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Hi, Friend! Happy Friday! Today’s Guest Post and Giveaway is wonderful… for so many reasons. My special friend WENDY BLIGHT is sharing from her new Bible study on 1 John, I Am Loved: Walking in the Fullness of God’s Love. {Plus she’s giving away TWO copies of the book!} When I say that Wendy’s a special friend, I mean it. We’ve ministered along side of each other for over a decade, we’ve hung out on cold bleachers together as our sons played travel basketball on the same team, and when my house was struck by lightning and caught fire last year, she rallied her friends in prayer and support. See? Special. So when I say that this woman loves Jesus and others well, I bear personal witness. I LOVE Wendy Blight… and you will too. Enjoy this excerpt from her new Bible study and be sure to leave a comment so you qualify for the giveaway!!


My husband and I began our marriage in a difficult place. Eleven months before we walked down the aisle, I was the victim of a horrific crime. For years, I lived in a prison of fear. It consumed my every waking moment. I avoided being alone at all costs.

Monty became my safe place. Being home alone terrified me. So, I never wanted him to leave me. When he chose to play basketball, or go to dinner with friends, I pouted, whining and complaining that he wasn’t putting me first.

This fractured our marriage. Days were hard and nights were long. Soon I began to imagine Monty looking elsewhere for the companionship he lacked with me. I demanded to know when and where he was at all times. When I couldn’t get a hold of him, I panicked.

Jealousy infiltrated my heart.

I knew these feelings were wrong. Even destructive.

But I didn’t know how to overcome them.

As jealous thoughts took root, they became a mental obsession that fed me lies.

I felt my marriage, and my husband, slipping away. Completely at a loss to know what to do, I dropped to my knees and begged God to help me.

Thankfully, God made a way to release jealousy’s grip on me – and it was through loving Him. As I came to know God more intimately, my jealousy subsided.

God opened my eyes to see Christ in a new way … as my Savior and my “first love.” Until that time, I had found that love and security in my husband. I had confused love and need. I needed Monty so desperately that he became my savior. He was my defender and my protector from the evil in the world. I needed him more than anything else. If I was with him, I felt safe.

Monty sat on the throne of my heart; not God.

This, sister, is the perfect recipe for an unhealthy, destructive relationship. We should never “need” our husbands, our children, or anyone else more than Christ.

We should have only one Savior, and His name is Jesus.

We should have only one first love, and His name is Jesus.

This knowledge put my marriage in perspective. Jesus replaced Monty as my “first love.” Jesus is now my Defender, my Refuge and my Strong Tower. It was in Him and Him alone that I overcame all my fears.

And, Monty became the gift God had given me on this earth to reveal His perfect love to me. As God took His rightful place on the throne of my heart, Monty took his rightful place too.

God’s love left an indelible mark on my heart. His is a distinctive love that, when allowed to blossom and mature, becomes a driving force that nothing can contain.

Through it, God equips us to live distinctively different lives. First, by eradicating our old self through Jesus’ death on the cross. Second, by bestowing upon us a new self through His resurrection.

We express our appreciation for God’s abundant blessings most beautifully when we love others and live a life marked by love.

Some may be loveable people … those are the easy ones to love.

Some may be difficult people … those are the challenging ones to love.

Some may be invisible people … those are the uncomfortable ones to love. Who are the invisible? The disenfranchised. The voiceless. The forgotten. The rejected. The unpopular.

Friend, as you seek to live out the love God has implanted in you, remember these truths:

You have been born of God.

God loves you.

You love God.

You are a child of God.

In Christ, you have blood-bought brothers and sisters in Christ.

Knowing and believing these truths equips you to live loved and spill that love into this dark world.


Congratulations to our giveaway winners: Jacqueline & Diane L!



I Am Loved: Walking in the Fullness of God’s Love is for every woman who craves to truly understand, walk confidently in, and live out God’s unconditional, extravagant, lavish love because His love truly changes everything. Watch a sneak peek of the Bible study and download a sample week’s lesson for free here.


An invitation for you!

Join us for our Online Bible Study of #IAmLoved at Proverbs 31 Ministries. It kicks off January 22 and you can sign up here.

Wendy Blight is a wife, mother, author, Bible teacher, attorney, and writer for Proverbs 31 Ministry’s First 5 app. Her desire is to help every woman know with confidence she can tackle any problem life presents through God’s Word. Wendy is the author of I Am Loved, I Know His Name, and Living So That Bible studies, and Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner. She lives with her husband, Monty, in Charlotte, North Carolina and loves most when her two children, Lauren (24) and Bo (19), come home to visit and fill their home with lots of love and laughter!


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  1. I have a dear friend struggling in her marriage. She could really use the guidance of this book. Her husband drinks a lot and stays gone a lot even when he’s home they’re very distant. She has turned to smoking pot to deal with it. They have children. They need help and prayer.

  2. Just reading this small portion of the book was such an eye opener to me. I think it’s stuff I already knew, like needing to put God above all but seeing it put into writing and hearing someone else’s story just drives it home that much more. ❤️

  3. Just reading this small portion of the book was such an eye opener to me. I think it’s stuff I already knew, like needing to put God above all but seeing put into writing and hearing someone else’s story just drives it home that much more. ❤️

  4. After fighting, praying and pleading with God for years to heal and restore me, I need to remember that I am loved.
    Thank you for sharing your story.

  5. Sometimes i get so caught up in doing everything from cooking, cleaning, tending to grandchildren or fellowship with other believers in Christ that i myself have a need to feel loved not only by my husband but by my Heavenly Father.

  6. After seventeen years of marriage to an alcoholic, I found myself as a single parent. After almost five years I though I had met my knight in shining armor….not! After finally turning over all to Him and putting Him on the throne of my life I am now retired and married for almost 27 years. It took a long time but worth it! Trust Him. He never fails1

  7. Yes, I need to feel God’s love. I need to realize His unconditional love to make me whole and bring back the confidence I lost being married to an unbeliever.

  8. Sounds like a great book! This is something I struggle with!!! Would like to do the Proverbs31 online study, but can’t afford the book right now.

  9. Great Job Ladies! (Wendy and Gwen) I would love to win a copy of both of your Books! I know you Ladies are loved! God Bless!

  10. I enjoyed your words of encouragement and would love to read more in your study! God’s Word is the only answer to life’s hardships.

