Delighting in God

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In C.S. Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia series, a young Edmund Pevensie is a fictional character who, at one point, almost traded his soul for a Turkish delight. He naïvely gave into cravings that ended up costing him, and his loved ones, way more than he anticipated.

Initially, the evil White Witch was shocked by Edmund’s presence in Narnia, but she quickly implemented a crafty plan to destroy him, and her plan of destruction began with temptation.

First, she pretended to care about him. Then, like the crafty serpent in Eden’s garden, she warmed him up by providing a sugar-coated death delight. And just like the first Adam and Eve, Edmund, Son of Adam, took the bait.

Similarly, our very-real enemy tries hard to get you and me to place our delight in things other than Jesus and His Word. Peter wrote about this to the believers of His day, “Be sober-minded, be alert. Your adversary the devil is prowling around like a roaring lion, looking for anyone he can devour. Resist Him, firm in the faith.” (1 Peter 5:8-9a, CSB)

Our enemy whispers toxic lies to churn discontentment and promises the things of this world will solve our problems, numb our pain and bring a sweet reward.

His mission is to get us to delight in and focus on anything other than the mission of Jesus.

You and I were created to be in relationship with God.

To live and love according to His ways and word. With all our hearts, minds, bodies and souls.

The psalmist embraced the tensions of this and celebrated God’s Word as a point of goodness in Psalm 119:143. “Trouble and distress have come upon me, but your commands are my delight.” And again, later in that same chapter, “I long for your salvation, O Lord, and your law is my delight.” (Psalm 119:174)

It’s sounds good and right when I read this, but I know all too well that it’s easy to feel restless and unsatisfied sometimes. Even as a Christian who loves Jesus.

I think most of us would say we want to delight in God’s commands and laws, but we wonder what that really looks like. How can this play out practically in the messy middle of our average, over-busy, complicated days?

I’m learning that God wants more than my good intentions, and He wants more than my attempts at good behavior.

He wants me to pursue Him as He pursues me.

He wants me to seek Him. To care about knowing Him more deeply. To connect with and worship Him.

In doing these things, I delight in Him.

Let’s be honest… while you and I may not have normal run ins with a freakish White Witch, there are tons of things that tempt us to find delight in other than Jesus.

But none are greater.

Dear Lord, You are my delight. Forgive me for turning to the left and the right when I should be turning straight to You. Teach me Your ways, Lord. Grow my love for Your Word and guard my heart from temptation. In Jesus’ name, amen.



What two directives did Peter give to believers in 1 Peter 5:8?

What would it look like for you to “be alert and be sober-minded” about the plans of the Tempter for your life today? Let’s go deeper together. Tell me about it in a direct message on Instagram or on my blog.

Love doing life with you!

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  1. Gwen,
    thank you for this devotion, yes it is from awhile ago. I keep going back and rereading girlfriends in God devotions. I needed this today.
    I have a new email address and would love to continue to get one from you once in awhile.

  2. 1 Peter 5:8 just shared with me that I need to be watchful for the temptations that come my way today. I need to focus my prayers asking God to keep my eyes open for temptations, so I can ask Him for help through prayer.

  3. Hi Gwen, I fight with some depression and worry way to much. I pray that I won’t be double minded in my prayers and faith.
    I do seek him daily for strength. I don’t want to be to the left or right… I want to be on the straight path.

  4. Good morning Gwen. No actual comments but a question. I really want to go deeper in Jesus but it’s hard for me to do so when I want to get quiet before the Lord but my brain won’t shut off so I can pray. OK I confess there is a question can you relate? Can’t wait to hear from you. Always remember that Jesus loves you and me too. May God richly bless you and your ministry and your family. ❤️🙂🙏

    1. Post

      Beth! You are my people. Best thing I’ve learned is to have a pen and journal in hand when I pray. I like to list out what I’m praying for and mark a check by it once it’s covered. Sometimes I write them out. I also keep my daily planner close so if a random thought or thing I need to do pops in my head I can jot it down instead of worrying about remembering it. Hope this helps!!

      With you all the way,

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