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Hello and happy Friday! Today’s guest post and giveaway is from my sweet friend KATIE BENNETT, author of the new 90 Day devotional book, Heavenly Minded Mom. While her blog, podcast and new book are all purposed to encourage moms-with-littles to embrace a simpler life and chase hard after Christ, the truth of what she shares below is relevant for every one of us.

A few years back God placed a burden on Katie’s heart that has helped to reshape her thinking. I believe what she wrote in this devotion will help reshape yours. If you let it.

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, this little devotional gem would be a great gift to give or get because each post lovingly points readers to what really matters – Jesus. So grab a fresh mug of coffee and enjoy this excerpt by Katie from Heavenly Minded Mom, and be sure to LEAVE A COMMENT to enter!


But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do; for it is written: “Be holy, because I am holy.” —1 Peter 1:15-16

What are God’s priorities for you?

Have you ever thought about that?

Are His goals for you characterized by wealth, comfort, and ease?

Is His chief hope that you would have a smooth existence on this earth?

Is that the driving aim behind His work in your life?

No, of course not! God sees a far greater picture than this. He knows that your life is brief and fleeting. He knows that it will pass away in a flicker of time, and [if you trust Jesus] you will reign with Him in eternity forever. His priorities for you are not summed up by a sugar-coated, trial-free existence. Rather, He longs for you to become like Christ. He loves you, and He knows that this is far better for you.

Through very intentional work, God lovingly molds us according to His priorities. From His lofty vantage point, He sees clearly what is needed in our lives, and thus He leads us toward a place of greater maturity, depth, surrender, and dependence as we allow Him. These are the things that hold lasting value. This value utterly eclipses any and all momentary gain we might think we prefer in the present moment.

Because we cannot fully understand the scope of what God is doing in our lives or in the world—in this span of time or throughout eternity—we must trust Him. Rather than consuming our prayer lives with nothing more than requests for safety, blessing, material possessions, and success, may we also learn what it means to pray kingdom-minded prayers. May we align ourselves with the heart of God and choose to see the bigger picture that He sees.

God’s priorities for our lives are deeply spiritual and eternal.

Let’s stop holding tightly to the things that God does not hold tightly to, and let’s stop running after the things that God does not run after.

Let’s be holy as He is holy.

Let’s strive to be perfect as He is perfect.

Let’s be spiritually minded as He is spiritually minded, and let’s be wise as He is wise.

Congratulations to our giveaway winners- Wendy L & Shelley Morrow!
Katie is giving away TWO copies of her book!

To qualify for the drawing, you need to do ONE simple thing. LEAVE A COMMENT to win by CLICKING HERE.

That’s it! Once you leave a comment, your name will be entered into the random drawing. Be sure to tell your friends so they can sign up too. The drawing will take place on Monday, April 23rd, so don’t delay! (Contest is limited to US readers only.)

Katie Bennett is the author of Heavenly Minded Mom creator of the Embracing a Simpler Life blog and podcast, where she encourages women stop loving the world and instead follow Jesus with everything they’ve got. She and her husband Mitch live in a small town in Missouri with their three young children.

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  1. Hi friend thank you for this page, its really a great help for me, since am a new mom
    of a 4 month old baby boy, honestly speaking am struggling right now adjustment is very hard and found my self exhausted most of the time. but thankful for “Girl friends in God” devotion it helps me a lot. now i starting to realize that motherhood is not an easy journey, truly! but its worth it.. and besides sustaining power of God is so amazing, is in it? 🙂

  2. I’m a grandma to 4 lovely grands now and want them to follow Christ. I pray for them to be godly and walk in His ways. If I win the book I will give it to my daughter for her birthday, one month from today! Thank you for the encouragement.

  3. Thanks for your uplifting words. I would love to give this book to a young mom whose son has spent the first three months of life in the hospital. Please pray for little Anthony William. Thanks – Jesus’ Peace, Lisa

  4. Blessings to all moms!!
    Raising kids, the toughest thing in the world and yet the most heart warming of all.

  5. I would love to give a copy of this book to my daughter who has a two year old son! I would love a copy of it too! Sounds like a perfect mother’s day gift!

