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YAY! It’s a Friend Feature and Giveaway Day!

Every once in a while my path crosses with someone whom I connect with the second we say hello. That’s what happened the day I met KELLY BALARIE. Y’all… this young woman is something special. She’s genuine, intentional, and energizing. We’ve been friends for a while now and right from the start she became a prayer partner and trusted confidant. I’m SO excited for you to get to know her and to hear the message of her heart.

In her new book, FEAR FIGHTING, Kelly invites you on a journey to go and grow with Christ’s bravery, the Spirit’s counsel, and God’s unending love that squelches fear. This book reads like a love letter from God, while offering practical heart-calming prayers, anxiety-reducing tips, and courage-building decrees that will transform your day.

Now, prepare to be inspired and challenged from this post that’s pulled straight from the freshly published pages of FEAR FIGHTING…


Have you Inadvertently Accepted the Lies?

Are you at all like me? If one bad thing happens, I am okay. Two things? I start to get frustrated. But three horrible things? I turn into a hot mess of frustration where the whole world seems to be working against me.

It is at this point I figure that I will never make it out alive, that I am bound to fail, that traffic lights turn red because they hate me, and that I can never do things right. It is right about at this point of agitation that anger, wrath, and vileness can’t help but gush out onto all those around me.

I am convinced this kind of thing, in part, is the strategy of the devil. I think he knows my ways. He knows, “Keep pinging her and you will eventually get her.” I can’t help but notice something, though; I am the one who signs off on this faulty agreement with him. Sure, he can send trials, but he can’t force me to act like lunatic. I raise my hand for that on my own. I choose that reaction.

The truth is, he has no power to break my insides unless I let his power in. Too often I grant permission. I sign on the dotted line and say, “You got me. We have a deal.” Then I start self-protecting, self-defending, demanding, power-playing, and the like. I wish I would just keep him cold, hungry, and stuck outside the door of my mind. Then I wouldn’t have to work so hard to break out of his fault-filled contracts.

The problem is, I don’t. I give him access to walk right into my office, my sorting place. I hand him a cup of coffee, saying, “Make yourself at home.” We hang out and talk about all the dumb things I do. I listen to all of his pointed accusations. I look down at my feet and feel beaten down. And then, like the horrible lawyer he is, he usually scares me senseless and makes me doubt the very fabric of everything God declares me to be until I am convinced, head nodding, I will fail, fall, or forget about God—which I inevitably do.

Where has the enemy seized your heart? Where has he gotten you to sign on a dotted line of doubt and half-truths?

Our sign-off on a lie-filled agreement is our greatest impediment to abundant life (John 10:10). We put into motion a course of action we never wanted. The damages are horrible.

Discouragement is the agreement to self-inflict punishment.

Doubt is the agreement to circumvent faith.

Despair is the agreement that God isn’t fair.

Devastation is the agreement that money, power, beauty, sex, and pleasure are life’s foundation.

Damages are things that fill the void left by the lies that seemingly stole God’s goodness.

Yet, the good news is – Jesus is the only agreement that stands up in the court of God’s law. You see, Jesus is both Judge (John 5:22) and Advocate (Heb. 7:25); He is always pleading and interceding on our behalf. The decks are stacked; our Lord is the greatest defender and protector who ever lived and Satan has no chance of winning when we allow Jesus to work for us.

Lies can’t stand in the face of Jesus’ love. Never. Ever.

Jesus wins. There is no stupid, dumb, or horrendous act we can ever commit that can cause a retrial. The only question is – will we believe?


Congratulations to our Giveaway Winners: Sheila Lachcik and Yvonne Torres!

For our giveaway, Kelly is  giving away 2 copies of FEAR FIGHTING – so we will choose 2 winners!

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That’s it! Once you do both, your name will be entered into the random drawing. Be sure to tell your friends so they can sign up too. The drawing will take place on Sunday, January 8th, so don’t delay! {Contest is limited to US and Canada readers only.}


KELLY BALARIE is both a Cheerleader of Faith and a Fighter of Fear. She leans on the power of God, rests on the shoulder of Christ, and discovers how to glow in the dark places of life. Get all Kelly’s blog posts by email or visit her on her blog, Purposeful Faith. You can also find a variety of resources for your fight against fear here.




Today post is excerpted from Fear Fighting by Kelly Balarie. Baker Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group, 2017. Used by permission.


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  1. So glad to see a book written about conquering fear. God’s using you Kelly to help a lot of us! Thanks for helping Him give us this gift.

    1. Amen! I did not even realize that I’d bought into the lie of our enemy until it dawned upon me that the lack of confidence I’d felt for years was due to some negative feedback early in my career. So easy to buy into the lies of the enemy. Thank God, he allowed me to persist in this career & eventually conclude: “That was then, this is now!” Our God is awesome!!!

