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Years ago I worked with a woman in Nashville named Cindy. She was a no-nonsense publisher for a major music company. Each month she listened to the songs I wrote and gave honest, constructive feedback that required this songwriter-chick to have thick skin and wear big-girl-panties. She was salt and light to me in the work place, but not in ways that I expected or necessarily appreciated at the time.

I didn’t always love what she had to say.

Total honesty? She. Scared. Me. Silly.

I wrestled with her strong, bristly opinions while at the same time grew from the pruning of her wise, professional words. She challenged me toward greater excellence and she wasn’t afraid to speak difficult words of truth.

One thing I will never forget: as she listened to the new songs I wrote, she regularly insisted that I was a “worship leader/worship writer” instead of a Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) writer/artist. Drove me bananas because I was SURE I was a CCM writer/artist.

Over the years, Cindy and I became friends and eventually, I came to realize that she was right. I am a worship leader and worship writer. And it’s not only who I am, it’s who I always was. Even when I didn’t know it and insisted otherwise.

Cindy died in her early fifties.

Cancer stole her from us.

A few nights before she went on to be with the Lord, a large group of Nashville’s finest songwriters gathered at her bedside to celebrate her life that was salty and bright for Jesus. To thank her for her impact, share stories, and sacredly sing her to the other side of glory. A knot held my throat captive as I watched the gathering online via video. What a legacy. Cindy poured wisdom into so many people, she said and did things that caused others to think big thoughts about God, and spurred them on toward excellence.

She lived a life of influence because she was intentional about being salt and light in my life and in the lives of many others.

I want to die like that.

I want to live like that.

Don’t you?

In the Bible, a man named Jabez asked God for all the influence God would give him. Jabez called upon the God of Israel, saying, “Oh that you would bless me and enlarge my border, and that your hand might be with me, and that you would keep me from harm so that it might not bring me pain!” And God granted what he asked” (1 Chronicles 4:10).

Jabez wanted to live with impact to the max.

He pleaded to be a difference maker. I’m right there with him.

We all have influence. The question is will we use our influence to sway our friends toward an awesome movie or will we influence them toward our awesome God? Will we choose to live in a way that causes our unbelieving neighbor or co-worker to want to hear more about Jesus? Will we teach a young wife to understand how to respect her husband, or help a young mom realize that God is honored when she nurtures her demanding, thankless children? Will we help the weary parent of a prodigal see that her child’s rebellion is not her failure and not her child’s final faith chapter?

It all begins with a choice.

If we want to be women of impact, we need to live with our eyes wide open to God-opportunities.

We need to get beyond our own agendas and move in the direction of HIS agenda.

It is not about doing more of what you are already doing – it is about listening to the whispers of Jesus in the middle of the grocery store, or at the nail salon, or in your cubicle, in the next pew, in your living room, or classroom.

Being a woman of impact is not about doing more each day, it’s about living to be led by Jesus with the days you’re given.

It all begins with a choice.

If we want to be women of impact, we need to live with our eyes wide open to God-opportunities. We do that when we get beyond our own agendas and ask God what HIS agenda is. Let’s ask God to bless us and enlarge the borders of our influence for Him today!

Dear Lord,
Thank You for impacting my life with your grace and truth. Please open my eyes to see the opportunities all around me to point others to You. Stir my heart to make today and every day count for you.
In Jesus’ name, Amen



Read Proverbs 31:15-27. Note the different areas of impact you see. Consider the people in your life that you influence. Pray for fresh vision, courage, and opportunities to make an impact in their lives for Christ.

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LOVE doing life with you, friend.


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  1. I want to make an impact with my children, so we can all make an impact on our community. That is how His love can trickle down to others.

  2. I want God to enlarge my borders. So I can impact young girls and women. Who are going through any type of abuse or domestic voilent. I been there. And would love to be able to help or save someone else.

  3. I want to make an impact in my future of teaching art to middle school children by being a positive influence on them and by being a warm and virtuous caring teacher.

  4. I was suicidal from the time I was 14 until I was 22. On my last attempt, and by far my closest I had an officer who greatly impacted me and made me realize I did indeed want to live. I would like to pass this on someday by impacting even more people who are on the edge of suicide (I have managed to talk a few down and hopefully planted the seed of knowing the true love of Christ in them.) I want people to know there is hope in every situation whose name is Jesus, they are loved by the one who matters most and they were created for a purpose by a God who wants to see them prosper so much more than to bring an end to their life.