  6. Bring on the trials, through those God will grow more abundant in my life. I will have deeper more stronger roots, to carry out what is needed. So that his kingdom is glorified.

  7. This is a much needed message for young moms! I have 2 nieces and they both have 4 young children each. I think this would be a great resource and encouragement to give them !

  8. I will check with the book if it has anything for teens. I want to send a friend who has a 14 year old. As raising children the tables turn and a different look is important for helping your teens.
    Thank you Jane Osborne

  9. If I were to win the book to my daughter who is working hard at being the best and most godly my she can~~and I think she’s on the right path.

  10. Thank you for this relevant post, this is definitely not just for moms of littles though I would have liked to have read it 20 years ago. I am 54 years old Mom of 3 boys , 17, 19 and 21. God has recently opened my eyes to a bigger picture view, and I have become involved with our area Younglife. What a blessing it has been in my life to be in ministry of loving kids where they are at and introducing them to Christ. We have a great team and God is moving all around us. God s so good! 😇

  11. Thank you for the reminder that daily I need HIM to reset my mind set to focus on His work. My identity needs to be in Him, not in the things of the world that sometimes can engulf me!

  12. As I have struggles raising my 2 young girls I pray for discernment for Gods will. This would be a blessing to win this book. Thanks for the chance!

  13. Yes, I want be Holy as God is Holy. I want be perfect as He is. I want be Heavenly and Spiritually Minded as He is. I want be wise as He is too. Amen.

  14. I wish this book would have been available 32 years ago when I had little ones at home. However, I am still dealing with some of the same issues, just in different ways, and I have grandchildren now with parents who could use some really great advice.

  15. I believe my daughter would love this devotional as she is a mother of twin toddler boys and expecting another in December.

  16. I was so less than “holy” today in the way I reacted to a customer service call for my cable provider. I had to ask God to forgive me after I hung up!

  17. Certain things continue to happen within my family and it almost always appears to be expected for me to be the rescuer and at times I wish I could be rescued. In the meantime, God has blessed me…I was going to say but…no buts….being able to read your book would only add to a better sense of clarity and a feeling of encouragement.

  18. wh!t a lovely lovely comment! How blessed she must be!
    Being a mom is one of the greatest privileges a woman can have! I have two children that I had to really go through a lot to have! And I feel so blessed to have two children and 5 grandkids! God is so Good@

  19. So grateful for this opportunity to read a real and relatable word. Mommy’s sometimes need a little encouragement and motivation and this was a great way to receive it. Thanks!!!

  20. Thank you so much for reminding me that above all else Jesus desires for me to be Christlike. Everything will follow.

  21. I was so excited to receive the email to be able to click on and see this book is exactly what I need. This would be a great resource to help with the Christ minded ways to help our children. I would love to receive just a blessing as this book to help me even more to understand and explore what the Lord has to offer in this book.

    Thank you, God Bless

  22. This email and book could not have come in at a better time. I have spent most of the morning sulking, thinking about how sad it is that my kids are growing so fast. This happens on a regular basis. It saddens me so much that they are growing so quickly. Today I have been thinking about finding something to read that will help me find the happiness in the kids growing up. I do find the happiness in it, but at times, I am just so very sad. This book seems to be the answer in helping me get through this. Thank you!!

  23. I would love to win this book for my friend who is helping her daughter to raise her daughter all while being a widowed single mother!

  24. This sounds like just the book I need to read. I’ve struggled with depression, anxiety and feeling like I’m good enough. I think this book would give me encouragement to be a “Heavenly Minded Mom” to my precious baby , because she deserves to have that kind of mom.

  25. Where was this book when I started my family. I tell each of my children that they are a work of art because not one thing was duplicated in raising them from young pups.

  26. I want to be a better mom and grandmother. I struggle with confidence in being able to showing them and talking with them . I love my Father with all of my heart. I would love to share this openly.

  27. Would love to give this to my daughter for mother’s day. She struggles at times being a stay at home mom and I’m sure every little bit of heavenly support would benefit her.

