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Be Alert

I was really excited that evening because I actually had a fun dinner plan … which is not always the case. There was some grilled chicken left over from dinner the night before, so I decided to bust out my griddle and whip up some yummy grilled chicken quesadillas – a simple, yet very popular Smith-family delicacy. I know: it’s a crazy-easy make, but for some reason my kids think I’m a genius when quesadillas are on the menu. Go figure.

I grabbed a knife, a chopping board, and the leftover chicken from the fridge. Minutes later, the chicken was ready for it’s cheese and tortilla companions. While the griddle was heating up, I turned my attention to a few other family matters. I don’t even remember what those matters were. It might have been a buzzer noising from laundry room – alerting me of dry clothes that needed hung. I might have turned away to set the table or perhaps I had to intervene between my children who perpetually struggle to keep their hands to themselves. Whatever it was that drew my attention away from dinner prep was innocent – normal stuff – nothing out of the ordinary.

When I turned back to the business of quesadilla making, confusion gripped me as an empty cutting board glared at me. With an eyebrow raised quizzically, I asked my husband if he had moved my chicken.

“No Honey. I haven’t touched your chicken.” He replied, with a twinkle in his eye.

Hmmmmm. A chicken mystery. How odd.

I grew a bit anxious and quickly began to interview each of my children, “Did you take the chicken off the cutting board?”

“No, Mom. I didn’t touch the chicken,” they said one after another.

I wondered, “If I didn’t move the chicken and my family didn’t move the chicken, then where is my chicken?” I looked around the room once more just to be sure that I hadn’t simply placed the chicken somewhere else.

Then I saw it … a look of guilt. A look that screamed and pleaded, “Yes! I took your chicken, but please don’t be angry with me. It smelled so good and … and … I’m a big dog – I need my nourishment. Was it wrong? Okay. I know it was wrong. Please forgive me. I did it. I ate your chicken. I’m sorry. I’d like to go to my crate now…”

His ears lowered as my eyes met his. My brows furrowed. “Rocky! YOU ate my chicken! Bad dog!” I lamented in frustration as I began to make a new chickenless dinner plan…

Rocky’s just a dog. He’s not out to get me and he didn’t mean to mess up our dinner plans, but he did prey on our family meal that night. He came and took what wasn’t his because I had let my guard down. I wasn’t watching over my chicken.

As believers in Jesus Christ, you and I must guard our hearts and watch over our homes. The Bible warns Christians to keep watch. Beyond things seen, there are spiritual battles taking place around us continually. If you are a believer and follower of Jesus Christ, then you have an enemy and his name is Satan. If you live to listen to the voice of Jesus, the Good Shepherd, then strap on your battle gear, girlfriend, because your enemy has a mission to destroy you. 


In the New Testament book of John, chapter 10, Jesus identified himself as the exclusive way to our salvation – as the Gate for the sheep of God – as the One who loves, leads and rescues us. In John 10:10, Jesus warns that though His plan for us is protection, love and help, the enemy … Satan, “…the thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they might have life, and have it to the full.”

The Bible has a lot to say about this. It tells us time and time again to be alert to the schemes of Satan. To keep watch. “Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith…” (1 Peter 5:8-9a, NIV).

Though we have an enemy with a real plan to mess with our emotions, our health, our marriages, our children, our relationships, our jobs and our thoughts, we are not without help or hope. We have both. God’s power and protection are readily available to believers. 24/7. “But the Lord is faithful, and He will strengthen and protect you from the evil one” (2 Thessalonians 3:3, NIV).

“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people” (Ephesians 6:10-18, NIV).

I was caught off guard the night that our dog, Rocky, took the chicken off the counter… and there have been times when I’ve been caught off guard in the midst of spiritual battles. As Christian women, let’s remember to keep watch – over our hearts, our minds, and our homes. Let’s purpose to proactively pray for protection, power and perseverance. May we always keep watch.

Dear Lord, You are all-powerful and mighty to save. I praise you and delight in your plan for me to have abundant life through Jesus. Please cover me in Your Spirit today and equip me to fend off attacks from the enemy in your power and help. In Jesus’ name, amen. 

FOR YOUR REFLECTION and RESPONSE:  What came to your mind/heart as you read this devotion? Can you identify an area where you feel the enemy is attacking you? Grab your journal and write about it. Pray for specific people and relationships that you feel need protection.

