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Today is my dad’s first birthday in heaven. He would’ve been 71. {I’m happy for him. Sad for me.}

In a few weeks my son will don a high school cap and gown and will leave late this summer for a grand new adventure in college. {I’m happy for him. Sad for me.}

One of my closest and dearest friends in all the world will soon post a sign in her yard, pack up her Carolina living, and move to another state because her husband accepted a great job offer. {I’m happy for them. Sad for me.}

Goodbyes can wallop quite a sting. Like a sucker punch to the jawline. An upper cut to the gut.

My feelings of sorrow are real. Raw. Strong. {I wonder if perhaps they are even a bit selfish.}

For a long time, I used to just take deep breaths and move on. I built invisible walls. Constructed high places emotionally to keep the pain away from my heart. Confident, if not comfortable, that this is what strong Christian women do. We pray, strap on courage, and move forward. Chin up. God’s got this. Right?

Gwen Dad 2013

In the past I’d glance toward sorrow, but would rarely invite her to walk beside me as I processed pain.

Not anymore.

Because I’ve come to realize that sometimes I just need to cry.

God wired us with emotions and I am learning to allow them to accompany me on the road of life instead of pretending they don’t exist or really matter.

In the book of Ecclesiastes, Solomon wrote about the gamut of minutes, months, and murk that all of humanity must navigate.

There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens:

a time to be born and a time to die,
a time to plant and a time to uproot,
a time to kill and a time to heal,
a time to tear down and a time to build,
a time to weep and a time to laugh,
a time to mourn and a time to dance,
a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,
a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing,
a time to search and a time to give up,
a time to keep and a time to throw away,
a time to tear and a time to mend,
a time to be silent and a time to speak,
a time to love and a time to hate,
a time for war and a time for peace.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

His Word provides the bounce of perspective I need. It picks me up. Takes my hand and urges me forward. Leads me to His presence. Gives me permission to feel, to be sad. His grace gives the strength I need to handle the hard emotions. His compassion calmly covers my aches as I go to Him in prayer.

The Bible tells us to give thanks in everything. And that God has treasures hidden in dark places that can be found when we search for them. I consider this and choose to thank God in the midst of my grieving. There’s a power in praise that doesn’t negate sorrow, but does soothe and soften it. {TWEET this}

mom dad 2013

As I lift my weary heart to His, I am held by a loving Comforter who catches tears and willingly shares in sadness. And the prayer of my heart becomes…

Lord, Thank you for allowing me to know and love my father for 45 years. Thank you for the love we shared as a family. Thank you for the hope I have in Christ that he is in Your presence even now. And thank you for my son Preston. Thank you for allowing me to be his mama. Thank you for the ability You have given him to think, reason and dream. Thank You for the amazing plan You have for his life. Help him to walk on the path You are paving for him. Thank you for my precious bestie. Thank You for the depth and joy she adds to my life. Thank You for providing her husband a job and for the opportunity she will have to make new friends and bless a new community with the brightness You fashioned within her. You give and take away. I bless Your great name, trust Your heart, and give you praise today. In Jesus’ name, amen.


Thanks for letting me share my life with you. It’s such an honor.




PS. If you took one of your current sorrows or stressors and gave thanks to God in the midst of it, what would you say? Write it in the comments. Then pray for the posted vulnerability of others.

PSS. On the bright side of today… I had a hair appointment! #happyhairdance #atimeforhairappointments #silverlining #thatsmystylistangelina #loveher


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  1. Dear Gwen,
    I am in the process of reading your book now . Yes I want it all, and at feel guilty for evening saying this . I really want what God desires me to have . Is that the completion of my degrees at a doctoral level. I am not sure. I am at that mid life crisis . Kids are grown, graduated from college, making their own lives. So now what God? I have asked him, what is it you have for me the rest of my days for you. I know I have been very blessed by him. I am thankful both my boys have good vocations, precious women in their lives and I have a husband who loves me. I have found some relationships in life with friends are Just acquaintances and were truley never solid . I miss having time with girlfriends , I often wondered if I died would anyone really miss me . I love the Lord and am so thankful he continues to sustain me in life difficulties . Thank you for allowing us to be true and real . I love your book . I am sorry for the loss of your dad .

  2. Hi Gwen, my only child, Stefan went to be with Jesus 5 May 2015…about a month before his 21st birthday. I remember about your dad too and just realizing the similar journeys we were walking and still are. The best way I could cope, was to face his picture from his memorial every morning, which I kept against the fridge and I would stretch my arms high up to the heavens and thank God that He had taken my boy to Himself. This was hard, tears would stream down my face, I did not feel it at first, but later I did. See I knew he was with his Heavenly Father. Days before his passing when his childhood friend said “Stefan, at least you know where you are going”, he confidently gave an affirmative response. And he faced death with such peace in his eyes. We were at his bedside…God gave us that…it was such a Holy Spirit and the hours running up to it played out like a well rehearsed play.

  3. At the time of posting this my heart is sad as I saw a very bad side of someone I loved and respected.My heart cries out for her that God will help her to understand what she has done.My life has been hard for me most of my life I have suffered from Bi polar,and severe depression but as of today I am healed,set free and delivered.I have no idea where God is going to use me but I
    Will travel to the ends of the earth to serve him.He is my every breathe,my every heartbeat,and my trust in him is unshakeable.I read your blog everyday and I am so grateful for your love for our God,please keep doing what your doing as you have touched so many hearts including mine.I LOVE YOU MY SISTER…✝

  4. A few months ago, I found out that my husband was unfaithful to me for 4 of the 15 years we have been married. He used to be a godly man, full of compassion and integrity. Now he wants a divorce so he can be with this other woman. I put so much pressure on myself to be a woman of great faith, a strong and godly example to my children and a voice of life over my circumstances, always believing for a miraculous restoration. But what I FEEL is humiliated and weak and sad and overwhelmed and scared and rejected and angry and damaged and hopeless. I tell myself that I should FEEL full of faith and peace and hope because I KNOW the truth of God’s promises. And then I beat myself up for failing to feel the same things my mind knows.

    Thank you Gwen, for giving me permission to not feel ok. To not be strong every minute of every day. What I KNOW and what I FEEL are often different. I won’t be ruled by what I feel, but it’s ok to feel it. Thank you!!
    And I’m thankful that the lord is always truthful and faithful and that he will never leave me or my children and that all of his plans are good and his purposes always prevail!!