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  5. I would like to make a difference in my adult children’s lives and have them realize who they are in Christ.

  6. I absolutely Love the GIF’s . There are times when uncertainty reaches to the depths of my heart and tugs at it really hard. I look forward to reading each devotional each day because I just know that through it one way or another God reassures me that HE is by my side.(I have introduced the GIF’s to many of my friends and sister) I lead a Women’s Ministry Group at my church and with such different personalities it can sometimes challenge you and through some of these devotionals I gain perspective and Clarity. Thank you thank you a thousand times Thank you. All Glory to the Almighty Father for opening this door for you in which you touch many lives. God Bless you and may the Lord Almighty Keep feeding and filling you with many more powerful devotionals—Sister they are reaching far beyond than you can ever imagine!

  7. Hello, I loved today’s story, just like every other day. The person I most want to impact, other than God of course, is my 13 year old daughter, Haliegh. Since Jan 2017 when we lost my daughter Ashlyne, who was a twin, her brother Eli is still with us, Thanks be to God! She has had a difficult time processing this, she turned from her faith, & has been a bit rebellious. I have been on a intimate journey with Jesus for the last year & a half. God used my baby’s death as a way to lead me back to Him, His word, & His will for my life! How glorious!! All I want right now is to be the best example for my children, especially my very impressionable young teenage daughter! I spend a great deal of time speaking with God, & listening to Him for an answer as to how I can connect better with her, & lead her into a relationship of her own with our Father. One of the ways I can continue doing this is to introduce her to worship music that she can relate to. Another way is to get her involved in giving back, volunteering at homeless shelters, nursing homes, ect. The last way, is to continue being the best example that I can, & to pray ceaselessly to God about her. Thank you for listening. God bless you.

  8. WOW a powerful blog for me today. We are studying the wisdom of God; your mentor was pouring it onto you for sure. Thank you for sharing; praying I can influence my nieces and nephews to walk and see God. Thank you!

  9. Good morning! I receive emails everyday and some I read and some I save for later and some I just delete. Today, I stopped and read your message. I needed it today. I have been having a very challenging time with work and without details my daily struggles for standing up for what is ethical has been my personal David and Goliath story.
    The question of who I want to impact is thought provoking because of course, at first, the answer is everyone. But that’s when I realize it is important to start with one stone. My boss’s boss will be the one I want to impact. What is difficult is that I don’t have a Christ-like love or appreciation for this individual. I have NO idea how I will change the current dynamic so that I can be an influence with him; but with our Heavenly Father, nothing is impossible. Prayer…constant prayer. That’s how I’ll start. I will be looking for additional inspiration from my Girlfriend’s in God emails and blog posts. Thank you for all you do to encourage and inspire us.

  10. I want impact the lives of those I come into contact with every day. Strangers and loved ones need to see Christ in me and desire the same. So I pray the prayer of Jabez, and pray that God will show me ans use me for His glory.

  11. Hello – I desire to influence my granddaughter Makenna. She is 3 years old now. I want her to know that Jesus loves her. When she stays with me overnight, in the morning, we sing “Yes Jesus Loves Me”. She doesn’t know all the words yet, but it’s a blessing to to hear her sing the parts she does know. It’s a wonderful way to start our day.

  12. I would love to better impact my roommate and best friend, Val. I’d love to see her grow and mature in Christ….and, I’d love to be the person who helps who to do so.

  13. Thank you for this – My husband and I have been trying to impact our youngest son who is not so young anymore, He’s 24. Most of his life it has always been about him and we are trying to make him see that everything we do, we do for the Glory of God. He has been trying to “make” a relationship work with the mother of his son and we are trying to help him see that God’s is in control of everything. He needs to let God’s plan play out in His time. It has been a struggle but we can see him growing and maturing each day. We can see that he is finally understanding what we have been trying to show him all along. My favorite verse is Exodus 14:14 – The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still.

  14. I want to have a positive God driven influence on my children most of all. There is nothing better knowing that we will have eternal life together.

  15. I work with high schoolers with special needs and learning dissabilities. I love my job and the people I work with. It’s not the easiest or best job out there but each there there are so many God moments. I dont have all the answers of the world but with my heart and sould Im there for the teachers and most of all the students. We laugh a lot and even cry but at the end of the day I pray I have helped in a way the they know God is always there for them. I’m an associate at this small school but an associate in Gods world most of all.

