How Can Science Strengthen Your Faith?

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Do something

Sir Isaac Newton wrote a book that was published in 1687 called The Principia: Mathematical Principle of Natural Philosophy. In this book, Newton unpacks research that redefined the way the world looks at science and physics. One of the three Laws of Motion he wrote about is this: an object in motion tends to remain in motion unless and external force is applied to it.

Interestingly enough, this particular law of motion presents a compelling analogy for increasing growth and progressing toward mature faith. When it comes to growing in spiritual maturity, the most important thing to do is getting started. Once you begin to move, it is much easier to stay in motion. To progress. To mature.

Motivation often follows the simple discipline of getting started.

Though I know this to be true, I am still the princess of procrastination. (Tiara worthy!) Even though I am aware that progress and procrastination are oil and water, I am also blissfully delusional with rationalization. My oil and water blend just fine, thank you very much.

The antithesis of procrastination then is simply to do something . . . anything! Find a way to move forward. Start small. After all, objects in motion tend to stay in motion. Right? So if you and I want to experience the power that God has for us, we need to intentionally direct our hearts in ways that leads us to His strength.

The writer of Hebrews gave a challenge to those who are believers in Christ, but who lack maturity.

We have much to say about this, but it is hard to make it clear to you because you no longer try to understand. In fact, though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you the elementary truths of God’s word all over again. You need milk, not solid food! Anyone who lives on milk, being still an infant, is not acquainted with the teaching about righteousness. But solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil. (Hebrews 5:11-14, NIV)

Where are you in all of this? Are you intentionally moving forward in faith or is your faith unintentionally waning and taking a back seat to everything else in your life?

There was a short season when my children were young and needed to be fed and carried. Brad and I encouraged them as they progressed from sitting up, to crawling, and then to walking and running on their own. Their growth was our mission.

My spiritual growth needs to be my own personal mission.

Spiritually speaking, where are you now as compared to a few years ago?

One marker of spiritual maturity is that the fruit of God’s Spirit is evident in our lives. Do people see God in you? They know about your pains, but do they know about your peace? Do others leave your presence and wonder where your joy comes from or do they wonder if you were weaned on a dill pickle? And how do you respond when you face temptation? Are you led by the Spirit of God or by your own desires?

The Apostle Paul encouraged the believers in the church at Colosse to draw strength from Jesus by being rooted in and built up in Him.

So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness. (Colossians 2:6-7)

To make this happen, I have to know the teachings, the character, and the life-changing love of Jesus. Since motivation often follows the simple discipline of getting started … I need to just get started. Pray a prayer. Talk to Jesus. Read a verse. Read a whole chapter. Read the notes in my Bible that correspond with that verse or those chapters.

I can do this. You can do this. We can strengthen our faith by just getting started.

Let’s start now in prayer and then move into a time of response – a time of motion – in the “reflection and response” section.

Dear Lord, I want to grow in faith.
Please help me to intentionally seek and know You more
so that others might see evidence of Your goodness in my life.
In Jesus’ name, amen.


Pick a starting point from the following list. Consider it your personal Word Challenge:

  • Read the book of Colossians, a few verses a day. Read then respond in prayer.
  • Read the book of Colossians, one chapter a day. Read then respond in prayer.
  • Read the book of Colossians for four days straight, a different translation each day. Read then respond in prayer.

AND since it helps to lock in some accountability, CLICK HERE to leave a comment and tell me which of the Colossians challenge levels you are committing to! {No shame! A few verses a day or a whole book a day … doesn’t matter! Do what you can do. Just do something!}

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  1. This came at a great time for me. I have been a little overwhelmed with family and projects. I have still been going to church but find myself a little distracted. I have skipped a few days of my daily women’s bible study. I have not been very strong at some temptations. My daily prayer time has been OK but mostly repetitive. I know how blessed I am and am thankful daily. Now it is time to motivate, be better disciplined and obedient. Today is turn around day, thank-you! I hope to read a few verses a day of Colossians as well as pull out some of my old favorites!