Are you an armed and dangerous Girlfriend in God? Be that woman! Let’s pray for one another today. Leave a comment below with a prayer need, then pause to pray for the needs of a few other posts. Encourage one another!


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  1. I need a financial Blessing as well as getting enrolled in school to complete my degree. Please pray for me

  2. My husband is deployed and this post seemed to speak directly to me, as it seems like my life every day right now. I need lots of prayer as I have two Autistic boys I am homeschooling. I know I am walking with Him I can do this with His help And His word guiding me.

  3. HI Jaclyn,
    its very hard to keep loving someone who is continually hurting you. I have been through my own share of hurtache in my marriage of 11 years, and I believe God is grieved when his precious daughter is grieving in a trying marriage such as yours, mine and many others. I am currently separated having tried so hard to stay in a difficult marriage. It is painful and frightening to walk away, I believe it takes a huge toll on one to do that, but sometimes, that is what God wants us to do. U see things clearly, your spouse sees things clearly and if God intended for a comeback that will happen in his time as long as you remain faithful and trust him for all. Keep in mind, Jesus grieves when u do and he does not want you to be unhappy. If you have enough grace to stay, do so as we continue to believe for a better marriage for you, if not, trust God to be your husband and deliverer in all circumstances. Keep the faith and yes guard your heart. Take comfort in Isaiah 45. Thelma

  4. I really need your prayers for my marriage today. Last year my husband told me he didn’t love me anymore. After that, I received the news that I was pregnant. My whole pregnancy was a very sad time. I was alone all the time – we moved to Canada 5 years ago, all our family is in Chile- when I needed him the most he wasn’t there, he was mean and he broke my heart several times with his harsh words and making clear that he didn’t love me anymore and that the baby was in his way to fulfill his dreams. I prayed so much that our Lord changed his heart so he could love his baby girl, and He made the miracle, my husband really loves his daughter with all his heart, but he is still cold and distant with me. We live in the same house but in different rooms. I’m still in love with my husband and I pray daily for a marriage restoration, but I feel so alone and sad. I just want him to love me again. Please pray for me and my family, I don’t want the enemy to win this battle.

  5. Calling all prayer warriors this devotion hit home for me. I have a 23 year old son who is struggling with addiction he decided he needed help and asked to help find him a rehab we checked him in yesterday and he was kicked out today he is no longer allowed at my house because of his drug use and disrespectful behavior he is now at his fathers home I pray The Lord intervenes and he is released from this bondage of addiction I have tried to help and have left it at God’s feet to grab hold of his heart I pray for protection for my son and I know we serve an awesome God that is mighty to save please lift my family in prayer This is also affecting my other son who will be 20 he has been having anxiety attacks worrying about his brother and it is affecting his relationship with his friends as we’ll I rebuke you Satan and will not allow you to take an inch Praying for healed spirits for all of us thank you

  6. Im a young girl in my early twenties. I constantly struggle with lust. I pray and pray, but I am almost ashamed to pray about it to God. But I know that’s a method devised by the enemy, he wants us to think that God thinks we’re dirty and unacceptable. But we sin a billion times, and Christ is ready to wash us clean a billion and one times! Hallelujah! All you ladies here are an inspiration! God is doing amazing works in our lives, even when it feels like He’s not. LETS KEEP OUR EYES FIXED ON HIM! Let’s put on the full armor, His shield… He loves us all personally, ladies.

  7. Jaclyn, as I’m reading your story, tears just started flowing. I’m right there with you! I’ve been married for 16 yrs also, and for the second time, I went and got divorce papers, and this time it feels FINAL. 4 yrs ago, I found out my husband had been unfaithful for 6 of our 12 yrs of marriage ( & at one point, I too had a non-sexual affair) It tore me apart and I don’t wish that pain on anyone. I chose to work it out with him, we went through extensive counseling and I went through counseling for myself to deal with things from my past. I tried, I truly tried…….the past 4 yrs I have give it my everything. All along, I’ve never trusted him (even through his repentance), it’s a terrible way to live and waiting to find out that you’ve been betrayed again. We are a Christian family,so it’s definetly not ” the thing to do”( get a divorce). I’m conflicted, I’m in pain, and I want to let you know that you’re not alone.

  8. The past few days I’ve been anxious with my blood pressure going up and down. Last week was wonderful. I finally realized that nothing has changed from last week to this so I took authority over the schemes of the devil and told them to go in Jesus’ name. I’ve been fine ever since. Our issues are not always spiritually rooted, but don’t forget to ask yourself if they could be and send satan packing as you turn your eyes on Jesus.

