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Ps 86.11 Rollers

I had been out of town at an event. Gone just one night. While I was away, my then eight-year-old daughter, Kennedy, had spent the night at her girlfriend Catherine’s house. I came home to a groundswell of enthusiasm.

“Mom! We have to go to Walmart to buy sponge rollers! They are incredible! Last night, before we went to bed, Mrs. Robertson rolled our hair in sponge rollers and when we woke up this morning our hair was CURLY! Can you believe it? My hair was curly! We just have to get some!” my flaxen-haired buttercup exclaimed.

My daughter is many wonderful things, but patient is not one of them. So, the very next day we went to Walmart and got us some. Fast forward to that evening. I gave her a few basic sponge roller instructions: “After your shower, blow dry your hair to be mostly-dry. Leave it just an itty bit damp and then I will come up to roll it. And in the morning your hair will be bouncy and curly for school!”

“No, Mom! I know how to do it. I watched Mrs. Robertson last night. I don’t need help.”


“Kennedy, it’s a bit tricky. There are a lot of important little details that I can teach you, but I really think it would be best if you let me roll your hair tonight so you can learn.”

“I can do it, Mom! I want to do it myself,” the girl insisted.

(Yep. She’s mine.)

And she rolled her hair . . . exactly as you would expect an eight-year-old-sponge-roller-novice to roll her hair. It was a whack job. I knew that the rising sun would not shine light on her finest hair morning, but I also knew enough to bite my tongue for the sake of the lesson she would learn. With an ache in my momma heart, I tucked her in and prayed for the best.

While it was still dark, she shook me awake. BIG alligator tears falling. “Mom! It didn’t work! My hair is a mess! Half the rollers fell out onto my pillow… sniff… and I look horrible!”

More tears. Deep little-girl sorrow dripped everywhere.

“Honey, I’m so sorry. It’s okay. Just go wash your hair again and wear it straight for school today. We can try again tonight, and I will help you this time.” I used my most consoling mom-voice . . . and stuffed down the “I told you so” that wanted to slip out.

That night after her shower, Kennedy blew her hair to mostly-dry and then handed me her sponge rollers. As we sat on the edge of her pink comforter, I taught her some sponge-roller basics. Section off your hair evenly. Begin at the crown of your head and roll down. Tuck the ends under so they don’t go funky on you. Give each roller the same amount of tension and secure them close to your scalp so they stay on while you sleep. Once her hair was rolled, she dozed off with tender expectations of curly hair.

Morning brought the beauty she had hoped for! I snapped a photo as she ate her cereal because it was a darling moment. A little girl and her bouncy blonde curls and unstoppable smile. Good times.

Kennedy Sponge Rollers

I wrote in my journal about the sponge roller ordeal once Kennedy and the boys had gone to school, and I was struck by how stubborn she had been that first night. She simply would not hand over the sponge rollers to me, even though I had a lifetime of experience with the squishy beauty tools. Once she surrendered them, however, lessons were learned and she began to understand the proper way to accomplish her beauty goal.

As I wrote, the Lord whispered to my heart. “You know, darling, you do this all the time with Me.”

And I do.

I frequently and stubbornly insist on doing things on my own. Without help from God. Without help from the One who is all wise, all knowing, all powerful, all gracious, and fully able.

Perhaps you do too?

Oh that we would hand over the sponge rollers to the Master Beautician and allow Him to craft a work of radiance in and through us. I constantly pray as David did. “Teach me your way, Lord, that I may rely on your faithfulness; give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name” (Psalm 86:11, NIV).

I surrender!

Your way, Lord.


Not mine.

The last thing you and I want to do is be stubborn with God. I am learning that the beauty of surrender is this: when I lay down my mess, my hands are then free to pick up God’s rest.


Dear Lord, Forgive me! I am so guilty of taking matters into my own hands. I want You to lead. I need You to lead. I need to want You to lead – so much more than I do. Teach me Your ways. Empower me with Your Spirit, and give me an undivided heart that I might follow tight to Your Word and to Your will. In Jesus’ name, amen.



If you accept the charge to hand over your sponge rollers to God, CLICK HERE to leave a comment telling me about your rollers, or simply say, “I want God’s way!”

While you are in the comments section, take time to encourage and pray for one another.

Thanks for doing life with me!

Hugs and Blessings in HIS Grace,



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  1. Hi I read your story and it brought me to tears because I do the same thing about everything my husband and I are going through a lot right now he had grown bitter towards me and I am goingbcrazy because I lo him so much and I can’t change the bitterness in his heart towards me I try everything and nothing works then I wise man told !e that I an change him I have to first change myself then my husband will see that and he also will change but first I have to let go and let god but thank you so MUX for your story and please keep my husband and I I’m prayer for a saved marriage god bless you

  2. I want “Gods Way”. I am so tired of trying to handle things along instead of letting God take it and do with it as he will!

    I thank God for your “Girlfriends in God” website. I read it every morning and have a lot of the saved. It is a blessing to me.

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  3. Thank You for sharing this with us. I want God’s way! I have always felt I had to protect myself since I was a young girl. We all come from different life backgrounds. My biological mother was an alcoholic and heroin user. She always choose her drugs and men over her kids. I was blessed however she gave me to her brother when I was year old and all was good until I turned about 7 or 8. From 8 to 13 I was abused in many ways. I was angry, bitter, full of hate I could not understand why she did what she did. My world got turned upside down. I use to think I was not good enough for God but Lord was I wrong! He is currently showing me I am loved and have been loved from the beginning. It is not easy forgiving those who hurt you but once I did I felt such a big relief but I still suffer in other areas in my life. He loves us as we are. I share my story because I am not prefect I still fight myself somewhat each day and I pray God I give this all to you. As a child/teenager I could not tell you that God was there. Now as older adult and when I look back on life I can say without a doubt say he was there even when I thought I was along. I went back to my uncle whom I call my dad till this dad at the age of 13 but the damage was done. I was emotionally damaged. I am learning through God’s love and Grace how to move forward. I have learned to forgive to let go of the hurt I just now need to accept who I am in God’s eyes and to let him have complete control even though I fear doing that. My heart tells me one thing but my head tells me another. It amazes me how much God loves us.

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      Jennifer, I am so sorry for all that you have been through, but so proud of you that you are leaning on God to heal your wounds! I pray that you will continue to let God heal you and use you to help others who may go through the same troubles you have been through. Blessings!

  4. I want Gods way! To live is Christ to die is gain and I truly believe there is nothing that I control that is as it should be. God is my everything and I open my life to him to do with as he will. He will lead my children where I have failed them. Mercy and grace will save me! God will direct me! May I follow his plan with every breath I take.

  5. Thank you for sharing the precious picture of your curly haired cutie! Thank you for reminding me how much easier it is to give our attention completely to the Lord, when we stop resisting our own flesh grace happens!! Jesus Rocks!!

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  6. What a great story Kennedy has left for us for I am at times wanting to do things my own way, but after reading this publication I now need to do things God’s way. For doing thins my own way has left me in great troubles. Thanks for the publication.

  7. I always want God’s way but for some reason it feels like He has forsaken me and my family. Things have and are tough my children are losing their faith and I sometimes do the same. I am tired. I have been for Him to intervene my children, grandchildren, my husband and I are suffering due to other’s persecutions. Please pray God’s way to come to me and my family. Love your work for the Lord.

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  8. I live with a man I am not married to for almost 5 years. We are both married to other people whom we had been separated from for years, BEFORE we got together. We have tried getting divorces ProSe, but to no avail. Financially we have been struggling more than i have ever struggled in my entire life and I don’t have “THAT Promised PEACE” I had before this all began.
    I know this is outside of God’s will and I have been trying to get the money to move me and my kids out (yes i set a bad example for the kids) but it hasn’t happened yet. I told this man how burdened my heart feels about this and that I don’t want to live together anymore, but his response is: ” God knows we are trying to get our divorces but we dont have money to pay an attorney ” ” God understands our hearts” But i have no peace!!!!! The kids and I just started going back to church and I really WANT….NEED God’s Will in my life. Your Will God NOT mine!!!!!!!!

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      Monica, thanks so much for sharing your heart. I believe that you will find that peace you are promised. You’re right, it is never God’s will for us to live with someone we aren’t married to, and even more so when we’re married to someone else. Listen to your heart, what God is telling you. I know it’s scary, but HE will make a way for you and your children. If your heart is burdened about living with this man, then that is God telling you it’s time to make that change. You could check with your church leadership to see if there are resources to help you find a new place to live. Praying for you!

  9. Yes!! I wants GODS way! I am such a mess when it comes to letting it go, and letting GOD have it. Please pray for me to turn it over and leave it with him and give GOD complete control over my life. . This is a reminder for me to do that, Thank you for sharing your beautiful story about your beautiful little girl. She is a gift from God.
    I want God’s way.

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  10. I want God’s way…I struggle with having faith in God nd trusting Him nd want to be in control of my situation with my teenage daughter…I want to trust God that He is going to help her with her addiction to alcohol nd the hanging with the wrong crowd but because I don’t have patience I want to take control the situation nd I see that I can’t but I still struggle to believe have faith nd trust in God

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  11. I want God’s Way! (Except when I want it MY way says my squishy inner princess self….oh-ho-ho I just realized). Your devotional just smacked me with a dose of personal, real-life reality! I’ve been praying for help to lose weight, I pray for God to replace my inner desire for food with a desire for Him, a healthier body and to give me the self control and help I need with “God’s Will power.” So through your devotional, I realized that tiny little voice I heard last night saying…whoa, back off bucky, maybe stop at 2 cookies rather than those 14 you just wrapped in a napkin to take to the sofa to watch Jimmy Fallon…was God giving me the help/reminder to stay on track. You are awesome Gwen~Thank you! ?

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  12. I want God’s way! He who knows best and provides for me in every way. Through the good times and through the stuggles, He is always near. All the glory and honor be to Him! In Jesus name.

  13. I want Gods way.
    Yesterday when I read this, I had woke up unhappy from the night before.
    I did not like the controlling person I had been with my husband, who had been out of town. I had prayed to God to really help me with my “need” to be in control.
    When I read your devotion, I knew God was confirming He, only He, needs to be in control. He knows and can do what is best. I know I have work to do, but in my heart I know the right decision.
    Thank you God and thank you Gwen and all those who share on this site.
    May God bless us all.

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  14. I am so guilty of wanting to control the situation/problem. When I know God does a much better job than I do! I struggle with this and pray about it often. Thank you for this reminder.

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  15. Our church is at a crossroad of changing or dying. The community around us has changed but the church hasn’t . We are seeking Gods will and direction and a vision for where we go as a church. I pray we seek His will and Way and not our own.

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  16. I want God’s will!
    I really do! But I can’t forgive. I have so much pain in my heart for my husband. I can’t see him with the same eyes. And even though I have a daily-superficial-life -sharing with him, deeply inside of me I don’t want to be. I have surrendered to my God but still feeling that I don’t understand how come he wants me to feel so bad and disappointed, if he love me so much. Sometimes I am tired and my faith is weak.

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  17. I am at my wits end waiting for God to fix my husband. as things get worse I find myself struggled to stay in love with Joe. He has fallen away from God. Naturally this has sprouted up a great deal of issues in his life…we dont like the same things anymore, dont sleep with one another.
    I just dont see it getting better. I will be forced to leave if he picks up drinking again….I pray Dear Jesus please work this situation out for your Will.
    i feel like I am just waiting for the other shoe to drop…

    1. Wow I thought I had sent in this message. So identical to me. I am awaiting God’s will in my life too. May he bless and have His will done.

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      Lynn, I’m praying for you and for your marriage. Just keep leaning on God and opening your heart to what he calls you to do to help your husband.