  11. This was like reading a chapter out of my life when I married my first husband and moved across the country. Unfortunately, I was not surrounded by friends and/or family whose beliefs were the strength I needed leaving me to the worst thoughts I could conjure up. After a dozen years of marriage and two awesome girls those thoughts weren’t just thoughts. So my belief system shaken and in needed of friends and my God it has taken many years and the Lord’s patience I’m finding the love that I was promised just decades behind. I believe your book may just point me in the right direction .Thank you for writing

  12. Thank you so much for your ministry and studies. I have learned so much from so many women of Christ. I came through time of divorce that I did not choose. Godly women and men, put in my path by Christ, taught me how much God loves me and my Kids then 11,17 & 21. He provided for us financially, spiritually and emotionally. Putting my family in a wonderful place. We have Emmaus friends, church friends, school friends, neighbors and work friends that love Christ as we do. After having to move from the only home my youngest son, ever knew. God orchestrated a chain of events that allowed me to buy back my parents retirement home 8 years after selling it when my brother and I closed their estate. Now he has brought a wonderful Christian man and his kids to our family. I just want to say… YES I learned to give God my first time, first love, first service and trust him to love me back. And he has provided way more than I ever can dreamed.

    1. Dear Mrs. Clemens, I am sorry for you loss. I too suffered a tragic loss. My wonderful adult son went to be with the Lord 3 years ago on New Years day. My Lord is my everything. I too live alone and I know that it is our Most High God who sustains us. May you be renewed daily in your love for Him and in His unspeakable Blessings!

  13. Hi Wendy, at times when life feels overwhelming, sometimes it’s easy to forget who it is that loves us unconditionally and knows our circumstances better than anyone else. I am learning to trust and lean on God because ultimately we are loved by God! Thank you for the opportunity to be entered into this draw! Blessings, Mary-Ann

  14. My husband has dementia and it is God’s love that gives me the strength to continue my journey as he is non emotional at this stage of his life. God’s love is my driving force. Doris Yeomans

  15. Thank you for such encouraging words! I would love to read your book as I struggle with placing God as the love of my life after losing my husband.

  16. Hi Wendy!
    Any girlfriend in God friend is a friend of mine! I loved the excerpt from your book and would love to read all of it. Our women’s study group at church is in 1 John now and what a beautiful book! It’s amazing to me how God draws nearer and nearer to us when we make even the smallest move toward Him. Thank you for sharing!

  17. Thank you! The concept of being loved by God has helped me so much since my divorce. Knowing that God is the lover of my soul and that He will fulfill all my longings has helped me to heal from the brokenness that came during that time. I look forward to reading your perspective about He loves us!

  18. As a normal human, sometimes it is so easy to feel inadequate and unworthy of God’s love. This Bible study sounds like just what I need.

  19. Your devotional was inspiring. Because many times, I find myself putting things and people before God. I am not there yet,but God is helping me to put him first. and make him my security . God bless You.

    Patricia Thebeaup

  20. My husband has terminal cancer. We have been married 33 years. I’m terrified of being alone. I need this book. I’m so afraid. Please help me get through this difficult time.

  21. -The need for Christ to be number one in my life is now a priority. My marriage has completely fallen apart, and mygrown children have suffered because of it. I thought I could “Fix it”. Now I know that I can’t. Please pray for me that I will know my worth in Christ- no matter the outcome of my marriage.
    I would love to win a copy of your book-

  22. Thank you for reassuring me of God’s love for me, I so needed to hear it today. I wear a shirt with the words “live loved” on it. I also love using the word “love” in so many ways in my life. I call my sweet nieces “love”. Again most importantly need to always be reminded from wonderful woman like yourself that we are loved by and awesome God.

  23. This sounds amazing. Am struggling in a rocky marriahe and feel lost and alone. I am trying to get back to being close with the Lord. I feel this book and study will help me and other women I know. THank you for sharing.

  24. I am hoping this book can help a friend. I have a friend really struggling right now. She is struggling with depression and I am trying to figure out how to help her. God is good!

  25. What an inspiration this book will be to so many marriages, even mine. Each marriage has those “speed bumps” that keep us from fully enjoying the spouse that God has given us, or not enjoying the abundant life that He has promised to those who believe in Him.

  26. Really enjoyed reading the excerpt out of your book. I feel it would be a real blessing to read all of the book. So of course I hope I win!

  27. Thank you this was a much needed word. I was abandoned by my husband and the fear of losing some one again became by strong hold. It was only through Jesus Christ that my four children and I can overcome those fears. If we rest in his then we lack nothing.

  28. I too have struggled with these same problems in my marriage. I’d love to have this book to help me through this valley.

  29. This is what I constantly try to instill in my friends and family. If we get God out of that little box and let him get as big as HE is and be our everything……our Lord and savior and redeemer, and refuge and strong tower and Prince of peace and healer and sanctifier,etc etc etc then and only then this world and all of the worries and problems become so small and you can see so clear……out of the darkness and into the light…Amen…..He was meant to be our everything….

  30. I Am Loved sounds amazing!!!! It reminds me of one of my fave verses, we love because He first loved us.❤️1 John 4:19

  31. Thank you for your story. So many times I know how things should work but it is just so hard to get there. It helps to here someone’s story.

  32. I have always believed in God . But in the last few years I have realized that I have to have a relationship with Jesus. I’m working very hard at that. I am putting him first in my life. I feel joy in my life like I’ve never felt before. I constantly pray that the Lord will show me what he wants me to do. I constantly try to be still so I can hear his voice and know what he wants me to do. But nothing. I pray now for direction .

  33. Wow! Amazing how this has lined up with what I have been dealing with as a single mom, a widow and seeking my happiness through my children. God has been showing me how I need to put Him first in all things and live through Him, not through others or through things. And it is changing me, slowly, but surely as I release those who I appointed to make me happy and allow God to do the work He has been patiently waiting to do. Thank you for sharing this powerful excerpt. I cannot wait to read more! God bless you!

  34. Amen! I know this story oh so well, it was me too. Thank you. God bless you. I love God hidden treasures in darkness. Thank you Jesus.

  35. Thank you for the reminder to put Jesus first. I too, put too much emphasis on my husband, when we first got married. It was unhealthy. I needed this reminde
    I’ d love to have your book.

  36. I AM loved! What sweet words for all women to remember. Thank you for the devotion, it really resonated with me. God bless you!

