Finding God in the Dry of Your Drought

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The Old Testament prophet Elijah is a guy I can relate to.

God asked him to do and say some difficult things. He also got an all-access pass to the God-Is-Awesome show as he experienced epic miracles at the hand of the Almighty. Even so, at one point he became gripped by fear and tried to run away from his problems. He knew exhaustion and sank into a pit of depression that darkened his hope. He felt alone, yet was provided for when God sent angels to care for his every need. At times Elijah found God in grandiose shouts and flames, but also heard from Him in a humble whisper. And through all his highs and lows, he loved and served God.

Yes. I can relate to this guy. He’s my kind of people.

The story of Elijah begins in 1 King 17 when God sent the prophet to give a bold message to King Ahab, the reigning King of Israel who had been doing evil in the eyes of the Lord.

“Now Elijah the Tishbite, from Tishbe in Gilead, said to Ahab, ‘As the LORD, the God of Israel lives, whom I serve, there will be neither dew nor rain in the next few years except at my word.’” (1 Kings 17:1)

Then, at the prompting of the Lord, Elijah went into hiding – first in the Kerith Ravine.

At the ravine, just east of the Jordan, God miraculously made sure His prophet had water from a brook and food from ravens. How crazy is that? Birds brought dinner to the man every night.


Love it.

God is Jehovah Jireh, our Provider.

I think it’s important to point out here that even Elijah, God’s faithful servant and great prophet, had to endure the drought. He was provided for, but not kept from the strain and struggle just because he was living for God. Deep thirst, hard times, and hunger impacted Elijah’s days just like those of the rebellious Israelites. Just like yours and mine. Jesus spoke of this reality in Matthew 5:45 when He said that God “makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.”

Droughts and difficulties are a reality for all of us.

Turning again to the story, we see that back at the palace King Ahab was furious about the drought. So much so, that he searched high and low for Elijah. (1 Kings 18:10) But in spite of Ahab’s efforts, God kept Elijah hidden for about three years and used a drought to wring dry the rebellious nation of Israel in order to get their attention so they would turn back to Him.

After the brook dried up at the Kerith Ravine due to lack of rain, the Lord sent Elijah to the home of a God-fearing single mom… a widow in Zarephath of Sidon. Circumstances were bleak in the land. Crops had dried up and food was extremely scarce. Yet, in spite of the desperate times, God had a fresh and fruitful mission for Elijah.

The Lord didn’t simply want Elijah to survive the drought, He wanted him to serve and trust Him in the arid, arduous trenches of it. God used the drought to lead Elijah to new places of ministry – places that brought hope and life to others – places where he had to walk with fresh faith in the unfamiliar.

Holy Father, help me get this and expect this!

Elijah experienced provision, protection, intervention, and direction from God. Day after day, miracle after miracle, hard times came but the Lord was with him in and through it all. Just like He is for you and me.

As I consider this my mind scrolls through a few fingerprints of God’s faithfulness and provision in my own life…

  • He protected me back in high school when I wrecked my parent’s car.
  • He was with us when my son fractured his skull and broke his jaw in three places … then during the seven-hour reconstructive surgery, and the six-week wired-shut-healing.
  • He was our Provision year after year through the strains of job loss, job changes, health challenges, and cross-country moves.

God is faithful, faithful, faithful.

Are you or a loved one in a season of drought?

As you cry out to Jesus, expect to experience God’s grace, provision, and peace even in the times you face challenges that you were not wanting or expecting. And trust that when the dry of your drought is fierce, God is inviting you to serve and trust Him in the arid, arduous trenches of it.

You are not alone, friend.

Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.
(Hebrews 10:23)

Dear Lord,
Thank You for being my protector, my help, and my refuge.
When times are desperate, I know that I can trust You to provide the wisdom, provision, comfort, and grace I need to endure.

In Jesus’ name, amen.



Has God ever given you a fresh and fruitful mission in the middle of a drought? What did that look like? Would you have had the opportunity to impact others had it not been for the drought? Why or why not?

Feel like today’s devotion was written just for you? It was. God made sure you read it and I’d sure love to pray with you. Remember, my blog is not a monologue, it’s a dialog. Let’s talk about it. Tell me where this finds you today. Click here to join me on my blog wall for a time of prayer.

Blessings and Love,



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  1. Thank you Gwen. i will remember you for speaking this as if you were standing next to me in person My son Alijah will be 3yrs of age August 19 you have eased my heart of worries as i know things are beginning to be placed into the position that are predestine to be in. Thank you again for taking out your time to speak this art in your own way.

  2. Hi Gwen , may the God 🙏 of peace embrace you and keep you .you have bless my soul with such powerful word.
    Thank you my prayers are ever 🙏 with you.

  3. Truth God does all even when I don’t feel it or like life or anything. I just need to remember that and stay in the word. Thank you.

  4. Hi Gwen, you along with your team and the psalm study and today’s reading are a constant source of refreshment to me. With a daughter and son in law struggling in their relationship and hearing desperation in their cries for help, breaks my heart.
    Another daughter with her husband and three children needing to find new accommodation by the end of May.
    Our own home due to faulty workmanship at the time of build is showing signs of expensive repair work. In excess of $200,000.00.
    Fear, concern, heartache, stress are just some of the emotions I experience. It takes all my energy to try and stay focused on God’s love, protection and provision.
    Thank you for providing us with that reminder and being willing to share your experiences and God’s grace to you. Bless you.

  5. I read your messages Gwen and they are such a comfort to me. Five years now my husband passed. I still miss him. I am so lonely. I am quite involved in my church and Bible study and prayer. I love the Lord Jesus. I keep thinking I wasn’t made to happy here on Earth, but in Heaven. So the thought of another mate is such a “non-wish” for me. I have seen so many 2nd marriages go wrong, it’s scary. So I use to pray for a good “Christian man” but I just don’t anymore. I just want a close relationship with my Lord and Savior. It’s just I have “those days”. Thank God, He is faithful and always makes me to smile and have joy in Him. He supplies all my needs in Christ Jesus. Amen!

  6. Praise God! It wasn’t by accident that I stumbled on this page. I, was asked to speak on this Sunday and my Topic that I was given is “The Drought in your Life” I feel that as a Pastor’s Wife, I am going through a drought period! and this really help me to see that even in the drought, there is a reason and a purpose for the drought, and I can yet Praise him because it will not last forever! Thank You and God Bless

  7. I have gone through four jobless droughts within the last six and a half years totaling 4 years and 4 months (three by downsizing and the other was a short term projects). Finally, these droughts are taking a toll as I am unemployed, without a home (apartment complex is undergoing a 18-24 month renovation) thus our leases were ended early this month, and have a parent fighting cancer. Furthermore, I exhausted my savings doing these droughts supporting my only child and surviving parent. This drought left me homeless for two nights earlier this month and sleeping in homes of strangers through Airbnb as friends pay for shelter. I am paying the price by sacrificing and suffering in hopes of being obedient to God’s plan. I have experienced hundreds of rejections regarding job applications in IT an many other promising roles have been placed on hold and/or delayed. What many do not understand at times is that we pay such a high price for these droughts and delays, that God’s rewards are not necessarily full as we still must clean up, assess, and rebuild our lives caused by the damages of hardships with the rewards as the Lord does not always restore our losses due to our sufferings and sacrifices to his will. Thus, some of us may lose more than we will gain from the Lord…….

  8. As i go through my divorce, God has put women in my life to minster and help them through there divorce. Even though I’m still dealing with all the ugliness, my bond and lessons are increasing. I pray God continues to do his work in my husband, daughters and every person going through a divorce and trials. Thank you for all you do and say. Blessings

  9. Thanks Gwen for your words of encouragement and wisdom.
    Sometimes I get so discouraged and I really need to be reminded that God is all powerful and provides all I need.

  10. Thank you for fresh insights from God’s word! Change does not come easy, and my life is in a serious drought right now. My husband left 5 months ago and is currently trying to eject me from my home of 22 years. I had to stop working 2 years ago for health reasons so I have no income of my own. I know God’s got this. But some days it is overwhelming. My adult kids have been virtually supporting me, praise the Lord for them! Please pray for me, and for my husband. Thank you

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      I’m so sorry for the pain you’re going through, Debbi. Praying for you now. Press on in HIS power and grace, friend.


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  11. Thank you Gwen, I needed to be reminded of this fact that God is with me in the dry of my drought. Am sitting here, it’s the 1st of May, I haven’t paid rent, have my last R100.00 and have no one to help me. My car is almost repossessed and I need it for my work in order to get an income. No food, not enough gas before the next payday. Am going through my second divorce…. I’m still trusting God for a breakthrough…

  12. After 5 hours on the phone just trying to get tasks for medical stuff, worrying about my sons health, mine, and then just sprained my ankle. Going from working full time and grad school to dealing with Lyme, mold, mast cell, and everything that goes with all that. Needing to move over and over to find mold free housing, the financial strains, then getting pregnant (why would you allow that to happen when I was so sick already). Dealing with a horrific birth that set back my health all while dealing with a special needs child. The ignorance on these health issues by the medical community. Doctors who want to help but don’t take insurance. Grieving the loss of my career and what I thought life would look like. I have been in such a drought for so long that I find myself not even going to God because it feels like He must not care. Such little support from family and friends. So tired of fighting for Heath, with insurance. With family. I hey need God to show up in some way that helps to give me hope again.

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      Oh, Jessica. Thanks for sharing your heart. Such hard things. Let me pray for you now… Heavenly Father, You are compassionate, loving, kind and good. You are holy, just, faithful and generous. Yet there are times when our lives are so stricken with pain, frustration and challenge that we struggle to see and seek You. Please stir Jessica with a fresh dose of hope today. Allow her to feel and know Your strength in areas and times of weakness. Help her to remember the ways You’ve shown up in her life in the past so that those memories inform her present struggles that her GOD is mighty, able and faithful to meet her today. Maximize Your glory in her drought and open her eyes to the hurting around her who are in need of a word or deed that only she could speak or do as a result of this path she’s been on with You. Be her Comfort, her Friend, her Strong Tower… her Refuge. Restore and redeem what has been broken and taken from her according to Your perfect will. In Jesus’ name, amen.

  13. I feel like I am in a dry season. I am recovering from breast cancer . I had a mastectomy 3years ago. I feel as though life has no purpose anymore. I get so tired after a day of looking after my grandchildren on fridays. I feel I would love a part time job with lovely people to work for. I am 63 and sometimes wonder is this it. Is there more for me. I am of the old school and love filing and helping others. I am not computer lit. But find that at my age there isn’t much to choose from. I love off benefits. Would love to have a purpose in my life and I long to walk with the Lord more closely.

  14. I am at present…. all-over the place…..battling anxiety..trying to trust God…waiting for direction.I pray for all those who with this affliction of anxiety.

    1. I am praying for you now Julia. It seems I’m anxious all the time except when I’m sleeping! 🙂 I pray for God to give you strength and peace and I pray for everyone suffering from anxiety.

  15. Praying for each of you that are going through dark times and depression. I have been there and even though it feels like God is not there or listening He is. He is faithful and will see you through. Greater is she that is in you than he that is in the world. He is with you always.

  16. Hi Gwen, Thank you so much for this devotional. Lord Jesus, thank that you lead me to read it at a time I am being down and getting discouraged because of my situation. I am laid off from work 2 months ago and still looking for a job. Had some interviews but they require weekend work that I don’t like or accept. At this same time, there are lots of repairs to be done in the house, my husband had been sick in bed for more than a month now, my daughter a surgery (ectopic pregnancy) last week, and others. I don’t know if my situation is considered a drought but as I was reading the devotional, I am reminded of the many blessings of God and His faithfulness in my life and my family. The very fact that we still have food on the table every meal time, able to share or teach His word during bible studies, and pray for others who request to be prayed for are just a few of the many blessings and goodness of God for me. I may not have lots of money but God is faithful, He doesn’t leave nor forsake those who trust Him.
    thank you for the devotionals.

  17. Gwen, thank you for your devotional! The speak to me often. Still I feel hopeless, worthless, loneliness, depression, as I’ve struggled almost 2 years of severe challenges & losses. Lost marriage partner, lost job, lost home, health issues, work issues, broke my foot & now need surgery on my back. My battle with spiritual warfare is waning & almost to weary & broken to continue believing there’s a good return for being broke & living off family with family & moving from one to another so far to survive. At 61, & on my own 10 yrs, life has been hard but manageable until 11/2016! All fell apart at once & no resolve thus far. I’ve been a Christian 44 years & trying to be positive & good example to my grandkids, I’m dead on the inside & feel forsaken by God & a few others. I just don’t have the faith of a mustard seed hardly anymore. Why why why does a living God put us through such long pain & suffering is not the loving God I accepted long ago. The drought if fruitless in all aspects & ive never been left this long to suffer & stop hearing God speak to me! He’s always talked & walked me through the many valleys before but this time there’s zero nothing. Hurts real bad to point of thought of suicide at times. I’m to big a coward to do that tho & as a RN nurse & Christian, I know it’s wrong & only hurts the living. But depression meds not helping & insomnia is killing me. I turn 61 tomorrow & feel like praying for death over this pain. Satan does not give up or leave when pray & demand his doing so in Jesus name!
    Pray this brokenness comes to an end in glory to God I want to once again be His testimony of real ness & love, grace , etc upon us as children! Thank you Jesus in advance for your provision & revelation of plans for me & my life! Amen

    1. Hi Diana I want you to know that God although we can’t see him and he is not physically with us he cares. I don’t know how he is going to work this put for you but he will. I’m going through a Storm and it is not easy some days I truly feel like Giving Up but I can’t and although it is Hard ALL THINGS WILL WORK TOGETHER FOR THE GOOD IN YOUR LIFE. HOLD ON PRAY DON’T LOSE HOPE AND ONE DAY YOU WILL HAVE A PRAISE REPORT.

    2. Diana. I just posted above. I can so clearly hear your hurts, cries, etc. I very much feel the same way and I’m 38 🙁 just know im praying for you right now and that someone else understands.

  18. Dear God,
    I’m not sure about myself and how to make things Right. I’ve gone way to far out of my boundaries and need your Help. I’ve destroyed a Human Being with Hurt!! This was never my intention but things just fell into place and now it’s Destroyed!! I’m asking for all the Forgiveness I can get. My head hurts just like my heart. Please Help Me to be the Real Person I should be or rather who you’ve taught me to be. I LOVE you very much My Dear God!!

    1. Diana and Karen, I am praying for both of you and for everyone on this blog and for all of your families and for everyone on your prayer lists. The power of prayer is so immense – I don’t have the words. God loves you both and I love you.

  19. You’re exactly correct. This passage is for me. I’ve never even considered the situation that I’m experiencing at this present time as a drought. I’m in thehospital with pneumonia as I read this, and the messageages that I hear the Lord saying to me during all of this, is prayers that was prayed long ago unto God long ago, and to realize that it’s Him granting the requests that I had made unto Him come to frutation, maybe not in the way I would rather have choosen,His Will that Has been done in my life at this present time is highly received. I just wanna say Thank you Lord, knowing the Plans that you have for my life. To God be the Glory. I live Him Completely Yes, MY SOUL SAYS YES, YES TO HIS WILL, YES TO HIS WAY.

  20. While I was reading this devotional today I was thinking of all Gods blessings,even though we fail everyday his always faithful. I give “Thanks” to my Lord and Saviour for keeping my husband, my three beautiful
    daughters and my son safe.He is so good and his word is real!!! Please help me pray for my brother in law Raul Aviles for salvation. Thank you and God bless!!!☺

    1. In my life the hardest thing to be grateful for were the challenging days. The wrongs I felt. The hurt. It’s then to easy to forget to be thankful for those blessings. I. Mty life when I look back they were blessings

  21. Thank you for this inspiring message. As I have been encountering some challenges, especially a job loss, sickness etc so it is a great encouragement for me which reminds me of God’s faithfulness

  22. Wow. You were right. This message was for me. Thank you for reminding me that even in the midst of miracles, we can be drawn into the depths of fear and doubt. My husband and I just moved from the Southwest to the Northwest. But interestingly, the real desert is in the Seattle region, where many turn their backs on God. They worship nature and sports. I realized after reading this message that I had been quite comfortable where we had been living, and I had recently been longing to return. I am excited to see what God has in store for our lives as we seek to serve HIm by sharing the Word and living in a way that will draw others to His Cross. Amen.

  23. I just lost my cat precious almost a week ago. and trying to go on with my day but still feel feel emotional and crying. and also needed help at my Job as soneone begin my partner

  24. To know God is to trust him. We trust him because we know that he can do all things but fail. We need not question or doubt or be like the Isralites who while in the wilderness questioned the Father. They did not obtain the promise because of their unbelief. I have seen many dark days but i have also seen the Father bringvlight because I trust him. The walk is not a sight walk but faith. Be encouraged those of you that are going through; believe and trust and surely you will see the manifestations of the Father in the land of the living.

  25. I need your prayers. I am in a serious drought. I’m struggling with depression,health issues and difficult changes and severe work issues. I’ve been a Christian for 44 yrs and in these past two years I have gotten so lost in a pit of brokenness. I read your articles all the time and they always seem to pull me out of the quick sand just when I’m going under. This article is my favorite so far. Please pray that God will help me even though I am a hot mess. Thank you for your words that God gives you they truly keep me alive.