    1. I am feing these same feelings after 35 years of marriage that I thought was happy and devoted to one another. Wh en he walked out with afriend of mine and a coworker of his. I pray God has aplan for my life and future I look forward to

  5. Gwen,
    Thank you for this devotional today.
    My husband and I have been struggling business owners for about 14 1/2 years. Last summer we received an offer from a company that buys struggling businesses and rebuilds them. It sounded great and hope soared after so many difficult years.
    The deal dell through after 9 months and $9,000 spent in legal fees.
    Our largest customer decided that the potential buyer seemed unstable and they bought machines to do all of the work we have done for them “in house”.
    After 9 months of believing God was going to rescue our business … instead we will be closing our doors. We have about 3 weeks.left of work to do. (It is a small machine shop). We will have to trust God to sell everything we have and we will start over… 57 years old.
    It’s scary. I’ve cried. Bit we have come to of surrender. GOD loves us. He is FOR us. And we are grateful that He “holds the box” when we only have a few pieces of the puzzle.
    It will be hard. But.we have three adult kids and.5 grandkids. ….and they won’t let us live in a tent in the park! 🙂
    Those verses in Ecclesiastical are so true.
    Now is the time for rebuild. Replant.
    He knows what we need, and we are His!
    I know you are missing your dad!
    Love in Christ,

  6. I was in your place 12 years ago. I lost my mom and my 2 very best friends moved out of state. The next year my oldest went to college. I struggled with feelings of abandonment and anger but God has showered me with blessings that could only come through the painful circumstances. I pray in 10 years you will also be able to look back and see how he has blessed you also.

  7. Gwen,

    I have never seen your blog until today when a friend sent me the link. Thank you for sharing about your dad and loss, I will be coming back!

    1. Post

      So glad you found my blog, Suzanne. Thanks for stopping by and for joining the conversation and community. 🙂 #welcome 🙂


  8. I am a woman from Germany (so excuse my language mistakes (-:) and love to read the devotions from GiG. We will move to another place in summer because of my husbands work. It is hard for me- my four children are all born here, I have good friends, a good work, a great church and will have to leave all this. But I thank you, Lord, that you blessed our last 15 years here so much, that you gave us everything we needed. And thank you that I am allowed to be sad because good-buys are never easy.

  9. Thanks Gwen Smith-I was in search of some light-feeling UGH is at an all time high. Thank you GOD for using GWEN SMITH as a vessel.
    keep up the GOD worx

  10. I am thankful to GOD almighty for LIFE. I am full of sorrow and GOD is my only HOPE, my JOY, my PEACE GOD is my only non struggle I am thankful to the HOLY SPIRIT that will not allow my soul to die. I ask for PRAYERS for my Mother and Children –May GOD continue to be a light unto there path.

  11. Thank you Lord for keeping me sane through the tumultuous storm and devastating fire that have been raging in my life over the past five years since I made the decision to re-establish my relationship with You . Throughout this very difficult period when my husband, other family members and friends have chosen to part ways with me because of my relationship with You, and everything seems to be going wrong in my life, You have been my constant friend, husband, and guide. You have been exquisitely tender, kind, and very patient with me through episodes of doubt, stark fear, anger, and despair. You have truly turned my mourning into dancing. You did not keep me out of the fire, but You have been there with me, shielding me, and shaping my broken life into a life of love and beauty. Thank you for giving me flashes of Your glory to lift me up during those times when I have felt so lonely, worn and overwhelmed that my prayer was simply to fall on my face before you in silent tears. Thank You Holy Spirit for being my comforter, confidante, cheerleader, and guide. Thank You Jesus for holding me gently, yet firmly in Your arms when I am squirming so much that I am at the very brink of jumping out of your arms into an abyss of despair. Thank you Father for constantly reminding me through communication with Your Spirit who resides in me, to trust You because Your plans for me are to prosper me and to give me a future and a hope. Most of all Father, I thank You for loving me so much that You turned heaven upside down by giving up Your one and only Son, Jesus Christ to die in my place so that I am now able to enjoy a wonderful, close relationship with You. Thank you for speaking to me through Your obedient servants who include three amazing women – Mary, Sharon and Gwen. Thank You Father for equipping and strengthening these lovely daughters of Yours to encourage Your other struggling daughters every day. I love You Lord because You love me, flaws and all. You are absolutely, incredible, amazing compassionate, and relentlessly gracious. Words cannot express my praise and adoration of You. What a day when I meet you face-to-face!!!!

  12. I cry today for the choices I have made and I thank God for giving me a heart that loves but I ask for His protection that will keep it from getting hurt again. This single life is not an easy one after 23 years of marriage but I know that God is walking with me through it all – the ups, the downs, the loneliness and the lessons. Thank you God for always being there for me. Help me to learn that You really are all I need.
    P.S. I can relate to your feelings of loss w/your father. Mine has been gone for 34 years on Mother’s Day. Sometimes it hits you Hard – but know that you have your own personal Angel and he is looking down upon you with pride!

  13. Thank you for sharing! These personal experiences always help and to help me know I’m note alone. I have become a huge worrier. I worry constantly about losing people I love, getting sick, or my life going downhill for one reason or the other. I would thank God for my worry, because it reminds me to come back to him and trust. Lord, help calm my anxieties and help me to always come back and trust in you. Remind me that you constantly uplift me and care for me.

    I need help remembering that God has everything under his control! I will admit I’m a control freak and always worry that if I don’t, then everything will fall apart.

    1. I know how you feel. I do the same thing. Right now I’m really worried about my son as he is really rebellious like never before. My stomach feel queezy and I just constantly worry.

  14. Dear Gwen, thanks for sharing! May our God comfort you with your Dad’s loving memories and the joy that someday you will be with him in glory.
    I need prayers for the Lord to lead my children to His perfect will for them. I am trusting God that my heart’s desire for them to serve Him joyfully and faithfully will happen in time. Please include Mike, Lyra and Daniel in your prayers. Thank you.

  15. Today – today, I have just been feeling sad. As you said, sad for me, because the anniversary of my Dad’s death is quickly approaching (then it’s Father’s Day and then it’s his birthday). It was so funny…I was going through my emails, deleting all the junk and saving this one for last so I could spend a moment reading it. It was just what I needed today. I’m fine, I just miss him.

    Today I am thankful for the Lord and the promise of Heaven when someday we will meet our Heavenly Father, and see our dads and all those who have gone before us then. I am thankful for your email in my inbox today.