  37. Talk about convicted! I got up this morning and harum-scarum like grabbed my InTouch Magazine and flipped open and it went to overcoming jealousy… I thought wow… I never really realized that I might be jealous of somebody and yes, the Lord laid of my heart that I was. Then, I checked my email and saw an email with a devotion from Henry Blackaby addressing the fact that the word of God is living and you will be convicted… He gave examples of when you hear a sermon or teaching, and you think to yourself that’s me and that is meant for you! It is just proof that the word is living and will convict us of sin. Finished that, and saw the email with your excerpt and giveaway. I read what you had to say and was like… Lord, you must be speaking to me about jealousy. I think it is so awesome how the Holy Spirit puts all these little things together and they’re not happenstance… No, They were meant for me! I’ve asked God to forgive me and to help me… Show me how to overcome this. It’s hard to admit to others that you’re jealous of someone. Thanks for sharing and for this wonderful giveaway of your book! God bless!

  38. This book sounds just like what I need at this time of my life. My husband and I are experiencing the worst trial of our 40 years of marriage. I need this book.

  39. I can so relate to this!!! I need to replace my husband with God as my protector and Father………thank you for helping me see the light. I would love to do this study.

  40. Oh how Ok needed needed this, I got sick with Parkinson’s and my husband abandoned me, dropped me off in the “ghetto, as much as hate using that word, he did. He was abusive and seeing prostitutes. Now that my disease has progressed, he is trying to come around. I believe God’s perfect plan is for 2 people should work their marriage if at all that’s possible. I told my husband it’s God first, no matter what. He’s starting to come around, maybe put of obligation, I don’t know, but time will tell. I know he is trying, that’s all I can ask for.

  41. For 16 years I struggled with my marriage, because I didn’t know how to love, even Jesus. As I have been learning what love is through Him, I have been able to learn how to lay my marriage before Him and how to love my husband. This post really touched my heart. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Rebecca, I’m so thankful this devotion ministered to your heart and met you just where you needed in your marriage prayers. Answered prayer for Gwen and me. I pray for healing and restoration in your hearts and your marriage as you move forward with God.



  42. Thank you for talking about your jealously and having the Lord help you through it. I too struggle with this and like you, it consumes me. I desire victory so much but I have never figured out just ‘how’ to brake free from it. Yes, I pray earnestly yet it’s still overwhelming me. If you have any way of explaining how it took place for you I would be open to listening.

    1. Penny, it took a long time. It truly came as I dug deeply into God’s Word. As I began to realize that my identity is in God and NOT in my husband. Even if I lost him, I would still have God. God would care for me, provide for me and give purpose to my life. But, it only came as I spent much time in Bible study and prayer. I would love for you to join us for the Proverbs 31 Online study beginning 1/22 that studies 1 John through my book “I Am Loved” and is where this story comes from. But, if you don’t study with us, I encourage you to be in a study if you aren’t already. As we learn to know the truth, it’s easier to live the truth. And as we live the truth, God changes everything for us!!!



  43. Very timely and beautiful! It really is a huge difference when we put God first place in our lives. Everything just seems to be in order. Had the same encounter of being so scared of the future, until God reminded me to let Him be in control. Im unsure of the future, but im sure of the One Who holds my future! Thank you Gwen and Wendy for this book. Im sure it will be a blessing to millions. I can’t wait to grab a copy as we all need to be reminded of putting God at the center of our lives and allow Him to sit on the throne of our hearts. God bless you most as you bless others more!

  44. Thanks for doing a giveaway. I would really love to win. It sounds like a book that would be very helpful for me to read and learn from.

  45. I know God is my savior and is on the throne of my heart but sadly I still search and crave love from my separated husband. I believe this book would help me to stop seeking my self worth in humanly realms.

  46. Lovely encouraging story😊! My husband and I have been living in Australia for the past 7 years and with our family living overseas and a difficult situation tht struck our relationship about 2 years ago I started feeling just like Wendy. This tough situation brought to life ghost from my childhood, which made things even worst. My only fully happy moments, when I felt secure and complete in my marriage were when we went on holidays and we were together 24/7. I knew anynothing about this was right, despite knowing Jesus I felt I needed to be in control. But our God is awesome he has put beutiful women from church to help me, a Christian therapist and the beautiful devotions from Girlfrinds in God to help me through this and hear Him talking to my troubled heart. This is my story and God is working on me and my marriage and I am pretty sure it was no coincidence I read Wendy’s story today. Thank you. GOD BLESS!

  47. I too became too dependant on one person. I felt lost, helpless and unloved. Then I came too realize that there was only one person that I could depend on too love me and who I could trust too see me through anything life could throw at me. I knew that God was the only one I could trust with my life. He has brought me through so much during my life,mostly the loss of loved ones. so, no one is gonna tell me there isn’t a God. I know better. He’s a good, good Father.

  48. I’ve loved reading Wendy’s First 5 devotionals, and I’m sure the Lord would also use this study to teach me something, too!

  49. I know I am loved by God because if He didn’t love me He would have quit me a long time ago. His love gets stronger as well as our relationship every day.

  50. Love the rawness of the excerpt. Too often we seek love, acceptance and happiness in others. This is why we are so often left unhappy, discouraged and overly burdened with earthly things. I am intrigued and excited to read this book for encouragement and guidance alongside my quest to loving the Lord first!

  51. In a broken marriage. I learned to rely on God. He sustains me. I have set the Lord always before me, because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.

  52. It is a good thing to be reminded that we are loved daily and I would personally love to win this book. It was great being reminded also who loves us the most and who we should love the most. Thank-you for the message.

  53. Thanks for the reminder that I am loved by God. I struggle almost daily believing God could love someone like me, abused, broken, worthless.

  54. I find that I often do this as well, putting others as my saving grace instead of Jesus. Every time I seek someone other than Him first; be it to call a friend and pour out my troubles or asking someone else what they think I should do. I have a habit (as I am sure many of us do) of seeking the approval or direction from others when the BFF we should be chatting with first is Jesus. I feel it has a lot to do with the fact of things seen vs unseen. I mean I know Jesus is with me always but he is not a visible presence and as humans I think we seek that which we can see. Even though we know beyond a shadow of a doubt, it’s the one whom we cannot see that is our greatest help. Thanks for sharing your story today Wendy. May you continue to be a blessing to all those you come in contact with!

  55. Amazing! God speaks to us in so many ways. I’m dealing with a difficult family member and have been for several years. My husband and I have tried over the years with no success to have a relationship with the family member. Finally, I decided that it just isn’t worth the trouble, but after reading your devotional, I know it is I who needs to change my heart and put God on that throne. All along I thought I could solve the problem myself, but reading your devotional is leading me down the path that I think that Christ would have me go.

  56. I am right now doing my best to be in the fullness of god. I too have been through jealousy and tragics in my life. God is my protector and love. I would enjoy every moment reading your book.

  57. Every one needs to know they are loved~some days you know are loved and other days you just don’t feel you are loved~I would love to win your book.

