I’m The Princess of Procrastination

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Sir Isaac Newton wrote a book that was published in 1687 called The Principia: Mathematical Principle of Natural Philosophy. In this book, Newton unpacks research that redefined the way the world looks at science and physics. One of the three Laws of Motion he wrote about is this: an object in motion tends to remain in motion unless an external force is applied to it.

Interestingly enough, this particular law of motion presents a compelling analogy for increasing growth and progressing toward mature faith. When it comes to growing in spiritual maturity, the most important thing to do is getting started. Once you begin to move, it is much easier to stay in motion. To progress. To mature.

Motivation often follows the simple discipline of getting started.

Though I know this to be true, I am still the princess of procrastination. (Tiara worthy!) Even though I am aware that progress and procrastination are oil and water, I am also blissfully delusional with rationalization. My oil and water blend just fine, thank you very much.

The antithesis of procrastination then is simply to do something . . . anything! Find a way to move forward. Start small. After all, objects in motion tend to stay in motion. Right? So if you and I want to experience the power that God has for us, we need to intentionally direct our hearts in ways that leads us to His strength.

The writer of Hebrews gave a challenge to those who are believers in Christ, but who lack maturity.

We have much to say about this, but it is hard to make it clear to you because you no longer try to understand. In fact, though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you the elementary truths of God’s word all over again. You need milk, not solid food! Anyone who lives on milk, being still an infant, is not acquainted with the teaching about righteousness. But solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil. (Hebrews 5:11-14, NIV)

Where are you in all of this? Are you intentionally moving forward in faith or is your faith unintentionally waning and taking a back seat to everything else in your life?

There was a short season when my children were young and needed to be fed and carried. Brad and I encouraged them as they progressed from sitting up, to crawling, and then to walking and running on their own. Their growth was our mission.

My spiritual growth needs to be my own personal mission. Mature believers grow.

Spiritually speaking, where are you now as compared to a few years ago?

One marker of spiritual maturity is that the fruit of God’s Spirit is evident in our lives. Do people see God in you? They know about your pains, but do they know about your peace? Do others leave your presence and wonder where your joy comes from or do they wonder if you were weaned on a dill pickle? And how do you respond when you face temptation?

Are you led by the Spirit of God or by your own desires?

The Apostle Paul encouraged the believers in the church at Colosse to draw strength from Jesus by being rooted in and built up in Him.

So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness. (Colossians 2:6-7)

To make this happen, I have to know the teachings, the character, and the life-changing love of Jesus. Since motivation often follows the simple discipline of getting started … I need to just get started.

Pray a prayer.

Talk to Jesus.

Read a verse.

Read a whole chapter.

Read the notes in my Bible that correspond with that verse or those chapters.

I can do this.

You can do this.

We can strengthen our faith by just getting started.

Let’s start now in prayer and then move into a time of response – a time of motion – in the “For Your Reflection and Response” section.

Dear Lord,
I want to grow in faith. Please help me to intentionally seek and know You more so that others might see evidence of Your goodness in my life.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.



COLOSSIANS CHALLENGE:  Pick a starting point from the following:

Read the book of Colossians, a few verses a day. Read then respond in prayer.

Read the book of Colossians, one chapter a day. Read then respond in prayer.

Read the book of Colossians for four days straight, a different translation each day.

Read then respond in prayer.

AND since it helps to lock in some accountability, CLICK HERE to leave a comment on my blog and tell me which of the Colossians challenge levels you are committing to: Daily Verses, Chapter or Book! {No shame! A few verses per day or a whole book a day … doesn’t matter! Do what you can do. Just do something!}

Can’t wait to hear from you!



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Comments 114

  1. I’ve read chapter one of Colossians and pray that I will continue and finish the book. I know that it is a short book. I also know that I have the tendency to either procrastinate or completely forget that I planned on doing something. Thank you Gwen for reminding me that I can always start over or continue with God’s love.

  2. Hi there! Thank you for the reminder of not procrastinating and to get back in motion! I am there but am beefing it up!
    Reading a chapter a day and then praying for revelation.
    Blessings for being a blessing!

