home with my toddler. I gravitate towards selling costume jewelry and do well. Here is a link to my sales: (Bear in mind that these items were purchased very cheap at yard sales/etc. Some for .50 cents. Copy/Paste.


      1. MORE…BEST OF ALL you do not need any qualifications to do this job. But you should chose “your thing” (Mine is jewelry). Something you have SOME knowledge about and enjoy finding and working with. You need to get an Ebay account (Free) and you need a camera to take photos. I actually used my cell phone when I first started selling on Ebay, until I could afford a digital camera. This has been a God-send for me. My prayers are with you all who are w/out income. Do not stop at putting in applications! There are options! God bless.

  90. I’m praying for my husband to find a fulfilling job. I’m also constantly on my knees praying for my son, for his eyes to be open to God’s plan for his life and that he will be willing to submit to that plan. I’m pouring out my soul to the Father.

  91. This was exactly what I needed to hear today. My husband and I had been trying for a second child for almost a year and a half. Well, in October, we finally found out we were pregnant only to lose the baby at 10 weeks, 2 days before Christmas. Now, we’ve continued trying and still no luck. And, someone in my family is pregnant and I am struggling so much with it. So happy for her, but sad for me. And, starting to lose hope. So, today, I’m pouring out everything to God. Asking for answers, hope, help… anything He’s willing to give. Sometimes, it’s funny how God brings you what you need to hear. I’ve never visited your Blog but this was the daily devotion on Bible Study Tools. I don’t remember to read them everyday, guess He made sure I saw this one for a reason. Thank you!!!

  92. I had a nightmare last night about my son. I pray for protection over him as he is finding his way back to the Father’s loving arms.

  93. I continue to pour out my soul as my husband is having an affair for almost a year. In the past 6 months I’ve grown in my faith and continue to serve my husband in love and believe that no matter what happens it will all work out to
    G_d’s glory. I’m grateful for the many opportunities to serve my husband and my hope continues to be that my family and my marriage will be restored, healing will be at it’s fullest and that my husband will come to a relationship with G_d.

  94. I poured out my soul yesterday on my commute home from work for approximately 1 hour…I was casting out demons in the name of Jesus, from my 15 year old daughter, the enemy has been at work to steal her…and it surfaced at church camp this week. Praise God, her struggle was brought to my attention, I poured out my soul and God came to my rescue, her rescue and to the rescue of everyone involved. His peace rested on everyone and the enemy fled. I was physically exhausted afterward, yet my spirit was high and full of energy.

    “Because he loves me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name. Psalm 91:14

  95. I struggle with selfishness and feeling like a failure in so many ways. I feel like, most days, I don’t even come close to looking like the picture of a Godly woman. Please pray for me however you feel led.

    1. I too feel like a failure most of the time. I struggle with hurt from my past and feel like I can’t handle things very well emotionally. I put a lot of blame on others for my issues, and my husband and I are constantly arguing about totally mundane things. I poured out my soul to God about my situation and struggles, but I also found peace knowing I’m not the only one.

  96. I poured out my soul to the Lord. i think I can fix things myself and it isn’t working. It is hard being a caregiver to my mom and daughter. It seems like I am always thinking of others rather than myself. I need to take time to be with you Lord–I need to find that quiet time. Help me!

  97. Thank you Lord for that. Something I so need to hear. That is what I need to learn, how to pour out my heart to God. Every day I have distractions of every kind. My kids are always around, and I haven’t got time without having to hear something behind me or check on a 3 yr old. Pray that I can find time on my own for God. I pray for my marriage that is giving me some frustration at this point, and I feel a lot like I am in some depression. God led me to do the Psalm Adventure, and I think it will come, learning to be intimate with God. I want so much to know him and to have the joy and peace that I can have.

    Those who look to Him are radiant. Their faces are never covered with shame.

  98. i’m struggling with my boyfriend and I disagreeing on Biblical issues….I love him and don’t know what to do. But with beliefs that don’t align I can’t let him be a spiritual leader.

  99. OH MY GOSH!!!! I opened my Girlfriends in God this morning and you have spoken to my very soul….right now, I am in anguish over my job, my marriage, my church, my family….and the words to express what is going on in my soul just do not come when someone asks me!! The words to this song…”Quiet Me” have just put a balm on my heart that I have needed for so long! Thank you so much for blessing us with that. Then the challenge at the end…clearly showed me that I have not cried out to God like I should have…I AM A WOMAN DEEPLY TROUBLED!! I cried when I read that! Thank you, thank you, thank you…this was exactly what I needed to hear today!

  100. I have been struggling with a divorce. My husband decided he didn’t want to be married any longer and decided a friend of ours would be better choice. She was a friend, and now I’m feeling so betrayed. This has been going on for over a year now and I’ve turned to God for peace. It sometimes seems to get worse and then there are days it gets better. I pray unto you my Lord for peace for my kids and myself. I’m scared of where we will be after all this is over! This site has taught me a lot! Thank you!

  101. Thank-you for directing me to Psalm 34. We are trying to get out of debt and close up our business that didn’t do well in the economy. Praise God that my husband now has a job he loves, but trying to pay off the business and our credit line overwhelms us. We, like Martha so wonderfully put, “desire to be free of this burden to serve him”. I am praying for a part time job if that is God’s will for me and to be able to give up home schooling my son if that is God’s will as well.

  102. I have been struggling with an illness for some years now and lately my heart has been very grieved. Sometimes discouragement takes over and it’s nice to have a reminder that it’s ok to be “sad”. Religion at times makes us feel that if we don’t have joy all the time that we don’t have faith. Our God is a God of truth and if we are not being truthful to him, even about what we are dealing with inside our hearts, he is unable to come in and heal us. How can he give us peace if we have a covering over our hearts that is not of him?