  58. It’s hard for me to imagine or know that God loves me as you say….i will read this excerpt over and over till it sinks in! I would like to read the whole book so I hope I win!

  59. I’ve never done a bible study and I would love to get a copy of Wendy’s book. I can tell god is using her in powerful ways and I can’t wait to hear from her.

  60. This is one of the things that I struggle with myself – after being in a marriage full of infidelity for seven years. My 2nd husband is a gift! Looking forward to this bible study for many reasons!

  61. I really enjoyed your writing. What got to my heart was your honesty about your problems, that helped me connect to you. Thank you

  62. I always knew something was missing in my life. I’m 60 years old and just realized it was love. I had loving parents, I have a loving husband and family, but I didn’t “feel” loved. Now, I’m realizing how much God loves me and I need to love myself. I am “feeling” the love of my family now and I think I’m showing more love to everyone. All praise to Father God!

  63. Blessings! I am thankful for all of you righteous women of God who follow God’s guidance to help other women in need of a one powerful word to lift up them in difficult times and more. Really Thankful. (Yes, I want the book)

  64. I can relate to this same mistake of ‘needing’ my husband early in our marriage, rather than placing God first, who provides what I need. He has done amazing transformative work in my life and in our marriage of 37 years now! I am looking forward to learning more from Wendy about how to live loved!

  65. Hi Gwen I can relate on certain things about your story. I used to have this uncertainty about past relationships and not trusting that jealousy played role in my life. I used to give my spouse first place in the relationship and it was overwhelming. I now find myself wanting to have a personal relationship with God. This book would be a great gift for me right now. Thank you for sharing your story.

  66. Wendy I loved your transparency as you revealed how total dependency on Jesus’ love for you freed you ultimately from the fear of abandonment and the jealousy that threatened your marriage. Thank you for your vulnerability and honesty.

  67. Thank you for this study. I’ve been married now 20 years. I live wit guilt that makes me feel like I can’t say no ever. The need to have Jesus be my husband and have that uncondition I will never leave you loving feeling is what I long for. Even if I don’t win the giveaway, I will make the investment. Jesus needs to be my bridegroom and I need to be his church. Thank you

  68. If I win this I would give a copy to a single mom that I help support through her journey of becoming a new follower of Christ.

  69. How wonderful to know that you’ve opened your heart and displayed the tortures of fear. And even more wonderful how you have laid those fears at His feet. Abiding in Christ is a daily choice and I thank you for sharing your testimony.

  70. I’d love to be gifted a book. It would just be a nice thing to get something for free, especially something that could be so helpful spiritually.

  71. I often have to remind myself that God is someone that loves me just as I am and that because I am His child, nothing can break that bond.

  72. Thank you for this devotional and upcoming study. I expect it to be a blessing to my soul in 2018 and definitely needed.

  73. Yes when I started putting more faith in things and certain people, it did not go well. A life without God front and center is empty and dark. My faith carries me through rough times and I am glad I am a sister in Christ.

  74. I am in a relationship and like making my boyfriend as the no. 1 priority of my heart. I love him very much and expect him to be the source of my joy and peace, but when he fails to give me the attention I needed, I began to get disappointed on him. From there the enemy will have his way to tell me that I’m worthless, useless, unloved and nothing! I started to believe him and have lost my confidence and trust in myself,
    But God told me that I’m His daughter and precious in His eyes, that i need to make Him my top priority not anything nor anyone else. That if I will allow Him to rule my heart and my relationship, I will be able to feel then the true love, peace and joy that only comes from Him.

  75. It is so hard to understand sometimes what exactly God has for us to do. I have been dealing with so much, Ive lost do much. I know that God is my defender, I do but when things happen in my life its hard to understand why. I truly need prayer.

  76. This resonated deeply within me as I read my life in yourwords. Thank you for sharing your journey of love with and in Christ. He has taught me so much about walking and living From a place of love rather than fear. Fear and jealous are prisons and so many are imprisoned. Time to set others free. Thank you again. Love in Christ, Olana

  77. I know God is my defender, refuge and strong tower, but I find it hard to love people who act if they don’t like me. Even the people in the church who have never met me before. I would like to live the love God has implanted in me.

  78. This is very similar to a relationship I had too. When you put the other person above God is exactly when God makes you reevaluate the relationship. GOD IS ALWAYS FIRST.

  79. Hi, Gwen!
    What struck me the most was the part about Jesus being our first love. It’s so true because He knew us before we were formed in the womb. He knew when we would be born and He knew us by name. He knows the day we will leave this earth, whether it be by death or in the rapture. He knew about all of our mistakes and our sins but He loved us anyway and He still does. Thank you for calling this to my attention!

  80. Blessings to you in The Name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
    I find myself in this New year hungry for more and more material to go deeper in my growth of knowing how deep and how wide truly is the Love of Our Savior. In this Love walk I truly desire to love more in those relationships that I daily deal with, with loving them in His Great Love!! I hope to claim this study to help further me along in this quest! Thank you for the opportunity (:

  81. It’s always a toss about for me God is always in the center of my heart. There always those with their advice, string you along if allowed to the troubles of this world. Keeping faith and knowing God Grace is right there to help you thru, always a reassuring feeling.

  82. Quite and insightful devotional. Fear is deadly and not of God. I remind myself of that truth daily, but Satan keeps trying to persuade me. Thanks for your testimony.

  83. You have been born of God.

    God loves you.

    You love God.

    You are a child of God.

    In Christ, you have blood-bought brothers and sisters in Christ.

    Knowing and believing these truths equips you to live loved and spill that love into this dark world.

    ***Thank you! I have taken the following words, printed them off and hung them on my bathroom mirror for me too look at and read everyday, all day.

  84. I would love to have a copy of the book”I am loved”.
    I feel I have been in a very similar place as Wendy Blight.
    God bless you!

  85. Thanks for the reminder that we are loved even when we feel invisible. And then to give love to those we ‘don’t see’.

  86. Wow just reading this excerpt from your book makes me want to read more!! It touches my heart in a special way I recently went through a panic attack. I’ve depended on my husband so much through this. While im thankful for how much he’s been there I know my source needs to be my saviour. Reading your story puts things in perspective. It truly makes me have the desire to put God where he needs to be. Thank you for sharing. God Bless

  87. I’m familiar with losing touch with TheOne who counts and even losing myself. I struggled with inadequacy and discontent throughout my marriage and when my husband left me after 25 years, I felt even more rejected. It’s then that I really found a way to see myself through God’s eyes. I learned to value myself. I also learned that throughout my marriage I had looked to my husband to satisfy needs that only God can fulfill. That was an unfair burden on him. As I go through this journey of singleness, I’m trying to remember that God is the one that counts and that I am wholly and completely loved by Him and my life is forever changed through Christ.