  18. I’m going through some tough times now, and a big one is my younger brother (20) who is getting married next year. Me who thought I (the 23year old) would be married way before him…but I don’t have a special someone in my life. Recently, I was interested in a guy and tried to get him to notice me and like me and I thought he did…but then the texting stopped and it hurt. I know God has the perfect man for me, but I struggle daily to just leave that part of my life in His hands. I want God’s way for my future husband..not mine!

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      Brittany, I know it is tough to see your younger brother get married before you, but please know that God’s will for each person is different. He may very well have a wonderful man for you, a man who isn’t yet in a place to be your husband. Maybe he hasn’t moved to where you live yet, maybe he’s in college still. Only God knows. Just continue to trust Him. In the meantime, while you are waiting, don’t just sit around and wait. Look for opportunities to serve the Lord and to grow closer to Him daily. Remember that HE should be your top priority over finding a husband. While God does care about our love lives, He also is a jealous God and He wants to be number one in your life. Seek to serve Him and please Him, and the rest will fall into place.

  19. Hi,
    I would love to leave all areas of my life to God, Our Heavenly Father.
    But as a mom, it’s a struggle to do that at times. I have 4 sons and only 1 is a believer. The other three are having some struggles in their lives and I know why but am not allowed to tell them. I gave that problem to God.
    My 2nd husband of 11 yrs of marriage has also walked away from God. He is also have some personal struggles. How I would love to help him, but I know it’s in God’s hands.
    Why does everything have to take so long? Especially when it pertains matters close to our hearts!
    Sometimes I can be quite impatient and would like to see my prayers answered more quickly. (not 20 or 30 yrs from now) That’s when I start to get involved and ruin God’s plan.

    So Father, help me to understand that your way IS the only way. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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      Praying that you will trust the Lord to work His good in His perfect timing. Continue to seek Him and serve Him and pray for your family members. God hears our prayers.

  20. I Believe and Truly trust in God’s ways Amen…. I’ve been thru so many unfortunate struggles and let downs since my job moved overseas in 2007. I’ve battled breast cancer, loss of income, loss of friends and family members…. but thru it All God has continually showed me his Love, Mercy and Faithfulness. I read my Bible faithfully and meditate all day on the Lord’s teaching…. I’m a witness for Jesus Christ because each and everyday he takes my hands and leads me on thru every storm. Struggle and painful experience. Jeremiah 3.33- “Call on me and I will answer thee,Showing you Great and Mighty things”. I live by these words…God is truly in All of our midst, Just surrender All to the Lord and God will supply All your needs according to his Riches and Glory in Christ Jesus. Thank you Gwen for this uplifting post. God Bless All.

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  21. I need to have God’s way. I need to let go and let God. He will provide. He has a plan for my job. I will go where he wants me. His way

  22. I want God’s way. I want to be obedient to God and have Him speak to me and tell me what to do and in response listen to Him and act on what He’s said. Instead of having or doing it my own way. I also want to stop fearing people or what they will say or think about me because of the things I do, but fear God and do His will regardless what of others will think and without hesitation!

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  23. I want God’s way in EVERY area of my life. I struggle with past hurts and being patient sometimes. Lord create in me a clean heart and give me the ability to trust the process while walking in your obedience. Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. I am thanking and praising you in advance Father, In Jesus name Amen

  24. I want God’s way!!!!Excellent word. Glory be to God. Your daughter is beautiful and curls are nicely laid. God is just awesome.

  25. I want God’s way! I have to constantly remind myself of this as I try to control and solve all the problems my grown children have. Let go and let God!

    1. Reading the devotional I was amazed. Can you believe just yesterday I said to God I surrender to you; show me how to surrender. I’ve never seen this devotional or any thing about you but think–your word today let me know God heard me and he is also saying you can do it. So I thank you for doing what you do. I believe that God always prepare people to bless other people at the same time so and I believe in this situation God gave you that just for me and that’s how he loves each and everyone of us personally and collectively. God bless you for being a good and faithful for being one of God’s servants.


  26. I truly want God’s way! Excellent devotional. I did buy your book awhile ago! Thank you so much for all that you do.

  27. I too have problems with control – but what do you do when you’re the sole responsible person for a mom with dementia and in a wheelchair, and a sister with emotional and spiritual battles going on? I tend to think I have to be the one to make sure home care is in place, I am the only driver (my sister and I live with my mom and my sister is home with her, and I work full time) so I have to run all the errands and handle pretty much anything that comes up that has to be researched and set up…. I don’t want God’s job but I feel like in order for things to get accomplished, I have to take control of some things, and then it carries over into things I probably need to leave to Him. Please pray I’ll be able to leave our struggles in His capable hands – it’s really bad with my sister. We have in home care but it’s costly and I’m financially responsible for everything mom can’t pay. I’m scared and discouraged.

    1. All who read this will be praying for your stamina, your good health, patience and perseverance……and that you’ll feel a God’s “peace that passes all understanding ” in the days ahead.

    2. Sounds like you are in wearing and difficult situations. You have a lot of responsibilities but I understand some of what you are dealing with as I have a parent with Alzheimer’s. It can be draining. While leaving the control in God’s hands doesn’t mean sitting back and doing nothing, it can be hard to know how to do what we need to do while looking to God for His perspective, guidance, and direction through it all. I’m praying for you to leave your burdens at the Lord’s feet and to look to Him as you go about your day. I’m also praying for God’s strength and encouragement as you leave your fear and discouragement at His feet.

    3. Post

      Susan, caretaking is such a struggle and so exhausting. Just remember that there is a difference between managing things like bills, appointments, medications, etc., and taking over the control that should be God’s. Some of these things, we have to do them, especially if the others we live with are unable to do them. I know that you have so much on your shoulders and I pray that you will be able to find a community of support who can come alongside you and help you.

  28. I want God’s way…in the little, yet important things of daily life in which I can be obedient. And and, I also want God’s way in the things of life that take even more of his wisdom. Thank you Lord that I found this online.

  29. Lord, my control only makes a mess of things. Thank you for leading me to read this today. I need to want you to lead so much more than I do. Why do I push you out of the way time and time again to control. Ugh. I’m letting go of these situations in my life, right now, that I want to control and manipulate to my plan, my outcome which falls so far short of your plan. Why do I keep thinking I know best? Frustrating. I surrender Father. Lead me.

  30. Hallelujah,I’ve praying about this very subject, thank you for the comment “I want God’s way”, this makes my prayer very simple and to the point. God bless you.

  31. Dear Gwen,
    I do want to “allow” God to lead me but I think there is still a lot of your daughter living in me! Lol. The lesson that this story taught me is that God, our ultimate parent, allows me to learn through my mistakes just like we, I have six children, have to allow our children to learn from their mistakes, the difference being that children make mistakes while adults decide to either trust (and therefore obey) God or not.
    Thank you for this thought provoking testimony and your daughter is absolutely beautiful!
    God bless,
    Doni Kelly

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  32. “I want God’s way!” For I know that there is nothing I can do to remedy my situation. But with God NOTHING shall be impossible! So I am completely relinquish my entire body, soul, spirit & life to the LORD! Thy will be done! Amen!

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  33. I will not ever look at sponge rollers the same after this darling story! Thank you for sharing. I too, want it God’s way:)

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  34. I want God’s way.

    This is the first time that I have written in anyone’s blog but God has touched my heart with a need to tell the story of my daughter’s desire and outcome of having a family . May God give me the words to reveal his Glory to others in the same situation. My daughter was getting older and her desire for a family and home of her own did not seem to be happening. No husband seemed to be in her life but there was that desire. God did however plant in her a desire to adopt a child. She called me and I said I would pray on this and if it was in God’s plan he would reveal it. This scared me as she is single and taking on a child is a big responsibility. For a few years she kept thinking of this and continued traveling and working but the desire was still there. I thought she had given up on the idea when she called me again and said that she was going to apply for adoption as she had heard of these children that had health issues and needed parents. I said again that I would pray on this. Still apprehensive as this is my daughter and I was concerned for her but if God was working in her life and this was his plan I wanted us to be obedient . Gradually the doors started to open and the desire was still there. She was to come home at Christmas when she discovered that they had a child for her she had to make a decision. We prayed and she accepted this child. We have since met this little girl and she is the most precious child, full of life and her and my daughter have bonded. My daughter keeps telling me that she loves her so much . There have been challenges as there is for any new mom but I keep praying and God is faithful. I guess what I am trying to say in my long winded way is that if God puts a desire in your heart and it is not working out the way you want does not mean it is the end of the road. He has a plan and it is always good just not necessarily the way we would plan it. My daughter has a child and I have a granddaughter and God is in control. He orchestrates and he provides. Our job is to listen , trust and be obedient. I hope this encourages you to trust in God . He knows your desires and he has a plan. Let your desires be known and wait on God to reveal his plan. God Bless each and everyone of you.

    1. Thank you Barbara for sharing .. your faith & obedience truly touches me & encourages me to stay obedient as well, keeping my eyes on God’s will & plan for me. Thank you & God bless you & your family.

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  35. As I sit at my desk at work and read this, the tears that are never very far away, just roll down my face. When I think about my grown children and the choices they have made and the lives they have chosen, I somehow feel as if I’m going to throw up! Sorry to be so graphic, but I am slowly learning to find my joy and peace in Christ and not anywhere else. To know that I am not responsible for all that has happened is very freeing. From the movie “WAR ROOM” I feel like telling the devil to take a hike, that he and his lies, accusations, taunts are not acceptable and will not be allowed in my home or in my heart any longer. You three are awesome and your devotions just bless me every single day! Monday-Friday! I am currently reading your latest book “I Want it All”. You all minister to me in ways you may never know and I thank you.

    1. When I read your post my tears(which are also always right there) came tumbling down. I could have written every word. I have been on a painful journey with my adult children that has rocked my faith to the core. I am finding my way back, and I too am learning to “let go”. I don’t know you or your situation, but your words touched me on a day that I felt like the only mom in the world with this kind of pain and feelings of failure. I needed to be reminded that I am not responsible. Thank you.

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    2. Thank you for your words Carol Mundy and Rachel B…..it seems the more I fast and pray for my grown children, the worse it gets. I know the feeling Carol, the feeling that the very ground you walk out is slipping out and things grow more hopeless. Years ago when my first child, then in her twenties made some extremely destruct full choices…..I was floored….I fell into what I felt was a deep dark hole…depression. I cried all the time….I sat in my room….in the same chair….hopeless. I was a Christian….my children were brought up in a Christian home….I constantly was asking God….”Why God….I have served you since my childhood….why is this happening?” Carole and Rachel….to this day….my question to God was never answered…..things get better at times…I see God working in my kids….but they have not yet given everything to Him….but I continue to pray. My prayers to God have not been answered the way “I” have desired….but I will tell you what God has done instead. Through all the years of praying for my kids…which has been over 30 years, God has revealed himself to me in such a way that I no longer fear or carry the heavy burden regarding my children. I have learned to Trust God no matter what the problem, the difficulty, the conflict, the Impossibility…..in other words He has Changed Me…..and because of what He has done in me….I Wholeheartedly Believe and Trust that each of my children and grandchildren Will one day serve Him ….for I truly believe. …God Always has the Best Plan!

      1. Post

        Praying that you will be able to keep up your strength to fight this fight and go to battle with the enemy over your kids!

    3. Post

      Bless you for sharing your story! Just continue to pray for your children that God will make himself known in their lives and that he will draw them closer to him. Keep seeking His will for your life!

  36. I want God’s way.

    The very thing I have been running from … my love for working with children in the arts and being an educator. There’s just so much that comes with it. So much energy and so little pay and praise. But then the question is .. why am I worried about $ and praise from anyone but God.

    I have been telling myself ” I need an easy job right now while I get myself together”. But all I think about it being left behind and not operating in my gifts.

    I really need to surrender.

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  37. What a great reminder that God’s way is always the BEST way!
    I am the “I can do it myself” girl, but I find that many times I cannot bear the weight of it all by myself.
    I want God’s way!