    God has given us armor and the sword of His word, and the power of His spirit. We’ve been suited up for a purpose. Don’t allow satan to get the upper hand in your life circumstances. As far as it depends on you be at peace with all men. For the rest, take a stand for God’s purposes and His righteousness, in love.

  9. Dear Lord, I pray for all of those who have gone before me in this discussion, and I ask that you help them. In Jesus Name, Amen.
    My struggles are many. They encompass everything from cancer and other health issues, family problems, financial issues, to relationship troubles. I am sure there are others who are still worse off than me, but these struggles are really taking a toll on my mental health. Please pray for my family and me. Thank you!

    1. Carletta, I pray that The Lord would strengthen you as you go through this difficult season and that He would usher in a new season in your life- one that is filled with hope, renewed health and that the joy of the Lord would be your strength. I too am in a season of waiting and persevering with many areas of my life, I ask for prayer to grow in trust and faith in the Lord’s plan for my life.

      1. Dear Ruth,
        I was praying for you & I just thought of the picture of the idea ocean during a huge storm and all the waves are crashing & winds are blowing. But, as we keep our eyes Fixed on Jesus, the circumstances fade in the background & He gives us strength& peace. It’s during those times that the Lord lives to show His power &love. Keep your eyes on Him, not on all the difficulties. He will walk you through.

  10. Thanks for the devotion. Was feeling overwhelmed and hopeless dealing with marriage problems, aging and dependent in-laws and two small children. After reading the devotion and post, I am more convinced that the devil is out to destroy marriages and our families. GIG let us pick up our full armour of God and in his power, take fight to the enemy. Pray for me as I pray for you.

  11. I ask for prayer for my marriage. Divorce is on for June 30, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. I have been standing and standing and praying and praying but r
    my husband is set on the divorce. I have not seen him since September 2013. Thank you and God Bless all

      1. Than you for your prayers. My divorce was dismissed but my husband says he will be filing. I finally saw him in court twice. I am letting go and letting God handle my storms. I hope that your are doing well and I will pray for you too.

  12. Please lift up my family. Work for my husband keeps slowing down due to the current economy. There is no work at all so far for next week and we are definitely living paycheck to paycheck.

  13. GM….I’m needing warriors to stand in the gap for my son and daughters in Jesus name to war against the enemies attacks on them mainly my son and oldest daughter….I truly believe in the power of prayer and if you pray for me I’ll for you and let’s watch God change things…..God bless each of you!!!!

  14. I am 59 and got fired from my job last week. My manager was 24 and did not share the same views as I on quality of work versus quantity. Now I am faced with finding employment in a field that is just starting back up after the financial crisis. The past 3 years have been difficult dealing with a mother, whom I dearly love, disappearing with Dementia, recovering from two auto accidents where I was hit by others, and struggling in a job that limited what I was allowed to do only to have them push me out once given the chance. The problem is. ……. I want to take some time off too build myself up again. I am concerned that if I take it I won’t find a job when the time comes to go back to work again. My husband is 12 years older and deserves to retire but due to some foolish financial decisions he can’t. I am asking for prayer to know God’s will in this and to have peace in that. This time will enable me to spend more time with my mother as she is on Hospice now.

    1. HI! I am 22, and barely know or understand the confusion you speak of. But when I read this, my heart went out to you! God loves you incredibly and personally, He understands yours struggles. He has carved your name in His palms. Be diligent in prayer, making your request knows with supplication and thanksgiving, and even fasting. And His peace will fill your heart. Let go of all resentment and bitterness… God has a plan for you! Rejoice in His name. Thanksgiving always! Don’t worry, my dear, for God, the maker of ALL things, is in the driver’s seat.

  15. I pray for a hedge of protection over my family. I come against every tactic of the enemy in Jesus name. I also lift up each of you woman. I pray God gives you the strength to press on. For His word says weeping my endure for the night, but joy cometh in the morning! Be Blessed

  16. Pray for my husband and kids. Kevin left me four years ago, after nearly 30 years of a loving marriage, with no warning. I let my guard down because we had such a good marriage, and my husband was such a godly man. God is working on him. Pray that he will submit to God and come home. Our children are not serving God, or talking to me. Satan set out to destroy our family, but God has plans for us to serve Him in a powerful ministry. Pray for me to be patient, strong, and forgiving.

