Between the Waves and Sunshine

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Rest Tozer

I’m not a very good rester. Even on vacation… which is where I am now. My gang and I are at the beach and yet my mind still swirls with all that needs to be done. Work. Work. Work. It nags me and I struggle to relax.

Yet the waves call to me as the pelicans fly low. HIS voice whispers, Rest, daughter. Be in the moment with Me. With them. 

Enjoy the beauty.

Let today be today and tomorrow be tomorrow. Your work will still be there when you get home.

SO with sand between my toes and sunscreen on every sun-able inch… I simply want to share a few beauty moments with you today from moments between the waves and sunshine.

Side mirror July 14

Hunter book July 14

phone on dash 14

beach 7.14


Gwen Kennedy July 14

H smile July 14

KK doughnut sign

KK doughnuts July 14

P beach chair July 14

Gwen Brad Beach July 14

Smith kids go cart July 14

“Therefore do not be anxious for tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself.” Matthew 6:34

What would it look like if you let today be today and enjoyed the beauty around you?

I love hearing from you. Leave a comment. Vet it out. Bless and encourage one another. Savor the beauty around you.



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  1. I was looking up verses yesterday because I have been very anxious about new job, kids starting school etc and this is the verse I had read and then to see it again today posted brought tears to my eyes, thanks for the message today. Enjoy yourself on your vacation

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