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True Beauty

As I walked into the pink and purple bedroom to tuck in my little rosebud, she sat up in bed and began braiding her hair. She had been waiting for me. News was bubbling in her heart that she simply had to share.

Through twists of hair, she began, “Mom! I know what I want to be when I grow up!”

“Well, tell me, Kennedy!” I replied, completely smitten with her 8-year-old enthusiasm.

“I want to be a beautritionist!” She gushed.

“A beautritionist?” I questioned, both amused and enamored.

“Yes, mom! I want to be a beautritionist!”

“That completely rocks, girlfriend! I’m so excited for you! Do you mean that you want to do hair and makeup and help ladies look beautiful?”

“Yes!” She confirmed excitedly.

“Excellent!” I replied. “I think the word you meant to use was beautician, but I love the word you made up! The reason I love it is this: you combined two words, beautician and nutritionist. A beautician helps people to look beautiful on the outside by fixing hair and make up. A nutritionist helps people to be healthy and well on the inside. So, your new word is incredible because a beautritionist would help others to be healthy on the inside and beautiful on the outside! Yay! Fun! I want to be a beautritionist too, Kennedy!”

We giggled as I tucked her in – snug as a bug in a rug – and prayed for the Lord to help us be the women He created us to be… inside and outside.

Later that evening I journaled the exchange so I wouldn’t forget it. As I was writing, it occurred to me that what Kennedy was really telling me upstairs was that she had big dreams in her little heart. She was telling me that she wanted to make a positive impact on others and have a life filled with beauty.

She wanted what we all want.

We all want a great life.

And guess what? That’s God’s plan for us too.

God wants us to have an amazing, beautiful life – in Him, through Him, and for Him. Truly. The Bible tells us so. He offers us joy – but not the world’s joy; peace – but not the world’s peace; power – but not the world’s power; love – but not the world’s love. His plan is a good plan… for us, not against us… a plan that is filled with hope and a future. Just like God spoke hope to the prophet Jeremiah thousands of years ago, His Word speaks hope to us today, and every day, reminding us of the beauty available to all in Christ. A beauty that ultimately brings Him glory.

In Christ, you are saved by grace through faith. (Ephesians 2:8-9)

In Christ, you are forgiven and made righteous. (2 Corinthians 5:21)

In Christ, you are a new creation. (2 Corinthians 5:17)

In Christ, there is no condemnation. (Romans 8:1)

In Christ, you are justified and have peace with God. (Romans 5:1)

In Christ, you are his workmanship – created to do good works. (Ephesians 2:10)

In Christ, you are chosen and made holy to proclaim his excellency. (1 Peter 2:9)

In Christ, you are a child of God. (John 1:12)

In Christ, you are a fruit bearer. (John 15:5)

In Christ, you are sealed with the Holy Spirit. (2 Corinthians 1:22)

In Christ, you are to be his witness to the world. (Acts 1:8)

In Christ, you are given a spirit of power, of love and a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7)

In Christ, you are equipped to live out his Word. (James 1:22)

In Christ, you can choose peace over anxiety. (Philippians 4:6)

In Christ, you can boldly approach God in prayer knowing He hears. (1 John 5:14-15)

In Christ, you can be content in every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether in plenty or in want – and do all things. (Philippians 4:12-14)

In Christ, you are an overcomer. (1 John 4:4)

Hear me, friend: this isn’t some fluffy, rah-rah Christian pep rally. I know many of you are going through difficult and painful things. Life throws curve balls that can leave us gasping for breath on any given day – at any given moment. I’m right there with you in the trenches of reality. God’s ways do not always make sense, but one thing is always true: the great life He intends for us to live begins and ends with Jesus. And though we remain broken and impacted by an imperfect world, we can rise above and get through anything in the power and hope of God, for His glory. (Yes. I’m talking to you.)

Ready to be a beautritionist?

Ready to live the dream?

Walk today in close communion with Christ. Seek Him. Savor Him. Confess when you transgress. Align your heart to His will. Obey Him. Love Him… then, no matter what you are going through, watch the LORD do a beautiful thing in and through you.

Dear Lord, I really want to get this! Help me to trust Your ways even when I don’t understand them. Help me to believe that Your words of hope are for me, so that You can be glorified in my life. Help me to be radiant and well on both the inside and outside. I’m ready to live the dream. In Jesus’ name, amen.


FOR YOUR REFLECTION and RESPONSE: Journal! Think about and write down your dreams. Do you even have any? How would your life look differently if you moved in the direction of becoming a beautricianist?

What could you do today to impact the life of a friend with beauty, wellness and hope? Get on that, friend!

Finally, are you ready to live the dream? Determine in your heart, pray it through and then tell me all about it. LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW! I really, really, really love hearing from you! If you don’t want to go into details, simply leave a comment saying, “I’m ready to live the dream!” (But by all means, feel free to give details!) 😉

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  1. Dear Gwen, I´m currently doing the James Rocks week with you and decided to take “a walk” on your last blogs. 🙂 when I came across to this one… beautiful Kennedy, she just said something prophetic! Beautritionist! Someone who makes people look beautifully health on the inside and on the outside. I´ve always struggled with weight since my childhood + never knew how to deal with childhood traumas. In one of those quite moments with God, where you just feel powerless and with no direction, he came to me and said: “I want to make something beautiful to you!” God is not a God of 1/2s. He started dealing with me spiritually, breaking the chains, opening my eyes and my ears and showing me how much he cares for me and that He wanted to completly HEAL me, and that also included my body. I remember having on of those “fun” times with God when I asked Him, “God, how do want me to look like?” and He answered: “I want you to look like me!” to which I replied: “Oh God, you are beautiful!” and He gave it back: “So are you.” wow… this is why I say that your lovely daughter just said something totally prophetic. God is our Beautritionist! He wants us to live the dream, to live the beauty of being who He created us to be…. Much love to you Gwen, thanks for sharing this post with us.