    1. KB,
      We just went through the first anniversary of my mom’s death on May 5th, her birthday May 7th and Mother’s Day May 8th. I think last year we were all numb from the shock of her sudden, unexpected death so this year it hit us like a ton of bricks. My Dad has been gone 23 years and they were inseparable for 46 years so I tried to focus on how happy they must be to finally be together again. “Happy for them, sad for me.” I got through with the help of our God and my church family and like you look forward to seeing them both again. What would we be feeling without the promise of seeing them again. God bless and I will pray for you as you go through your sad time

  16. I thank God for my 33 years thus far with my husband. I thank God for his abundant love for us. I know that he loved us and I thank him for taking time to listen to my prayers every day. I thank God for the struggles in my life which does strengthen my faith. I just ask for prayer that my husband will heal.

  17. My hurt is the loss of my husband of 37 years in February of 2016. I’ve been hurting so bad and last week I finally just let it all out. I cried for 3 days on and off. I had been trying to stay strong for my family and granddaughters but grief is just something that a person must go through to heal. Thank you for your beautiful thoughts and prayer. This so blessed me today. I pray for you and your loss. May the Holy Spirit bring you the peace that passes all understanding.

  18. I’ve had a real struggle with trying to understand the mental health problems that my husband is going through. He has isolated me and his children. It’s very sad. I’m hurt and angry and sad. I love him and have asked God to intervene in his life. He’s not a Christian but I know that God loves him. I know he’s messed up and he’s hurting so badly. So am I.

  19. My oh my how God works. I needed this today more so than ever. Four years ago I lost my Dad at 62, in February I was laid off from my job of 12 years. Most recently my son in law accepted a job a hour and a half away..which takes my daughter and grandson with him. This all sounds petty in comparison to what some have gone through and are going through however it just seems like my prayers are bouncing off of the ceiling. I have cried so much that I am almost tired of crying. I realize, through this devotion, I need to cry. I need to continue to think about my Dad, I need to be happy for my daughter for new adventure, but sad that I won’t see them as much, and I need to trust the Lord that he will take care of the job situation. Yes..I am a self proclaimed cry baby..ha I have come to realize that everything is in God’s time. It’s not fun sometimes to wait..but I have to trust His plan and know that he is in control. Thanks again!!

  20. Thank You, Abba for the privilege of being with my brother before he died on the operating table on April 12, this year. Thank You Abba, for the joys of walking I’ve had the past 5 years, which have been pushed to the side while I heal from being hit by a car while walking on April 16, this year. Thank You Abba, for this pain. You Alone know just how much I hate pain, yet You’ve chosen this as the way I’m to enter my 60th year of Life. Thank You Abba for this time of trial, which You’ve Promised will be for my good & Your Glory! I Believe, help me with my unbelief, please Abba?! Strengthen me for this journey, my Abba? Fill me Abba?

  21. I am unable, unwilling to thank God or be grateful to Him for the death of my precious son. Tyler was, is 23. Tyler battled addiction and lost. I believed with my whole heart that God would heal him here. Tyler believed that also. No matter what I have always had my faith in God to pull me through some of the darkest times. My faith now has a crack in it. I’m devastated, disappointed. My heart is forever broken. Unless you have lost a child to this evil disease I suppose you cannot understand my grief. There is nothing or no one who can fill the aching void in my life where Tyler existed. He’s gone. Yes, I will see him again one day. But even that knowledge brings no comfort in this moment. I will not see his beautiful face, feel his arms around me, hear his voice or……

    1. Post


      I am so sorry for the horrible loss of your son. I cannot imagine the pain your heart is feeling, but I do know where to take the pain. I am pausing to pray for you now, friend. Wish I could hug you and weep with you. In Christ, Gwen

    2. Courtney,

      God does not expect you to thank Him that your son is not with you and you have every right to feel angry and hurt beyond my personal comprehension, but don’t let your anger take over your life for very long or you will poison it.

      God allowed this to happen, so I urge you to seek God and ask Him what good things you can learn through this horrible loss, He will gladly show you but only if you are open to it. God does NOTHING without purpose, nothing.

      No one knows how to handle loss in a healthy way, we are left with trying to find a “new normal routine in our life” because we instantly were stripped from the one we knew yesterday and for me that has been the hardest part. Yesterday was 4 years since I lost my Mom, I felt I lost myself along with losing her and I seriously thought the pain was never going to stop, and I still cry when I speak of her and for me that’s healthy. Today I am able to look back and see that I did not lose her entirely, I took her best qualities, she had many and some of her passions, animal welfare/animal rights and incorporated them into the woman she raised me to be and she lives on everyday in/through me, this is how I keep her alive and honor her.

      Let the positive qualities and passions of Tyler live through you, this is how you can honor him and keep him alive for us/the world to see until you are reunited with him again.

  22. Thank You, Dear Lord for the ways in which Your love is carrying me and giving me strength to battle the ups and downs of chronic illness. Many times when I feel afraid or sad I pray I keep praising You and not give in to self-pity or discouragement. Thank You for Your goodness and thank You that my struggles with illness can be part of the beautiful testimony You intended for me! In YOUR Precious Holy NAME, Amen

  23. pray for a job and thanking him for my husband who is able to care the bill’s right now but pray that he opens a door real soon for me oh I thank God daily for all he has done and doing for me in my life all day long

  24. Thanking my God and Saviour for the healing He’s doing in my body. I was diagnosed with gastric lymphoma last year and went through chemo for several months. It was the third cancer in the past 25 years. As soon as I finished chemo, I was diagnosed with complete right shoulder separation and had to have a complete right shoulder replacement. The 10 months of physical therapy were exhausting. Praise the Lord, He has given me the strength to regain the use of my right arm and hand. He guides me through every minute of every day.

  25. Thank you Lord for the strength and courage to handle this new disease and life I have been given. I know you have been with me through all the crying, anger, the ” why me” times and helping my family to not give up on me. I am thankful that you have helped me come to grips with it and learn how to live with it. It has been a long journey of acceptance and I know you have a bigger plan for me. I am here listening for your guidance in the next chapter in my life. Thank you Lord for all your blessings.


  26. Dear God,

    Thank you for letting me see another day. Lord, every day I try to give over my worries and stress about money. I don’t trust you enough to know that You always bless us and keep us going. With today’s unexpected turn of events, I am worried how we’ll pay for it, but I know that You will provide a way like You always do. Why is it so hard for me to trust You with our finances? I worry day in and day out that we’ll never have enough money for what we need. I struggle when I see people getting what we want/need and I can’t afford it. Lord, please help me to know that You will make a way. You always do. Your Loving Servant, Carrie

  27. This devotion is exactly what I needed today. I am 25 and have been dealing with a health problem for a year and a half. It’s nothing life threatening, but has caused me to become very depressed. Sometimes I feel like my feelings aren’t valid, because my problem could be a lot worse. But, I need to thank God for all the blessings in my life, and look towards what he could be teaching me through this, and how he will turn this suffering into something good for his glory.