  28. I real Think more moms need to put more God in there Life’s. And not so much on the outside but in Beauty God gave us all the fruit of the spirit, Love are selves then we can love others the way it is meant to Be .

  29. God knows why hew uses people like you to bring forth his message.
    Keeping working for the Lord. He is using you mightily.

  30. This devotion is beautiful. I have two wonderful daughter-in-laws who have given my husband and me two absolutely precious grandchildren, with a third one on the way! 🙂 They have both chosen to set aside their careers to stay home and raise their families. With Mother’s Day coming, I think this would be a perfect gift for them. Especially now, as they go through their days, wiping up spills and changing diapers and doing endless loads of laundry, contemplating God’s priorities & goals for them, and studying God’s Word to discover what His purpose is for them during this important stage in their lives.

  31. I wish I have discovered this community 6 yrs ago. I just recently feeling the enjoyment and full acceptance of God’s will of motherhood for
    Me after the third kid. 😬

  32. Wanting to help my daughter turn her life over to Christ and be able to lead my son-in-law and beautiful granddaughter to live their lives for Christ. Am blessed daily with Girlfriends in God and share with others. Would love to give this book as a gift to my daughter for Mothers Day. May you continue to be blessed in your ministries to all of us and thank you for your faith and sharing real life and Gods incredible gift of unconditional love and eternal life with us daily.

  33. My daughter is that jacket of all Mom. Working 2 jobs raising 3 children by herself and trying to keep everything above

  34. Thanks for the reminder to be holy as God is holy 1 Peter 1:15-16.
    Sometimes when I’m facing challenges in my life its easy me to ask , why and not think God is working on my character.

  35. Thank you for this devotional, it was something I needed to hear. I feel like I’m “in-between” right now and need to listen to what God wants me to do for him in the next phase of my life.

  36. I often struggle as a mom and full time employee to find time for devotionals. I feel your book would really help me in that area.


  38. It makes so much more sense now what living for God’s purpose means and not ours. His goal for us is not to be characterized by wealth, comfort, and ease, it is to become holy like His son Jesus. Thank you, Katie, for this reminder!!

  39. I believe I read this post for a reason this morning. As a Momma of 4 I would love to read this Book ,

  40. After a rough morning before dropping my toddler off at preschool, I needed this. Thank you. In the midst of all the chaos and whining and screaming for cereal when I kept telling her we’re out and need to buy some, it’s easy to forget that I need to try and be more like Christ. And it’s hard to be more like Him when all I want is for her to get in the car so we’re not late. *deep breath* Thank you for this!

  41. hi :)…my name is kayla and I have 4 kids, work full-time and take care of the house full time. I feel so overwhelmed most times. I really try not to let stress take me over. it it’s so difficult! I think this book would help teach me how to stay focused on God.

  42. Your post hit me hard this morning, and while I’d love to share the intimate thoughts that ruminate within, I probably shouldn’t because they involve my own mother and deep pain that I deal with. As a single mom of three children I pray and hope that my mothering is pleasing to God!

  43. Thank you for the reminder that God wants to be our priority. When He is, everything else is what it is supposed to be. That is always my prayer for myself and my family.

  44. All the responsibilities of motherhood, work, extended family, and life in general make it so easy for me to get distracted away from what God wants for my life. This would be an amazing reminder everyday to refocus on the One who makes it all possible and gets has all taken care of already.

  45. I so need to renew my mind and this excerpt seemed written just for me. I am weary. Never planned to be a parent again, but here I am at 58 raising my two grandchildren aged 8 & 9. It is so much harder at this age and in the times we are living in. I mess up everyday. I could sure use this devotional.

  46. I’d love this book for the two mothers of my precious great grandchildren. Would love to win the drawing but willing to buy the book for each of them!

  47. Taking new steps in trusting God. I believe this book would be very encouraging in my faith. It would teach and guide me and maybe even help me apply its principles in my own life to show other women.

  48. This is a daily struggle for me, I intend to focus on Jesus and then get distracted.
    I could use a daily reminder!