  2. This did not get deleted and I just happened to read it. Wise words I struggle with. I don’t worry about things, I often just think me is not enough. So, thank you for the thoughtful encouragement

  3. I AM READY TO LIVE THE DREAM. God put a dream in my heart several years ago, a dream that I think about each day, a dream to help lift women up financially, a dream to make a difference financially in a wonderful ministry like Girlfriends in God, to be a blessing to my community, it is through this dream that I want to live and grow and be and do what God wants me to be and do. It’s through Go Green To Give. I pray that God shows me the way to reach other women who are looking for someone to team up with and build something together inspired by God’s word. Thank you for your inspirational emails.

  4. I love this one. I am ready to live the dream, really part of my dream is coming true, but I’m having to adjust to new surrounding which always cause me some anxiety. However I hear the Spirit saying “just keep showing up it will get easier.” I praise God and trust Him, I know He has great things in store for His children.

  5. So ready to lie again. It’s been a longgggggg dry season. I have hope, I know whose I am, and whose I am. But sometimes, I’m just tired. Five years….. I trust Gods word, that he will bring all things together, in a twinkling of his eye.

  6. I’m ready to live the dream, and that prayer speaks to me on this day. Thank you for this, and for all the articles on Girlfriends in God.

    Dear Lord, I really want to get this! Help me to trust Your ways even when I don’t understand them. Help me to believe that Your words of hope are for me, so that You can be glorified in my life. Help me to be radiant and well on both the inside and outside. I’m ready to live the dream. In Jesus’ name, amen.

  7. Thanks Mrs. Smith 🙂
    I’m ready to live the dream!
    I hope and pray that my hopes and dreams align with his plan/will for me.

  8. I love it! A beautricianist!! I am already a beautician! So I am halfway there!! I struggle in the nutrition area! This makes me want to work harder to become a “Beauticianist” !!

  9. Thank You Gwen for the reminders. I am IN CHRIST. I have grown a lot, but the last while I’ve had struggles. My life is pretty chaotic most days and I’ve got a hard time finding and making proper time for connecting with God. I am in a pretty low spot in inner beauty right now. Partly due to me maybe not taking care of my “temple of God” the way I should. I work as a janitor. One job in morning and one in evening a lot of days. And busy days with kids and house plans in the day. I’ve neglected properly taking care of me and eating right for far too long. Now I’m getting weak from working hard instead of strong. I some days barely make it through my jobs. I need wisdom and change in priority. I need to rely on God for strength and right decisions. I need to focus back on him and get my strength from him. My dream is to be healthy on the inside again. Spiritually and physically. I am ready and have partially started the road to living that dream.

  10. I’ve been a Christian for decades, but am still finding my way towards “living the dream.” God is helping me out of a financial mess I have created, and he is leading me into His service and ministry. ALL FOR JESUS I SURRENDER!

  11. Hi, thanks for all the help that you are giving me by just giving the chance to read your words everyday. Life is coming really hard but now i’m beginning to trust more God.

  12. Thanks so much, I needed to hear this and be reminded that no matter how much I mess up, He can still use me. I’m ready to live the dream, no matter what comes my way, because I have the God who created the universe by my side!

  13. I AM LIVING THE DREAM! I decided to surrender everything to the Lord over a year ago. I read the word and sit at His feet MOST mornings and listen for guidance. My life did a 180° and I was given an amazing job, taken out of a relationship that He didn’t want me in. The blessings have been immeasurably more….just give it to Him instead of struggling trying to figure it out on your own!

  14. Gwen .. Thank you for making this truth so clear. I am waiting on The Lord to work out all the details of my move back home to my sons. It involves selling my home, finding a new job back home, 550 miles away, and finding a new home when I move back. It’s a lot to expect and I know that He is in every detail…but some days it’s hard to wait and some days my anxious heart runs ahead and causes me stress. So this kind of timely reminder of His faithfulness is a real blessing. Thanks and God’s best to you today.
    Julia .. waiting in IN.

  15. Thank you so much! I really see this encouragement this morning and tomorrow and until I get the conviction that God do not forget me.I can’t hear His voice, then Hi just convict me about what I just read!!!!!love you.

  16. Thank you always for your encouragement. God showed me Jeremiah 29:11 almost 5 years ago when my husband was laid off from his job. God has such a sense of humor because we saw this verse everywhere. By the way my husband loves the devotions, too. I am always ready to Dream God’s way. It is so much better. The struggles are always there but God’s Plan is to. Praying for you & you family.

  17. God has promise in his word to give His Children good and perfect gifts and includes giving us good husbands & wives. I got married my husband who was then a christian who goes to church and attends almost all church activities. For 7years now he has stopped and now living as any other man will live. His life is now full of infidelity and does not bother what goes on with me and our 3kids. Pray with me and my kids that we remain in the faith. For, l am ready to live the dream.

  18. Thank you so much I was ready to give up I got out of bed at 4:30 am and began to pray and I know it was The Lord I picked up my iPad to read my Girlfriends in God , you will never know what you did for me today. Thank you and God bless.i am ready to live the Dream now.

    1. I do the same thing as you do and get my daily Vitamin by reading your articles. Sometimes again and again. This really helps me going. Thank you

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