    1. I too have been fighting an illness, for many years. It is so important we praise Him always because there is so much power in praising the King!
      It can get real rough at times but God is bigger than any battle! Praying for you Laura!
      Exodus 14:14 “The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.”
      Dear Lord Almighty,
      Thank You first of all for Your sacrifice on the Cross! You will fight our battles as we give them to You and lay them humbly at Your Holy feet! Thank You for never letting go! Amen

    2. Dear Lord, thank you for allowing an illness to infiltrate my life, to humble me and rely on You more. I sometimes struggle with it and I sometimes rejoice in it. I am learning to be content in all things Lord, and I give You all the glory. In your precious Son Jesus’ Name. Amen.

      Gwen, this is one of the best devotions and blog I have read. Thank you.

  28. Heavenly Father, thank you for trials and tribulations in our lives. Thank you for always being by my side. These difficult situations make me a better person to serve my GOD. I Praise YOUR HOLY name.
    Thank you for my wonderful 2 daughters, son-in-laws and for our eight grandchildren – may they all have a close relationship with JESUS…
    YOU Precious Holy Father – are BIGGER than any trials or tribulations I may have and I surrender all to YOU… AMEN

  29. Gosh today’s GIG reading really resonated with me. Lord I lost my little sister from cancer this past January and now my Mama is fighting for her life with cancer. I thank you for my wonderful, loving and all giving Mama….who has been everything to me all these years! I’m putting her into your capable hands Lord…for you know better than I do what is best for her. Of course I feel that her best is to stay here with us, but your will not mine be done. Please Lord…I ask that you help me, my Dad and family to have strength to handle this. It’s hard, Lord…I need you hand in mine right now. ? Kathleen

  30. Almost 4 years ago, I lost my husband of 25 years. My daughter and son lost their father. A couple years later, I feel in love again only to be misled and rejected. My son and youngest child graduates from high school this Saturday. Your current post was a final nudge from God that I need to take some time to grieve. I have grieved along the way but felt the need to be strong for my children. I went back to work way too early because I wanted something to occupy my mind. My prayer . . . Lord, you are a husband to the husbandless, a father to the fatherless. Show yourself as such to me and my children. Show us how to fall into your loving arms. We are aimless and troubled not knowing what to do next. Reach through the cement wall we’ve built around our hearts and heal the stab wounds and rips caused by our losses. Renew our minds with Your Word and restore the joy of our salvation. Thank you for carrying us through to today and strengthen us for the head on confrontation we need to have with our pain as we walk forward. Thank You for what you will accomplish for Your purposes and glory!

  31. Gwen,
    As I read your prayer I just cried. What a beautiful prayer full of gratitude and love. I was able to lift my gratitude up to Jesus for all only He could have done. Saved my husband from stage 4 colon cancer, brought me my birth mom after searching for her most of my years after 16. Allowed me to be with my birth mom when she took her last breath 12 years ago. Our amazing God brought my husband and I 3 beautiful girls to adopt from foster care so we could have the gift of being a mama and a dadda. How rich I am because of the blood of Jesus Christ!!!

  32. Thank you Gwen- for reminding us that God created us to have sorrow- to allow us to suffer with Christ as we learn to love Christ, receive His love, and learn to love others- all but Christ who are burdened and broken because of each of their own sin and flesh. Thank you for reminding us to embrace our sorrows and not build walls to stoicly refuse to allow them in. Thank you Heavenly Father for my husband and daughter and the way You use them to teach me to love , forgive, and break me of my nature to become bitter and self preoccupied when accused, condemned unfairly or rejected . Father – please help me love them because you first loved me- help me to crucify my flesh nature through these struggles and allow Your Spirit to lead me ingrace, forgiveness and unmistakable Gid given Christ centered agape love for my family – no matter the cost- in Jesus Name- Amen

  33. Today as I read your devotion, I felt it hit me like a ton of bricks. Life has not always been easy for me and I have experienced many chapters in my life where I faced challenges I often thought I would not survive. Yesterday, I had to put down my best furry friend Chiquita. She was MY dog for the past 7 years. She helped me times of sure desperation. I suffer from extreme anxiety and raised a blended family of 8 children. Struggles have come and gone…she saw me through many. I keep telling myself “I’m alright…I’m alright.” But your devotional gave me the strength and courage to give in to the sorrow and let GOD just take over. For many reading this, it may seem silly to cry over a dog…but to me she was GOD sent at the right time in my life. I thank GOD he allowed me to love her and to receive her unconditional love in a way only HE could do. Thank you for this devotional…I gave myself permission to feel my pain, my sorrow and my joy in knowing that this little creature taught me the art of loving no matter what. May GOD bless you and keep you doing what you do. Thank you, Laura

    1. I’m praying for you Laura. I have been where you are and know how hard it is BUT in the midst of that you can feel the peace God promises.
      God will bring peace to you when you need it. Cling on to Him and his word.
      I pray you feel his presence and he heals you.

    2. Laura,

      It’s not silly at all to cry over the loss of your dog, animals are living breathing beings and they are closer to us than many humans, they are companions in every sense of the word. I share in your pain as I recently lost the love of my life, my 15 year old cat named Rocket, he was the joy of my life (I have no children or family) and he helped me through the pain of losing my Mom and was my last living link to her. He was an angel in a kitty body and he was certainly sent by God.
      Loss/how to grieve in a healthy way is something I wish God would have taught more in-depth on in the bible, the pain of loss is something we all share, it crosses every social, economic, and race line, no one escapes it, and no one is good at it.

      What your dog brought you and taught you is amazing, you are my kind of people, thank you for sharing.

  34. God, I trust in your Will for my life during this frustration. I am grateful for your blessings of patience and strength as I learn something so far outside my comfort zone. I cherish the knowledge and hope you instill within me when I see YOU show me how much you love me. I am grateful and blessed when I feel your presence could as I pray to move out of my own way…knowing you are with me providing the courage to conquer my fear. Oh Lord, I trust in you

  35. I thank you Lord for my husbands love for 29 years. I thank you for your comfort since he left me for another woman. I thank you for all the family who supports me through this trial

  36. I thanks God for my relationship with my mother and my mother in law that they are both strong women and strong christian women who challenge me and bring me to my knee in prayer. I thank God for my husband and his challenges with managing money and knowing that we have abundance. Lastly I thank God for my walk in prayer and my bible reading to continue to reveal what I need to strengthen each. I love my life with it’s ups and downs, and it’s lefts and rights because I know through it all God is my center. Amen.