  38. I’m starting the PDL today and I’ve been encouraged to get in a group. That is hard for me so this is my first attempt to being somewhat social.
    I know life is not about me. It’s about what God and centering my life around Him. Then I will find my purpose through Him.
    This story fits in with my 1st chapter. I’m glad it popped up on Facebook.

    1. Post

      Jennifer, praying that you’ll have the courage to step out in faith and do more than you every thought possible through the Lord!

  39. She is absolutely adorable. I truly understand about giving up control. So today, I again say Lord, I give it ALL to you!

  40. Wow. I want Your Ways Lord. I do I do I do. I give up control. I give up the rollers lol. I love her pic n smile by the way. She felt AND looked beautiful!

  41. Hi Gwen, I am a regular reader of your wonderful and inspirational words and true to life stories, however I am writing to your blog for the first time. This one I particularly liked most as I could relate it to myself so easily as I do it all the time taking things in my hands to make things happen in my own time rather than surrendering to our awesome God whose ways and timings are perfect. Today through your blog I want to confess my limitations of taking things in my hand and seek God’s forgiveness for it. I want to surrender all the areas of my life I want to change in God’s hands and want it to happen in GOD’s Way.

    Once again thank you for empowering us through your beautiful words. May God keeps encouraging you for his work. I Jesus’ name Amen!

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  42. Your daughter’s picture is a picture of how beautiful things would be if I do it God’s way. I am encouraged to give up my wanting fix my own hair. God knows what that means. Thanks for helping me. I want God’s way.

  43. I want God’s way….

    While going through a very unamicable, 3 yr divorce I have learned to give it all over to God because I now know I can not do it on my own. But I must admit that sometimes it gets the best of me especially when everything I know that I am doing is honest and true but yet things do not seem to go in my favor.

    I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason and I always choose to look for the good and the message in every situation. In fact, I preach this to my young adult children often and I have tried to use this as a prime example in my decision to leave my marriage. However, it’s just that sometimes I’m tired, worn down and feel empty and discouraged.

    Why is it that I let my ex get the best of me? Why do I not challenge him when I know I should? Why do I let his narcissistic ways and head games get into my mind? Why do I feel defeated when every financial request has been denied on my behalf? These questions burden me at times and I choose to break down and shut down; but always knowing that after resting a bit, I always pick myself back up and move forward for myself and my children.

    I’m not one to ask why me? Yet I am more of the type that is grateful for my strength and I always thank God and ask him for continued courage & strength to get through it while keeping the peace and joy in my heart. But at times i feel like he is not there to catch me and maybe I need to ask him how much more does he really think I can take? Then it hits me….he doesn’t give us anything that we can not handle and it is all on his time not ours. So I continue on and keep my eyes focused on myself and not fixed on my ex and what he is doing (even if it is intentionally hurting me and our kids).

    I continue to give it all over to God asking him to be the pilot and take control over the financial mess that I was left in. Even though its a struggle and I get tired; I do take time to rest and then continue to move on always knowing that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

    Thank you for this reminder; I know I am not alone.

    1. Post

      Oh, I pray for you that you will be able to heal from all the hurts that have been done to you, and that you will continue to let God heal your pains.

  44. God has recently been showing me that when I am obedient and let his will be done, I do not have a hard time hearing him speak to me. Oh man, am I grateful to learn this!! I am on a journey now with him of giving everything I thought I owned away. At first it hurt but as the time has gone on I realize not thing “I own”, is really mine anyways. I will continue to give him everything. I can’t live without him. I can’t live without talking with him. I need him more than I need to breath. I am embarking on a new journey with him that causes me to sacrifice but every single day I get to see the Glory of my Father. I get to feel his presence and see Jesus! The changes it had made in my two boys has been amazing! God is great! ❤

    1. Post
  45. Father God I want your way, help me not to sabatoge what you want for my life, I fully surrender today to what you want for my life. I turn it all over to you today right here right now, I surrender all every area of my life, my husband my children, sisters and brothers, ministry, grand children everything I hold nothing back. Father God I know nothing I give to you will return void. Amen

  46. I want God’s way! My husband walked out last week after 20 years of marriage, left with none of the bills paid for the month and only $3 cash. I have two children with medical issues and my son is also handicap and special needs. I can’t go back to work know until I find home care for him and a way to get the car insurance paid to drive.

    1. Post
  47. I want GOD’s way! I want GOD’s way in my marriage, in parenting, professionally, in relationships/friendships….in life! I willingly hand over my sponge rollers to You Oh God. Have your way in me!

  48. I want God’s way and an undivided heart for Him! The Lord led me to this Scripture a few week or so ago and it has been so precious during this time in my life: They shall be My people, and I will be their God; then I will give them one heart and one way, that they may fear Me forever, for the good of them and their children after them.
    Jeremiah 32:38-39 NKJV
    Lord, please teach us Your Way so that we can have undivided, single hearts wholly Yours and do Your will, not ours!

  49. This devotional really touched my heart today, thank you for posting.
    I always think I can do it better, and this spoke to the little, stuborn girl in me that wants to do it her way….so big girl panties on, I WANT TO DO IT GOD’S WAY!

  50. I want God’s way so many times I try to do it on my own with the results of failure and utter regret but not any more I lift my hands and totally surrender to the will and way of the Lord!

  51. God your way is the truth and the life help me to submit to you and trust in your word as you promised Abraham that he would have a son. Give the hope and faith you gave to Abraham and help me follow your will as the way you want me to do. In Jesus Name I Pray Amen. Glory be to God.

  52. I am ready to hand over my sponge rollers of life to the father of love. God can do all things and I am nothing without him.

  53. .
    I know that I have no control and God has all the control. I am done. I give God my rollers – my ways- my stubbornness. Its all God’s way.

  54. I want God way I have gone through life changing events for the last few years being widowed loosing a daughter and l kinda became disillusioned before l was a very prayerful person but l felt like God has not been there for me my daughter introduced me to this brog and it has been very helpful and now am able to say have your way Lord in my life my me but you Lord thank you for the encouragement and reminder to lay down everything and let God be God

    1. Post
  55. I want God’s way! I came across another group of thoughts for the letters of the word Pray: Praise, Repent, Ask, and Yield. Yield really sticks out to me – Yield to God’s timing, will and way – that’s my interpretation of Yield. 🙂 Thank you for sharing these thougts on control and Psalm 86:11 with us.

    1. I am the “I do it myself” girl from the time I was old enough to talk. This story hits home. Thank you for the reminder that God is in control of my life. I want God’s way.

    2. My whole life has been turned upside down, after my husband who was the sole provider passed away in May 2016. Not only am I dealing with the loss of my soul mate, finically I have had to depend on others. This is not something I do well. I am use to helping others, not the other way around. God had provided me with such faithful friends and after totaling my old van, I have some dear friends that are going to donate theirs to me, due to the fact that the van was in my husbands name and the title has been lost the insurance company will not send me the money for the van. Due to no will I can not get into his business account until I have a probate will. I have never had to depend on others like I have and I am 56 years old! God is showing that HIS way is the only way! Now I’ve just got to trust that HE has me a job waiting somewhere for me instead of me forcing my way through.
      “I want to YOU to lead, I need you to lead, I NEED TO WANT to let YOU LEAD”
      Thank you for your words of wisdom. They always seem to come to me just when I need them.
      Fran Storey

      1. Post
        1. Rollers, Hair & everything else I turn over 2 you GOD! With the anticipation of a child at Christmas I can’t watch U turn my Mess into UR Masterpiece!

  56. I want God’s way. This devotional hit the spot. I am still learning how to submit to my husband, and to honour him. Thank you for sharing God’s wisdom through this sweet post – I love your daughter’s curls!

  57. I need to pray this one daily.
    ” want You to lead. I need You to lead. I need to want You to lead – so much more than I do.”
    Thank you

    1. Oh, I so needed this!
      I am putting this is my prayer journal and turning to it so I can remember that “I want You to lead. I need You to lead. I need to WANT YOU to lead-so much more than I do.”
      Help me to make it so, Lord!

  58. I want God’s way. I chose this as my verse for 2016 back in February. Thanks so much for the picture to go with it.
    Blessings on your ministry.

  59. I want God’s way in all areas of my life! I lay down my family, my relationship with others, my job, and my desires for the future! You are in control! Help me to leave it in your hands and not try to take it back!

  60. The worse messes of my life have come about when i strayed from God and did things my way. The biggest blessings happen when I’m in tune with God and also spontaneous gifts from God. Like restoring my hearing, leading me to my home that is a carbon copy of a dream house i once drew, and healing from a car wreck that it’s a miracle my daughter and i didn’t die in.
    My hardest struggle is with timing. I ask for the ability to allow me to fully trust God particularly in the area of future work.
    Then there is wants. I would love to have a life partner, a husband .
    Thank you Gwen for your devotionals.

  61. I want God’s way! To be at the centre of His will, Always. That his name alone will be glorified in all my undertakings (amen).

  62. Sad to say that I am very much like your daughter with her sponge rollers. I often ask God for help but then try to do it myself. I lack the patience to wait and watch God work. But- I want God’s way

  63. I have had a broken marriage over alcoholism. I have a struggling drug addicted son who spent 2 yrs in Teen Challenge and their program after rehab. He is in yet another rehab. I have hit a brick wall mentally cannot work. I know Gods faithfulness yet I don’t live it. I continue to try and fix this brokenness. your article pales in comparison to my problems but yet in the simplicity of the curlers and the stubborn child it does fit my problems. It ultimately is letting go and let God work in us to understand He is faithful.

    1. Post

      Sue, I’m so sorry you’re having these difficulties. Just keep casting those cares on Jesus. He’s there with you.

  64. I am a very strong willed woman, I saw his my dad would control and brow beat my mother and I made a decision I was never going to let a man treat me like that. So as a result my 3rd husband wants a divorce. I love the Lord with all my heart, but I have failed miserably as a mother and wife.

    1. Cindee-
      Your comment caught my attention because I, too, am a strong willed woman and have shared similar struggles. I always felt like submitting to my husband would mean being a doormat and letting him walk all over me. God really worked on my heart in this area. A wise Pastor once told me that submission in marriage requires us as wives to submit to “a work in progress” (just as we ourselves are a work in progress). That can be hard because we see things so differently much of the time, and we don’t always agree. But when we choose to submit our own will and support our husband, it releases the situation to God’s hand and allows Him to work without us getting in the way. I have found that takes a lot more strength on my part than standing up in my own strong will ever did! But I have also seen God do miraculous things in my husband and in my marriage as I walked in obedience to Him. I am praying for you this morning! Let go of the reigns – He won’t let you down! Blessings on you, sister!

    2. Post
    3. If there’s even a slim glimmer of hope, I highly recommend you read John and Stasi Eldredge’s book _Love and War_, where they openly talk about their relationship ups and downs, coming back from divorce talk more than once, to celebrate 25 years of marriage and a terrific ministry together (Ransomed Hearts). I’m praying for you. Humility is key (and I’m also a strong-willed woman, married for the first time at 35 to the strong and silent/moody type, and we’ve managed to claw and sail our way back and forth to celebrate 21 years so far 🙂 )

  65. First to say that your daughter is beautiful with her curls. Back to God. I want God to do wonderful things in my life. Pray for me to pray God Like Prayers and to pray Boldly for the things I want and the promises He will give.