  2. Freedom from fear. It seems so foreign and unattainable, doesn’t it? The more I lean on Christ, everyday in everyway, He shows me just our attainable fearlessness truly is.

    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway and sharing such beautiful Christ driven words to encourage and build us all up.

  3. My daughter is filled with so much fear due to bad choices that she has made in her past. She can’t get through anything anymore due to ongoing anxiety. I know she will benefit reading this book.

  4. I am very interested in this book. I am trying to get myself back into a Christian routine. It has been a struggle but am reaching out in faith that God will get me back to where I need to be.

  5. This looks like a really good book – one that I think I can dig my heart into. If there is one word that characterizes my mind it would be “fearful”.

  6. Oh how exciting!!! I was at a Girlfriends in God conference and heard Gwen…absolutely wonderful!! And just this morning I messaged Kelly about her book. This would be an answered prayer if I received Kelly’s book!!! ?

  7. I think this is going to be a great book for us to read, they way our world is changing does cause a lot of fear for people and we need to be reminded sometimes that God is the only Judge that matters and He is in control!!!

  8. fear has to be one of the biggest stumbling blocks that interfere with my walk with Christ as I am sure it is with many others. I really can identify with the description of letting Satan come and get comfy while I sort my thoughts and events in my life out. How differently I would process if there wasn’t fear of rejection, failure etc. This definitely looks like an excellent read!

  9. I am so excited to read this book, I think it will be helpful to many people! Thank you for such a wonderful resource!

  10. Wow! Wow! Wow! We all need a reminder/the truth given to us. I’d love this book for myself but even more then for me I would want it for my daughter who is struggling to get out of a domestic violence relationship. I want more then anything for her to see, hear and know truth of who she is in Christ and how the enemy has been lieing and how she has believed. She is so much more then what enemy wants her to believe. If nothing else comes of this comment I would appreciate prayers for her. She has three little boys ages 3, 14 months and 3 weeks old. The 3 year old has also just been diagnosed with mild to moderate autism. She has a very full plate. Thank you. God bless you all.

  11. I am the “Queen” of living my life in fear! It comes out in every conversation, finances, job, relationships, you name it–it dominates my life! I would love to read your book to assist me with digging out of this fear filled life that has gripped me!

  12. I would look forward to reading this book. It would be a blessing to win a free copy. I can agree with Kelly as events happen in my life and then the fears come flooding in. Too many times I believe the lies that are in my mind. I’m learning to quote scripture to myself to believe the TRUTH!

  13. I would look forward to reading this book. It would be a blessing to win a free copy. I can agree with Kelly as events happen in my life and then the fears come flooding in. Too many times I believe the lies that are in my mind. I’m learning to quote scripture to myself to believe the TRUTH!

  14. Amen sister! We need to shut out Satan’s lies, stand firm in God’s word even when junk happens. Easier said than done, but I strive to remember that Jesus not only won the battle, but the war for us. So greater is He that is in me (than world, circumstance, or negative junk).

  15. Oh, how many times do I invite the King of Lies into my home, let him walk around leaving all kinds of mess behind on Holy Ground that only Jesus should claim. It is so good to hear I am not the only one who inadvertently leaves that door open and reaps chaos and heartache for my slip. This book sounds just like something I need to recall the truth Jesus promises. That He is our ultimate house guest.

  16. A friend and I are going through this right now. We need this book. I would be honored to win your book.
    I know God is good and he drew me to your emails for a reason.

  17. Fear grabs us all at one point or another. I’m in the midst of trusting He will bring some things to pass and I know that His plans are always the best. I just have a hard time fighting to not pick up my fear(s) back up once I’ve laid it at His feet. This would be a great book to read and learn from.

  18. I totally relate to all that was written here unfortunately. The enemy truly does know us welland uses that to”his” advantage. I feel defeated all the time and get so frustrated with myself.

  19. I have had a problem with f ear for years. I am 83 years old , have been a Christian for 68 years and should have learned by no that I can trust in my Savior completely, but so often fear raises it’s ugly head. EIf I don’t win a book, I will be looking for. one to buy and I will pass it on to my daughter.

  20. Thank you so much for sharing the Word. I feel like a failure, a disappointment most of the time. I don’t think my husband is happy enough, I don’t think I’m a good enough mother. I know it’s the devil and I’m trying to walk closer to God.

  21. WOW! When I read powerful truths like this, my response is always – SELAH & AMEN – and that is exactly what this devotion means to me. As I strive to walk boldly in 2017, this will serve as an encouragement moving forward. Thanks for allowing the Lord to use you in such a mighty way.

  22. Fear is definitely used to hold us back. I look forward to reading more about combating it.

    I first discovered Kelly on periscope! Neat to discover that Gwen Smith who I’ve followed longer knows her!

  23. wow this is great. I know many people who can be helped with this book including me. I self doubt myself all the time. I forget how awesome our God truly is. Too often I let things bring me down. I am constantly struggling to feel that I belong and usually do stupid things that allow the drama to occur. I love this part and it is so true

    “Discouragement is the agreement to self-inflict punishment.

