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Whether it’s over a steaming mug of dark roasted coffee, a frilly lunch served at the local sushi restaurant, or a power walk in the wee hours of the morning, my accountability partner and I meet regularly to speak into each other’s lives.

We trust each other.

We challenge one another.

I’m a better woman because she’s my friend – because she speaks with honesty and courage – because she is for me – because she turns my heart toward God and His ways.

As much as I love girlfriend time – and I truly do love girlfriend time – there’s a depth to this particular friendship that flows to the core of who I am. I often feel uncommonly exposed during our conversations. Vulnerable, yet safe. She gets in my grill about my priorities, marriage, mothering, ministry, and faith matters … and I welcome it. I need it.

We all need friends.

We need people in our lives that will love us where we are and help us get to a place of higher living. We need friends that will hold us accountable to God’s standards – friends that sharpen us.

The Bible makes a compelling point about this type of friendship. Iron sharpens iron; so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend [to show rage or worthy purpose].” (Proverbs 27:17, AMP)

Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary on the Bible says of this principle: “We are cautioned to take heed whom we converse with. And directed to have in view, in conversation, to make one another wiser and better.”

Consider your friendships today.

Do you have any friends who sharpen you and challenge your “worthy purpose”? Who make you wiser and better? Is there anyone in your life who asks you tough questions, shares godly truths, and confronts you when you need confronted? If so, thank God for her. Purpose to connect with her regularly, grant her permission to continue to speak into your life, and ask that she give you permission to do the same.

Are you that friend to anyone? Do you long to have deeper friendships? If you find yourself in a wide pool of shallow friendships, I’d encourage you to pray about it. Pray that God would bring meaningful friendships to your life and that He would teach you what it looks like to be a good, godly friend.

I love to come along side of you through this blog – to spur you on and encourage you towards Christ, but I could never replace the real-life friendships God intends for you to have. “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!” (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10, NIV)

When we have a friend that sharpens and we become a friend that sharpens, our lives are enriched. Think about what our churches, our neighborhoods, our marriages, our work places, and our lives would look like if we all had this type of friend in our lives.

Helen Keller said it beautifully: “Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.” {A Tweetable!}

Dear God, Thank You for friendships. You know the people in my life and the needs of my heart. Please help me to grow as a woman in my ability to pour into the lives of my friends. Help my heart be open to godly, constructive feedback that a friend might speak to me, and give me the capacity to love my friends as You love them. In Jesus’ name, amen.


What friends came to your mind as you read this today? Forward this email to her/them!

Send a card, an email, a letter, or a text to a friend today … just to bless her.

1 Corinthians 15:33 says, “Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character.” Are there any friends in your life that are toxic? If so, prayerfully consider how that relationship affects you, your family, and your faith. If a friend encourages you to make bad choices and to live contrary to God’s Word, then it’s probably time to reconsider the friendship.

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  1. Good Post sitting here in Tears pouring down Im 30yrs old i have prayed so long to have a True Sister in Christ thought i had some they never ask how i am make excuses i have jumped oceans for So called Sisters In Christ Got burned in return Im still praying God sends that deep side I need instead of giving and giving my all dont want to give up sure hurts though and many nights crying to God Godbless

    1. Post
  2. It doesn’t look like I have friends anymore. I cry alot because I have no one except my husband and my sister. My sister is alwats to busy with her life. I don’t seem to have a life as I lay in my bed getting more an more over weight feeling so alone I don’t know why I’m still here..what is my pupose? I have been prsying for God to please bring me a christian friend whom can help keep me steered in the right direction. I use to have so many friends my sistrr and others were always jealous because I had so many people surrounding me and in my life. Well since I became. Born again and got sick had to be put on disabilty so all the money I use to make was no more. No more nail and haur appts..can’t afford clothes..I all of a sudden realized all my friends eere gone!!! I’m also looking for a church praying that I would find a great friend there. I can’t go to church by myself. After so long of having no one I’ve went from a social butterfly to being afraid to leave my house or be around people I don’t know. I was the leader of the pack. I was the strong one not afraid of anything. I was always helping and doing for my friends when I had money. What happen to me? How did I end up alone?

    1. Because God did you a favor- He did something for you you cannot do for yourself and within that; now having said that the meaning of a person does not lye in the money they have or in the clothes they wear or in the car they drive. It’s what’s inside the person that counts not what’s inside their bank account. I have had the best & the worst in life and can tell you that the best things in life are things money can’t buy!!