  88. WOW!!! This hit home. I’m not a victim of violence, but a victim of a chronic illness that has made me very depentent on my husband. I put him first not God. This book would be great to learn from. I need God FIRST in my life, just don’t know how to let go.

  89. I am looking forward to this study. I also have been keeping other things above God’s love…God needs to be the strong tower in my life in all things (good and bad), in all struggles..He loved me first..He chose me…

  90. This sounds like an amazing book and I hope every woman struggling and feeling un-loved will be able to read it as well as those of us that may need to know we were never alone in our suffering and mental anguish and that we have a savoir, We are our beloved’s and and our beloved is ours! I lived in an emotional and verbally abusive marriage for many years but when I surrendered my husband and his ways to God and came to know Jesus as my best friend, comforter and “husband”. Things began to change are still changing – all for the better, gradually he is seeking God for himself and wanting to trust Him with his life. <3 If I should win this book I know a dear friend I am going to give it to.

  91. I was first introduced to Wendy Blight years ago via the Proverbs 31 OBS for Hidden Joy. My daughter (24) and I are looking forward to this next P31 OBS with Wendy and her I Am Loved on 1 John!

  92. I saw my old self in your story, even though I wasn’t the victim of a crime. Thank you for sharing your heart and your journey. God IS my refuge and tower of strength. Married 36+ years now, and looking forward to the rest of my life with the husband God so graciously gave to me.

  93. Thank you for writing this study. I was looking at doing it but can’t afford the book so I another time. As a single mom I find myself sometimes drifting away from God. Putting other things on a pedestal when I should be looking to God. To rely on God. To fully let him lead. Surrendering to Him. For the sake of my soul and my children.

  94. Thank you for your courage in writing this book. As many have commented we often allow our men to become or god and that is not right but it can be so hard! I just started reading 1 John this morning and it is a beautiful book so I look forward to reading the insights and studying this book more in depth

  95. I am SO there with you on that! My husband is an alcoholic & there is NO trust between us. It breaks my heart after 28 years of marriage.

  96. I NEED TO KNOW THAT I AM INCLUDED, PREDESTINED, ADOPTED INTO GOD’S FAMILY, THAT HE LOVES AND WANTS ME. (I am so very tired of feeling like I don’t fit, of feeling worthless, unaccepted, without assurance.)

  97. I’d rather be loved by God than anybody else. 🙂
    Please enter me in the contest.
    I would love to have this book.
    Thank you and God bless.

  98. This story could have been written by me! I could substitute my husband’s name for Monty and the story would have been mine. Talk about de ja vu! Satan still likes to poke his nose in every so often and remind me of my past and sometimes I start to doubt my worth but I’m still fighting him. I need this book.

  99. I would love to win this Bible study!!! I am loved by my Heavenly Father but sometimes I forget when my past comes back into my mind.

  100. I am a devoted fan and follower of Christ. I enjoy and love to grow with you in your blogs emails and books. I am excited to read your newest book and study, I AM LOVED, is one of my affirmations I tell my self daily. Thank you for being a wonderful inspiration.

  101. Wow so awesome and so true. I have found myself in that same place many times and I must step back and remember that My Lord and Savior is Jesus Christ and Him only! I would love the opportunity to read your book and share it with others. Thank you and God bless❤

  102. I would love to win! Thank you Gwen and Wendy. I have been following Wendy for years and have learned so much from her writing, I’m sure this book will be great too!

  103. I really needed to read this today. I struggle with the same heart attitude towards a very close friend of mine, and it was only recently that I realized I was putting all of my hope and trust in her and not God. It isn’t fair to expect so much from her, and it certainly isn’t fair to think so little of God. It hurts to know how I’ve let that happen, and the journey towards getting my heart right with God and putting my friend back in her proper place is painful too, but God is always faithful to see us through our struggles.

    Thank you for this devotion and sharing your heart with us. I know I’m not the only one who needed to see this today.

  104. I am an avid reader and would love to read this book to share with my coffee and conversation group. I grew up unloved so I should be able to relate.

  105. I too put my husband on the throne,after loosing our youngest son, instead of asking for God’s help I went to others to take the pain away. My ex left me after 30 years of marriage. Everyday I remind myself of God’s love.

  106. Gwen,

    I left out the reason I am blessed by the thoughts you shared today. I too was a wife who “needed” my husband always and was haunted by “jealousy.” I ministered and brought others to Jesus and encouraged and built others, but missed the mark by the “needing” and “jealousy.” In this latter quarter of my life, God’s Written Word and several unfavorable experiences have given me clarity to the greatness and sufficiency and reality of Christ’s Love for me. I am secure and complete and free in the Lord!!! Glory to God!!

  107. That was so wonderful I think a lot of us have someone in Gods place I know I have my husband who passed away in 2012 since then I’ve been dealing with lonleyness One of my sons who has brain cancer was able to come before that every Thur and I trusted in him but now I’ve seen how God has worked. I know He will take care of me. So much peace He has given me.

  108. I struggle, at times, putting God to the forefront. However, when we realize the depth and breadth of His love, we should be totally devoted to Him. He should be in every breathe we take, meal we eat, walk we take, conversation we have.

  109. Hi Gwen,

    Thank you for sharing your story. I have lived 58 years and have been active in youth and women’s ministry (as a pastor’s wife and on my own) for most of my life. Now, I’m in involved in the Admin side of a church org. I enjoy your writings and am blessed by the thoughts you share. Your way of saying in writing what God’s Word means and who God is to you, encourages me to continue me to share written thoughts within my small circle of family and friends.

    Thanks for the offer to win your friend, Wendy’s, book! Please continue to write regardless of what happens or doesn’t happen.

    In Christ’s Love!

  110. Just got a wake up call from your book excerpt about loving ‘invisible’ people! “In Christ, you have blood-bought brothers and sisters in Christ.”

  111. Reading through all these comments of women in similar situations just breaks my heart. I pray that God will touch each and every one of these women with a new revelation of Himself.

    Luke 22:32 tells us: But I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith will not fail. And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers.

    Yes, it was tough for you to experience life as you did. But now you can strengthen all your sisters in the Lord. JESUS IS THE WAY. He always was and always will be.