    1. Hi, Danyel:

      As I read your comment, I was reminded of the verse in Hebrews that says: “Let us then fearlessly and confidently and boldly draw near to the throne of grace (the throne of God’s unmerited favor to us sinners), that we may receive mercy [for our failures] and find grace to help in good time for every need[appropriate help and well-timed help, coming just when we need it].” This is from the Amplified Bible. You should probably read a few verses before it since it begins with the words “Let us then…” This is Hebrews 4:16. Father God, Thank You for Danyel’s desire to pray God like prayers and to pray boldy… May she be reminded that as a child of God she has the Holy Spirit in her to help her in so many ways including praying. Please help her to pray God like prayers and yield to His will, way and timing.. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

  66. First and foremost, I want to share from my heart…the loving inspiration of the Bible Verse, Psalm 86:11*** ”Teach Me, YOUR way–My LORD & SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST & YOUR MOST HEAVENLY FATHER ! You, see…I too have Stubborn, & Control Issues, that often seem to get the best of me. And as a negative result–I get very upset and angry–in a deeply insecure manner, at times. It’s so difficult, to trust and embrace in someone, I care & love…so much.
    Everytime, my heart–finds somone special, it’s like I somehow without–realizing
    begin to push them–away.
    I finally see, my actions…my thoughts & my ways…aren’t always–so Christian like. I don’t want to act, in this extremely negative manner, any more–Please gracious help me–to Follow YOUR heart, and not mine…Graciously guide me
    so that I might Follow Your lead, Your path, Your Very Blessed Heart !!!
    Because My Purest Faith in YOU, is Stronger than anything I could ever, want 🙂
    Thank you, Graciously…for Your Every Blessing–in My Iife !

    This is my personal prayer, to YOU…My Beloved Savor–CHRIST JESUS, Amen.

    1. Post
  67. Thank you Gwen, I am learning to live by Gods commandments. When ever I do things my way they do not turn out good. Therefore, I will listen and pray daily for His goodness and mercy. Every good thing has always come from my heavenly father.

    1. Post
  68. 🙂 Kennedy looks beautiful in that picture. I was hoping you would share it. Thank you, Gwen. Thank you for sharing this devotion and prayer, too. Yesterday I interviewed for a part time job at Goodwill. I am 57 years of age and haven’t had a steady job (outside the home) in years. It’s a little more serious than I thought it would be. It is a corporation, which I “knew,” but more came to light in the interview. I haven’t been told If I will be hired or not, but I am a bit anxious. God has been dealing with this morning about resting in Him, being still in His presence so He can change my heart – “even the tiniest particles.” 🙂 I so want that change!! Part of that will come with relinquishing control – of which your devotional so beautifully speaks. My mind knows the need, but my heart hasn’t quite grasped it yet. It is happening. God is using this experience, even if I don’t get hired (I have been saying all along – God’s will be done) to mold me and make me more into His image. To trust Him more fully and give Him full control! His love is so unfathomable. 🙂 Whew! He is so very good!! Please pray with me. Thank you. God continue to bless you richly!

    1. Post
    2. This comment ie an eye opening for me. I feel empty too. Been running it my way. Had an interview yesterday hoping i will be called soon but then not my will God’s will. I want to be able to let go and let God. Please pray for me.

  69. I want Gods way too… I have bungled up my life way to many times…. Its time to get back to the basics….. God knows what I need better than I do…. Thanks Gwen for the reminder.. I surrender …..

  70. I have been struggling with this very issue of CONTOL in fact this morning I wrote in my journal that I am committing myself to HIS PLANS and no longer mine…. God’s way!!!

  71. It took me 6 months to raise $200 to service my car. I then found out it needs $700 – $1000 worth of work. How was I going to find that money. I was worried and upset and paniced. After the whole meltdown and half hour of tears I heard God remind me I was homeless at the start of the year and he found me a perfect place to live. Why can I not trust him to organize the money I need for the work on the car. By that night I had been given a $50 supermarket voucher. And a man in a bible study I irregularly go to gave me $100.

    1. Wow, Fiona! How faithful our God is! The encourages me as I’m also going through extreme financial difficulty at the present time. But I’m learning so much that it’s worth it!

    2. Post

      God always provides. Sometimes it takes longer than we’d like and it isn’t in the way we expected, but He always does. And a lot of times, He’s waiting for just the right person to be ready to give to you. His timing always is perfect.

      1. I was a single (divorced by necessity) mom of 3, working to pay the bills. Had a backyard full of tall weeds that desperately needed to be dealt with. A gracious neighbor offered to take care of the weeds, lay sod, and install a sprinkler system all for the cost of materials only. We laid out a $700 budget which I saved over the winter and spring to pay for it to be done late spring. Spring came and I could not find my savings envelope anywhere so I had to start over. My gracious neighbor did the work and paid for materials and let me pay him back slowly. Fast-forward six months, car’s radiator busted, needed $693 to fix it which I didn’t have. I spoke to my mom on the phone that night and she was teasing me because I told her I have no idea how but I was certain my prayers would be answered and God would make a way. Next morning I go to turn on my morning gospel music, low and behold saw the corner of an envelope that fell behind the stereo. You guessed it. My $700 yard fund was there; enough to pay for the car repair, with $7 to spare!! God is so good if we can have that child-like faith!!

  72. In the midst of a marriage that right now is so frustrating and feels so empty. This devotion has reminded me that I can’t fix it on my own, in my own way, or in my own time without creating a MUCH bigger mess. I need you God. In YOUR way and in YOUR time. I release this situation to YOU and please help me not to pick it up again. I look forward to the testimony that will be and the glory that this marriage will bring to you.

    1. Post
  73. This has been my prayer before . It’s been a constant fight to lay down all my “my ways” to God even though I always know that He knows best! I want to do what He wants, then I pick up the reigns. God help! Please! Amen!

  74. I have severe emphysema and have been struggling with prayer. It is so hard for me to give everything to God. I feel selfish and still want to do it myself. I need to trust with all my heart. Tell me what passage I can read to help me let go totally. thank you amen

  75. I want God’s way in my life. My life is spiralling out of my control all around me and I can not fix any of it. So this teaching came at a time when I needed reflection and a reminder that only God can repair messes and I have to purposely let God have His way. The Anchor holds inspite of the storm.

    1. Post
  76. I have submitted my life to Christ and even though, I still struggle to follow Him and only Him throughout the day and night, I know with all my heart that it’s the only way! It’s now hard for me to watch my own adult children struggle and try to do this life in their own power, knowing that they too will fail and praying that they will “give it up” to Jesus much sooner than I did. This is the hardest, biggest sin that we commit, thinking that we know more than God and that we don’t need Him. Breathing in and out Jesus, all day long – that’s all I want for me and my family and friends. Thanks for sharing Gwen!

    1. Post
  77. WOW!! This is so touching and sooo true!! May each and every time I allow God to help me I be as purely happy with the results as Little Kennedy!

  78. Wow. Just to think back over my life and the “hard lessons” learned by mistakes that could have very possibly been avoided IF I had asked to go God’s way instead of my own.

  79. My rollers are actually my 14 year old daughter at that excruciating age of defiance and back talk I’m at my wits ends exhausted by the battle everyday. Dear Lord please take my “E” roller and transform her into the beauty you have designed her to be. I fully surrender all control here YOUR PATH YOUR WAY and please heal my heart that has been ripped divided for so long I don’t know how a right heart feels anymore. IN Jesus precious name amen

    1. Wow, R. Jones! Praise God for you. I can relate somewhat to your struggles with your 14 year old. I really feel for you. Father God, thank You for hearing R. Jones’ prayers, and knowing her heart – for herself and for her daughter. Please wrap Your loving arms around her as You are answering her prayers, and reassure her that You have heard and love her and her daughter greatly and deeply! Thank You that You are healing her torn heart; please give her Your overwhelming love for her daughter, and Your overwhelming love for her to her daughter. In the midst, may there be special, precious times with her daughter. Thank You for Your unfailing, undying, untiring love for R. and her daughter. Please help her to really rest in Your strong, loving, everlasting arms and become strong in You and the power of Your might. May she be reminded that the battle is Yours and to stand and see the Your deliverance. May she hear Your voice clearly and be strengthened in her inner man to respond to it and place her hope in You. May she also be strengthened in her inner man to keep her eyes, heart and mind fixed on You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

    2. Post

      Stay the course. Keep praying for your daughter that she will surrender to the Lord and will come under your authority.

  80. I am recently divorced, from a long term marriage to a man I knew from the beginning I never should have married. I feel I have wasted my life and I have spent the last 4 months trying to sponge roll my own hair (Find my future husband, as quickly as possible, my way, in my timing, so I can have another chance to do it right. …), which has ended disastrously, over and over again. I have been giving it over to the Lord over and over again, for a couple of weeks, and am becoming myself again and experiencing His joy again, a piece at a time. But have continued to be double minded no matter how hard I have tried, still wanting my way in the midst of giving it over to him. Thank you for the reminder that He knows best, and He knows who is good for me and when. He knows His plans for me, plans to prosper me and not to harm me, plans for hope and a future. Roll my hair up, real pretty Yahweh, in your good and perfect timing.

  81. February of this year the Lord had taken my son home to be with Him on my moms bithday. It has been a trusting and daily faith walk day to day in my home. I have two teenage daughters and my husband faith have been really tested. Recently we have been arguing with each other and as I read these devotions daily, just last nite the Holyspirit tug at me to resign from church. Couldnt fully understand until it was revealed to me that sometimes we can do good things but if its not the God thing, then we are in error. My resignation Holyspirit said was for me remove mysel as Lord, master and creator of my life and that when i submit to this He the Holyspirit can reign and rule and have total authority in my situation pertaining to home situation. Thank you for this devotion as it serves as a confirmation and witness for me. Thank you for being able to blog and share this testimony. God is now in charge of my life and now Jesus can be large. To God be the Glory keep up the great work for Christ.

    1. Blessings and love to you, friend! My momma heart aches to hear of your loss, but the Spirit of God within me dances with you at the promise of beauty that lies ahead as HE is large and in charge.


  82. Im 23, and have been struggling with which path to take in my life. This blog or story has touched my heart and has made me realize what I need to do. I need God to help guide me. I need to let go of my past and let God do his work in me to better my present and my future. I’ve been fighting against him and it has only given me heartbreak and sadness. Nothing I do is working anymore so now I’m giving my life back to God. It’s his way now and I want to thank you for sharing your story. I want God’s way!

    1. That rocks, Jessica. 23 is a great time to piece together life-directions from HIS plan book. LOVE that God used a simple story to alter yours. Humbled. Warm blessings from an older sister! 😉 PS – please stop by often and tell your young friends about the blog. Would LOVE to encourage your generation in HIS grace and truth.

      Blessings and Peace,

    1. Amen, Sister!! So be it! God knows our frame and hearts. Jesus is the Author and Finisher of our faith. His love for us is great and deep! Let’s Cling to God, Jesus and Holy Spirit, and let go of our ways and control!

  83. THIS is my biggest struggle. Has been for awhile now. I love the prayer “I need to want You to lead…” I’ve just gotten to where I realize that I can’t trust God if I don’t know him. And I can’t know God if I don’t read His word to hear what he has to tell me. I love these devotions. They’re so encouraging. But this is my prayer. To let God control my desires, thoughts, and responses. It’s scary, but I know God wouldn’t leave me hanging.

    1. That’s awesome. It seems to me you are already hearing your Father’s voice, and following His direction. He really does want you to know Him, to know His love for you, to know He’ll never leave you nor forsake you, never. God bless you Emily. XxX

    2. Emily, you are so right! We have to read His word and talk to Him about what we are thinking and learning. Talking to Him while you do dishes or drive or having trouble making a decision during the day. One thing I learned is that God will not “control” our desires or responses. He will show us what the right decision is. He always gives us the choice. We talk to Him about it and then we just do the next right thing. It is a daily walk. Life with God is a lot of things, but never boring! Gloria

  84. Dear Lord, I am standing in the position of surrender, let your will and way be done in my life, take total control, have your way in my life, let your perfect will be done. Give me the strength to Let Go!

  85. I’ve been living in an abusive controlling relationship. I have found comfort in walking with God. I’ve made a plan to get out and have faith in God that everything will eork out for the best. I hand my rollers over to Him. I want God’s way!

    1. Christie, I will be praying for you, your situation, and your walk with God. When we turn ourselves over to God, he picks us up in his big strong arms and carry’s us with his comfort, peace, strength and joy that ONLY he can provide !

