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Graceologie Episode 130: Myquillyn Smith

Myquillyn Smith on the Graceologie with Gwen Smith podcast

Decorating for each season doesn't have to be overwhelming or expensive.


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Author, home blogger, and "Cozy Minimalist" Myquillyn Smith joins me to talk about decorating your home and creating an inviting living space during every season.


Here's Myquillyn's favorite worship song! IS HE WORTHY by Andrew Peterson...

If we don’t start out with the thought that my goal is perfection here, and actually my goal is to allow imperfection, that eases people and allows us to be human. 

You can still do wonderful things in your imperfect home. 

Stop waiting on the next house. This IS your next house. 

We are going to live in the imperfect and the undone. 

We are created in the image of a creative God and He loves beauty and we love beauty but that doesn’t mean we spend all the money and blow the budget. 

If we hate a space, an ugly sofa for example, it’s hard to invite a community into your home, and it doesn’t need to look like Oprah’s house, but we want it warm and welcoming! 

Think about the things we want to use our home for and what matters more! Our home is a partner with us! We want it to be people and relationship focused.

If money is an issue, shop from your own home. It’s fun and more creative!

It’s so rewarding when you find something you already have in your home that you love and can use it in a new way that serves you well. 

Being minimal: getting the most amount of style and and the least amount of stuff to make it last for a season.

Try to get supplies that you can use more months out of the year. Rely on much less. 

Practical advice:

With each season, gradually start to winterize your home, for example, starting in the fall.

Think through the 5 senses!

“Tradition can be exhausting when it comes with a set of expectations that don't fit with why we are doing things or who we are. Traditions are there to be questioned and ask, is this serving us well?”

Maybe traditions need to die and needs to be a different thing. 

Evaluate. Pay attention. Adjust. 

If it’s not bringing you joy, pay attention to that. 

“I think of hospitality as grace with throw pillows. Our house can just partner with us.”

Frantic before people come over? Worried what your house looks like? Do you apologize for what your home looks like every time someone walks in the door?

 It might make others feel uncomfortable as if their house isn’t good enough. That puts all the focus on the house and says you’re judging everything.

We need to be confident with what we’ve been given and knowing you’ve done what you can to make your home a place that serves your family and friends well. 

Acknowledge the mess but don’t apologize for what you’ve been given. What you’re apologizing for might be something someone would be really grateful for. 

“It’s almost counterintuitive. Not only should our goal be to not try for perfection, but our goal should be to purposely allow for imperfection.” It shows that we know we are not perfect.