  16. I really want to influence my sons. Oldest is 33 , youngest 21. I want them to see and Hear that life is hard but daily praying is key! I want them to be proud of themselves and their accomplishments just like their mom is❤

  17. As a 42 year veteran in education, my sphere of influence can be quite large. I’d like to enhance my effectiveness as I interact with students from 40 years ago as well as the many teachers I supervised as their principal or assistant principal.

  18. God’s timing is always perfect. Struggling with some fear this morning working through a breast cancer diagnosis. This devotional spoke right to my heart. Who do I want to influence? Whomever the Lord places on my path. I’m so blessed to be alive today so today I choose to focus on Jesus and who I can influence for Him. I loved the verses in Proverbs 31. Thank you for leading us women to follow Him.

  19. I read these “Girlfriend Devotions” daily. On this day 5 years ago I lost my son to Multi Mylomya cancer…A VERY painful disease! I do NOT want to be a *Pity Party* today…..I want to be a BLESSING to someone today. Thanks for the devotions. “To GOD be the Glory!”

  20. God uses me as a counselor. He gifted me with discernment, prophecy and miracles. I am to help set the captives frees, free the oppressed, through His power and authority lift the bondage that people are under and lead people to salvation in Jesus.

  21. Since first reading through book study, I Want It All 3 years ago, my mission and guiding focus has been to be a woman of impact. I am a work in progress and continue learning but I do think I am becoming a difference maker in my little world. Thank you for being a huge influence in my faith journey!

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  22. I’ve experienced a similar situation in my workplace, but one that required me to fulfill a newly established position, and be successful, or not have a job. It occurred to me later that he saw something in my personality to be more successful in that job, rather than doing programming which was what I had a degree in. 25 years later I’m still successfully fulfilling that market-changing role.

  23. I want to impact others by my smile and let them know that I care not only in the community but also in my home pray for me as I continue to strive to be like Jesus and the life that I live speak for me.

  24. Your devotion touched me deeply this morning. As a “mature” (nice foe older) woman, sometimes I feel I have nothing to give. Today you jumpstarted me to continue to strive for whatever God would have me do Yes, I have lived a life of great and incredible experiences, but there is more to come! The Proverbs passage really hit me! God’s blessings as you continue to help us grow as Christian women.

  25. This was so where I’m at today. I’ve been trying to connect with a young mom of a 13 year old… We’re starting a mentoring program at church and this young person was matched to me. I keep telling myself to wait on God, the timing isn’t right yet. I’m ready for more in my life. I can’t get past the feeling that these kids are our future and they need help if they’re to become all God means for them to be.

  26. I want to make an impact on my son today so that he will give his life to the Lord. I’ve shared the good news about Jesus and now I just continue to encourage him to be all that he can be and what God made him to be. He is an alcoholic and has very low self esteem.

  27. I would like to influence my daughter that she may be the face of Jesus at her first job. Thank you for your wisdom!

  28. Hi Gwen,

    Great devotion. It makes we want to tell them the world about Jesus and how He saved my life. I want to continue to grow in a relationship with God andallowBim to change me in all areas of mylife.

    I want to influence everyone I encounter today and pray for ppl who God puts in my heart. I want God to whisper to me with the Holy Spirit today and every day. Ppl need Jesus and His awesomeness!

    Thank you Gwen,
    Have a Blessed Day Sister!

  29. I would love to see my family back in church serving God. For many reasons they’ve stopped attending church & serving God. Some of them have accepted God, but doesn’t have a relationship with Him, while others know about Him & still choose not to have a relationship. We all go through life’s ups & downs, but with Jesus on our side things will work out fine. I’ve told them & showed them how serving God would be the best decision they could ever make 😇🙏🏽

  30. Thank you…I so needed this word today..I’m a mother of 2..trying to hold us all son is going thru a “ugly” divorce and my daughter is just finishing up her first semester of college..Life can be so complicated..and for me it’s so easy to get bogged down in “the world” instead of seeking God first..thank you for your Godly is going to be awesome..because no matter what we face..we are never alone…🙌🏻

  31. Hello. My husband has been “messing up” with nothing lately. It’s nothing we can’t recover from, but it’s so irritating when he forgets to pay a bill. I heard the still small voice of God the last time it happened telling me to use positive and encouraging words instead of ones. I must say, I chose to use the negative words just to convey exactly how I felt. I felt really horrible afterwards. So, I want to be a better person and forgive him instantly of his mistakes and let him know that it’s okay to make those mistakes. Maybe we need to try a different way of monitoring our bills.