  3. Thank you, Gwen. Taking your Colossians challenge to read at least a few verses a day, maybe even a whole chapter. It’s great advice for other areas of life, as well. Here’s to getting started! 😊

  4. Thank you for the Colossians Challenge. I will read a chapter a day and pray. I pray God continues to bless you.

  5. Thank you for this uplifting challenge. I am going to read a chapter a day, once to myself and then again out loud. Time in prayer afterwards will be a satisfying way to reflect on Paul’s words.

  6. Thank you, Gwen, for today’s message. I only read a few verses. As a teacher preparing to go back to school to teach 3 and r year olds, my mind has been wandering in 100 directions. But leaving a comment here helps me to reflect and pray on the few verses. I thank God for always being there for me and my family. I pray that He will provide me knowledge and wisdom and that the Holy Spirit will guide me in the right way, God’s path.

  7. Great message of love & hope in me to get as close to God as ever. Thank you
    I m reading Collossians a chapter a day starting this beautiful morning.
    God bless you

  8. I will respond by reading the book of Colossians a few verses a day. I will then write down my thoughts regarding any insights I received from the Holy Spirit.

  9. Been really reflecting on this exact challenge in my life so your words really hit home. I’m going to read the book of Colossians, one chapter a day. Thanks for always encouraging us all!

  10. I do better at retaining material if I just concentrate on a few verses at a time. I like to chew on it. I will read one main point a day from Colossians – whether that is one verse or 5. I will record my thoughts and prayer in my journal.

  11. If you’re the Princess, I may be your Queen! I’m committing to a few verses a day. I’m taking baby steps but look forward to walking confidently! Thanks!!!

    1. I accept your challenge to read a few verses a day of Colossians. I want to go slow to make sure I am understanding it.

  12. I have been slipping in bible reading lately so I am going to start reading a few verses each day and then pray to get closer to Jesus.

  13. I love your steps – honest and doable. May I print this and share it with clients? I’m a counselor. I think we often do not realize how asleep and stunted we are spiritually. I also think God is waking us up. You are one who is willing to shake us with your girlfriendly kind of ways. 😉Great job listening and moving through this life in very relatable ways. Committing to a chapter per day and prayer

    1. Post
  14. I am going to read a chapter a day and then in another translation. I seem to start with such commitment and purpose but after a bit I tend to slack off and then I feel guilty bc of alll that Christ has done for me and my life and yet i can’t seem to manage to spend a committed time in the bible . I pray a lot but need to be more attuned to what His word says .
    Thanks for lmk that u are a comrade in procrastination ,too. It’ makes me feel less guilt knowing that I am not the only one . And i appreciate the other comments written with such candor. have been needing to find another lady to help me be accountable and !!! POOF!! Your email came . Thank you for this challenge and so I pray that we all will follow the challenge to the end .

  15. Thanks Gwen!
    Spirit has been in a dry season for a while! Needed this challenge
    Chapter a day!
    God Bless and Keep you and yours safe.

  16. I’m taking the Colossians challenge!
    I’m going to read a chapter a day and then read the different translations!

  17. I lead a Bible study small group at church so i feel like I shouldn’t be struggling with this but I am. I work in the church and all this corona stuff has made my job so hard as children’s director…I’ve allowed worry and fear to control me. Our pastor has been preaching about this and I made up my mind this morning that I’m not doing my praying and bible reading on the run anymore. I’m carving out a sit down quiet time, so short story long lol I’m reading a chapter. Thanks for the encouragement!

  18. As a young girl, I took swim lessons but never comfortable in the water. Years later I took lessons again but still frightened. Once again in my late 60s, I took another lesson. I’m 70 and still in the shallow end. I’ve accepted Jesus many years ago, read the Bible through more than once, but I’m still in the shallow end. I read and I pray but feel so inadequate.

  19. I read your devotionals every morning and love them. Often share them to Fb. However I have never read beyond…amen.

    I am committing to a chapter a day!

    Thank you for your continued support to this community of online women.

    You are an inspiration!


  20. I thought I’d do a chapter a day, but after reading chapter 1, I thought it would be better to break it down into a few verses a day-so Colossians 1:1-14 was my focus for today!

  21. When I read your title I instantly thought ” I must be the queen”.. Lol. But I am committed to one chapter a day!

  22. I’m going to start with a few verses a day.
    I need to start reading my Bible more
    Thank you for this challenge!!