    Doubt is the agreement to circumvent faith.

    Despair is the agreement that God isn’t fair.

    Devastation is the agreement that money, power, beauty, sex, and pleasure are life’s foundation.

    Damages are things that fill the void left by the lies that seemingly stole God’s goodness.”
    My word for 2017 is”praise” I feel that God has blessed me greatly and if I can keep praising, even when things are bad, I will always remember how awesome God is.

  24. Life is difficult sometimes, a lot of times when we try to conquer it alone. It is so much easier to let God handle things but often we cannot do that. It’s about trust. Trusting that which we cannot see instead of what we can see. I am not a perfect person and it has taken me years to trust God. To trust anyone for that matter but I find peace in knowing that my support, my rock, my Father has my back!! Things may take longer than what I want or longer than I feel necessary, but He is the all Mighty, the all Powerful! He is in control of my life, my fears and all I have to do is call on Him!!

  25. Too often I give into my fears/anxieties. I worry about the future, what’s going to happen with my children and their lives as they approach adulthood, my health, the state of the world/country, you name it, I have probably worried about it! This would be the perfect book for me. Thanks for the opportunity!

  26. Fear is something that has plagued me forever. My word of the year is BRAVE. I am thinking this book will be my next read! There are certain areas in my life where God has helped me walk through my fear. But I just got divorced and definitely need his help in this area – there are so many new unknowns.

  27. I have been struggling with anxiety and depression for 20+ years. I have tried to trust that God will take care of me and cure my depression but I’m not sure that He intends to. Maybe what I deal with is somehow serving a purpose in my life, maybe He is trying to teach me something. God bless you for letting Him use you to help others.

  28. I have a hard time letting go of the past. I keep trying to relive it differently, even though I know what’s done is done.
    I tend to hear all the bad that has been said to/about me, when I need to focus forward not backward.
    I want to learn from my mistakes, and then let them go.

    1. Shame makes fear grow. Take away shame and you have freedom to change. It is good that you are recognizing the past and it’s power to lead you astray. Your fight is beginning!

  29. Reading the description of the book, this sounds like the perfect book for me to read to calm my anxious heart. Thank you doing this giveaway.

    1. I know anxiety. This book calmed me and sent me out in new purpose. It was a life-saver. I am praying it is so for you too!

  30. Amazing read, can’t wait to read more. Love, love simple, honest truth that captures my heart. Will definitely be sharing with others. Thanks Gwen for sharing and believing in your friend. Love you ?

    1. I pray the book blesses you as you fight fear, anxiety and worry. I know it changed me; I am so hopeful for you too!

  31. As I was reading this God revealed to me that I am not the only one going through trials. It is very hard to keep looking up when the devil keeps throwing things in your path to distract you to make you think his way is better. Our lives are a constant battle with the devil but GOD is always there ready to defend us.

  32. This sounds like a book that would help me I do let fear get the best of me more times than I can count I have verses from the Bible that I started using to help me but if we just let go and let God we all would be better.

  33. The hardest part is the fight. Staying with God. Picking up the Bible. I just let him attack, and take me deeper. Thank you Gwen for introducing me to your friend Kelly Balarie. I will love having her help also. Make it a great day! <3

  34. WOW… This book was surely inspired by God. We all fall into the trap of allowing Satan into our minds and believing his lies, but we need to remember how we belong to. We are a child of THE KING and He has already paid the price for us!

    What an awesome opportunity to able to win this book! It is definitely one that I want to read and study!

    1. Thank you, Janet. You picked that up quickly. I prayed with all my heart that this book would be filled with God’s words and not mine. He answered.

  35. I’ve allowed doubt to rule for way too long. Learning to exchange it for faith instead. Thankfully, God’s mercy is new every morning.

  36. I fight daily to not let the devil enter my thoughts. I know the book will be my roadmap to guide me on this journey to not let the devil control my thoughts. I will also share the book with my church library.

    1. Thank you Marilyn for wanting to share this book. I know you will be greatly blessed by it. May God bless you in your fight to fear less.

  37. I think this will be an excellent tool to help with the next step in overcoming. I find myself at a wall of fear right now that I didn’t expect to be battling. I also know so many other ladies that would benefit from an opportunity like this too! Thank you!

    1. Invite your friends on over here. The more, the merrier. You will enjoy the book Marci, there are many practical fear tips and truths to help you live in faith and not fear.