  37. Gwen,

    I just Praise him right now for all he continues to do in my life and my family lives. My granddaughter just graduated and has a full scholarship to college. He is awesome. I also thank him for helping me with my financial situation and looking forward for blessings for my church ministry to feed the hungry. Blessings!

  38. Thank you God for my chaotic life; new grand baby (happy), daughter and son In law moving out with my 2 grandchildren (sad) and soon for a true empty nesters life. (Happy and sad). Thank you for moving towards me. In Jesus name

  39. Really needed this today. My son is soon to be 13 and we are struggling…should I say, I am struggling. He is changing and I’m trying to deal with the pre-teen/teen shifting and changing tides that come along with his development.
    Lord, I thank you for my son and that you are preparing him for his independence from me, and so that he can begin to walk the path you have pre-destined for him. Thank you for every struggle for we will use it to draw closer to one another, and to You, ultimately.

    1. Robin! I, too, am struggling with my 13 year old (14 next month) going into high school! It is a bittersweet time. I will pray for you as well as me! lol As we go into this new season…God bless!

      I thank God for the blessings of tears and cheers! My 24 year old daughter is about to embark out into the city on her own and considering moving to Africa (would be her 3rd time there) for missions (sad for me); and my 13 year old son – who will turn 14 next month is venturing into high school (sad and happy). I am struggling with change and the independence of my children. I thank God for the peace that surrounds me even in these seasons. I praise the Lord for his ‘way’s and timing’. He is a good and gracious God!

  40. I came across your blog feeling hopeless and lonely. As I read your blog I could know and relate that I’m not the only one who feels overwhelmed . I’m about to graduate high school in a week and soon go off to college . But the flip side is my parents are divorcing and it seems like all my friends that I thought I had are only my friends because we went to the same school together for 4 years . With my own girl friends constantly lying to me just so we won’t hang out together , I feel lonely with no one to talk to . But you’ve reminded me that I have a bestfriend in God and in my family although it may not seem like it .

    1. You are at your truth! GOD is … and GOD will always be …..
      LOL–its lonely at the top & than you look up-
      GOD bless your every endeavor.

  41. I really enjoy reading your blogs. They are such a blessing to read and have helped me in a lot of ways. Thank you.
    I just moved to Houston. Its big and can be overwhelming with adjusting to a place where I didn’t know anyone. I’ve made friends but miss my family and friends and the place where I knew practically everyone (small town). Just this week I found peace again and hope after realizing I had yet again took over control of my life and not abiding in God completely despite how many prayers were lifted. Despite the pain in God’s pruning in my life , I’m so grateful he is working in me and that I know him and seek him. In him my weakness is good, because I rely on him more, giving God more glory. I was feeling lost and looking for purpose , but that was Satan filling me with conflicting feelings of second guessing that God brought me here. Well , no more satan, your defeated! Faith over fears!! I choose to trust God and rest in him!
    In response to your blog, I’m so glad it’s ok to have those emotions of sorrow because our weakness and total dependence on God glorifies him which is our purpose and our will for him!

  42. Dear Lord, Thank you for my stepson and my daughter. I still have a deep desire for more children. I feel the desire even more so since we lost our twins (miscarriage) in 2014. Thank you for allowing me to be a stepmom and lead my stepson Chase on your ways. Thank you for making a way for me to get pregnant with my daughter in 2012, for the doctor who helped with our fertility and also helped her get here by emergency csection. Thank you for my husbands job that allows me to work a flexible job at my daughters daycare so I can be close to her and not cause a financial burden for my hardworking husband. Thank you that although we miscarried our twins, we were able to get pregnant without fertility medication. I will never understand your ways God, but I trust you with everything in me. I know you have a reason for everything. I thank you for bringing my husband and our family closer through our struggles. And I will continue to believe in your power and your will for me and our family. ?

  43. Lord, thank You for the gifts of my sister, my father, and my mother, all of whom reside with You in Heaven now. You gave us such a rich, loving family life, and I am grateful for all those years of warmth, support, and laughter. I miss them every day, but I feel so rewarded to have had such a a blessed life with them! Thank you for the comfort of today’s message!

  44. Thank for sharing this today. I really needed to hear it.

    Lord thank you for our office’s new adventure of being taken over by another agency. Help us keep our eyes open to new opportunities as re-apply for our jobs. I choose to trust You in the good and the bad.
    In Jesus’ Name,

  45. I am thankful for the opportunity to be in graduate school, work, and have the blessings of health among my family and friends. For awhile now I have been overwhelmed with the pressures of school and work, along with just getting in a recent car accident. Being a full time student, intern, and working 35 hours a week is draining to say the least, but I am thankful to have these opportunities. From time to time I get so wrapped up in my sorrows that I forget about the blessings I am surrounded by. This has then trickled over into the way I view myself, gaining weight and dealing with acne due to the constant stress I am under, has only added to my sadness and frustration.

    I am only one person, but my God has me and is molding me throughout this difficult time. At times it is easier to want to handle the pressures of this world on your own, but I am thankful that he loves me enough to carry my weight.

    This devotional helped me begin to appreciate my struggle, and learn to have patience and trust my Lord and Savior.

  46. I chose to write today because I too shared the loss of my Dad and a young nephew that caused me to change my focus in life to what is truly important – my relationship with God and my family. I am currently dealing with health issues but I find so much joy in this experience because i have chosen to focus on what God is requriring of me and the journey that He is taking me through in this season.

  47. Lord, thank you for your faithfulness. Thank you for bringing me to Bend and for opening the door to the temporary job that brought much needed employment this past month. Thank you for the job you have in mind for me. Whatever it is, I trust that it’s perfect and in your plan for me. Thank you for the permission to cry and feel my feelings. In Jesus’ name, Barbara.

  48. Thank you Father ! Although I have loss my job, I am grateful that you are working it out for my good. That your plans for me Lord God are to prosper, and that I do not have to worry because you are intentional. I can rest in you Holy One and know that I am good. I know that you are transitioning me Father for bigger and better. So, I am thanking you in advance….You did it before and You will do it again!!

  49. Thank you for another day to praise you, God and to appreciate the people ,places and things in my life !

  50. My husband is very ill. Everyday is a challenge. He has ALS but other diseases have absorbed his body which is creating unexpected changes all the time. I thank God that He has given me the strength and stamina to get through to help Ed, ( I sometimes don’t make it through) but also for a man who never complains. Wish I could be this perfect. I am tired but I know with reading devotionals like yours and scripture, I will walk with God. It is hard at times and I cry but I pick myself up and start again.