  3. Hi, I am going out with my therapist tomorrow and am feeling anxious. Please pray for me that we have a lovely time & feel the joy of the Lord. Pray that I am a victor not a victim. Marion

  4. I believe in Jesus and love Him but I don’t read the Bible but read books that have the Psalms and other prayers on the Net. Pray for me as I suffer from Anxiety and depression and want to be free of Anxiety.

  5. I had a girlfriend who encouraged me, admonished me with love, and pointed me to Christ. She died last month and I feel as though a part of me died with her. I am blessed with a Sista friend and Spirit Sista who just who just happens to be the one who sent me your devotional.

    1. You are in my prayers. Ik EXACTLY how you feel. Glad you have someone to get you out of the house. God Bless

  6. My special friend, Diana, and the 7 women in our Bible study group. These women do keep me sharpened.

  7. I really don’t have one right now, I’m go thru a tough time with my husband and I’m ashamed of his actions, so I really just stay to myself. I know after reading the passage that I need to bond with one of my christian lady friends. Thanks.

  8. I’m not sure I have one right now. I need to pray about that and create this deep bond with one of my Christian girlfriends.

  9. My sister encourages me helps me through rough times. I am at a place in my life where I don’t have close friends. I so long for Godly close friends for me & a friend who’s husband will connect with my husband. I’ve been praying for God to bring friends in my life. It’s so hard to find good friends these days. I have had so many bad experiences. Please pray for me. I truely appreciate it. I love your daily messages they encourage me so much. Thank you♡♡ May God bless you in a special way♡

  10. My dearly friend who sharpens me is Shannon. She does not sugar coat anything and because of that I am very appreciative of her!

  11. My best friend Tina will keep me sharp as well as Susan…they are a lot a like. They never met and live in different states but both will sharpen and challenge me. And, whether I like to admit it or not my sister, Deborah, does too. lol

  12. My friends who sharpen are Louisa and Teresa. God is so good to have blessed me with these precious sisters in Christ. There are more, too! May I be a good sharpener to them and others.

  13. My friends Jamie and Patti are my sharpners. I know I will get the honest truth from them and they will hold me accountable.

  14. My sister is the one who sharpens me and helps me walk closely with God. She always has a word of encouragement when I’m depressed. She is constantly praying for me and advises me to pray and read the word at all times. There are days when I’m depressed and she’ll randomly send me a video of hope. I thank God for her everyday. Because of her, I’m learning how to trust the lord more and more each day.

  15. Wow! I just love reading all the comments our sisters in Christ have left on this site! So many of us walk the same walk! Friendships from childhood that have been everlasting ones; friendships where girls have “re-connected”; those of us who have the same experiences . . . a family loved one incarcerated and a good friend is there to save us; a beloved friend battling cancer and yet remains strong in her convictions in Christ that she remains stronger for ME in my life challenges. I think God must be smiling when He reads our comments. He knows that we seek inspiration from Him in reaching out to each other. We “hold each other accountable to God’s standards”. And, thank you, Gwen Smith, for being the Believer you are as you help and inspire me to walk in the steps Christ has designed for me!

  16. My awesome best friend is Theresa. She came into my life November 2013 when I was going through a tough time (my husband was in prison). She has listened to me numerous times and has given me guidance and has told me what I needed to hear (even if I didn’t like what she said). She continues to show me unconditional love while I’m going through my divorce. I believe soul mates can also be found in friendships, she is mine. Her relationship with God is amazing. I hope one day she will see the greatness in herself as others see in her. I just love it when God brings people into our life just the exact when we need them most.

  17. My sister is the one who sharpens me and helps me draw closer to the Lord. She is amazing and has a way of ‘seeing’ things that I long for. She sees and hears from the Lord. She is my mentor and best friend.