  2. I’m reading a few verses a day from the Life Application study Bible.
    It takes me some time to really read the study notes and try to understand how to apply them to my own life. I’m 2 days in and started a meditation today that I haven’t done for several years. It led me to a prayer book that I also haven’t read in several years. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this way to move forward…have been needing to reconnect.

  3. I have finished reading chapter 4 of Colossians and will start it all over for the month of September , thank you and God Bless You !

  4. Perfect timing! Our church just finished a summer series on the book of Colossians! 🙂 I’m committing to read a few verses every day and since I have to go over something several times to retain it, I’m also planning on supplementing my commitment by listening to the sermon series again as I go along.

  5. My mom sent me this info and ask me to sign up with her for the Psalm Adventure. I cant wait!! I’ve been needing to get motivated to get back into my devotionals, and here it was! I’m starting the Colossians chapter a day!

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  6. I will Read Several Verses from the Book of Colossians.I do not have Internet and I go to a Coffee Shop to do Devotions.

  7. Dear Gwen,
    Thank you for all you do, you are an amazing woman of God! I have been reading GIG for many years and it has helped me so much in reaching for and striving for maturity in my faith. I can’t wait for the Psalms Adventure!
    I read the book of Colossians just now and revisited my underlined passages. I am currently going through a trial and so need to “look up” and “Set my mind on things above and not on things of the earth”, Col. 3:2. I need financial blessings from God and a new job of some sort very soon! It is bleak in my area, but I know God has a plan for me and I must stay in faith!! Blessings of His grace to all….

  8. I am getting started TODAY by reading a few verses a day of Colossians. I, too, am a world class procrastinator but I so want to grow my faith. TODAY, I begin…

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  9. I am going to read the book of Colossians for 4 days each day in a different translation. Thank you for the challenge! I love the book of Colossians!

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  10. Reading the book of Colossians Once a day for 4 days in 4 different translations! And following up in prayer. Great challenge, thank you!

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  11. I am reading one chapter of Colossians a day , and when I opened my Bible my bookmark was at the first page of the book of Colossians , must have made the right choice , thank you God !

  12. I have decided to read one chapter a day , and when I opened my Bible my book mark was on the first page of the book of Colossians . Guess I must have made the right choice .

  13. Gwen I subscribed to your Gracelogy podcast but I have Android. I heard the first one but when I tried to access the next one it only gave me the option for iTunes.

    1. Post

      Neva, Yay! You can actually listen to the GRACEOLOGY podcast anywhere podcasts are played. I believe there is a podcast option in the Google Play store. Also, you can listen to each episode right on its page at Have a great day!! And let me know which episode you like best so far! 😄 GWEN

  14. Good Morning and Thank you for sharing this message! I will read a chapter of Colossians each day! God’s blessings always!

  15. Starting reading a few verses today. Will camp on that richness. Paul and Timothy, as part of the great cloud of witnesses, are praying for me ! (Verse 3) How awesome is that ! 😳
    I have blessings, and can experience what is laid up for me in heaven !

  16. I will read a chapter per day! Thank you for this challenge, I am moving from a very dark place into the light again, with God by my side, and returned to daily devotional time with Him!

  17. I am Glad to be Coming and xommiting myseif back to my frist dát hər which iş God my everything i though i xould do it by myseif i cant i need Him Today a d e ver pray for mě financial everything Got stole from me and a home God bless my neigbor far in near.


    1. I really need prayer for a home i will read çox i pray daily i need God to také evil people will get out my life Slum Landlrd iş evil oh my lord bind him up in the name of Jesus Name i Claim my new home etc,etc, amen i will pray for u guys also

  19. I will read a few verses a day…. I started with chapter one, but need to go back and just do a few verses a day….as it changes focus a few times through the chapter…

  20. Praying that the circumcision of this worldly sin and distractions will be removed and the renewing of my mind, body and spirit be lifted up by Jesus’ blood and righteousness. I pray as I read these words daily, that I may discern what God’s plan for my spiritual growth. In Jesus name, Amen.

