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Hey there! Welcome to the GRACEOLOGY with Gwen Smith podcast where we have fun, faith-focused, grace-filled conversations to help you know and trust God more.

I’m super excited to be your host for this weekly interview-based show.  We’ve got some amazing guests, like Sharon Jaynes, Jennifer Schmidt and Barb Roose kicking off our Season One, so subscribe now and expect to have fun while you are being meaningful encouraged and given practical tips you’re gonna love! 


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Kathi Lipp

EPISODE 5 – Kathi Lipp

On Episode #5 of the Graceology Podcast, my guest is Kathi Lipp and we discuss what it looks like to live a clutter free life.

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Elisa Pulliam

EPISODE 4 – Elisa Pulliam

On Episode #4 of the Graceology Podcast, my guest is Elisa Pulliam and we have an empowering conversation about how to live your life defined by grace.

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Barb Roose

EPISODE 3 – Barb Roose

On Episode #3 of the Graceology Podcast, my guest is Barb Roose and we have an incredible conversation about how you can win in your battle with worry.

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Jen Schmidt

EPISODE 2 – Jen Schmidt

On Episode #2 of the Graceology Podcast, the adorable Jen Schmidt shares how one simple invitation has the power to change lives.

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Sharon Jaynes

EPISODE 1 – Sharon Jaynes

On Episode #1 of the Graceology Podcast, I’m hanging out with my girlfriend, Sharon Jaynes, talking about what to do when you feel like you’re just not good enough.

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