  32. I have been an elementary school counselor for 18 years. As I start my day reading your devotion, it was the perfect reminder that I have an amazing opportunity to be the salt and light to 500+ littles today. Thank you so much for the much needed inspiration.

  33. My grandchildren. It is a challenge becaus they live a distance from me. I look for opportunities to impact their lives for Christ. Thank you for your words, they stir my heart.

  34. i wish I could have had this knowledge and encouragement when I was a young mom. Although I was a Christian and raised my girls in the church, I was certainly not intentional about my influence. Fast forward to the present and I am now a 64 year old grandmother of 8 and thankfully through God’s grace and many hard life lessons , I am much more aware of who I am in Christ and His Kingdom purpose for me. I strive to move, listen, speak and react with the intent purpose of showing Christ’s love and Godly wisdom to everyone I come in contact with, but especially to my grandies as well as my adult children, my Sunday school students and others whom God has chosen me to steward. Yes, I wish I knew them what I know now, but God’s timing is always perfect and now is the perfect time for me to be that Godly influence that He has carefully, lovingly made me to be.

  35. I’ve been volunteering this week at VBS at the local Salvation Army location. Most of the children attending are not regular church attenders. I want to impact these children so they know they are loved by God.

  36. Thank you for sharing and being an inspiration for our God. Thank you for your outreach. You never know who or how you impact another. Wanting to improve my life and make a positive impact for Christ.

  37. I want to impact my millenial assistant. Make him really see the difference we make in people’s lives by what we do. Hopefully he will then begin yo care about his job.

  38. College students. <3 Currently a college professor teaching dental students. Thank you for being generous. God Bless you

  39. I want to be an influence on my daughter and granddaughters. I want them to see that Christ comes first in all things. That his work is what we need to do and to lift up our families in prayer. The way I try to show this is to share bible studies with them and pray with them and for them.

  40. You are we as daughters should always want do things for others with a willing ❤. An act of kindness could turn some ones life around just at the right moment. This is what our Father requires of us all show love at all times even whe we our selves are hurting.

  41. Just reading this on the GIG devotional. I want to impact the students in my classroom, not only academically, but socially, emotionally and spiritually. Thanks for your words of wisdom!!

  42. I want to live like that, and die like that too! God bless the Godly truth tellers in our lives! I’m praying for 2 prodigals. May God use me in their lives and many others!

  43. I want to impact the people of my church. A lot of them are Seniors with Health issues. I want to be salt and light to them all!

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  44. Gwen,
    I would love to leave an impact on my children and spouse. I feel that my husband nor children have gotten to know our God. They believe in Him but they have not felt the Holy Spirit. I beleive I can do this by continuously praising our God and reminding my family no matter the situation, He is always by our side and will not let us go. I will praise Him in good times and bad and pray that my family sees me doing this and follows my steps.

  45. I want to be an impact to my grandchildren and the youth. Be aware of the life changes over the years, understanding today, and things going on each day. Be the change to them in respecting themselves, others, loving one another and being there for them. Having an ear to hear them, heart to love and hey see God in me.

  46. Such a great reminder.
    I have said and prayed my whole adult life, may I be bold like a lion, gentle as a dove and uninhibited to make a difference in people’s lives.
    The interesting thing…… as I get “older” (pushing 60), I can look back and have testimonies of people who thanked me for words said over their lives… sometimes, I don’t even remember making comments…. SO thankful for the Holy Spirit who speaks through me!!!! So important to remember that He is the one filling my mind and heart with what to say and how to say all things! Gwen, keep sharing! You are such a help mate to many of us! My heart is full again today – I really needed this reminder…

  47. Hi Gwen,
    The other day I told my oldest granddaughter that her hair looked dirty and she looked like she had bedhead. Today, I am going to say I am sorry if I hurt her feelings and remind her just how beautiful she truly is. God has blessed me with 4 beautiful granddaughters (inside and out) and as a grandmother I believe it is my job to remind them just how special God’s children are.

