Even In The Empty

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There was a time I would hide in the bathroom for an ounce of quiet and reprieve. An intense time when diapers drooped, binkies bobbled, and toddlers toddled all over the busy, boisterous Smith house.

Those days are gone.

My husband and I have three young-adult children, and a wonderful daughter-in-law, and are figuring out how to settle into a new season with just each other. Huge portions of our hearts are now spread across three states and another country.

Empty nest. I get why they call it that, but I don’t think it’s an empty season at all. On the contrary, it’s quite full.

Full of exciting dreams and complicated feelings.

Full of unknowns, uncertainties, and unrest.

Full of stretching, stirring and stillness.

Full of loving and letting go in the most exhilarating and exhaustingly wonderful ways. Much like the holidays.

So, we release, rally and rest – knowing God goes before us, even in the empty. Often especially in the empty. “Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days” (Psalm 90:14 NIV).

You and I can step into the crisp newness of today, the freshness of a new year, confident that the Lord who satisfies us in the morning with His unfailing love pours comfort into souls swollen with sadness. Confident that no matter what hurts need healing or what chaos needs calming, Jesus is able to do exceedingly and abundantly beyond what we can ask for or imagine when we yield to His Spirit and are rooted and established in His love.

We’re thankful that our generous, faithful Father gives gobs of fresh mercy each morning and supernatural strength for each weakness.

We celebrate, convinced that our Everlasting Lord, El Olam, has a plan – a master plan of hope and of a future. And it’s not just for our children, or our grandchildren, but for us.

For me. For my husband. For you.

Psalm 90 reminds me to be mindful of God’s limitless nature and grateful for each sunrise. “For a thousand years in your sight are like a day that has just gone by, or like a watch in the night” (Psalm 90:4).

Days and years… mornings and evenings… breaths, deaths, and generations.

Each a treasure chest of minutes and moments that whisper the fleeting nature of humanity and the infinite hope of Jesus.

Dear Lord, Please teach me to number my days and walk in Your wisdom. Establish the work of my hands today, Lord, as I celebrate the gift of now and the hope of tomorrow. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


Which do you need to do today: release, rally, or rest?

Grab a journal or visit our comments section and write 5 things you’re grateful for. Celebrate today as a gift. Forgive what needs to be forgiven. Love well.

Blessings and Love in Christ,

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  1. Grateful for my husband, for my daughter who drove 3 hrs round trip so I could play w my granddaughter for 2 hours on my day off, for summer mornings and evenings, for my job that I love, for my children and their spouses. Please help me have patience w my brother in laws.

  2. I am grateful for this new day, I’m grateful for God’s son Jesus, who died for our sins. I am grateful for my husband, my children and my grand children and many more.

  3. I’m grateful for:
    the sunshine
    Juliet who helped me clean the house this morning
    lunch with my sister-in-law
    dinner out with my husband and his son
    my comfortable bed that will embrace me after a long day but mostly I’m grateful for my faith and my God who never lets me down!!

  4. Once again, your words have spoken to my heart and soul today. My husband and I are in the same empty nest stage of life with our second daughter preparing for college graduation next spring. These past 7 years since the first one graduated from high school and our empty nest transition started have definitely been “full” of all the emotions and challenges that you listed. These past years have also drawn me closer to God as I navigate this new chapter in my life. I’m so thankful for his presence and the hope I have in Him even through the uncertainty of whatever His next plans are for us.

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  5. Good morning, we all face many difficulties in life and I myself had been one of those, who would just hide in my closet, and just cry so that my son couldn’t hear me, but the one man I had by my side was God and our lord Jesus Christ all mighty. God moves for us all the time because he knows our trials and he knows what we each need; I had the greatest friends in Christ who push me to love me. and that god loves me, and he will always lead me to a righteous path and never forsake me during any time but hold on to the word of God. this is your most inner strength our main source to live and know we face nothing alone he is with us all and i have a story to my life but I’m thankful for God, and the closeness of friends he places in my path to lead me and help me. gods bless

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  6. I am grateful for the blessings I have—some go unrecognized, others are abundant and I am made aware every waking moment.moment I had a makoplasty knee replacement in October, and the blessing was merely getting from the couch, to the bathroom, then back to the couch and wait for Jim to bring my breakfast or lunch.other days, the blessing that I had graduated from a walker to a cane because of the work done through the help of a wonderful intern physical who will graduate with his doctorate this week.*
    Here every day blessings and the broader range of blessings like the opportunities my parents worked hard to provide, the responsibilities they taught us, the teaching jobs I had for over 40 years with great mentors, and now knowing our heat will come on when it’s cold,.
    The memories of tough times are fading because God sent people to help me recover from loss and fear. Jesus was always there, loving, guiding, and ever better, reminding me He would ever leave me even if others did.
    I am thankful that I have a Girlfriend in God” every day to teach and inspire me.
    God bless you, one and all, today and every day.

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      So much to thank God for! Thanks for sharing your story, Sarah. Love that your eyes are wide open to the Lord’s movement in your life.


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  7. I am grateful for my eternal life through Jesus Christ, my family, my friends, my health and wellness, and my opportunities to be a blessing to others.
    Praise the Lord!

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