  18. My precious friend Carrol has been a ‘sharpening’ tool of God since I was a wee 2 yr-old. She was my very first Sunday School teacher! We recently reconnected after a separation of about 10 years (I went to college and moved to NYC, a long way away from a small town in SC). God literally spoke to me while I sitting in the airport at LaGuardia last Christmas and told me to find her. Mind you, we were only very loving acquaintances who would joyfully hug and smile when we saw each other in church over the years, but she kept up with me as I aged by sending cards, until I moved from my first apt in NY and she no longer had my address. I didn’t realize what a jewel she was in my younger years because I wasn’t mature enough in my walk to understand what a blessing a ‘sharp friend’ is and I was struggline through personal circumstances that left me with blinders on. We speak daily now, exchanging worship songs & choruses every morning and send scripture-filled cards regularly. One of the first things she told me when we reunited was that she never forgot my birthday and I always stayed in her thoughts (AND PRAYERS) these 30+ years! She has breathed a fresh wind into my life, giving me love and encouragement and deepening my faith by example. I call her my “Godmother” because I never had one and there’s 40.5 years between us. She is such a wonderful accountability partner. She’s the sweetest friend I have and a wonderful, Christian lady. I would love to be a recipient of a copy of your digital songs, because the first thing I would do is share with her. Songs are our love language. God bless you and YOUR tools for accountability and study.

  19. I have 3 specific blessings who come to mind as I consider this question. The first is my eldest sister in love Adrienne, who is more like a mother to me than sister. (She was married the year of my birth, so her wisdom and discernment have been there for me during the entire 33 years of my marriage. Through the highs and lows, she has been a constant voice of truth, encouragement, and chastisement whenever appropriate. Always loving, she is truly my mentor. The second is my best friend Steph, who is my age, but her personality perfectly compliments mine. (She shares a birthday with my husband, and like him, she completely has the strengths to offset my weaknesses.) In spite of the fact that we are now separated by 700 mikes, she is the one person I can call, day or night, if I need an ear to listen…or a shoulder on which to cry. And…..the situation works in reverse as well. She knows she can call me anytime/ 24/7. Truly a best friend. The third one shared your post with me today, and her timing was impeccable. I am feeling fragile today for a number if reasons, and somehow she knew it. The Lord, through his Holy Spirit, has bonded us in such a sweet way. I love “my Kelly” so dearly…I am grateful for each of these dear sisters in Christ. It occurs to me as I conclude this…that each of these ladies represents a different generation. The first is my Mom’s generation, second, my own, and Miss Kelly is the age of my daughters. How wonderful is that?Thank you for allowing me to share this in print. It has lifted my spirits to reflect on these special blessings in my life!

  20. I love how God plans the times and places we should live (Acts 17:26). Yet I am still in awe of the friends I have placed in my life – Emily (who moved from around the world to marry an Aussie which made us neighbours and who I can share anything with), Gillian (who always notices the little things and helps shape me to be a better mum), Chelsea (who although 20 years younger than me is so wise in her Bible knowledge and always has Godly advice for me) and my daughter Bek (who has been a Christian for four years now …she’s 20… for the family and at home …integrity…stuff that sometimes only family know and picks me up on it). They are my favourite girlfriends … how funny, they are some of the ones who’ve challenged me the hardest…and I love them the most.

  21. Unfortunately this blog indicates that this sharpening friend is female. In my case, my best friend is male. We talk about pretty much everything and can definitely tell each other when to smarten up 🙂 Hopefully our future spouses (if we ever have them) benefit from us teaching each other both how to deal with the opposite sex, as well as urging each other to grow and become better people. I know I have learned a lot by having him in my life, and I know he has learned a lot from having me in his. We trust each other completely and tell each other everything.

    Please don’t assume this only happens with females!

    1. My best friend is a guy I was his “Bestman” and he was my “Maid of Honor” I helped him connect with his wife

  22. My friend of 26 years, Joy, immediately comes to my mind. We met for the first time as I got out of my car he first day at my new job Joy walked beside me and introduced herself as we went inside the building. As it turned out our offices were right next to each other. Her friendship remains a treasure I am thankful for.

  23. i have 2 godly friends and mentors in my life that has been everything quoted in your devotion today. its hard sometimes to take the truth…but coming from them is so different becz I know they have my best at heart. Thank you Lord for Hannah Hearn and Sheila Stewart. May you bless both of them today for pouring out your Love to me and many others. and Thank you Gwen and all the Girlfriends of God for your daily devotions. my life has been changed for many years reading the devotions daily. May God bless you all and your families.