  49. This sounds like a wonderful book! I could not have raised my children without the love of God directing my every step along the way. Now, my children are raising children and they are struggling and need the same assurances as I did.
    Thank you for following God’s lead and writing this book to help minister to moms.

  50. Beautiful and inspiring words. Thanks you 💝 My Mom always said, “life with Little’s is the hardest and yet most rewarding.” Having Christ be your peace during these times helps so much. Having a daily reminder of this… priceless.

  51. I would love to win this book so I can give it to my daughter. She is becoming a New Women in Christ and learning to celebrate her motherhood…..
    Anything you give away, Miss Gwen, is valuable

  52. Yes it’s true Jesus & God know what’s best for us always. So believe & trust them everyday. Regardless the area of concern . Some days are hard than others no one said it would be easy.

  53. Would love to have this book. Although I’m not the young Mom I used to be (in age😊) I still have a young one. Raising my grandson.
    We all no matter the age need to be Heavenly minded moms and Grandmaws.

  54. This sounds like a wonderful devotion. As a working mother of 8 I can barely find time to read but I do try to have coffee time with God. So this may just be just the book needed for my next sit down with Jesus.

  55. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy. God bless you!! We (all moms) need prayer daily as do our children and hubands.

  56. I would love to give this book to my Mother. I know she would really enjoy reading it. She just turned 90 last month.

  57. Lord give me the grace to be kingdom-minded and to pray kingdom-minded prayers. Lord help me to walk in your priority for my life here on earth, in Jesus name, amen!
    Thoroughly enjoyed this devotion, may God continue to bless you

  58. I have been studying Romans in BSF and so many Truths we have been going over were reiterated here!! Thank you! My daughter, son-in-law and baby granddaughter just moved from Peru to CA. I would love for her to read this book! Thank you for writing this and promoting it here!

  59. As I was raising my kids as a single mom. Was it ever a challenge, with God watching over me and my two children the race was on. Never forget how much my 4 year old son had the love of God. I was always singing to him and his sister Jesus loves me and All the children of the world. Did my best to keep them in church. This little boy surprised me one day sitting at home and all the sudden he says mommy I want to be like Jesus. I kid you not he placed himself up against the wall with hands and arms apart, even got one of his sisters blankets wrapped it around him. I told him son that is awesome we should always want to be like Jesus he gave his life for our sins. That was a blessing all on its on. Be blessed ladies God is always watching and showing us his love.

  60. As my pastor always says “In the light of eternity……”. That’s how we should live. Thank you for sharing this principle again!

  61. In reading the excerpt from Katie’s book, “Heavenly Minded Mom”, one can notice that Katie is not overbearing, but in her subtle use of writing experience she communicates God’s Word for all women, especially to young Moms, on how important it is to keep Him #1 in our busy lives. 🙂

  62. Wow! This is good–striving to be holy as God is Holy! I would love this book for my daughter who is raising children! This would bring her great insight and encouragement!

  63. Awesome message. Even for this “grandma” with no ‘littles” any more. A message very worth sharing with the teenage “bigs” Thank you.

  64. This book looks like the answer to so many moms inner conflict as they pray for all to always be perfect with them and their children. I’ve always believed a loving Heavenly Father cares more about our soritual character than our comfort. I’ve seen disillusioned Christian moms who don’t understand why their petitions go unanswered but God knows what we need each moment to grow us and drive us to his arms. Looks wonderful!!

  65. Isaiah 55:9 states “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways, And My thoughts than your thoughts” (NKJV). This is a great truth to hold dear to your heart. God is the only one who sees the big picture and He is fully trustworthy, faithful, loving, and kind. Through His power alone believers are able to set their mind on heavenly things and separate themselves from the world. I came to understand this throughout this past year of struggle and continue to learn. Seek Him in all things!

  66. I love reading books to bring you closer to God and being a godly women and mother! This book is going to be so good. If I win or not this will be the book I would love to read next.

  67. Thank you,Katie, for sharing God’s love with others. Through this book we can share God’s love with those we love. I would be quite honored to receive a copy.

