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Graceologie Episode 109: Megan Fate Marshman

Megan Marshman on the Graceologie with Gwen Smith podcast

Do you ever struggle to trust God in your daily life?





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Do you ever struggle to trust God in your daily life and, more importantly, find it hard to trust God's definition of good above your own? In this episode with Megan Fate Marshman we discuss the truth that you really can trust God's plan for your life--no matter what your life looks like right now.


Learn about the power of being a silent voice and what you can do with that when you are forced to listen. If you’re constantly trying to be heard or win arguments, you’re not in the relationship.

God sits in His word and teaches us what we need to know. We get to control turning the page and hear what we at times want to hear from Him or go to His word expecting to hear from Him.

What if the goal is not for me to figure out what the plan is but rather to learn how to live with Him as the one that knows the plan, and hear His invitation instead of us being the the one to make all the plans and trying to control all things. It’s a burden we are never meant to carry.

If only we had the willingness for God to teach us throughout our lives we’d see Him all over the place. 

Jeremiah 29:13 “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” It’s a promise. It’s for God to be in our lives and to transform our seeking because it’s a promise! And God keeps His promises. He wants to be found by us.

 “We can find Him and when we do we will find everything we need.”

Sometimes we read scripture with ourselves as the main character, seeking inspiration, and while that's not bad, it’s not promised. This was written by God, to someone else, but for us. 

Jeremiah 29:11 is a timeless truth for all of us. Understand the richness of being immersed in scripture and not seeking ourselves and we will discover truths about what we need to know about God. 

How do I quiet myself to know I’m listening to the right voice? Because His is loving, kind, strong and inviting. But we have to learn how to quiet ourselves. We have to learn to wait. And to listen. 

Jesus asked a lot of questions. If you want to look more like Jesus, be a really good question asker. He was asked 184 questions and only answered 3 directly. He cared so deeply about questions and asking them. He was less interested in giving answers and a lot more interested in relationships. 

Why would we run anywhere else then to the one who knows? God knows our new normal, our plans for kids, He knows..and He invites us to trust Him. 

“Trying” to trust God kind of communicates we don’t really know what trust is. God teaches us what trust looks like in Jeremiah 29:13-14. 

“You can seek and find Him everywhere and in everyone, whether or not they know Him, because they are image bearers of Him.” 

The hope is not in things getting better, but the things we are confident and secure in. 

“Be JOYFUL in everything.” Right now?!  What does that look like? Hope or joy right now? We can have hope that death is not our final story. Allowing hope in the now and the hope of the future break into the messy realities of today. 

What we stand in is secure. Things will come and go that are painful. Our best is not always comfortable. 

What you do, fueled and powered by the Holy Spirit IS what Jesus is doing in our broken world. Based on Acts 1:1, what is going on in your world is what Jesus is doing today. We are the hands and feet. 

Humility will lead us to pray. Pride won’t. The phrase “I don’t know” will build relationships rather than “knowing” everything. 

God’s not just present everywhere, He’s present of all of time. We can mistakenly say God knows the future, but no, He’s already there. He’s present in the future. Who we’re waiting on is not just someone that knows the future, it’s someone that already is at the place of the person we are becoming. 

Call upon the Lord, seek and find him with all your heart, pray to Him and ultimately find Him.