  26. I really enjoy your teachings. I feel like I’m in a drought now. I need a complete healing now, it’s been six weeks since I had a knee replacement and I am at a standstill and not getting better it seems. Still lots of pain and stiffness. I pray for God’s mercy and healing every day but it’s so hard waiting. Please pray for me also.

  27. I have been going through alot this passed two years. Health challenges in my family and too much to carry for myself. But God has been soooo faithfull to me through all this time. Thank you for today’s message. I am so grateful

  28. Gwen,
    Thank you so much for your beautiful post of encouragement. This was exactly what we needed to hear today. God bless! 🙏

  29. I needed this. I just need prayer for God’s direction and faith and strength for whatever the next steps in a couple situations may be.

  30. Need prayer for my self . Even tho I really need to fined my footing in God’s love . I’ve lost my self . But God has always helped me. He has always provided for me and my children. I’ve see his grace in finding a job . Then another . Then an apartment. I’m in a bit of a drought . I ask for prayers to help me follow and understand what God wants me to do in this time. For courage to do his will.

  31. I’m in a time of drought today and it’s very hard when you are alone and people talk about you wishing the worst, not even my first one and I feel I cannot longer carry this burden, anyway God help us all.

  32. Thank you, Gwen. The timing of this is perfect. I was just praying to God last week about this….thanking Him because He has always been faithful to me and has always provided for me. And once again I am needing provision in my life and hoping He will come through somehow and fill my needs. Thank you for this “nudge” to remind me that He always provides for His children, even when they have a drought in their lives!

  33. We have been in a period of drought for minute now. The enemy is speaking all kinds of negativity to me and my husband, but we talked and agreed to trust God. I keep looking for the lesson, the test, because I am determined to pass it. The devotional today was right on time, because even Elijah had to endure the struggle and the test, but again it showed that time and time again, God is faithful if we only trust and believe. Thanks as always Gwen for allowing God to use you and to deliver an “on-time” message.

  34. Thank God and thank you for this message. I have been finding it difficult to come out of my thoughts that makes me cry, today was even worst, because of what I’m going throug in my family. Lord I thank you for your provisions.
    I’m so blessed and relieved this is an sign that God is with me.
    Thank you Jesus.

  35. Dear Christ,
    There are so many ways I need your healing to touch my life. I’m thankful that you get me through each day. I have been ill since a teenager and now nearly 30. Please, Lord give me the kind of miraculous healing that brings others to you and advances your kingdom! May you help me make wise choices for treatment so I can be a vibrant life for Your gospel!
    Please, also Lord bring peace to my family who have hurting souls. They need You in their lives. Help me lead them to You!
    In Jesus Name,

    “1 Hear my cry, O God; attend to my prayer.” Psalm 61:1 (NKJV)

  36. I need prayers for me and my family. We been going through it. I fail sick 2 yrs ago and have sold everything to pays bills and now on the verge of getting evicted and losing my car. I got spine issues, applied for ssi and still waiting on answer. My husband just complains and wants to drink beer bc he gets ssi and I have 2 children at who r acting out bc of all the moving, so plz pray for us and thank u for all your prayers

  37. Thank you. Lord knows I needed this reading through tears of joy thanking God for his help and encouragement hope peace. I have been going through for ten years ups and downs but God kept me running this race. I read in another devotional “enjoy your journey God is with you will never leave you.” i have experience.seperation lost of income almost homeless death loneliness sickness but God brought me and still bringing me through it all! I see the light. I have a family member living with me now who was about to be homeless. I read when David was on the run from. king Saul David found strenght in the LORD his God. 1 Samuel 30:2-6. Finding God in the Dry of your Drought. I see Him here! Hold on everybody hold on!!

  38. Thank you, I would like prayer for my family is going through a drought. Relationships are strained, relocation for my son and his family, job for my sister, the sale of a house for my young son and his family and construction of a new home., health issues for my brother and his wife and loss of our mother. Thank you advance for your prayers.

  39. What a blessing you girls are! We have a group of Christian women from all different Churches,its a continuation group from another group both groups we are all One In Christ we all care ,love & support each other we meet at my house once a month to learn Gods word & fellowship together…On our group page one of the girls post your devotionals..& I have bought some of your books..Thank you for taking big steps for the Kingdom of God…in the process of getting Your book ..what a blessing you all are to us 💖

  40. I request prayer for my son, Terry Calhoon. He is 48, has not worked for almost 3 yrs & has lost most of his belongings, including his house. He has had 3 operations on his back & still has pain. I am proud of him because he got himself off of opoids prescribed by the doctors, but takes other medicines, which affect his life. He goes the first week of May for an implant which gives electric impulses to his muscles. I pray that this works, as he fights depression & pain all the time. He is a Christian, but is discouraged & does not attend church at this time. God Bless You for your prayers!!

  41. Prayer for a very difficult work situation. Prayer for a better job to come my way. Prayer for forgiveness for my anger & feelings of disappointment in you God for being here so long. Prayer to heal from this & move on. Prayer for a home of my own so I can have a social life again.

  42. Hi Gwen I really received a clear understanding now as l go through my desert time that God is faithful and yes I can attest he is a provider in our time of need but there are times I feel alone and going through isn’t easy I just recently had my job taken from me and my bank almost empty but I trust God and want to thank you for the encouragement his word is what is keeping me and the prayer of the righteous do availaith much looking forward to reading your blog daily 🌦️you brought me sun on a cloudy day I am not on any particular web site as of now I only use the basics my E-mail

  43. Please pray for my son. He is nearly 20 and he has been smoking marijuana. I pray daily for him that he will stop. I am terribly worried. All the time.

  44. Please pray for me..i have had a hard year and half trying to get thru some hard things and health issues and still struggling with totally trusting God and knowing He is taking care of me and leading me where I need to be and has me on right stuff for my heath etc. I am always plagued with anxiety about it all and not letting go and trusting him..its been such a long long road that I just feel frustrated and don’t understand but everyone say the anxiety will go and I will feel better if I let go give all to Him and trust and I so want to..please pray for me to finally get to this place

  45. I’m going through a divorce after 24 years of marriage. As we are coming to a close, the sneakiness, and wanting to see me suffer seems to be the main focus. Through this very difficult time, God has allowed me to help other women in so many ways. I’m focused more on his word than my circumstances. It’s a battle daily, but his faithfulness moves mountains. Today’s devotion reminded me that he is “Faithful God” God Bless you
    Deuteronomy 32:4

  46. Thks again for the devotional.
    Prayers please for health,EACH day God gets me thru, He is truly amazing. Autoimmune disease has New surprises each day but the disease doesn’t know our God……He always puts something for me to read to let me know that He is still with me, in good times n in those not so good times.
    Feeling overwhelmed now just thk you for all you do.
    Love your sister in Christ

  47. Yes thk You God for reminding me that You are here with me in the storm.
    Thks you Girlfriends from God
    For this devotional, it really hit the spot for me. I love reading you each day. Thk you for sharing God’s love with me.
    God bless you all💖💖💖💖

  48. I could use prayer. I’ve been sick with headaches everyday for 15 months. I pray for healing everyday but god is remaining silent. Please pray for me.

    1. Post
  49. The hardest thing I’ve ever gone through is losing both my boys! One to suicide 5 years ago and one recently to negligence if a hospital staff! We had just list our home and all our belongings a few months before losing my last son…The pain is So deep and my heart breaks daily! Please pray for my family and I…Mary Bryan

    1. Post
    2. I am so sorry, Mary. That is heartbreaking. I will pray for you right now, that God will comfort you as only He can. ❤️

  50. Just for me today!!!!! Crazy life in the 2 years and I just sometimes can’t believe the Lord keeps allowing all of this and not answering my prayers the way of like Him too. 😉 (-:
    My husband of 36 years decided he didn’t want to be married anymore. We had th most precious close wonderful family. I still do but it’s been modified and changed because of the shock and hurt. However……the Lord is good. HE chose to let him leave. Nothing I could do or say or anyone else could do or say would change his mind. That was a terrible year and a half. The. My father passed away. They my house sold and I moved (live where I live now….but it was a huge process). During all that our daughter had 2 miscarriages. Then this fall she got pregnant and this week those precious twin girls were born at 25 weeks. We now have another long arduous process to walk through. Thank goodness we know the Lord….but….it is still very difficult!!!!! And I keep asking TJ Lord….when is this going to end. Today’s devotional was just for me. Thank you

  51. Thank you for this devotional and this scripture! Yes, spot on and perfect timing. I am a single mom and trying to buy a home for my girls. I believe it will help heal and bring some unity and peace. I have had some financial hiccups but I am praying and trusting God and doing everything I know to do to stay in His will. It’s a long story but amazing how I even got to this point but I am supposed to closed on the house on the 30th and my down payment fell through this past Friday. I was bummed but quickly came back to the realization that God is in control and ultimately it is him I want to be glorified in all of this. I’m in awe daily at his love, faithfulness, and grace, and I know he has this situation in the palm of his hands like he does everything else. Please pray for God’s will and that he would be glorified by showing up in a mighty way that only he could do. Thank you again for this scripture and devotional. I have heard or read something along these lines every day for about 2 weeks now and every day it gives me hope and reassurance to not throw in the towel but to keep holding onto hope that God can do things I would never dream possible.

  52. Please pray for me. I’m 47 and doctors have diagnosed me with ankolysing spondylitis which is basically arthritis in my spine and it’s caused my lower spine to fuse and ligaments around my spine to calcify. I also have kyphosis in my shoulder—basically look like the hunchback of Notre Dame. The Lord is going to heal me because it’s been prophesied but I’m hurting pretty bad. I also have diabetes and doctor says neuropathy in my feet/legs. My daughter has plantar fasciitis in her right foot and has numbness in it also. She is special needs and has a lot of emotional problems and right now she’s going through a difficult time with her biological(we adopted her) brothers because they want nothing to do with her. It hurts her so much and nothing we say helps. Please also pray for my husband and I. Thanks so much.

    1. Post
  53. Pleas pray for my husband & I as our home was flooded 7 mo ths ago. We are hitting a wall with repairs due to hidden structural issues. Travelling to pick up elderly parents to care for them & need God’s strength & grace. Stressors mounting relationally, financially & emotionally. Coming against spirits of anxiety, depression & feelings of self-doubt, worry & insecurity in the Name of Jesus. God is my refuge & my strength. A very present help in times of trouble! Need direction, guidance, hope & a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
    Youngest child starting his business. Prayers for Grace & Blessi gs. Thank you for this devo, Gwen!

    1. Post

      Totally get what it’s like to have your house wrecked! Just back in mine following a fire. Praying now, Deb.



  55. God knows exactly where you are and what you need. I’m glad He prompted me to read this email now cause that’s what I needed. I’m so grateful and thankful that God lead me to this. To God be the glory. I thank you for letting God use you to bring comfort to women out there.
    May He bless you and your loved ones richly.

    In God we trust Anne Marie

    1. Post
  56. Elijah had to live through the drought even though he was walking with God. Sure, God provided food MIRACULOUSLY every day for him, but the drought still affected everything around him. Recognizing this encouraged me beyond belief as I watch consequences of actions not my own affect friends, co-workers, and myself. It’s an opportunity to lean in and watch God show himself faithful. Praying for those who read the blog today – that they would see where God is showing himself faithful in the midst of the desert. May we stay in step with Him and not need the drought to remind us of who He is, like the Israelites in Elijah’s time.

    1. Post
  57. Thank you Gwen!

    Please pray for my four girls. My wife Melissa, my daughters Mandie 24, Courtney 21, and Lexxy 19.

    They are alienated from me. Melissa is a nurse. She lost two jobs because of taking drugs from work. She had a midlife crisis and affair, filed for divorce, and has my girls convinced I am a monster.

    They know differently, but they risk her cutting them off if they even speak to me.

    I am the son of a preacher. I let my girls grow up out of church and unsaved.

    I love them all more than myself.

    I have complete faith in God.

    Melissa like has a narcissistic personality disorder, and a new boyfriend.

    My darkest season.

    I however know that what the Lord can do all things.

    With God, nothing is impossible.

    I have written one letter to Melissa,
    and stay in constant contact with mt daughters. They do not respond, but I will never give up on them.

    Do not ever give up!

    All my love and appreciation!



  58. We are in the middle of a drought we did not see coming. My husband & I thought he was with the company he would retire from. However, when the Pres retired & the VP stepped up, we soon knew something was going terribly wrong from what my husband had been promised when this company recruited him. My husband was laid off in January and is still not working in his previous industry. We have reason to believe the previous employer is the cause of him not getting hired. However, during this time, God has opened his eyes to a new career direction! Unfortunately he will not be able to start working till July 1. We had enough money to live for 90 days. Now we are living solely on God’s provisions. It’s scary! It’s tiring! It’s hard not to have any control! However, it is happening! Am I enjoying this drought??? NO! Is God providing? YES!!! I don’t know how to explain it……… just have to experience it!

  59. Praying for my son …. his little family is splitting because his wife has found another …. but he is finding God again…. and praying for RAIN….. because we do have a literal drought and the Maker of the Rain will again bring us rain ….. and for ALL of my children and grandchildren to find fellowship and joy in serving their Father God !!! I love “GIRLFRIENDS IN GOD” … is often Gods text to me for the day…..

    1. Post

      Lord, You know the needs of Trish, her son and her entire family. Please meet them in the midst of all they are going through. Whisper tenderly. Lead with clarity. Help her to sense Your presence, trust Your hand and love well. In Jesus’s name, amen.


  60. Awesome devotional!! Just what I needed!! Please pray for me as I go through some very difficult business decisions! I feel like the Lord has spoken to me today about the drought I’m in!

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  61. Wow, this is SO Good! This is exactly where God has me this season. He keeps showing me that even though it is not comfortable or easy, He is there and His provision and love are the same as they have always been. He did just give me a new mission that I absolutely Love and am so grateful for. We all desperately seek to have purpose and when I can use my gifts/talents for the Lord, it brings so much joy and hope! Thank you for this!

  62. Thank You for this devotional today. A wonderful reminder of God’s care. Our family has been hit with major financial challenges this month. I do not know the road ahead, but I know God is faithful.

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  63. I have been suffering with severe degenerative arthritis in my right hip for over 10 months, I’m overweight although I’ve lost 50 lbs at the direction of my surgeon (who by the way as lied to me twice) about reaching my goals. Now I’ve run out of time off from work and disability money, so I must return to work the 1st week in June to keep my job. And was told in order to have the surgery lose another 40lbs. Which I agree is necessary, but can’t help feeling betrayed by the surgeon. I also have peace that maybe God want to heal me instead of the surgeon, I’m walking in faith and trusting God the best I can right at the moment, I know all HIS promises are true I’m just very weak in spirit and broken right now

    1. Post

      So sorry, Stephanie. One thing you CAN do is move forward and keep trusting God. Even when people disappoint us, God remains faithful. Be vigorous in pursuit of your health! God redeems and restores brokenness to lead us to wellness. Lean on HIS strength when frustration sets in. And don’t forget to worship!!! It lifts a soul and sets you heart on the ONE who makes all things new.

      Blessings in Christ,

  64. This devotion was for me today.cause I am praying for my sons to be in church with me,and that they get to know our lord.and for me to be stronger in my walk with yes I needed to read this devotional today.i have been reading so much different material trying to get the meat and potatoes. I am so hungry for gods words.and I alot I can’t understand.that is why I am turning to please pray for me to learn more about the scriptures.thanks and god bless you.
    Sincerely, Faye pearson

  65. I have been going through a drought for passed few months. I’ve lost alot and my strength gets weaker everyday a new challenge comes my way. Soon as I get hope and try to keep my faith strong something else attacks me or I fall back down 2 depts deeper. Im so lost and feel so alone and dont know what to do at times. Im a homeless mother with 2 little girls to look after and tired of letting them see my tears of hear the worry in my voice. If this is my test Lord I’ ve learned and just need help.

    1. Nicole,
      I pray for you and your children that God will give you the strength to keep moving forward. Speak words out loud over your situation in the name of Jesus. Dear God, I pray for this mother and her children that you will give them refuge and peace during this drought. Give them shelter and a hope for a future. It says in words that you will give rest to the weary. Please provide abundantly for this family!
      In the name of Jesus

  66. I had arthroscopic surgery on my left knee in March 2017. As a result I have nerve damage in that leg with pain that I’ve tried to manage. I also have a right hip that without warning will feel like it dislocates. I will have severe pain and fall, 2 falls of which have resulted in other injuries. The last fall about a month ago caused me to fall backwards and hit my head. Hitting my head scared me into finally contacting Mayo for an appointment. I also reinjured my left knee in this fall and am having problems with mobility and dealing with additional pain that has very much interrupted my sleep. I lost my husband in November 2017 so am still trying to deal with being alone. I don’t feel abandoned by God, but I’m having a terrible time praying, not my will but Thine. I feel I am a terrible example of a believer to anyone watching me. I really would appreciate prayer.

  67. My God is Sovereign! He led me directly to this devotion this morning for He knew exactly what I needed. Thank you for sharing what God had laid on your heart. It is so important to God that we walk in tandem with Him; because of your obedience, I can say that I have a renewed mind and a fresh view of the hope God has promised us(Heb 10:23). May God continued blessings be upon you today and forever. Amen!