  38. When I read these pages about Fear Fighting. I thought it was talking about me. I have been fighting this fight since October on my job. This past Wednesday, I gave up the fight by losing my job. I was feeling like I wasn’t apart of the team, I felt like I was left out, I felt like I wasn’t good enough and I couldn’t do anything right and I’m always messing up. I played right into the hands of the devil. I gave in to my fears and inadequacies…of feeling like I wasn’t good enough. I felt like I was praying and asking God to help me to stand but my fears outweighed my trust in God. I know what He has brought me through in the past and what He will bring me through in the future but I still couldn’t hear His voice in the storm. I became sick w/an ulcer, I was just not in a good place. Now I’m just trying to listen to the lesson I was suppose to learn and try to move forward. This was a right on time reading. Thanks!

    1. God, hold Sandra. Sometimes life is not easy and it hits us like hail. Uplift her heart and lead her to your truth. Equip her with all she needs to be victorious. I pray, if she reads Fear Fighting, it blesses her greatly. Amen.

  39. I can totally relate – the more that goes wrong, the more I go into fear mode. I find it harder to be still and trust God when things are spiraling out of control … and isn’t that what it really boils down to? Control? I want to be able to control my life, my environment, those around me, etc … but I am not God and I am not in control. I have not read this book, but I would love to read it.

    1. YES! You do that too? I am a pro at that. I wrote this book to get help from God; he helped me so much! I pray you find his hand in your journey.

  40. I would really like to receive this book. Not only would it help me, but it would help my Sunday School class that I teach.

    Thank you for this opportunity.

  41. For many years, I not only accepted Satan’s lies, I often provided him with some to use against me. It has & continues to be a process of living in God’s truth to shut down the lies & live a precious, cherished daughter of His. I’ve always been that loved child, but I wasn’t believing it. Beautiful post that speaks to many. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of Kelly’s book “Fear Fighting” – awesome!

  42. Thank you Kelly, for writing this, I often feel like i am the only person that has this ongoing battle with satan and trying to get my head back on track with God and i know that it is so easy to fall back into the temptation of just giving up and thinking that the fight is hopeless but it’s not you are completely right. Jesus already made a contract with us and it is unbreakable. Thank you for allowing God speak through you, to so many of us who really needed to hear that we aren’t alone in the battle.

    1. Thank you! You are not alone. Stand firm in faith. You are not less than because you are tested, you are heading in the right direction. Just move back in towards God. He won’t leave you.

  43. This was a really good devotional today!!! I needed this!!! Thank you for the reminder that the devil is a liar and we need to never believe what he tells us!!!

  44. This seems like a book I could use. I have been fighting fear for a long time. Sometimes I win (actually it is God that wins) and sometimes I lose. I want God to win,in my life, 100% of the time.

  45. Thank you SOOO much! This was a wonderful excerpt from this book. Makes me want to read the rest, and I would LOVE to win a copy! I am always trying to keep that lying devil under my feet, but sometimes he slips out and plays havoc with my mind! Thank you Jesus for continually reminding me that I am your daughter and you love me beyond measure! Thank you for people like Gwen & Kelly who write books and blog posts to help me stay focused on YOU!!

    1. Janan, be encouraged, you are well on your way if you are aware of these things. The awareness leads you to fight with more intensity. What you will find is purpose and passion. Cheering you on!

  46. I was moved by this small look into this book…immediately thought how I could use this to shed light to others close to me and help them find their path to the one in whom they can trust and find their true worth…Jesus.

  47. Wow! I needed this, relate to it and seeing how I’m not the only one who slips into the lies, but there is always a way out. The encouragement and truth of God’s word! What a blessing!

  48. Ok Kelly you got to me. My whole life I’ve lived in fear. Fear that my parents would get dick or die. Fear that my brother and sister would get hurt or killed and as I get older fear is getting stronger as my siblings are again and my mother. I thought I had great faith but where is it. Right now I’m going through a crisis with my brother having a stroke and cancer and my sister waiting for shock treatment for her depression. I live in fear. I pray all day long why am I so afraid. Where is my so called faith and trust in our Heavenly Father. Well you got to me and I need to read your book

    1. Fear is not your ruler, Jesus is. He is waiting to lead you to new courage. You are on your way. Your pursuit of him will not lead you wrong. Keep going with that.

  49. Ok Kelly you got to me. My whole life I’ve lived in fear. Fear that my parents would get dick or die. Fear that my brother and sister would get hurt or killed and as I get older fear is getting stronger as my siblings are again and my mother. I thought I had great faith but where is it. Right now I’m going through a crisis with my brother having a stroke and cancer and my sister waiting for shock treatment for her depression. I live in fear. I pray all day long why am I so afraid. Where is my so called faith and trust in our Heavenly Father. Well you got to me and I need to read your book

    1. Share away! We all need this message, including myself. This book was my desperation call. God answered me; I know he will be faithful to many.

  50. The younger women in the church need this revelation … our battle belongs to the Lord and ” greater is He that is in me “. They are weighed down by their culture and freedom from lies that bind them.

    1. May you be blessed Karen, in your fear fight. May God hold you and your son close to his love. May you find new courage to live out bigger and bolder faith.

