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Graceologie Episode 117: Melissa Spoelstra

Melissa Spoelstra on the Graceologie with Gwen Smith podcast

Knowing God well is a challenge for all of us. So, what do we do?


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It can be hard to make sense of God with the injustice and suffering in the world. Sometimes He seems elusive, and His instructions in Scripture are often confusing. With so many questions about God, how can we really know him better? One way is by learning more about His names! Meiissa Spoelstra joins Gwen to talk about why knowing the names of God can make a big difference when it comes to things of faith.


How we can find help by knowing God’s different names:

Seeing His names and knowing His names will help us to know and trust Him better.

To know His names is to develop a deeper intimacy with Him and walk through these difficult trying situations with Him. He understands. 

“The heart can not love what the mind does not know.” Jen Wilkin

If we can know Him with our minds then we can love Him with an intimacy in our hearts. 

Some passages really come to life in a different way when we realize Gods using both of His names; great and mighty creator AND the personal God who knows you. 

If ever there was a time where we needed to know who He is and cling to him, trust him, and love him more, it’s now. 

After doing a study of ALL these names, and  you say the name of Jesus, he’s ALL these names yet JESUS is the name above all names. There is power in His name! Scriptures tell us there is POWER in the name of Jesus. When we are feeling powerless, that’s something we can do is to speak His name and to rehearse his names.

We are in danger of creating God in our own image. Even in the walls of our own church. We say I think God is like this or surely God is like this, using our own logic and reason. We are in danger of making God who he’s not. He’s not who “I think He is”.

Let’s go back to the source and  see who has He revealed that He is. 

God of peace and compassion but also the Mighty God, Master and Lord. 

You need a provider? I AM. You need peace? I AM. You need security? I AM.

Why are we not experiencing the kind of power that we find in His names in scripture? But next ask the question, how COULD we experience the power in His names?

Look at what BLOOMS and what naturally comes out of your life when you really believe that God is who he says he is. 

3 B’s

Behold, Believe and Bloom

He gave us these names because HE WANTS TO BE KNOWN. We serve a God that truly wants to be known.

He cares about what I care about because He is the God of me. He is the God of me. Biggest lie of the enemy is that he doesn’t care. He is SO interested!  He is the God of _________. Fill in that blank today with your name.