  17. To all of you beautiful women of God that have lifted me and my family up in prayer I thank you from the bottom of my heart! I don’t have very many (girl) friends, I’ve never trusted women, don’t have any sisters, my mom and I are not on the level where I can talk to her about my problems, and my sister-in-laws are great but there is only so much support you can ask for from your spouses family. I’ve been praying for help and comfort and I believe I found it this morning. I normally don’t have time to read all these devotionals that I get on my email, but I am so happy I listened this morning and opened this one. Thank you all for being here for this stranger, and I have also read the struggles that others are going through. Please know that all of y’all are in my prayers as well.

  18. Hi, my name is Doris and I have been dealing with anxiety. Please pray for me that my mind and body will be healed. I know that I can do all thing though Christ who strengthens me. Please lit me up in prayer. Thank you.

  19. Please pray for my granddaughter and her family as well as my health. the devil is attacking full force. Will pray for all of you and your families

  20. Plz pray for my 14 year old daughter who is struggling with depression. Plz pray for a hedge of protection around my family and that we will all seek Him and hunger Him!

  21. pray for this lady michelle medena her addttuide with me n the ways she goes about it. her behavior with me. n what she made me too do. n do and for a part time job.

  22. I struggle at work with my supervisor. . She nit picks at me constantly. .. regardless of what I do she is constantly on the prowl to find flaws. . And it’s seldom work related. … she badgered me for weeks because she said my breast nipples were always hard. It’s a battle everyday and I feel so hopeless. .. I’m praying for strength to cope with this situation. . Please pray for me too!

  23. Praying for all of you women! I ask you to pray for the anxiety I struggle with and for my husband and I to reconnect.

  24. My prayer is that God will cover my husband and our brady bunch family of five kids with love and protection from outside evil influences; my low self esteem and fear of losing my husband due my past experience with my last husband. I pray I pray I pray for God to remove this fear and replace it with a heart of gratitude for the blessings in my life.

  25. I am new here. My husband & I have had a rough last few years. He is not working, is not actively seeking employment( puts forth a token effort here & there), we have to move in 5 weeks, I am supporting the entire family (6), he was sexting his ex wife, does not want to go to church anymore & I had a nightmare that he was having an affair. I feel that I am under attack in my marriage, my finances & my stability. Please pray for me! Jesus is The Lord of my life and I choose Him & His will above all else. Please pray!

    1. Dear Mrs. B,
      I too have struggled with much of what you have mentioned here, and a few other things that you haven’t mentioned, and I know how the devil would love to win BUT God has already finished the work for us and given us the victory in Christ and has given us His very own Word & family to stand on and stand with. I BELIEVE GOD for my marriage and my strength and my sanity and will pray for yours too!
      You didn’t mention if you wanted your marriage to be restored but you did say you want God’s will and He joined y’all together so I’m believing you do. I did notice you referred to everything as yours and not your husband and yours (have you realized you did that?) maybe he is feeling disrespected. If he is it would explain alot of what he is doing. We need to feel loved and cared for and husbands need to feel respected.
      Eph 5:33 But every husband must love his wife as he loves himself, and wives should respect their husbands.
      I didn’t realize my husband was feeling disrespected with some of the things I said and did and a sister in the Lord suggested I read a book (LOVE & RESPECT By Dr. Emerson Eggerichs~ A Focus On The Family Book) and WOW was I surprised at the things I said and did that could cause him to feel disrespected. I asked my husband about those things and sure enough it was true. I am still working on my marriage and it hasn’t been an easy road by any means BUT God joined me with my husband and I will do ALL that God would have me to do to have the marriage God wants us to have and to bring God all the Glory and Honor I can in it. He is worthy!!!
      Sorry to go on sooo long. I hope at least some of this is helpful and blesses you and your marriage I too have moved to a new part of the country and don’t have any friends or my family here other then my husband and my “special needs” daughter. I pray this message blesses you Mrs. B
      In His Love & Service Always, April
      I will share a few scriptures here in hopes they will bring light and strength~
      (MKJV) Heb 4:4 For He spoke in a certain place of the seventh day in this way: “AND GOD RESTED the seventh day from all His works.” Heb 4:9 SO THEN THERE REMAINS A REST TO THE PEOPLE OF GOD. Heb 4:10 FOR HE WHO HAS ENTERED INTO HIS REST, he ALSO HAS CEASED from HIS OWN WORKS, as God did from His. Heb 4:11 Therefore let us labor to ENTER INTO THAT REST, lest anyone fall after the same example of unbelief.
      Heb 4:12 For THE WORD OF GOD IS LIVING and POWERFUL and SHARPER than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing apart of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a DISCERNER OF THE THOUGHTS and INTENTS OF THE HEART.
      Heb 4:14 Since then we have a great High Priest who has passed into the heavens, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold fast our profession.