  86. I needed to hear this today. I have been engulfed in a long, and dark struggle trying to have a baby with my husband of four years. I have become a horrible friend; crying in secret envy every time yet another friend announces their pregnancy. I have become a rigid wife, only having one focus and forgetting to enjoy the wonderful relationship I have with the man of my dreams. I have had a painful and devastating miscarriage and have turned both our lives into a giant, controlled mess.

    I am a control freak. An over-thinker. A list-maker. A re-live my days in the middle of the night girl. And worst of all I have left God on the back burner, thinking that my problem is way too big for him or that I have done something terrible to have him deny me the family I have prayed for since i was a teenager.

    How silly of me! I have turned to everyone and everything but him and am only now realizing he is my ONLY HOPE. Why did it take me so long to let it go and give it to him to handle? I want my life to be God’s way. No one else’s- not even mine!!!!

    Dear Father, please give me the courage to seek your will and NOT my own. Thank you for the bounty of blessings you provide to me each day. Forgive me for my selfish ways. Please allow this blog and these posts to be an inspiration to these women and bless them for seeking You. Amen.

    1. Laura, what you have poured out from your heart and confided here, could have been written by my dear daughter-in-law. It grieves, yet brings hope because you have now sought out the Lord in your heartache and turmoil. I hope and pray that my daughter-in-law can seek him too. I am so sorry for your pain and suffering, though overjoyed for you in your reaching out for God’s way !

      1. Kelly,
        I see at least one of my prayers was answered today! Thank you for the reply, it is encouraging. I will keep you and your daughter-in-law in my prayers, and please keep me in yours. Feel free to share this with your daughter-in-law. It really is liberating to give your plans up to Him. This is a devastating and confusing situation to be in. My heart aches for your daughter-in-law, and you, and everyone else going through this. Thank you so much for your encouragement!

        1. Oh Laura, Thank you ! And thank you so much for prayers. I will fervently keep you in mine as well. Thank you for offering the kindness to share your story with my daughter-in-law. A big hug to you !

          1. Ok, Laura and Kelly! Y’all are messin’ with my makeup! Good thing I wear waterproof mascara. 😉 LOVE the honesty and sincerity here, friends. Praying for both of you now… and for your d-i-l, Kelly.

            Warm Blessings in Christ,

            (Kelly – I wrote the same thing to Laura… just wasn’t sure if you would get copied on my response to her or not… so forgive me if I duplicated!) 😉

          2. Thank you Gwen for your prayers and all that you inspire for all of us in our walks with God. I pray for you for inspiration and guidance in the topics where the Lord leads you in the teachings for all of us, for the strength and fortitude in all of the traveling you do with the GIG speaking engagements, along with the being a wife and mother, as well as the beautiful God inspired music that you create, lifting us all up.

        2. Ok, Laura and Kelly! Y’all are messin’ with my makeup! Good thing I wear waterproof mascara. 😉 LOVE the honesty and sincerity here, friends. Praying for both of you now… and for your d-i-l, Kelly.

          Warm Blessings in Christ,

          1. Thank you Gwen! I stubbled upon your page and have found so much love and encouragement here! I can feel God at work and it is so encouraging and quite amazing. I appreciate all you do and your prayers. May God bless you dear Sister!

    2. Hi Laura, thanks for sharing this. I could see myself on every line and I’m troubled that God’s covenant will not be fulfilled. My husband & I love children & I so desperately desirethe bblessing of the fruit of the womb. I’ll be praying for you and others in this same situation. So God I hand over the sponge rollers to you. Let you will be done in my life.

      1. Lil, I will keep you in my prayers as well. My heart aches for all women in our position. I will think of you and pray for you as we go through this journey.

        Dear Lord, be with Lil and I and the other women here going through this struggle. Thank you for allowing this situation to bring us together in you. Be our rock and our help during this time of sorrow, confusion, and pain. We ask that your will be done in our lives and we give our struggles up to you, the only person we put our hope in. May heaven hear our prayer,

    3. Laura, I have been where you are but for me it was not in God’s plan for me to have children either of my own or by adoption. It has taken me a long time to accept that fact and there are many times I still pray to Him for peace in this matter. God’s plan for you might be to one day conceive a child of your own. It may be for you and your husband to give a home to child that has no home. And unfortunately His plan may be that you have no children for whatever reason. He has a plan for you in this regard and you need to keep faith that His will be done. Many times we pray to God for this or that because that is what our hearts most desire but God does not always answer our prayers they way “we” think they should be answered. It is very hard when the answer we receive is not the one we want to hear but we must always trust that God knows what His plan is for our life. I pray that the answer you receive is the one you wish for with all your heart. I will also pray that if it is not, that you can hold steady to God’s never ending love you and that you hear Him tell what He has planned for your life.

      1. Rhonda, Thank you so much! I think i need to say that same prayer that you have prayed for me!! That God’s will be done and not my own and that if the answer is “no” for me that i can live in His peace (Goodness, i can barely get those words out without bursting into tears!)

        You have helped me beyond belief and i am so encouraged by your story. I can see here that in ALL circumstances and outcomes, God is good. I am going to re-read your post and prayer for me when i get discouraged. You have helped me focus on whats important and not what i want right now. Thank you, sister. May God bless you. I will keep you in my prayers always!

    4. I have been in your shoes….11 years…the lessons you learn here are beyond priceless!!!!!!!!!!! I am now on the verge of adopting my son…. I am lifting you to the Father…

      1. Thank you, Cathy. I need your prayers. I am finally in a better place, but everyday brings new struggles. You are right though, I have already learned so many priceless lessons. I believe the Father has a purpose, and i can see the encouragement through your story. Thank you so much, may God bless you sister. And CONGRATS on the upcoming adoption, I am celebrating in spirit with you!

    5. Laura, I have been there, too. And if I hadn’t, it never would have occurred to me to adopt 3 beautiful children through foster care as well as minister to a few others. The Good Lord did allow me to give birth to one beautiful boy. And now I have 4 children and a granddaughter, when I wasn’t sure there would be any. There is a purpose in your pain and in your waiting. There always is; we just can’t see it when we are in the midst of it. Our gracious Father won’t waste one of your tears. There is a purpose in it all! ! Blessings. I will be praying for you!

      1. Wow, thank you so much Rachelle! What an encouragement you have been to me. It is so hard to see the true purpose when it is something so personal and dear to my heart. Everyday is a struggle. Thank you for keeping me in your prayers. I will do the same. God Bless you!

    6. Wow, Laura! Thank you for sharing with us. The two middle paragraphs really speak to me. Me, too – those you listed. Whew! I didn’t think that I had left God on the back burner, but maybe I had, more than I know. 🙁 I am still trying to fully let go! Praying for strength in our inner men to keep our eyes, hearts and minds fixed on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith, and to really, finally let go and cling to God! Just thinking, If I am clinging to control then I can’t hold very tightly to my loving Lord!! 🙁 Praise Him for new insights. Thank you, again, Laura. God continue to bless you richly!

  87. I wsnt to do it His way:) I have a God box where i put my most important prayers. And each time one is answered i take it out and put it in my praise box, amen! This is one way i have to remeber to give things to Him and Leave them with Him :). I decorated boxes and they sit on my table. I tend to take my worries back and do it myself but when i out it in the God box i let go easier.

  88. I want God’s way too. It’s too easy to run ahead and try to fix things however
    I am learning to hand these things over to the LORD, waiting for His perfect timing.

  89. Our family was facing a crisis situation. We were broken, which is right where we needed to be to give that total surrender to God. The past few months i have been amazed at what God has done. We have done nothing but follow His lead. One day i will write this journey down, bcuse it is meant to bring hope to others. I am overwhelmed with so many emotions. It is beyond mere words. God is not dead. God still speaks. God still acts

  90. I want God’s way. I have been trying for so long to do it myself and then becoming angry with God for things not turning out right. Thank you for this wonderful post. God bless you.

  91. I Need God’s way, it is a Great transition to give over control! His way must be better than my way, otherwise I would not be in the position I am in at this time, or would I? He has me where he wants me. Amen

  92. Yes I want to fully rely and trust in God’s wisdom and His ways, and not my own. Heavenly Father I need to be able to do this morning noon, and night. Please teach to let go so you can take control… Amen

  93. What a beautiful devotion. I want God to lead my decisions. I need to pray for my stubborn self to step aside, and that I won’t get in the way of HIS wisdom.

  94. Thank you for Gwen for this website. You are a blessing and yes I want Gods way always everyday. There is no where I would rather be than in his steadfast and loving arms. He is my Rock, Fortress and Strong Tower. God bless all who hungers and thirsts for the word of God.

  95. WOW!! What a creative way Lord! I continue to be amazed the way God offers to us, as His children, our own “parables” to not only learn lessons but accompanied with the opportunity to share. I thank you for taking that opportunity. What a great way to start my day!

  96. I want Gods way and only his way. Your complete will and way be done in my life Lord Jesus. Amen! Show me thy ways O Lord, teach me your paths. Guide me in your truth and faithfulness. And teach me, for you are the joy of my salvation. For thee I wait, expectantly all the day long. Psalm 25:4-5

  97. Gwen, thanks for these encouraging words. Wow do I have a way of wanting to do things my way and then wondering why God won’t bless it. I am a mother of 4 and a grandmother of 7 and I don’t live near any of them. My heart aches to be near at least one of them but for now that does not seem to be in God’s plan. Please pray that I will be content with where He has me now and I will trust that He knows my heart and I trust His faithfulness.

  98. Teach me your ways Lord that I may rely on your faithfulness. Give me an un divided heart that I may fear your name. Amen.

  99. I want God’s way! I have always as long as I can remember heard God calling me, but I wanted to join the “fun people”. I was one of the people who thought that accepting God meant I had to give up my fun in life. That went on for years with him always close letting me know he was there and just waiting for me to listen. Well that day came and it came through my son. He was in prison and would always calling me talking about the scriptures and what God was doing for him. I remember sitting there telling myself I didn’t want to hear it. Funny thing happened I started looking more and more, till I would look forward to the calls. I was Baptized on March the 14th of this year, and I can’t get enough of hearing his word, learning, and praying. I almost lost my life here in 2009 I have COPD and it took me down for the count. I was in coma for 4 weeks. During that time I saw what I believe to be people I love waiting on me. It was all white and I saw people standing far away I couldn’t make out who, but I knew they were there for me. I remember thinking “this is what it’s like to die” and I felt such peace, more so than I have ever felt. Thank you my heavenly Father for giving me this second chance at life. Spreading your word of love. Thank you Gwen for you devotionals that keep me going, and your music that fills me with such loving spirit. There is my long story, God Bless and Amen.

  100. Hi there,
    I am struggling with how to give up and let Jesus take over my life, this minute I surrender the next am in control am such a yoyo 50+ needing God help. I find it I try hard to please people. But not doing well the bible way . I am reading but not grasping the word my mind is not settled.

  101. I know God will gives the best for us; however, sometimes I am stubborn that I want God to give me what i think is the best. Recently, I broke up with my boyfriend. I thought he was the one that God provided for me since I had prayed alot, but it didn’t come out this way. God once provided me what I wanted and once took it away from me. I was confused and hopeless. I know that God works all the things for good and I hope that one day I will understand God’s way.

  102. I have been separated from my husband for 2 years. We live in different states. I have my divorce papers (notarized and ready for the lawyer) tucked into my journal. Every time I have gathered the funds to pay for it, something comes up. The last time the money just “disappeared.” Just tonight I felt like God was telling me to pray for my marriage and my husband. As you can probably imagine; this is not necessarily something my flesh wants to do. I am, however, going to be obedient in this and give God the opportunity that I didn’t give Him when I packed my belongings, my dog, and hitched my car to the back of a U-Haul and moved 12 hours away. I found the book The Power of Prayer to Change Your Marriage by Stormie Omartian and just started speaking the prayers that applied. I am more surrendered to the Lord now than at any other point in my life. I covet your prayers on behalf of my husband and my marriage. I will keep you posted about how God moves. I haven’t spoken to my husband in months and he doesn’t even have my new phone number!!