  68. My husband and I are definitely in a drought in our business. We need a financial breakthrough. I’m trying to stay positive and have faith to believe that God’s promises are true and this is a process He is bringing us through..

  69. Thank you for this! My husband of 18 years left me and my children, provides no support, is in a relationship even though we are still married and lives is a beautiful home. He is now going after my retirement in the divorce even though I supported him through so many years of unemployment, bad financial decisions and hard times. It’s almost unbelievable how someone you trusted so much can be so hurtful but my faith is in God and I know He will see me through.


  71. Today I trusted God and He came through for me, Him alone is faithful, faithful faithful. Am encouraged to work on my faith more and more and to trust Him more when things go wrong.
    Am never alone, this spoke to me my friend am gonna save the massge for later. God bless you friend.

  72. Please pray for my daughter Shannon Brown. I live in Mississippi and she lives in Canada. She moved up there to be with a Canadian she met here. They married had a daughter and bought a beautiful house. She has another daughter from a previous relationship. He later cheated on her and they separated. She has moved to Ottawa now. Her children are 13 and 10. She doesn’t have a job but depends on child support and government payments. Depression runs in my family. Her father committed suicide when she was only 5. He had bipolar disorder. Her brother also has it. She suffers from severe depression, anxiety and she feels so helpless. She always has financial problems. I help her the best that I can. I am a retired school teacher and draw social security. But I was working as a cashier to have extra money to send her. The store I was working for closed and now I don’t have extra money to send her. I am 65 years old. My husband recently started back to church. And my life is great. I love being retired and having extra time to do the things that I want. But my heart grieves for my daughter. Her phone has been disconnected. So she goes to the Starbucks near her to use their WiFi. The last message that I got from her was Friday. She said she was not doing good. She won’t call or message me. Please pray for her. She is not saved. She says she doesn’t even believe in God. Please just lift her up for me. Thank you so much!!!

  73. I love your email and devotionals. and yes this one is vary near to my heart. I feel like I’m in a drout quite a bit. but when I read of others that feel the same way, it helps to hear how they have gotten through it all. the Lord gave my mom back to us as she suffered a fatal illness just before Christmas. and I am so vary thankful to have her back. I do suffer with panic
    anxciety and depression. beeing blind does cause depression, so it is important to keep busy in the Lord and physically.
    and lots of good fellowship. yes I do feel like Elijah at times.

  74. My job is not a fit for me and I want to know where to go next. Finances block my husband from being open to me taking a step down in any way. I want to do what God wants but am struggling with believing He is working even when I can’t see it. At the same time, this job I am in takes a toll on my self esteem. I know in my head I am a daughter of the King, but because of an unhealthy relationship with my earthly dad, my heart rejects it unless I consciously choose to believe it. Satan has been successful in keeping me distracted from this. Thank you for praying for me.

  75. My faith has not been strong through this drought of spiritual and physical health. The illneses had enough challenges until the medications made it worse. I’ve doubted and feared my survival and believed in my failure. Job loss, illness and loneliness would be my future.

    I don’t know why I am living like this but this devotional has helped me find hope. Pray for me my fellow girlfriends in God.

  76. Thank you for this and yes I believe this was for me. I was fired from my job and I’ve been putting in applications. I do believe in God and I want his will I’m almost out of money. I feel like I may need to go to the homeless shelter. I’m praying God will lead me to the job where he wants me. I’m trying so hard not to get down please pray for me thank you.

  77. I came to know Christ at a early age. Sometimes I think that because of my age at that time I got baptized because I felt it was the right thing to do but even felt more strongly that I did it because my grandparents and mom would be proud of me. As I grew and became a adult I continue attending church not really feeling what I thought I should feel or feel like if I were truly a child of God.
    But more to the point of today’s lesson, I know without a doubt that I have been cared for , protected, and provided for by God. My drought came in 2001. I was a stay at home mom with a husband who cheated more than once . I give my ex husband his due credit. While together my girls nor myself ever wanted for anything. After the divorce things got rough but God provided me with several “rams in the bushes ” until I found work. I’ve never been truly down and out. God has always been their with me. In 2015 I lost almost everything in a flood. But the important things were saved.. At that time I had taken in my granddaughter who was 22 expecting a child. She had no means of support. She had given birth to a beautiful little girl 4 months before the flood. My daughter and grandson were spending time with us. When the flood waters came that were more than waist high, God saw fit to save us all The flood took all that it could in the rushing waters and destroyed that which it could not rendering it unusable. My car was completely submerged under water. We had to be rescued by boat. Again there were ” rams in the bushes ” there to help. In 2016 my daughter’s friend helped me by basically giving me a $4,000 car for $500. Their is more. I could say here but I’m sure you get the picture. I KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT THAT GOD WALKS BESIDE ME. I know he watches over me and provides and protects me.

  78. Thank you for this. I was asked by The Lord to step out in faith in a year and some months into this journey. He has provided even in times of drought and being in the ravine! This morning I needed a reminder. Thanks

    Rep. Barry Moore

  79. It seems throughout history Gods people have seen drought and restoration. He is sovereign and keeps all’s His promises.
    The Lord is with us wherever we go ! As I approach coming 60 this year this devotion touched me this am.
    I started reading GIG when I was living in N C several years ago. Many of my bible study friends we call “glow girls “have been as well.
    Gods word ,and wonderful men and women that share their lives have encouraged me through my walk on both mountain tops and droughts. It’s those drought times,when I first experienced a grateful heart for manna! Just in my married life (going on 39 years to my high school sweetheart,)we have moved 19 times ,not including my moves as a navy brat!
    During the last 2009 or so when many were struggling economically ,my husband lost his job and in midlife at that time and not many hiring for electronic sales ,he decided to get out of the industry and worked with our son in carpentry. After 3 years ,he decided to try and get back in corporate America ,not an easy task when you aren’t already there to get calls from headhunters. Yet with God “all things are possible….we prayed … wherever Lord ,!we surrender ,you know we have 3 grown kids and 6 grandkids we would have to leave ,but we trust you and know you have our best interest. Well …I never thought Pennsylvania is where I would ever live,yet the Lord has blessed us here for 3 years and delighted us with the pretty new scenery and a church family that are mostly my children’s ages to love on ! Now I won’t say it’s all been easy and that fear doesn’t set in at how long will this company stand ? Yet as a beautiful song “He Knows” reminds me that He has ours backs. Jesus is a good shepherd ,He goes before us. We are living simply ,enjoying what He has for us at this season,and trusting in His perfect timing on our next assignment. Of course our plans would be to just retire here and move back to Nc near our kids,yet I know His plans are much more life giving ,so as we feel a little stirring and feel uncertain about the future of this company,we serve a certain God ,who really does move mountains !
    I want to encourage all the people that have shared their droughts,to keep their eyes on the One who knows EVERYTHiNG ! Is all knowing all powerful and ever present.
    We are not alone y’all !

  80. Yes, that prayer was for me I have been yoked with a unyoke person for 14 years stuck with a person whose season has come and pass. I have to tell him in no longer in love with and we should go our separate way so I can start my new beginning, please pray for me

  81. Wow! What I find comforting is that God never leaves us even in a drought situation. He still makes a way out of no way! I serve others thru ministry work but have come to realize I am in somewhat of a drought in just being alone with God. Oh I trust Him and do love Him and I know my Father loves me. A nickname given to me is Mary Martha. I love to praise Him! Sometimes I get too busy working. I want & need to sit at His feet alone for true worship! Father thank you that you don’t & haven’t given up on me.

    Thank you for today’s devotional message. I can come out of a drought! Father, thank you for your tender mercies that are new every morning! Thank you. Thank you!

  82. Thank you so much for this reading of devotion this morning as I was looking for my devotion for today it is so true how God plans are day and has the Holy Spirit show us what to read it was very touching especially for today that I need this for myself as I am out of work and going to school and need prayer and also for my son his name is Marcus who’s looking for a place to live and has a drinking problem this was so enlightening thank you God bless.

  83. It Truly is a Blessing that I look upon God to help me when I’m in a Drought! My Faith I have for God is like a flowing River =). God has not let me down and I Love Him very much!!

  84. Good Morning Gwen,
    Thank you for this mornings devotion. I feel like I’m in and have been in a dfrought for sometime now. My husband is a minister, I picked him up from a drug and alcohol rehab facility again this past Friday. He has so many issues, anger, unforgiveness and this is all hard to deal with along with my own mess. So I continue to pray and wait on the Lord. I know He’s faithful, I know He’s with me, sometimes it just hurts so very much trying to go on in the midst of addiction.

  85. I woke up tired this morning. As before I felt like giving up. I’ve been thru alot these past 2 years. I know God has not forgot about me. Thank you Lord for my blessings. I keep replaying this in my mind. These words keep following me in all I read.. For l know the plans I have for you declares the Lord…(Jeremiah 29:11). Im holding on to the promises of the Lord. Thank you Lord for sustaining me and keeping me.

  86. I am going through bankruptcy and am about to lose my house. Surprisingly , I am no longer terrified and I believe that God is handling everything for me.
    Some days are better than others . He has brought me this far and there is no way He is going to leave me to fend for myself at this difficult. He never has.
    My kids and I depend on Him. I continue to pray for strength to get us through this valley. I pray that He takes control of my life, my trials and my Faith in Him. I pray that He blesses us abundantly .
    I never want to live another absence without Him.
    In Jesus Name I pray . 🙏🏾

  87. I really enjoyed today’s topic “Finding God in the Dry of your Drought” and would just like prayer for God’s guidance! Thank you!

  88. Gwen,
    I read these emails from Girlfriends in God every morning and what a wonderful way to start my day. I then copy them and post to my Facebook page. I have encouraged many to sign up because I have been so moved as I hope they will be. Thank you to all of you who make my morning start walking with God and our savior Jesus Christ.

    1. Oh! Please let this be a safe place where we can count on our friends not to share our troubles with the world on Facebook. I had hoped to share among girlfriends here, but I would never want my words copied. Thank you! In His Love, Leah

  89. Thank you for including me in your email list, as a subscriber for approximately six months. I always glean insight thoughts. My husband, Roger, and I are small business owners. We are in a drought. We have the desire to down size and redirect our business. Please pray that a significant amount of our real estate would sell for a fair price. Pray for two of our daughters, Amanda and Amy, and their families to know and honor Jesus as their Savior and redemer. We have been in a hard two year desert. God has been faithful through it. We need a break and fir things to change. Thank you so much. Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

  90. Please do not put my last name on my comments if possible, or just use my last name, your choice but please leave one or the other off.
    Thank you!

    1. Post
  91. Good morning and thank you. This reminds me so much of so many times God has brought me through draught and provided for me. I am so grateful and so humbled. I read these devotionals every day and they are food for my soul. These days life is lonely and I pray to hold fast in the Lord and wait on Him to bring me like minded people. I long for a church family and for a husband. It’s been several years now and the temptation to settle for a non believer seems to always be peeking around the corner. I’m so weighted down with my work and caring for my elderly parents alone. I so often long for someone to lean on. Thank you for these devotionals that remind me to lean on our Abba.

  92. Your message was a much needed one as I am going through a rough season.
    I relocated after losing my father suddenly last July, to be closer to my mother as she has been wirh bad health issues as well, she lives with my sister & her spouse, but wanted to be closer to help.
    I prayed hard on this relocation and when I received a job offer less than 40 minutes away, and an affiliate branch of my home church was rightvaround the corner, well I took that as divine intervention and my answer that relocating was the right choice.
    Things were going good until a month ago and all ofvthat changed first my identity was stolen, then my bank account was hacked and emptied and if it could not ger any worse the physician I worked for held a meeting telling the employees that he is closing the practice in a week and there was no severence pay.
    I am here with no job, still fighting to fix my stolen identity because the world does not see you as a victim or so it feels because I have to prove my innocence plus my bank accoint was emptied and that is taking forever it seems to get resolved and that is me the victim having to prove I was not in Europe or California where the expenditures were done.
    With that being said I am penniless, have no healthcare, car blew up and mechanic says it can be fixed but as it is very old it will cost way more than it is worth and as for health insurance I cannot afford Cobra as the option given to me, my rent for May cannot be paid, & soon nor my cell, not being able to get my prescriptions are also to be a problem.
    Yet I still am praising and thanking the Lord for allowing me to get up everyday, read my devotional & I after I pray for everyone else, ny church, this world my last prayer daily is for employment or God to speak to me and point my path whete he needs me take in his life plan for me.
    Do I cry and feel so down that I feel I cannot see the light in this dark season I am going through?
    You bet, I have been so overwhelmed and stressed that I couldn’t sleep, lost the desire to even get up or go to another interview, I am no “spring chicken” at 55 even though I am told I look in my late 30’s & 40’s, well some places want a much younger employee even though. my proven experience and skill set draw them to me no job so far.
    Reading this today, helped me to shake off my gloom I felt upon awakening so I wanted to share my story and thank you for sharing it, because it touched me in my darkness it definitely is touching someone else perhaps worse off than myself or even the lost soul who just needs Jesus in their life.
    As for me I remain prayerful as that is one thing I do have that will not be touched in my life.

  93. This morning I am taking my 25 year old daughter to the doctor to find out if she has cancer. It is precancer and we are hoping that it doesn’t change except to be treated and disappear. I am leaning on the Lord and have mixed feelings of fear, yet peace that He will hold her in the palm of his hand and provide comfort and healing. It’s hard not to be scared even though I am trying really hard to turn this completely over to God.

    1. This devotional was so timely. I have just learned that I have breast cancer at the age of 82. I am such a healthy, active person that it really threw me. I will learn more this week of the severity and treatment. Waiting is difficult. Yet, I am little by little beginning to know that God will provide for me in this time of drought and am having more peace. My husband of 62 years passed away in February, so this is a difficult time. I am turning this all over to God.

  94. Thank you for this message today! I truly believe this was meant for me. We are in the middle of a drought as we may lose our home May 10 as the bank seems determined to take it, even tho we’ve worked to get a modification with them. I am staying strong and in faith! I know my Great Father is more powerful than anything and I know He is with us either way it goes, He will see us thru it. I dont see how we could possibly move with 3 kids and a LOT of animals and our finances, but I know God is with us and I am casting out the fear and anxiety the enemy is trying to make dwell in me. I feel an amazing calm most of the time which I know is my Lord and Savior but I need to stay in that faith especially when Satan tries to let the negative thoughts creep in. OUR GOD HAS THIS TOO! As He has gotten us thru SO MANY other trials! Praise Jesus . God Bless you and Thank you for your messages With Love, Jamie Stricker

  95. Good morning! So many times I dont even know what to pray. There is so much going on in my life right now that often all I can say is “thank you, Lord” or “Jesus, I need you…they need you”. I’m comforted because I know He understands those simple prayers, but would you please say an unspoken prayer for me? I would greatly appreciate it. There are many days as of late I find myself rebuking satan in Jesus name repeatedly…sometimes all day. Thank you for your faithfulness in bridging the gap between us and the King. You are a blessing!

  96. Thank you Gwen for this timely devotional. Yesterday, I decided to listen to some serious “heart whispers”. I’m not sure I would have heard or even could have heard if it wasn’t for my own spiritual drought. Thank you for your beautiful words of encouragement.

  97. I’ve been unemployed for six months – drought! The eviction notice came Saturday. The cable and internet goes Thursday. I’ve been on interview after interview after interview and nothing. The day usually begin next fine – I do my Word, try to get some direction from the HS. I struggle. Did I mention that I worked for my church that terminated me a couple of weeks before Christmas last year? My church that I have been a member of for 12 yesrs. It took me a few weeks but I finally went back – it really is an awesome ministry – how odd is that. The push and pull of this situation is hard – I love this church yet my family is in this predicament. Pray for me.

    1. I seen your prayer request and felt that familiar tug on my heart to pray for you. His ways are not ours, but He is always right on time. I often say He is my “Just in time Jesus”, because He always is, without fail. Today may you rest in the peace that He is a whisper away and moving on your situation. Have a very blessed day ♡

  98. Thank you so much for your encouraging devotional today !! I so needed to hear this !! We have faced several years of drought , losing our home, a wayward son , struggling in my marriage, but, with God all things are possible!! His timing is perfect!!! Thank you Jesus we can Trust you in our storms of life … praising God for your ministry!! Blessings to you!!

    1. Needed to read this. Im also dealing with some of the same things from my marriage to my 14 year old daughter who has gotten out of control. Ive felt so alone and last week wanted to die. I know I needed to read this today and then reading your post brought me comfort. Thank you

  99. 🙌🏽🙋🏽‍♀️ yes this was JUST FOR ME! I’m in the DRY OF My DROUGHT as we speak. I’m experiencing many, many blocks and closed doors. My health is being challenged, I’ve lost my income, I’ve had to give up my own place to live and move back with my elderly Mom. She provides my every meal, board and shelter. No matter what I’ve faced and even cried literally out to GOD!! MY FAITH IS STILL STRONG! I’ve given encouragement to others who are going through difficulties at this time. Honestly, I’ve felt left out! There have been others who’ve needed surgeries and have healed and gone back to work and I’m still in need, but I’m so glad I know that it is A GODLY REASON why I’ve not healed or had my surgeries. Unfortunately, I’ve had God Fearing people tell me that in suffering because of my choices I’ve made in my early years of life. I’m so glad that I know my God already forgave me for those choices and gives me Grace and Mercies daily!!!! God is my protectant, my Rock, my way out of NO WAY!!! HALLELUJAH 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 THANK YOU JESUS

  100. Praying for God to heal my marriage. It seems like he doesn’t want to try again in a new blessing. Praying for Lord restore our hearts and transform our relationship.
    Maise (Rio de Janeiro – Brazil)

  101. I know this was meant for me today. In February I lost my dad, March 8th I lost my husband, and Friday my daughter’s ex boyfriend has decided to lie about my her to keep from getting more time in jail for something he did and she always only tried to help him.