  48. Gwen,

    Thanks so much for sharing. This really challenged me.
    I do want to make an impact for our Father, but I often forget that HE lives in me & can shine through me.
    My heart is to impact others concerning making a choice to give life instead of abortion.
    And of course my children to make a difference in whatever area God calls them to.
    THANKS again.

  49. Gwen, I’m finally “letting” your words reach my heart again. My son was murdered on 12-31-17, trial was Feb 11-15, 2019, and justice was not served. But this is not about that. God got me thru it all one day at a time. Now I feel like I’m sort of myself again. This devotional today moved me. Spurred me! Thank you, You are so much more than a worship leader. You are an inspirator of God’s word. I don’t know if that is even a word. But I’m going to dig out your book “I want it all”. God and I were close while I was reading that book. Close in a different way than how we have been this last year. I too want to live and die like your songwriter critic. Thanks again for doing what you do ! ❤️

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  50. Thank you so much for the devotional thought today, it really hit home. I actually Nanny for a family of another belief system, and it infiltrates their priorities and control of the home and children. I find it very challenging to keep focused on God’s reason for putting me there instead of on my own frustrations and sometimes desires to go find another job. God has allowed me to be there with Him , praying for and seeking ways to shine His love in their midst. Your post today helped me step back a bit and see where I have been letting my pride and desire for edification get in the way of His goal. I am humbled and encouraged again to let Him do His thing and know he will help me. 1 Corinthians 15:58

  51. I want to enlarge my borders and be a light to others to show them Christ’s great love for them. Thank you for this timely devotion today.

  52. I really want to impact my grandchildren and hurting woman, especially after recently gone through a divorce after a 25 year relationship/20 marriage. I want to help both groups realized their loved & God has a plan for them by sharing His love & my experience.

  53. I want to influence my children. Instead of not encouraging them to seek a relationship with God due to being shot down and them avoiding conversation Lord please give me a new avenue in which they want to listen. Help me to be a beacon of light in some way that they want more information on how to get some of His light.

    1. I want to be intentional about influencing my grandchildren. May they see Jesus in me and desire to live for Him. Thank you Gwen for your encouraging and challenging words.

  54. I want to live my life to make an impact on my children and grandchildren. I want to follow God’s plans for me. I want to listen and hear Him speak words of wisdom to me. I am strong and dedicated to being the child of God that He created me to be.

    I owe Him my all, my everything! I plan to give back to Him what He has provided to me.

  55. I would like to influence neighbors and unbelieving family members. I want to be more sensitive to Holy Spirit throughout the day and see those opportunities to share His love as He leads. Thank you for sharing with us, Gwen.

  56. The three main people that I want to influence for Christ are my two teenage grandchildren who I am rasing after the death of my daughter almost 4 years ago and my brother who is a disabled veteran who has lived with us since his wife’s death 12 years ago. Daily I strive to live the life that the Lord desires of me and yet there are days that I struggle for sure. It’s always nice to read, or listen to other Christians who also struggle and their testimonies of how God has carried them through. May the desire to serve Him and live the lives that bring Him glory continue to be our hearts desire in Christ’s love amen

  57. My next door neighbor is battling cancer along with heart disease, kidney disease, and diabetes. She is not a woman of much faith and she is very discouraged. I want to be able to impact her life so she would come to know and trust God. I want to help her learn about God so that she can lean on Him through this difficult time

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  58. I want 2 impact my grandchildren and the children at the school starting a Teddy bear repair 4 broken Teddies, repair with a prayer.

  59. I’m a stay at home mom with a 3 yr old. I pray daily for God to let me be an impact but what can I do when my schedule is controlled by a toddler. After reading this I realized I have playdates weekly. I usually talk to my friends about how I don’t bag my husband but I pray. They remarked on the wisdom of that and I brushed it off. Now after reading this I see that’s what I can do. Ask God to help me to be an influencer to each woman I meet. Thank you!

  60. I want to influence my unbelieving husband of 16 years with such an impact that his eyes and ears will be open to the gospel truth in a life changing way. I want to be a blessing to my female friends and encourage them in their faith walk.

  61. I want to influence each and every person I can today – at home, at work, at the grocery store. I want to be an instrument of God. Thank you Jesus for loving me.

  62. I want to influence my adult children even if it hurts or makes them uncomfortable. I pray for wisdom and the right words.

  63. Each day is a gift. I want to use today to share God’s goodness with all I meet. Thank You, Jesus, for the victory I have in You!!!

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