  68. I would LOVE to win this book for my daughter. She is a mother of 6 and she home schools the kids. They recently moved out to the country and though they love the farm life, it can get a little lonely for her sometimes. Between home schooling and taking care of the home/farm, leaves little time to make new friends.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win this book and if I don’t win, that’s ok because I’ll just buy it for her! God Bless

  69. I would love to win this book to give to my daughter who is a mother of 3 littles. She does such a good job with them but I know she questions herself, just like we all do. I think the daily devotions would help her, I know they help me.

  70. I am a new mother and I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to showing my little boy spirituality and God… We pray together every night, he is 2 years old and repeats everything I say, but I want to learn how to share God’s grace with him… Not only what he’s done in my life but all the wonderful things he can do in his as he grows up and goes closer to God… I think this book would give me better insight on how or when or what I need to do… upon reading the insert what the book is about it’s really encouraging to me and I look forward to reading it and applying at my life… Thank you

  71. Love this devotional. Will be ordering this book for my daughters-in-law and possibly a good friend who is a young mother. Great Mother’s Day gift!

  72. Hi
    I am smack bang in the middle of finding myself drawn back to my mother hood in Gods name for my 3 boys 14, 13 and 8
    Rebuilding my world after a marriage that was horrible but surprisingly finding ways back to recreating what was once …
    even though we have been divorced 6 years God is working on both our hearts through friends and ourselves 😊

  73. Thank you for the inspiration. I have 1 daughter who has 4 daughters and would love to be able to win this and give it to her for mothers day. I pray God continues to bless you. She has been diagnosed with stage 3A melanoma. Please keep her in your prays.

  74. My adopted daughter, Chrissy, and her husband Cash, are in the process of adopting a baby. It shoul take place this year, quite a process! Heavenly Minded Mom would be a wonderful gift for Chrissy to draw wisdom and strength from when the sdoption takes place. They have no other children.
    Thank you ,
    Chrissy’s Mom

  75. As a grandma who has become stronger in her faith in her latter years, I wish I had a book like this to read in my earlier mom stages of life! Now I see my daughter in law going through the same struggles, I’m praying that a book like this will be a wonderful, inspiring, and encouraging way for her to grow in Christ.

  76. I have a VERY SPECIAL Mom in mind to give this book 🔰 to ….our Grandson’s Mom ; & now he has twin little brothers also !!!! ❤️💚💙👦🏼👬

  77. Thank you for this opportunity. Thank you for your encouraging words. It’s amazing how God works and His timing. I have been studying and meditating on Luke 10:38-42 regarding what Jesus told Martha that there is one thing that is needed. That one thing that will not be taken away from us. Your words goes with this. I give God praise.

  78. Thank you for the inspiration. I have 2 daughters and would love to be able to win and give them this for mothers day. I pray God continues to bless you and show you favor.

  79. I’m a grandmother and would love to give this book to my daughter who has 2 littles. She struggles with work and kids.

  80. This sounds perfect. I have decided to start an early devotionals at 2:30am before my morning routine to get ready for work. I start at 4am and I want to have the right mind set at the start of the day.

  81. What a great book and giveaway! I definitely need all the encouragement I can get especially with 3 littles. Some days can be so hard to do what we must and stay focused on God. But He is always there and never leaves us, thankful for that promise and all of His promises from His Word. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity!

  82. Thank you… I needed to hear this this morning…. I was thinking and praying about sin and realized that my greatest sin is not trusting in the Lord for everything. My faith is strong but sometimes I get tired of where I am in life….. realizing I need to trust in Jesus that I am where I am supposed to be. God bless!🙏🏻😎🌵🏇❤️

  83. Would love a moms devotional. Mothering can be a real struggle for me and I do seek His wisdom when I’m beat down by it.

  84. I needed to hear this today. So overwhelmed and full of anxiety in my life right now and I need to be grateful and trust in him! Dig into his word for guidance and strength. Thank you

  85. Hey, thank you for the good work you are doing. being a mum if a fulfilling job but with its shares of ups and down. Every mom deserves to be applauded, uplifted and encouraged. This would make a great read.Shalom

  86. I have a baby girl granddaughter, I would love to gift this book to her mom. I believe it is so important to be God minded especially these days as we try and raise littles to be God like.