  26. I pray for God’s protection over my daughter who has a tendency to allow men in her life who are not good for . She is beautiful, smart and has so much potentiial,: Lord Jesus please place in her heart the eagerness to love You and herself. Bind the spirit of lust and alcohol off her.
    In Jesus’ HolY name I pray this! Fellow GIGs please pray for her and her 6 year old daughter

  27. I really enjoyed this devotional. I had a similar incident although the little thief was my beloved 145 lb chocolate lab and the chicken was my wedding ring! I was beyond devastated! I’m sure that God is a comedian of sorts because as I think back on this now, it is quite humorous and I thank God that my ring did not cause any harm to my pup’s digestive tract and I am reunited with my beautiful ring! (It’s been cleaned several times!!)

  28. I once saw on a bumper sticker, “No marriage is beyond repair if God is in it”. I really believe that and couples ministry is really a great asset too. I pray for marriages and also for our country and the safety of our children. God can do anything but fail.

  29. I pray that God will build a fence all around all of everyday and he will protect us as we travel along life’s way. I know He can, I know He will, fight my battles and be still God. Pray for me as I am wrestling in a fight that wants to keep me down with past hurt and pain that have me awake for hours at night. I’m at the point of depression and have no desire for anything. But I try to stay in the word through the devotionals. I am so grateful to Girlfriends in God for the inspirational and motivating devotionals each day. Let’s really pray for each other.

  30. I ask for prayer for my marriage. Last night was the last straw for me. I felt “There is only so much I can stand!” Ive taken off of work today to go put in application for apartments. I love my husband more than my words could ever express, but things have changed a lot lately. He is not willing to discuss anything and continues to do and say things that rip my feelings and heart to pieces. We’ve been through so much heartache and pain in our 16 yrs and I really thought all this mess was behind us. The devil is attacking my home and everything in it. How can I fight alone? Please just lift up my family.

    1. Jaclyn you are not fighting alone…. God says He will never leave you or forsake you. He is with you always!! Be encouraged and don’t give up!! I pray that God will strengthen you to fight the good fight of faith! I pray that He will strengthen your marriage. Continue to seek God for direction because He will NEVER let you down!! I will continue to pray for you and your husband.

      1. Dear Jaclyn

        My heart hurts for you, I have been there many times in 22 years of marriage to an angry verbally abusive man I love with all my heart. Satan has tried so many times to tear apart what God put together. Three years ago I left for 4 months and during this time we sought Christian counseling and I never prayed more in my entire life for direction and his heart to change. I wish I could tell you it has been perfect since my return, I canno, but I can tell you that each day God gives me a glance of His mercy and hope for my man. My husband is having devotionals with me, praying some and his anger is under control. But just like the article and Bible say, satan just looks for other cracks to enter and wedge us apart. Prayer is powerful, when I feel like giving up I pray to my eternal husband to fill on the gaps of hurt and pain. His love holds me in these times. Pray, pray and pray and then pray pray and pray. Read as much as you can about God and his promises and how to pray the scriptures, you will find peace. Loving you in Christ.

    2. Jaclyn
      I’m so sorry to hear ur battle. I recent had a baby two weeks ago and during my 5 month of pregnancy the love of my life left me! Now that the baby is here he wants to be here for her but not me! It’s so hard to forgive him and allow him to be around our daughter. But Gods voice tells me to just continue to love him and pray for him and let God deal with him! As painful as it is I know. I’m supposed to set aside all the pain and suffering he caused me during my pregnancy.
      We don’t know what Gods plan is but I have faith for you and for me! Keep strong like Gwen said let put on our armor of God. You can get threw this. Just love him pray for him and stay strong! You are not alone.