  24. I have had one friend, Erin Major, who has offered me support and accountability in my past. I don’t get to see her often and I really need to develop some new friendships. I became a Christian a little over 5 years ago and it has been a lonely journey. My husband is not a believer and my old friends and I have nothing in common now that I’m a changed woman. I have spent the last few years constantly feeling hurt and left out. I’m still working on those issues now. I will be so grateful when God brings someone new to my life.

  25. I am blessed to have a very Godly best friend in Mary Arnold. I know that she is always there for me, come what may. We met at our pastor’s Christmas party almost 20 years ago, when we were each pregnant with our babies, who were born exactly 3 weeks apart. Our kids also have a life-long bond. She is such a blessing in my life and is my “shoulda-been” sister.

  26. I currently do not have that type of friend or any at this time but m u husband. I pray if it be God’s will he blessese with an accountability friend. I have been that to others, but they only wanted me to sow in to there lives. Not bashing them, it just happened to be that way. Being a Pastor’s wife can get lonely, but I am grateful for being chosen. Bless all of you with good friendships and always cherish them.

  27. My friend that sharpens me in Robin Lavis. She doesn’t just tell me what I want to hear, she encourages me to face the hard stuff. She is interested in my life and asks and cares about what is dear to me. I love our time together, she is truly a dear friend.

  28. I have a few friends that sharpen me. First and foremost is my mom and my sister. They are the anchors to my soul. They are honest and love me unconditionally. I can rely on them, trust in them and I know that no matter what, they love me. Then, I have two friends, Carol and Maria, that I meet with once a week as mentors. We encourage each other, bare our hearts with one another and pray (right in the middle of Corner Bakery every week) for each other. I am so thankful for these women. They are my gift from God!!!

  29. My friend that sharpens is Margaret Peel. I love this woman so very dearly, she encourages and she tells me how it is when I need it! Her house is a place of refuge when I need to get away. We always look to the word for our issues. Praise God for friends! Amen

  30. It’s important to have friends of all ages. We have to be sure that we have friends that surround us that encourage us to be better. Yes the Bible tells us ” Iron sharpens iron; so a man (or woman) sharpens the countenance of his friend.” I thank God for sending me Tonia, Tia, Claudia, Katie, Karen, Samantha, Jasmine, LaToya, yes.. even you Alex. They see the greatness in me even when my view may sometimes be a little cloudy. I love you gals and thank God for you today and always.

  31. Wow, the timing of this article was amazing. I am in a graduate program at a Christian college and living with four other girls for a few weeks. We have already had many iron – sharpening conversations. Specifically, I am attending with my friend and colleague, who has recently begun a serious dating relationship for the first time. I was honored when this morning she asked me to be her accountability partner to help her through the physical temptations of her relationship. I am praying that God will show me how to meet her needs and that He will use my checkered past to help her maintain the boundaries she sets and that He will show me how to guide in a Biblical way. Through the fellowship of my camps sisters and the guidance of the Word and other spiritual leaders, I can only pray to be worthy of such a task. I am also thankful for my friend’s continual presence and leadership in my life, as she has sharpened me tremendously since my full acceptance of Jesus into my life several years ago.

  32. I treasure the friendship I share with my GIG, Kim. She definitely sharpens me. I pray that I learn more how to do the same for her. Kim inspires and challenges me through her own physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges. She is definitely an encourager in my life, and I thank Almighty God for planting her in my path.

  33. I have a few special friends and one is on vacation and I miss her so much but am happy for her and realize she needs this time away. She is not a local friend but I have known her for almost 30 years so she knows every thing about me yet still loves me and vice versa. Each of my friends have watched how God has and is transforming me and even though I am in the depths of the valley they are still there for me : praying, encouraging, listening and so much more. I am so thankful for each of my friends and even more thankful for my greatest friend: Jesus!!! Because without him I am so alone and broken but with him I know I am never alone and he loves me for who I am.

  34. Laurie Anderson, Gaylene Chrystie, Sarah Fish, Christina Kocurek, and Shaleena Russell. Love them all and they ways they make me, tell me, encourage me, and show me how to be more Christ-like!

  35. My Friend is you Gwen Smith, everyday I look forward to reading my email because of Girlfriends in God. This may not be what you are looking for in a response. But I want to say, from the struggle I am currently going through and my family around me, I have to be strong and seek every word of God to help me though each day. Your messages help me and comfort me. I dont have a close friend to speak with but I have your words through God that talks to me and gives me a better light in things. Thank you for being my Girlfriend.

