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Graceologie Episode 128: Jamie Ivey

Jamie Ivey on the Graceologie with Gwen Smith podcast

Do you ever feel like everyone else's life is better than yours?


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Popular podcast host and author Jamie Ivey joins me with a powerful reminder that LIVING FAITHFULLY in the HERE and NOW really is the key to the abundant life you’re longing for.


Obedience is often difficult. Sometimes it’s just one foot in front of the other. 

“I would rather do something difficult if it’s obedient than something easy if it’s disobedient.” 

There is no fruit there, fulfilment or satisfaction. Sinning might be fun and appealing but there is no fruit in that disobedience. Obedience is difficult but worth it. 

Obedience is the heart of Christ. 

On racial unrest and injustice:  Our black brothers and sisters have been walking this road for many many years. This is not a new conversation happening now in our country. Let’s keep having this conversations. 

Church is divided on these issues but what God wants from us is unity. You don’t have to agree on everything but listening and having empathy and sympathy and hearing someone’s story. Be willing to listen to someone even if you don’t understand it.

Different gifts:

Why did she get that gift and I got this one? Sometimes we want another person’s gift. But I’m doing what God has called me and asked me and equipped me to do but maybe it doesn’t seem as glamorous. 

You might have God doing amazing things for the Kingdom but you don’t feel that celebration because you wish you were more like “her”. 

God created you with a purpose, gifts, talents, influence and power and serve him right where you are! 

Lose the idea that bigger and better is what God is using. Grasp hold of the idea that God is using you and can use you right where you are and it’s important. 

So many women are living dissatisfied lives because they are not living their life. There is no satisfaction in wanting to be someone else. 

Success is a scary word sometimes. As christian women, are we allowed to have this? But no one says deep down, “I hope I’m a failure”. Culture’s view of success is a moving target. 

Whatever success is, I”m going to shoot for faithfulness. Be faithful with what God has asked you to do and you will find success. 

We will battle these feelings because we are a people that need Jesus. But it’s worth the fight and being in the battle.

Read God’s word and grow to love him more! 

  1. Look at the expectations you’re putting on yourself
  2. Are you spending time in God’s word?
  3. Who are you surrounding yourself with?