    1. Post
  102. Thank you Gwen! This mornings devotion is exactly where I am at right now. New marriage, new small town, away from my family, a husband disconnected from God and work stress! Thank you for reminding me that God will provide in this discouraging desert time. Thank you for reminding me that God will never leave me when my heart is breaking and that he is faithful

  103. Thank you for today’s devotional. I felt the Lord speaking right to me. My friend and I have felt like we have been in the midst of a drought for a long time. Both her son and mine are addicts and she also lost another son to this deadly,misunderstood disease. There is a town hall meeting tonight on this epidemic and what all of us can do to help fight this. We have both felt a pull to attend, even though we are not sure we can emotionally make it through the meeting. I felt like this devotional was God’s way of speaking to us to go, that he will be with us, and that it is time to step up and help someone else in the midst of our shame, guilt, and grief.
    Please pray for all those affected by this epidemic.

  104. Thank you for allowing God to use you to help and encourage so many of us. I have been in a season of drought over a year now…sickness, loss of income etc. However, just like Elijah God has been my protector, provider, healer, basically my everything. The emotional roller coaster of this season of trials exposed me to depression, lost, anger, sadness, loneliness, increase in faith, closer relationship with God, continuous praise. God is phenomenal and compassionate, He will never leave us, please keep me in your prayers as I continue to praise my way through the drought. God, bless you.

  105. Hi i really felt like this message was for me. Thank you so much for reminding me that god is with me always. These last couple of months have been truly difficult and sometimes i feel alone and i just want to walk away from it all. Like this morning i feet it is pointless getting up to go face another day of stress and struggle to pay bills and the phone calls from the bank and companies I’m indebted to. I’m really struggling i have prayed and prayed and i know my God is an ontime God but I’m weary. Please pray for me.

  106. This did hit spot on as myself and husband are going through some financial crisis right now. We are losing our home, applying to rent with very scarred credit. I am so trying to be faithful in God providing but don’t feel my husband is having the same Faith. This is causing the enemy to seep into my mind and cause me some doubts. I was up most of the night thanking God for what we’ve been blessed with and the opportunity for a new house and fresh start. I think I even prayed while I was sleeping. Today’s devotional renewed my faith and made me realize I may have to have faith and hope enough for both of us. Please pray we are accepted to rent the house I feel God lead me to. The one that when I called about it had been rented and suddenly the people had changed their minds. Please allow my prayers from all the prayer warriors be answered on our behalf. Let this experience show my husband staying faithful through the stormy times is what God wants us to do. That our circumstances are from our own humanly consequences we placed on ourselves and that he must join me me in prayer do we are not divided in our thoughts. –thank you!

  107. Good morning. Thank you so much for this message. I too am in a drought, and was feeling sorry for myself…. Until I read some of the other comments… I read about struggles much worse than mine from women who were more positive and faithful than I am being!! We often spend so much time wallowing in our own misery that we miss our “ravens”…. Today I pray to see my Raven and appreciate where I am in my drought so I can be a blessing to others. Thankz again, and for all who will read my message…. Be strong, be patient and be positive as we wait….”the one who promised is faithful!!!”

  108. Thank you for the beautiful devotional today-sent from God! I am in a ministry drought. I feel depleted, and the tasks seem too big. I feel like quitting, and I’m ready to run. But I’m bringing it to Him and trusting He will lift me and meet the needs. I’m laying it all down and asking for God’s help to do what only He can do.

  109. Thank you for sharing. I know God is faithful…….our troubles try to blind us sometimes of that fact, we have remember his faithfulness is always present in our lives.

  110. Today’s email is for me. Yes I am in one of that situation. But I have to trust in him and only in him. He knows my need.

  111. Drought is my life. Really need to hear from God! Thanks for this message I needed to hear this. Praying for deliverance for my son, my marriage, friends for my daughter, and direction over my life. Clarity and peace and time management. Feeling overwhelmed and defeated. Just need a word from God.

  112. I’m experiencing this drought in my marriage. I have fasted. Prayed and I’m still waiting to receive my marriage and spouse back. I have experienced the drought and loneliness in my marriage for two years.

  113. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ, I enjoyed your inspirational message this morning about the Prophet Elijah and how our heavenly Father Jehovah God provided for him in the three and one half years of drought. I was blessed his morning when I read your message for me this morning. Please pray for me and my family. God bless you in the mighty name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen..

  114. Thank you for your ministry and the faithfulness of the GiG. I have been looking and praying for a job for almost two years. During this time, God has provided. I am assured of His plans for my life. Sometimes, my humanness creeps in and for a moment I forget how much He cares for me. I pray for a job that will reflect God’s purpose for and in my life. I also pray that God will continue to use GiG to minister for years to come.

  115. I am older I have lost two husbands first one to suicide second went to a bad heart I have moved several times I had to sell my home because it was old and falling apart I move back to Cincinnati from Lexington on faith my thyroid is messed up my bladder is Methen up but I know that the God of all gods is my healer and protector so if you pray for me and abundance like I have depending on all my life and I love the Lord Jesus I need some financial blessings

  116. I truly needed this today. My depression has been choking the life out of me and I’m already struggling with allowing myself to give it all up to God and have faith that I’ll get through it. I’m a smoker, having picked it up after becoming a senior soldier within my church and signing a covenant stating I would abstain from such things. Please strongly pray I stop this habit. My husband drinks too much and gets mean please pray the Lord opens his eyes and his heart to stop this habit as well. Thank you for doing what you do because I enjoy reading the devotionals you provide.

  117. Thank you for your faithfulness. This mornings message is where I am, alone wondering “ Where are are you Heavenly PaPa?” I know He has an amazing plan for each of us . I will not give up & continually pray for breakthroughs . I ask & pray for hope to see and feel HIS strong arm today!

  118. I thank you for this. My faith is being tested by a work situation that makes me want to just walk away. Also by the fact that I want to make a difference to the lives of those experiencing depression. I know I have a lot to offer from my own experience of depression and God has taken this from me.
    People around me who care are urging me to be cautious and stay at work. This is creating a tension.


  120. I’m feeling a drought in my life at this point in my life but I KNOW how much MY GOD loves me. I’d just moved into a home and along with caring for a son with health issues, mentally and physically, I too have had serious health problems. We’ve been going through situations here with electrical outages, broken pipes, sewage system issues, my grandchild moving out, a broken marriage, the loss of family and friends through all of this, and that is just a few to list. But I know MY GOD is a loving, caring, and faithful GOD who will never abandoned nor forsaken us no matter what our circumstances may be! Through good times or hard times, He is with us. When I awake at night, and my mind begins to race, I pray. I look for a devotion to meditate on. Yes, I at times cry out of exhaustion, weariness, lonliness. But the Lord catches my tears, hears my prayers as I cry out to Him. He is MY rock, my fortress, refuge, Saviour. I KNOW I am NOT alone. He has saved my son from a past he has left behind and my son now serves Our Lord as well! I’m so very Blessed! So I look at my past, present, and future and know as I KNOW, that all will be ok because GOD has always been there and always will. Faith, faith, and more faith is what we have . Because Our GOD and Lord Jesus Christ is a loving, caring, compassionate God that never changes! We must ALWAYS seek Him first. All will be well! AMEN!

  121. Thank you for sharing that story from o
    The holy bible, it spoke right to me this morning. I’m going though some financial difficulties right now. But reading your devotional encouraged me this morning. Have a blessed day in our Lord Jesus.

  122. I needed to read about Elijah today. He was one of God’s mightiest and most beloved, yet he had to endure the drought as did the all the other people of that land. God provided for him every step of the way. He was there and was his rescue. God didn’t lift Elijah out of the desert, but took care of him within it. I know God is taking care of us too. My husband and I are going through such a time of drought. It doesn’t feel like we will ever be able to drink from the fountain of cool refreshing water again. But I know that God is in control and that in His time we will find a river of fresh flowing water. Thank you God for this deep season of drought. Help us to find a deeper relationship with you, a beautiful dependence on you. Lead us in Your ways!! In Jesus’ name.

  123. Help me pray that I can get through financial debt. To be debt free. For my family to continue serving God no matter our circumstances.

  124. Thank you for the reminder that God is still faithful.As he carry me and my family in this drought season of our lives.

  125. I know that God is doing this for me and my boys at this very moment and I know, by faith, He will deliver us from this horrible situation that we have been in for almost 2 years. I am thankful for His provisions of safety and His way of providing us our needs daily. We are not on the other side yet but I know that God will deliver justice and truth . He is faithful to His word and to me. Thank you so much for this devotional. I read it every day and look forward to this more than words can express. Great reminders and awesome encouragement. Very much needed.

  126. Thank you Father for your wisdom and provision as I seek you for new housing and wisdom as to whether I should stay in my present job that is extremely challenging emotionally and physically

  127. My husband and I moved closer to my daughter & family. Which has been great! We get to enjoy our granddaughter, her Mom & Dad.
    Jay (husband) had to have a neck surgery because of past neck injury & surgeries. He has been handicapped in power chair for 5 yrs. He can walk some weaking over the past 18Yrs. The last surgery (7months ago) took away his only functioning right hand (left one was weak). We of course have tried to do everything to keep his spirits up & tried all therapies.
    Jay is Jewish & after much soul searching over the years, has joined me in following Christ. He struggles with God ways on dealing & teaching us life lessons. We are in our late 60’s & life seems hard at times.
    I am so happy that each day Christ gives us is a gift & with special joys in plain sight. It’s so hard to explain the workings of God to someone not raised in with Christ. Would like prayers for clarity for Jay to see & hear the Holy Spirit. His life would have be filled with more meaning. He feels useless & doesn’t no why he’s here, except to be in our family. God come quickly to our house & heal my disabled husband, refresh my soul as you do every morning. A sister in Christ, Geory

  128. hey, am esther.
    thank you for sharing the word. it was for, am in a drought, divorced with my husband in 2009, been single since then, my husband as moved on, am still waiting for God to come through for me, am tired of staying alone, i need a husband for myself.
    keep me in prayers,

  129. Hello, please help pray that God will grant me wisdom on how to run my business so it’s profitable. I have debts and owe back taxes that I need to pay ASAP. Thank you

  130. Lord God you are my great provider my Jehivah Jirah and I pray in your precious and holy name I may experience and you have for me and that I may carry out your will and plan for my life this day. Lord fill me with your word and knowledge. Help me to see all you would have me see and help me to serve you this day with joy hope love and peace in my heart thank you for being a loving caring forgiving God and for helping me to love and forgive myself. Today I pray I see the light walk in and live in the light. Help me to accomplish all o need to accomplish with joy in my spirit.

  131. My granddaughter Chloe had cancer when she was 3 months old. One year at children’s cancer hospital, bone marrow transplant, 5 good years, bone marrow failed! Gave us 2month, maybe 1 yr. it has been 2 yrs but she is tired, gets blood & platelets every week! Need complete bone marrow healing, through the blood of Jesus! Petition & command praying, for complete healing, she has pain & mentally has always been positive but seeing some frustration & anger & tired! Father is not saved, my daughter is but not attending church & has put a wall up around herself! Prayer for them & Chloes 9 yr old brother, Wyatt! Thank you❤️🙏🏼✝️🤺☝️

  132. Thank you for your encouragement from Gods word. Your devotions help me as we struggle with our sons drug addiction. He is not ready to stop. We’ve been in this drought for 2 1/2 years. It’s a nightmare. Please pray for Gabe. He’s going to be homeless soon. Thank you and God bless you.

  133. Amen Holy Ghost, i was going hrough drough in my life where i felt all alone and depressed. I knew that God had my back, but because i was leaning to my own understanding I could not see clearly. My relationship was put to a test and i was furious because i didn’t know which way to turn. Sometimes I felt like i was losing my mind because the love and care i was dishing out to my companion was not the same on her end. I didn’t feel like she wanted this relationship anymore. This had a big impact over my daily walk until one day i reached out to a wise Minister that prayed over me and gave me some anointed oil to anoint my house. She told me to pray over my house in Jesus name and get those spirit out. She kept me encouraged and spoke Gods holy word to me. Now i am up every morning at 5 am. before my day start, reading and learning more and more about Gods holy word. This feels so good to my anointed soul. It also helps my day to day walk . I will continue to seek more of the higher upper. For he is worthy to be praised. Amen

  134. Morning all. Great message I feel as if Elijah and I are good buddies but I’m not a great learner and keep falling back into same old woe mode. Although I am coming out of drought ministry wife and full time carer to two teenage chronically ill children . . Hubby also has a chronic illness . We’ve just moved churches and home to begin a new ministry challenge of uniting three churches one of whom has a bit of a rep of being difficult. We are deffo walking in a faith stage at mo and not by sight. On paper it’s ridiculous , the kids have both dipped in health hubby is brewing yet another infection, adult son is in a terrible job and is getting rubbish shifts and yet Gods provision lately has been mind blowing. Thank you for ur timely post a lot goin on in my life and I needed it tiday

  135. I find myself in a situation and it looks I feel like God isn’t there for me. Looks like what ever he has said about me can’t be fulfilled and am losing hope

  136. we’re in a drought it feels like… we lost our 2 morning/5 afternoon home care agency for my mom which leaves my emotionally unstable sister alone with her 2-3 days a week which stresses me out. my sister’s emotional/spiritual problems are more than I can cope with and it feels like God’s just leaving us hanging, giving us a good day once in awhile among the bad days. I need encouragement – we need more good days than bad and it feels like that’s too much to ask. my sister walked away from God years ago and either can’t or won’t work to get back to Him. I feel like my mom and I are paying for my sister’s poor judgement/choices and I resent it, as hard as I try not to. I know God has a plan and His is better than ours but we’ve been 6 months without an agency to help. I work full time as well as being a caregiver when I’m not at work. I have basically 2 full time jobs with no time for me. Please pray we’ll get the home care hours we need staffed so we have someone there every day consistently, and that the financial burden of paying out of pocket for extra home care to cover some of what we lost will be relieved. thank you!

    1. Dear Susan,

      I prayed that Jehovah Jireh, Our Provider, would provide for you and your family’s needs. His provision may not come in an expected way, but he will do the miraculous for those who love Him. I pray that Jesus would be the peace and stability of your times, and that you would be able to release the anger you bear your sister. Peace be with you.

  137. I am behind on emails… read “in the drought” just now. Today was the perfect time for me to read it! I was exactly what I needed. Please join me in praying for healing for my husband.
    Thank you

  138. I saved your topic about Elijah, and knew I had to read it this morning! The stage 4 cancer had to be addressed again, and I am on chemo for 12 wks. Have 6 more to go.
    I have a lot of bloating and headaches, may be worse because of chemo. Very tired. I have been prayed for healing twice, and believe God heard, but, felt I still need to go thru treatment. Please pray for me to keep trusting God and also be able to minister to others.

  139. Thank you so much for your message! Definitely in a place of drought, healing from surgery is taking longer than I thought, very busy with work and family, feeling all alone in dealing with everything in my life. Mostly feel like I’m losing my relationship with God, but I know he is with me through it all! Please keep me in prayer for strength and peace.

  140. Thank you Gwen! I appreciate reading your articles and the very impact of the message. It is always exactly what I need to hear. Thank you for your wonderful message.

  141. I simply want to say thank you! Thank you so very much for this message today. I feel as though it was meant just for me as I am in a dry, trying and waiting season of my life. I was encouraged and revived!

  142. This was so for me today.
    I am now without work for 3 months and I have mailed hundreds of places my CV but simply nothing comes of it.
    My daughter is getting married in 3months time and I cannot contribute towards the wedding, which saddens me a great deal.
    My only grandparents I have left are ill and I cannot ravel to them and it feels as if my entire life is stuck in cement.
    I pray, I fast, I ask, I plead, I cry but yet I’m stuck.
    And I am so scared I am not hearing God leading me or instructing me…
    Please will you pray with me.
    Thank you for your encouraging and motivational work. God bless you!

    1. Coleen – please know that you are contributing to your daughter’s wedding by simply being there! I’m sure your presence will mean so much to her. Stay encouraged and praise God despite everything – He is with you!

  143. Gwen, I’ve been in several years of drought facing marital infidelities, raising autistic children, PTSD, chronic illness, financial distress…I’ve grown closer to the Lord and see Him more for who Hecus because of it.
    I’m being rebuilt and restored although my problems aren’t over and I’ll probably have a lifetime of pain from much of it. At least I know Him for who He is, and He’s got Me and my family.

  144. I have a family member who is going through a drought. Please help me pray that God’s love will touch her in the coming days. Pray that the loneliness she feels will be comforted by the Holy Spirit AND others in her life.
    Thank you for sharing this old story as it applies to our lives today.