  51. I have always struggled with fear and the past two years of recovery from my divorce has forced me to deal with it and God has been pressing me to lean more on Him. I was just crying with a friend recently explaining my issues with dealing with fear. She sent me the link for this book. Thank you for writing it becasue so many struggle with it and I have a reading group that would love to study this!
    God Bless!

    1. I am so glad to hear this is the right message at the right time. I was beyond fearful, and while fear still does pop up, I am so much more brave. I am so much less dependent on others. I believe God will do a mighty work on you through this book, Brenda.

  52. Awesome sauce!! Faith is GREATER than fear, four letter word that I have discovered is false events appearing real – food for thought…..thank you Kelly and best of blessings on reaching the masses with your beautiful book 🙂

    1. Blessings to you Terri. Thanks for the jolt of encouragement. I am believing big for this book and standing firm in faith that God will release many through it.

    1. Jennifer, may you walk into 2017 holding the hand of your maker, listening to his voice and sitting down in his love. Amen.

  53. Fear and doubt take ahold of me almost daily, but I’m learning (instead of wishing to die); to immerse myself in God’s Holy Word to fight those negative thoughts. Take that you devil!

    1. Robin, way to go. You are learning to Fear Fight, it seems. Well done. You are getting on offense, instead of living on defense, which I absolutely love. Keep going. Don’t give up.

  54. Thank you for sharing this amazing book written by your friend. The message is so needed among woman today. We forget we are daughters of the King and he has already won the battle. Keep satan outside the door. Thanks ladies for the work you do to encourage us and better prepare us to life Christ filled lives.

  55. Yesterday I was talking about worry & fear with my daughter’s friend – “perfect love casts out fear”.

    Thank you for the timeliness of this book. Knowing the promises is incredible. Believing they are really, truly for myself in my own brokenness is the hard part!

    Thank you for the work that you do.

  56. Am excited to read this book and share with friends who are going thru the fire and fear right now! Thanks for the great excerpts.

    1. Thank you, Virginia. Women are looking for a way to find new hope, courage and passion. I believe this book will do a mighty work in their hearts, as it did mine.

  57. Awesome analogies about the agreements and contracts we make with the enemy. I often thought similarly, that sometimes we hear the knock of the enemy at the door of our heart/mind and don’t discern its him and invite him in for a cup of tea and a chat and don’t know it’s him until we’re in the grip of fear, doubt etc. Thankfully, we have a great Heavenly Father who lovingly rescues us from all our fears if we put our trust in Him. Would love to read your book. Will definitely subscribe to your email list and blogs- you go girl!

    1. You have not been given a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love and a sound mind. Stand firm, new friend. I am cheering you on.

    2. Doubt and fear steal hope and faith. They are mean. This book moved me, so much more, from fearful to faithful. I am so thankful and I am also hopeful it will do the same for you.

  58. I look forward to reading this and finding the answers to guestions that plaque me and many. Will be sharing with our small women’s Sunday School group.

  59. I would love to receive this amazing book!! I’m sure it would be a major blessing to me and others I would share it with!!

  60. Fear of the Lord is pure, enduring forever… (Psalm 19:9); there is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear… and the one who fears is not made perfect in love (1John 4:18). We are children of God! Satan has no power over us for the Holy Spirit lives in us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith… (Hebrews 12:2), and He will guide us into all truth and give us understanding. There is no other book, other than the Word of God, that speaks to us with Love and wisdom for life ~ His words are living and active and sharper than any double-edged sword and will speak to our hearts. Lord God our Father, thank you for your Word. Thank you for loving us. Give us your power through the Holy Spirit that indwells us. Cover us with your love and lead us in the way that we should go. Give us hearts to serve you and you alone. In Jesus’ Precious Name, I pray.

  61. I actually invited Satan in with a welcome mat right at the entrance of 2017.
    I signed a contract of discouragement and devastation! I called myself taking control and living my life but it’s truly a defeated task without relying on Christ.
    It’s no way for a daughter of the most high God to behave. To continue in this road will lead to something aweful I seek forgiveness and repentance. Continue to have mercy on me Lord.


  62. I’ve spent my whole life afraid of one thing after another…2016 I’m determined to break free of those fears once and for all so I can be all that God has called me to be!! I have a 17 year old daughter who has gone through way more stuff than any child should have to…I can already see fear starting to affect her and I want to help her be free now….This book would be perfect for her and I to read together to become more victorious in both our lives,and to reinforce for her all that God has waiting for her!!!

    1. That would be so great if you two could read it together. There is a study guide in the back that could really help you both have discussion too. God, please bless Vicki and daughter as they gain new courage. Amen.

  63. 2016 was a year about “health.” I allowed Satan to derail, both,…. too much. My “word” for 2017 is “FOCUS,” and it’s for a new look for my health….spiritual and physical. Sounds like Kelly has a deep understanding of that concept. Thanks!
    P.S. I’ve been blessed by your ministry, Gwen, many times, at Sandy Cove 🙂

  64. just a good book to read and know God is with us ,when Satan tries to steal our joy away and tell’s us lies , we know God is in control ,he is so much stronger than Satan .

