No Performance Needed

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One day when my kids were little and playing with Play-Doh at the kitchen table, they enthusiastically called me over to view their creative masterpieces. I noticed that my son Hunter had used a small cookie cutter to make a bunch of blue stars. As I looked at the work of his small hands, I was reminded of a Bible verse. So I asked them, “Did you guys know that the Bible talks about stars?” I continued, “It says that God made all of the stars in the sky and has named each one!”  Without hesitation my daughter Kennedy, who was five years old at the time, excitedly responded “Like George, Junior, and Kelsey?”

After the laughter waned, we had a simple, yet special conversation about God’s love for us. I really enjoy those moments of simplicity. The times when we pause to think about God’s handiwork and His Word as it applies to us. I can’t help but shake my head when I consider this thought: if God directed His attention to the stars and named each and every last one, how much more does He direct His attention to His children who are made in His image and purposed in His love?

It’s not uncommon for me to watch my children play in the backyard. While I do care what they say to one another, how they behave, and if they’re safe, I love to watch them just because they’re my kids…because I love them.

Do you know that God delights in you and loves you simply because you are His? Not because of what you do or don’t do … not because of what you say or don’t say … not because of what neighborhood you live in or what dress size you wear.

He just – flat out – loves you!

Psalm 145:20a says, “The LORD watches over all who love him….”

I’m so glad that I don’t have to perform for God in order to be loved by Him.

Just like the stars in the heavens, we were handmade by the Master of Life.  He watches over us, loves us, and extends mercy to us through Jesus. I need that mercy daily. We all do.

I hope that today you will intentionally remember this and look for opportunities to extend that same attention, love, and mercy to the people in your life.


Dear God,
Thank You for loving me just because I’m Yours. I’ve spent too many days not relishing that simple truth.
Please open the eyes of my heart to how personal Your love is
and give me to strength to extend that love to the people in my life.
In Jesus’s Name I pray,



Tell your child, children, or a special child in your life that you love them, unconditionally, regardless of what they do or say.

Have you extended love to a friend recently?  Call someone today with a word of unsolicited encouragement.

Write God a love letter – thank Him, worship Him and love Him.

I love doing life with you! Have a beautiful day,



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  1. No performance needed! We don’t have to perform for God. Thank you so much! This knowledge gave my spirit new life today. So much of our lives deal with performance – trying to prove ourselves on our jobs, prove that we are good moms, great wives, “good” Christians…This devotion has liberated me and my thinking! No performance needed!

  2. Gwendolyn
    July 8, 2017

    I enjoy your daily Bible lessons. This lesson “No Performance Needed” is something that I need to remember daily. One of our grandsons is an addict that is clean now and working for my husband to get back on his feet and trying to get a job. It has been so hard to forget everything we’ve gone through to keep him alive and safe. I need to give him my love everyday and forgive him daily and show how much I love him.

  3. Love your new website! I am a fairly new follower and enjoy all your writing. I am currently doing the I WANT IT ALL study.

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