An Uncluttered Woman

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Prov 3.16

When I was a little girl, one of my favorite things to do was to twirl in the grass. With arms out stretched, I’d spin around and around until I was silly-dizzy, and then fall to the ground with a giggly heart. It was thrilling, invigorating and a fun, simple way to spend a lazy summer day in the rolling hills of southwestern Pennsylvania.

Now that I’m older, I can’t handle spinning in circles. My body rejects any twisty endeavor. Nausea quickly sets in and reminds me that I’m not a young “spinny-girl” anymore.

Several years ago while my family and I were at an amusement park, in an effort to gain favor in the eyes of my kids and earn imaginary super mom points I enthusiastically got on a ride that spins in circles. My hero-husband always goes on this type of ride with our children, so I thought, “If Brad can do it, then I can do it, right?”

Not. So. Much.

I walked up the ramp to the wretched “Wheel of Whirl” naively optimistic and walked down the ramp having made a great big fool of myself. The park employee had to stop the ride to let me off. Bad decision. Yucky feelings followed. Instead of becoming super mom I became super sick mom. My center of balance and emotions were completely thrown off leaving my poor family with the disenchanted consequences of my twirling ambitions.

Just like that day in the amusement park, I constantly find myself thrown off balance from the wheeling whirl of life clutter.


Simply put: I complicate my life.

If we’re being honest, then I’d have to confess that I am one of my own biggest obstacles to living as an uncluttered woman. I know that I should depend solely on God for direction and strength, but the simple fact is I often don’t. Most of us would admit that this is the case. Right?

It’s hard to sift through all that is thrown at us each day. Clutter happens and navigating this silly-dizzy world is difficult. There are ten bazillion things that vie for our attention and clutter our faith: emotions, materialism, negative thinking, overbooked schedules, doubts, legalism, laziness, self-reliance, our past pains and failures, technology, work, our desire to control things, finances, debt, stress, addictions, discontentment and relationships. And I’m just getting started!

The Bible instructs us to direct our silly-dizzy days toward God.

“Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and He will establish your plans.” (Proverbs 16:3, NIV)

“But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” (Matthew 6:33, NIV)

In His presence, God gives order to both our thoughts and our to-do lists.

Everything changes when we seek Him first and commit our plans to Him.

Becoming an uncluttered woman is all about personal contact with Jesus. You and I will experience greater peace and deeper faith as we determine to respond to His constant invitation to come.

And don’t worry … Jesus is no stranger to clutter.

He walked the same earth we do and dealt with the same struggles and problems we deal with. He loved many a cluttered woman while here on earth and many more before and since His ascension. He knows your clutter – all of your complicated stuff – and He invites you to come just the same.

When we position ourselves in the presence of the Peace-giver and ask Him to lead and prioritize our heart matters, the uncluttering begins. And in the uncluttering our chaos is calmed.

Dear God,
Thanks for reminding me that I can always come to You and trade in my exhaustion for Your rejuvenation. Please bring order to my day and establish my priorities according to Your will. Show me how to become an uncluttered woman.
In Jesus’ Name, amen


I co-wrote a song called Uncluttered. Since we’ve gone there devotionally, I’d really like to go deeper by exploring this topic musically. CLICK HERE to watch the music video for Uncluttered. Then write a few thoughts on my wall about your top clutter concerns – or simply write, “I’m done with the clutter!”

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  1. I am done with the Clutter in my mind, my life, my being. I a Trust God and know he has a plan. Thank you for this abundance if encouragement today.

  2. Thank you! May the Holy Spirit continue to utilize you in your special ministry of speaking to the hearts & souls of women! In Jesus name I pray!

  3. Do you mind if I quote a few of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources back to your
    website? My blog is in the very same area of interest as yours and my users would definitely
    benefit from some of the information you present here.
    Please let me know if this ok with you. Thank you!