    1. I wish there was a “like” button to press for the responses here. Christal I love your open hearted answer to Gwen’s question.

  36. My friends are Angelina, Fontaine, Shannon, Estella, Mary, and Sybil. My mom, my daughter and my biological sisters are my true friends as well.I have been blessed to have been friends with at least four of these beautiful ladies since I was in elementary school! God has had it where we are still connected and are like true blood sisters. I’m fortunate to fellowship with several of my friends each week at church under the same ministry. I can’t thank the good Lord enough, for not just blessing me with blood sisters, but blessing me with His blood, sisters! I’ll be forever grateful His abounding love that He shows and gives to me through others.

  37. I am so blessed to have several friends to sharpen me (Pat,Toni, MaryAnn). But this last week has been special because I reconnected with my best friend growing up. We went our separate ways in the mid 70’s. She contacted me last week and we reconnected on a spiritual level. She was saved in the late 90’s. She on fire for Christ and even teaches Bible studies. I have prayed for her salvation daily for over 40 years. She knows better than anyone except my husband. I could tell instantly we were going to be each other’s iron even if over the phone. Praiseing the Lord and thanking God for answering prayer.

  38. My friends Kim and Linda. Kim has been there for 15 years through thick and thin, through the good, the bad and DEFINITELY the ugly. Linda has known me all but 5 years of my life. She too has been there through thick and thin, through the good, the bad and through the ugly. I am who I am because of these 2 beautiful women of God. I owe everything to them and God.

  39. I have a few wonderful friends! Lisa E.(also my aunt), Lisa V., Carol, and Tami and Tonia. Lisa E. and I are the same age so we have grown up together, we have fought, played, laughed, cried, raised our kids together and grieved together. The other ladies have been friends for many years also. Tami and Lisa V. and I had kids that grew up together. Carol is also family by marriage on my husbands side and Tonia is my former sister in law that I got to keep in my divorce. But best of all is the fact that we are all Sisters in Christ together at the same church! I love these ladies with all my heart and I am greatful that they are in my life to do life with me!

  40. My mom is a real girlfriend in God to me. We have both found faith in the past 15 years, and as we have journey with God, our relationship has also journeyed. As adults now, we can be honest with each other and hold oneaother to account. We often have spontaneous prayer together, and although I know she’s always been a great listener, I am aware that now she listens through God’s filter and is able to pour his heart and word to me in her loving feedback. I pray that God will be my filter as well!!

  41. I have four wonderful, amazing girlfriends in God. Amy, Laura, Marylu and Lillian. My best friend of four years decided he was no longer interested in being my best friend. We have implement lost contact. These four girls have shared love, compassion, questions, faith, and most of all companionship to help me see that the friendships I have in my life (the true ones) are right in front of me 🙂 I thank God every day for them and tell them that all the time!

  42. Lori is my food coach and spiritual encourager. Gloria is my BFF for 28 yrs who knows EVERYTHING about me and loves me anyway, she holds me up when I can no longer stand. Diana, my mom, my friend. ..she’s my heart! Without these woman. …?…..

  43. Candace, Sandy, Rosemarie, and Ann—-these women have held me up, loved me when I was unlovable, encouraged me when all seemed hopeless, and have never let me forget that I am a creation of our God and Father Most High. We raised our children together, learned from one another and with one another how to be blessings to our husbands and to strengthen our marriages to the point of truly reflecting Christ’s love. And, although we all live in different states now, we continue to have our girlfriend weekends every couple of years. When we reunite it is as though we have never been apart. During our weekend time, we laugh, play, and act down-right silly. But our weekends never end without a designated time for us to talk deeply about our lives, our families, and our purpose in God. We pray, we cry, we share, we cry some more, and worship our Father. We are one anothers’ life-lines in a crazy, world-infested life that seeks to tear us down. Instead, we are set apart from the darkness and are able to rejoice daily in the Light that surrounds us—whether a thousand miles apart or on a well-deserved weekend! I can say with 100% assurance that I love these precious women with the Love of the Lord and I know they feel the same for me!

  44. Christ. Communion with Him through His word and by the power of the Holy Spirit. Then my husband who sees me up close. Women are harder…LW

  45. As I read this on Girlfriends in God, I found myself going through my friends. & I realized I don’t have any friend like you describe. And that made me sad. I am in a wide pool of shallow friendships. I will pray that God guides me to such a person. Thank you for your wonderful words today.