  112. I am still struggling with needing my husband before I need God. Even before we were married I was guilty of this. We have been together almost 6 years and married for almost 1 year. In Him is who I need to trust. Trust is what I struggle with most. Before I can trust others I must trust in Jesus. With His love I am made complete.

  113. Your words ring true… I lost my husband last August after a 6 year battle with a heart related illness. We had our difficult time before his heart attack and through God’s grace survived it. I am glad that we were able to both see that God must be our “first love” because it helped us to get through those last 6 years together in a much better place!

  114. I always thought I needed a husband to take care of me and the sad thing is I really feared him. He wasn’t physically abuse but emotionally and verbally abusive. I realized after 20 years of marriage that it was time to end it as it was causing physical and emotional problems for our youngest daughter who was almost 12. I know God hates divorce and that was not my intention when I married. But there comes a time when you know it’s time. I can’t tell you the load that was lifted off not only my shoulders and my daughter’s! God became my husband and in the years since I’ve grown closer to Him!!

  115. I was jealous for the first time of a man who is single I do ministry with in Celebrate Recovery in a Prison ministry! Another couple helps us and they are married!, she is smitten with the single man! I had said something to the man! He said she is married and I know that is where I have to leave it! I have turned it over to God and told my sponsor! But it was the first time that I have admitted that I was jealous and cared about this single man! I am 72 and he is 60 years old! I know That I am too old! We have become great friends!

  116. I am going to do this study with some precious gals who, like me, really need to know that they are loved by our Heavenly Father. If I win the books, they will be gifted to the ones who really need help getting theirs. I am so excited to help them with this study.

  117. Thank you for your message to me .I am feeling so unlovable and such a waste of an existence! I would love to win your book. I am unemployed at the moment and can’t afford to buy your book. God bless you for your words of encouragement and hope in a hopeless society Thank you . Deborah

  118. I lived life dependant on my first husband also, until life crashed down on me because he found another younger woman. This article is right on target with who our dependency needs to be centered on. I’m single again and needed to hear this. Thanks for sharing.

  119. I’m just learning this, every night before I go to bed and usually a million thoughts run through my head I say to myself ,” God loves me” ” God got this ” and fall asleep.
    Its very peaceful. This book would be great enhancement to me.

    I have read you other bo0ks and very much like them.

    Thanks- Gloria

  120. So excited for this study and to read what God laid on Wendy’s heart to share and teach about His love and letting it settle in my heart.

  121. I have had the opportunity to have had a career working with the disenfranchised-knowing that we are all loved by God because we are all children of God has been the light that kept me on the path in this difficult profession.

  122. Wow! This spoke directly to me. I am not married, but this resonates in my heart for all relationships. God needs to be first in every aspect of my life, so that everything else will fall into place especially my relationships with my sons.

  123. This is exactly what I have been facing I want to love the way God loves.
    I want to love conditionally, and experience that love I have never had .

  124. I really enjoyed this excerpt from”I Am Loved”. I too feel like The Lord has put my husband into my life so as to love me through him. I feel so blessed by this and am very thankful the Lord saved me😊

  125. Thank you for that poignant message! Coming to that realization transformed me, and my marriage. I’m praying, now, for my daughters who are in that season of life where they are getting close to choosing that life-partner. I already see tendencies in them to look for that “one to fulfill them.” My words are just that, words at this point. I’ thinking this book might be a great gift for them.

  126. This is something I – along with many, many other women – really need to read! Would love to win a copy and then pass it on!! God bless you!!

  127. Gwen, I loved reading the introduction today. I’m so thankful God crossed our paths all those years ago! For the memories we have. Thankful for the tears we’ve cried and the prayers we’ve prayed for each other and our children. Thankful for the Bible studies we’ve done together. For the worship you have blessed me and my Bible study girls with. Your books have taught me so much.

    Thank you for sharing “I Am Loved” with your friends today. The comments have blessed me beyond measure.

    Love you, friend!!

    1. Post

      Wendy, GURL… thank YOU! Your friendship is a treasure that I esteem highly. I’m grateful for our shared love with Christ and with one another. The way you and your friends reached out to my family after the fire was seared on the lining of my heart and will be remembered always. I’m also deeply grateful for the loving wisdom and tenderness you are pouring into my readers as you respond to comments. It truly is an honor to host this post! Can’t wait to see how the LORD uses this study to set the hearts of women FREE and bring HEALING to wounded places.

      Let’s grab lunch soon! I promise to show up this time. 😉 #epic

      Hugs and Blessings,

  128. I love your writing style, I could feel God’s presence throughout my reading of the excerpt. I believe this is a book that needs to be shared with EVERYONE! God has blessed you with the GIFT of writing. I know many people who need to read this.

  129. I so understand , the first few lines felt like I had written them. Thank you for writing this book. I am lookimy forward to the Bible study!

  130. Sounds familiar, the past 6 years each year has been one walk away from God every year 2012 was in a wreck Thank God my husband and Grandaughter wasn’t hurt just me, 2013 surgery to put my sternum back together which made my husband scared to touch me. 2014 our 23 year old daughter past away, 2015 my father passed away, 2016 my oldest daughter and her husband separated uprooting my two grand-daughters life’s and 2017 I thought losing my daughter was the worst thing not sure my husband of 38 years left me for someone younger and I never even had a clue. each year it has been harder to feel God’s presence. I have not went through blaming God for any of it. But its so hard to believe he is close. your book sounds like it might shed some lite on my feelings of him been absent.

  131. My daughter is in a relationship in which she puts the boyfriend first and is no longer the young lady I knew. I believe this book would be great for her.

  132. Praise the Lord in every situation good or bad..I know it is hard to do that sometime when you dont feel like praising the Lord in the mis of a bad time…but do it anyway because it makes the devil real mad ..because he thought you were weak and unsure …of the Praise God even in the bad times and lets make the devil fail at what he thought would upset you….lol Glory be to God!!!! Whoooohoooooo!
    Always have faith in your situation..Just say I will not be moved by what I see, hear or feel my trust is in the Lord!

  133. What an on-time word!

    Lord, thank You for lovingly opening my eyes to see that Jesus is the One I need.
    No man will ever be able to fill the void in my heart.
    It is only when I fall in love with Jesus that I will experience wholeness and be ready to love the man of God You have chosen to be my husband.

  134. So wish I had had Wendy’s book when my marriage began 49 years ago!! I almost ruined our life with lack of self-worth, jealousy, and a forgotten faith. Thank God He never forgot me!!

  135. This excerpt really spoke to me. My marriage is in a difficult place right now. We’ve been riding this rollercoaster for a year and a half now. But God is faithful! Even though we’re in a low right now, I know with certainty that He will pull us through.