  145. Morning Gwen, This message was just for me today, thank you! My “drought” I am going through is cancer but God’s got this & because of Him, I am a sur”thrivor”.

    You ask, “Has God ever given you a fresh and fruitful mission in the middle of a drought? What did that look like? Would you have had the opportunity to impact others had it not been for the drought? Why or why not?”

    Yes, it is letting His light shine through me to others, that they may know there is peace to be found in the midst of cancer & blessings to experience. No, I would not have had this opportunity otherwise to impact others as i would not know the impact cancer would have in my own life. God is SOOO good & “I want it all”, loving this bible study too although I would love to go through it with you again as I fell short of diving in 110%, but one of the best books I’ve read! I want to buy copies to give as gifts!!
    God Bless!

  146. Thank you for this reading. I write this from a place of paper processing; pain, confusion,reflection and oddly enough a sense of peace. A drought that I never expected to be dealt, yet I am and by the grace of God I have built up my prayer life and the Holy Spirit has taken a seat on this ride and carrying me through. I know my savior has the final say so and I pray for a reconciliation, yet satisfied with God’s will be done in this time of my journey and drought. Gwen, your reading gave me more strength to endure as a reminder of Elijah and his ups and downs…drought. Prayer changes things and so I share where I stand within my drought and thankful.

  147. I am in a huge drought! I am behind on bills, borrowed from my dad to pay my car to pay him back asap. Went into work, 1st night, I am a contactor & was waiting for a job, went in & was laid off & about out of money & needed this. I am single & have no other or provision but God, my Jehovah Jireha. This word was for me!

  148. OMG! I’m going to be honest, sometimes I pass on reading the day these are received and then read several for a day of relaxation. Today I stopped. I read. I re-read. I read again! At the end Gwen says, God made sure you read it! I’m so thankful for Gwen and the other GiGi’s. Every devotion is written in a way that I can understand. I love their interpretation of Scripture, and their courage to share such personal experiences. My daily devotion helps me start my day with a wonderful attitude. When I start my day focusing on God, I find that I see Him all through my day! I was recently told my position would be eliminated next school year due to budget cuts. My spinwheel of emotions has been turning; mad, embarrassed, sad, frightened, excited for new opportunities…then it would start again. This has truly uplifted my spirit. At every other paragraph I was giving praise. Thank you Gwen!

  149. Thanks Gwen! This word is for me. Am in a period of drought, Like everything has just come to a halt. Nothing is moving, growing or changing. Mum’s health not good, financial challenges (am in university) broken relationship with my boyfriend of 6yrs (we were planning to settle down in next 3yrs) business not moving. Everything just stopped. I’ve cried and worry and fear have at one point stepped in. I’ve never felt this dry and stuck. Ive been crying and lost hope. But God loves me so much and He has spoken to me through you. Am trusting God through it all, i choose to love and serve him regardless of my current situation. He will provide, he’ll heal and restore everything. Healing rains will fall on my mother and every area am experiencing drought. I have hope and I trust God. I know Am Not Alone. God is faithful and her is with me. Thank you for this word
    Am encouraged!!! Love You

  150. I started my blog after a serious illness, and allowing fear and grief to hinder me. I had to tell how faithful He is and what a healer, even if it takes some time,

  151. Thank you Holy Spirit for this message, n using Gwen to deliver this message. God has directed me into a situation for growth out of my comfort zone! I have been struggling with attacks n praying over the situation, last night God directed me to scripture to give me peace and knowledge, and today your scripture…He who is in me is greater than he who is in this world! Purpose of lessons n situations to become nor like Christ for eternity

  152. Thanks Gwen, I enjoy or should I say appreciate your blog. I can relate to the message today. I quit a job that I was just not happy in, for a variety of reasons. I was trying to hang in there, but the job was just not suited for me. I only worked there 9 months. My prior job I worked at for over 30 years, but was laid off due to outsourcing. Now I am back on the job search at age 61. Rather scary time. Hoping I did not make a mistake in quitting my last job. Just want to spend last years of employment doing something that is rewarding and that I enjoy. I pray God will be with me in this search, and that he will direct my path. Your message today helped to put things in perspective. I appreciate you!

  153. My 18yr old grandaughter staying w me as
    will not follow rules of her home,has rejected Jesus, refuses church, dangerous friends. Has mental health issues not truthful w counselor. Please pray

  154. Hi Gwen! What a wonderful and timely post. We all go through droughts and at times it can feel like they will never end. But God is faithful! And He will see us through. I wanted to share a verse that God has shown me in many droughts. “Do not remember the former things, Nor consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing, Now it shall spring forth; Shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness. And rivers in the desert.” Isaiah 43:18-19 This verse has given me so much comfort and strength when I needed it the most. Praying that it will do the same for all of you who left comments and may God bless you greatly!

  155. I’ve been wrung dry numerous times over the last 10 years and God keeps replenishing. Just when I am CERTAIN that I AM DONE, He revives me. And I keep going. Just happened again last Saturday when I had no idea how or where I was gonna find money to pay a bill I read a devotional about Elisha and the widow. He whispered in my ear, “What’s in your house?” And the bill is now PAID. This devotional is a blessing. Thank you, and God bless all who read it and are touched by it! Much luv.

  156. This was for me! I’m in a drought as I lost my husband on July 1, 2017. I had been his constant caregiver for 4 1/2 years. I am on my grief journey but I struggle with who I am now. What God wants my future goals to be.

  157. Thank you Gwen! I always love hearing from you. It’s almost like setting in my chair sipping a cup of coffee with you right across from me talking about what God is doing in our lives….
    I truly believe in the hard storms of our lives is where God gets our attention. We don’t quite see it in the midst of our trials, but later we see it through His eyes. Sometimes I asked the Lord will I ever learn this lesson? But than, I know He’s smiling down at me with His arms wrapped around me and saids; YES! Let’s walk it through, only this time stay closer to Me and keep your eyes fixed on Me…
    I so much appreciate your devotions and how they’ve spoken so much into my lives situations, and this one sure did.
    I know I’ll probably never meet you on this side of heaven, but one day soon I’ll see you walking down the street of gold!!!!♥️

  158. Yes, this was for me! My husband and I are going through a drought right now with our finances. We had to borrow money to pay our taxes. We live and work on our farm raising chickens for a major company. As chicken farmers,you have to keep putting money back on the farm. But I don’t let it get me down,because this is not my home. I am just passing through. My home is in heaven. The Lord gives me peace and joy in my heart. He is my all!

  159. I am in a drought now as I am grieving over the loss of my husband last October 24 and also the tension between our daughter and myself over my infidelities in the past. My husband forgave me. God forgave me. I rededicated my life to God and was rebaptized anew. My daughter has not forgiven or forgotten. Many things were said to me by her and are very hurtful. I have forgiven her and love her with all my heart. I miss her and our grandchildren. I send cards on holidays and I am sending my granddaughter her birthday present through the mail. Please pray for God to bring our family back together. This tension and unforgiving is not what my husband would want.

  160. Thank you so much Gwen for this very real, Bible-based perspective. I’ve read the responses from other people and yes, we are all struggling with droughts. Me included. I will not go into detail but I pray for all of us, including YOU dear lady, that we will find our way through with God’s help. Oh life is hard, but having you share such meaningful posts is a Godsend that reminds us that we are not alone and that He has a plan!

    1. Hi Sandy, I too read the women’s responses and pray for all of you.
      May God bless each and everyone who’s going through some hard times, we do know He’s faithful and promises to always be there for us in our time of need.
      May we all see Gods hand more and more in our everyday lives, and be sensitive to the prompting of His Holy Spirit….💕

  161. woke up this morning feeling desperate. feeling alone. feeling sad and angry. i’ve devoted 20 years to a man that has given me little respect. if any at all. my kids are angry because I am finally trying to break free of his chains and find a way to divorce him. Not easy while financially caring for my mom,
    need prayers for strength. struggling, in many different ways. Thank you for your daily inspiration!!!

  162. I’m thankful to be on the other side of a desolate period in my life. I felt stranded — away from my best friends & son, isolated from family. Fortunately, I was able to move back to them,

    After retiring from my last nursing job, life sped up. Ownership of my apartment complex changed hands & rent hikes were going to be quite high. So, instead of waiting a year to move, I had 6 weeks. I found a wonderful apartment with a view as well as a fireplace. With the help of neighbors & friends as well as hired hands, we packed the truck. My little dog & I made the trip without incident.

    I was exhausted & it took several months to recover. But the move was worth every bit of effort. I’m so happy to be only 2 miles away from my friends. I’ve made new friends & see my son much more frequently. Thanks be to God!

  163. I needed this devotion so badly this morning. We have been going through a great drought in our business financially and it’s putting such a great strain on my marriage and my husband. He is starting to get bitter and hold anger and looking to drinking to help him through this. I am tired and I need God’s peace.

  164. Thank you for you words this morning! They helped me see that when I am down due to circumstances beyond my control God is still there supporting me. Prayer for health and finances would be much appreciated.

    Yours in Christ Jesus,

  165. Thank you and did need this. I’m a widow 6 years this month and almost every year something has happened. Now my daughter just home from hospital and struggling with spinal problems and I have to work. Ju $t strugh,ING but I know God is with ne through another storm

  166. My husband & I are going through a drought that came unexpectedly. He lost his job in January. We are coming to the end of our contingency money. Doors in his industry kept closing and we did not understand why. God has now given my husband a new direction, which we are so grateful. It will be wonderful for our family. My husband will not be traveling, which he did 2-3 nights each week. So many good things will come out of the new career path! However, he has to take on-line classes and obtain his license and go through training before there will be any income. We have reached a point of scariness, as far as money. We no longer have health insurance as of March 31. My daughter has Status Migrainosus and suffered a severe migraine this past weekend. We had to take her to the ER. We were there 10 hours while she received a new IV med to break the cycle. We are so thankful she did not have to be admitted to the neuro floor like so many other times. Still, I can’t imagine what the bill will be for the ER visit. We’ve had droughts before and God has provided. I know God will care for us. However it is hard not to be concerned about my daughter’s health and how we are going to make our next house payment. (Which went up $200 for property taxes) I have been asking for prayer from family & friends who I know if they say they will pray, they will. I suffer from Fibromyalgia, chronic muscle spasms and migraines. The stress has made my health worse. Yesterday I was so emotional. I cried all day. I know when the drought is over, the sun will come out……………………………………but when will that be? 🙁

    1. Post

      Melissa, Thanks for sharing this. I’m sorry you are going through this. It’s hard stuff for sure. My husband lost his job last December, so I understand how that affect both a man and his household. Brad is now in a new position and sifting through the thick waters of growth. We’re grateful for God’s provision, but find it interesting how even in provision there can be stress and discomfort. Alas, God is our strength and we will call on Him to be just that in weary moments. I pray the same for you. Hugs and love. Praying for you now. GWEN

    2. Hi Melissa! I was very touched by your story and I wanted to share a verse that God reminded me of. “Weeping may endure for a night, But joy comes in the morning.” Psalm 30:5. I pray that you will take hold of this promise from a loving Father. Your drought will over and morning will come. Until then God is with you. May He bless you and keep you!

  167. Yes you caught me in a very low time. 3 years of awful trials one after another, and then I start getting ear infections that won’t go away. I am on the 13th month of them and I am suppose to be getting a cochlear implant as that will at least help me to hear again, but over and over there are wrenches thrown in to bear. I still can hardly hear, still waiting. I sing and play guitar and really felt that this was my calling for the Lord. I am confused because how can I do that now? Thank you for your writing on our droughts in life. It was for me. Still waiting dry and parched.

  168. Yes indeed Mrs/Miss Gwen Smith this was written just for me and for today . I m knee deep in a drought with what seems to be no way out . Leaning on the lord is all i have . Thank you for sharing this and reminding me of who HE is through even the drought and storms

  169. Thank you Gwen for the reminder that God is always with us. My dad was an alocoholic and I use to pray so hard that he’d quit drinking and become a Christian. It took years, because I was grown with a child of my own before it happened, but God did answer my prayer. By God’s Grace and Mercy, he quit the drinking and became saved. He is with God now in his forever home, but I have peace knowing that he is okay. Now, I pray for my mother to get over the bitterness from all the heck he put her through all those years. God was with us and my brother on 3 or 4 different occasions that my brother almost died from Opioid overdose. Two of those times, he was on life support. Now, I pray for him to be fully and completely healed. God was with me when my daughter was born and I went through Pre-Eclampsia and was put on bedrest at 7 months pregnant. Now, I pray for safety for my daughter who is now a young woman herself. God was with me and my husband as he went through a DVT and 2 pulmonary embolisms. Now, I pray that he will find his way back to God again because he has walked away from him and has had a hard time finding his way. God was with me and my family as my mother went through a complete shoulder replacement. It was hard, but she made it and we did as well. God was with us when we almost lost my uncle to drowning and several strokes before that, but he made it through. God was with me and my family when we lost my grandparents at different times at such a young age due to sickness and disease. God was with my family and mother in law when she went through sickness. God has been there for my marriage when things got so tough, we didn’t think we’d make it through together. I could go on and on. 🙂 It really is amazing when I stop and think about all the times God was with us. How he has always shown up. He has always been there when I needed him most and he has always been there with me through the good times cheering me on. I know this was long winded, but I couldn’t help boasting about how truly wonderful God is. His mercies are new everyday and his love is always there for the taking!! God is Great!!!!!

  170. God literally brought me from the mountains to the desert. He has a mission for me here. I trust in him to guide me through this and to what he has for me to do here. I pray for wisdom, and protection.

  171. I needed this story of Elijah this morning, it reminds me also of how God looked after me all my life, even thought i wasn’t putting him first! and oh, now that i’m older, and have turned back to him, how great and loving He is! Thanks for your subscription.

    PS: i’ve written you before, but no answer from you. but i’m sure your really busy!

  172. My son is bi-polar. At this time he is unable to live on his own and has created a huge financial and emotional burden on me. There seems to be no end to this torment that both he and I are living through. I find my hope eroding and my mercy and grace toward him dwindling. I am so very tired.

  173. May the peace of God keep you all in your hearts and minds as you go through life’s challenges.. Heb 10:35-36 says…’So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God you will receive that which He has promised.’ I’m experiencing many challenges at this time with grief and job changes, as well, but I know God is faithful to finish the good work that He started in me. And Christ said that in this life we will have tribulations, so we should expect some challenges, but He also said ‘…fret not, for I’ve overcome the world’. This gives us confidence that we are ore than over comers thru Him who loves us. May you all be encouraged amidst life’s challenges and hold to your faith in God thru Christ Jesus our Lord. Rita

  174. Yes I am in a drought. Struggling with some health issues and did not receive the report on some blood work I had prayed about yesterday. Cried alot. It is not the end of the world for me. Just not the results I had prayed for. Just very discouraged. Thank you. Yes I was meant to read that post.

  175. Good morning Gwen! Thank you for writing this post. I am currently 28 weeks pregnant. I run a home daycare and some things will be changing at the end of May and also when I return from maternity leave. Money is a worry (isn’t it always? Haha). I keep trying to remind myself of all the times God has been faithful to me and my family and keep that hope going into this next season of life. Your post really encouraged me this morning. Thank you so much. ❤️

  176. Like many other responses, I witness God’s work in my life, in my struggles and endeavors. Praise God!
    I lift you all up to Him for your needs to be met and to trust Him in your prayer requests. And ask that you will pray for me and my family as well, to continue to keep Him the center of our lives.
    Thank you and God Bless!

  177. Friend,
    Thank you for this. I am in a drought and have not been looking for God’s opportunities in the midst of the drought, I have been waiting for it to end first. So simple to have a change in perspective and yet so difficult to find it. Thank you for that. Also thank you for showing me to reach as far back as I can remember to recount God’s provision and miracles in my life as a testimony of his trust. I have been looking in the recent past and if I just look, REALLY LOOK back, I can recall SO MUCH. He is a very faithful Father.
    Oh Gwen, I needed this. My dry spell has been almost unbearable. Maybe my own doing. It can be dry, but doesn’t have to be as bad as I have made it. Please pray with me that I will change my perspective and look for the brook and the birds:)
    Lovingly, Tammy

  178. Thank you, Gwen for this devotion. I had it sitting in my inbox but had not yet read and almost deleted. What an awesome reminder that God is faithful, faithful, faithful! Never has I pressed into Him like this season of drought in my life. I have been through many challenges in life; abused by my father, parents divorced when I was senior in high school, became a single mother in college and eventually met a man who adopted my child and we became a family to which we share another daughter. Last month was our uncelebrated 25th anniversary as he asked for a divorce in January. It has been by far the hardest drought of my life thus far. Many years and sadness and unawares questions to which I am fully pressing in to God for His comfort and direction for my life as things change family unit wise and financially. My estranged spouse has had his challenges in life as well; adopted at birth, lost several jobs, his adoptive parents have passed some time ago and after finding his biological parents 3 years ago his mother has passed in February. I’m clinging to faith in His promises and trusting God through this drought all the while thirsty for His Word and comfort in a time when emotions are roller coasters and loneliness and depression come in waves with the many changes happening at once. Please pray for me and my family as our look changes.