  46. God blessed me with different friends for different seasons and various trials of life…child rearing, marriage support, and prayer warrior friends: Diane and Connie. Travel & shopping buddy: Mary, Bible counselor: Theresa I may go weeks without seeing or speaking to any one of them, but when I do…we are able to pick up right where we left off. I thank the Lord for bringing them in to my life…His timing is always perfect.

  47. My friend, Morgan, is mine. Ours is a newer friendship that started over the past year. We met in an online community and then began chatting over Skype. I came to find out that she was a God-loving woman and that opened up the gates to a new road in our friendship. I have been in a backslidden place over the past 10 years and not a part of the church for most of it… so finding a friend who is so on fire has been such an encouragement. She has help me begin to feel as if i can trust the church community again. We share devotionals every morning and talk/share things with each other. I’ve never lost my faith in God in my life, no matter what I’ve been through, but I’m so glad to have met this amazing woman that has helped me feel as if I can be a part of the God’s family again.

  48. My aunt is mine. She is eight years older than me. She strengthens my faith when I get discouraged. She is my biggest supporter in life. But also doesn’t mind pointing out when I am beginning to rely on myself and not God. I have multiple sclerosis and so I have had many struggles to overcome and she constantly reminds me where to lay my struggles.

  49. I have two friends that help me be accountable to God’s word: Suzie and Mary. One helps me focus more on my basic Christian beliefs; while the other many times shows me how to apply Jesus’ teachings to our modern day lives. I pray that I am also, in some small way, helpful to them in their walk with the Lord. You and the other Girlfriends in God have helped me, too, with many of my struggles in life. Some day we will meet in heaven and have time to know each other “in person”; and I can introduce you to my dear friends that have helped me in our earthly walk. Blessings to you!

  50. I have friends but don’t really have an accountability friend. Your post has awakened in me a desire for that kind of friend and has also shown me that I would like to be that kind of friend as well. I find it hard to really trust anyone and that makes it difficult sometimes to open up to others. I’m asking God to show me His way. Thank you for your example and guidance through your ministry. May God continue to bless you all!

  51. My 2 friends are Thandi and Chikondi. They can never progress in their spiritual lives and leave me behind. They tell me what I don’t want to hear as long as it’s important. They celebrate with me at all times and hold my hand when I need to. They are the Elizabeth to my Mary. When we used to argue we sorted it with God. Everything is sorted with God. I love them to bits

  52. My daughter who leads Women’s bible studies and my small group from church. It means so much to have these people in my life to pray for me and others. It’s all about doing life together with other Christians to help one another and glorify God. So thankful for my friends and daughter.

  53. I have many that I am able to lean on, Thank the Lord! I have my Gym friends along with my sister and few really close friends. My spiritual growth have been out the roof lately. I have been trying to close some doors and the Lord showed my without him they would stay open. Thankfully I got back on track and admitted I needed his help. There are times in life you may think you can do it alone, but you are proven different. Sometimes we loose our focus until we have trials or until we are put back on track by close friends! Love my brothers and sisters in Christ! I don’t want to imagine where I would be without them!

  54. My friends that sharpen are Wanda and Swanny. They know me and we are connected in the realm of the spirit. God reveals when we are in hard or easy places, when we are celebrating or crying. God is the head of our life and the center of our friendship. We do not get to hang out often, but we are there for each other. The friendship I have with Swanny is one I hold near and dear to my heart because it reminds me that what satan me for bad God means for good. She is the mother of my step-son, but God took what seems impossible to the eyes of he world and made it possible.

  55. I have 3, two who keep me grounded in Him and working my Mary Kay business, Trisha D and Sherri G. We have a Focus accountability group we communicate many times a day. My personal growth has been off the charts because of how God has used them in my life, through tears and laughter, celebrations and picking each other up and cleaning off bloody knees from failing forward to success. I love doing life with these ladies. I also have a special friend who we don’t talk as often, but we connect on that spiritual level in the other aspects of life, family friends, heart aches with spouses, kids, as well as the celebrations.God has given me so many blessings, so many life lessons with these ladies. Thank you Gwen for opportunity to reflect on the gems in my life!!