  21. Thank you for this challenge and accountability! I have been reading the entire book in different translations and taking prayerful notes.

  22. I have been reading Psalm 139 each day for a month. On November 1st I will began Colossians chapter by chapter to continue growing in my spiritual life.

  23. Hi Gwen! Just finished reading the book of Colossians and prayed several verses as I went along. So thankful for this challenge! Looking forward to tomorrow’s translation!

  24. since I have cataracts right now, I am listening to a few verses a day. Thank you for getting me started again, God Bless You and your ministries

  25. Gwen:
    Just read your devo for today. I finished reading the book of Colossians and so want to thank you for your inspiring words which I felt compelled to read and follow through with the Bible reading in Colossians. It was truly an affirmation from GOD as to situations in my life. I struggle with the sin of procrastination and felt GOD directing me to your blog this morning. Thank you and GOD bless you?

  26. GOOD MORNING Ladies!!!!!! My daughter Lauren is going through a divorce she is also a single mother and even though she is stronger than I could ever BE, she needs PRAYER and encourangement so please with me call her name out when you are praying for Lauren in Las Vegas. I do PRAISE God that I had to turn my television OFF at night and have been for a few months and reading a chapter a night but sometimes METV or How It’s made gets me :).

  27. Hi Gwen, thank you for this perfect word for me today. I have been a child of Hod since I was 28, now 66 and feel like sonetimes I am at the milk stage still, but today this challenge made me decide that with the help of the Holy Spirit I will move, I will read 1 chapter a day in 2 translations. Thank you for Girlfriends in God, I look forward to it everyday with that first cup of coffee, in the peaceful quite time of the morning. Bless all of ypu for beibg there for us.

  28. I will read the book of Colossians for four days different translations, and respond in prayer. Procrastination is my friend also.

  29. I choose one chapter a day!
    “…overflowing with thankfulness” almost brought me to tears! I am so not used to give thanks. Forgive me Lord and change my heart!

  30. I am a retired science teacher. I substitute teach and was just the other day in a science class where the topic was Newton’s laws of motion. And while I understand your analogy, I was disappointed in this devotional. And maybe my background hurt me more than it helped. However I still feel more could have been written about science and faith. Newton was a man of faith as were and are many in the field of science. Perhaps that was my expectations when I read the title

  31. Motivation is what I need. Have been struggling since I lost my husband who was my best friend for the past 50 years. Will read a chapter a day and pray.

    1. I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my husband 4 years ago. We had almost 8 years together. I can tell you that I am still walking through my heartbreak. M y Father God has sustained and carried me. Cling ever tighter to Him. (Hugs) Candi

  32. Gwen, I love the book of Colossians. I will read for 4 days in a row a different translation. Thanks for your commitment to this assignment

  33. A chapter a day, followed by prayer! Thank you – this devotion really hit home with me today. So thankful for my GIG ladies!!!

  34. Gwen a girlfriend shared your site with me and this is my second day visiting Girlfriends In God. I appreciate your honesty, transparency and straightforwardness. I am a returning Christian who fell away from the church two years a ago. I am go grateful to have Jesus Christ back in my life, and I am working to strengthen my relationship with Him and to know Him more fully. I am committing to reading a few verses a day and writing my thoughts in my journal. Thank you for your inspiration.

  35. I will read a chapter a day and pray. Pray for a stronger walk faith with God. Moving from infant to toddler, one charpter a day. Amen! Please pray with and for me.

    1. First I would like to say thank you for this challenge. I started reading Colossians
      Chaper 1 a year ago, read it daily, for about a year, then stopped,don’t know why. I recently started reading it again, it has not been daily,the two versrs that stays with me are verse 9 and verse 29. THANK YOU! I feel God’s light coming from me
      much brighter this morning.

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