  179. Thank you, Gwen for this devotion. I had it sitting in my inbox but had not yet read and almost deleted. What an awesome reminder that God is faithful, faithful, faithful! Never has I pressed into Him like this season of drought in my life. I have been through many challenges in life; abused by my father, parents divorced when I was senior in high school, became a single mother in college and eventually met a man who adopted my child and we became a family to which we share another daughter. Last month was our uncelebrated 25th anniversary as he asked for a divorce in January. It has been by far the hardest drought of my life thus far. Many years and sadness and unawares questions to which I am fully pressing in to God for His comfort and direction for my life as things change family unit wise and financially. My estranged spouse has had his challenges in life as well; adopted at birth, lost several jobs, his adoptive parents have passed some time ago and after finding his biological parents 3 years ago his mother has passed in February. I’m clinging to faith in His promises and trusting God through this drought all the while thirsty for His Word and comfort in a time when emotions are roller coasters and loneliness and depression come in waves with the many changes happening at once. Please pray for me and my family as our look changes.

  180. Yes, God has constantly given me Unmerited Grace throughout the many seasons of my life. As you, I can name a number of times that He has provided, protected, and given me peace when I needed it the most. Praise God For His Glory!

  181. This devotion came right on time. It was for ME! In my several years in self-employment, I experienced lows resulting in extreme losses, depression, and health issues. At the same time, I experienced highs where I was given favor, unexpected blessings, and wisdom. He showed me that HE IS Jehovah Jireh in the midst of it all, and to seek HIM in all my concerns. God’s grace is sufficient for me.

  182. Thank you for the insight on my drought. I just changed jobs and I know that this new adventure was sent from God himself. It’s a massive undertaking, but I know that God has equipped me for the task. Please pray that I will be faithful, obedient and just in doing God’s will. Thank you.

  183. Yes, I CAN look back and see that God is faithful! Our daughter had to have major surgery with a possible bad diagnosis, but God had a certain doctor in place who kept searching for a better one. That was twelve years ago! After picking up moving around a lot making poor decisions about men in her life, she is now a single mom of an 8-year old boy and lives close to us. She recently broke her foot and needs prayer. I would appreciate prayer for her also to learn to love and trust the Lord, and to become the woman of God I know He created her to be. Our son followed the Lord and married an incredible woman. They have 4 children and live on a farm close to us. Their budget is stretched constantly (Our son is in education and getting burned out… We are trusting God to send the RIGHT job his way!) My husband was out of work for a year and though we were stretched, with God we came through the drought. However now that we are retiring, we are facing other financial difficulties. I know God is faithful and will provide. I need prayer for better restraint because it is difficult for me to say no.

  184. The unexpected that turns your empty nest into refuge for your child and their children, your financial plan to be shaken by their needs, your peace to be destroyed. A strangling drought that only my Savior can help me through, that only He can assure me I am serving where He wants me in the drought and will deliver all of us from the darkness of it all.

  185. Today’s message was definitely for me. I’m losing my job.
    My health is failing. I’m struggling with so many decisions.
    I’m scared. But I also know that God has a plan. He will never leave me.
    The words today reminded me of all He has done for me,and always
    will be there with me.

  186. Through this walk we have to continue to trust God, and know he will never leave us nor forsake us. As i read this passage i put myself in it and even though you walk through the situation that elijah faced God was with him all the time. And i thank you for this word, and i thank God fir his love, peace, and understanding that all we have to do is have faith and know he is there.

  187. God is faithful to his promises for us, we just have to trust him. He will never leave us or forsake us, we are never alone even in our seasons of drought, God provides!

  188. It seems everybody in my family is struggling in their own way. But they have not accepted God as their Savior. They need prayers, they need to see what God wants to do for them if they believe and trust Him.

  189. Thank you Gwen! Once again your inspiring words seem to reflect exactly what I needed to hear. I believe he is once again speaking through you to Help is on this path of life we are all just trying daily to figure out. Thanks for giving us a wonderful place to read when we are needing a little encouragement.

  190. I woke up to a message which I believe God knew I needed to hear! I have been desperate for answers & guideance and very much relate to a season of drought! Reading your message @ 4:45 am fed my heart with encouragement to “Press On”! One day at a time keep pressing on! Our God is faithful! Amen! Amen!

    1. Yes I feel the same way. Thank you so much for sharing these words of encouragement that blessed me so much this morning. Please pray for me as I am in the midst of a difficult time with my health. Thank you so much!

  191. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. During difficult times I forget you God. I forget that you are with me at all times. Thanks for the affirmation that I can trust you always God. Amen. Thanks Gwen for the reminder.

  192. Quitting

    I am not sure if the thought of quitting perhaps crossed Elijah’s mind at one point in his season of drought, One thing I picked up though was that he could hear God’s voice and act in obedience in whatever God was telling him to do at that particular time. I am at that season in my life where I feel like God is silent and I cannot even hear that still small voice that I need to obey like Elijah,They say he is never silent but seems silent to us when our prayers are not being answered but I guess when you have already made up your mind that you are quitting you have already eliminated any chance to hear him speak because your mind is already made up. After reading this blog I have made up my mind to hold on no matter what, if Elijah kept holding on I can also do it through Christ who strengthens me, that is why the bible says in James 5: 17 & 18 ( Elijah was a man with a nature like ours, and he prayed earnestly that it would not rain; and it did not rain on the land for three years and six months. 18 And he prayed again, and the heaven gave rain, and the earth produced its fruit.)

    Thank you for sharing, I am encouraged to hold on and trust him even when I don’t see or understand what he is doing because whatever the outcome, he always has my best interest at heart.

  193. Your study of the drought is God’s confirmation to me that my walk with him is not in vain. As a mother and all the different roles we have on life….it can be overwhelming at times…..but I know that with Christ, I CAN DO ALL THINGS!! HE IS OUR STRENGTH AND SALVATION!
    God Bless you, in your work for the Lord!

  194. I needed this today . My work life is so challenging I don’t think I can bear going in each day yet I need this job. I’ve been crying out to God to help me in this situation. And then I woke up to this devotion which gives me hope.
    Thank you

    1. Greetings and blessings from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ from another Beth. Hang on, He’s got your back. Keep hoping and praying. He will show you the way!

  195. It is good to be reminded of thankfulness. Looking back I can see times where God was how I got through each day. Interesting how each time I’m reminded to look back through my life for examples of where God provided they aren’t the same. While there are major events, it’s the small obscure times that show His constant love and support.

  196. I’m in a season of drought and despair. After serving in mission something seems to have happened and I just feel alone. I’m always ill and apathetic. Dwelling on negative things instead of good things. Don’t feel connected somehow. I used to cry at everything now I don’t cry at all.

  197. I am in a time of drought in my walk with the Lord at present where I have been running/ ignoring busying myself with whatever to avoid sitting down and just being with Him. Financially I am going through a difficult time and am finding it hard ti trust Him who always provides and never has ever left or forsaken me. My drought is empty, lonely and of my own doing.. whenever I do go to God He always forgives and provides my needs. I feel empty

  198. I can relate very much to this devotion/ blog of yours Ms. Gwen. I am currently in my dry season 🙁 been holding on for such a long time. Thank you for a fresh revelation about holding on to the droughts of life. Thank you for being used by God to remind me that I am not alone, sometimes during my prayer time, i asked/questioned God if He can hears me, then He answered through your blog and sometimes through other Christian writers that I follow and His bible word itself. Thank you for today’s word, God bless.

  199. I am at a job that I have no desire to do anymore. We sold our house to build in the country. I have been praying for many months for God to lead me to do His will. I thought I heard Him tell me something that He wanted me to do and I prayed specifically if God was calling me to do that then sell our house before the kids got out of school. Well it didn’t sell right then, but sold in July so that threw up confusion in my mind and felt maybe that wasn’t God calling me to do that, that it was me wanting to do it. My husband was not on board and I knew he needed to be on board that God wouldn’t call me to do something that my husband was not in agreement with. We are in different walks with the Lord. My heart so desires to please the Lord and do His will. I want to quit my job and even had my resignation typed up. But then some changes were made and with us building a house, I felt obligated to stay. My husband said if I quit then I would have to have another job by the time the house was finished. We currently do not have a rent payment which is a blessing. It keeps coming back to my heart that I want to quit and am miserable but I guess it doesn’t make sense to quit a job without having another one. I am not sure that I want to work at all. I would love to homeschool my children, but my husband is against that. I want to teach them as much as I can about God and His word and this world is so opposite of that. I want my focus to be more on them and raising them up not working for a paycheck. I would also love to do some type of Christian ministry but I cannot go back to school for that. I thought I heard God telling me to be a Christian counselor but not sure if that was Him or me.So many uncertainties right now. On my calendar today, Matthew 6:34 was on there. Please pray that I hear God’s voice and confirmation for what He desires me to do. I feel like I am just here at my current job, like it is draining me.

  200. Thank you for the devotion, it was just for me today as others have thought the same about the powerful words. I have been on the 10-day trust adventure and God has calm my nerves and lessen my worries. I am learning to gaze on him and not my circumstances. It is very hard to do when you see your situation gazing at you. But I know my God is bigger than my problems and I have to sit still and watch him work according to his will for my life. Please pray that I remind on the road of trust. Please pray I take God out of the box I often put him by not allowing him to bless me more than I ask for. I am learning to ask for the things I can not handle, do or that are out of my range of possibilities. God can do the impossible and I need to give him that what I can not do and step out of his way. Pray that I allow God to be God!!! I need to experience him and be delivered from my situation according to his will. Thank you for your devotions, they have carried and inspired me! Blessings to your work! Thank you!

  201. I read the comments and my hearrt goes out to all the ladies. I found GIG on this morning. I believe it was for me. I am in a drought in every area of my life. I am in that place where I have to totally trust GOD and it has been hard..but I am learning to rely on HIS promises. I pray that each woman prayer will come to Our FATHER’S heart and that HE will answer speedily..

  202. I’m glad I read this, I was going to delete it, but I w as drawn to it, and yes this was for me, I’m really in a drought season right now, my financial situation is very poor, I had to move in with my parents after my divorce, when the spousal support stop I went down hill, instead of looking up to the hills from which cometh my help I turned to everyone else, and I know better, but through it all I trust and believe God will bring me through. Please pray for me

  203. I just read Friday’s devotion I feel as I am in a drought. A year ago today my husband left and we were separated he was having an emotional affair. We’ve been back together now 9 months. I still am having the hardest time trying to let it go and not to relive it over and over. I know that God wants me to move forward and that he has good promise for me. My mind continues to wonder things and to my husband, I’m make accusations daily. I want to be free and at peace and for my husband to be as well it’s such a hard battle to fight if for some reason It seems impossible to win. I’ve waited at the foot of the cross and I keep picking it up please help me Jesus to leave it lay. I feel as though this is never going to end I feel like the harder I try worse it gets Jesus I need your help I’ve known and know I can’t do it alone.

  204. I feel sometimes right now that I am in a dry season, but he gives me the poems to write and I just had my first book published and it still at times feel that I am alone. I know that God is faithful and I’m not really alone and it’s not based on a feeling but I have to live in a place that I know beyound what i feel that God is faithful and he is in the mist of it with me. He is still providing, proctecting, and encouraging me in his word. Droughts are difficulte but do able, I can get throough this because there is something on the otherside of through we go through situtations we have a choice we don’t have to stay it forever. I am and overcomer thank you I didn’t see how I could write a book in this but God did, and I didn’t see how it would get published but God did there are some hard days ahead but with God I can make it.

  205. My name is Ashley Butler I have been married to my husband for going on five years and I love him with all my heart he is a different kind of man though but that’s what made me fall so deeply in love with him and it’s also the reason I made the worst mistake of my life he has never truly been in a relationship so I felt I was missing out on being treated the way a women should be treated so I left my husband moved in with another man and cheated on the man I love so dearly the most amazingly thing happened two Sunday’s go at church I prayed for the lord to guide and at that time in church I fell to the ground shacking uncontrollably and I heard a soft sweet voice saying go back home I wait a few days then I called my husband and asked if I could come home and he said come on so I’m back home and feel even closer to the lord but my husband is still so hurt by what I did will he ever forgive me will he ever stop thinking about me and this other man together please pray for my husband and my family thank you God bless you

  206. Gwen,
    Such a Zgod thing that I didn’t see this blog post until today. We all define drought differently. For me it is working 11 hour days six days a week as a single mom. I do not see any new relationships in my future, which makes me sad, and my work leaves me exhausted. Thank you for the scripture and words of encouragement, today.

    1. Amy praying God will provide rest to both yoyr physical body and soul. Praying that your children may look at your unwavering faith and be encouraged to do the same. Finally praying for a financial blessing and God’s guidance.

  207. Thank you Gwen! This , I needed and can relate to as well . I like to read the GIG devotionals on weekdays and when I kiss my local church service. I needed this so bad as my family and I are dealing with multiple health challenges , financial , and emotional struggles as well . Please pray for my family , friends , PHriends and each of those needing prayer above in the comments . God is great , God is always with us and he will see that our needs are met ! I believe and have hope that better days are ahead ! I am blessed already just to be here another day to see the beauty they he has created .

    May God bless you all my sisters …

  208. I am so very thankful for your ministry and this friendly reminder of knowing God is here with us through our dry droughtful seasons. September-January have always been difficult and depressing months for me but I made up my mind, this year is going to be different. This year, I’m not going to wollow in pity and feel sorry for myself. I have started a 21 day Burn for Jesus mission and refocusing my thoughts so I can fight to go into this holiday season grateful instead of pitiful. God has been so good to my family and I. I am fighting to give him better! I miss my family and it saddens me during the holidays to have so many reminders of what I don’t have but I refuse to focus on that and willl allow the gentleness of the Holy Spirit to remind me of ALL I have to be grateful for. Even during the drought, I KNOW, I am not alone!

  209. I thank God for His faithfulness towards us all. Reading all the comments and I’m amazed. God will surely answer us all.
    I woke up this morning feeling very sad and worried. I currently do not have a job and trusting God for a quick sale of my car to enable me pay for my children’s education. Provisions are running low. This devotional greatly encouraged and strengthened me. Also reminded me of God’s faithfulness in times past. I’m certain God will come through for us all and soon too. Also pray for my husband to know Jesus and to get our marriage back on track. I’m praying for God to take all the glory in this situation.

  210. I am experiencing drought as it relates to my finances and I’m struggling with being single. I need to trust God and obey Him in spite of my feelings. The fear of lack has plagued my life for so long. Sometimes I trust in money more than I trust in God. It isn’t intentional but it is my default place when life becomes difficult. I want my position to remain constant no matter what’s happening in my life. I want to serve God without reservations. I want to receive all that God has for me without delay. I want to get out of God’s way and let Him shine through me. I am a writer and I want to finish my first book before the end of the year. I just need to remain focused on Jesus.

  211. Please pray for me. I have been in treatment for 3 months for anorexia and depression. I am home now and I am in out patient treatment. This is so hard and I am so negative. My prayer life is not like it should be. I miss being in the Lord’s presence and want to worship and roll all my cares on Him. My marriage of 33 yrs. is holding together be a thread. Please pray for us.

  212. My family is going thru a drought as it is called as so many others are also. I found out yesterday my ex husband has stage 4 cancer in his lungs. I found this out thru our daughter. Please I am asking for healing prayers upon him. Although not together and we have forgiven both for our marital outcome. I wish with all I have he was not going thru this alone or at all. Please . Agree with me in prayer that the healing power of God comes upon him and turns this around. Although dark and looking bleak now, nothing is to dark or bleak for God to handle.

    1. Kim I am praying for your kid(s) as well as you and your ex. Hard times will be present but may God show himself to everyone involved but may he be a constant reminder that he is with us always for you.

  213. I am a recovering addict from alcohol/drugs..ive been sober since May 7, 2014. I recently lost my job August 8, 2016..due to a nervous breakdown from being off my anti depression meds for two months. I have a zero income. I received a 3 day notice, utility shut off and a number of other things. I thank God because he kept me sober. He sent many angels my way to provide me with food, encouragement, and most importantly prayer. I am humbly thankful to him..i can totally relate to Elijah and how truly faithful God is and always will be..thanks for sharing..please keep me lifted up in prayer.

    1. Renee, I am thanking God he kept you clean and praying for a financial blessing for you. God will provide, and may this only strengthen your belief my sister in Christ.

  214. Thanks for your encouraging message Gwen. It was exactly what I needed in our time of drought! I was ready to share our trials and testings while I was reading your devotion. Then I read some of the others’ stories. Wow! What my hubby and I are going through seems so pale and insignificant in comparison. Yet through it all I see clearly Gods provision generosity and faithfulness. He is with us every step of the way. Amen.

    Thanks to all those who share their stories….so heartwarming and encouraging. Praises and thanksgiving to Lord God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit!

  215. Thank you so much Gwen for this devotion, I felt like it was written specifically for me. The part about your son’s surgery got me crying because that is exactly what I’m going through. I was involved in an accident and the Doctors say I need reconstructive surgery because the accident affected my face and this part of the world where I live in surgery is very expensive but I am trusting God to provide for it. Today’s devotion has helped re-energise my faith because for the past week I have been down, I stopped praying, all I do is cry and question God. Please pray for me. Not just to get the money but for the surgery to be successful.

  216. Hello I have been in a drought for many years with so many family issues all because of mental illness and i could go on and on with a big list of specific things i would like prayer for but i also i am fed constantly by a renewed spring of Gods love and mercy during the drought of life and have and am still overcoming .