  56. Bev Harmony is my sister in Christ who sharpens me. She encourages me like nobody else in my life, believes I can accomplish all God has planned for me, and isn’t afraid to disagree if I am going in the wrong direction. I am very blessed to have her! I pray she would say the smae about me!

  57. My friend Gail and I are like the circle…always there for each other spiritually. God seems to have brought us together for that purpose. She is truly a blessing. I only hope I am there for here as much.

  58. My friends that sharpen me are Denise Calvin, Diane Murrell, and Brenda Stover. These are three incredible women of God that I totally admire and constantly seek counsel and encouragement. They have played a major roll in not only my life but the lives of my children which makes them even more valuable to me and beautiful to God.

  59. Joining Christian Foundation class at my new church was one of the best things that I could have done over 20 years ago. God was not only giving me a foundation in His Word but giving me Foundation in friendship when I met Angela. We have been friends for 20 years. She is one of the wises, strongest women I know. She always tells me the truth and inspires me to do and be more. It’s amazing how parellel our lives are though different situations when something is going on in her life something is usually going on in mine.. We have been through so much together and I thank God for my dear friend. We are often referred to as David and Jonathan. Thank you Lord for such an awesome Woman of God your love for me is reflected in our friendship!

  60. I just loved the article on Friendship. I am going out with a good friend today for lunch. She is an elder at my Presbyterian church. She is older than me but we get on “like a house on Fire”. She is full of love and strength-a godly woman. I have other friends like this and God has indeed blessed me in this way. I thank Him & Praise Him for He is a great God. I never had so many good friends in my life.It is wonderful. May our conversation be good today & always.

  61. My best friend, Mel, died from cancer complications a few years ago. She was the one who helped make me a better person just by her example and the service she was always pulling me into because, “it would be so much fun!” Then there was my sister, a great Christian woman who I talked to on the phone daily for advice and encouragement. She is now in a nursing home with early onset Alzheimer’s disease and I don’t think she even knows who I am. I miss her dearly! My husband is a wonderful man of God and we have very deep and interesting discussions on spiritual topics, but it’s not the same as a good girlfriend. Even though I have many friends, at the moment, I don’t have anyone that I see on a regular basis for mutual spiritual support. Your blog today has awakened a desire for this type of relationship again and I am praying that God leads me to this special friend.

  62. Manny……Manny was God sent and I do not doubt that one bit. She sharpen me alright. I was the Prodigal Daughter that thought I had my sin covered. “God knows my heart and I love that man as if he WERE MY HUSBAND! Guess what, He’s not. And when you know the truth, you can’t go back! …..says Manny!
    Kicking, scratching, clawing, could not change that truth and I have since ended that long 7 yr. battle of ” Please marry me”. Can’t say thank you enough for this woman.

  63. I think you can have more than one best friend, because friends come in all kinds of packages. My friend Ellen I can always count on her biblical brutal observation. She is a strong woman of faith that doesn’t compromise God’s holy word, she tells me what I need to hear not what I want to hear! Stacy is another strong woman of faith whose beauty is abundant, it’s no surprise that her And Ellen and I share the love of music. When we sing they make me feel the passion of the Lord in my heart and what a great ministering tool that is. I have several others ladies that I value whom all have different qualities that I love and strive to be, I’m blessed thanks be to God!

  64. I have two friends (Karen and Keenya) that sharpen me. I can always count on Keenya to give me a scripture that is well needed daily. She is always so positive…not only in my life but my family as well.

    Karen is my friend that recently surrendered her life to Christ. She looks at me for guidance and Godly advice. Because I read God’s word daily and because Keenya so gracefully shares scriptures with me…it’s easy to meet Karen’s need.

    I’m so blessed to have these women in my life as we all sharpen each other.

  65. It has been a long time since I had a friend that sharpened. Likewise, it has been a long time since I was that type of friend. I care for my elderly mother and find myself absorbed in that capacity. In addition, my husband is disabled and I have picked up many of his chores and duties. But that is not my main area of defeat. I have a grandchild who is living a homosexual lifestyle. I love her, but her lifestyle choices are causing me great dispair. She is sinking deeper and deeper into that culture, even though at one time she “seemed” to be on fire for God. I ask everyone who reads this to pray for her AND to pray for me. I need to give this to God and leave it with Him. Prayers, please.