  87. Enjoy reading the devotion. Would like to have the book. Am going through some trials and need to reshape my thinking.

  88. Today’s Moms need all the encouragement to live for Jesus and to teach their children to love and seek him too! Bless Katie as she keeps her commitment to teach the simplicity in seeking Jesus first.

  89. Hi, I would love a copy of your book. Being a mom and a step mom of three is a really hard struggle. Trying to be there for all four but also trying to be the best role model at times it gets hard serving the Lord and doing my duties. I would love help and reading what the Lord has place in your heart to write.

  90. We are truly Blessed to have writers that God has inspired to write all the Christian books for mothers and all women in being able to connect to God
    Closer and raise their children in ways that are pleasing to His ways. May God
    Continue to bless all the wonderful author’s which continue to inspire us all
    To continue to read and be filled with the Holy Spirit.

  91. I would love to have two copies to share for my daughter and daughter -in -law . In this fast paced world, it’s imperative we do it God’s way.

  92. The following truly blessed my soul, thank you so much for allowing God to use you.
    Let’s stop holding tightly to the things that God does not hold tightly to, and let’s stop running after the things that God does not run after.

    Let’s be holy as He is holy.

    Let’s strive to be perfect as He is perfect.

  93. I would love to have this book to read. I thought toddlers were the hard stage. But I’m experiencing the teen years. A mom can’t do anything right.

  94. Although, usually, daughters give mothers gifts on Mother’s Day, i would love to win this and give it to my oldest daughter. She and her husband are very busy raising mt grandkids! This devotional would be really good for her. AND my 3 daughters usually get together and get me really awesome gifts!

  95. I would love to give this book to my daughter who has 2 littles and is trying to bring them up in a Godly home! She is dedicate her 2 month old this Sunday at church.

  96. Kristy Nation
    Would love to give this book to my daughter , who is a first time mom to a soon to be two year old. She doesn’t get to go to church much because she works on Wed and Sun. I think she would love it.

  97. I’m an aunt with shared custody of my 16 year old niece. She is my sisters stepdaughter. She is on the spectrum & has other learning disabilities. She came to us with an abused past from biological family. Children with disabilities & abusive relationships are challenging at times. We so desperately want to parent her with the unconditional love of Christ & teach her hope with a future.

  98. Thank you and your co-authors for the daily inspirations that daily inspire us in our walk for Christ! So often just the thought that we need for that day. Thank you for allowing God to use you in this ministry.

  99. What a blessing! My first granddaughter is a first time mom, which makes me a first time great grandma (I’m much too young for that, lol). Would love this book for her and her 4 month old River!

  100. Hey I have a 17 year old girl and would love to read your book. She is older but I still need more understanding on how to make her a good person who loves the Lord above all else

  101. I would love this devotional so that I conquer my day as a mom with holiness. I have a beautiful 7 year old daughter that I want to continue to be an example for to live for God and not the world.

  102. As. A mom and now a grandma, this is a good reminder to always keep our focus on God and his kingdom,and not on so many earthly things.

  103. Would love to give this devotion to my daughter who has a three year old daughter, expection another child in August, a full time job as a nurse and is in school for her nurse practioner degree.

  104. Being a Mom is HUGE. However, women are still looked at as second rate. I struggle with not being good enough. How do I influence my 17, 19 yo children?

  105. This looks awesome! I just started an online Bible Study group on Facebook (Embracing the Chaos Bible Study – For Moms) and this may work great as our next book!!!

  106. Love this! I seem to be having this conversation with many of my fellow mom friends lately. What a wonderful resource. Can’t wait to get this devotional & share it with others

  107. This excerpt touched me deeply. As the mother of an adult autistic son, I often find myself asking “Why me?” As your devotional says, I must trust Him. Thank you so much.

  108. After the death of my only daughter I’m doing the mom thing for the second time around raising her two teenage children and would love to have this tool to help

  109. I I would love this she is a great inspiration. My Daughter has three children, her 7 year old had cancer and she has gone through hell and back. She would love this book. Thank you

  110. I can’t wait to give a copy of this to my daughter. I wish I could have read this when I was raising my kids, but so glad I can share it as she is raising my granddaughter.