  4. I’m a professional organizer who sees behind closed doors all the time, observing the things that people are hiding from the rest of the world. My perception is that oftentimes the physical clutter and inability to let go of “stuff,” is not so much about the stuff itself, but the emotions behind it – things like fear, regret, grief, perfectionism. Yes, perfectionism, even in the midst of chaos!
    I love the “Uncluttered” song and as I’ve felt led, have sent it to my clients. It’s always touched them in a deep place, and I leave it to the Lord to do His work in their heart. I’m honored when people allow me into their homes and lives to help them become uncluttered and organized. When our work together serves as a catalyst for real and lasting change, it’s such a cause for celebration and joy and doing a happy dance!!

  5. Martha bustled with preparation
    There were urgent things to do:
    Clean the house, make the meal
    To make sure her guests would feel
    Like she’d done her best
    There was no time for rest
    In her servitude

    But her sister, Mary, kneeled,
    At the urging of God’s spirit,
    At the feet of Christ

    Martha snipped,
    Her view eclipsed
    By all her busyness

    Mary sat with Christ
    And was blessed
    With a fuller view
    In her gratitude

  6. Thank you for this message and your song. Fed my soul today, I struggle with being ‘uncluttered’ I guess because I let life get in the way and forget who gave me life.

  7. Lovely song. It hits the mark thank God for using you in this way to point this out to me, I’ve been in this too long. I am done with clutter!

    Love you. Thank you Gwen.

  8. I live in North Huntingdon, PA (saw you at my church Word Of Life). You are truly gifted and I enjoy reading your devotions. I can relate to spinning around on the grass in Southwestern PA! I became so cluttered as a mom working full-time and found that I wasn’t finding time to do a daily devotion with my kids. I wanted so badly to have them hear God’s word daily so I made up a book. I call it “Lunch Box Devotionals” and put one verse/note in my kids’ lunches everyday. I’m thinking I should publish it but don’t know how to go about it. Do you have any suggestions?

  9. Absolutely loved this song, even have it at home-need to listen to it again. To make a long story short, which I never can seem to do! I have been living pretty much my way-which sadly means I am still trying to get back at my mother! She passed away several years ago-was very controlling, not so much to my other two sisters, but she really knew how to push my buttons and did so quite frequently-a clean freak, so I have become just the opposite and realizing that I’m only hurting myself-plus my wonderful husband of 38 years who doesn’t say much, but has probably just about given up!! Our bedroom, which should be peaceful and welcoming looks more like a tornado went through it and I am completely overwhelmed-I know God can get me through this, but I have to make a start and do my part. So more than ready to get rid of all clutter and be able to live in peace! Thanks for the support and prayers.

    1. Carol, what a great first step to acknowledge that you are only hurting yourself and perhaps even your marriage. I am praying you don’t let the magnitude of the job stop you in your tracks from moving forward. I will be praying for you that as your physical space clears up that you also let go of the anger you are holding on to. Spiritual and emotional clutter affect us physically and create negative health conditions. You are a child of the King-go forward in the way you imagine a princess would conduct herself! Prays and hugs go with you!

      1. I’m done with clutter of bills, money to do list, worry, rejections, acceptance, and everything that is there before God and ask that God take full control and prioritize each day the things that should be according to his will.

  10. Thank you for this beautuful reminder. My life seems automatically clutteted sometimes, with a sweet hubby who is a disabled Veteran and a brother who has MS and is in a wheelchair. Add my own autoimmune thyroid issues and both grown daughters and, well, we all know how this goes. I need to be especially careful to not keep raising my hand, saying yes to helping with this, that, and the other.

    God has blessed me with a beautifulctochet ministry that allows me to sit and pray into each stitch, even in the explosions of life.

    Blessings to you. LOVE the song. Hope to budget in the CD next month.

  11. Beautiful song, thank you Gwen! So many emotional and physical distractions/clutter from the Most Important One, thank you for reminding me of this.