  217. Totally understand about the drought… Several years ago I published a daily devotional titled Dancing in the Drought. I thought the title came about because of the drastic physical drought that the Hill Country in central Texas was experiencing and my fixation on rain– or the lack of it. About half way thru the devotional I realized God was walking me thru my own spiritual drought. Took me 3 1/2 yrs to complete the book, but that journey with God was the most life changing experience of my life. All the rain in the world can’t heal a hardened heart. Only the living water that comes from our faith in Jesus Christ can fill the dry, parched cracks in our souls.

  218. My son in law, 37 yrs old has a detached retina and my daughter is expecting their 3rd child. Dr’s are waiting untill Monday to see if any improvement. They said that a couple days ago. They will prepare him that day for surgery. Then 6 months later surgery for cataract. They are both believers in Jesus. Even so, they are very stressed out. Please pray for them.

  219. This devotional was very fitting for this season of my life as were the 3 books i bought yesterday that God led me to. I recently lost my job last month. It was unexpected and i’m still transitioning. I don’t do well without structure and i need prayers that the unemployment insurance payments get approved. I answered the question wrong over the phone. So now i have a questionairre to fill out. Then they have to review to determine my eligibility. Thank you for your prayers.

  220. This was exactly what I needed to hear today. My family has been through about 5 years of extreme difficulty and loss. It’s been almost more than we could take and it’s still not over but looking back I can see how God’s been with us every step of the way. We’ve lost so much: our home, nearly all our possessions, a business, a marriage and my father. Yet I have a peace and a hope now that God is going to move in a mighty way and turn it into something amazing at some point, somehow. I see that so many are going through other difficult things too. Praying for you all! Thank you Gwen for being faithful and sharing messages of hope!

    1. Morgan you are certainly right, God can move mightily. Praying that he will do just that and will use your hard situation to glorify himself. Much love my sister in Christ and thanks for sharing.

  221. I just completed my Associates in Pharmacy Technician after a 2 year struggle. My daughter ran away and I lost my job it was really hard. I’m looking for work in my field and God has started repairing my relationship with my daughter who is 15. Some days I get weary because I have no relationship with my family. My parents are deceased and once I lost my job family scattered because I had nothing to offer them. So I relied on prayer and Hod to keep me alive. I just wanted some prayer warriors to just pray with me for steadfast strength to wait on God. Bless you

      1. God will keep you and provide for your needs along the way, in Jesus name. I am a witness. He is at this very moment walking me through my own journey and I know as well as you Natasha are in His grace.
        He will do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we ever ask and pray about.
        Restoring your relationship with your daughter is one step and He can restore your relationship with family as well. Keep trusting and moving in Him. Remembering always, “All things work for your good in those who love the Lord”. Blessings

  222. The devotional today is truly one I needed to read. If ever I felt like I was walking through a time of drought it is now. My husband and I were lead to live in the tropics two years ago and purchased a restaurant. Now we feel it is time for us to sell the restaurant as both of us feel we need to move back to our home country and be close to aging parents, our children and grandchildren. The waiting for the sale of the restaurant is beginning to take its toll on us. Both of us believe God is in the details of the sale and will work everything out for our good; we are just feeling impatient, anxious and at times restless as we wait.
    In my heart I know God provides but all too often this days my head is overruling my heart. Praying for strength to hold onto the truths of God’s Word.

  223. Thank you for the reminder that God, our loving Father, has promised to care for us. I’ve had Crohns Disease my whole adult life. I dreamed of having my own classroom for years and was over joyed when God placed me in a 5th grade classroom in a Christian school where I learned as much as my students. Sadly after 15 years and many health issues my doctor said I had to quit and remove myself from the germs kids. It broke my heart. But, because I was no longer working I was able to use my gifts of organization, leadership and teaching to encourage the ladies of our church through our Tuesday Bible Study and women’s ministries. His plans are so much better than mine.

    1. Praying for you Kelley. I know from experience that it can be hard to move on when God says it is time to, but I am faithful he will open many a door in your life to be able to use your gifts and talents. Praying for your health as well. Thank you for sharing your story.

  224. So many people struggling today. Surely the Lord’s return is right at the door. I pray that every need will be met today for ALL of you ladies reaching out to God! Thanks Gwen, for letting the Father use you in reaching out to all who are oppressed!

  225. Thank You…. Gwen for your ministry and everyone for sharing how this devotional has had an impact on each of us personally. I believe that God is using each and every one of us to accomplish His purpose and plan for our lives so that it Glorifies Him! I will continue to pray and ask for God’s anointing on us, and that we each abide in Him only. 1″Do not forget my teaching, but keep my commands in your heart” 2 “for they will prolong your life many years and bring you peace and prosperity” 3 “Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart” 4 “Then you will win favor and a good name in the sight of God and man” 5 “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; 6 “in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight” 7 “Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the LORD and shun evil (Proverbs: 1-7).” No matter how difficult the seasons become in our lives, we must remember who God is….. “faithful!, faithful!, faithful!” and is in Control! God loves you!, and so do i, in Jesus name!

    1. I love those verses. They provide me with the hope and faith I need each day.
      God bless all of you and please bless America. I saw a sign today that was so good….JesUSAves.


  226. Thank you so much for staying in tune, with God it gave me hope that things will get better , in my drought I need to understand that God knows were he is taking me I need to trust him more , so please everyone pray for me to keep the faith in times when you just want to give up.

  227. I was recently laid off and I know that God has a fruitful mission for my life. However, overcoming the fear of not having a steady income and knowing what direction to take to start the mission is my issue. I know God will provide but the struggle is so real.

    Thank you for your devotional this morning as it has convicted and encouraged me all at the same time.

  228. Please pray for me. I’m struggling in my finances. I am very faithful with my tithes. But I’m struggling very hard in my finances. I have a legal battle I’m facing and in praying that it will be dismissed. My children is actin g crazyand im trying to get my marriage back I track. I know God is doing something new, but I’m trying my bet to hold on. Living paycheck to paycheck is very hard. For the past three months I’ve been late on my rent, and other bills are falling behind. Lord when is my breakthrough coming!!!!!

  229. I am struggling with Hope and Joy. I love my Precious Saviour! With stage 4 cancer I have been blessed. Prayers for my Soul to replinish with every struggle that I do not lose sight of who I am. Precious child of GOD. God Bless you.

  230. Praying for each and every one in need!
    I’m asking for prayer as well. I’m 37 yrs old and suffering from a progressive form of Multiple Sclerosis and other illnesses. I’m a new grandma as well. I was diagnosed 4 yrs ago and have went down hill since. My hope and faith is in the Lord. I have many issues going on. Could write a novel ?. ?
    I know that everyone has there own story.
    Love your blog and it has touched my ♥.
    I thank God for each and every waking day. I know he’s got better plans for me. He’s an awesome God, and has been my rock!
    God Bless you abundantly and thank you! ?

    1. Will definately pray for you Amanda. Wanted to inform you of a book with a specific diet for people with MS and other autoimmune disease that has helped many people. The Whals protocol is what it is called. Definately worth looking into. Wish you the best. God bless you.

  231. I pray for the drought in my body and finances. I have been called to lead a small women’s group at a time that I am so pressed physically, financially and spiritually. As a single mom of 2 on my income alone. Lord help me to see you in every minute and serve with a joyful heart even when I am exhausted, pressed, squeezed and scared. Thank you Jesus.

  232. This devotional was for me today. God showed me this morning I have made an idol of relationships since I was 14 years old. Now I am 53. May He show me specifically how to topple this idol and burn it, never to be raised again. I choose God alone to be in that place in my heart and priorities

  233. I pray for the healing of our marriage and my husband. I pray he would have a desire to know you and lead us into your presence. I am so sad, Jesus. I long for an intimate relationship with the 3 of us! You, he and I!
    I pray for that natter and that matter only today.
    Please just put someone in his life that will encourage him to be a Godly man, as he dose not care what I say, something between us died long ago and there is little in our relationship that makes us close anymore.
    I pray you remove the cravings he has to drink and use. Continue to protect my own sobriety as well as his desire to stay clean. Bring it back sweet Jesus, Savior, all Mighty. King of Heaven I fall on my knees and ask that you just cradle us and our trials in the wings of your Angles. Allow us to reunite with the family we once had. Bring Joe and I into your presence Jesus.

    1. Lynn, as I read your prayer, I felt that I was reading something I wrote. I can relate to your situation very much, my husband’s name is Joey and also drinks and smokes marijuana. Our marriage is not what it use to be and I feel like we have hit a dead end. I join you in prayer and pray God gives us strength to keep going and as our faith strengthens I thank God for fighting the battle. I thank you Father in advance for the renewed marriage, our husband’s sobriety and salvation in Jesus name, Amen. Blessings Lynn!

  234. Thank you for the daily devotional I love getting them and they speaks to me.Right now im asking for prayer because im facing eviction and will have to go to court October 7 at 930am.This is an fair my daughter lost her apt and is staying with me with her 2 kids,now my landlord said i voilate my lease for having them with me til they find another place to live.Thank you in advance for your prayers on this matter.

  235. I pray for divine health.. In the season of being grounded I pray for God’s grace and healing and I long to learn how to praise God in the storm. That in the midst of pain I’ll experience His joy.

  236. Thank you so much for this Devotion, I feel like it was written specially for me as I am in a dry season right now. Am a single parent of 2 lovely daughters who have lost a job. And I would like to thank God for He has been faithful to me & my kids. I’m grateful for supernaturally providing and protecting us always in Jesus’ name. I still hope & believe that He will provide a job for me too.

  237. I feel like this was written for me . The drought has been so long. My mind tells me I am all alone and I panic and anxiety starts to take over (again). I read this and know I am never alone l just need to open my eyes and my heart. I find these comments are blessings, a sprinkle of rain in my drought. I pray for for all you. God bless you.

  238. I truly feel that God sent today’s devotion my way. I am in the midst
    of a drought. I am needing to go back to work after retiring from
    a 26 year career. My husband’s job is not able to make all the bills
    we still have. I interviewed for a job yesterday and it went really
    well. I am standing on God’s promises to bring this job to fruition
    for me. I am trusting with all my heart that this will be the day
    I can start contributing to our financial struggles.

    Thank you for today’s devotion and if you can send a prayer up
    for me.

  239. Have recently divorced. Not what I wanted. I pray constantly. The pain is deep. I pray for Gods grace and for him to take the pain. My whole life has changed. I feel the drought.

  240. I thank God for the ministries he has given me. Right now my heart is focused on the women in jail and prison that I minister to. I pray for them to have peace in the midst of their situations and for speedy release for those who most definitely deserve it. I thank God for the droughts in my that have taught me how faithful he is. He is still providing for me on a daily basis and making a way out of no way. I know that great things are in store for me and greater and better things are on the horizon for me. God bless you Gwen and the other GIG’s for your ministry and the help and support you provide to women all over the world.

    Love you Girl!

  241. This devotion is for me today. My husband is spending money we don’t seem to have. He wrote “separation” on a list of things he was thinking about, hung out with 2 women friends touring in Europe for a week while over there for 2 months for work, and want’s me to buy a car with the small paycheck I get so our son(19) can buy my car. I don’t know if husband is playing around and I’ll need said paycheck soon to live on. I have another son(17) who is confused about his faith and husband doesn’t want to deal with it. I’m taking it one day at a time mostly. Seeing a lawyer next week so I don’t make decisions that will screw things up even more and I also see a counselor. On the surface things look fine. But our marital foundation has been shaky for a while. Dear Lord, see me through this day with gracefulness. I am dry, so dry. Fill me Lord. Thanks for reading and praying, ladies.

  242. Thank you for such a great message this morning. The Lord is truly working. This has been a dark year and I’m blessed that God touched me in a special way. He’s made a way of out no way. He’s not done yet working on my marriage, my family, my heart and my mind but I know he’s faithful. My Jehovah Jireh! He’s continues to minster to my soul. God bless every woman on this prayer wall. God I call down blessing and miracles in your son Christ Jesus name Amen!!

  243. Thank you so much for your devotions! I have been in the valley of drought for about 2 years. God has been faithful through this time. I experienced job loss (still no work), pet loss, brother and father went to be with the Lord and my mom has Alhziemers. I’ve been a single mom all my life and once my nest became empty, i became a caregiver. Gone are my plans to finish school, move back to my home state and do mission work. I pray for Gods direction and strength for I am becoming weak and feeling no hope. But the core of my soul knows that Jehovah Jireh will see us through. It just may be very different than my vision. He’s got me on a different mission field. Thank you for reminding us that we are NEVER alone and when we don’t here him, he is here with us more then ever.

  244. Thank you for today’s devotion! God was really speaking to me through you. Thank you. It was a comforting and uplifting reminder that God is with me during my season of drought with complications from surgery, difficulty coping with my health issues (and not feeling good), questioning why I’m not healing, strains of employment, and financial issues. This was a reminder, that like Elijah, God is with me. I need to remain faithful, thankful and remember that he is always with me even in my drought. Please pray for me to get through this drought, to heal my body, and to help my husband find employment at home. I pray for you, thanking God for you and your words today. I pray for all the Ladies on this page today. Help them to get through their droughts. Thank you! ?

  245. This weeks devotions have touched me and resonated in my soul as I deal with drought. My drought, rare cancerous diagnosis resulting in sick leave from my career to undergo aggressive chemo. May God continue to grant me peace, patience and hope as I trust in Him to walk this path as He brings healing through this.. This is my prayer for my family as well. May God be glorified through this!

  246. I needed this message. I struggle with anxiety and worry all the time and feel guilty or that I’m not a true woman of God because I just don’t seem to have the ability to let go and give it all to Him. I pray for my drought of peace within mysel, my lack of trust and my finances. I know He will provide, He has never left me and is always with me. I pray that truth swallows me up today and days to come and I can find my peace again.
    Thank you!

  247. I needed the reminder that God is in control and i am not. Our pastor left and my husband is on the interim team. The last time this happened Satan threw everything at us. I am scAred of what may happen again. Please pray i will trust God like Elijah did.

    God has always been faithful.

  248. First “Thank You” for being there with your messages I get each morning at work.

    I’m a widow who has been on a journey/roller coaster for a long time. I’m in debt, needing to move or stay in my home because of debt. The fact I’m alone with no children makes me sad. I love people and would do anything for anyone. But the devil beats me up all the time when someone does not like me or will even give me the time. I know that is silly but living in Arkansas with no relatives and all family is out of state. Others are worse off I know but I struggle so much because of the debt I do believe. I’m worthy of paying my debts but need to know where the future holds. I would love to have a new companion and my prayer is Lord I would like to have a Nice Christian Gentleman who would love me for who I’am and likewise.

    Thank You Jesus for this blog.

  249. Thank you..This was truly for me… I am so blessed to have girlfriends in God…I just went through chemo, radiation and only by the grace of God did I make it through…I thank him for his provision.

  250. I just want to thank God for His continued grace & mercy. Thank Him for the vessel (Gwen Smith) He’s chose to use to bring forth His word. Truly He is worthy to be praised! I’ve been facing a drought myself. A spiritual one. I stopped reading my word, wasn’t praying as much. I just had so much consume me all at once from my health, family, finances, relationship & new baby that I wasn’t giving God the time that He’s worthy of. I wasn’t necessarily sinning, I wasn’t doing anything! I would tell myself, read your bible, read your bible…..may pick it up, but that was it! Guilt began to set in & I finally made more of a commitment to do so. Then recently I stumbled upon Girlfriends In God & I’ve enjoyed every topic brought forth as it all relates to me & my life in some way or another. I’m grateful for this ministry as it is helping me to get back to where I once was & connect back with my Father in Heaven in a more profound way! We all have a story or stories to tell & I could go on & on. But truthfully I’m ready to move forward in Christ Jesus, lay down my burdens at the alter & put on the full armor of God so that I may glorify Him in my life. Thanks for this outlet & letting me share. May God keep pouring into your spirit that you may bring forth good fruit.
    God bless…

  251. Thank you Jesus for all of my many blessings! My family is in a drought, my marriage is under attack! Each day is a struggle. I have given it all to God, he can offer his guidance to my family. My husband and I have chosen to actively seek God’s guidance to heal and rebuild our lives to make our choices for him.
    I am tired but I have faith. I now patiently wait for guidance and not to react on my pain of emotions.
    I just ask for prayer for God to continue to work in our lives to heal these broken relationships and pull us closer to him in our walk of life.

  252. Please pray for my mother. She has stomach cancer and will be getting surgery next week. We are asking God for whole healing and a quick recovery. Also pray for everyone involve in her care especially the surgeon.

    Thank you and God bless you all. Much love and warm hugs.

  253. So blessed to read all these testimonies knowing I am not alone in my struggles. God is ever faithful, we need to hang on to our hope in Him to the end. He is a good God. Our struggles draw us closer to Him and builds character. Despite health and financial issues, His grace and provision is sufficient.

  254. I pray daily for the healing of my broken family. I also pray for the peace to accept how that healing will culminate. I give thanks in my brokenness for the opportunity to be disciplined and reformed by His loving hands, for the mercy and grace that I have received in my darkness, and for the hope that is in store for us

    1. Praise God from whom all blessings flows, I’m in a financial drought, but I know God is my provider and help in a drought. I pray for my grandchildren, as their parents doesn’t have a good relationship, therefore the children suffer. The mothers withhold the children from my son, I pray for the day that all things are done for the right and the glory of the Lord. Please pray for guidance, financial blessing for my business, and peace for my grandchildren, as parents make decisions on there behalf.