  111. I’m not sure that I’ve thought too much about “God’s priorities” for my life. I know He has them, but just don’t know if I’ve ever thought about it that way. I strive to be a good mom (and wife, friend, daughter, employee, etc), but I continuously pray for Gods direction and help because balancing it all can be quite a challenge, and balancing it WELL aid definitely more of a challenge! I would love to have this book to help me along the way.

  112. I want to give this book to my daughter in law for Mother’s Day. She is a wonderful wife and mother of five children!

  113. This sounds like it will be a very inspirational book! There are many mothers like myself who will gain a lot from reading this. Our children, as well as our lives are blessings from God. We need to remember to stay focused on what is important, and God will continue to bless us.

  114. I have a very dear friend who has a little boy who is an amazing blessing to all of us. My son is in college and I look back over the ways I failed to be a godly mother at times and have so encouraged my younger friend to focus on what really matters with her son. This book would make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift for her. Thank you!

  115. I enjoy the daily devotions. I need God. I want God in my life and my daughter’ life. Thank you for all the inspiration.

  116. I am a MoM-( Mother of a Marine) and Mom to 2 beautitful young ladies, 15 and 17. As I’ve gone through this journey, I’ve discovered that being a Mom has phases and just when you think you’ve successfully, prayerfully gotten through one, you’re into another! And being a Mom brings natural, God given inclinations that never change even as your children grow and prepare to leave the nest. Devotions for Mom’s have always brought me back to some very simple truths that might get pushed to a corner of my mind when caught up in the day to day of teenage life, driving skills, deployments-‘see-ya-laters’ and such. I look forward to reading your book!

  117. Would live to jave something fresh and new to a devotional in the mornings. This sounds like it would be very helpful in providing hope and wisdom in motherhood.
    Thank you

  118. I want to strive to be more like Jesus. Such an encouraging book to read and to mold your life by. Would love to read this book and grow more with the lord.

  119. For someone who looks so young, Katie seems like a wise young woman. I was blessed and encouraged by reading her comments here in this article. It seems the Lord is really maturing her and using her to reach and help in the lives of other women. I would love to read other things she has written.

  120. Being a mom is difficult at times…being a mom without jesus i could not imagine…i gain strength from him.when no strength is left…i ask for guidance each step of the way….i want whats best for my children and thats jesus….jesus, help me show them the way.

  121. I would love to give this book to my married granddaughter and my granddaughter in-love. They love Jesus and I believe this book would be a wonderful tool to guide them in their marriage and in their parenting!

  122. I am the mom of a young boy, always trying to learn something new to bless his life ❤
    “Let’s be spiritually minded as He is spiritually minded, and let’s be wise as He is wise.” This spoke to me personally and will put it in practice in my daily prayer time.
    Thank you for sharing this portion of Heavenly Minded Mom, so beautiful and powerful!


  124. I am a grandmother, 65 years old and am just figuring out what Katie has pointed out here. The things of this world can be very disappointing if we can’t trust that God’s plans far surpass our limited understanding. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, Katie.

  125. I would love to have this book. Though, I am a man but getting married in 8 days and would love to share it with my wife to be to read. Thank you

  126. I would love to win this book for my daughter in law. It’s very difficult to raise little ones in today’s society.

  127. I need this book desperately! All these years my prayers have always been for safety, blessing, material possessions, and success. Please help me. Thank you.

  128. Fabulous exerpt! It was like a breath of fresh air for my soul! I love the reminder to pray kingdom-minded prayers & to stop holding tightly to the things that God does not hold tightly to. Would love to give this book as a gift to my sister-in-law for Mother’s day. I know it would be an encouragement to her as she navigates the daily ups & downs of mothering a very active (& sassy) 2yr old 🙂

  129. I would love this book. Being a heavenly mom in this society is difficult at times. I am the one with more boundaries for my child than most.

  130. Reading this was a refreshing reminder of living to build up God’s kingdom not ours. Thank you for your words, they have inspired me.

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