  12. I really like the song,it brought tears to my eyes. I have too many things to list that clutter my life .So please pray with me in asking God to deliver me from Anything that keeps me from knowing him.Thanks

  13. thank you for this wonderful Blog post!! it is definitely some easy to let the clutter of life block our close connection to the Lord. thank you Jesus for your grace it is sufficient

  14. I love this song & what is says. I’m in the midst of uncluttering my life, which gives me time for HIM, myself & the precious life i have been blessed with. Starting in the house clutter hoping to get strong in this battle with clutter. Thank you for writing & singing about reality. Who knew FB would lead to you. Blessings sweet Lady

  15. Thank you, Gwen! My life has been cluttered with paper junk. I am a procrastinator, who is about to change! Watch out World! This girl will become uncluttered! Lord help me unstumble those blocks of procrastination, fill me up with all avenues of you!

    1. Thank you so much for this video and the words of wisdom you wrote about uncluttering let’s just say it was perfect timing.. I pray God direct my path my steps in my words this day and I can be a positive influence condos around me and help me to continue to unclutter all the junk in my life AMEN!

    2. Thank you so much for this video and the words of wisdom you wrote about uncluttering let’s just say it was perfect timing.. I pray God direct my path my steps in my words this day and I can be a positive influence those around me and help me to continue to unclutter all the junk in my life AMEN!

  16. Thank You for such a timely word! The clutter that comes in so many different shapes and forms has been such a distraction that it caused me not to see the road of Destiny that God has right in front of me..But today I declare “No More Clutter”!

  17. At this point in my life all I want is peace. God give me the courage to choose only those things that bring – that encourage – that promote – that give – peace to me, for me, and for those around me and in my life. Amen.

  18. Absolutely loved this message… i,m so cluttered it,s not funny an i need to uncluttered so badly with Pain an stress the-to-do List an Pain is a lot with me an all i want is to be loved an know The Lord with all my heart

  19. Absolutely loved this it I could see that I need to uncluttered my life in areas because the clutter interferes with my weak with God and relationship with others at times. Getting ready to start the Proverbs 31 online study “Taming The To Do List” so this fits perfectly with trying to free our lives from the things that aren’t honoring God or are just driving us crazy lol and keeping us from being still in His presence 🙂

  20. I was just having a heart to heart with Christ, asking why I can’t feel His presence. His response led me to your song. Praise God through Christ, who always hears.

  21. I am 50 and soon to be a divorcee and I don’t know how either happened. I have tried to guide my life in the “right direction” my whole life and how did that work out for me? “Jesus is no stranger to clutter” were refreshing words to me and I want to purge my home and the clutter in my life. Too much baggage is unbearable anymore. I love the song “Uncluttered.” Thank you!

  22. I needed this at this moment. God spoke to me and answered my heart cry through this writing and song. Bless You and I give all thanks to Him!

  23. Thank you for this beautiful, truthful song, it was a blessing!
    I am done with all the clutter and give my all to Jesus to fill me with His peace and restore me with His love! We don’t need it all, we just need Him!
    God bless!

  24. Thank you so much. Your song was so moving. My life is so over cluttered. I love God with all my heart but I’m just so dizzy from trying to do it all. Please think of me when you pray. I will seek God to stop my world from spinning so fast.

  25. Beautifully done…clutter seems to find me although this is my prayer! Thanks for the encouragement!!!

  26. Timely truth!!! Pray for me that I will become that uncluttered woman Father God created me to be!!! Thank you!!! Longingly, Cassandra 😉

  27. I love the devotion and the song, this is something I am working on in my life.
    We are new empty nesters and I am starting the process of reorganizing and decluttering our home. Our youngest daughter moved out and got married in June. So far I have only closed the door to her room. This week I am going to open the door and start cleaning and redoing the room. Processing letting go of our children to be adults. Seeing what God has next for me

  28. Four weeks ago my world was shook when my husband of 27 years shared with me that he wasn’t sure he wanted to pursue further our relationship. Since that time I have forced myself to turn off “life’s” noise and to deepen my relationship with God through his Word (a bit like de-cluttering). 4 weeks ago, I could only see the struggle, today my eyes and heart are open to the blessing of being a child of God and living in Christ. I am uncertain what will be with my husband, we’re working on things, BUT I know that God has this and that is enough for me. Thank you for your blog and the song, will serve as a reminder to me to let the worldly stuff go and fill it up with Him and His word!

