Breaking Up With Fake

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When a skilled jeweler places a diamond under a microscope, he is able to authenticate and determine its value based upon the color, cut, clarity and carat weight of the stone.

Flaws are visible in the testing, and any jeweler worth his salt can easily see the difference between a man-made cubic zirconia and a real diamond that’s been forged in pressure over time.

I like to think I can spot fake from a mile away too. It’s everywhere: the lashes, spray tans, hair color, boobs, eyebrows, puffy lips and high cheekbones. Beyond the substitute beauty efforts, there are a million other ways humanity serves up fake. Passing off that gossip as a prayer request. Praying from my lips, but not from my heart. Harboring anger and holding on to it like an invisible friend that I have every right to have.

God sees straight through fake.

Empty sacrifices are meaningless to Him.

Psalm 50 serves as a powerful reminder to me not to try to pass off a cubic-zirconia-faith to a flawless-diamond God. He leaves no room for insincere worship and makes it clear that He doesn’t want me going through the motions of religion in an effort to please or appease Him. He doesn’t want any part of fake faith. That’s not His way.

Holy echoes call out routine religion. If you’re really my daughter, act like it. Don’t bring me your fake faith and expect that I’m going to pretend along with you. It’s of no value to me. Be grateful. Really. Thank me for every good and perfect gift you have in life. It’s all from me. And be honest in worship. Do what you say you’re gonna do. Include me in your days. Talk with me about your troubles. Let me come along side of you. Recognize me as God and just watch: I’ll show up in powerful ways.

Yowsa! Tell me how you really feel, God.

He wants our honest attention. Our sincere faith.


The Mighty One, God, the Lord, speaks;
he summons the earth
from the rising of the sun to its setting.
From Zion, the perfection of beauty,
God appears in radiance.
Our God is coming; he will not be silent!
Devouring fire precedes him,
and a storm rages around him.
On high, he summons heaven and earth
in order to judge his people:
“Gather my faithful ones to me,
those who made a covenant with me by sacrifice.”
The heavens proclaim his righteousness,
for God is the Judge.

(Psalm 50:1-6, CSB)

The holy God of heaven doesn’t want any of us to treat Him lightly.

He deserves better.

He deserves our genuine thanksgiving, honor and trust.

He is faithful, merciful and kind.

Sacrifice a thank offering to God,
and pay your vows to the Most High.
15 Call on me in a day of trouble;
I will rescue you, and you will honor me.

(Psalm 50:14-15, CSB)

Time to break up with fake faith… because grace is free, but it didn’t come cheap.


Dear Lord,
You know my heart and my ways. Search me. Know me. Reveal any way in me that needs polishing or cut off in order for me to shine bright for You. Convict my heart when I’m less-than authentic. Lead me in Your grace and purity. Help me be a real reflection of the hope I have in You.
In Jesus’ Name, amen.



Be still. Know that He is God. Ask Him to show you any area of your attitude, perspective, behavior or focus that needs some polishing.

READ Romans 12:1-21. Consider what this can and should look like in your life. Leave a prayer of response on the wall of my blog.

Love you, friend!









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  1. Dear Lord, help me to follow Hebrews 12:1,2 & lay aside every weight & the sin that so easily besets me & run with patience the race set before me looking unto Jesus! Amen

  2. Thank you so much Gwen! Your word today really helped and encouraged me in my walk! Deep inside I want to be right in every way with God! Though, sometimes dealing with life; I feel sort of out-of-sorts, and sometimes get sidetracked, but hearing the truth from you about truly being real, was a God-send to me! I needed that deep truth sinking refreshment again! Thank you Gwen because I truely want to always do exactly what God wants me to do, and be with Him in every way! God bless you Gwen!!!

  3. Lord, thank you for your promises, your teaching and your loving rebuke of us when we go astray. I ask that you cleanse my heart of anything displeasing to You and replace it with Your pure, unbiased love. Guide me. Teach me and show me Your ways O’ Lord. In Jesus name, amen.

  4. Yes Lord, I want to be right with You in every way! Whatever is within me that should not be; please Lord take it out and please strengthen me! Lord, I want to be right, I want to be saved, I want to be in Everyway what You want me to be!!! In the Precious and Holy name of Christ Jesus! Amen.

  5. Thank you, Gwen for sharing this, I work on this everyday, not being fake, but asking god to search my heart and any thing that needs not to be there, clean house. Lead me in the path of everlasting, like David. This society is fake, people are fake , even in the church, and that’s sad. In a hostile culture, where Christians are persecuted for their belief. I’m working on, whatever i do, I do it to serve god, not men. Are we trying to please men, or please god. Even if it is the unpopular crowd. I want to be true. Thanks! Again! God bless!

  6. So relevant! Thank you for this reminder. With a churchy, legalistic upbringing, I have LOTS of experience going through the motions and being fake with God. He has used you through your devotions and especially the Psalm Adventure Bible study to bring this to the forefront for me and sweetly, gently deal with me about it….and I love Him so much for that! He knows exactly what we need!

  7. There is a pleasurable feeling of cleansing in me when I come clean to God with my true feelings. It’s like He was waiting for me to “see it”, confront “it” and often progressively, His correction brings complete healing. The truth really does set us free!

  8. Hi Gwen!
    This is a wonderful place from to spend time daily. I am recently separated from an emotionally abusive alcoholic man. I loved him deeply and believed I he would change every single time he said he would and even when he didn’t. He ended up shoving me down and I broke my elbow. This was my wake up call that I had to leave with our daughter. She did not deserve to grow up around this toxicity. God has been with me every step of the way. Although this is a tough journey I am on sites such as yours help me to stay focused on God and the many blessings he gives me every day. It helps me to pray for my ex and not curse him. It also helps me to remember that I am more valuable than to be mistreated. God delivered me and I will live every day for Him! Thank you!

  9. I pray God, that you remove or bring to light anything I need to surrender that is not true or authentic in my relationship with you.


  10. Hi Gwen, what perfect timing… Your email arrived this morning about getting rid of the fake. I have to say that I am 90% of a real person and I might have 10% of something not real and I’m working on changing that as I put that before God.

    I do have a prayer request. At my work the company is very diverse and a young man there who happens to be gay seem to like who I am and has attached himself to me as a friend. I feel like I’m doing my best as loving another as God wants us to, but I am at struggling with this friendship because he is very obstinate, disrespectful in his speech, arrogant, self-righteous, and a free spirit. During our friendship I have spoken of the Lord and he sees my faith and knows who I am as I tried to share God with him … But it doesn’t seem to be working and he’s really getting on my nerves. I’m not sure what to do. Do I stay as his work friends or do I pray to ask God to separate him from me.

  11. I love this writing! In my daily quest to be present … I can sometimes give less to the one who gives me everything!! I don’t want to he fake with Him, I love Him and am aware of all that He does for me, has done for me, and trust in His plans for me. God- my Father, help me to remain accountable to You for everything You have blessed me to steward over today; In Jesus name .. Amen.

  12. Please pray for my 42 year old son who is homeless and won’t try and help himself. Also I just went through 32 radiation treatments and 4 chemo I am trusting in god that I’m already healed. I’m tired a lot but I’m still good. In Jesus name amen

  13. Good morning Gwen!
    I just wanted to let you know that you have been such a blessing to me. I recently lost my husband to cancer (10/30/18). You have been a huge help to me during this time. Today’s message is a very timely one for me as I’m sure it is for others. Looking forward to tomorrow’s message! Thank you 🙂❤️

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