  51. I want to thank God for the many opportunities that he has given me which I generally don’t pay attention to – sight, hearing, health, taste, touch and feel. I have been struggling in my current position at work and want to move forward to a new company, new position, better career, pay, environment, and overall attitude.

    Lord, I am going to stop stressing over where I currently am in my career and life, and give it over to you completely. I know you have everything mapped out and I will continue to read the map and follow along the way you have set out for me.

    Thank you for both of my children and my they continue to live happy lives and follow the ways you have set out for them. Thank you for holding them up and continue to watch and keep them safe and sound and blessed.


  52. Dear God, I thank you for your ever presence .I ask you to remove any hatred in my heart and to restore the loving pease I once possessed because of you. As I read Gwen ‘s message today I realized that it was okay for me to feel. I believe the fsct that I tried to be strong during those times when I should have surrendered, has caused me to be feeled with hatred. I ask you Lord in your precious son’s Jesus name to teach me to be the petson that is pleasing to you and remove those things that are not of you.

    1. thank you April– I too am full of strengths –LOL– strength is a burden in itself. I agree and pray with you for GOD amazing “will” to be done over and in us both I don’t choose (any longer)to be so “hard” and its way to tiresome.
      Thank you GOD for this day of awareness Thank you GOD for the HOLY SPIRIT that nudges so gently and leads us to the right place(BLOG) at the perfect time for the light needed. HALLELUJAH – AMEN

  53. Lord I want to thank you for my son Travis he will be graduating soon from high school I have watched his struggles and tried to guide him the best I could with your help thank you for everything and giving me strenghts and guidence to help him un Jesus name I pray Amen

  54. I use the daily devotional on the girlfriends of God website as my morning cup of coffee to get me going (never been a coffee drinker). So first thank you and the team for your obedience to our Lord. Please know you are making a difference in lives you may not realize (I find myself frequently forwarding devotions to friends & acquaintances that can God places on my heart). Second, I will praise my God and Savior (through my curtain of tears) that He loves and cares for me so much! Tomorrow is my sisters birthday-the 1st she celebrates in heaven as well-here it would have been 49 years-in heaven, it doesn’t matter-eternal (another reason to be thankful). She died in an automobile accident July 1st in Guatemala where she had been a dorm “momma” for some precious little girls at an orphanage since May. She was amazing and willingly loved being used by God. I could go on forever. I’m grateful God has not left me (I can’t say my side because there have been times when he carried me) and I know He never will. After all, he sees and cares about the small stuff too. He knows my “hardest” days are typically the day before celebration days (holidays, etc) and today He chose you to be my avenue of peace and comfort! Thanks you.

  55. I praise the Lord, for the peace, love and Joy He has given me, through the struggles of my current situation, of seeing my 22 year old son who has come home to try to redirect his life into one away from drugs and addictions and abandonment and anger issues. My 2nd husband, as did my first and my children’s father, has abandoned me emotionally, spiritually, financially and physically as I’ve sought the Lord to see my son through because of the prayers that have gone through for many years, and although my struggle has seemed to be alone, and the flesh sees no win, my mighty God has given me new lenses to see through His eyes, and His promises! I walk in victory because His Living Word does not come back void. The curse is broken because of Jesus! I see Him bringing fruit through my pain and sorrows, and my tears have watered the seeds of the Words that have come from my fervent prayers over the last 22 years. Thank you for the devotions you give me, that bring His living Word to replace the fears and doubts the enemy wants me to focus on, because I’m finally getting my real focus on Not what is seen through my eyes, but through His!!! To God be glory forever!

  56. I have been on a journey with stage 2 pancreatic cancer since last Oct. I had several procedures before I could begin chemo treatments, along with pneumonia at Christmas and a horrible case of cellulitis which caused great pain. My hands and legs have peeled, my stomach has been in turmoil from the radiation and I have lost muscle tone in my body.
    I am now at the point where surgery is probably going to happen in June. I got a promising report this week and meet with the surgeon next Monday. Praise God!
    Through it all, I am thankful for this journey. It has brought me closer to my God, my family and my friends. My husband and I have grown in our love for one another and for God. I have seen his faith grow in so many ways and I am humbled. People have reached out to me who would otherwise not have had I not shared this journey on social media.
    I know that God knows the outcome and I am trusting him to lead me. He has been so good all along and I know he is always there for me.
    Something wonderful is happening in the midst of all this; our daughter and her husband are having our first grandchild, a boy, in October. What hope God has given me.
    Although I would not have chosen this path to be closer to my God, I am humbled and grateful for the journey.

    1. Anne,
      What beautiful words you have written and what hope you have given to others and to me. I am a new reader to this site and am so grateful that God led me here today to read your message. I will pray daily for your health and strength. And, the grandson in October…..oh my goodness, what a blessing!
      To God be the glory!
      Marty Miller
      New Braunfels

  57. I want to thank you Lord for opening the doors for me to find a job and trusting you that the job will come when I completely trust you. Thank you also lord for the Girl Friends in God who remind me just how blessed I am even when I lose hope. Amen

  58. I thank you,Lord, for my unsaved husband. Although I have prayed for him a bout 40 years he still does not believe. However, he has no complaints about my faith or the amount of time I go to and serve at my church. I have often told him if he wants me to cut back that I am willing. He says he knows it is important to me so it is ok with him. Lord, we both know he is no saint but I am thankful you have kept him from being a stumbling block to my service. I long for a partner in love with You but I will keep praying for that. I hear so many sad stories of people in my plight with spouses that oppose worship in any form. So, Lord, I am thankful to You for helping me live for you despite not having a like-minded mate. Again I lift him up to you in all faith that this will change in your time. Amen.

  59. I give thanks & praise to our loving Heavenly Father who has created us into being & has put a light unto our path. I thank God for loving me enough to prepare my heart & mind for a health journey that I am on. I am choosing to praise Him during this because I see His mercy, grace & love everywhere. He continues to give me encouragement every single day. I thank Him for His plan & purpose for my life. His ways are always good & higher. This whole journey has brought me even closer to Him in greater ways than I could ever imagine. I am blessed beyond measure! The doctors say that I have mildly invasive follicular thyroid cancer. God says I am healed!!!!