    1. 6 months ago, I found out that my husband and high school sweetheart of 18 years, was having an affair for over a year.
      My world was shattered. We have 3 children, I’ve been walking with God for 15 years, met my husband in church, he walked away from God shortly after, deep in grief over his childhood and death of his mom and the divorce of his parents when he was 13.
      He never fully surrendered to God, in order to walk into God’s amazing healing like I had been for the last 15 years.
      God asked me 2 weeks before the ‘finding out’ of that affair, to lay my marriage down on the alter, my family, all my dreams, to determine to love my husband no matter what because that’s what He has called me to do.
      And I’ve stayed faithful to God and my husband no matter how painful it was.
      He re-dedicated his life to God about a week after I found out, knowing he could not do life without HIM! It’s such an amazing answered prayer to see the man I’ve prayed for him to be for the last 15 years! He wakes everyday to the Word of God, listens to the same music as me now & even passed me up in my weekly messages I’ve been listening to since a year ago! Bethel Sermon of The Week will strenghthen your walk as it has ours. I’d like to recommend that to you. I pray things are better for you, as I just saw your comment was from Aug 8th of last year.

      1. I forgot to add, today, I’m still trying to leave the past behind, but on the way to work this morning. I realized, no problem, no challenge, deserves our heart’s devotion.. there is only one worthy 🙂
        And when we go there, all the clutter fades away, in HIS great presence.
        I feel I can breathe again.

  29. Beautiful song! I need to lead a simple uncluttered for Christ! Thank you for the reminder to focus on my Savior and not the clutter.

  30. Realistically… it’s more like wishful thinking. We just cannot REALLY “de-clutter” our lives in today’s hardcore world when you’re up to your eyeballs in responsibility that cannot be shirked. It would be nice though!

  31. This is so beautiful! I am a part-time single mother. My husband works out of state for weeks at a time, so l am left with the kids theatre rehearsals, sports practices, shows, games, illnesses, the house work, the yard work, the bills, and so much more. Sometimes l feel as if my world is one huge hurricane swirling around me, and l don’t know how to make it stop. But finding the eye of that hurricane is where l find God. The swirling stops and all is calm. I’ve learned that l must seek Him in order to have the tranquility of the eye when things get to be more than l can handle.

  32. what a beautiful song. Even though I am disabled my life is very “cluttered” and your devotion and song really made me think about how my life is right now and what I need to change with God’s help.

  33. Such a beautiful song! I am constantly working on becoming uncluttered. I pray almost everything, especially while looking for a job I can be content in and one that will honor Him. I am praying on the changing of schools for two of my sons. If these things are not what the Lord will have me do, I ask that He removes them from my life.

  34. Great!!! song!!! Just what I needed as well … the things and people calling me are my own voice(s) I have great boundaries and balance with most things except my own thinking … that is my biggest clutter that I surrender daily … Thank you Lord for inspiring words and music spoken through Gwen❤️

  35. Amazing song! Much needed! My life can even become cluttered with things that I do for my church. Bringing the focus back to Him will make the things I do FOR Him all that more meaningful and easy. Thank you

  36. I really needed to hear this today! My life has become so full of clutter and needs here and people pulling there and expectation I have for myself. It is a wonder I can hear anything at all! Thank you for your willingness to be open and. To share and your beautiful music!