      1. Jaclyn,
        Just wanted you to know im praying for you. I’m so sorry the baby’s dad s done this. I pray the Lord will be your husband. It sounds like He is guiding you& showing you the way. I pray He heals your heart. I am glad that the dad at least wants to take responsibility& be in the child’s life & I’m glad your letting him. Even though I know it hurts so badly, your child needs a daddy & I pray that this man will be a good dad to your child. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus & He will keep you in peace & provide for you more than you can imagine. Bless you

    3. I know exactly how you are feeling. Mine was a marriage of 23 years. I finally got the courage to leave. Breaking up our family and friendships was not enough for him. This week he managed to take my job from me too. I am known unemployed with no job prospects in our town for what I have a degree in. The devil is strong and will do anything to bring you down. Keep your faith, surround yourself with good Christian friends. It is the only way to get through it. You need the support of your friends the true ones will be there for you!

    4. Don’t give up. Remember the enemy’s plan is to steal, kill and destroy. Whatever you do, listen to God’s voice. Prayers for you.

    5. Jaclyn,

      I pray the Lord guides you. He can be your husband, even when your married, but your earthly husband isn’t there for you or hurts you. I’m so sorry for the pain you’ve been going through :(. I understand. My husband was abusive physically& verbally for many years. The Lord told me to separate from him, not divorce, just separate & give the situation to Him & trust Him. I did. I really didn’t think there was any hope at all for my marriage, but the Lord healed it. He healed me as I was separated from my husband. He became my husband & a perfect, awesome husband. He really worked on my husband & brought him to repentance for all he had done & brought him into a new relationships with Him. He also showed me there were things I needed to change as well. It took a year of being separated & a little rocky beginning when we got back together. But that was 17 years ago & my husband treats me like a princess. Our marriage is so better than anything I could have ever imagined. It’s all because of Jesus & our desire to follow Him & His amazing power to heal & restore. I know everyone does not have a spouse that is willing to follow the Lord. But, prayer is powerful & no matter what the Lord will not leave you & He is THE greatest husband. Just keep looking to Him & follow Him even if you don’t understand or it doesn’t make sense to you. God bless you!

    6. Jaclyn, I totally understand… anniversary is in one week within a 4 year marriage….My spouse have insecurities and its driving me to the point I want to get a divorce on our anniversary! The devil is busy but we have to stay focus. I want to leave when the lease is up but Im going to hold on to the Faith..I will pray for your family!

  31. Thanks. Contemplating marriage to a really great guy. We each have a daughter from prior relationships. His is 14, mine is 17. He lives in Chicago, I’m in St. Louis. Just need much prayer that we make the right decision.

  32. I ask for God to help me stay focused today for his purpose and avoid the distractions the devil puts in my path

  33. Great post, and very understandable to all who share their lives with beloved four-legged, family members!


  34. Thank you for this post I am in the battle right now and have been for some time. Please pray for me as I try to discern God’s will for my current circumstances. I want to be obedient to God and not walk in the flesh. Thank you.

  35. I pray for God’s protection over my family. Protection from the demons of illness, setbacks, career limitations & family misunderstandings. I know I am already saved by you Lord. Thank You for Your love and mercy for me. Thank You for the blessing of life and my family in Jesus’ Name I Pray Amen!

  36. I pray for deliverance, joy and peace for God’s people. I stand in agreement against any demonic spirits and thoughts that may arise in the minds of God’s people. We know that no weapon formed against us shall prosper. God Loves you and so do I.

  37. I stand in agreement with each and everyone of you that your requests will be met in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ., for wisdom in your various relationships and for the devils stronghold over your loved ones to be broken! I pray Gods strength and peace over each one of you in Jesus name, it will be unto you according to your faith! Amen

  38. Thank you Jesus for loving me and choosing me as one of your own. I pray for protection over my marriage, I pray you bless me with a miracle that my husband will come to know you, fall deeply in love with you and be healed by your great love. I trust you, so I know it will be in your will and your way. Thank you in advance dear Lord.

  39. I pray for good health and strenght for me and my children. I pray for my sons that they will turn back to God. I pray my son will be released and that he will know that God truly loves him. I pray God will continue to heal and comfort our family in the passing of my mother. I pray I will continue to draw closer to God as He draws closer to me.

    1. My mom died two years ago. It does get easier with time, but there are times like today that I really miss her for no particular reason. Maybe these are the times she’s peering down from heaven to check up on us and it brings our hearts closer once again.