    1. Gigi- Sometimes It is so hard to know what God’s will is in matters such as these. I won’t go into all the particulars with my story…. about 4 years ago, my (second) husband and I were going through a divorce. The marriage was just too difficult with what was going on for my being to stay any longer. I moved hours away to the town where 2 my grown children live, got a job at a Christian pre-school and began to really thrive. I followed through with the divorce papers and only had the last filing step to take care of. Almost 9 mo. later after no contact with my husband, we began to e-mail because of communicating about loose ends. At first the communication was fractured as it was when I left, but the correspondence became congenial. After about a month we both decided to not follow-through with the divorce and get back with one-another. When I moved back, slowly the old problems that originally existed reemerged. I decided that I needed to just stay.. After 2 more years of much difficulties and being emotionally “broken”, I reached out for the Lord completely. He lifted me up and called me. He carried me up from the difficulties I was in and blessed me with strength and comfort to live in my situation.. After awhile my husband (who did not believe in God and felt Christian’s used God as a crutch) began to notice how my being was changing. He wanted what I had found but was also angry that he wasn’t changing with me. To make a long story shorter, the Lord reached down and called my husband ! He loves the Lord and reads the word, and is becoming a spiritual leader in our marriage.. He is such a different man. It still takes work, and always will, but we are both keeping our eyes on the lighted path in our walk with God. What I want to tell you is that I know now that God placed my husband and I together (who are complete opposites in personalities and backgrounds and life situations) to wear down our rough spots in each other, to make us more like he would have us to be. It has been painful, but we both know that without us being together their wouldn’t have been the wonderful growth that we have both gone through, and will continue to go through till Christ’s return. God has allowed us to experience what true joy is in his calling truly means. I will pray for your situation and for the Lord to guide and direct all the decisions that you make ! He only wants the best for us and oftentimes we can’t see it right away. May the Lord bless and guide you in his perfect love !

  103. I’m struggling with letting God lead me completely, control issue I know. At this point there’s the biggest rift between my in laws. That not sure how to handle with my children being in the picture. My babies loves their grandparents, but I absolutely despise being around them. Just not sure how to let God handle it.

  104. I am really TRUSTING Thee Lord Jesus! Last February I gave notice to my boss that I would be leaving after over 5 years. I gave her over four months notice. This was a very difficult decision as I really treasure my friendship with this person. I had been praying about it for over two months and truly believe it was God’s will. Early in March I went to a expert job recruiter that I have worked with several times over the past 15 years. I did some testing and came out believing I would have no problem getting a new job. The recruiter said to contact her in June and she would set up some interviews. Well, in June she was in and out of the office with health issues, I seemed to fall through the cracks & I was too busy to do much about it. Then, in early July, I contacted her more emphatically and was told she was out on medical leave until mid August. So, I worked with her replacement and basically got nothing. I also went on all the job sites online & researched and applied to anything that came close. This process hooked me up with a couple of other job placement companies in town so I worked with them too.

    Then, mid August, my original recruiter calls saying she thinks she has the perfect job for me. I had several interviews in late August – all good prospects – The suggested job seemed almost preordained by God. Last week, I heard on the suggested job & it was between me & another gal. They opted for the other gal. Major questions & disappointment, but I knew God must have something better in mind. I called early in the week – the 2nd awesome possibility had hired for two of the four positions & I was still in the running for one of the other two. The third great possibility has given no feedback, so I guess that’s a no too. That leaves the other 2nd possibility -well, it’s almost 5:00 on Friday & still no word. Looks like another no go most likely. The recruiter is as surprised as I am. My qualifications are a great match, but no job after 7 interviews, tons of applications. I have always KNOWN that I was doing my best to follow God’s direction. I totally TRUST that He has the right job out there for me. It is just so discouraging to be in this place. Knowing & Trusting yet being fearful & depressed because satan keeps attacking! Thank you for your devotion! I also thank God for constantly reminding me to TRUST & Rejoice in The Lord Always – again I say Rejoice. Just writing this has helped immensely. Thanks again!


      1. For some reason I cannot read this comment from Gwen. I have no idea why, but I really want to see it. Gwen – I truly admire you. I love getting the Girlfriends devotions I enjoy them. For some reason, I always particularly relate to yours, maybe it is your heart for music and worship. We have a kinship in that area, I just can’t sing anymore. That is a story in and of itself. If there is a reason I cannot read your comments, please let me know. I am a new follower of your blog and am not savvy when it comes to social media. Please emAil me if nothing else. Thank you!

    1. Jacque, I can empathize you on this matter as far as job placement is concerned. I have a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and a Masters of Arts in Educational Technology yet I am unable to find a teaching job where I live. My husband does not want to move from our small town so unfortunately my options have been limited. We have several rental properties and he doesn’t want to move any distance from them thus severely limiting my ability to obtain employment in the teaching arena. I have to deal with this “let down” for many years and I have working at realizing that it wasn’t God’s will for me to be teacher as I so wanted to be. I have yet to understand what He has in store me because everything I have tried as failed but I give it over to Him and one day He will lead me where He wants me to be.

      1. I can definitely relate. My husband is a pastor and we have a lovely church and ministry. I am endeavoring to be totally open to where God leads me. I just heard that I have another interview with a new prospect either this afternoon or tomorrow. We are in HIS service!

    2. Love hearing from your heart, Jacque. Thanks for being vulnerable. I appreciate your decision to worship and trust GOD in spite of your circumstances. You are correct. He sees you, knows your situation, has a plan and loves you perfectly. You can trust that.

      Warm Blessings and Prayers,

  105. Lately I have been trying to give God control of situations that cause me anxiety and worry which end up in fear. Yesterday, I gave a fearful event to God and told him I’m not in control of anything. I prayed with my daughter on it and attended a worship service. It actually made me at ease and when I faced the situation God showed me his grace. I’ve experienced this several times in the past few months and it just makes me want to praise him more and more. So grateful we have such an Awesome God! God bless!♥

  106. I have learned this lesson the hard way. Since college, I thought I had what it takes to achieve great things. I wanted to be a concert pianist. I was smart, talented, and hard-working (everybody said so). But I ended up being a pianist and eventually a choir director in a local church. For most of my friends and family, it was not a real job or a really successful career. For years, I felt so depressed. This was not what I wanted. But then God showed me that the Father knows best. So I gave him over my life and even how I viewed success. The Lord restored me, healed me, and gave me joy and peace.

    But I don’t have it all together sometimes. I’ve realized, as I was reflecting on this blog, that there is one area of my life that I need to hand over to God. I tried so hard yet failed just as many times. Now, I want God’s way. Have your way in me, Lord. I surrender my actions, thoughts, and responses to You, Lord.

  107. What happy thoughts your story brought back to mind! I ditto Phyllis’ comment about “finally getting it”! at 65! Amazing how I’m really just now recognizing some of the “patterns” I’ve laid down for my life and followed. I’m trying each day to begin the day before going to work spending time in devotionals (Yours Gwen included!) and trying to keep my mind focused on the intent of each devotion. My day is ALWAYS better when I begin it with GOD! Beautiful little daughter! 🙂

    1. Thank you ladies for letting me know I’m not the only one taken long to get it. Im forty seven and completely off track. Lord I give everything to you. Let your will be done in my life. I’m not that computer savy but I love this group of Christian woman sharing helps and inspires. Thank you woman of God. Pray for me my name is Twana anime completely lost right now but I’m inspired that God will get me there not me!!

  108. My desire is to continually rely on Him – in ALL things! And, may I ALWAYS remember that the only way to do so is by allowing Him to teach me His ways!!

  109. I want more of God! I have tried things my own way so many times and it ends up making more of a mess of things… but when I follow God’s way I have peace even through the storms!

  110. What an amazing devotional and gentle (ok, not so much) reminder to relinquish control and allow God to lead. He knows the plans He has for me and for my children. Wow, thank you Father for your loving care and reminder that you control everything and with that, I can rest.
    Thanks for sharing and your daughter is indeed beautiful – precious in the sight of the Father.

  111. The Lord has continually shown Himself faithful in my life even when I did not deserve it! I am currently awaiting an approval for a surgical procedure due to a duty-related injury. While waiting, a case manager came to an appointment & I was asked to come back to work though I have pain daily. The job & my supervisor are my sponge rollers. If God be for me, even in pain & suffering, who or what can be against me??? Pray my strength, comfort & peace in The Lord.

  112. This verse is part of my prayer everyday. Some days I just say it without giving it much thought. Your devo for today reminded me why I committed this verse to memory. Yep, I like control, but I’d much rather He be in control so that my life lessons are a little less stressful.

  113. I want God’s way! I’m a recent University graduate that’s having a difficult time finding a job in my field. I find myself pushing and pursuing and becoming frustrated when no call is received or an opportunity open to me. I say all the time “Let Go and Let God” but I don’t really do it! I try to mess with the situation still. But today I’m handing over the sponge rollers! Thank you!
    Lord, I pray for all of us who have a difficult time handing control over to You. Be with us as we try and give us strength to persevere. In your name, Amen.

  114. I want Gods way and will in my life. At the age of 21 I am struggling with relationships, university and set backs to my dreams! I.seriously need God to take the reigns and guide me

  115. I believe that I have finally gotten to the point where I actually allow My Father to lead and guide my entire life! Every decision, every step, every breath I do not want to take unless He directs and approves it. It only took me 48 years to understand and appreciate His guidance and control over my life. I must say it is so comforting, peaceful, reassuring to know that He is a constant light to my path and that even in the times when it may “appear” that I’m falling or stumbling I now know that I am in His hands and that even when walking on serpents and dragons, there is nothing that can hurt me because He will never leave me nor forsake me. It’s a beautiful thing!

  116. For quite awhile now I have been living MY LIFE not asking the Lord much. But boy did i have a lesson just the other day. My teenage daughter loves the flute and thanks to God she is in Honors Band. Plays every moment she can. Well me and my husband are not music literate. We are clueless. She has been studying some notes that really had her stumped. One night she brakes out in heart broken tears. It’s a major grade that if she can’t pass the test she will get kicked out of Honors Band. I was in pain knowing as a mother I can’t fix it. That’s when I knew and opened my eye’s and heart to the only one in control of our every breath. GOD HELP. No more stubborn me it’s all on him. She did rather good on the test but needs to raise her points a bit so she as well as I has a second chance. Lord is awesome

  117. I want God’s way! I have heard Your voice in the darkness Lord and clearly understand now that this is not the final answer for my career. I cannot yet see what You have on the path ahead for me, nor do I understand why these current trials are happening, but I trust that You are with me now and forevermore – lead me on! Amen

  118. Your daughter is gorgeous and her hair was beautiful…great job mom of not saying “I told you so”!! I desperately want God’s way. I’m currently dealing with an issue that I pray daily about. I hear the Holy Spirit speaking to me but I won’t let go. At one time I wrote in a journal, I need to go back to doing that again. I’ve read over some things I’ve written in the past and prayed about, things I had forgotten I prayed for but God didn’t and hasn’t. He’s answered many of those prayers and the ones he didn’t I thank him for. God, I pray today that I let you have YOUR WAY in my life, that I spend more time with you in your word, writing my thoughts/prayers and for people to see YOU IN ME!!!

    Thanks Gwen for your devotionals!!!

  119. Adorable picture of your daughter. I remember my Mom putting sponge rollers in my hair. . .45 years ago! I wish I could have that time with her again. Although I am much older than you, I still struggle with “handing it over” to God. I have been in control of so much for so long, it really is a hard thing to do. I am getting better at it though, and I pray that God will help me succeed in doing that more and more until it is completely 100%. Prayers and thoughts for you, your loved ones, and all that have posted.