  255. I am praying for God’s direction in my life. I need it in my career, finances, and to find my God given purpose in this life. Please pray for me to hear God speaking into my life. I think sometimes He is telling me to start a blog and minister to others but I am not sure if that is God or me??? I have felt led to pray for people on several ocassions lately on other blog posts. Trying to discern if this is God’s will for me…. And then there is the fact I have no idea how to start a blog??? Help

  256. Thank you for blessing my spirit with this today. It was just what I needed. Lord I will continue to trust that you have me covered through my drought.

  257. Gwen, thank you for today’s message, it truly blessed my spirit and grateful for the opportunity to grow beyond my previous position in life. God continues to bless me with growth opportunities in my life. Both spiritually and professionally. Showing me how to get out of my own way and allow His way to shine before me is nothing but continued amazement.

    I can honestly say that I am truly blessed for the droughts, regardless if I liked them or not. God has, and continues to, touch my life and grandiose ways.

    Thank you Jesus!!

    1. Tracy,

      I am so touched by your post. I am thrilled that God has shown you how to get out of your own way! I pray every day for Him to help me get out of my own way! I am encouraged that I will soon see God shining His way before me and I will be blessed with His growth opportunities in my situation. Thank you for sharing and the blessing you gave me this morning. God bless you al, the days of your life!

  258. The droughts of life are so difficult. I find myself looking at everything as a poss sign from God as to what I am supposed to do or act on and many times they are the devil trying to lead me astray. I am the Lord to please help make his path clear so that I can make it to where I am supposed to go and to make the path straight. In God’s name I pray. Amen

  259. My favorite aunt/2nd mom is on her death bed. She the last of my mom’s sisters and her best friend. My uncle’s (who I call ‘dad’) wife for 45 years this November. When she was diagnosed she would call me for prayer and tell me to contact my prayer circle. We all prayed and she would feel better, renewed. However she got worse and worse and it seems as if my prayers are no longer effective. I thought I heard the Lord tell me that He was going to bring her through this but everyday I see her deteriorating before my eyes. I’m beginning to doubt. I feel like I’ve failed her somehow because we believed together for her healing. I still honor the Lord through it but I keep asking Him ‘Why?’. Please pray for me for clarity and peace. Thank you.

    1. I lost my mother-in-law to cancer, after praying and believing. God showed me that he gave her the “most perfect” healing, by taking her home to the perfect home with HIM!

  260. Trusting God in the drought of my finances and pray I will learn all the lessons he wants me to through all of this. Ineed God is faithful. I have been working part time now for the past 7 yrs. My company said they could not afford to pay full and that it would only be until business picked up. Major projects have rolled in but no restoration. Just more work to do in less time. It has been hard and sometimes unbeatable, especially as a single mom, but God has always been faithful. I have seen his hand when I am at my wits end. I am humbled by my situation and have learned to adjust and adapt. I am trusting him for his constant provision and restoration of my finances.
    Thanks for the Word. Bless you Gwen.

  261. Thank you! I know God wanted me to read this today! My husband has done consulting work for years and we have gone through many dry periods. We are in the midst of one now. We are growing in Him, and have seen his goodness over and over again. I know that He is working all things together for our good, however I have to confess that there are moments when I feel tired and unable to take anymore. I was feeling that way this morning. I read your words and know He wanted me to be renewed. I rejoice in His promises and am expecting Him to bless us! Thank you for your prayers.

  262. Wow, you definitely can’t deny God is trying to get a word across to you, when you awake at 4a.m., reach for your bible and read the same exact portion of scripture that is sent to you in a devotion! Gwen, I’m like you… God, help me get this!! I know I’m in a drought, and I don’t want to be! But does any of us! We have no choice there! But, God, help me learn the lesson I need to learn in this valley of drought!! Thank you for the timely word!!

  263. I feel like your devotion was for me this morning. I was meant to read it. My anxiety and fear is overwhelming. In the last 2 years my dad died of cancer, then my beloved dog died, my husband’s company was taken over by another and that same week he was diagnosed with cancer. Now this week my husband lost his job. We now have no income or medical. I’m sitting here thinking about what I have to be thankful for, and found many. My husband will be cancer free 1 year in December, we have enough finances to get us through the end of this year, and today he has a job interview. I felt like the Lord left us, but he didn’t. It was me who left. Thank you for this devotion today!

  264. Please pray for my future son-in-law. First that he may come to know the Lord but also for the job interviews that he is going on. He lost his job this week. Pray for strength & grace for him & my daughter.

  265. I just started a new job which took a large leap of faith. I has been at my previous job for ten years as a server. I should add my second job. I left stability, good money and a steady schedule. I had been praying for a year for God to open another door as old job was very stressful. I have no doubt I am where God wants me, but tips are coming in slow, bills coming in fast. Please pray that I will continue to seek God and follow this new path He has put me on. I am very thankful for your daily Devotions. I look forward every morning to reading them. God bless you for reaching out.

  266. Thank you for allowing The Lord to use you to reach so many. He gave you a great word today. As I read through this blog it helped me to take the focus off of myself and my struggles to pray for some on this blog that my heart goes out to. He has always seen me through every drought and He will this one as well. I am overly blessed by Him even in the midst of my trials. Thankful for you and your word today.

  267. My husband and I have been praying for a child and have been told that we cannot have them ourselves. For six years we have struggled with several adoption agencies, surrogate families, potential pregnant mothers who have changed their minds (the list goes on)…We still humbly seek God’s will in our lives and know that whatever He has for us will be great. We are praying for God’s glory!

  268. This is exactly what I needed to hear. God has led me down a path I never expected and it’s been so difficult. However I know that this path is His will and he will see me through. My prayer is that I will be able to touch those He wants me to and that my daughter will still feel my unconditional love. So thankful for finding GiG and adding it to my arsenal of encouragement. Grateful for all the ways God shows his great love and boundless grace.

  269. Amen, such a rhema word that I can’t even express how this fed my soul. It took 45 min just to read as it meditated on certain parts again and again. My prayer is that Gods will for me becomes crystal clear and for the courage to embrace it wholeheartedly. I have financial needs, and want the healing The Lord desires for me. Even a godly spouse who will be excited to serve The Lord with me. Healing in my extended family(peace) and wisdom to raise my children. Finally deliverance from lust in every form: to have my way, to desires that wrestle with who I am in Christ. A mouthful I know but I don’t take speaking to the Almighty for granted. I appreciate your ministry. Thank you and God Bless you.

    1. Yes, I know about the wish for deliverance from lust of every form, to have my way, to desires that I wrestle with who I am in Christ. I have had a lustful relationship with a man and even though we never had contact we lusted for each other.Pray for us. God bless.

  270. EVERY day these devotions are for me! I have recently moved away from everything I have known for 38 years. My family needs much prayer as my husband has not moved yet because he needs to find work.
    My entire story is long, I would like prayer for my husbands work and for my two boys to see truth and come home!

    1. I pray for peace and for you family to get connected in the community in such a way that this move will bring abundant blessings in such a way that the move will be life changing in a good way. I don’t know your situation, but I have thought such changes out of our control are intend for Go to change, mold us and deliver us into a new stage in life!
      We just loved from Oregon to Yuba City CA and God has been using us in the field of ministry, but still, i miss my parents, nieces, great nephew and the city I was raised in.
      The change is painful at times, but I can see blessings in the horizon!
      oh yes. The biggest thing that hes helped is finding a Church Family. We have been led to a great Church! God has blessed us with a loving Supportive Church Family

  271. Really needed this!!! Thank u 4 being a vessel of remembrance of how my drought is purposeful. As we touch in agreement 4 all experiencing a season of challenge, we know that God is with us. He will not only see us thru, but make necessary provision along the way!

  272. Your message touched a place in my soul. Thank you for your thoughts. So many times in life’s struggles I get so caught up in the emotion and fear that I lose sight of the fact just whose will this is. I have to keep reminding myself that “it is thy will, not my will.” In the end God always creates a way to get through it and allows me happiness with the outcome. Yes, Father knows best. I have read several of the posts and wish each person blessings and comfort. Take care!

  273. Thank you for these awesome devotions that remind me daily we are in this together as children of the most high, who is faithful, just, loving, kind and in control of EVERYTHING!

    Your teaching of God’s word is quite an inspiration! May God continue to bless you on this journey!

  274. Thank you for writing about God’s provision for Elijah. It was an inspiration to me today when I continue to face great challenges in my job. I pray for clarity in handling all that is before me and for a joyful spirit!

  275. Thank you Gwen for that uplifting word. I woke up 4am this morning next to my husband who is going through a very hard time. He loves the Lord and wants to serve Him. The Devil is attacking him continuously. It is very debilitating. I do not like watching him struggle. Christ and Him have been my rock in difficult times. Now Christ and I are to be his rock. He tried reaching out to others for help, but no one has seemed to be able to help him. I know I can’t make him do things, but I pray God brings the right person in his path. I can think of two people, but I do not know if I should go to them or wait patiently for God to bring someone. I do not like sitting back and waiting, but I know if I interfere then it could make things worste. I am trusting God through this and am asking for prayer and wisdom in this situation. Thank you for all that you do. 🙂 God Bless

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this … You are an inspiration. Waiting on the Lord can be difficult. I went through a similar situation. And my thoughts were the same as yours lol lol. I would be out somewhere and think, “that would person would be perfect for my husband to talk to”. And I gabe “nudged” him sometimes and for the most part it didn’t work out any time I did that … Oooh boy lol. In this time I was praying the “head to toe” prayers (you can find them on the GIG site) and I was praying for God to send my husband Godly men to spur him on and edify him. And He did!!! And He still is. For my husband God needed Him all by himself, as I have needed sometimes too. Through this my husband has learned more to rely on Him and it has been a great reward for me trust that God would draw him near to Him and anyone else that He saw fit. I prayed for you sister keep up the good work?

      1. Thank you so much for that Susan. That was much needed! I’m so glad we can bless each other in our different similar experiences. What a blessing. God is good!!!

        1. God’s Gal and Susan,

          Thank you both. I am in a similar situation and keep praying and praying. I think it is taking so long, because I have tried to intervene too many times, ha ha. I do trust the Lord will help my husband, but I am human.

          And thank you Gwen for your inspiring words.

  276. Wow this blog was so awesome. I have been battling a condition for over 6 years but God has never left my side. He has provided financially and He has provided in the outpouring of support and love around me. He Has allowed me time to be with Him alone and write and share with others. Our God is amazing. Thank you.

  277. Gwen, the timing of your post was a God Wink for me. I have been having health problems and my husband has been out of work for almost two years. My son has been estranged from me for 12 + years. There are definitely times I feel like giving up but I know how good our GOD is. I know God is using this for HIS good. I thank you for your uplifting words! God will see us through. I know HE holds us and has a great future in store for us!

  278. I feel so down sometimes. I have had a very difficult year my husband has been insulting me a lot and cheating on me with a very young girl. He has even beaten me up. He is currently undergoing treatment for cancer. I desperately want God to heal him and restore our marriage.

    I have been lonely in my marriage for 11 years but I love him so much

    1. Dearest Heelen,
      You are not alone in your struggles. Many other marriages are going through the same thing. If you haven’t already read these books, I highly recommend them. For your husband (and you, too) “Every Man’s Battle” and for you ‘Every Heart Restored “. Give your husband the Battle book and tell him you love him. Then pray for God to open his eyes and heart. If he makes it through that book, then ” Every Man’s Marriage”. God bless you and your marriage.

    2. My heart goes out to you my sister. If I could be there with you to help you out, I would. I pray that God will surround you in His love completely! I encourage you to look beyond your ‘mess’ for the blessings that God WILL provide for you (He IS faithful and just). I pray for your husband’s healing (in many ways!) we are children of a most loving God!!! We are loved!! Praise and glory to Him!

  279. There has been one trial after another, back-to-back attacks but I know my redeemer lives and I am trusting God in all I do. Sometimes it feels like I’m fighting these all by myself so prayer us appreciated.

    1. Thank you Pat for sharing. He is ALWAYS by your side and He ALWAYS goes before you!!! Don’t forget that. The enemy wants you to believe that you are by yourself and that simply is a lie! A great book I would recommend is “Crash the Chatter Box”. The pastor that wrote this also did a a 6 sermon series on the book. This has helped me so much. The Chatter Box is the enemy. You are never alone sister! I prayed for you this morning?

  280. This was definitely an awesome devotion. One that i can relate to not only for my circumstances but fir some of my church sisters. I know that this devotion as with many other reminders that God sends me helps me to put all situations in perspective. I am thankful to Gid because as His word says through His apostle Paul, I have learned to be content in all things. Thank you for sharing this fabulous devotion this morning.

  281. I so needed this today, we’ve been in a drought for some time now and it seems like it’s getting worse. It’s just one thing after the next. I know God is faithful I have to stand on his word and trust him, it’s in these quiet times from him and it seems like there are storms around us some days are hard

  282. My family and I would appreciate your prayers. My husband lost his job about a month ago. This is the third time in three years he has lost his job.Things are not well at my job. My boss and coworkers are treating me very badly. I ask if I can do anything to help they tell me no. Then I get in trouble because they are over worked. I honestly believe that they are trying to push me out. Saddens my heart, because all I want to do is help. I have only been at this job for a full year. This is my second job in three years. My husband is a the associate pastor at our church, we were called to the church back in August. I just feel that we are being attacked on all sides. My boss wants to meet with me Monday morning. So now I have this weighing on me until then. If I lose my job we will have no income. We really need a miracle. Please, please pray for us. Not sure why we find ourselves here so often.

    1. Ooooh sister!!! Thanks for sharing you are telling my story. The enemy propulsion the earth looking to see who he can kill and destroy. Remember a few things, you guys are ministry and he’s going to attack you more because of that BUT GOD … is faithful and sovereign and He has already won! Gods plan will always be no matter what!!! Even when things don’t look good and maybe even evil. Remember Judas … he betrayed Jesus BUT that is what was needed to fulfill Gods plan for Jesus to go to the cross for us right. So know that Gods plan reigns over everyone and everything!!! Hang close to His promises sister? im praying for you guys

  283. I thank God for everything he has done for me, he took me from nowhere and put me somewhere really God is working with us even if we are in Draught. Amen

  284. Thank you for your words of encouragement. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately and your message today focused on everything I have been going through.please pray for me to continue having faith that God will provide andbring me through this drought.

  285. I pray for everyone that has responded to this passage. Our droughts do lead us closer to the Lord. He will never leave us or forsake us. He wants us to rely entirely on Him and His word.


  286. I want to say thank you for being obedient to the Holy Spirit. Your obedience in speaking, writing and singing God’s truth has blessed me and countless others more than you will ever know. Today I come in agreement with you in prayer that God will bless whatever your hand touches and future endeavors you pursue simply because of your faithfulness and obedience. Please pray that God quicken my spirit and allow me to be obedient to his call for my life. And thank you for being an example of what it looks like to listen and obey when God speaks. May the oil of your anoitining be like that in the jars of the widow woman who helped Elijah in your season of drought (because let’s honest Lord knows the drought can be real smh). Love you always and want you to know you and your other GIGS are such a blessing to those in the Joshua generation like myself who struggle with their call. Please keep me in your prayers and as always I will continue to the same.

  287. Thank you so much for this encouragement. Please pray for me. I’m feeling so worn out and just weary. God has been so good to me and I’m sure my attitude at the moment really isn’t right. I’ve just been asking God to forgive me and to help me. I’m definitely needing His grace today. God bless. Ruth

  288. God found me in the middle of a drought, and slowly but surely pulled me out of a well paying career into ministry. While I now help more people than I ever imagined, in ways that often have eternal consequences, I sometimes feel like I am the one who benefits most. He has grown me, and continues to, mostly by softening my heart. I’m oh so grateful!

  289. Thank you for your faithfulness to always bringing the message of the Lord across. There are just arent enough words to express my gratitude.

  290. Thank you for this great encouragement!!! I am going through an illness that has been keeping me from working. Havent had income coming in for two years now. Using my time to grow closer to God. Trusting Him more with everything. Knowing He has a good plan for me. He is preparing me for what He has for me. He is working on me, and on my character. I want to be more like Jesus. Asking Holy Spirit to lead. me everyday cause I need direction and instruction daily. God is my strength in this, and thanking Him that He will make a way for me each day……I ask Holy Spirit to fill me up with the fruits of His spirit. I cannot make it without them. Needing more of Jesus, Diana. 🙂

  291. I’ve been in a drought for many years. Satan is working very hard on my heart and mind. I con’t. to read my Bible and do my devotions daily. My prayer life is not so good. I do talk to God throughout some days. I’m struggling with anger, distrust and pain. I believe, but I’ve lost the feeling most times. I keep asking God into my heart. Pray for me.

      1. Dear sister. Know you are loved. accepted and are complete in Jesus. You truly lack nothing. Knowing you are loved , believe and trust in His unfailing love
        To all our sisters in Christ. Praying we can all embrace His unfailing love… Our circumstances might not change but our hearts sure can
        In love and prayer to all our girlfriends. Nancy