  40. I never post but I am feeling so desperate and defeated in my relationship with my strong-willed daughter. She is only 8 and we clash constantly about everything. I am so weary of the battle and just want to enjoy my relationship with my little girl that I prayed for 13 years to be able to have! I felt alone until I read these posts and prayed for these requests. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to encourage one another.

    1. I pray for you that God will give you the wisdom to properly handle the conflicts with your daughter while maintaining your authority as her mom. It is so difficult when you have a strong willed child. I have one as well, we have gone through years of turmoil, but we have come back to a really good place now. It took 32 years & her having 3 daughters of her own, but with much prayer God had been faithful. I pray you will be able to get joy in the moments that you experience the fun in being a Godly parent. Stay encouraged it gets better & as long as you put God first, you will win!

  41. I get excited every time I read these verses. I imagine myself putting on my armor and preparing for war. As women, we are not weak or meek, but we are mighty and strong through the Holy Spirit who lives us. We have been given the same Spirit that brought Christ forth from the grave. As believers, we must seek the Lord FIRST, and tap into that power. We have the ability to appeal to a Holy and Righteous God who has sealed our names in the book of life. Get on your knees FIRST, daily, and seek Him. I am ready, with the Lord, to fight Satan for my family, friends, and the people I encounter daily.

  42. I pray for guidance and clear direction on the steps the Lord wants me to take in dealing with my husband’s affair and deceit.

  43. I pray to the Perfect Father of my life that he would reclaim what is his in power and mighty strength from the evil one; our prodigal daughter. May he take her breath away at some point each day; put passionate “God-people” in her way and ‘mess’ in her life until SHE fully embraces the true love of her heavenly Father. And I pray that we, her family, dad, mom and brothers, never lose hope and offer her to the Lord each day especially when our arms feel so empty.

    1. I agree with your prayer. Expect the unexpected. Sometimes God works in the weirdest ways, but it always works to the good in the end. I’ve seen him do it in my life & after 32 years of turmoil, my daughter & I have the best relationship ever. God is always faithful.

  44. I pray for my husband and two sons..That the Lord will order their steps and that they will find and honor his purpose for their lives

  45. I pray for help to deal with my ex husband and his girlfriend especially at every school function we meet at dealing with our 13 year old daughter. I really need Gods help with getting over my anger at why he left us all those years ago.

    1. I relate to and understand your anger. My husband and I are in the midst of a divorce after 5 years apart. He simply desired his freedom from a 25 year marriage. Just know that changing partners will not provide all that he imagined as it was his “ego” making that choice….what he refused to attend to will follow him into his current relationship. At the core of this for you and all people suffering from this pain is knowing it was their ego that made the choice to walk away from the original commitment. God will hold him accountable on the other side one day….to understand that making the decision to stop loving was a violation of the highest calling since love is why we are here. Only yesterday morning did it come to me that the way to remove myself from anger and judgment was to send “light and love” to him. Perhaps in time this will help you as it’s slowly helping me. Once I sought therapy I began to understand how the mind works and how strong the ego is….I equate the ego with Satan so imagine the “collective ego” of all of mankind and the havoc it wrecks on our planet and in our relationships. I believe we have egos because we are separated from God. I send you light and love “K”.

  46. I need prayer for my emotions and my relationship with my family and co workers. Also my boyfriend. Also my faith to not waiver during trying times and keep my eyes on Jesus and His healing power for my family.

  47. I pray for my tongue and the ability to use it wisely! I come home tired after working with patients all day,every day, and I am tired. But I often lose my patience and react in ungodly ways and I know I hurt or deflate people I love very much. I am so blessed in my life, I just need more help and prayer to move me even deeper and farther away from Satan’s stronghold. So I pray for the late-day re-infusion of the Holy Spirit to dwell inside of me and speak and act for me when I am at my weakest!

  48. I don’t normally post about my life but as I grow stronger in Christ I realize that I need the prayers of the righteous. I need prayer for my marriage. I’ve been apart from my husband for 6 years and I’ve finally put my guard down long enough for God to start pouring love into it again. I finally know that I want to live the rest of my life with my husband but he has decided to move on with someone else.

  49. My prayer request is my rebellious daughter would come out of her sin, and live a life for God. All my family and friends are saved. My relationship with Christmas is strengthen everyday and my relationship with my ex be restored better than before. I will always glorify God and give him all the praise& glory.

    1. Please pray for my friendship with Mark. Pray for a divine intervention in Marks life.
      Thank you. Blessings!

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