  37. Your worship thru this song has blessed me today!! An on time God!! Thank you Lord for the word today!! I desire to live whole…an uncluttered women of God!! HE has me in a position of ‘Greater Wholeness’ and has been showing me from all different avenues/vessels…”Wilt thou be made whole?” I have lived in the fast lane too long…unorganized, exhausted, not saying ‘no’, anxious, worrying, TIRED…Letting go and letting God into every room of my life…not just some rooms…Father I am getting out of your way…free from the clutter. I am DONE with clutter!! Time to LIVE completely in the will of God…uncluttered and truly free!! Show me the way Lord, withholding nothing!! In Jesus name!!

  38. It seems that I get stuck in the every day stuff…work…cleaning house…and am so tired there is no room left for the eternal things that won’t burn up. I want to learn to be…to sit at HIS feet daily and receive so that the eternal is a thread through out work, housework, and life in general.

  39. Oh, my. This is so timely for me as I was just yesterday lamenting about how long my “To Do” List is and seems to continue to grow. I crave order and work feverishly to whittle it down. Much of it is inherited partly as a result of my husband’s unexpected passing a year ago. So much still to do and to handle, yet life goes on. Sometimes I am so overwhelmed. As recently as yesterday and this morning before getting out of bed, I was asking the Lord to please help me. Love the song. Reduced me to tears. And the journey continues.

  40. As I set and try to weigh the decisions that need to be made today for my future, I am reminded thru this song I need to unclutter and let God make my path clear. Thank you for your song.

  41. Thanks Gwen, this came as my to-do-list was growing due to the opening of a new business. I proclaim!!! I am done with clutter!!!

  42. What an amazing song!! This is just how God wants our thougts to be!! We as sinners make it so “cluttered” and confusing. Thank you for this!! I needed this today!!

  43. I recently started living an uncluttered life…at least I am striving to. I started by clearing out all the material things that I don’t use or need. I donated it all to a local charity. It felt so good to get rid of the visual clutter in my home, drawers, closets, etc. When choosing activities, I do what I feel God wants me to do and not everything other people expect. This frees me to spend more quiet time with the Lord. This is a journey and certainly does not happen overnight.

  44. Thank you so much for sharing your song! Ironically I am cleaning literal closets & this gives me a fresh new approach to my day. I wanna live uncluttered!

  45. Gwen,
    Thank you for such a sweet, powerful, spirit filled song! It filled my heart and tears flowed. My clutter are thoughts of why, which create stress and anxiety. I feel my place as a wife and mother is to keep my family covered in prayer. I lift them up daily and see their efforts minimized daily. I find this creates the clutter of worry; worry that I’m not praying enough or saying the right words. After writing this out, maybe I’m not letting go. I believe with all my heart that God hears my prayers. Another clutter is my lack of understanding His will but I know I’m not suppose to understand. Which leads to the clutter of confusion… Please pray with me to rid myself of all of this clutter.

  46. This song was beautiful and sums up the way I’ve lived my life since I was a teenager. I live with the disappointments, the abuse, the unrealized dreams everyday, though I don’t talk about it much. I would love to “unclutter” my life from the emotional baggage I’ve carried for so long. Thanks…

    1. Hi Mindy this is my story too. Thank you heavenly Father that our story is not over yet!!

  47. My life has been cluttered with fear, frustrations, anger, expectations, worries, to name a few. I feel like a Galatian in some ways. I’ve put myself in a self made prision, so to speak. I’ve been bound, cluttered, not only by physical “stuff”, but some of these spiritual bondages. Thank you for this beautiful song. It sums up my own heart’s prayer.

  48. I am done with the clutter of fear, excuses, and the unreachable, unrealistic expectation of everything needing to be perfect before it can be done. This message and song was tailored made for me. Oh Lord, what is man that you are mindful of him!!!
    I am casting all of these things on you Jesus…

  49. I’m done with the clutter that my pride and selfish attitude bring. God took care of it all on Calvary, so why do I hang onto it?

    1. Trying to be perfect and to make my life perfect puts so much clutter in my life. Help me Lord to always seek You first and leave perfection behind!

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