  136. My son went to be with the Lord April 15, 2013 and 2 yrs ago my husband confessed years ago he’d had an affair and struggled with pornography. I was so intimate with God until my husbands revelation and would share in my testimony that God is enough. Since my husband’s confession, I feel myself becoming more fear based and feeing safe only when he and I are together. My trust issues have invaded all areas of my life including my relationship with God. When I read this devotion I knew I needed this book bc I have given my husband an unnatural position and taken God from his rightful position. My husband has repented and we’ve been seeing a marriage counselor for those 2 years. I love him but al the things you talked about I am living. Thank you for your honesty and your words

  137. As a woman who is on a path on life now trying to live without my children, no they’re not gone, but are living their own lives… and I have really felt lost. What a good perspective Gwen’s post from Wendy’s bible study put on my situation! Thank you

  138. Beautifil devotion. Not feeling loved is something I struggle with because of my abusive childhood. I am in therapy.
    Thank you for writing the devotional

    1. Deb, I’m so sorry for the abuse you suffered as a child. God’s love is a healing balm for those wounds. His love washes over us and cleanses us from the stains left by sexual abuse. I was raped just days after I graduated from college. It was God’s Word and His love that healed me and made me whole again. So much so my passion now is to share that healing Word with others. I’m praying now for God to draw you close as you meet Him in His Word and with your therapist. He is our ultimate Healer. Though we walk through trials in our lives and people hurt us deeply, God promises in Romans 8 that NOTHING we ever walk through will separate us from His love and we will be MORE THAN CONQUERORS through Christ who lives in us!!

      Thank you for taking the time to share. I’m praying for you right now.



  139. A very good read, I have been and still am to a small extent, in this jealous grip but it’s my husband who needs to know where I am. I am growing closer to Jesus each day and ask him to reach my husband so we can grow together. Thank you for the opportunity to win your book.

    1. Janet, I’m praying right now for God to tender your husband’s heart to your feelings. For God to open doors to good, healthy conversation. And, also praying that God will free you from any hold jealousy has on you and allow you to release that fear to Him. He will be faithful.



  140. Learnng to pick myself back up from the bottom. To put my faith back to where it belongs. This book I think would be a blessing.

  141. What a great reminder! Life gets busy, time with our Heavenly Father is sacrificed. It doesn’t happen all at once. Little by little we try to fit God in this box or tell Him how to answer our prayers! Thankfully God guides us back to Him!!!

  142. Our past always affects our future in some way, positive or negative. I pray that what I do today will not harm anyone, or myself, negatively in the future. We must always stay very close to Jesus. Thank you for the reminder.

  143. How many times in life do I have to be reminded that God with a big G, should be my
    only God, My husband was my god with a little g., Now he has left, GOD has NOT, I thank him for that every day, a constant that is ALWAYS there, faithful in everyway.

  144. How many times in life do I have to be reminded that God with a big G, should be my
    only God, My husband was my god with a little g., Now he has left, GOD has NOT, I thank him for that every day, a constant that is ALWAYS there, faithful in everyway.

  145. Wow, this really spoke to me! I have struggled with fear and brokenness for most of my life due to multiple traumas and abuse. I turned it all over to God a few months ago. My life has become so much more peaceful but I still struggle with fear (especially of the unknown) often. Putting it in God’s hands and continue to turn it over to Him each day.

    1. Nicole, so thankful today’s devotion spoke to your heart! After I was raped (just a few days after I graduated from college), I struggled with fear for over a decade. In my book “Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner,” I share how God helped me overcome my fear. The link below takes you to that chapter in the book. I pray it ministers to you and equips you with tools to help you overcome your fear. The biggest weapon we have is God’s Word and praying His Word back to our fear!!

      Thank you for sharing your story today!



  146. Hello.
    I have this exact problem. Learning to love CHRIST JESUS my personal saviour 1st. If been so dependant on my husband for love safety and my security. Tried 2x and was hospitalised for taking pills not feeling loved good enough or wanted. My last hospital trip I asked for my bible. I’m on a new journey now but still struggle. I know I am God’s daughter I’m saved cherished and loved by God and his amazing Grace. I am lonely learning to fully rely of God first for ALL things. God is good all of the time. I know it in my head,I just need to feel it in my heart. 💔

    1. Amy, my heart aches for you, but I LOVE that you have turned to God’s Word. Medicine is one of the ways God uses to heal broken and wounded hearts. But, HIS LOVE AND HIS WORD heal us forever and always. His Word is health to our bodies and healing to our bones. His name is Jehovah Rapha, God our Healer. God promises in His Word that when we seek Him, we will find Him, when we seek Him with all our heart. I have no doubt God will continue to carry you on this journey and soon you will truly walk in the FULLNESS of His amazing, lavish love for You. Just keep pressing into TRUTH to combat the lies satan tries to feed you. Below is a link to a declaration I have written about your identity in Christ. I encourage you to not only read it but look up the Scriptures and pray it over yourself often!!

      Blessings to you!


  147. Thank you so much for sharing this. I think many of us get so caught up in worrying about ours needs and others and we often forget to seek God first and our needs will be met. I’m so guilty of this.
    Thanks again for sharing, I so needed this reminder today!

  148. Unfortunately, for some of us we tend to make our mates our gods instead of the Savior. Thank God for grace, unmerited favor, His redemptive power, and restoration. He always comes through for us and washes us as white as snow. What a wonderful Master He is, and, all is forgiven and resorted. Blessings

  149. I am loved. I need to remind myself of this constantly. Thank you for your outreach to ladies
    Psalm 17:7 Shew thy marvellous lovingkindness, O thou that savest by thy right hand them which put their trust in thee from those that rise up against them.
    8 Keep me as the apple of the eye, hide me under the shadow of thy wings,

  150. Thank you for the opportunity to win your book, I Am Loved. I am looking forward to reading it. God bless you and your family, Wendy.

  151. I can so remember that horrible feeling of being so jealous. It is so hard to learn that Jesus can be your everything. I need to learn how to make him my all and all.

  152. What an important and insightful message. I imagine so many go through similar situation without even realizing what is happening. Thank you for shining a light for clarity.

  153. This revelation is priceless! It has completely changed my whole life, as I have learned to see myself as I really am, the beloved daughter of my Abba Father.

  154. After a long difficult relations With my mother, she passed away. Never being good enough, or the “right one”. She passed with an unresolved relationship I told her and said many times I love you Mom, but never heard it back! I know that my God loves me!