  65. This book could not have come at a better time..
    The enemy is really attacking me with discouragement since I lost my dad 2 months ago. Really looking forward to it

  66. I work in women’s ministry and this is such a big problem. Our theme this year is Be Brave Joshua 1.9. This book sounds wonderful.

  67. Thank you for sharing this truth! I know my teenage daughter would benefit from this book and she learns how to leave her fears in the hands of the One who created her. I would love to read it as well!

  68. God’s timing is amazing. He knows what we need when we need it. I shared the post on FB and thank you so much for the chance to win!

  69. When you first posted about this book, I was intrigued. I deal with anxiety on a daily basis and really think this would be a good book to read.

    1. I was so loaded with anxiety. It still hits, but now, I am learning strategies to win against it. I’d love for you to read the book; it will bless you.

  70. You have just described me. I was raised in church, but salvation was not preached there. I became a Christian later in life but still cannot give myself over to God. I would love to have this book. I can see the possibilities!

    1. This book will be of great help to you, Sue. Be encouraged, God will lead you the right way. He will not fail you, hurt you or abandon you.

  71. Wow! This truth hit me between the eyes this morning! I would love to have this book! I have been fighting a spiritual battle for weeks & it’s exhausting! I need to keep reminding myself that God is above & ruler of all & he is my shield of protection.

    1. God is not going to leave you home alone or on the curb with no one to help you. He has great destinations for you. He has great plans, for his name. Be encouraged.

  72. God took me back to my own birth after the birth of my son and showed me that fear came instantly at my birth. I had been bound with fear most of my life but thought it had entered through a traumatic childhood. It was very powerful. Needed to hear this again not only for today but for 2017 and the future.

    1. It sounds like it is meant to be. Lord, I pray this book is life-changing for Kathy Smith. Bless her and lead her to new courage. Amen.

  73. I have struggled my whole life with just wanting to be noticed and feel I belong.
    I stretch myself to make sure things are done and others in my life have what they need, but always feel I came up short .
    This book seems like a good read for me .

    1. I know how that feels Mary. It is hard when we give so much and feel there is nothing left. I think this book would be very good for you.

  74. Wow! God’s timing is amazing! As soon as I started reading this, it resonated within my heart! Living in a very remote Alaskan village with it’s challenges has made me rely on God more than ever before…because I don’t have close friends to do a Bible study & fellowship with because they moved away for various reasons. God has certainly blessed me with two amazing “sisters”!…one of them being my bff! Having to rely so much more on God…he is working daily to trust him but more so to remember whose I am! A daughter of the King of Kings and His precious princess! God is also using the daily circumstances to remind me through his word and other ways when that I forget and let the enemy in with doubts and fears that My Savior already defeated satan and I am victorious and righteous in His sight! What a blessing this excerpt was as soon as I read it! I look forward to reading the whole book some time in the future. Thank you!

    1. I am so glad this excerpt was a blessing to you. God did such a mighty work on my heart as I wrote the book with him. He powerfully showed up. I hope you find new courage and his warm embrace all the way up in the cold places of Alaska.

  75. Overcoming fear has been a struggle, it’s a battle I have seemed to have always faced. As a mother of two daughters I desire to reflect strength, and security in Christ so they will never face the battle of fear themselves.

    1. There is no shame in the battle. The battle is real. Know this. What we can do is get our fight on, though. With Jesus, we win.

  76. Thanks so much, Kelly, for this column! It’s actually my plan for this year (and always) to stop listening to the devil’s lies and hold my head up as a child of God and live my life positively! I need to know God is with me always and I have Jesus as my leader and advocate. I admit sometimes I fear that I am not good enough but it is my goal to do better at remembering what Jesus did for me – little me!

    1. Thank you for sharing, Brenda. I want to do these things, too. I very much “want to do better at remembering what Jesus did for me – little me!” 🙂 May God bless you richly in this endeavor.

    2. He has you, Brenda. You are daughter and delighted over. Stand firm in your fight and walk into his greatest callings.

  77. Oh this book looks amazing! Fear! I have dealt with it so much! My word for 2017 is TRUST! I think God laid this word on my heart this year because I am always so good at turning my fears and frustrations over to Him, but I’m just as quick to step back in and try to help Him out! I need to give it to Him and leave it there with full trust that He will deal with it in His perfect way!

  78. I really have to make an effort to not let Satan take control. This devotion is a great reminder of how much more powerful God’s love for us is and that He created us and is with us in the battle! Thank you for the reminder!

  79. I have come to realize that I have been fearful most of my life. I don’t think I have ever realized how much fear has been a part of my life and directed my decisions. I really want to be fearless!!