  23. Gwen, thank you for this challenge! I am committing to read the book of Colossians for four days straight, a different translation each day.

  24. I am accepting the colossians challenge and I’ll read the book of colossians a few scriptures a day including the explanation my Bible gives. I despite that my faith will grow exponentially. Amen

  25. Gwen , I feel like I’m procrastinating in many areas right now. Spiritually and physically. I love 💓 Colossians 1: 16 For all things were created that are in heaven and earth. We are given all power through him , but often times we fail to comprehend this power that we have in us . It’s amazing how much better our lives would be if we recognized the true will of God for us. He loves us unconditionally , where can we get that from anyone on this earth. I Know our parents would , but God is so much more forgiving than anyone. God bless you and have a wonderful day 😘❤️

  26. This is so much me. I like seeking how to change through learning what He commanded. Not a procrastinator . Just wanting to learn so much more. Life is short. You are very lovable Gwen. I will do a chapter of day from Colossians and ask Jesus and H Spirit to ask Father to help my daughter chew hard food, she is 6 years of age and never picked up finger food or chews. Amen

  27. Hi Gwen, thank you for this challenge. I am going to start small and read a few verses each day. Thank you so much!

  28. Beginning today I will meet the Colossians challenge by reading a chapter each day for the next four days.
    I am looking forward to how God will strengthen me through this challenge plus Jesus here as my loving Saviour.
    Thank you for this opportunity to stay connected with Girlfriends in God…Gwen.

  29. Thank you for sharing your heart and insights. I admit that I am a procrastinator myself, but I desire to grow ( not stagnate) in my faith. It can be too easy to sit on the sidelines and pat myself on the back for past victories, but the truth is I just need to jump back into the game. I appreciate the challenge to get into Gods Word. I’m committing to reading verses daily in Colossians, and I look forward to see how God will use it to strengthen my spiritual muscles!

  30. Hi
    I am going to read a chapter of Colossians a day. Thank you for helping me out of my rut I am experiencing now.

  31. Hi, Gwen! I love this post about procrastination, Oh yeah I know this demon well in so many areas of my life. With God’s grace this is happening a whole lot less! I am committing to moving and growing in my faith. I am going to read the book of Colossians, one chapter a day. Read and then respond in prayer.

  32. Gwen i thank God for you. I so love your heart of worship and honesty. Procrastination is my downfall as well. Oh i will do it in a bit. I am so thankful for your psalms adventures that taught me to read and respond to scriptures. And im pretty sure it was you who encouraged journiling . Writing my prayers is the most effective way to worship and connect with God. I am better but still a long way to grow. I will likely read the whole book once and then again chapter by chapter. Thanks for your encouraging words.

  33. Hi Gwen! Jackie from Maryland here. I’m going to start with the chapter a day commitment! Thanks for the challenge!

  34. Hi Gwen,
    First, I’m going to read a chapter a day, reflect and respond. But, I’m going to try and take this challenge to the next level, I’m going to try and memorize 1 verse that speaks to me and carry it with me throughout my day, sharing with others…
    Your sister in procrastination 😋
    Lynne K.

  35. I’m going to read a few verses a day – by subheadings. Thank you for this post. I’ve been struggling to remain focused lately but am committing anew.

  36. Read a chapter a day. Thanks so much Gwen for this post! It was in my email this morning and has really challenged me to get back deeper in his word! I always read Girlfriends in God devotions every morning, but I also need to read more of the Bible every day as well! Makes me keep a much better mindset throughout the day!!

  37. I too see myself as being unable to always get started or stay the course. I’m working on it but it’s a slow go for me. Some days i see progress and others i seem to be standing still. But i continue in the quest to grow my faith and to know that God is working in me.

    Thank you for your strengthening words to all of us. May we continue to mature in our faith.


  38. Wow! This morning my alarm went off, I hit snooze and then laid there thinking that I had to get up to exercise and read my Bible. I’ve been struggling with getting up early and doing both/either of these. I laid there and said to myself “nobody is going to do these for you, you’ve got to get up and take a step.” Then I picked up my phone to read my emails and what do I see but my email from Gwen with the title of Princess of Procrastination. I would say that’s a message from God😂 I’ll be reading Colossians!

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