    1. Oh, friend. Your story is so close to mine. Yes, we can only do what we can do … and take comfort that your loving words to your mama pleased the Lord. You honored her. Though our hearts ache for a return of affection, God truly is enough!! It takes time to get there, but I feel like you are there. You are a dearly loved child of God. Your acceptance in Him is perfect and complete.

      Blessings to you today,


  155. Hi Wendy I can’t wait for your bible study. For years I didn’t think I was loved. When I was a young girl I was molested so I felt dirty and worthless but when I ask Jesus to come into my life I started feeling loved. I thank you for this study and can’t wait to get started.

    1. Beverly, thank you for your enthusiasm about starting the study! I’m so excited too. And thank you for sharing your story. I know it will encourage many hurting women who are seeking freedom from their shame. God’s love cleanses and frees us from that unworthiness and shame!!! We have value and worth and beauty in His eyes. We are beloved daughters of the One True God. Hallelujah!!



  156. I remember living in those days. We are now living in a world with our God, and trust in him for everything. We love each other, praise each other, and trust in each other.

  157. Such a great way to start the day! My exhusand had an affair and ultimately married one of my defeat friends. It took a few years but through ththe grace of God I have learned to love her and him again and we have th blessing of a beautiful blended family we would never have if not for God’s work on my heart to forgive. Because of this our kids have four parents!

  158. This is so true! How many times do we intentionally say our spouse (or friend or family, or even home or job) is first in our hearts! We really need to keep Jesus first. He will never leave or forsake us! Thanks for this beautiful insight!

  159. Thank You Wendy for an awesome morning devotional. Thank You for shedding light on a issue most women have. I’ve been there, it’s not a good place. Thank God for his blessings, grace, protection and peace.
    God is first in my life, the only one I trust, and the only one who can provide for me. Thank You Lord!!

    May God Continue To Bless You Wendy!

  160. The hardest thing for me when I became a Christian was to believe that God could love me after all I had done but now I know He does! Sometimes I still wonder how He could love especially when I mess up! That is why I am super excited about this book and study!

  161. As I read through this post, I began to identify how I have in fact being switching my children and grandchildren on the throne of my heart…all the time wondering where God was in all of this. See He was standing patiently by waiting for me to have that AHA moment…. I have not allowed Him full reign in my heart. But I am so grateful for His loving me through it all.

  162. I enjoyed reading your email. I think this applies to everyone in a relationship. And I would be honored to win a copy of the book!

  163. Yes I believe you are right God comes first before husband , children , family & friends . If you want to succeed in this world today.

  164. Great devotional. God always comes first. In the beginning of my marriage, I would put my husband above everything and everyone. Thankfully, I have wonderful, Godly parents who sat me down and put me straight.

  165. Thank you for the reminder that:

    I have been born of God. God loves me. I love God. I am a child of God.
    In Christ, Ihave blood-bought brothers and sisters in Christ. And knowing and believing these truths equips me to live loved and spill that love into this dark world.

    Again-thank you! Excited to read more of this book.

  166. I’m going through a dark period right now grieving the loss of a relationship, lots of tears being shed, feelings of not unworthiness, along with feelings of abandonment and rejection in other areas of my life. Your devotion touched my heart and reminded me who my real “TRUE LOVE” and who my “TRUE COMFORTER” is. Thank you for turning on the bright light in my heart! Blessings to you!

    1. Diane, thank you for taking time to share from your heart. I’m so sorry for your loss and how hurt has overwhelmed your heart. God knows the cry of your heart. He knows your pain. He brought you to Gwen’s post today to speak into your hurt and your heart. He is so faithful that way. I pray you will continue to press into Him. Never forget, your worth is found ONLY in Him. You are valuable, created with purpose, loved by the God of the Universe!! Below is a faith declaration. I encourage you to read it, look up the verses and pray the truths over your heart and mind!!

      Blessings to you,


  167. It is so easy to put our trust into people we can physically see and touch. Thanks for reminding us that Christ is our Defender, our Refuge, and our Strong Tower.

  168. I have the same struggles. I believe God sent my husband to save me from my former life. This past year secrets from my past life came to the surface and now my husband feels the first 15 years of our marriage he was the only one putting forth effort towards love and he is mostly right. I have been trying to make up to my husband for 15 years of not appreciating him and really loving him for the great man he is. But I am convicted because I put my husband first before God. It’s a struggle to put God first. So I understand your struggle especially since we feel we owe everything to our husbands who saved us.

  169. Reading your devotional, I realized anew that God is my First Love, and my husband Jim is God’s gift to me! Heart & mind.changing!’for sharing!

  170. I am always telling other girlfriends of mine. The first thing we put before God, before our Saviour… Is the first thing we will lose! It is sad, but I have seen it, lived it…
    Great writing before me this morning. You have the gift of communication. I will be hopeful to win a copy.

  171. God is good. The email I read was a great testimony. Something that really touches home with me. I would love to read the book regardless if I win or not.

  172. I would love to have this book Prayers for me going thru alot . I just went thru a divorce after 37 years of marriage.My husband wanted a younger woman..I know God is by my side .I trust in him and he’s the only one that can help me thru this difficult time..

  173. We often make so many other people or things our “Savior”. Thank you Wendy for the reminder that the one true King is our defender, healer, Savior!!!

  174. Thanks for sharing this with us. Unfortunately, I think we all have times in our lives where we look to others for “saving” and it destroys those relationships. Thank you for reminding us that we HAVE to put GOD FIRST.

  175. I have struggled with this so much; “needing” a man’s love because I never had it. I can see where it has hurt my marriage already. It is so hard to be content with the spiritual when all you want is someone to hold you and tell you it will be ok.

  176. This passage could have been written by me. I left a 30 year marriage, because
    my husband was not fulfilling my needs (or so I thought). When I realized that Jesus,
    was the only one who could fulfill my needs, my heart opened up to a new day. Today,
    I know Jesus as my redeemer and my husband.

  177. Wow. Needed to hear this today….I need to put God on the throne, not my husband…I struggle with this and I would very much love to win a free copy of this book! Thank you!

  178. I would love to read this book! Your description talked right to my heart! Think god is telling me I need this book in my life 💗

  179. Gwen and Wendy, thank you for sharing “I Am Loved”. It is right on time, sometimes we place others before God without even realizing it and let jealousy consume us when we think we are not loved. I believe we all at point in our lives have been in that place. I would love to read your book!

  180. I love this ministry, I have learned so much and now I would Love to know exactly how much God loves me. Taking me thru my cancer diagnosis was touch, but, with Gods love for me I intend to have complete healing so I can help others ❣️