    1. Many people live not realizing they are fearful. They become so acquainted with the fear. You are making progress by recognizing this.

    1. The book moved me from always fearful to becoming more and more faithful. I feel at ease, rather than stressed and afraid all the time. I believe God will use this book to bless you.

    1. It is! My husband is always telling me, “It was a radical life-changer for you.” That’s right, because I was fearful, but God led me to powerful truth to help me along the way.

  80. I can easily fall into living in fear. Fear has crept within since 2009. An onset anxiety attack grabbed hold of me and this is when it began. Through Gods’ Word and the Lord revealing He is in charge, trust has been the key issue. This journey isn’t easy, but I am grateful to God of His mercy and unfailing love. God bless you all beautiful ladies and love you!

    1. Thank you for sharing, Priscilla. I receive your blessing. I really appreciate your statement: “Through God’s Word and the Lord revealing He is in charge, trust is the key issue.” So very true. We keep our eyes, hearts and minds fixed on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our Faith. See Hebrews 12:2. See also Romans 8:34 (The Amplified Bible) “Who is there to condemn [us]? Will Christ Jesus (the Messiah), Who died, or rather Who was raised from the dead, Who is at the right hand of God *actually pleading as He intercedes for us?” How good is that to know? Jesus is interceding for us. Elsewhere the scripture says He ever lives to intercede for us. 🙂 May God continue to bless you richly!

    2. Thank you for sharing. I am well acquainted with anxiety. It is a beast. However, God is teaching me more and more how to fight it – and win. I hope you are able to dive into the book.

    3. Thank you for sharing. I am well acquainted with anxiety. It is a beast. However, God is teaching me more and more how to fight it – and win. I hope you are able to dive into the book.

  81. Wow! Thanks so much for sharing this. As I read about agreeing with the enemy, I thought of 1John 1:9 “If we confess our sins (I believe that to be agreeing with God about our sins and desiring to turn from them), He is faithful and just to forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” I don’t want to agree with the enemy, the world or my flesh (when it opposes God). I really appreciate the 4 “D” agreements. So clear and true. May God continue to bless you richly.

  82. I’m so glad she has bravely told the the truth about our battles with fear and anxiety. Been there. Now have dear friends right there too. Would love to share more about this book on my blog as well. Love you Gwen!!! Jen

  83. I can relate to so much of what was talked about. I try to stay in faith but when those arrows of life come flying at you,it is easy to doubt,fear, struggle. I would
    I’ve to read this book!

    1. Fear is horrible. It keeps us from God’s greatest callings. It destroys relationships. I am praying this book blesses you.

  84. Fear is debilitating, keeps us from moving forward or going for what we want in life…we have to constantly fight fear to reach our goals but with God we can overcome fear

    1. Hi, Aida: Thanks for sharing and “d” word about fear. 🙂 Sadly, it certainly can be debilitating. Whew! I don’t want to be debilitated by fear any longer. We serve a loving, caring God Who gives us all we need to live the live He desires for us. Praise Him! May God continue to bless you richly.

  85. Oh, my! I could start a PRETTY LARGE BOOK CLUB CIRCLE focused on this book & overcoming Fear & Anxiety….just off the top of my head the moment that I saw the title, I instantly thought of 8 ladies that I personally know that would truly benefit from your book!!! ?

    1. I think you start a small group study, for sure, Emily! There is a 12-week study guide included with the book, so it is perfect for this kind of thing. Let’s all get fear-less!

  86. Sounds like an awesome book, can’t wait to read it! I have self doubt all the time. I grew up in a home where in my Mother’s eyes I couldn’t do anything right and for many, many years I have been battling with this on my own. I can’t wait to read your book and learn more!

    1. Debbie, this is extremely painful. My heart goes out to yours. This book will certainly help you feel the love of God. I believe God held my like a good daddy, as I wrote it.

  87. I struggle in this very area every day! I pray every morning for God to show me how to get it right each day and somehow seem to fall short by the evening. My kids and husband say I’m either mad or yelling all the time. Though this is never my intention, it seems I easily fall into this same pattern day after day. It leaves me feeling ashamed. Thank you Kelly and Gwen. I look forward to reading this book and I hope God will reveal to me tools I need to ward off the devil in this area. I don’t want to be a high-strung, frustrated mother/wife anymore. I want to be free of this strong-hold. Happy New Year and God Bless.

    1. There is a lot to be said for first breaking the power of shame. Then you can conquer fear. With this said, I hope you get the book; I think it will help you in this process. I know all too well that cycle.

  88. This book is such a blessing! It is a heart-inspiring encouragement that doesn’t fall for all the lies of the culture we allow ourselves to be sucked into. What a glorious faith witness!

  89. False.Evidence.Appearing.Real. How is it that I hunger after Jesus’ words and promises, taking in all He has for me, yet I am so easily tripped up by Satan and his lies? I have been grappling with this for the last six months (or 50 years), and I am ready to STOP! Can’t wait to read this book, and put its wisdom into practice!

