Are You Asking This Question?

Gwen SmithBlog 4 Comments

When my husband and I started our business, we worked non-stop. While our optimism was high, the days were long, and the learning curve was brutal. We’re a few years in now and still a ways away from the business being the well-oiled machine we’d like it to be,

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Even In The Empty

Gwen SmithBlog 14 Comments

There was a time I would hide in the bathroom for an ounce of quiet and reprieve. An intense time when diapers drooped, binkies bobbled, and toddlers toddled all over the busy,

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Do Your Words Pass the Test?

Gwen SmithBlog 12 Comments

During the holiday season, when interaction with family and friends is increased, I find myself with extra opportunities to bite my tongue. Anyone else? Jesus said that the words we speak reflect the true condition of our hearts.

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The Broken Way

Gwen SmithBlog 3 Comments

While at my son Preston’s football game, I had a moving conversation with another team mom. It was the first time we’d ever connected beyond socially expected niceties.

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Calming Restlessness

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Cammie is a children’s ministry director at her church. One day, as she was preparing for the lesson she would teach on Sunday morning, she had an idea for a fun illustration that would require a few props.

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