    1. Father I ask that You who are our only Hope to comfort and give hope to this grandma and that her grandchild will be wooed by Your great love for her and be healed. Amen.

    2. Dear Judy – please know that you have a multitude of women on here who will take your request to heart. I have tears pouring down my face reading your comment. I will pray for you today and your grandchild. Always remember God is fighting for you too Exodus 14:14 – this is my ‘go to’ verse when everything seems overwhelming.

  66. My friends that sharpen me are Sherry & Aileen. I have many young women who I mentor & many times they are a source of strength to me as well. I forgot to mention my spiritual mother Ms.T. she pays for me admonishes me & inspires me. I lost my mom over 25 years ago & thank God for the women he placed in my life since then.

  67. Two special friends Lori and Jan are Godly friends who speak truth with the love of Jesus into my life. They love me for who I am and are always there to share life in the valleys, mountains and the flat roads in between – so blessed to have them as friends!

  68. God has blessed me with my best friend about 15 plus years ago. She ended up moving about 4-5 years after we met and came back 10 years later. The fast 3 years we have been together grown in God together and helped each other sharpen each other, it has come down that she needs to move again to a different state. I’m going to miss her like crazy, but I’m so proud of how God has used her to help me God and visa versa. Now, her leaving just changes us not being together, but I’m proud of this step she is taking…

  69. God has blessed me with a best friend (by every definition) since first grade. Even in the midst of an illness that may take her from this world, she speaks truth and light into my life. While in our youth we shared our joy in other things, our greatest united joy is now found in Christ. Please pray for my friend, Terry.

  70. The Lord brought a wonderful woman of God into my life about 8 years ago to walk through a very difficult journey. She has become my spiritual mother and I love her dearly. I am so blessed to have her in my life.

  71. I have several friends that help “sharpen” me in different ways.. I think that is why God put them in my path; why we share commonalities to be friends. It is so important for me (& I believe most women) to have girl time and share with other women – to be held accountable, to be convicted, to support and love… each other!

  72. I don’t really have an accountability partner :(. I have a best friend but she has other focuses. I have been praying for an accountability partner/good Christian girlfriend/women’s group. Please pray that God sends that blessing into my life.

  73. I am blessed to have my friend Barb for the last 18 years. She has always been there for me. This year as I have went through a really tough time in my marriage,she encouraged me with the word and with prayer. In fact last week we met for prayer and worship. I thank God for her,she is amazing.

  74. I am bless to have Tenika as my friend. She cries with me, she prays with me and when one is wrong we can tell the other in love.

  75. i am blessed to have Nobuhle as my friend for the last 18 years, she indeed is an iron that sharpens and i do the same for her. we hold nothing back in praying, encouraging,rebuking and helping each other along in our lives

  76. I am blessed to have my friend Andressa and my fiancee Phellipe in my life! May our Lord keep them in His light!

  77. I am blessed to have Denise, Ivy and Alison who provide guidance and love in my life. These are three very different people who bring about positive change and who challenge me every day. I thank God every day for their encouraging words and for their love in my life!

  78. My friends Natalie Thomas, Judy Davis Portia Griffin and Cathy Sims always help me to keep it real in my Christian walk. They strengthen me and hold me accountable no matter what. The encourage and bless me with their wisdom. I thank God for them.

  79. My husband’s Aunt Audrey my friend Jacque and my best friend Jolene are all great accountability partners. We chat on the phone, meet in person or go for walks and talk!

  80. My dear sister Eloise, my cousin Cassandra who is more like my sister, my friends Debra and Thomas. All are just a phone call away and always speak encouragement and truth to me. Yes, they are my sharpeners and I’m grateful for them in my life.

  81. My sister in life and in Christ Judy, we are trying to work out Bible study time to grow in the Lord. Thank God for sisters and girlfriends.

    1. May God place in your life a womsn thst will understand you, but also press you to higher hights in God.

  82. Melissa is the person who sharpens me. God put your blog in front of me today because just yesterday I was telling her how much I appreciate her encouragement & never giving up on me even when I feel I haven’t been lifting her up like she does me. I thank God for putting her in my life. She definitely sharpens me. =)

  83. My best friend in the world, godmother to my children, matron of honor at my wedding, darla (aka dory) sharpens me and i her. We complement each other so well, theres a reason we are called sisters.

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