    1. Such a good question, Melissa! Thank you for sharing. I know Jesus’ truths in His Word, but am not very good at applying them. 🙁 I, too, am ready to STOP!
      Praying for you sister. May we keep our hearts, minds and eyes fixed on Jesus, looking to be strengthened in our inner man by Holy Spirit. God is so very good!

    1. That is exactly what this book is – encouraging. It uplifts and supports you in the areas that fear creeps in.

  90. This is all I have been hearing lately…Less fear….Be fearfree….On and on….Jesus set me free through the reality of Your LOVE

    1. Oh, yes, Cathy. I echo your prayer: “Jesus set me free through the reality of Your LOVE.” My word this year is love – I want to love better, and I want His love to shine through me all the time. 🙂 Thank you.

  91. We are aware that Satan came to steal, kill, and destroy and he is definitely on the job, however my God is Greater than any circumstances, because circumstances lie! If I’m not the winner of this wonderful book, I will definitely purchase. Sounds like a great read!

    1. Barbara, Satan is a liar. God has you. He will help you. I am sure this book will bless you. I am praying it is so right now.

  92. I have been struggling the last two years. I had left church and could not find another I was comfortable at , but by the grace of God and a god friend I am back at church and wanting all God has for me. Jeremiah 29:11. I have a lot of fear, but I know it is the devil, I am fighting him daily. Life is getting easier, but I still have days, all I can do is turn to the word for help. Prayers are welcomed by all. Satan will not win I serve a bigger God.

    1. God, we lift Lorrie up to you. Hold her heart. Understand her pain. Deliver her from her trials and her struggles. Help her not to fear, but to grab hold of new faith. May she rest in your love. Amen.

    1. Rosetta, I pray this book brings out the woman God made you to be. I pray he leads you to the depths of his love. I pray that rather than fear, you find restored faith to walk out his greatest mission. Be Blessed.

  93. My word for 2017 is Intentional, and one of the things I have singled out is Intentionally Brave. Jesus is the only way to cast out fear! Also, I am a Jamberry consultant and our word for the year is Fearless!

  94. Fear can take over and become so huge. A person who is naturally prone to anxiety and worry, I fight my fears daily. Your devotion and book are perfect reminders to put God’s word and truths before satan’s lies.
    Thank you

  95. Fear can take everything away from you unless you trust God always. But I see it all around me in people I work with . You just have to keep telling them to trust God

  96. I would love to read this book. And I know it would be a perfect women’s Bible study. All of us need help fighting fear.

  97. The excerpt shared mimicks my life exactlyl. The thoughts Ive allowed in and linger and eventually agreed with. I’ve struggled with fear my entire life and now coming to the realization of who I am in Christ. I am loving who He’s revealing Himself to be and who I am as well. #FearFighter

  98. Isn’t fear the most irrational feeling that only makes everything worse? Fear is not from God so fear is a lie and lies are always from Satan. It’s a battle every day to fight the good fight and be brave. That’s why we have groups, church family, prayer teams and have to put on the armor of God every day. Chats and supporters help each one of God’s children stay true to living bold and knowing how loved we really are. Thank you for your writing talent glorifying God and helping all the people who read your words.
    Casie Kolenda, your sister in Christ.

  99. I need help getting over fears I have. Every time I give them over to God, I take them back again. I would love to have this book to help me do that.

    1. YEs, this book has practical advice, prayers and biblical strategies to help you win – once and for all. I hope you get your hands on it.

  100. My daughter teaches a small group of teen girls at our church …She’s 21 and the girls are both 16 and needless to say anxiety runs rampant at these ages …My daughter included…She’s been doing a book study with them called … Beautiful you…And it’s helping…Alot . She looks for new opportunities to help them and herself…This book sounds amazing and just what they all could use … God’s word is always the best , however, I believe this book is an answered prayer!! Thank you so much for all you’re doing!!!
    Blessings, Peggy

    1. They will love this book. I know anxiety so well. Only now, am I starting to make giant strides in winning against it. God has taught me so much.

  101. Fear can grab a hold of me and destroy even my health. No matter how many times I try to drown out the sounds, fear has its way of creeping back and taking over. I keep saying over and over, “Be still and know that I am God” until I can actually breathe again.

    1. Very good! You have some fighter in you. If you can get on offense in the morning, that is always a good thing too. You are doing well.

  102. My entire life I feel like I’ve always been fighting fighting to be recognized fighting to be wanted fighting to be a good mother fighting to be a wife fighting to be a good employee fighting to be a good friend and fighting to be loved fighting to be understood fighting to be wanted

    1. Yvonne, the fight is real. It really is. I know it. Keep it up. Keep finding the strategies to help you beat it. Keep resting in Christ Jesus. Keep in truth. God won’t let you down.

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