  60. My thankfulness is being alive today. When so many young have died before me. My husband’s niece died on January 27, 2016 at the age of 37 yrs old, Neighbor Carol Ann passed March 4, 2016, Ms. Charlotte I cared for in an assisted living facility passed March 20,2016, Mom celebrated her 67th birthday in heaven also on May1, 2016, A lot of death around me happening. But they are better to be there than here. ? The world is filled with too much craziness and I want it all just to stop. I want peace, Love for our humanity, and Harmony. Without God in our lives we live amongst the chaos. I have to keep reminding myself of this too. Death hurts at times but necessary. I have learned to just move on without the person. I am strong because God has given me strength to keep going. I am also in a spiritual battle trying to trust more in God to guide me daily and not guide myself. In prayers I ask for healing in families of strife, bridging gaps between families, peace. I just know he is still working on miracles to happen in these families. But for now I Love God and People around me. Its going to be OK God has got us wrapped up in his arms. Trusting is hard to do but will be rewarded if we keep the faith alive. Christian music helps a bunch too.

  61. Good morning, I’m not one to comment on blogs but let me first say I love starting my day with GIG. God is so good and so affirming, supporting what I read with what is going on in life. We celebrated my Dad’s life yesterday and the Pastor spoke on Ecc. 3:1-8 and today God affirms AGAIN that HE’S got this!!

  62. I thank God for the opportunity to be with my sister while she endures chemotherapy. Although she is truly struggling with it all I feel so inadequate and unable to be the encouragement she needs. God has reminded me that I need his wisdom and not my own to be a help. Thru all of this He has shown me that the entire body of Christians is here to help me not condemn me because I am not the person I came here to be. That I just need to go ahead and feel all the discouragement and sadness and aloneness and to hang on.

  63. If I took one of my current “problems” and gave thanks to God in the midst of it I would – and do – thank him for the peace he gives me and has given me over the past three and a half years as I battle with cancer. Not one day in those three and a half years have I had a “down” day and I owe this to the peace of God that washes over me. How wonderful to have Someone who loves us and watches over us. God bless

  64. Thank you for presenting a different perspective on sorrow. I’m recently unemployed due to an abrupt contract end based on budget. I thanked God for my education and degrees to get me into this field. I also thanked Him for the opportunity to have an amazing interview last week with a job thatd surely take me to the next level. I also thanked Him for this time of unemployment for I wouldn’t have known about this opportunity or been as focused on Him. There is however a hold up in hiring me as the director is faced with having to review others from internal referrals. They are holding her up and pressuring her to make a different decision . I pray she is able to overcome as I have claimed this job as mine. But my worry about God’s will and the what ifs are unbearable. I thank God for this storm because I know Victory and a miracle are on the other side. I pray for Faith and a calm spirit while I wait.

  65. My sorrow would be the loss of my Dad on March 17, 2016. His birthday was March 29. With Father’s Day coming upon us- it make it even hard to deal with my emotions. However, I am blessed and extremely happy that his is with his Heavenly Father above and that he is not suffering here on earth any more. I can look forward to knowing that I will see him again someday.

    I’ve also been financially burdened waiting on disability. I have filed almost 2 years ago after working in the medical field for almost 20 years and before that I was a preschool teacher. During this time of uncertainty – God has always provided for us right when we needed it most. If we didn’t have the money for a dr visit or for a prescription, it was there. I’ve called to cancel appointments due to not having the money and they would say there was credit on my account. Our pharmacist has provided us with up to 3 pills until we get afford to get the full dosage. Our church family and friends have blessed us with meal & gift cards just when we thought we wouldn’t have food for the week. Our God is ever faithful and will see is through anything. Trust me I have doubted and he has showed me just how faithful he is. I get discourage and depressed at times, but I always pull out of it- sometimes with the help of my spouse and friends. My husband it always telling me to not worry, that God has this. It’s not always that easy, but yes- God is always there.
    I know he will help me through this Father’s Day that is coming up and that he will let things with disability come through in his time.
    I’m so blessed to have such an amazing God who can provide things that we think are unimaginable or impossible.

  66. Thank you for these words. I lost the love of my life December 21, 2014. This week has been filled with sadness and tears. My prayer this morning was for God to help me pull myself out of this. Then I opened and read your message and it was as if God was speaking directly to me telling me it’s okay to be sad and to cry. That he’s right here beside me and I’m going to be okay. Thank you!

  67. I have the softest of hearts. Yet, it is rare that I cry. Actually, I do not give my self permission to cry. I am afraid if I started, I might never stop.. And shame on me.


    I am that girl! Close my eyes. Take a breath. Move forward.

    I try to be that strong Christian woman strapping on the courage. Chin up. God’s got this. Yep!

    Today, (thank you, Gwen), I cry. I cry tears of sorrow. I cry tears of fear. I CRY TEARS OF PRAISE.

    Thank You, Father God, for giving us this business to be good stewards of.
    Thank You for allowing my husband and I to share our days working together.
    Thank You for providing great employees who love the business, love our mission to make a difference in the world and love us.
    Thank You for our clients and the opportunity to serve them.

    Thank You for finally letting me feel. Thank You for being stronger than my fear. I dedicate all that I do to serving and praising You.


  69. The Devotion permission to feel your feelings was so timely because nine months ago I lost my only biological child my son DiMaggio at age 21 years to asthma. Some days I press on chin up like a good christian woman but some days I wallow in tears and then beat myself up for crying so much and still being in my fog. So today I thank God for the 21 years he gave me with DiMaggio, I thank God for the laughter and the pain of raising DiMaggio as a single mom and strengthening me and equipping me to do so. I thank God for giving me tears because I am able to release the ache in my heart a little each day. I thank God for my husband and the three children he brought into my life (This comes with a whole lot of other challenges) but God is faithful and I say praise the Lord and THANK YOU for a life that keeps me on my knees and hands up to HIM in prayer and praise because I can’t and don’t want to do this life with out my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

    Gwen Thanks so much for this devotion I NEEDED THIS !!!

  70. Thanks for your uplifting messages. Your daily messages in my email have kept me going for almost six years now. Can’t thank you Girlfriends in God enough.

  71. Thank you Lord for my physical pain. It stops me in my tracks, and reminds me to spend more time in rest and in your Word. I know that you will work this all out for good. Help me to be patient and trust your healing power. Thank you that you have given me a supportive family who doesn’t care if the house gets cleaned or not. Thank you for the friends and family who love me and encourage me. You are so gracious oh God, I praise your Holy Name!

  72. Thank You Lord for my pain in my body, nobody knows what causes them but You do. I thank You for them because they cause me to lean on, rely on, depend on and trust in You, that You know best, You have a plan and a purpose in everything, good and bad. I give You glory and honour today and everyday, Father God. Oh and thank You for Jesus who took my pain.