  103. There is power in prayer. My husband and I are struggling with finances and past debt. We desire to be free of this burden to serve him. We want to trust God and be patient as he delivers us.

  104. Psalm 34:18 “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”
    I so want things to be right between me and my daughter in law. We had a talk yesterday and she thinks things are kind of settled, but I do not. She left and I was still crying. I don’t know how to communicate with her without her analyizing everything I say. We used to be so very close. I miss my grandsons and my husband and I are missing out on their growing up. My granddaughter misses her cousins but things have to work out between the grownups first.
    I just want pray for God to help us to fix this problem and all hearts to be softened and to forget and forgive any past problems. Life is too short to harbor on past mistakes. I pray daily for this problem.

    1. Brokenhearted in this situation you only control of you to change. Your daughter in law has made peace with the situation. I pray that you find the strength to make your necessary changes to keep the family together.

  105. psalm 34:19, may the Lord answer my prayes i need Him so much in life, everything seems not to be working anymore but i know that joy will come in the morning…

  106. I sought the Lord, and He heard me, And delivered me from all my fears. (Psalms 34:4 NKJV) Thanking Him for a successful medical procedure this AM. Poured out my soul. Happy Friday, 1st day of Summer:) Ta DA

  107. I lost my husband of 44 years almost 6 months ago. The loneliness is almost unbearable. I cry out for God for peace and a sense of his presence, but don’t seem to be able to get it. I know
    I am so out of his will by only existing but, but without Gods presence I don’t seem to able to live. Please pray for me. I am so desperate. Desperate for assurance that God is with me.

    1. Bonnie God is with you. It takes time to heal. Just know that God has you cradled in His arms during this time. Be kind to Bonnie and just rest in His arms. It is your turn.

  108. I need help. Not money or a car, though both would be greatly appreciated…but prayer that I don’t lose my mind. My hubby is waiting on his last test to get on the transplant list for a new liver. Meantime, I’m losing my mind running around trying to get him to not use the bathroom in the oven, or around the TV. Then when I do get him to the right spot, he sits there and sleeps. I am slowly going nuts, and I can’t keep sending him to the hospital…though I guess I’ll have to. I’ve prevailed on my church for so much, there is nowhere else to turn but to God, but I’ll be honest, I never hear Him answer me. So….

    1. My heart breaks for you. I know how it is to pray for God’s presence and not sense it. I keep telling myself I am in his presence whether I feel it or not, but it is so hard. I just lost my husband to cancer and seems there is nothing but pain and sorrow. You are in my prayers.

    2. That is a very difficult situation and my heart goes out to you. I will pray that God gives you strength! And I will pray that your husband gets on that list and that God’s will in done in both of your lives. In Jesus’ name! He is an all powerful God and with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!

    3. Sometimes it does seem difficult to recognize God’s voice. When there is so much going on His voice can seem to get lost in the midst of everything else. Although my situation is different, I too have felt like I don’t hear Him. However, I have found that when I tune everyone else out, when I go to my room and close the door and concentrate on Him, it is then that I hear. I believe I have had my answer for a while now but I have been afraid of what everyone else will say; but this is about my faith, my walk, and my relationship with Him………..I say all of this to say, if you can, take a few minutes and close the door; shut everyone else out for a moment and concentrate on the Lord. Then, you may hear the answers. I pray for you and your husband, believing the Lord will see you through!!!!

    4. Dear Jeanette,
      I was a caregiver for both my parents. My mother was seriously ill for so long. I understand what you are going through. Someone once prayed with me, “Be still and know that I Am God”. This prayer has helped me through so much. I will pray for you and that your husband gets a liver expediently. God Bless you and your family.

  109. Psalm 34:6-This poor man called, and the Lord heard him;
    he saved him out of all his troubles.I am trusting on the Lord for a life partner and also for a good job.I trust in the Lord that he will hear the cry of his poor daughter.

  110. Thanks for the encourgament and that pouring our heart out you to the Lord does make a difference. I have been praying for my daughter and pour out my heart to Him everyday regarding her many situations. Some days I get confirmation that he hears me sometimes not. I continue to seek him for wisdom and guidance in what to pray for her. I will continue to seek him and his will for her. I know he will answer my prayers.

  111. I poured my soul to Him Ps34 v18 “The righteous cry out and the Lord hears them, He delivers them from all their troubles.” Sometimes I feel like he does not hear me, like there is a barrier between us. I have prayed to rip this apart!

  112. I have been in this place (like Hannah) for two years now, constantly bringing my despair to the Lord. However, my husband has recently been diagnosed with a stomach ulcer due to the stress level of his job. Please pray that he can find another job with less stress so his health can improve.

  113. Gwen ~ Thank you for sharing this today. I just came back from a few days away just to pour my heart out to God and to hear from Him what He would have me to walk on with…He met me there! I am celebrating my birthday today with a renewed spirit and feel so free for having poured my heart out to Him and studied His Word..He is faithful!!

  114. Thanks for this wonderful encouragement. I have laid bared my heart to the Lord, especially in the last 3-1/2 years after the sudden death of my husband. He was only 52. He has wonderfully sustained me. Healing of this grief continues, but that supernatural peace that only comes from Him makes me love Him and crave my time with Him more & more. Blessings,

  115. I poured my heart out to God over my husband. For 3 months now God and I have been doing some serious business together. I’ve given him the pieces to my broken heart and by and by I know that he’s putting me back together again. Even in my situation he’s telling me to stand down and let Him fight my battles.
    I love the way my Father comforts me. Thank you Lord!

    1. Shaiphali- He hears all your cries. You are loved by Him more than you could ever imagine. Continue to pour out your soul to him.

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