  120. What a great lesson so hard to do especially when you have a non believer husband! We are struggling in our business and I need God to help us. I know he’s listening I pray every night for him to take over help! Maybe this is the challenge to sit back and wait for GOD:) I want to do it God’s way:)

  121. I want God’s way. Every time I have done things on my will I have gotten into more trouble. My husband left 1 year ago. I did not want to file for divorce and after being hurt so much I filed and then regretted filing knowing that is not what God wanted. However God intervened and my first court proceeding my husband got there late and then my daughter called me because she had an emergency (she thought her water broke and was going to have my granddaughter early) so the case was continued to July 14, 2014. On that day I was 15 minutes late and my husband was 45 minutes late. He said he woke up early and had a stomach problem. He only live 10 minutes away from the court. Since we were both late the case was dismissed. I had not seen him since he left and saw him for the first time on these two court dates. Now he says he is filing. I am standing still and letting God be God. Its been the hardest stand I have ever taking. I am an attorney so I do what I do best I take control and see what I can do to fix the problem. Well I cannot fix this problem and I have realized that it is not my will by God’s Will so I am standing letting God take control. Amen.

  122. This was my prayer as I walked the beach this morning. Then to read this devotion brought confirmation that God does hear my prayer and He knew it before I did. What an awesome God we serve!

  123. I want Gods way! I am almost 54 have been following Jesus for 25 years..BUT I am awakening to His Way daily. Many times I’ve lived in the the sponge roller season..God has never failed me in my foolishness, He waits for me.Thank you Gwen for sharing Gods word and Gods way 🙂 I am blessed everyday with your Godly wisdom! I WANT GODS WAY!

  124. I have a quote (that I came across from somewhere) I live by daily, “Faith is having the courage to let God have control.” I live a truly blessed life now because God is in control of my life! Gwen, your daughter’s pic is simply adorable!

  125. I have tried to do things my way in the past but it has always left me hurt and broken. God’s way is always best! I want to continue to do things God’s way!

  126. I want God’s way!!! So many times I let Satan’s temptations overtake me, I want to overcome these temptations. I need to learn to hold fast to Jesus word so that I can become more like Him and less of me!! It’s so frustrating and humiliating to know that God see’s and knows all about me. When I stand before Him I will have to account for these actions and I know I will be falling to my knees with no word reason why. I am going to ask for forgiveness (again) knowing he will forgive me. I pray for strength in overcoming and letting Jesus be in control!

  127. I need to remember to “let go and let God”. Thank you Gwen for this blog
    I just began using today. Your daughter’s curls are precious.

  128. I want God’s way! This past year has been one of the hardest for me financially because I made a decision to stay home with my babies and babysit without being sure that was God’s plan. I prayed and I felt like it was surly the right choice but now looking back I jumped in with out being sure of God’s will. It has set me back and my family is struggling financially because of it. I want God’s way so bad! Please fix my mess up! I will follow where he leads!

  129. Thanks for the lovely story of your daughter’s curly hair. I remember wanting my hair in curls, but in those days, the 50’s my mother would use strips of fabric to make ringlets, as they say in England. So the message is so good about having complete trust in the Lord to hand over all the control to Him. He will always work out areas of our lives in ways we can only imagine.!! He is just waiting for us to let go and ask Him. He is just waiting longing like a mother to help us, love and comfort us. Bless you Gwen I love hearing from you. Maria xxxxx

  130. I too want Gods way!!! I have been stubborn all my life, as well as a know-it-all lol! Surrender has never come naturally or easily! But this life is a journey full of living an ad learning, with the very best Teacher right by our side! I’m so thankful for you my GIGS! I cannot even begin to explain the depth of support Hod has given me through your inspiring and encouraging words! The very first time God introduced me to y’all I was at the very lowest point in my life. Since that almost 10 years ago, I share daily with yall ! So thankful, and I lay my life down for the Lords Will, in Jesus name!

  131. I love starting my day with a cup of coffee and GIG. I tend to stray like a lost dog but GIG from women that face daily struggles helps me get back on God’s leash.

  132. Thank you for message. I am guilty of this. Lord God please forgive me. I surrender my spiritual life, my marriage, career, education to you. Please take the wheel for I cannot do it by myself. Lead me in my endeavor. Thank you for an answered prayer. Amen

  133. I too was try doing it my way. Now I’m learning to let God lead. I am a mother of two sons who became victimized by gun violence one deceased and one paralyzed. I am a mother on a mission against gun violence and trying to start a non profit organization but was going about with my own understanding for these three years and now that I’ve given totally over to God so many qualified people have come into view to help me. Thanks for the reminder. RMAGG (Riding Moms Against Guns, Gangs) motorcycle rider. Keep praying for me. I want it God’s way

  134. God I been praying for my Marriage, and then I begin doing to do what I want to do and when the results fail I’m angry. Lord have your way, help me to lean on you and trust that you are the Creator that make all things Possible! I will Trust you. In Jesus name Amen!

  135. I WANT GOD’S WAY!!!!!!!!! I have a bad habit of always trying to do things on my own I learn the hard way that all i have to do is let God take over I truly want God’s way with His help I will do this but only with His help!!!

  136. I want God’s way in my life. I’m 19 and done with high school, but I have no plans for college. I’ve been asking God what He wants me to do with the gifts He’s given me, and this devotional is just the reminder I need to wait on Him and His timing. I know that I am where I am for a reason, but the question ‘where do I go next’ is really weighing on me. Now, I am more ready to ‘be still and know that He is God’, and not try to figure everything out on my own. Thanks, Gwen. Blessings on you and your family!

  137. I want God’s way!! I always take back what I’ve asked Him to control. Thank you Gwen for all your encouraging devotions! Your daughter is beautiful, and so are you, both in and outside! May God continue to bless you abundantly in His service! Praise the Lord,, and as I request prayers from all, I pray for each one on this blog!

  138. Gwen what a beautiful story about control. I am raising my 8 year old granddaughter and you gave me a new perspective on how to handle the control issues. I made the mistake of controlling everything in my daughter’s life at least until she was old enough to tell me that I wouldnt anymore. How I wish I had known differently then. God has given me a 2nd chance at parenting and it’s probably tougher than the first time. Your messages inspire and motivate me to change and let God take the reins. All praise be to the Lord God Almighty, master of curls and His kingdom!

  139. I could tell you a long story of struggles and issues experienced. Details of low self-esteem, social anxiety, domestic violence and abuse…but it wouldn’t help anyone who hasn’t gone thru deep trials with a daughter who has and is continuing to weigh heavily upon my heart and in my life. However, God is helping me see her and her children living with me as an opportunity for them to see Him, even though I am my own mess. 🙂 It’s been three years with the four of them back in our 900sq ft house. Now there is a nice mobile home that I may be able to help her get. 1200 sq ft!! Her 2 little girls and 2 boys would have rooms and beds! But as I ponder and plan and figure out how I can do this, I have to realize it is in GOD’S hands first. So if it is the right thing to do, He will work out the details. The first thing? The seller offered 2000 cash toward the down payment and increased the price from 24k to 25k to help us get 20% down. OK…is that You, God? I don’t know for sure, just leaving it IN His hands. I know His ways are good and He is is control. I don’t want to push so hard that we get something that isn’t in His plan. I have already decided that whatever happens, it’s HIM doing the work. I will apply, I will assist with the funds, but whatever the lender says will be God’s answer and I will rejoice either way. For His help in providing her a home out of our home, or providing protection from making an unwise decision. He knows our story, He knows what she is capable of, and His will is what will be. I choose to be BLESSED with any outcome!! Have Your Way Lord…I trust you!!

  140. Thank you for sharing such a simple life/spiritual yet necessary lesson with us/me! I want, need, long for and seek after God’s way for my life!!! 😉

  141. Thanks for this wonderful share. I want God’s way in my life. I surrender all to you God and teach me your ways that i may rely on your faithfulness in Jesus name.

  142. I take matters into my hands all the time with terrible consequences. I had planned to do something today that would have been disaster if I had not read this . Soooo I’m letting my control go and letting God take care of the problem.

  143. Wow! I just had this conversation with my daughter this morning!! I didn’t even relate it to myself and my relationship with God. I just happened to read your blog today and when I read that sentence where the Lord whispered to you, I thought, “Oh my goodness, this is why I am reading this today. God is telling me this too. I too try to do things my way, just like my little girl, and mess up.” Thank you for writing this and sharing with us so that we can “get it”! Sometimes I need to stop a moment to do that.

  144. God has used so many tools to get me where I am today, the Gaither homecoming friends, GiG, Newsboys, my Christian emails each morning, yet still I try to take charge and I always mess up. So, I am requesting that you all offer up prayers for me to stop and ask God’s help, permission, guidance, and His plan for me, before I make another move. through Him all things will be right. thank you and may God bless each of you

  145. Oh, how I want God’s way! Unfortunately, I am such a stubborn person and still am learning to relinquish control of my life. I have been slowly learning, but through the faithful prayers of a mom who still loves this hard-headed woman unconditionally (and who used to sponge roll my two sisters and my hair, too!), I am learning. And the more I let God have HIS way, the more blessed my life is. I WANT GOD’S WAY ALL THE TIME! By the way, that picture of Kennedy is absolutely precious!

  146. Thank you for this today. I needed to hear this once again. My 15 year old daughter came home from school and asked me “would you still love me even if I was gay” my heart broke. We live in a really liberal town where anything goes. Lord what do I do? I told her that I loved her and I would always love her but God loves her even more than I ever could. I sit here crying but I know that God is in control and HE will help me. God showed how much HE love us by sending HIS Son Jesus into this sinful world so that we might have eternal life throught HIm. 1John 4:9

    1. Thanks for sharing this. My college age daughter, who was a strong believer and tried very hard to convert her gay friend in high school and was persecuted by many of her friends for doing so told me she was gay last October. I am so lost and heartbroken for her!

      1. Ann, I am so sorry. I don’t know what the answer is except we need to love them just like God loves them.I will keep you and your daughter in my prayers.

  147. For the past weeks I have been fighting with my husband almost everyday and since we have a 6yrs old boy I don’t like. I surely thought many times to separate from him that that is the best way to be in peace at home but I know that is my way to do it and not God’s way, I have been praying for him to give an answer or to guide me for what should I do but still have a feeling in my heart that the best decision is to separate him. But my Lord is my strengthener and he will show me the path I should go.

  148. Light unto the world
    Light unto my life
    I will live for you alone
    You’re the one I seek
    Knowing I will find
    All I need in you alone, in you alone

    Where you go, I’ll go
    Where you stay, I’ll stay
    When you move, I’ll move
    I will follow you
    Who you love, I’ll love
    How you serve, I’ll serve
    If this life I lose, I will follow you
    I will follow you, yeah

    In you there’s life everlasting
    In you there’s freedom for my soul
    In you there’s joy, unending joy
    And I will follow…

  149. I want God’s way in my life.. I don’t want to make decisions to please others in my life or to please myself. I want to listen to God’s instructions and act with wisdom in my life situation. Praise God!! That he is going to work in my life. Amen.

  150. I want God’s way… my career, part time business and finances have been in my hands and I want Him to have it and take full control!

  151. I want Gods way! I’m in my late 20’s but I was all about my way or no way I will find my path in life everyone just wait and see! Well before a March of 2013 I battled so many things,alcohol,depression anxiety, relationships of all kinds. I was getting no where but more depressed, my life was headed no where fast or where I wanted to be in my 20’s. I knew who God was I went to church all of my childhood. But I didn’t KNOW him! Since March of last yr I’ve been putting God before everything, I do still struggle & forget to listen, but boy does he surely let me know! I want Gods way in my life at all time because I know how sweeter the results will be!