    Thank you Gwen for such a lovely devotional today.. The Lord bless you and keep you and yours..

    A fan in North East of England

  73. One of my stresses is finding my purpose. Having more accomplishments then just being a housewife and having beautiful children.
    I want success outside the home. But GOD has me in the home , but thank YOU, JESUS that even while I am not where I want to be, YOU, JESUS have me right where YOU want me and I ask that you will give me GODly wisdom and every opportunity to succeed in my home. That YOUr children and my Hubby Sweets will still see as a Proverbs 31 women. In JESUS name I pray Amen.

  74. Thank you for bringing this perspective to my mind and my heart. Lord, I’m thanking you that I’m able to help my son, Will, a wept his new normal. He’s been diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 24. Thank you for the words that you give me to speak to him. He’s lost his way with fear, anxiety and depression, but I know YOU will restore his heart and soul. I thank you for our blessings, even though circumstances look bleak I know you are in control. I ask this in your name, Amen.

  75. Thank you for this… I am an emotional mess right now. I am closing a 21 year chapter of my life as I retire in 2 weeks. My mom is 91 and dying of cancer. I want a better relationship with my daughters. And the list goes on……Your message today helped me to accept my feelings and know God is working and it will be OK.

    1. Wow, it sounds like you have a heavy load right now. I’m praying that you find comfort in God through these trying times. I’m also praying for God to repair the relationship between you and your daughters.

  76. Thank you for this personal, yet timely testimony Gwen! I lost my dad at 61 (3 weeks before his 62nd bday & retirement after 41 yrs) in January. My heart grieves daily as I miss our talks and him being very present as I raise my 3 (hurting & uncooperative) kids alone & deal with the messy aftermath of betrayal, divorce and bullying. It has been extremely difficult to move forward. It’s like I’ve been in survival mode for soo long that I don’t know how to live and I have to admit that I’m angry with God about all of it…and disappointed with myself. You have encouraged me to feel what I feel and deal with the issues. God is my refuge, an ever-present help in this time of trouble. I have to keep pressing…until my change comes. And we know that there will always be disappointments, but God is not slack in His promises. Let’s dig deeper in that pressing for our greater that God has for us. May God bless, strengthen, encourage and restore us as we allow Him to order our steps. Praying for higher heights and deeper depths for us all!

  77. Dear Lord,
    Thank you for the gift of my faith and the 15 years of my weekly prayer group with Father Rene. I know it was his time to “earn his crown,” and be with you in heaven. Thank you for this opportunity to teach in London, and the opportunity of learning detachment from my family and friends in the states, which entails practicing more dependency upon you. In gratitude for your love, I begin each day with you and throughout the day, I try and stay close to you. Thank you for the great mindfulness training here at school, for all of my students, and for the grace to persevere on those days when I just want to go home, be with my family, and sleep in my own bed. Thank you for my hip pain because it reminds me that I must take better care of this “temple of the Holy Spirit.” Thank you for the great new flat and the orchestra of birds which serenade me into consciousness each morning at 4 AM as the sun begins rise. You are an awesome God and I love you.

  78. Wow….I started reading this going “Yeah,I miss my daddy too.” (He passed away in 2003) And then saw the verse from Ecclesiastes 3:1-8…And stopped…that was the EXACT verse my dad used to quote whenever we were camping,fishing,etc. He used to speak about God’s amazing wonders,and the changing of the seasons,and how God “gives and takes away,in His own seasons”… 🙂 So you hit the nail on the head today! I still miss my Dad like crazy(he was my best friend,ally,mentor,constant reminder of a father’s love),and I realize he was showing me how to be like Jesus,how to see things thru His eyes. I was so blessed to have him,and my children were so blessed to know him. I just wish my husband and stepkids would have had a chance to meet him,they would have loved him too. So thank you,Miss Gwen,for this devotional. It really touched a deep chord in me.I,too,tried putting up walls,blocking out feelings(I still do sometimes),but now I know I am not alone and to allow those feelings their process. God bless you. 🙂

  79. Lord, thank you for everything in my life – I am so blessed to be living this amazing life with an awesome hubby (who sometimes drives me crazy), 4 amazing stepchildren (who when they were teens taught me so much), an amazing almost high school graduate son who longs to serve our country (and who I miss so much as he pulls away bit by bit), 3 awesome grandchildren (who require more energy than I have at times), 2 awesome dogs and 3 old but still productive egg laying chickens ?

  80. Thank you for your devotion today, and everyday. I was just telling my husband how I still miss my mom so much…even more than when she passed nearly three years ago. And then I opened my email to read your devotion…..God’s timing is always perfect. Gwen, I pray God will continue to comfort you.

    How I long to call my mother, to share news with her, to hear her voice and feel her hugs. I too have found comfort in praise….thank you for ending her suffering, thank you for giving me a good mom for over 60 years, thank you that she is in Heaven and longed to be with Jesus. Thank you that I will be with her again someday. Do I still grieve? Yes, but I realize that God’s plan is being carried out, He understands grief, and He longs to bring comfort.

  81. Lord, thank you for the stress of issues at work. I know you are using them for my spiritual growth. Help me to pause when agitated before responding in word or deed. Help me to trust your plan in this situation. Thank you for Gwen’s honesty, willingness to share her heart with us, and tender, heart-felt words.

  82. Thank you for this!!! I know what it feels like to have to say goodbye. A wonderful family member died last year. In a little while great friends of ours will be moving to North Carolina.

    I wanted to thank you again for praying for my family. My Mom is doing way better and she will be coming home either today or tomorrow. And in all this I found peace. And I also found JOY!

  83. Hi Gwen,
    I I were to comment on a stressor of my own, I would say;

    God, you are in the midst of this aggravation. I know you are teaching me something or I would not be where you have me at the moment. Thank you Father for allowing me to learn daily from you and to grow in my faith and my relationship with you. Thank you God, that I have formed new relationships through this season. In Jesus’ name, Amen

  84. Thank you for sharing the parts of your life that are grieving, I pray God’s Peace and Strength over you today.
    Lord thank You for answering my prayer to rescue my daughter from the destructive path she is on. I know she belongs to You and that You will use this time to draw her back to You. Help me to be patient and wait for Your timing is perfect. Help me to cling to the small changes I am beginning to see as we continue down this road a fully recovered relationship with You. In Jesus’ mighty name I pray amen

  85. Sweet Gwen, I pray that sweet memories of your Daddy will just hug you like a special blanket today. Thank you for your transparency in letting us see your hurts and love on you. Much love!

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