  152. Dear God,
    I need your divine touch in my heart, my life and my marriage. I have made many mistakes and now I am suffering from the consequences. I am learning to rely on your faithfulness and discovering who I am as a woman, wife, and mother. I have no clue of who I really am but You do. I surrender my life, desires, heart, mind, and soul. Transform me into the woman you created me to be and I pray for restoration of every relationship that has been destroyed. Teach me to truly love and forgive.
    Gwen (my mother’s name is Gwen, too) thanks for this encouraging and uplifting word.

  153. I have held onto the “sponge rollers” myself for so many different things in my life, but the most recent is my relationship with a man that I totally adore and truly care for but doesn’t have the same longing to God as I do. I’m not saying that he doesn’t love the Lord what I’m saying is that I long to get closer everyday to Jesus and I want to feel God touch my life every single day. He just seems to be okay with getting by with no fellowship and growth. It concerns me, not only for him but for myself as well. Please keep us both lifted up in prayer with your continued encouraging words. I can say that since we have begun dating I have longed for a much deeper connection with God and am continuing to look for it.
    Thank you and have a wonderful day,
    Tracy Dickerson

  154. I joyfully anticipate the daily reading of Girlfriend’s for God. You make it so plain and simple and it torches my heart every time. I do want to do it God’s way and I continously submit to his will. Thanks again for being women in and for God.

  155. I want God’s way for all the things I am trying to control myself. Let it be perfectly clear when I am controlling vs when God is leading as sometimes I’m not sure.

  156. It is my birthday today. I want God’s way in all things, but especially in my career. I have always tried to plan my career moves and destination. It has always been a struggle. Today, I declare that I give the ‘rollers’ back to God. God make my career beautiful the way only you can. Amen.

  157. Gwen thank you so much I thank God for your words today. I had a morning very similar with tooth brushing with my 7 year old daughter. Stubborn with brown teeth. God spoke to me through your story thank you God, thank you for your words through Gwen. Bless your heart Gwen.

  158. All to Jesus I surrender, All to Him I freely give. I will ever love and trust Him, In His presence today I live. I surrender all! God, I ask You to take control and help me to allow You to stay in the lead as I follow. In Jesus precious name I ask. Amen (It is done)! Thank You for all the outcomes as I surrender each day.

  159. I want God’s way, too. In my young age of 64!!!!, I am finally getting it. Start the day with Him, do the day with Him, and end the day with Him. Things may not be perfect, but they sure are more comforting, reassuring, enlightening, and doable. Honoring Him is my daily life’s goal. Thank you, Girlfriend Gwen, for another spirit-filled message of hope, love and Jesus!!!

    1. Thank you for your encouraging words, Phyllis. 🙂 I am 57, have been a Christian for a little over 43 years, and am still dealing with this control issue. Whew! It’s coming down to the wire here. I interviewed for a part time job yesterday, and it’s scary – not having worked steadly (outside my home) in years. I pray God’s will be done. This has brought the front my issue with the need to be in control. Though this devotion was published on September 12th, I am just reading it today – which is great for me, as God is dealing with me this moring regarding this very thing and resting in Him. I really like these statements of yours: “Start the day with Him, do the day with Him, and end the day with Him.
      Things may not be perfect, but they sure are more comforting,
      reassuring, enlightening, and doable.” Awesome! God continue to bless you richly as daily honor Him in all that you do, say and think.

  160. I want God’s way I have been struggling so long with my son’s addictions I often try and fix it However it never works I need God to do all the work I can’t change it myself

  161. Amazing how God works. I was just praying about this. This week I jumped in and made my own decision with a difficult situation. Even though I prayed before I announced to several folks of my decision, I didn’t wait for an answer from God. Yesterday, I fixed it back, but only after a lot of embarrassment. Please God keep my mouth shut until You give me the right words to say. I pray that you give me strength to be patient and wait for your timing. Amen

  162. I want GOD’S way! What a great story of how GOD shows up and is here in every single minute detail… Beautiful story and precious child, thank you for sharing

  163. I want God’s way. I’m battling some physical and depression issues, as well as my husband’s addiction issues. Not my will, but yours, my precious Savior.

  164. I want God’s way! I cling tight in prayer and faith that he will open my eyes and ears so that I can travel, step by step, the path he has mapped for me!

  165. I truly want God’s way. I have made a complete mess of my life, and little by little am losing the truly most important things to me in my life, my children. Lord, please forgive me for my continued failures and messes. Please keep me in the center of your will.

  166. I want God’s way! I have prayed every day for about the past 2 years for my son to be accepted into PA school……….his interview was a few weeks ago and he did not get in…….my heart was/is broken, I could/can not understand why God did not do this………I know what is impossible for men is possible for God. I need help, my faith has taken a real blow. I know God is in control and I am believing that His way is best.

    1. I know it is hard to understand as I felt that way many times in the past when things did not happen the way “I” thought they should. I was fired from my job as a teacher’s aide at our local school district at the end of of the 2010 school year and was unable to obtain another job afterward. I was like you, I did not understand how God could do let that happen to me after I went to school to be a teacher and I finally had my foot in the door to get a job in our district (where you have to be a good old boy to get hired). I struggled with this for the longest time. Then my mother, who was living by us got sick the following January and had to move in to our home as she could no longer be alone due to her breathing issues. She had to have someone with her at all times that last nine months because she had so many medical things go wrong. Had I been working at the time, I would not have been able to be there to take care of her the way she needed to be. Putting her in a nursing home was never an option for me. After mom passed away that September (the anniversary is Monday-3yrs) I finally realized that God’s plan was for me to be able to take care of my mom and be there for her when she needed me. She used to tell everyone that I was her baby and now she was mine.

      Though you cannot see now, you have to have faith that God has a plan for your son that did not involve the school “you” wanted him. Keep the faith because He knows what He is doing when no one else does.

  167. Good Morning Gwen 🙂 Your daughter looks absolutely radiant ~ simply lovely. I want God’s way ~ I love you and have a wonderful weekend 🙂

  168. I am just about to embark on what I view as the single biggest challenge of my life so far-a degree in Occupational Therapy. I view it this way not just because I am a mature student in my late 30s but also because I have tried higher education and failed several times before. I struggled with mental health problems, but this time I am determined things will be different. If I go in God’s strength, fully relying and trusting in Him, every day, every hour, in every wobbly moment of hesitation and worry. I can do all things through Him- not My way but His. Thank you Gwen for such a timely devotional, thank you Jesus for being my Lord and saviour.

    1. Alison,
      Like you, I am a mature student at 46. I had also tried higher education several times without much success. I was diagnosed with clinical depression in my early 20’s, and probably would have been diagnosed as a child had my parents ever taken me to the doctor for treatment. For years I had considered nursing school, and nearly enrolled 8 years ago, but allowed a toxic relationship to intervene (“What do you mean you want to go back to school?” “You can’t do that!” “When are you going to have time?”)
      As of today, I am less than 2 weeks away from the end of my first quarter of nursing school! I am enrolled as a full-time student in an accelerated ADN program, have been working 20 hours a week, and am a single mom with no child support. I am making good grades and managing the best I can… one day at a time.
      God called me to it, and He will see me through it. It has not been easy, but He guides me every day whether I choose to listen or not. Yes, put your trust and faith in Him, and He will direct your steps. Follow your dreams and believe!
      I want God’s way… every single day!

      1. Wow Kimberly that is so encouraging and inspiring, thank you! I pray you’ll be very successful in all that you do, what a shining light you are!

        1. Alison,
          I think God used me this morning to encourage you. I get the daily e-mails from Girlfriends in God, but honestly don’t take the time to read them. Today I did, and decided to check out the blog – all because I wanted to see the result of the sponge rollers! So then I decided to read a few responses. I stopped at yours for a reason. It spoke to me because my story is so similar. I was hoping to be an encouragement to you. I want you to follow Him, follow your dreams, and believe in yourself! Today is a new day to shine. Don’t let your past ruin your future. You’ve got this! God bless! =o)

  169. I have wanted a career within the motorsports realm for many years and have been trying everything I know to make this happen, which has backfired. I know that I need to give this to God. Hand the steering wheel over in a sense. Please pray that this control freak can let go.

  170. I love this story! There are so many things I need to let God do his way. We are a military family, my husband is from GA and I am from CA. We got stationed in NY! Neither one of us are big fans because of the winters. When my daughter was born we couldn’t stay at the base we were at because of her medical needs, I prayed that we would just get stationed anywhere south! Well, that was taken very literally, we were stationed an hour south still in NY! I know God was saying “well, you said south!” But on an even more serious level, I now see he put us here so my daughter could continue having the specialists she had when she was born. We are supposed to get our new assignment soon, and this time I know I just need to trust that God will put us where we are supposed to be.

  171. Dear Loving and faithful God I give you the control. You know the mess that I made during the lowest most depressed and confused time in my life 2-1/2 years ago. Thank you for directing me to a wonderful Christian counselo who is helping me overcome feelings of worthlessness, guilt, self esteem and selfishnes just to name a few. Lord guide me and control my thoughts, words and actions as You lead and I follow. Mend my family especially between my son and his father. Mend my relationship/marriage with Ernie. I give you all the Praise, Glory and Honor asking that Your will be done. Amen and Amen!

  172. Beautiful story, beautiful little girl and beautiful message! Thank you. I, too, try real hard to hand over the rollers. Maybe today I can try harder.

  173. I love this story… God’s way is the only way! Smiles to the perfect day! Thank you for sharing God’s love everyday with all of us.

  174. I want God’s way, not my own..I’ve tried it so many years on my own. I want to be totally and completely led by Him!

  175. I am slowly learning to let go and give it over to God. I lived with me wanting to be in the drivers seat for so long and I was miserable. Life goes so much better when I don’t take over and run ahead!

  176. For so long I have not let God have His way in my life. I have stopped going to church (not even once in awhile) and my life as completely spiraled out of whack. I know that for my life to get back on track I need to God front and center and take myself out of it and let Him have complete control. I know He will lead me where I need to go and He will deliver me through the struggles that I have not been able to get passed these past three years since the loss of my mother. I know that if I want to see my mother again in the kingdom of heaven I need to get myself back in line with my Lord and Savior and give up trying to fix things myself.

    God, I know that I have fallen from you in recent years and that I have tried to control things in my life without you. I know that by doing so, I have thoroughly messed up life and am at the point of almost losing everything. God please take control of my life. I give it to you freely and I pray for the humbleness to follow your will and the open heart to hear you when you speak to me and tell me which way to go. Amen

    1. Rhonda, Praise God for you and that you have acknowledged your need for God and His control! He will honor that prayer. 🙂 Father God, Thank You that you have heard Rhonda’s prayer and are answering even now. May she really know Your great and deep love for her. Please protect her from the lies of the emeny, her own flesh and the world as she gives herself and control of her life over to You. May she be strengthened in her inner man to keep her eyes, heart and mind fixed on Jesus, the Author and Finsiher of her faith. Please help her to find a church where she can be helped and where she can be of help to others. Please put laborers in her path to encourage her in this step in her life. Oh, may she know Your loving presence in each and every moment of her day, as she humbles herself before you,and may she clearly hear Your voice over any others that my try to drown it out. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

  177. It is 3:20 am, have been up nofor 2 hours laying in bed going over and over yesterdays “stuff” I want it God’s way, empowered with his spirit and an undivided heart! Jesus, help me! Amen

  178. I am desperate for God’s way, My life is stagnant no direction without him and all along I’ve been trying to do it my way and it got me no where instead, I am exhausted, wounded and unfulfilled in every way. Lord I surrender to your ways, will and everything.

  179. It has to be God’s way
    In lamentations 3:25 it reads thus
    “The Lord is good to those that wait for Him to the soul that seeks Him
    Let us depend solely on Him

  180. I’m 60yrs old! A pastor and I still try to do things my way! Thank God for His patience and faithfulness. I laughed out loud at His gentle rebuke. I know the rebuke was for me too!!! I love HIm

  181. I want God’s way! I struggle with taking control and it always ends in disasters. Pleas Lord, help me relinquish my way and allow you to have Yours that You may be glorified.

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